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Saturday, July 13 Live Feed Updates


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#BB15 11:09pm BBT Mcmanda are up in the hoh talking to helen and elissa amanda still wants howie

to go up and we get the forth (I think they are talking about the mvp nominee)

elissa is saying that this makes her look like a fool, amanda is just going on about why howard

would be a better person to put up.

#BB15 11:17pm BBt mccrea asked elissa when she goes in there to do the MVP vote sounds like elissa has the MVp elissa has the mvp this week

amanda is now talking to candice about who elissa should put up and the third nominee they are still talking about howard going up candice

wants the people who pissed her off,

#BB15 11:31pm BBT amanda is talking to candice about who the third nominee should be and candice just said elissa is the mvp and elissa says I

cant say that, and candice says well if you are its your vote and how she really cares about howie and shes not throwing him under the bus,

mccrea is the mvp, he just said it Mccrea says he has the mvp this week

#BB15 11:36 no mccrea is not the MVP Elissa just said Ill put him up

mccrea, I just took that for you by saying Im the mvp and Ill go around and tell everyone that Im the mvp

to take that for you, and elissa is like ok Ill put up howie who is now in the hoh

mccrea tells howie he has the mvp(Its a lie) howie is saying that hes good with going up

hes cool with it amanda is going off on howie who is defending himself

amanda is saying that spencer and howie were bulling her elissa now asked howie how he feels

about candice howie says that shes cool elissa just got called into the DR spencer and judd think its

the MVP. because they do it tonight

#BB15 11:51pm BBT amanda is still going off on howie in the hoh, spence and judd are in the lounge room just laying there now amanda is going onto the racist stuff

saying that howie is making candice do stuff and howie is telling Im not making candice do nothing and amanda

is saying that she stood up for him. howie is now saying that do what yall got to do Im find with it and amanda is saying youre not the target this week its aayrn (when its really jeremy) helen

just blew it saying if you can win veto and take down jeremy

#BB15 12:00am BBT howie is now in the bathroom with spencer and judd, saying the mccrea is saying that hes the mvp

and he is telling them what all was said in the hoh. judd is saying he doesnt think mccrea is the mvp he thinks its elissa

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:help: Once again I need help covering these late night hours. It you have the live feeds, please post an update and tell us what's going on.


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#BB15 12:00am BBT: Amanda/McCrae talking to Helen in HOHR. Discussing that rumor was that there was a 'minority alliance'. They need to get Jeremy out of the house. Helen is scared she will pull his chip to play veto. "It's a no fail way, as long as 2 chips don't say his name- he's going home".

#BB15 12:03am BBT: Helen: "A lot of my tears were fake" with the Howard/Spencer lies. Amanda: "If she (Elissa) doesn't put up Howard, I'm going to be livid". They all know that Spencer will come to them after it happens.

#BB15 12:06am BBT: Elissa joins HOH and says: "I don't think I got MVP". Amanda asks if she's lying. Amanda thinks she may be lying, and she's lying about who she nominated. Elissa: "You didn't talk to me about who you guys nominated". Helen didn't want to put up Howard, but she didn't get to talk to Spencer first. Amanda is upset, Elissa keeps asking why does it matter if Howard doesn't go up, if Jeremy isn't the target.

#BB15 12:11am BBT: Amanda says she's very upset, because they were the ones to keep her, and now she's f'ing them.

#BB15 12:12am BBT: Judd joins HOH and says that Howard/Spencer think McCrae have MVP, Amanda says he did that so they wouldn't blame Elissa. Amanda: "Elissa, we need to be honest with each other, can you just tell us?" Elissa (raising her voice): "All I've done since the beginning is spill my guts in this game. Since the first day I've been here" Amanda finally gets Elissa to admit that she's MVP, and she nominated Spencer.

#BB15 12:14am BBT: Amanda: "But Howard was the one who voted against you, why wouldn't you put him up?" Elissa: "I just can't help what my stomach and my heart says.. Nobody talked to me, and he sat down there..." Amanda: "Don't you think there was a reason he sat down there and talked to you?"

#BB15 12:15am BBT: Elissa is upset because no one talked to her. Helen apologizes for not talking to her. Amanda says the only people who are really f'd is McCrae and her.

#BB15 12:18am BBT: Helen: "How do we solve the problem of McCrae saying he was MVP and now Spencer is nominated". McCrae: "I'm self-evicting THAT is how we solve that". FOTH

#BB15 12:19am BBT: feeds back, McCrae/Amanda have left Helen/Judd/Elissa in HOH. Elissa is crying because Amanda/McCrae are mad at her.

#BB15 12:20am BBT: Amanda/McCrae in cockpit. They're upset Elissa tried to lie about it, and then let McCrae take the bullet. McCrae says Elissa must have a deal with Howard to not put him up

#BB15 12:22am BBT: Helen still comforting Elissa in HOHR "No crying during my HOH week.. You know Jeremy is the target"

#BB15 12:24am BBT: Judd tells Helen/Elissa that Nick wanted him gone because he used to stay up late and go into the BY where everyone was "I can't help that I'm a better Big Brother player than Nick"

#BB15 12:24am BBT: McCrae calls Howard into cockpit. McCrae feels that he got screwed over on a man-to-man level. Howard says he never had a problem with him, but was worried about Amanda. Says he doesn't trust Amanda from a game standpoint. Howard says he never lied to him, Spencer didn't even know how he voted, Howard says he voted that way to get back at Amanda, and wanted to try and pin his vote on her. McCrae says he respects his honesty.

#BB15 12:27am BBT: McCrae asks Howard to keep him and Amanda safe if he doesn't put him up for MVP. Howard says Candice is not apart of his game. McCrae asks Howard who he'd put up if he wins HOH says "I wouldn't put you, Amanda, Spencer, or Helen- everyone else is fair game"

#BB15 12:29am BBT: Amanda comes back up to HOH (with Helen/Judd/Elissa). Helen says she wants to make sure Jeremy gets out on her HOH reign. Amanda says she's worried that worst-case scenario is that Jeremy or Howard don't go home. Elissa keeps saying Jeremy isn't go to play in veto. Amanda is hurt because they have been so loyal to them. Elissa had no idea that Howard was even a target, and is upset no one told her

#BB15 12:33am BBT: Lots of back and forth in HOHR- Elissa didn't know to put up Howard because Helen was supposed to. Helen didn't because she didn't get a chance to talk to Spencer. Elissa is upset because no one told her to put up Howard, and Amanda is upset because she feels her and McCrae are screwed. Judd says (to Elissa): "Even if I don't talk to you, I'm still always looking out for you. I tried to pull the numbers for you.. Even if I don't talk to you, I'm still protecting you". Elissa pretty much ignores him and starts talking to Amanda again. Judd goes downstairs.

#BB15 12:35am BBT: Amanda says- let's just let McCrae pretend he has MVP. He's making a deal with Howard. They all agree to pretend he has it. Elissa goes downstairs- Helen starts to explain why she didn't put up Howard Amanda asks "Why do you guys keep saying production is trying to sway you to keep Howard".. cut to FOTH

#BB15 12:37am BBT: Helen says that Howard owes her big, and will make sure if he wins HOH- that he won't come for Amanda/McCrae.

#BB15 12:38am BBT: Judd/McCrae in cockpit talking. McCrae is rehashing his conversation with Howard. McCrae is asking him to swear on his bible

#BB15 12:41am BBT: Back in HOHR- Helen says she regrets not putting up Howard. Amanda says it looks fishy, because they all came together and were all on the same page. Helen said she was sure after they all met, but then Howard came up and swayed her. Amanda tells her not to play an emotional game

#BB15 12:43am BBT: Elissa/McCrae in cockpit. McCrae is trying to be understanding, and says they'll include her in on more stuff. Elissa says "I'd rather be out of the game, than someone's little playtoy". McCrae says he's mad at the whole situation, with Helen not nominating in first place. Elissa confirms that Jeremy is the target. Elissa doesn't seem to believe McCrae, and thinks they're working with Jeremy. McCrae keeps telling her that he wants Jeremy out

#BB15 12:48am BBT: McCrae/Elissa hug and apologize to each other. McCrae hopes Elissa sees how loyal he is to her

#BB15 12:50am BBT: McCrae/Judd/GM/Helen talking about Nick. Going over facts they knew about him, and what they didn't know. McCrae thought he was a professional rollerskater. No one seems to know what that is, or if it's even true. Helen asks GM to go up to HOHR

#BB15 12:52am BBT: Helen tells GM that she can't repeat what she's going to tell her. Helen tells GM about The Moving Co- and tells her that Nick was the mastermind behind it.

#BB15 12:56am BBT: Helen says that each of the guys were responsible to control certain women.

#BB15 12:57am BBT: Feeds cut to Judd/Elissa in WA. Judd thinks it'll be a bigger jury this year. Elissa says she didn't want to just be kept for the MVP vote, then as soon as jury hits, they get rid of her, then she's stuck in jury house. Judd tells her she'll probably get America's Player

#BB15 1:00am BBT: Elissa: "I know Howard is a dangerous player. But I just didn't see the point of putting him up, Jeremy is the target"

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#BB15 1:01am BBT: Judd says that Aaryn is the devil, when he first met her he thought she was going to be the nicest person, then she starts flipping mattresses over. Judd thinks Rachel will be in Pandora's Box.

#BB15 1:03am BBT: Amanda comes up to Elissa and hugs her, says they're good, and says she's just scared.

#BB15 1:09am BBT: McCrae brings Spencer into the cockpit. Tells him that he nominated him with MVP. McCrae tells him about this new alliance they're all in- but they don't know who is actually in the alliance. So far it's McCrae/Amanda/Howard/Spencer- but the last few spots are open. Spencer is being very understanding about being on the block.

#BB15 1:12am BBT: Spencer says he likes Andy says he's smart, and solid and "ain't no bitch"

#BB15 1:14am BBT: McCrae/Spencer talk about how they don't like Jeremy- both liked Nick and was unfortunate to see him go, but they needed to distance themselves from Jeremy. Spencer tells him that Howard was the 4th vote.

#BB15 1:17am BBT: Spencer tries to get reassurances that he's not going home. Says he just wants to get to jury.

#BB15 1:19am BBT: Helen and Elissa are in HOHR. Tells Elissa that she told GM about The Moving Co. They want to reel her in because she's lonely. If she wins HOH, they don't want GM coming after them. They think the veto comp will be early in the AM

#BB15 1:22am BBT: Elissa (to Helen): "You know I don't have an alliance with Howard" Helen: "Yeah, I know". The shower door just fell off the hinge and hit Elissa in the face

#BB15 1:27am BBT: Aaryn/GM/Amanda in WA, talking about Nick and the things they knew/didn't know about them. Amanda saying that Nick masterminded the alliance and it was his idea to split the house into 2. And that's why he didn't talk game to anyone, because he already had worked the whole game out.

#BB15 1:30am BBT: Spencer is worried that Jeremy's chip gets drawn, and he beats him. Spencer feels ok with that, because Aaryn is still on the block, and she's not liked

#BB15 1:32am BBT: Elissa joins Helen in HOHR. They agree to talk for 10 minutes, then they'll go to sleep.

#BB15 1:33am BBT: Helen apologizes for not telling Elissa about The Moving Co- but she had just found out about it right after have/have-not comp.

#BB15 1:34am BBT: Helen telling Elissa that Howard looked into her eyes, swore to God, and said he wasn't in the guys' alliance- but confessed about voting to evict Elissa. Helen thought maybe she mis-heard, and Howard wasn't actually apart of the TMC. She asks McCrae and he confirms that he was- and started to tell Helen about all the lying Howard has been doing, including swearing on his bible. Helen says so many people started coming up to talk to her, and she didn't have time to talk to anyone before she got called to DR and had to make her nominations. So she put up Kaitlin, figured it didn't matter, because there was the 3rd nomination

#BB15 1:36am BBT: Aaryn/McCrae/Amanda in cockpit. McCrae telling Aaryn that he wasn't sure who Jeremy would have taken with him- her or Kaitlin. Aaryn thinks she's actually in a really good position, because she's alone

#BB15 1:39am BBT: Helen wants to get GM on their side. Elissa thinks she'll never leave Aaryn. Helen: "Aaryn's going to leave this house!"

#BB15 1:40am BBT: Helen talks about maybe telling Spencer that he's going on the block, or keep it a surprise. Helen says they can trust McCrae, but not sure about Amanda. She says she's too controlling

#BB15 1:42am BBT: Amanda telling Aaryn that Kaitlin is throwing her under the bus with Helen- saying she's separating herself from Aaryn.

#BB15 1:44am BBT: Amanda/McCrae telling Aaryn that Elissa may want to keep Aaryn over Kaitlin, because Kait refuses to separate herself from Jeremy. Aaryn says that it took a lot of herself to ask Elissa to talk today, but Elissa blew her off.

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**I need to fill in the gap between 2am and 2:30am- haven't been able to yet**

#BB15 2:30am BBT: McCrae/Amanda are the only ones awake and talking in the cockpit. They are upset that Howard was not put up on the block. They're not sure if Andy knew he wasn't going up. They think Candice/Elissa/Helen/Howard may have formed an alliance
#BB15 2:34am BBT: McCrae: "I just need to make it through veto ceremony. She (Helen) wouldn't turn her back on me now, but she just has a final 4 deal with someone else... They are do dumb"
#BB15 2:40am BBT: Amanda/McCrae now brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed. Amanda says "Something is up, I know it"
#BB15 2:46am BBT: Amanda: "We're playing too hard, we need to just lay low... Let's let the rats eat each other this week". McCrae: "I don't know why every half-day things change". They talk about McCrae pretending to be MVP, and don't know why Elissa wouldn't want to blame it on McCrae. They're giving her a free pass to do whatever she wants, with no blood.
#BB15 2:55am BBT: Amanda: "oh, by the way, Gina Marie knows everything. Judd told her. She came to me and said 'I didn't know him at all'"
#BB15 3:03am BBT: All feeds show sleeping HGs. RECAP from today: Judd, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda are have-nots. Helen has nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn. Elissa is MVP, however McCrae has been telling people that he is. POV will likely be played sometime Saturday
#BB15 5:34am BBT: Candice up brushing her teeth. All other HGs sleeping... Feeds cut to FOTH
#BB15 5:43am BBT: Feeds still on FOTH. Could BB be waking the HGs this early? We'll just have to wait and see...

#BB15 1:46am BBT: Aaryn says that Jeremy is coming after Howard. She says she's been fooled before, so not 100% sure.
#BB15 1:47am BBT: In HOHR with Elissa/GM GM swears she's never said anything bad about Elissa, but Nick set things up
#BB15 1:48am BBT: Elissa asks "what about the time you came and talked to me- then went upstairs and said 'We need to try and get the beyotch out'?" GM says she needed to and was all alone. She apologizes for calling her that
#BB15 1:49am BBT: Back in cockpit Aaryn says to Amanda/McCrae she feels dumb for trusting them (Jeremy/Kaitlin). Asks if McCrae/Amanda are going to tell Kaitlin about what he did. Jeremy told Aaryn he wasn't going to campaign against her or talk bad about her. Amanda tells Aaryn that they're mad because Elissa/Helen didn't put up Howard
#BB15 1:52am BBT: Elissa trying to get GM to work with them, and says if Nick kept all of that info to you- what do you think they're doing? (Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin).
#BB15 1:55am BBT: Amanda: "If Jeremy takes Kaitlin off the block, and she doesn't put up Howard- I'm going to shake her". McCrae: "I'll self-evict"

#BB15 1:46am BBT: Aaryn says that Jeremy is coming after Howard. She says she's been fooled before, so not 100% sure.
#BB15 1:47am BBT: In HOHR with Elissa/GM GM swears she's never said anything bad about Elissa, but Nick set things up
#BB15 1:48am BBT: Elissa asks "what about the time you came and talked to me- then went upstairs and said 'We need to try and get the beyotch out'?" GM says she needed to and was all alone. She apologizes for calling her that
#BB15 1:49am BBT: Back in cockpit Aaryn says to Amanda/McCrae she feels dumb for trusting them (Jeremy/Kaitlin). Asks if McCrae/Amanda are going to tell Kaitlin about what he did. Jeremy told Aaryn he wasn't going to campaign against her or talk bad about her. Amanda tells Aaryn that they're mad because Elissa/Helen didn't put up Howard
#BB15 1:52am BBT: Elissa trying to get GM to work with them, and says if Nick kept all of that info to you- what do you think they're doing? (Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin).
#BB15 1:55am BBT: Amanda: "If Jeremy takes Kaitlin off the block, and she doesn't put up Howard- I'm going to shake her". McCrae: "I'll self-evict"
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7:00 AM BBT Big Brother has gotten everyone out of bed. They are getting ready expecting either a luxury comp or early morning POV. Helen is in the storage room with Andy. She is explaining to him how McCrae is going to pretend to be MVP this week. She explains that Elissa doesn't feel right putting Howard or Spencer up. McCrae is willing to take responsibility for it.

7:15 AM BBT Helen is now talking to Aaryn in the storage room. She is assuring her that she is not a primary target this week. Helen is talking to her about the Spencer/Howard betrayal. Helen is telling her that Aaryn can make herself a smaller target by laying low and not causing drama.

7:19 AM BBT Andy goes to Elissa in the BR. He asks her who she put up and she says Spencer. Elissa tells him that if they (her alliance) want to make plans about her nomination then they should have talked to her about it. She wants to do what is best for her group but she tells him that she felt blindsided. She wasn't comfortable. Andy "It will be fine. It will work out."

7:22 AM BBT It's primping and eating in the morning hours of Big Brother. Just general chit chat in the house.

7:30 AM BBT McCrae is not exactly happy with his alliance right now. He is telling Judd that he thinks Candice, Howard, Elissa, and Helen are a 4 person alliance and that might be why Elissa isn't willing to put up Howard. McCrae "What the fuck guys?" "If he doesn't go (Jeremy) then this is a total waste of HoH." Judd heads to the Have Not room. Amanda starts venting to him as well. She accuses Helen of flipping the switch last minute and not talking to anyone about it. They are really not happy that Helen and Elissa decided to put up Spencer instead. [it's not that Spencer is up that upsets them. It's that Howard was a better choice to fight for POV against Jeremy-Goldylucks] Andy comes in and Judd leaves. Same venting.

7:37 AM BBT Helen comes in. Helen to Amanda "I want to apologize to you. I should have kicked Howard out of the room after that comment. As a woman it offends me that he said that to anyone. It's just as bad as the racial slurs that upset him so much." Amanda tells Helen that she cannot rely on Elissa going with the group on the third nomination so they need to stop depending on her to do that. Amanda "It doesn't make sense. He voted her out!!! The only one getting hurt now is McCrae because he broke up that alliance for this." FOTH

7:42 aM BBT Amanda has left and it's just Helen and Andy in the Have Not Room now. Andy is upset that he wasn't involved in the decision on the third nomination. In his opinion Howard is the must better option to fight for POV. Helen swears to Andy that she had no influence on it being Spencer on the block. He also wants to make sure that Spencer is not led to believe that he had anything to do with putting Spencer up. Spencer already doesn't trust him.

7:47 AM BBT Amanda to Andy "I know Amanda is upset. She was yelled at last night. But she has to remember, this is my HoH and Aaryn can go. I know she has something with Aaryn but Aaryn will never work with me. She needs to calm down and wait until we see who pulls the POV ball." Helen plans to call Howard out on his comments to Amanda last night.

7:55 AM BBT Howard, Spencer, Andy and Candice are in the cockpit. They are talking (again) about their departure from the moving company. Meanwhile in the kitchen Helen and Gina Marie are discussing whether or not they believe Nick is really a professional roller blader. Gina Marie thinks Nick planted that little bit of harmless information to see who he could trust. If it got around the house then he knows who was telling his secrets.

8:03 AM BBT Helen and McCrae in the HOH room. She tells him she should have thrown Howard out of the room for saying Amanda was sleeping in the bed with McCrae week one just because he was HoH. Helen plans to tell Howard and Spencer that they need to stop attacking Amanda and McCrae if they want to get far in their alliance. Amanda and McCrae have been loyal to her and have voted the way they were supposed to. She plans to tell them that if they attack Amanda and McCrae then that is another attack against her. McCrae "You know Kaitlin says if she wins it (POV) she then she is planning not to use it." Helen "Are you serious?" [believe that when I see it-Goldylucks] McCrae "I don't care, it's not my power to yield." Helen "But I did say it was the people's HoH. I want everyone to feel good about this week."

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Guest 6Borders

8:16am BB Time

BB announced "you are not allowed to talk about your DR's..." this is after Andy just said he went to the DR and they asked who he could trust and Candace also related a DR session. Andy says this is why he gets no DR because they think he has no clue.

Judd and Aaryn are in the bathroom. Aaryn says "I already know all that...says things could change because they change all the time and there is a high potential that the power could shift. I can't get most of the conv. due to noise but Aaryn says something would be f'ing unreal.

Kait and Jeremy wander thur, stepping on the piles of clothes/towels on the floor {these people are such slobs}

8:23am BB Time FOTH

8:24am BB Time

Feeds are back and switching between the bathroom and the cockpit.

Judd is looking for his mic ...FOTH again

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#BB15 6:20am BBT: Feeds back. Candice/Howard/Kaitlin/Jeremy up in KT other HGs sleeping on feeds

#BB15 6:21am BBT: Jessie also in KT. Jeremy asks her how her first night as a have-not was. She says her shoulder hurts and her neck hurts

#BB15 6:26am BBT: Howard/Spencer in WA talking. Spencer says he knows he's on the block. Howard thinks Amanda is staging things to make her look bad. He doesn't like how Helen is acting to him.

#BB15 6:39am BBT: After 10 minutes of FOTH most HGs are awake doing ADLs. Hear BB in the background saying "HGs it's time to get up for the day"

#BB15 6:46am BBT: Jeremy/Kait/McCrae in bedroom, Jeremy asks if McCrae knows anything about MVP. McCrae says he doesn't know anything.

#BB15 6:55am BBT: Kaitlin/Jeremy in bed talking. Candice doing Jessie's hair. Speculation about why they're up so early, some think it could be a luxury comp, others think just early veto comp

#BB15 7:01am BBT: BB: "Aaryn, Gina Marie I said the bedroom lights need to be on during the day"

#BB15 7:04am BBT: Andy/Helen in SR. Helen filling in Andy that Elissa won MVP and didn't put up Howard. Andy gets frustrated with that. Helen also tells him that McCrae is pretending to be MVP. Helen: "The key is we have to save McCrae/Amanda. Not Spencer/Howard"

#BB15 7:08am BBT: Helen and Andy both think they're ok, as of now no one seems to be coming after them. Helen says she should have stood up for Amanda yesterday, when she had a big fight with Howard

#BB15 7:11am BBT: Aaryn is now with Helen in SR. Helen is reassuring Aaryn that she's just a pawn. And comparing notes about The Moving Co. Helen is really hurt

#BB15 7:15am BBT: Helen tells Aaryn that (if she wins HOH) as long as she doesn't put up her, Candice, or Elissa and she can make sure they have the votes

#BB15 7:17am BBT: Andy talks to Elissa in the bedroom, asks what happened last night after the went to bed. Asks who she put up for MVP, and she says Spencer. He tells her that she can trust him. Elissa says she felt blindsided and didn't feel comfortable with it (putting Howard up). Elissa says that Candice needs to get away from Howard, because he's using her

#BB15 7:25am BBT: Spencer/Andy/McCrae in cockpit. McCrae doesn't think he'll make it through the week as a have-not

#BB15 7:28am BBT: Jessie, Candice, Elissa, Gina Marie in WA. Elissa/GM joking around about Nick being evicted

#BB15 7:30am BBT: Judd and McCrae in SR. They say if Jeremy doesn't go home this week, and Aaryn does it'll be a whole waste of a week

#BB15 7:31am BBT: Amanda meets with Andy in have-not room. Amanda is saying that Aaryn told her Helen asked that she only keeps Elissa/Helen/Candice safe. Andy: "not me?!". They think Aaryn may be making that up. Now they are talking about how important it was for Howard to go up. Amanda thinks they have a deal with Howard

#BB15 7:36am BBT: Helen comes into have-not room with Andy/Amanda/Judd. She apologizes to Amanda for not sticking up for her against Howard last night. Amanda asks if she's loyal to "us" (Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Judd) or to Candice/Elissa. Helen deflects and apologizes for not putting up Howard

#BB15 7:41am BBT: Feeds come back from FOTH. Just Helen and Andy in have-not room. She confides that moving forward, she thinks Howard would be more loyal than Spencer. Andy says he's been nothing but loyal to her, and asks if she knew anything about it (Howard not going on the block). Helen swears she didn't know. Andy says he has a weird feeling that they could be working together without him.

#BB15 7:44am BBT: McCrae, Howard, and Spencer in cockpit. McCrae says it was a good thing they came clean. They want to just sit back and let Jeremy go home

#BB15 7:55am BBT: Howard/Andy/Spencer/Candice in cockpit- Andy gives a message to Nick "Should have included the gay guy, I was on to it!"

#BB15 7:58am BBT: Spencer apologizing to Andy for lying and says he couldn't keep up with it. Keeps saying you can trust me

#BB15 8:02am BBT: Helen/McCrae in HOHR. Helen telling McCrae that she should have stood up for Amanda. She, as a woman, is appalled. Helen is saying that Howard and Spencer both really owe her. She's going to tell him that if she wants to get back in her good graces, they need to stop going after Amanda/Mccrae. "They owe that to me".

#BB15 8:04am BBT: McCrae says that he heard if Kaitlin wins POV she won't use it.

#BB15 8:07am BBT: Helen says if Jeremy wins POV, nominations stay the same- then Aaryn will go. Helen gets called to DR

#BB15 8:09am BBT: Aaryn/Amanda in WA doing makeup. Saying that Helen is so emotional. Howard got to her right at the last minute, and she just changed her mind.

#BB15 8:17am BBT: Aaryn talking to Judd in WA. Saying if she stays here, and wins HOH, which is more than likely to happen. She can be used as a tool because she won't have the numbers for votes, so she'll do whatever the house wants

#BB15 8:19am BBT: McCrae/Amanda in have-not room. Amanda wants to keep Aaryn as long as possible, because she'll work with them. Amanda is telling McCrae that Helen didn't want to protect Andy. McCrae and Amanda both agree that Howard "owing Helen" doesn't mean anything. Howard has everyone wrapped around his fingers. Howard gets mad at Amanda because he can't control her.

#BB15 8:24am BBT: Feed are off and on FOTH. Quickly see a convo with McCrae/Amanda/Elissa where Elissa says she wishes Aaryn had gone home over David. Amanda lists reasons why it may be beneficial to keep Aaryn if Jeremy wins veto

#BB15 8:25am BBT: FOTH

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9:00 AM BBT They appear to be getting ready for the POV. Spencer "I am on the block, I'm going to win this Veto. [The third nomination must have been announced to the HGs-Goldylucks] Candice is going to be playing in the Veto.

9:08 AM BBT Jeremy to Judd "You excited host?" Judd "Yeah." Jeremy "Maybe you get to wear an outfit." Judd is POV host. Gina Marie is playing in the veto. She tells Jeremy that her or Candice might win it and can keep the nominations the same.

9:12 AM BBT POV completion: Playing is Helen as the HOH, Spencer, Aaryn, and Kaitlin as the noms, and Gina Marie and Candice chosen by tokens. Judd will be the host.

9:15 AM BBT Kaitlin is squashing the rumors that about winning POV and not using it. Aaryn "are you going to try to throw it?" Kaitlin "No, I'm not throwing it. They told me if I win it and don't use they are sending me home."

9:17 AM BBT Kaitlin to Gina Marie in the SR. Kaitlin is falling apart and is crying now. To Gina Marie "If you win it you have to keep it to yourself. They are planning to backdoor Jeremy, so he doesn't even have a chance to play. They know I am protecting Jeremy. If I win and don't take myself off they said they are sending me home. If Helen wins it, Jeremy goes home. You HAVE TO WIN IT and keep the nominations the same. I can't win it. The worst thing for me would be to win it and Jeremy goes up in my place.

9:21 AM BBT Jeremy to Aaryn and Kaitlin in the BR "I'm getting backdoored out of this be-atch. Watch and see." Meanwhile in the HoH room Candice sings "Helen and I are going to slay the dragon." Jeremy meets Helen on the stairs as she is coming down from the HoH. She admits to him that he is one of two targets. It all depends on which one can help her the most in this game. Helen starts running laps in the house.

9:27 AM BBT Kaitlin is telling Aaryn that if she ends up sitting on block with Jeremy all she will do is sit there and sob. Aaryn "I want to throw up just thinking about it." Helen is still running laps in the house. Amanda tells Jeremy that if Kaitlin wins it and doesn't use it they will send her for disrespecting the POV. Jeremy leaves and goes to talk to Andy in the cock pit. Jeremy tells Andy that if they decide to keep him and he wins HoH then he will them pick who he puts up for nominations. To show his loyalty he would give them both his nominations. Andy admits that this might not be enough for them to want to keep him.

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Guest 6Borders

8:58am BB Time Feeds are back

Jeremy, Aaryn and GM are in the Color Room. Jeremy says you just gotta play hard.

GM says "what up with this moving company" and they laugh

Jeremy says why do you think I can't play right now {sounds like Jeremy was not picked to play POV}

Aaryn tells GM she has to try her hardest and she believes GM will win...GM says "i Know, I know"

Jeremy is telling Amanda he understand that she has to go with the house but "I would appreciate..."

Amanda is whispering a mile a minute and there is a lot of noise so I didn't get most of it.

Amanda is telling Kait it is what it is.

Kait says she looks at it like watching Gray's Anatomy

Amanda says she wants Howard gone more than Jeremy but the other side wants Jeremy out...she says we have to figure this out.

Amanda tells Kait if she does not get herself off the block she is going hom...then says she (Helen) is going to backdoor either Jeremy or Howard.

HOH room: Howard, Spencer, Elisssa and Candace

Spencer says he's on the block and he's going to win this f'ing veto

Talk about wearing the Unitard, shaving or dying hair...Candace says she would not shave her head.

Spencer says he would...says he would take them all (penalities for getting POV)

Cam switches to Jeremy and Judd. Jeremy is asking "do you think they are going to backdoor me"

I don't hear Judd's reply but he mumbled something.

Jeremy and GM are talking but the mics of Aaryn and Judd are overriding...talking about hosting comps

Jeremy says someone tried to get McCrae to jump off and that scared McCrae.

Jeremy says they could be backdooring me..if he (Spencer) wins they will put Jeremy up

GM says he's not going to win

GM says if she uses the veto it's a one time use

Jeremy tells GM Nick was with me in this...says until Nick left he thought he was out

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Guest 6Borders

9:11am BB Time HOH room

Veto talk. Helen says you have to slay the dragon...they say you don't want Aaryn to win.

{They are all taking at once so it's hard to zero in on any one conversation}

Helen says something about that damn pause from production...says 'you are going to give a 37 year old woman a heart attack'

Howard says he needs to do laundry..he's walking around here like David (no shower or clean clothes?)

Amanda says this senario could not have gotten any better...tells Helen to wait (to talk to ppl) until the Veto.

Amanda says the comp will be more fair...someone says without the bullying

{sounds like the Moving Company has sold it's stock and filed for Chapter 13 and Jeremy is the target 100%}

9:15am BB Time

Jeremy and Howard in the kitchen...Jeremy says he doesn't know how they didn't realize it. Says none of us would be in this position. Howard says he's going back to bed.

Helen is saying "...for everyone who has ever been bullied in America"

I hear no hair, pink hair...I just want him gone

Helen is going downstairs but not before jumping around throwing a mock tantrum and saying "I know I am acting like a child"

9:18am BB Time

Howard is talking to Judd in the Have Not Room.

Howard is saying she (Kait) is so into Jeremy it's messing up her game and making her weak

Judd says Aaryn plays more mental (in comps)

Howard says either way it turned out good...says he is going to run back up there for a minute (HOH I guess)

Aaryn, Jeremy, Kait in the bedroom

Aaryn says something about not doing any more...but Jessie's a bitch

Aaryn says he is getting a taste of his own medicine...Jeremy says not really

Kait says that was the plan, Aaryn says no and Kait says yes it was

Jeremy says "they" were up talking all night last night

(I can't hear Aaryn's reply as BB loudly overrides telling Helen to put on her mic)

Jeremy and Aaryn head to the bathroom.

Jeremy says something and Aaryn says "then either me or Kaitlin would go home"

9:23am BB Time

Have Not Room: Jessie, McManda celebrating...Amanda is going to cut a grapefruit and poop

Camera switches to Aaryn/Kait/Jeremy

Kait is saying she asked to be put up as a pawn

Jeremy says he asked her (Helen) and was told he was one of two ppl to be backdoored

Kait says he's being backdoored and he's going hom...Aaryn says "what?"

Aaryn asks Jeremy if he has two (votes). He says one...says it's not over until it's over

Kait says she does not want to sit up there (on the block) next to Jeremy. She sill sit three and sob

Aaryn says he's going to throw up.

Aaryn says she told Jeremy she had his back even if he's lied to her

Kait thinks "she" is trying to her Kait to turn against Jeremy..says she was told she was not the target this week

Kait says "she" is more or less pissed off at Howard...says Howard/Spencer were the targets

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Guest 6Borders

9:29am BBTime

Jeremy is working Andy in the cockpit lounge trying to stay off the block.

Andy says he will do what he can {right} but it's not looking good.

Jeremy is all over "showing my loyalty" card...Jeremy says he really deserves to be here and it would suck not being able to defend himself.

Andy says Jeremy's best bet is to put it out there, that Andy won't have a good shot at doing it.

Jeremy wants to know if it's worth trying...Andy says definitely

Jeremy says he can't even get a chance to talk to them (Helen/Elissa)

Andy says he will try to see what he can figure out and Jeremy says I appreciate it.

Andy leaves {no doubt right to Helen and Elissa to relate the conversation}

9:32am BB Time

Spencer is working his case with GM..saying he's sorry he hurt her. Lots of hugs!

Andy has raced right to McManda to relate the conversation with Jeremy.

McC says they had a solid plan until (?) started adding religion.

Andy says he is going to say to Helen things are not lining up...he will play dumb. Andy says he can read Helen.

Howard comes in...discussion about Kait will take herself off and they say "she has to"

Amanda says she told her if you don't use the veto you will be going home.

Howard says by association Kait can't get out of it.

Amanda says Jeremy is scared and Andy jumps in with the conversation he just had with Jeremy

Amanda says they could not have pulled better ppl (to play POV)

Andy is laughing about Jeremy asking if Andy could help...Andy says he said "no way" {which is not what he said, he told Jeremy he would try}

Amanda says "when the power changes"

Amanda says "we have to stick together"

Andy says he's given Helen and Elissa no reason to get rid of him. Amanda says they trust Spencer and don't trust Howard.

Amanda tells Andy he is safer in the game not being Helen's ally. They agree they have lots of time.

Andy says when he was suspicious of Spencer/Howard he is now getting the same feelings about Helen/Elissa

Amanda says it's F'ed up that Helen didn't put up Howard...they all say it's weird

Amanda says "she" is being too influenced "by race and religion"

They say Helen told EVERYONE she was putting up Howard

9:41am BB Time

Helen and Aaryn are in the store room stomping around. Helen keeps saying "pump it up"

It's hard to hear with their stomping {I'm sure this is the new plan they have come up with so BB can't hear what they are saying}

Helen leaves and Aaryn is pacing saying "F...OMG..now I look like a traitor..." Lots of sighing and digging her toe into the floor from Aaryn...head in hands almost crying..says I cannot give up this easy...please let this comp be (a good one?,,,couldn't hear exactly) She whispers Day One...Day 3, 4 {sounds like she is going over what happened when}

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Guest 6Borders

9:48am BB Time HOH Room

Kait says I don't think it's going to be endurance..

Camera switches to McC and Andy in the Have Not Room

McCrae says Jeremy is so readable...Nick was kind of scary

They are f'ed because stupid people eat that shit up...Andy says that was his biggest fear was dealing with stupid people and power. They are complaining about using religion because (according to McCrae) "stupid people eat that up"

Mcmanda says they are really F'd and how could she do that when we've kept her safe in this game.

Andy says "when did she say my name" and Mcmanda says "earlier today"

{the cameras are really wonky today and keep loading so I am missing conversations}

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9:02am BBT: elissa helen howard and spencer and candice in hoh elissa says if candice wins pov she needs to take spencer off the block so jeremy can go up. helen says elissa and i are working on gina so dont worry about gina.

9:06am BBT: candice is saying that maybe arryn needs to go this week instead of jeremy she says i know jeremy is a beast and he has to go but jeremy is perdictable and arryn isnt but your right jeremy has to go.

9:09am BBT: amanda and kaitlin in br talking amanda tells kaitlin she has to take herself off the block. ginamarie and jeremy, arryn and judd in wa getting dressed and talking. ginamarie says we have to win veto and take someone off cuz if the three of you are up there i cant handle it. if i lose one of you i couldnt handle it it was hard with nick leaving.

9:12am BBT: kaitlin and ginamarie in living room. kaitlin is worried about winning the pov. they say lets get this show on the road. they head to the storage rm. kaitlin says to ginamarie if you win dont use the veto they are after jeremy they arent giving him a chance and if you win dont use it so maybe spencer will go home cuz they aint after arryn right now. and kaitlin starts crying.

9:20am BBT: kaitlin and jeremy laying in bed upset jeremy says being backdoored is not good.in the hoh rm candice is celebrating that jeremy is going home. she says and arryn needs to go next week. howard says just concentrate on the pov right now and candice says yeah i got to do that.jeremy pulls helen out in the hall and says i just want you to know i will work with you. helen says i wont lie you are one of them and one other person that i am looking at. helen tells him it isnt over till its over . jeremy says oh i know i wont give up and i will play harder than anyone here.

9:25am BBT: mccrae and amanda in kt mccrae says i am so glad i am not playing in this pov comp my back hurts xso bad . amanda says yeah my back hurts too i am glad i am not playing either. helen is running in the lvr and kt area and asked them if it bothers them they says no go get it girl.

9:28am BBT: jeremy and andy in lounge rm jeremy saying he really believes he deserves to be here.andy says yeah i understand that. jeremy wants to know if it will be good to talk to them upstairs andy says yeah dont give up . jeremy says yeah i wont give up.

9:32am BBT: spencer walks in color br and hugs ginamarie.and says he is sorry for nick he says it still hurts me and ginamarie says it hurts me too and feeds switch to jeremy walking around in the kt alone.

9:36am BBT: howard, amanda and mccrae are in hnbr with andy . andy is repeating what jeremy just told him.. howard says there is nothing he can do to save himself. amanda and mccrae just agreeing eating their grapefruit. amanda says oh how the house changes when the power changes.

9:38am BBT: elissa and judd in hoh rm judd says all of this is nerve racking. in the storage room helen and arryn are jumping up and down helen tells her lets just do this and we will be ok. ok? helen leaves the storage rm and arryn says oh my i know i will look like a trator but and she goes silent.

9:48am BBT:judd spencer and howard in wa talking.howard says if you come down i know i go up but she said i aint the target. judd says i am scared man. spencer says dont be scared man.judd asking if they think that this week might be a double eviction? howard says i think it might be. judd says since they are rushing everything right now. spencer says i think it is to early for that.

9:51am BBT: spencer says i am going to go lay down for a bit and rest in case i get picked for pov. judd says yeah if i dont get picked then i am hosting. jessie comes in and tells judd that the beds arent fixed in the have not br. spencer says goodnight yall and heads to bed. jessie goes to the kt.

9:57am BBT: kaitlin is crying with her makeup running down her face. andy tells her not to worry and i understand that this is crappy for you. kaitlin says this is not fair it is not fair he is going to go home and there is nothing i can do.

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My feeds are not working correctly..I will be back when I figure them out -6Borders

It's not you. I only have one feed. Any time I change cameras it goes back in time (hours back in time) and when I go to quad camera it keeps going to the same feeds of Helen and Aaryn jumping in the storage room. Now there is disclaimer you have to hit OKAY on before it loads up. Views and opinions expressed does not reflect CBS blah blah blah.

10:20 AM BBT Big Brother is being a Big Butthead. He's only giving us one feed to watch. Right now it's on Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin in the bedroom. The mood is dark but Jeremy says it's not over till it's over." Aaryn "It really doesn't matter because we don't have the numbers."

10:27 AM BBT Elissa bashing in the bed room. Aaryn "I would rather be hated for who I am then loved for who I'm not" [You will get your wish my dear, you will get your wish-Goldylucks]

10:32 AM BBT Just general chit chat in the bedroom about the previous HoH comp and upcoming POV comp. Jeremy is mad he got out on the first question. Gina Marie is depressed and just wants to lay around. Not like the other night she was so into it that when the buzzer went off she was up and out there quick. She would have gone naked if she had to. Kaitlin "They woke us up at 5:30 this morning. I am so angry. It's like they were trying to screw me." Aaryn "I just don't see the point."

Meanwhile, it appears that we are not limited to the same single camera. It is more like we are all stuck on whatever feed we were watching when the feeds went cray-cray. For me it is feed one. For others it's the quad, etc. [And I get stuck with these bozos-Goldylucks]

10:44 AM BBT I now have feed one and the quad. Howard has been called to the DR. Everyone is restless and ready to get the competition started.

10:50 AM BBT Judd to the HGs "Grab your umbrellas it's time for the veto competition." Everyone cheers "Yeah" Judd "I'm just practicing, did it sound good?" Jeremy "Judd, you're such a bitch." [Judd, you need spanked boy for teasing me that way-Goldylucks]

11:00 AM BBT The phrase "Hurry up and wait" fits the bill here. Everyone had to get up super early so they rushed to get ready and to eat. Then they have been left to stew for several hours. The HGs are now just talking general chit chat and many are even heading back to lay down. Helen is so antsy she goes into the SR with Elissa to do a jig. She can't sit still. Andy is bummed that he didn't get picked to play again. He thinks he is the only person that has had no part in any POV thus far, not as a nominee, not as a player, not as a host. He calls himself a three time POV audience member.

11:08 AM BBT Elissa gets called to the DR. Andy grumps that BB is picking on him. Jeremy is singing in the bedroom "I wanna talk about me" by Toby Keith. Surprisingly we don't get FOTH and BB lets him sing a bit and then BB "Andy, please stop singing." Big laughs from the HGs. Andy "BB you owe me an apology."

11:23 AM BBT Still only the quad cam on live feed. It's impossible to follow conversations with everyone talking at the same time but it doesn't feel like we are missing much. Most of the house is just talking general chit chat. In the bedroom Aaryn is talking to Jeremy while Gina Marie and Kaitlin nap. The mood is pretty glum for those two.

11:26 AM BBT Andy is grumping again about not getting to play. "I get to be another fucking audience member." Amanda "They writing you out of the show"

11:30 AM BBT All feeds (we can only view the quad live) is on Jeremy and Aaryn. They are talking about their social media pages. Aaryn "Luckily my agency takes care of all my pages." [Not anymore-Goldylucks] Feeds switch back and McCrae is telling Amanda that he is not planning to shower while a Have Not. Amanda "You are not going seven days without a shower." McCrae "Yes I am." Amanda "Then you are not hanging with me. You are on your own this week."

11:35 AM BBT Aaryn to Jeremy "I am going to kiss everyone ass and then still go home. I'm not going to do that." Jeremy "I said I was going to win win win and I did did did." Aaryn "Nothing would have changed, even if you had been quiet you would be where you are now." Andy, McCrae and Spencer are discussing how many clothes they lost in the clothing check by BB before the got into the house. Andy says they him three different times and each time they took some of his clothes away. He thought he was going to lose everything.

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It's Not just U ... The only LIVE Feed I'm getting is on the Quad view if I switch to a single view it goes back in time to replay - LoneTWolf

10:55 BBT Judd announces "TIME FOR THE VETO COMP"

(I too was faked out by Judd just practicing .. I guess he is the Host of it but dude don't play with my emotions like that ha ha !!! )

Camera's 1 2 3 4 are still not Live ... still only Quad Camera is Live

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10:03am BBT: andy joins amanda mccrae and helen in hoh rm. helen says jeremy came to me and asked if i was being backdoored? she says i told him there is 2 options but i coundnt tell him yeah. andy says he told kaitlin if she doesnt use the pov then she goes home. amanda says i told her the same thing.

10:05am BBT: jeremy and kaitlin laying in bed. jeremy says timing is everything right now. kaitlin says what are we gonna do? jeremy says i dont know.in the hoh rm there is alot of repeating themselves.

10:11am BBT: jeremy telling kaitlin that she is strong woman and kisses her. arryn is sitting in lounge rm alone.

10:19am BBT:arryn in lounge rm thinking she gets up and leaves and goes to kt. helen and ginamarie in storage rm helen says i am very upset at 2 people in this house and if you win pov i need you to use it so feel free to use it in arryn. ginamarie says ok ok . helen said i wanted to make sure that it wasnt you and ginamarie says what helen says that you werent the 3rd nominee. ginamarie says thank you i appreciate that. helen says i know you are down right now and alone in this house and i want you here.and you are never alone in this house.

10:22am BBT: helen and ginamrie talking about nick and how sweet he was . ginamarie says it broke my heart when he left it broke my heart. helen says i want you to use the pov if you win it ok use it take either kaitlin or arryn off either one so please use it.

10:25am BBT: helen tells ginamore to just have fun playing the pov just have fun. ginamarie says i will . in the chair rm arryn is sitting on the bed as jeremy snuggles with kaitlin and they worry about jeremy getting backdoored.

10:30am BBT: helen heads back to hoh rm.just alot of general talk going on about the pov comp. helen thinks it will be a time thing like you have to wait an hour and drop.mccrae wonders if it will be a flying one like you fly over and do a puzzle you know? judd says i think it will be a true false and andy laughs and says they aint doing all that building for a true or false.

10:34am BBT: jeremy and kaitlin in bed snuggling still arryn sitting on bed and ginamarie comes in with boots on dancing and does a spin and falls down and they all laugh at her. she is now checking her leg for a bruise.in hoh amanda is talking about people playing bb and you never know who will be together or who will be in a showmance you just never know. helen says yeah they get in a showmance and how do you even know who these people are.

10:45am BBT:in the hoh rm helen is talking about kids running in baseball .looks like kaitlin is sleeping laying against jeremy arryn and jeremy just sitting in silence. just general talk in hoh rm.

10:49am BBT: elissa and amanda and judd in kt baking. amanda says cooking with amanda and elissa on bb15 judd yells time for the veto compitition and everyone starts getting p out of bed he asked then did that sound good and some hg were calling him names.

10:51am BBT: amanda and elissa tells ginamarie and jeremy they are making slop muffins for the have nots. judd goes to hoh and is laughing about judd yelling its time for the veto comp they all laugh.helen says i told jeremy that it could be howard that is going home this week but howard isnt going home jeremy is.

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11:42 AM BBT Howard, Andy, and Spencer are talking about Amanda about to have a really bad week. She is on slop, on her period, and running out of cigarettes. In the Have Not room Elissa is putting her hair in a pony while Amanda and McCrae speculate if they will know when HGs are going to jury. Elissa says she will probably end up being the first to go jury thus being all alone. "Elissa, I will try to sabotage the house."

11:55 AM BBT Amanda and Elissa are trying to figure out the ingredients to make Play Doh. They correctly mention water, flour, and salt but then throw in vinegar which I am pretty sure is not an ingredient. Elissa jokes that her Mom is probably calling into the show to complain that Elissa is not looking her best right now (physically). Talk turns to whether or not Elissa has had botox. Amanda recalls Elissa telling her she had it but Elissa is denying it. Elissa is nit-picking her appearance and Amanda is telling her to leave it alone, she's perfect.

12:00 PM BBT Jeremy and Spencer are discussing Spencer's leaving the Moving Company. Spencer tells him that Jeremy put himself in a bad spot and he and Howard had to jump ship. Jeremy "The only person I told was Helen. He wasn't throwing anybody under the bus." Spencer "Howard and I were planning to be honest to Helen after Nick anyway. Jeremy "It is what it is. There is obviously going to be some bad blood between them but honestly I think you are a good person." Jeremy "It is what it is but I'm not giving up."

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11:01am BBT:in lounge rm mccrae is straddled amanda rubbing her back as spencer lays there watching.jeremy and kaitlin and judd and ginamarie in chair br talking about hosting the pov andy says what if they have a guest host? ginamarie says i would love it judd i dont understand you and laughs. in the storage rm helen and elissa are jumping up and down cheering cuz things are going their way. helen leaves and goes to kt.

11:06am BBT: andy now in chair rm and talking and bb says andy you are not allowed to talk about your dr sessions with other hg. he says they alreasdy know what i said and laughs.

11:10am BBT: in the lounge rm amanda is now rubbing mccraes back.in the chair rm there is general talk and laughing going on .

11:20am BBT: in the lounge rm mccrae, spencer, andy and howard talking about past bb seasons.and the comps they played. in the chair rm arryn is whispering to judd and jeremy . kaitlin is sleeping next to jeremy

11:24am BBT: amanda and mccrae in lounge rm eating slop amanda says its good right mccrae says yeah. amanda says i am so ready for this thing. most want to take a nap but are wide awake now.just sitting around waiting on pov to start. spencer says judd has to go to dr first before pov starts howard says yeah. andy is saying he wanted to play cuz if only he had been picked he would get dr time.

11:27am BBT:judd and jessie are in havenot rm they are laying down and covering up. judd says he is getting sleepy but doesnt want to be woke up.

11:33am BBT: arryn and jeremy talking in chair rm. arryn says it didnt matter what i did i knew i would still have a target. jeremy says i knew i was too but i just have to play play play. arryn says i am going to stay here and win win win till i cant win no more. jeremy says yeah i am still going to fight but know i might go but i am still going to try hard.arryn says no matter what i know i will have to battle.she says if you throw comps you have a target if you win you have a target and if you talk you have a target .

11:36am BBT: judd is now walking around the house general talk in lounge rm about patches. arryn and jeremy repeating themselves.

11:47am BBT: hg are walking and sitting around with general talk helen is in the dr they are all ready to play the pov .

11:53am BBT: mccrae amanda and elissa in havenot rm talking about having botox done. amanda says i was worried the goggles would ruin our botox elissa says how do you know i have botox amanda says you told me elissa says no i didnt.

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#BB15 12:00pm BBT: Spencer/Jeremy talking in KT about TMC falling apart. Spencer saying that Jeremy put himself in a bad place- so they had to jump ship. He says he doesn't know the plan. Jeremy: "You know the plan, dude". Jeremy says he backed out of it, because they backed out before it. Jeremy is telling him that he told Helen about the 5-guy alliance. Jeremy: "I don't agree with everything, but it is what it is". Spencer: "You are a great person"

#BB15 12:07pm BBT: Group of HGs in cockpit, general chit-chat. McCrae sleeping in HN room. Amanda trying to get into SR, but they won't let her. Jeremy comes out of WA and goes up to HOHR, but no one is there

#BB15 12:17pm BBT: Helen/Judd in KT, Aaryn/Howard/Spencer/Amanda in cockpit, Jeremy called to DR. HGs anxiously waiting for veto comp to start

#BB15 12:30pm BBT: Cockpit crew talking about various fast food restaurants that they do/don't have

#BB15 12:38pm BBT: Jeremy telling Amanda he feels bad for Kaitlin, because she has to do what she has to do, and it puts her in an awkward position, but she went there to play her own game (If she wins POV, she'll pull herself off, basically sealing Jeremy's fate)

#BB15 12:43pm BBT: Andy/Helen in HOHR. Helen talking to Andy about why she didn't put up Howard. Helen says Elissa was mad at Helen because she didn't talk to her before making her nominations... Judd called to DR. Judd is the POV host, we're probably getting close to POV comp

#BB15 12:48pm BBT: Andy says the thing that makes him nervous about Howard is that he can use his religion on Elissa.

#BB15 12:52pm BBT: Andy says that they picked 5 of the most savvy game players, and that was the problem with The MC- they picked bad people

#BB15 12:53pm BBT: Andy: "Just like I knew from Day 1 that Nick was shady. I KNOW that Howard isn't good" He thinks that Howard is a much bigger threat than Spencer.

#BB15 12:56pm BBT: FOTH/Trivia

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