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Meet Your Housemates


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Here is a quick introduction to your BBUK14 Housemates:

  • Callum Knell, 28, sports coach from Maidstone.
  • Charlie Travers, 27, from Berkhamsted. She entered the house with her mother Jackie, however they will be competing individually.
  • Daley Ojuederie, 28, professional boxerfrom London. He claims to have never lost a fight.
  • Daniel "Dan" Neal, 33, ex-police officer from in London. Ahead of his entry, the Big Brother producers were warned about having the former police officer in the house as he had been heavily involved in investigations surrounding the Jimmy Savile allegations.
  • Dexter Koh, 28, self-proclaimed 'sugar daddy' from Liverpool. Koh has been described as the real-life Christian Grey after an article appeared in the Daily Mail detailing his sexual antics with students. In addition, it was reported that Koh had spent £120,000 at Aura Mayfair after a large poker win.
  • Gina Rio, 24, Actress. On the 2012–2013 border it was reported that she was Britain's most spoiled girl.
  • Hazel O'Sullivan, 24, Irish model from Dublin.
  • Jack and Joseph "Joe" Glenny, 18, identical twins from Cheshunt. Though one twin is gay and the other straight, they will be competing as one housemate.
  • Jackie Travers, 59, from Berkhamsted. She entered the house with her daughter Charlie, however they will be competing as separate housemates.
  • Jemima Slade, 41, from West London.
  • Sallie Axl, 26, Glamour Model and DJ from The Wirral.
  • Sam Evans, 23, from Llanelli, and was born with 70-80% hearing loss.
  • Sophie Lawrence, 20, dental nurse aged from East London.
  • Wolfy Millington, 20, from Bolton. She practices shamanism and is a qualified mackerel fisherwoman.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Big_Brother_14_housemates_(UK)

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