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Week One Summary - The People's Puppet


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Jack & Joe, Sallie, Jemima, Michael, Callum, Wolfy, Sam, Sophie and Dexter entered the House on Day 1. Gina, Dan, Hazel, Daley, Charlie and Jackie entered the House on Day 2.


On Day 1, Michael was revealed to the viewers as "The People's Puppet", a special non-Housemate that will be controlled by the outside world. His first task was to be the first random housemate to be called into the Diary Room by Big Brother. Big Brother gave Michael Head Housemate status, which gave him the power to choose who would receive their suitcases. He had the option to shred his own suitcase to save everyone else's, or shred everyone else's suitcases to save his own. Michael chose to save his own, leaving everyone else's suitcases to be shredded in front of them in the garden. The housemates were unaware that this was a twist and that their genuine suitcases are still held by Big Brother.

On Day 2, the viewers were given the opportunity to vote for what they think Michael, "The People's Puppet", should do next. Once all six of the remaining housemates entered on Day 2, he was called to the Diary Room by Big Brother who told him that he had another decision to make, in relation to the six housemates who had just entered and their suitcases. Big Brother said that he could have a pizza and a cold beer if he decided to shred their suitcases too. Michael, carrying out what the public wanted, decided to turn down Big Brother's offer; unaware that his fellow housemates were watching.

On Day 3, housemates competed in the 'ABC-crets' task which would earn a meal for them all that night if they successfully guessed one another's secrets by stepping on the appropriate A, B or C circles. Michael's secret, that he left his fiancée the day before their wedding, was selected by the viewers in an online poll beforehand. Housemates did pass the task to earn the meal for the house that night, however, due to Sallie eating one of Michael's Head Housemate-only treats earlier in the day, the housemates did not receive this meal.

On Day 4, Michael secretly left the house to appear on Rylan's Supersized Celebrity Sunday where he was given another secret task. He was given 3 questions (voted for by the viewers) to ask his fellow housemates. These were "If you had the power to evict someone, who would it be?", To Sallie: "Who do you fancy the most?", and "Who is the biggest wannabe?". Michael was successful in his secret task despite Dan becoming suspicious of him.

On Day 5, Charlie and Jackie competed in a task in which they had three minutes to work together (with a 'blind-folded' Charlie being directed by Jackie) to build the word "tension" made up of a series of foam blocks. However, this was not the real task. Charlie received the real task beforehand, which was to make sure her mother lost the end of her tether during the task. As Charlie and Jackie later failed their task and Jackie lost her temper, this meant that Charlie had therefore passed her secret task and won a batch of massage oils for the house.

On Day 6, housemates competed in the first shopping task of the series; 'Stackable Shopping'. In this task, housemates had to work as a team and handle over-sized pieces of shopping which were to be stacked to the required 'Pass' line in order for the housemates to earn a luxury shopping budget. Earlier that day however, Michael, "The People's Puppet", was instructed by Big Brother to carry out the wishes of the public once more - by sabotaging the shopping task. Michael was successful in his secret task and this therefore meant that the housemates did not receive a luxury shopping budget.

On Day 7, Big Brother placed a suggestion box in the house and encouraged housemates to share their views about their fellow housemates by placing a suggestion into the suggestion box. These anonymous suggestions were later read out to the house.

On Day 8, in order for Gina and Sallie to win invites to a party, they had to correctly guess which housemates Michael would label into a specific category, such as; "Least Attractive." However, as Michael was "The People's Puppet", he was labeling housemates to these categories in reflect of the viewers' voting. Gina and Sallie correctly guessed six of Michael's choices and therefore won a party for them and six housemates of their choice (Charlie, Dan, Hazel, Wolfy, Jack and Joe and Michael, whose invite was automatic as he was Head Housemate) later that night.

In the early hours of Day 3, Gina received a formal warning following a heated argument with Sallie which resulted in Gina aggressively trying to remove Sallie's hat from her head.

On Day 3, the house did not receive the meal won during the 'ABC-crets' task due to Sallie eating one of Michael's Head Housemate-only treats earlier that day.

On Day 4, Jemima received a formal warning for using racial remarks in a conversation about the type of men she goes for. This then resulted in Gina being offended by the comments.

On Day 5, Michael nominated Dexter, Gina and Sallie on behalf of the public audience's majority decision.

On Day 7, Dexter was removed from the public vote after receiving the fewest votes to evict at that point.

On Day 9, Sallie became the first housemate of the series to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Michael's true identity as "The People's Puppet" was revealed to the housemates, and he then left the house. After Michael's exit, the housemates who entered on Day 1 still remaining in the house (Jack and Joe, Dexter, Callum, Sophie, Wolfy, Jemima and Sam) learnt that their suitcases were not shredded in the first day's task. These housemates could then collect their suitcases.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Brother_14_(UK)

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