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Saturday, July 6 Live Feed Updates


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Aaron tells Kait to cool it because he (Jeremy?) is about to lose it; that she can see it in his eyes.


Now Amanda and McCrave having a bit of a tiff over something he told someone (didn't say who). That he must have one of the worst reads of people. She wants him to be completely honest. Ahh, its Jessie. Its about the chat he had with Jessie when she was feeling bad about being alone. It upset Amanda that he told Jessie that noone has anyone. That she is his partner and that by him saying that is the reason Jessie feels its ok to behave as she has around. Amanda repeats that she's not stupid. Basically she is reading him the riot act. He's trying to get Amanda to sit down and chill out. Amanda feels that by behaving as he has its like throwing her under the bus because it leaves her unprotected. No matter what McCrave says Amanda keeps going in a loop that Jessie told her he doesn't trust Amanda. He says Jessie twisted everything. She wants him to have nothing to do with her.


Amanda doesn't want McCrave going out of his way for Jessie. Finally he tells her he won't talk to her anymore. Amanda says that's what she wanted to hear, and then goes to get a glass of water before going back to the bedroom. When she returns she seems quieter.

Since they are in the same room as Spencer, who is going to bed, all relationship talk is done. Now they are chatting about unimportant things.

Up in HOH Jeremy is telling Jessie that all game talk needs to only happen in HOH.

Judd is quiet as they (Jeremy, Aaron, and GM) all try to control who Jessie talks to. Jessie tells Aaron that she feels she (Aaron) wants her to say Elissa is a terrible person.

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Amanda wants Elissa to win veto since she's going to nom Jeremy.

Elissa is not feeling good and is going to sleep.

Andy talking to McCrave that if Jeremy wins veto then Kait goes up and how that will rattle him. McCrave mentions that Jer doesn't really care about Kait so it prob won't matter.

If either of Aaron's noms win veto, Candice goes up and all is ok.


Aaron and Jessie alone in hoh now. Aaron thinks it may be best for Jessie to sleep up in hoh tonight.


McCrave and Amanda happy again. He makes her laugh and she tells him to stop it that she's mad at him! She tells him to leave the psychological stuff to her, and for him to just sit and look pretty. :)


Spencer has returned to hang out with the rest of the hamsters where their currently dancing, joking around etc in the living room. Showing their moves. Who can jump and touch their toes.The only ones missing are Elissa, Amanda, McCrave,

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1:15 am Elissa snd Helen talking about putting Jeremy up as MVP nominee and possibly Nick or Kaitlyn if he gets POV snd remove himself. Elissa wondering if he would not take himself down if she threatened to put up Kaitlyn.

No way he would sacrifice himself, my opinion

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Guest 6Borders

7:12am BB time

We go from sleeping on every camera to FOTH...could BB be getting them up early today for some reason???

Stay tuned...!!

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Guest 6Borders

7:20am BB Time

The HG's are up for the day...well starting to get up anyway.

Spencer is wandering around and Aaryn is getting dressed in the HOH room.

BB sternly tells them "the bedroom lights must remain on"

There is no sound in the house other than the fish tank in the HOH bathroom right now.

7:22am BB Time

Have Not Room: Looked like Elissa and Helen were getting up but Helen pulled the covers over her and is trying to sleep.

Elissa is wandering around. Someone (Andy maybe) says "hey"

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Guest 6Borders

7:24am BB Time

Elissa puts on leggins and an eye mask and gets back on her airplane seat bed

Aaryn is up doing her make up in the HOH room

Nick wanders into the bathroom

Everyone else appears to be trying to go back to sleep so maybe this is only BB's first wake up call.

7:25am BB Time

Nick is inspecting something on his face in the bathroom mirror.

He wanders into the kitchen {looking for something on his diet}, selects some cereal and two kinds of milk.

Aaryn is called to DR.

Jeremy comes into the kitchen and complains it's 7:30 in the morning and he had a DR session.

Nick says "what?" in disbelief.

Jeremy is stumbling around looking for a cup...mumbles something that sounds like "we have a real problem"

{not sure if that is what I heard exactly}

7:28am BB Time we go to FOTH briefly then back.

7:29a, BB Time

Judd and Nick are still in disbelief that it's 7:30 in the morning.

Helen wanders into the kitchen.

Nick and GM are in the colorful bedroom. GM is mumbling about something {unbelievable that I can't actually hear her}

Aaryn was called to DR and is now going (7:31am BB Time)

Nick is eating in the color room and Judd is wandering around the house. Helen is in the bathroom doing ADL's and brushing her teeth.

7:32am BB Time

Howard is now up.

Looks like GM and Nick (?) got back in bed.

Judd is in the storeroom getting some food...goes into bedroom and crawls back into bed.

Howard and Helen doing ADL's in the bathroom

Elissa is asleep (or trying) in the Have Not Room

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Guest 6Borders

7:38am BB Time

Howard is praying in the photo booth.

Looks like everyone else is trying to get back to sleep and Aaryn is still in the DR

7:42am BB Time

Aaryn is out of the DR and going back to bed with Jeremy in the HOH bedroom

We go to FOTH on all cameras

7:43am BBT

They are getting up {I guess BB was serious this time} changing batteries/mics in the storeroom

Amanda comes down from the HOH room wrapped in a blanket

Someone (maybe Aaryn) says "...past the nervousness"

7:46am BB Time

Elissa is making coffee and Aaryn is wandering around the kitchen {looks like they are pretty much ignoring each other's existance}

BB tells Candace to changer her batteries {I think, water running so hard to hear}

7:48am BB Time

Elissa in the kitchen and Aaryn in the HOH bedroom putting alway clothes

Nobody else is on camera at this time

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Guest 6Borders

7:50am BB Time

HOH room:

Jessie is in the HOH bed looking thru make-up. BB tells her to put on her mic

Jessie is telling Aaryn that since they played music she thought the veto comp was early.

Says she dreamed that they got them up and the first person to go back to bed 6 times won veto {she has the strangest dreams}.

Jessie says she dreamed Brendon came back in the BB House and Aaryn says OMG...next talks about a dream of an ex

{honestly I have no idea how to even report that}. Jessie says it's ridic and she is delirious {gotta agree with that}

Aaryn tells her to go take a shower.

7:54am BB Time

Kait and Aaryn are talking about nominations and POV. Says they won't know anything until they know who the 3 noms are.

Jessie says one of them is going to win veto. Aaryn says why should she win it because she can't use it.

Aaryn says they came into this game on their own and they leave on their own.

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Guest 6Borders

7:56 am BB Time

HOH room: Aaryn is watching the spy screen and mimicking someone (probably Elissa)

Candace is doing her hair, Judd is in the shower and Howard joins.

Howard says "lets get this show on the road so I can go back to bed"

Candace confirms that BB told them they had an hour and then a couple minutes to change

{apparently this is the MVP ceremony...in case you missed it Elissa told Helen she was MVP again}

8am BB Time:

HOH room: Jessie, Aaryn and Kait are watching the spy screen. One of them says "are they whispering"

Aaryn says go confront him, he's your boyfriend. Kait says he's not my BF and yells "Jeremy why are you taking so long"

They say "that is the sketchiest thing I've ever seen" (not sure who said it, I think Jessie)

Kait tells Aaryn to knock on the door and tell him to get the F-out.

Aaryn says she is not talking about that but about what just happened in the kitchen.

Kait says "she is like the devil" and that she is convinced she is going home this week.

Aaryn says, very exasperated, I don't know why you even think that and Kait says because she is the closest to Jeremy

Judd comes in and Aaryn asks are Spencer and Elissa in a sketchy alliance. Judd says they were talking when he was brushing his teeth. Kait gasps and says "shut up"

{they are watching Elissa and Spencer on the spyscreen}

Aaryn says she might just be cornering him like she corners everyone...calls Elissa a crazy serpent woman {would love to know where she comes up with these terms} and she's just trying to F with everyone's head and it's not working.

Aaryn says to Judd do you know how scary it would be to pick you for houseguest choice.

Spencer and Elissa are indeed whispering game. It's hard to hear over all the noise but Elissa says if we have the numbers everyone is just going to want Jeremy gone anyway. Judd comes down {probably sent by the HOH girls} and says "what up stud" to Spencer so the conv. is over. Elissa says "hey..." {like she wants to talk} and he says hang on I gotta go do {something I didn't hear}

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Guest 6Borders

8:09am BB Time

Elissa calls Judd over and whispers "did you say anything to (?)". He mumbles something I didn't get, then says "give me a couple of days" and that he wants to be the host (for the POV ?).

GM comes thru and Elissa asks "did they say they would give them to you". GM says they put in a request...{apparently it's some tool she can't have in the house to put her hair back in but she thinks they will let her use it and put it back..in DR maybe}.

BB tells Jeremy to put on his mic.

Aaryn is doing makeup and repeats "I'm gonna win the Veto" 3x in a row

Judd is trying to talk to Jeremy and Jeremy says "I gotta go downstairs for a minute"

Judd says wait, hang on but Jeremy leaves anyway

Jessie is doing make-up and someone says "please, please let her go home this week"

Judd says this MVP terrifies him, he's not gonna lie about it.

Jessie says she is not going to put you up, she loves you.

Judd asks if she talked to McCrae and Jessie says no because everytime she does she gets yelled at by Amanda

8:14am BB Time:

They are looking at the spyscreen..Jessie says "who is she talking to now" and Judd says he can't tell,,,the camera needs to be moved.

Jeremy comes back and Judd asks did you get the MVP. Jeremy says You would know bro, I would tell everybody.

Jeremy says he always has a target on him. Judd does not think so

Jeremy says "it ain't no thing but a chicken wing"

Judd says he thought Jeremy might be MVP because he was called to DR so early {Elissa was told last night she was MVP}

Jeremy says they (BB) probably planned it that way.

Jeremy says it would not be smart to put up a strong player but we'll see.

Jeremy says he is READY...gonna drink his orange juice, go down and make a nice breakfast and he will be good.

They talk about a loud noise Jeremy heard when he was coming up to the DR.

Jeremy leaves to go downstairs. Judd gives a big sigh!

8:18am BB Time

HOH Bathroom: Kait and Aaryn are primping and Kait asks if they are able to take "actual showers" (not sure who she means...maybe Have Nots).

Aaryn says she (something) until the veto is around her stupid neck...says I have to have it.

Judd says he will "see y'all in a minute" and leaves

Kati says "I think she is worried" (she does not say who)

BB tells Helen to put on her mic

Aaryn says she is going to win the veto...has to win the veto. Says we can't play this game by ourselves.

BB hollers "please stop singing" to someone!

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Guest 6Borders

8:22am BB Time

Bedroom: Spencer and ? (maybe McCrae...he is in the other bed with Amanda) whispering... I hear "she asked me for my votes.

Spencer says part of this whole thing was to trust her to tell us if she got it...says something about sharing basic info with us. Amanda says "I don't think we have anything to worry about". Spencer says it's all good but...

Amanda says she will be loyal to the ppl who were loyal to her.

They comment that Jeremy is up and "rip roaring to go"

Spencer says his stomach hurts...says he ate two pieces of pizza just before bed.

Judd is there... whispers something I can't hear. Amanda asks if Judd told her anything...says I think she was already done.

McCrae says whatever is going to happen is going to happen..we can't stop it now.

Judd says I just don't want to change the noms, says the MVP scares him and he's just got a bad feelling.

Amanda says that is why they did it and Judd mumbles something about no floaters.

Spencer says the MVP twist won't last..Amanda says it could last a couple months..Spencer says maybe but the never take a twist all the way to the end.

BB tells GM to go to the storage room {BB is being very stern and forceful this morning in my opinion. - 6Borders}

8:28am BB Time

McCrae is telling Amanda he says what ever happens happens.

BB hollers at McCrae to put on his mic

Judd says his stomach is bothering him and they tell him to go eat


The girls are still primping. Judd wanders in with something and one of the girls asks for a lighter.

Judd tells Elissa he is glad she is feeling better this morning...asks Kait if she is feeling better and she says yes.

HOH room:

Aaryn and Kait are still doing their hair. Jeremy comes in to get his hat and leaves.

8:33am BB Time

HOH Bathroom: Aaryn says he's going to be too concerned with what she looks like...

Bedroom: McCrae and Spencer are discussing the votes again. {I can never tell with this crew but sounds like a blindside might be in the works}

Spencer asks whoever just walked in...did they say the veto ceremony would be in about an hour

Spencer says "she doesn't trust me, I know that"

McCrae says I tell her not to trust anyone..says hopefully he can get her to swing to our side and keep Jeremy

Spencer says let's strategize a little more before you play that angle...McCrae agrees, says "maybe you talk to her about the Jeremy thing"

Spencer says he wants to get to Jeremy so Jeremy knows they are trying to help him win

Says he has dug himself such a hole and he needs to pull a pretend hamstring or something and lose some shit {nice idea but if they are talking about Jeremy he will never go for taking a dive -6Borders}

8:38am BB Time

Back in the HOH room Aaryn and Kait are continuing to boost each other's egos...Kait says you definitely set the bar on that one.

Bedroom: Jeremy asks McCrae "anything yet?"...she's been keeping to herself?

Jeremy says he's ready, went Indian Style in the shower, meditated and shit. McCrae says good.

Spencer come back in..says "she said she did not get it" and Spencer thinks she is lying (prob Elissa)

Jeremy says either way he is ready.

Spencer says she's got it in her head...Jeremy interrupts that is doesn't matter

Amanda comes in and brings McCrae food and coffee (I think).

Amanda is singing about pumping up and BB hollers at her to stop.

Amanda tells McCrae to get his ass up but then climbs back into bed with him

McCrae says he is pretty sure his penis is on the internet because it was hanging out in bed. Amanda says "gross" and Jeremy sing-songs about it (he's making it up so not copyrighted and we don't go FOTH)

Spencer says the selection of players for Veto is today...Amanda calls it "the draft" and "Shindler's List"

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Guest 6Borders

8:43am BBTime

McCrae is singing about getting stoned. Spencer says getting stoned would be a horrible way to die.

They discuss a movie about a bull or something.

Amanda says drowning would be a horrible way to go..Spencer says it wouldn't last any longer than several seconds.

McCrae asks Amanda what happens when there is a hurricane. She says you have impact glass and hurricane shutters.

She explains evacuation and how the Everglades overflow and then recede. McCrae asks if they got tornados and she says yes.

Helen comes in and Spence asks how she slept. She says pretty good, that she's used to it now.

Talk turns to the comp..they discuss that they (BB) have been at it for 12 hours. They think the comps are big this year.

Have Not Room: Elissa and Judd are discussing someone who seems to be a nice person but..says she has a BF somewhere, talks about the show was supposed to be couples.

Elissa says if she has the opportunity to get a big player out she will and Jeremy needs to go.

Judd leaves and Elissa start to sort thru clothes.

8:48am BB Time

Back in the bedroom: Judd is yelling and doing some impression {I missed it because the camera switch in the middle of conversations}

Judd says if he knew he was going to get voted out he would just get a penalty vote...Amanda says "what...you mean eat" and he says "yeah"

Helen says Judd has a whole difference strategy to this game.

Helen says there should be a snack option for the have nots.

They discuss lima bean recipes

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Guest 6Borders

8:54 am BBT (sorry I had a whole post and the forum threw me out)

Bedroom: Judd was doing his Karate Kid dance.

They discuss what they put they were afraid of...Judd says mice and spiders

Amanda is scared of sharks and alligators {if I lived in Florida I would be too}

Amanda says mice can't hurt you and someone says they have "Honda Virus" {they mean hantauvirus}

Discussion about dreams and how relationships could change after having a dream about that person.

Amanda says she had a dream about her BF cheating on her.

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Guest 6Borders

8:57am BB Time

HOH Bathroom: Aaryn is still primping

Just more general talk about whose putting up whom

Bedroom: Amanda is going to get McCrae some clothes..tells him he is soooo dirty.

McCrae says it smells fresh as he$$.

9:08am BB Time

Discussion about past HG's. Helen says she didn't like Matt and what he did lying about his wife having a disease was the lowest of low.

Judd didn't like Ragan..Helen loved him because he picked the most interesting options for the house as sabateour.

Candace wants to know if BB would notify them if there were relationships in the house...they tell her it would be a secret. Someone says BB said it's all strangers this year.

9:12 am BB Time

General discussion about past seasons. They feel sorry for Brit getting to F4 and getting kicked out. They think if Lane had gotten HOH he would have taken Brit over Hayden.

Candace liked Enzo and that he called himself "meow meow".

Candace says toward the end (I think with Dan) that there was strategy toward the end but in the beginning was about having fans. Judd says he wasn't that likeable in Season 14 but in Season 10 he played a perfect game.

General discussion about books vs movies

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#BB15 8:49am BBT: HGs getting ready for veto comp today. Elissa has the MVP and told Judd that she nominated Jeremy

#BB15 Earlier this morning: Most HGs been getting ready. Elissa had a long convo with Spencer about who to put up with her MVP. Spencer was trying to get her to put up Gina Marie. HOH Crew- Aaryn, Jessie, Jeremy, Kaitlin watched the conversation happen on the HOH cam and are now doubting if they can trust Spencer since he had a secret convo with her, although he was doing his best NOT to get Jeremy nominated

#BB15 8:57am BBT: Aaryn/Kait wondering if Candice is MVP (she got called to DR). They talk that they didn't even think that it could be her "We get so wrapped up in our own world, we forget than anybody else is even in it"- Aaryn

#BB15 9:01am BBT: Aaryn telling Kaitlyn that she can't wait for her to go home and watch Rachel's wedding. She says they're so trashy.

#BB15 9:02am BBT: Amanda and Elissa in WA discuss how weird it was that Spencer wanted Gina Marie nominated instead of Jeremy. Amanda says it makes her think that he's working with everyone. Elissa doen't want to play with Jeremy bc he's so arrogant and obnoxious.

#BB15 9:09am BBT: HGs talking about past seasons, sabateur, x-factor, life long friends etc..

#BB15 9:13am BBT: Amanda telling McCrae about Elissa's MVP. Amanda doesn't trust Spencer, McCrae trying to convince her to trust him.

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Guest 6Borders

9:18am BB Time

Kait and Jeremy are cuddling {apparently she is no longer worried about Jeremy having ringworm}

Jeremy says "I just want to take care of this broad" (Elissa)

Kait whispers she really doesn't think she will leave...says she is putting up a guy tho otherwise she would stop saying that in front of me.

Kait says she wonders who Elissa will put up (when Jeremy wins POV)

Jeremy says he doesn't know...Jeremy says I deserve to be here {prob referring to the ongoing rant that Elissa was recruited by BB...Kait apparently was too so that's kind of pot/kettle}

Kait says David deserved to be here too...Jeremy disagrees, says David didn't make any friends.

Kait says she can't believe she (Elissa) was asking Judd to vote for her this morning. Says she knows she's going to lose the veto and it does not make any sense.

Kait and Jeremy go to kissing then Kait asks to see his hand and inspects his "ringworm". He says it gets better every day and Kait says she would have been livid if she got it.

More kissing.

{Ok, I see we have good coverage right now...have some errands to run so back later..-6Borders}

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10:21 BBT- They're back. Nick and Elissa are talking about "If so and so wins veto" so it hasn't happened yet. Elissa is encouraging Nick to throw the veto because she wants it to go to her or Helen. Elissa says that she will make a two week deal if he can help her out this week and he wants 30 minutes to think it over.

10:25 BBT- Elissa says that Jeremy bullies women- he wiped his butt with her hat. Does Nick condone that? He says just give her 30 minutes to think it over. She goes to leave and tells him to say she was complimenting him on his haircut.

10:27 BBT- Howard is praying for Elissa in the challenge.

10:28 BBT- Elissa is telling Andy that she told Nick that Elissa or Helen had to win. She asks if they said when they were playing, Andy says he assumes within an hour or so. So it seems like it's Elissa, Helen, Nick, and Jeremy playing for sure.

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10:31 BBT: Aaryn and Elissa are fixing their hair. [because they only had 40 minutes or so in front of the mirror this morning.] Kaitlyn tells Aaryn that she will be so much more of an emotional mess than she was if Jeremy goes home. Aaryn says that she was so sure that the four of them would have 3 months in the house together. She says that David was so much more deserving of "that girl" [assuming Elissa] and now they want to do it again.

10:37 BBT. Amanda has to poop. There is a line. She compliments Aaryn's shoes. Aaryn tells her that she has brought most of her wardrobe with her. Says that Elissa IS going home. They count votes and Aaryn is convinced that no matter what, they have Elissa. She goes off on how stupid it was to put up Jeremy because he is so smart. He is the full package.

10:42 BBT- Aaryn is telling Amanda that Kaitlyn has been talking about Jeremy and saying "If we are together after this", like he is the kind of person you would want to bring home. Aaryn says that if she was back home and had a boyfriend, Kaitlyn would be the kind of girl he would cheat on her with.

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10:49 BBT- Jessie is helping Kaitlyn with her hair. They say they were both really scared that they were going to get put on the block. They dance it out and decide that they want to go listen to Spice Girls together before the competition starts.

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