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Friday, July 5 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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12:03 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY GM is outside? She's a ninja. She gives Spencer a hug. Howard is making cookies. GM tells Amanda she looks awesome in her robe. Amanda thinks she looks like a grandma. Spencer agrees. Feeds switch to the kitchen and GM is there talking to Nick. She draws a finger along her neck and points up to the HoH. Feeds switch to the HNR where Helen and Elissa are whispering. Elissa heard the HoH because she wants to trust her. They worry that Andy is going to get caught playing sides. Elissa tells Helen she heard someone (GM's New York accent?) "We gotta get her out yo, we gotta get her out!" Elissa really wishes she could trust her. Elissa says Aaryn is not mature enough to stick with a plan and go with it. Elissa definately says GM cannot be trusted.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @skberry_64: @mortystv I'm bored and uncomfortable as well - Aren't we all?!

12:10 AM BBT GM is ranting about Elissa and her secret power. Jeremy can be heard telling Kaitlin that she is ruining his game by getting cuter each and every week. Jessie agrees with GM completely. This conversation goes on for a while. Aaryn says she wants to trust her but they way she conveys things come off weird. Jessie acknowledges this and says she is awkward at times. Candice joins the party. Down in the HNR Helen and Elissa continue to chat. Elissa is telling Helen about how Rachel and Brendan are ranked number two in showmances on BB (Jeff and Jordan are number 1). Elissa says day two the other girls were attacking her personally and this game is about strategy not not being personal.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @skberry_64: @mortystv Its kind of like watching a Nascar race waiting for the big crash, these idiots are more entertaining when they're fighting - Thank you for a chuckle this evening, although...their fights are seem like they are the same thing over and over again as well.

12:15 AM BBT The HoH party is breaking up and HGs are in transition around the house again with cameras chasing them. Aaryn tells someone that Jess came up and tore everyone a new rump and they all agreed they were going to be non-confrontational so they all smiled and nodded and it took so much patience to bite their tongues without flipping out on her. Down in the HNR Helen and Elissa continue to chat. Helen is up with her glass preparing to head out the door. Helen reminds her to watch her voice because the room echos and people can hear easily. Helen heads into the WA while Nick, Spencer and Howard appear to be cleaning the KT.

12:19 PM BBT Feeds switch to Andy trying to compliment Jessie on the couch in the BY. Poor Judd is sitting there smoking, staring off into space (Run Judd run! No prize is worth it!) A game of pool can be heard playing in the background.

12:26 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk has turned to Candice's nip slip. Jeremy isn't sure how the feeds work. He wonders if it was possible for prod to rewind live feeds. Aaryn tells him it's not. Aaryn telling the room that there are pics of Jordan still floating around the net. Jeremy asks Jordan who. Kaitlin tells him Jeff's fiance. Jeremy wants to know who they are. Nick has joined the HoH crew.

12:28 AM BBT Andy, Jessie and Judd discuss Andy's time as a have-not thus far. Helen joins the couch and talk turns to her glasses. Back up in the HoH...we have idle chit chat.

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:help: I don't know of any of our regulars being available to update tonight, so any help would be appreciated. Newbies welcome, just dive in!

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12:46 am BBT Mc and Amanda playing pool. Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin get ready to go outside. Amanda is also doing laundry.

1:00 am BBT Gina and Nick talk to Jeremy. Suggest he puts up Elissa. Jeremy says first off he isnt HOH and second...DUH! The only way she wont go home is if she wins POV. Jeremy has told ppl that if they dont vote her out, he can play in next HOH and he will come after them.

1:03 am BBT Gina says she is ready to rumble in the jungle. F her finger.

1:07 am BBT Jeremy says he went to the ER today, he has a weird bite. He thinks it looks like ringworm but ER says its a sting and gave him benodryl. Nick has some lotremin he can use on it.

1:30 am BBT HG are outside playing pool, sitting on the couch. Just general chit chat.

2:00 am BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn in SR. Kaitlin says Elissa is in peoples minds. Elissa is going to put up Kaitlin, if the Veto is used on her Jeremy is going up and he will go home,. Everyone thinks he is the strongest player.

2:05 am BBT Aaryn says who wouldn't want Jeremy on their team. Kaitlin doesn't trust anyone in the house.

3:30 am BBT HG are settling down to bed.

7:49 am BBT HG still sleeping.

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8:30 am BBT still sleeping

9:06 am BBT HG are still sleeping, there is some wiggling around and blanket adjusting.

9:41 am BBT was going to say that BB was letting them sleep when it goes to FOTH, wake up call

9:54 am BBT feeds are back and some HG are doing ADLs. HOH crew is covering their heads trying to go back to sleep.

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Guest 6Borders

9:42am BB Time

We have FOTH and the Big Brother theme music we all so much enjoy so I think BB is getting them up for the day!

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Guest 6Borders

9:53am BB Time

The HG's are up and doing ADL's. Andy and Helen are in the bathroom, Elissa is in the kitchen making breakfast.

Aaryn is in bed with Jeremy and Kait . Aaryn asks Kait if she still has that headband. Kait hands it over and Aaryn uses it to cover her eyes.

BB announces there are fresh batteries in the storeroom and asks (in a voice one would use for a naughty child) "have you changed your batteries"

Andy is outside folding laundry, Judd says something to Andy I couldn't hear but apparently it was about how long they have been there because Andy replies "two weeks since we moved in" and then says something about 13 days was the first live eviction. Judd looks like he is more than half asleep on the couch.

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Guest 6Borders

9:59am BB Time

Helen is getting dressed in the Have-Not room talking to Elissa. They are saying they are used to getting up and working out but they just can't. They are discussing a comp and Helen says she worked out the morning before it.

Helen says by the time they got off of slop all the good food in the house had been eaten.

Helen is going to stretch. They talk about what they ate during the hour "have not reprieve" last night.

Elissa asks Helen if she ever gains weight or does her body stay the same. Helen says pretty much the same (between 115-125) since 8th grade except for her pregnancies. Says she did lose weight in college because she didn't like the food.

Helen tells how much weight she gained when pregnant but she lost it fast because she works out every day.

More pregnancy talk.

10:03am BBTim:

Jessie and Judd are in the BY on the couch. Judd is talking about a weird dream...it was for BB he guesses then mumbles something about (in the dream) they came and told him he didn't make the show.

Jesie says she had a dream that Aaryn told her she was going to be HOH (or something) and Judd says "to leave?" and she says yes. Says she woke and and didn't know if it was a dream or not.

Judd says the dream seemed so real. Jessie asks if he is going to eat and he says he's not a big breakfast person

Talk turns to "noms today" and Judd says who do you think will go up...she says Elissa and she can't think who the 2nd person will be. Judd says "Candace?" and she says prob not because Candace can't win anything.

10:07 am BBT Andy joins and talk turns to glasses and what strength they wear. Jessie tells what she wears and Andy says that's not that bad. Helen joins the conversation and says her eyes were really bad and they thought she had diabetis or something but they tested her for everything and didn't find anything.

Helen says she can see fine and TG for contacts. Judd asks what was before contacts and Andy says "glasses"

10:09am BB Time

Elissa is in the storeroom changing batteries.

BY: Judd and Andy on the couch. Andy says he can't wait for the 2 hrs you get to sit out there in silence waiting for the noms. Judd says "and sweat" and they say it seems cooler today {I live in Calif and I can confirm that}

Helen is working out...running!

10:11am FOTH

10:11am Feeds are back and then immediately off again {so annoying}

10:12am BB Time:

BY Couch: Jessie is about to have a smoke and discussing looking for clothes that did not have fuzzy stuff (slippers).

She says it was 2006 and 18 {so next time she mentions age remember those dates}. There was something about an ex involved in the great slipper caper!

BB tells Jessie to exchange her mic for one in the storage room but she just keeps talking to finish the story.

Jessie goes in to exchange her mic. Andy and Judd continue to discuss this {but having missed a good share of the conv with FOTH I don't know what the story is really abou}

10:15am BB Time: Jessie is back and continues the conv. about her self-esteem issues and we go to FOTH

10:16am FOTH on all screens

10:17am BBT:

Elissa is in the kitchen fixing a drink and vitamins. Howard is up contemplating the boxes on top of the fridge...selects something to eat {he looks like he didn't sleep very well}

Just general morning ADL's

Elissa thinks it's a law in Calif that you have to recycle. Says in Canada you make money off of recycling {we do too here in California}. Elissa says she thinks here {BB Calif} they get 5 cents a thing...she says she always recycles.

Talk turns to oatmeal vs slop...Elissa says oatmeal is way better. Howard has not tried it (slop ?)

Elissa says vitamins make her gag every day after she takes them but they are so necessary, just smell so bad {that much be way my dog refuses to take them}

10:21am BB Time

BY Couch: Andy, Jessie and Judd are discussing relationships (well Andy and Jessie are anyway).

Andy said he was in the closet thru HS...says he first kissed a boy at 23 and then he was pretty much ripped out of the closet. Andy said that relationship was just a year and a half ago when he moved to Chicago...lasted 3-4 months.

Andy says "he was my first everything" {enuf said}

10:23am BBTime: FOTH on all feeds

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Guest 6Borders

10:24am BB Time:

BY Couch: More general chit chat between Andy and Jessie on relationships.

Andy says they didn't have the money to continue a long-distance relationship..says maybe if he wins the money.

Howard joins Jessie and Andy on the couch. Andy is saying it was late April. Jessie says it's good he still has it (the relationship) to look forward to (Andy said they were still good friends)

Jessie starts to tell us about her first gay friend and we go to FOTH...feeds come back and she is talking about going to lunch with some people and that's when she told her friends she was going on Big Brother {so much for 1 hr to pack and kidnapped..I have heard before that it's way longer}

Andy says it was so hard to lie (about being selected) and when he was flying out to LA he was thinking "little did you know". Andy said his friends got a lot of weird calls about him..Andy says like did he get angry and stuff. Andy says he knows exactly who they (BB) contacted and they contacted a lot of people...and we go to FOTH {surprised that took so long actually}

10:29 am BB Time: feeds are back

Jessie is now talking about some friends telling her to go to a store in the Haight-Asberry {used to be the gay district of San Francisco but now it's really nice...I used to live in SF}

Helen is jogging by, running laps in the BY.

10:31am BB Time : FOTH {I have a feeling there will be a lot of that today with noms coming up}

10:32am BBTime

Jessie and Andy are still chit chatting in the BY. Talk is about the dorms {I guess when Jessie was in college} and we go FOTH again.

Back...Andy says living in the dorms is fun because there is so much stupid and silly shit going on.

Judd wanders back to the couch, still looking half asleep. Helen is still jogging...and FOTH

10:33am BBT

BY: Judd, Andy and Jessie are discussing who of friends/family got live feeds.

Andy is discussing his best friends. One is Aaron (a guy)....Andy loses the point of the story.

Jessie prompts him and he gets back on the story but we get FOTH so I don't get it.

Intermittent FOTH and conv {it's like trying to watch BBAD}

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Guest 6Borders

10:36-10:45am BB Time

Andy says he told him family that he will wear his bright yellow socks whenever he is thinking about them.

They were trying to figure hand signals but it was easier to wear his socks.

Andy said "so many ppl like Preston were asking about strategy..." and we get FOTH

Spencer is called to DR

Andy is talking about general rules of BB strategy...like don't make alliances with everyone the first week.

Andy says he never really talked to Elissa...says he thinks Elissa trys to act like Rach but that is not who Elissa is.

Jessie says Elissa told her that Rach left home when she was really young and Elissa didn't leave home until she got married. They agree that Elissa and Rach are two diff ppl. Judd says she's really nice and Andy says she is she just does some stupid shit. Judd says Elissa has to walk on eggshells.

Andy says he didn't want to alienate her..Judd says he told everybody that he was just going to talk to everyone in here.

Jessie says I don't think she is a bad person. Andy says if she pulls him aside he's not going to say F-you, I'm not going to talk to you.

Andy says at the same time he does not like the fact that the whole game is stacked in Elissa's favor and Judd and Jessie agree. Andy says because Elissa is MVP he does not want to be on her radar.

They are talking about "the other side" (alliance). Jessie says they don't trust her. Said Aaryn told Jessie she was kissing Elissa's ass...Jessie says they (Beiber Bunch) were being rude to her and Elissa was nice.

Jessie says it might not have been that big of an upset if Andy/Elissa got HOH. Says he is trying to keep ppl from thinking he is aligned with Elissa but then he voted for her...says what was I supposed to do

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Guest 6Borders

Helen and Howard are running...I think she said "47" (laps)

10:49 am BBT

Jessie tells Andy it's prob better for him that David is not here.

Andy says yes because the whole Jeremy thing raised a red-flag

Judd says he waited until the last minute to make up his mind on the vote but there was no way he was going to vote him (David) out..says if it was Jeremy he would not have voted him out.

They say David didn't talk much so it was hard to get to know him and tell what he was thinking

10:51 am BB Time FOTH

10:53 am BB Time

{sorry for delay...keep getting tossed out of the forum}


Candace is saying "she's a branch mgr at a bank...not working now just takes care of my two sis..." and FOTH

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10:00am BBT: helen and elissa in hnr talking about waking up and working out. helen is getting dressed. andy is in the by folding laundry.
10:05am BBT: jessie in by with judd sitting on couch eating breakfast judd says he doesnt eat breakfast he asked jessie who she thinks will go up today. jessie says i dont know he says probably helen and candice she says no not candice cuz she cant win anything. andy comes out and the talking stops.
10:10am BBT: andy and judd talking about how hot it was yesterday and andy says hopefully it will be cooler today. helen is running . elissa just got up and headed to the kt. jessie joins andy and judd on the by couch and we get foth.
10:24am BBT: candice is up in the wa. andy and jessie tsalking in the by howard is now up and joins the by. just general chat going on .
10:34am BBT: jessie, judd and andy talking about who they know watches the live feeds. howard at the kt table eating breakfast and helen still running in the by.
10:39am BBt: andy and jessie saying they talked to elissa about rachel and how different they are.candice and elissa in kt talking about working out and and making breakfast.
10:46am BBt: andy says i am more comfy with people now so if they want elissa out i am ok with that i will vote their way. jessie says i just hope she doesnt win mvp again. andy says yeah we just gotta hope she doesnt win mvp again.
10:47am BBT: andy and judd saying they have no idea who is going up they voted david out so they arent sure who it might be . jessie says i havent heard your names but not sure.l but ya'll did the right thing voting him out.
10:52am BBT: helen and howard are running in the by . andy judd and jessie still on couch in by talking , andy finds a piece of sausage on the couch , jessie says that gross. elissa making slop in the kt and candice is talking to her.
10:56am BBT: we are getting alot of foth this morning. most hg still asleep.
10:58am BBT: jeremy is awake now in hoh telling kaitlyn she is negative. she says i am not negative. jessie walks in and goes to the wc. aaryn has gone downstairs. spencer is up in the wa asking helen if she had a nice run. she says yeah. he asked her do you think its noms she says yeah.

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Guest 6Borders

10:57am BBT

Judd is wandering around eating. downstairs.

Kait is in the HOH bathroom with Jessie. They say they are good and hug.

Discussing someone (Aaryn maybe?) in the DR and Jessie says "I don't think it's nominations"

They are doing ADL's.

Colorful room: GM is up and taking with Andy.

General discussion about sleeping and dreaming, then comps

Andy says he is over the partner challenges and she agrees.

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11:06 am BBT Spencer says Judd makes it hard to talk game, he is always spying.

11:15 am BBT Kaitlin/Aaryn in HOH ...wash, rinse, repeat everything said the last 2 days. In BY they are talking about the song Friday and Youtube vids.

11:20 am BBT ODLD called. Half of them are already outside. Mc gets told to check his battery connection, he says BB my mic cord is broken.

11:27 am BBT Aaryn asks Spencer what she should for noms. He says he really doesnt know. Put up who you dont think you can work with in the future. She asks if she puts up Elissa will he vote her out, he says absolutely.

11:30 am BBT Aaryn says she has to put Elissa up with someone that will vote to keep her. Aaryns tells Spencer she will have his back and knows he will have hers.

Aaryn thinks the Elissa group is Helen and Candice. Spencer says her (?) baby voice drives him crazy if she went home he wouldnt be upset.

11:37 am BBT Aaryn says she has to rethink her game and work with ppl not in her original gang. She tells Spencer that Helen asked to not be friends but work to keep others. Aaryn asks him if he knows who formulated the plan to get David out. Spencer says no one came to him, he told David he had his back and he did.

11:39 am BBT Aaryn says if Spencer didnt hear anything then he definitely needs to come work with them. Spencer says he has done the math and it dont add up. Aaryn says Nick may be an actor. Spencer tells her you cant ostracize someone by how they are week by week. He knows Nick is the big question mark in the house.

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11:43 am BBT Spencer tells Aaryn he feels like a swing vote, no body talks game to him unless its time for noms.

Jeremy and Spencer are in the pool, Judd sitting on edge, they wonder if BB is repairing the leaky sink and cabinet doors.

11:53 am BBT HG keep singing and we get a lot of FOTH. The pool ducks name is Roscoe. More chat about music and movies.

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Guest 6Borders

11:50am BB Time

BY: General talk. Andy says he would love to get HOH cos he's never had his own bed here.

Chit Chat about HOH and showsn and this 'n that

Spencer Kait and Jeremy are in the poot

They are discussing songs, Kait starts to sing and we get FOTH

Pool talk is general about songs and how a song is now popular just for being bad...more FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

11:56am BBTime

Everyone is outside. Discussion is about songs/movies with back 'n forth FOTH

11:59am BB Time

Discussion about whether a show is computer generated or not.. Spencer says "he" prides himself on hiring good actors and not computer generated..(not sure what movie)

Spencer talks about Pulp Fiction...Jeremy thinks Sin City was unique and comical..Spencer could not get into it. He didn't like the characters and it was slow. Just general movie discussion!

General discussion on the couch is strained muscles, is this smoke bothering you...Andy loves something so much

(nothing exciting)

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#BB15 12:02 PM BBT HG on OLD still. Talk about the bedrooms and which ones they prefer. Talk about being gone from home 3 weeks and they feel each day is really long. Kaitlin says she was picked up on the 15th. BB reminds them to not talk about production.

#BB15 12:13PM BBT Talk about what the HG have around their home towns. Talk about what restaurants they have and what there was to do. Basic chit chat.

#BB15 12:26 PM BBT HG are back in the house. Seems they received liver to eat. They are looking over the foods on the dining table. Discussion how to cook the liver. They also got lima beans.

#BB15 12:32 PM BBT Howard is praying in the booth while Nick is tossing lima beans into their bowls of liver in the KT.

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1:03PM BBT: McCrae and Jeremy are in the airplane room. McCrae says he would keep him no matter what. McCrae asks Jeremy what he should say to the girls, and Jeremy tells him to say: "There's good things about Helen, and good things about Candace.. Now that I've sat down and thought about it, Helen might be the way to go. She's strong physically and mentally". McCrae says that he's completely solid with him.

1:10PM BBT: Jeremy and Judd are in the airplane room chatting. Jeremy says that if anyone doesn't vote out Elissa then he's going after them. Jeremy says he's sitting pretty, and Elissa is poisoning this house. She throws her friends under the bus. She'll get MVP every week because of her connections. That's so unfair. We've caught her coming out of the production rooms that we're not allowed in. The back room of the storage room, I saw her in there talking to someone and ran out when I came in. Feeds cut away then return a moment later.

1:19PM BBT: Jeremy says he wanted to pull Judd aside to see where his head is at. Jeremy asks him if he'd vote out Elissa, and he says yes. Jeremy says it'll be a landslide victory this week. Judd says that they are solid and he trusts him. Jeremy says that next week they'll try evict Helen. He says she's mentally strong. Jeremy says that Jessie is sketchy and is an emotional bomb. Jeremy says that he's not naming names, but he has ears in every corner. He embellishes the statement by waving his fork around at the ceiling. Jeremy says that he knew that David was going home before the votes. He says he knew it was happening before it happened.

1:27PM BBT: Jeremy and Judd finish their conversation, and Jeremy heads up to the HoH room. Aaryn and Kaitlyn are in the HoH room. Jeremy says that Candace is not a fighter, she's not a player. Helen can't play in the veto, she's a fighter. Howard comes into the HoH room. Jeremy asks him who he'd like to see going up against Elissa on the block. Jeremy tells Howard to vote Elissa out this week, no ifs ands or buts. Howard leaves, and Jeremy leaves to go to the Diary Room. Kaitlyn says she's not going to be happy if Helen goes up, that will only make Elissa stronger. Aaryn asks if Kaitlyn was listening to the reasoning behind what they were saying. Aaryn says that Helen could win veto. Feeds cut to FotH.

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1:34PM BBT: Feeds return. Jeremy, Aaryn and Candace are in the HoH room. They ask Candace who she'd like to see go on the block. They say her name has been floating around, and Candace says of course, because I didn't vote with the house last week. Jeremy asks her again who she'd put up. She goes through a long speech about how the votes don't add up. She says that it'd probably be Nick, because she thinks that he's straddling the fence. Jeremy says he'd like for her to evict Elissa. Candace says she has no problem with that. She says when she voted last week, she heard boo's in the background.

1:40PM BBT: Aaryn says that Elissa just asked to be here, whereas they worked hard to get here. She says that Elissa looks into the camera and says "I love _____" and "I love _____". Aaryn says she's just trying to get endorsements and fame, whereas they're here for the money. Jeremy tells Candace that she's not a target in their eyes. Jeremy says he's not trying to tell Candace to not be friends with Elissa, but to just vote her out.

1:51PM BBT: Candace and Jeremy leave the HoH room. Jeremy brings Andy up to the HoH room. Jeremy asks Andy who he'd put up with Elissa if he had the opportunity. Andy says he'd probably put up Candace. He feels like Candace would ruffle the least amount of feathers if she went up. Andy thinks that Helen might be a safe bet, that she wouldn't go home. McCrae, Spencer, Howard, and Judd are in the BY chatting about video game consoles.

1:56PM BBT: Jeremy, Aaryn and Andy are still in the HoH. Jeremy keeps repeating that they need to get out Elissa and then the negative energy in the house would be gone. Jeremy says that on the line up in his head (to get out), he's very low on that list. Andy says thank you.

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#BB15 12:39 PM BBT In the BY there is talk about religions. Camera 2 is on the SR where the food has been restocked for the HG.

#BB15 12:43PM BBT In the HOH room McCrae, Aaryn and Kaitlin are discussing who the MVP may put up. Aaryn says that she needs someone on the block with Elissa who can beat Elissa and be a vote for her.

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2:00 PM BBT:

Jeremy went to get amanda/mccrae to HOHR to talk. Kaitlin wa leaving amanda asked her to stay. Aaryn is there. amanda took the reins immediately telling them who talked abt a convo with kaitlin. Jeremy said we want to know who you think will be good to put up as we are putting up elissa. coaching them - want to know who is best. Jeremy is asking them to vote elissa out and they want to put someone up with who who is capable of winning POV. He says candice can be next weeks nom that she is not strong. who else? McCrae suggest helen. Jeremy says tht helen is strong and friends with elissa so tht'd be good. Jeremy wants to know that McManda are with them totally. Amanda suggest tht he makes a deal with elissa. Amanda says tht he thinks they are going to be messed at votes. put up someone who for sure can stay. Jeremy says helen is one of their top picks because she is tough and friends with helen and helen that B****is going to want to win tht veto. The put candice up. Jeremy wants to know for sure tht they will vote. Jeremy thinks he will win POV. McCrae agrees.

2:06 PM BBT:

Jeremy is coaching them bragging that he is smart can do everything. physical and everything he doesnt want anybody to know how smart he really is. he wants a landslide victory. amanda and mccrae are fedding into this. Jeremy wants to see who else america likes. Aaryn says tht her sister is ajoke anyway. Jeremy says it is unfair she lingers in the shadow and then goes home to a lotus a mansion and an ugly dude.

2:09 PM BBT:

Jeremy is talking final 4 and giving it to mcmanda if they help him landslide elissa out of the house he is warning them that he hears everything. cautions tht they help each other but not let anyone know that they are allied. play smart and play hard and they will all go for. Jeremy asks if they are 100% vote elissa out. McCrae says yes. Amanda says again tht he should make a deal with her. Jeremy is against tht. AManda working it and saying what they want to hear. Jeremy again thinking that his thoughts are genius - let elissa ride her sister;s coatails another week. Jeremy wants to know what america thinks about us how we are playing the game. He has heard that elissa might put him or GM up. amanda disavows any knowledge. She says tht elissa is bipolar. jeremy says tht people say they are close. Aaryn again saying tht people shouldnt pay attention to MVP vote just never mention it and things will be fine. She says jess got by and nobody even noticed her.

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