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Best of the Live Feeds!

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Friday, August 2 / 1:55 am / Camera 1 & 2 / 5 Minutes- Possibly the best fight of the season happens between Amanda and Jessie in the backyard and we either get to look at this while we listen or worse, they are cutting away and we get to watch various empty rooms in the house. Thanks Big Brother...

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Wednesday, August 8 / 9:50 pm / Camera 3 & 4 / 30 Minutes- Aaryn takes exception when Amanda implies that Helen and Elissa are more trustworthy than her, leading to an argument. When McCrae enters and starts defending Aaryn, Amanda explodes. After Amanda leaves the room, McCrae promises GM he would protect her over Amanda.

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Night of Chaos- The boring week thus far must have been the quiet before the storm as an explosion of drama hits the house. There were several notable clips:

Monday, August 12 / 10:53 pm / Camera 3 & 4- Jessie vs Helen backyard fight. Where will they fight next?

Monday, August 12 / 11:23 pm / All Feeds- Jessie vs Helen bathroom fight. Where will they fight next?

Monday, August 12 / 11:33 pm / Camera 1 & 2- Jessie vs Helen HOH room fight. Where will they fight next?

Tuesday, August 13 / 12:41 am / Camera 3 & 4- Jessie vs Helen chess board fight. But wait, there's more!

Tuesday, August 13 / 1:11 am / All Cameras- Jessie listens at the bedroom door as Helen, Aaryn and McCranda spills all the beans about her eviction sending Jessie stomping up to the HOH room to confront Andy. No, that's not it!

Tuesday, August 13 / 1:30 am / Camera 3 & 4- Jessie tells Andy she knows everything about the plan to evict her, leaving him speechless.

And for our FINALE...?

Tuesday, August 13 / 2:52 am / Camera 1 & 2- Aaryn's nasty attitude finally drives GM off the deep end as she gets in her face then wakes up the whole house to watch the antics!

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Tuesday, August 13 / 1:24 pm / Camera 1 & 2- It's the "Good Morning and F You Show" with your host Jessie! Jessie begins the day by picking a nice little cat fight with Aaryn, leading up to some campaigning to McCranda, explaining that they should keep her because she will go up on the block every week with the enemies she has been making.

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Last night at 10:50 Elissa telling Aaryon they are teaming up

I was told there were fights with GM and Amanda and Amanda begging to Elissa after Andy told her.

Not sure all the times have not watched them yet.

I was told to watch 12:26 - 12:45

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Production was messing with them tonight. Made GM scream and blew my ears off ffs. Someone scary in BY and cameras acting odd. That or it was all of their drugs kicking in at the same time....

Time? Camera?

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Interesting on the feeds started sometime before 1pm BBT the Exterminators are telling McCrae everything about how they planned every move and how the set up everything to get to the end.

Really interesting. Andy trying to take credit as mastermind in most of it. They are telling McByebye how they fooled him every step of the way. He is taking it well but I think he feels like a fool.

now if only GM would evict Spencer and keep McCrae that would be epic

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Ah yes, among my favorite images on the live feeds --and yet somehow the saddest--is our ghastly and girlish Andy with his fantasy of being a desirable, big, bad stud, prissing around the BB House with his ever-shifting stuffed "package" , a SOCK ..... supposed to be his er C--K. Many of us crotch-watchers have been in stitches hooting over it. It is so patently fake.

"Oh, Miss Andy, ---Girl ,you're such a TEASE.!!!!"

Someone has even POSTED A CLIP of it on YOUTUBE called =====BIG BROTHER USA 15 Andy Heren sock adjustment

Please go here at once

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Xtitfx4YhcU

Watch, as Andy turns away and looks down to see where his package actually happens to be --uh-- at the moment. And then sticks his hand into his pants to push it back into position . The Youtube poster writes:

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Who are you trying to fool Andy Heren, its not that big and you can see it move out of place...do you notice that there is something hard and has two definite ends on it? foreign object

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Yes, he wants to be HOT so badly he'll sink to this level. But wait on his Facebook Page cover picture at the top, there's even a shot of him---showing that he actually did sink to this level and even LOWER YET. There he is, "gettin down and dirty" on the floor, showing a crowd of girls (sorority sisters?) how well he's doing trying to get limber enough so that he can "do" himself. Our Andy's ASS is displayed prominently as little Andy desperately tries to bring his crotch down to his face (or mouth) while humping on the floor. After all, what is a girl to do when she has no one else to pleasure her ---and is all alone?

Spencer said recently, "Since you are NEW to DATING Andy....." ........OMG!!! NEW???? At 25? Oh Dear, Poor Andy. But then who would have him? Pre-pubescent, white, colorless little fibbity-jibbits are not in hot demand. Even when they are ------stuffed.

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