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Week Three Summary - The Fake Double Eviction

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On Day 17, housemates competed in a battle of the sexes task, which saw the boys (Callum, Daley and Dexter) go up against the girls (Gina, Hazel and Sophie). For this task, the respective teams would have to follow the commands of Big Brother for as long as possible, running back and forth to stations such as hit a electified button, crack an egg over their head, stick their head in feathers, eat a mince meat pie, etc. The team who allotted the most time after all three team members of the team had had a turn would win the task. The boys emerged as the winners of the task, and therefore won a 'girls night-in' for all the male housemates later that night.

On Day 18, housemates competed in the 'Last Laugh' task. For this task, each housemate entered the Diary Room one-by-one where they found a 'funny' joke or object inside provided by Big Brother. The housemate who laughed the longest at Big Brother's joke and/or object would win the task. Sam laughed for over 15 minutes and won the task. As a reward, Big Brother gave him and two housemates of his choice a chance to watch Gina, Jackie and Wolfy's audition tapes. He chose Callum and Daley.

On Day 20, housemates began their third weekly shopping task; '5-4-3-2-1'. For this task, every time housemates heard the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown buzzer, they would report to Big Brother and be given a task that they would have to complete before the countdown clock ran out. Each task they successfully completed within the time limit would go towards the amount of money they could spend on the weekly shopping budget. Housemates successfully completed the series of tasks and won 60% of a luxury shopping budget for the week.

On Day 22, Wolfy was set a task in which she had to teach her fellow housemates to talk and gather information from a variety of animals Big Brother had placed in the garden. The other housemates had to use Wolfy's teachings to open up and tell one of the animals a secret. Once each housemate had given the animal a secret to keep, Wolfy then had to try and guess three housemates' secrets that they told to one of the animals. Each secret guessed correctly earned the house a reward. Wolfy guessed one secret correctly and as a reward won ingredients for a fish dinner for the house.

On Day 23, Sophie was told by Big Brother that the viewers had picked her as the housemate they would like to see wear a camera that would capture up-close a series of expressions from her. The rest of the housemates were secretly tasked with trying to get Sophie to deliver these expressions. The housemates later passed the task.


On Day 17, a mysterious tennis ball reading: "Dan is an actor" was found by Dexter in the garden's vegetable patch.

On Day 23, four housemates faced eviction. However, BB announced to viewers that the upcoming eviction was a fake double eviction, in which two housemates (either Dan and Wolfy or Gina and Dexter) will move back in to live in a secret Safe House. On Day 23, Gina and Dexter were "fake evicted" and moved into the Safe House.


On Day 19, as punishment for discussing nominations, Dan, Dexter and Gina were sent to the jail in the garden.

On Day 19, as punishment for discussing nominations, Dexter was banned from nominating this week.

On Day 22, as punishment for discussing nominations, Sophie was sent to the jail in the garden.

On Day 22, Dan received a formal warning for using threatening behaviour against Callum.

On Day 23, Dexter received a formal warning for using offensive and inappropriate sexual comments.


On Day 19, housemates nominated face-to-face during a live broadcast, with Dan, Dexter, Gina and Wolfy receiving the most nominations. On Day 21, Big Brother paired up Dan & Wolfy (both placed third in nomination votes), and Dexter & Gina (placed first and second in nomination votes) to face a fake double eviction. Viewers were informed they would be voting for one pair to move to a safe house for the week, to live a life of luxury and be safe from nomination while secretly watching (and listening to) their fellow housemates.

On Day 23, the third and fourth housemates "fake evicted" were Gina and Dexter respectively. Both were then escorted backstage to be talked to by Big Brother in the Diary Room, before they both entered the Safe House (see twists).


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