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Saturday, June 29 Live Feed Updates


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10 pm- 12 am bbt Gina Marie, Elissa, Nick, Spencer, and Judd hang out in the backyard by the hammock. They make fun of Amanda's obsession with talking about her profession. Up in the hoh room Andy, Candice, and Amanda talk about casting and how long they had to stay in hotels before press day and going into the house.

Amanda Candice and McCrae talk about McCrae's hair. McCrae wants to participate in the penalty pov so he can shave his hair. Hammock crew talk about how horrible the have not diet is. Elissa and Nick talk about healthy and clean soft serve ice cream. Nick is impressed by it. Nick said GNCs protein shakes are good with no artificial crap.

Gina Marie can't believe people are inside. Nick said especially considering they were on 36 hour lockdown earlier. They are enjoying being outside. Nick tells Spencer he reminds him of his cousins from Indiana. Gina Marie says she has webbed feet.

Nick, Gina Marie, Judd, Spencer, and Elissa talk about the have not competition. We get intermittent WBRB. This competition had something to do with cans.

HoH crew talks about past Pandora Boxes. Amanda says the jury house used to be in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, but after Season 7 and the hurricane they relocated it to California.

They discuss that Andy and Spencer snore and Aaryn talks in her sleep. Elissa said she never heard anything.

Amanda, Candice and McCrae talk about how quiet the house is tonight. Talk turns to Mardi Gras and how Candice got peed on from a balcony one year. She said it's not fun at all, no matter what anyone says.

Gina Marie steps on a piece of glass outside and injured her foot. Aaryn had some miracle cream that will help her heal. She puts it on Gina Marie's foot for her.

All feeds on backyard, not much going on. Mostly talk about being have nots and how awful the room is.

Andy and Elissa are making slop. Kaitlin, Amanda, and Elissa talk about how they are all on their periods or starting.

Helen gets McCrae alone in the hoh room and she says she feels awful that he won because he has to put Elissa up. Amanda goes up and Helen/McCrae cover it up. Helen says she feels like Elissa is going crazy. Amanda stars to bash Elissa.

Jeremy and David talk in the storage room. Jeremy says we have 9 votes this week and Elissa is gonna go home. Jeremy says Kaitlin, you and me in the final three.

Kaitlin and Jeremy play fight and they talk about how Kaitlin doesn't like confrontation and drama.

Amanda and McCrae talk about how David and Jeremy and their girls threatened McCrae if they sent David home. Elissa goes up to use hoh bathroom and Amanda tells her you are for sure staying, just stay quiet. Amanda says you need to go along with us and help us get rid of the strong guys. She says we think you'll get the mvp every week and you can always put up the people we want. Elissa shoutout to Rachel fans to get her the mvp. Amanda says if anything happens that we don't like for you, we're cutting you.

Jeremy tells Kaitlin that he confronted Aaryn today in the bathroom about being a pot stirrer. He made her cry and felt bad but they are good now. Kaitlin says she's glad they are okay. Jeremy says Kaitlin handled everything well.

Amanda and McCrae tell Elissa we want you in our alliance an we are keeping you. We need to get rid of those young guys. Elissa says that McCrae is a mature 23 year old but the rest of them are awful. Amanda says we are getting rid of them all and we're going to backdoor Jeremy next week if we can.

Amanda tells Elissa we're still going to pretend we're sending you home, but we are for sure getting rid of David. We have to break that alliance up.

Spencer and Nick talk about how their original alliance plan is working and they'll have to talk numbers when it comes time to vote on Wednesday.

Judd goes up to the HoH room and says we should bring Jessie in on this. McCrae asks if he is serious and Judd laughs. He said Jessie is freaking out. Amanda says good all the more reason to get her the hell out. Amanda says that if things go their way their alliance will be gone right away.

Kaitlin and Jeremy say they are worried about Jessie exploding. Kaitlin wants to know what happened and why Jessie is being so weird. Jeremy says don't worry about it. She has our votes to stay until she is up against one of our alliance.

Kaitlin and Jeremy said that the girls and the guys both thought they were playing each other. Kaitlin says she doesn't know about Jess. She likes her, but she doesn't trust her.

Jeremy and Jessie had a confrontation today in which Jessie gave him the silent treatment and then talked to him later and poured water on his head. He thinks she's a emotional time bomb. David told Kaitlin she was being sketchy about Jessie and Kaitlin said she was fine until Jessie made a huge deal out of it. Kaitlin says she has issues about Kaitlin and Jeremy and that she doesn't trust Jessie.

Nick tells David his last girlfriend was a shipwreck and he's so disinterested in having a girlfriend and that might make him seem gay, but he doesn't care. He's just not into her at all.

Nick and David talk about how awkward it was that Nick got asked after 24 hours if he liked Jessie. Nick nipped it in the bud and shut it down because he did not like her like that and she was pushing it.

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6:50am BBT HGs are still sleeping. Andy got up briefly, but is now tucked back into his airplane seat.

Amanda and McCrae woke up and complained about being hot and then settled back down.
7:15am BBT Still sleeping
7:41am BBT Snooze-fest
7:52am BBT Andy is up again - got out of bed (seat) stretched and then laid back down.

8:00am BBT lots of restlessness, but everyone is still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

8:14am BBT

The HG's are up and doing ADL's!

Andy is making breakfast. Nick goes to the WC and finds it's occupied...says he will wait.

Jessie comes out of the WC looking like she's been up for a week...seems to have a fixed frown

Helen and (two others, maybe Elissa) are told by BB they are not allowed to talk about production!

Helen is saying Judd does not eat and he does not sleep. Helen and Elissa say they went to bed at 2:15 and 3:30 (respectively)

Helen says they need to go to the DR and ask about the have not and what time the slop stops.

HOH room: Judd is talking to McCrae (who is still in bed). Judd is mumbling and McCrae is talking into the covers so hard to hear.

Amanda comes and gets in bed with McCrae. She complains about being hot but she's got a hoodie and sunglasses.

Judd tries to tell them about sneaking outside last night and Amanda says "I don't want to hear it" "don't start the paranoia"

"get out" (she's even bossy when she's half asleep).

Judd leaves to go smoke.

Amanda and McCrae are under the covers mumbling to each other.

Amanda says "what's wrong with him...why does he ?" (BB needs to tell them to stop obstructing their mics)

Amanda says something about "his paranoia" but again hard to hear

Have Not Room: Helen and Elissa are discussing David. Helen says he's a really nice guy, intellectually he is not a threat.

Elissa thinks David total threw the comp. Helen thinks he just can't spell because if he was going to throw the comp he would have just spelled SURF.

Judd joins them..they ask if he slept in there (have not room) and he says a little bit

Helen asks how Judd is functioning w/out food and sleep. Says two more full days guys...she is going to ask DR when they can eat.

Helen said the music was SO LOUD!!!!

They are back to discussing David threw the comp or not!

BB tells the HG's "its time to get up for the day"

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Guest 6Borders

8:25am BB Time:

BB tells Jessie to please put on her mic.

Have Not Room:

Helen is telling Elissa she tries to stay away from "her" and talks to Kaitlin more.

Elissa is back on how everyone is attacking her/saying stuff about her.

Helen tells Elissa just assume every time she's saying something that is is about her

Elissa says "I don't care if she likes me...I hope she doesn't like me..it's just not very ladylike"

(I think they are talking about Aaryn but not sure).

Helen is explaining bullies...says if you don't act like it's bothering you she will go somewhere else.

Confirmed it's Aaryn..Elissa says if Aaryn tries to do yoga with her Elissa will say she wants to work out alone.

They say they will only talk to her about general things...that Aaryn is worried David will go home.

Elissa says Aaryn said she will stop sleeping in bed with David

8:30am BB Time: BB tells Aaryn she is not allowed to talk about production (she's been calling BB out a lot lately on fixing the game for Elissa)

Helen says don't form an alliance with her, form alliances with people you think you can trust and be trusted and it will naturally happen. Say no one is just going to be like "you want to form an alliance...yeah sure"

Elissa says week one you have to start scouting for people to form alliances with.

Helen says you can't form alliances based on first impressions and look how things are already staring to change in just 7-8 days.

Elissa says she is not mentally all there..Helen tells her don't form your game around her or you will go down in flames.

Elissa says Aaryn is obsessed with her family and watched the Brenchel wedding. Elissa says "I'm sure you did..you probably have nothing better to do.

Helen keeps gently trying to move Elissa off the subject and telling her there are other ppl to form alliances

Helen says every time she tries to talk to McCrae Amanda or Aaryn walk in so she's stopped trying to talk to him.

Asks Elissa "so he told you he IS putting you up?" and Elissa says "yes"

Helen says "don't flip out", surprise people. It would make for good TV but not for Elissa's game.

Helen is back on why do you think David threw the comp...why would he.

Elissa says she thinks it's to see if his alliance is with him {she obviously doesn't know the game at all or David is not too bright if this is true}

Helen says she doesn't think David would risk it this early in the game. Elissa says if you are that confident you are not the target why try (in the comp).

Elissa goes to get water and Helen says "time for some slop"

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Guest 6Borders

8:40am BB Time:

Bathroom: Andy is told by BB not to obstruct his mic.

Helen and Elissa are in the storeroom changing batteries.

Helen says "so much food..."

Bathroom: Helen and Elissa are doing ADL's.

Andy says he only slept about 3 hrs and will nap later.

Triangle Bedroom: David and Aaryn are still in bed (despite BB telling them to get up)

David tells her she needs to stop talking about production. They snuggle up get quiet

{the room looks like a mini tornado went thru it}.

BB tells Jessie to put on her mic. Aaryn remarks that is the 2nd time.

BY: Judd is sitting by himself on the circular couch...camera pans in on him and he is looking a little dazed.

{I think he is about to fall asleep and waiting for BB to yell at him}

Judd finally gets up and goes back in the house. He says he is going to go back to sleep for a bit.

Bathroom 8:48 BB Time: Elissa is doing her hair. Andy says he's going to the bathroom but taking his mic off because "nobody needs to hear that"

Elissa says she thinks that's the latest she's ever stayed up.

8:51am BBT

Have Not Room: Helen and Howard are talking about being off slop. Helen says almost there and that getting to eat again is going to taste like Thanksgiving Dinner. (We briefly get WBRB)

Judd comes into the HN Room to take a nap

Helen says she is going to start laundry and asks if they have anything. Howard says he did his yesterday and Judd says no, but thank you. Helen and Howard leave and Judd is going to sleep. Judd says "oh geeze" with a big sigh.

BY: Helen is putting laundry in the machine. There are piles of laundry everywhere {looks like Thrift Store donations waiting to be sorted}

Bathroom: Elissa asks Jessie what time she went to sleep. Jessie says 2-ish.

They say people stay up so fricking late her!

8:56am BB Time: WBRB and Fish briefly

BY: Helen is folding laundry. Elissa comes out and Helen asks if she is going to work out before she gets dressed and Elissa says yes. Helen says "do you think it matters if we do..." {not sure what she is referring to}

Andy is raising the blinds on the windows (having some trouble with them) and BB tells Helen to put on her mic.

Elissa is getting water from the outdoor fridge and preparing to work out.

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12:03 AM BBT She did NOT say that. She said Elissa shouldn't betray them.

12:00 AM BBT Amanda telling Judd and Andy that she told Elissa that they were keeping her so she has to do whatever they say or she's out

12:04 AM BBT Judd says Aaryn once asked him to work with her and she told him she has friends in this house. Amanda says it's like the

12:11 AM BBT hgs think there will be nine jury members. That's what they "heard."

1:05 AM BBT Spencer and Andy are filling in Helen on their new alliance and their plan to save Elissa. Helen agrees to the plan

1:13 AM BBT Andy/Helen/Spencer are talking about Harry Potter books.

1:14 AM BBT Andy thinks Judd is Elmer Fudd's grandson.

2:38 AM BBT Amanda tells Elissa that after veto ceremony she needs to come clean about being Rachel's sister to the people that are saving her

2:53 AM BBT Jeremy says he can't believe he got stung by a bee, Andy says that was 6 days ago. Jeremy says it's blistered up and hurts

3:40 AM BBT Spencer, Andy, Nick, Judd, Amanda, McCrae still up in backyard, talking movies, everyone else in bed

4:00 AM BBT The group from outside has finally gone inside.

4:16 AM BBT Nick and Spencer talking outside. Spencer fills in Nick on his " mega alliance" with Amanda/Judd/Andy

4:20 AM BBT Nick tells Spencer he feels Helen and Amanda are threats

4:27 AM BBT Spencer wants Nick to vote for Jessie to make him seem clueless to the rest of the house

4:29 AM BBT Spencer wants Aaryn, Kaitlin, Andy and Amanda out before jury

4:34 AM BBT Nick wants to get Amanda out

4:45am BBT just general chat going on

4:59am BBT Spencer is telling Nick that Candice is in "no mans land". Nick says how noeone talks to Candace. She just talks to herself. They both agree that the girls will pick each other off. Spencer seems worried about Jeremy because of Kaitlin. Both the guys are scared of David because he is a smart guy whose good at comps. Spencer tells nick of his hatred for AAryn. He says that she only cares about her acting carrerr. Nick says he would do this show for free. Nick tells Spencer that he thinks AAryn will do whatever it takes. Discussion turns to AAryn telling Kaitlin that they both will not see the boys after the show. Spencer calls her a name and Nick laugh.

The two agree that when the vote comes out, they (the girls) are going to freak out.

5:39 AM BBT Spencer "Good Talk" Nick "Great Talk" Spencer goes inside to sleep. Nick stayed outside.

Nick finally goes to sleep

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Guest 6Borders

9:04am BBT

Andy and Howard are at the table. Andy asks if Howard liked his photos.

Andy asks "do you think the veto meeting will be today" and Howard says yes

Andy says he wonders about the have-have not thing and he is going to ask in DR

Andy says he was about to rip someone's head off when they made "that stupid pizza last night".

Says he knows everyone in the house is entitled to choc milk but it's the only sweet thing he has and it upsets him

when others are drinking it.

Andy says HOH is on Wed. They are talking about what the comp will be. Howard says he doesn't even care about winning...Anday says yes, after being a have-not all week {I think he means all he cares about is eating again}.

Andy says he admires Elissa for getting up and going right to working out. Says he gets a work-out wind in the middle of the day (at school)

Howard says the water is cold outside. Andy says the have-not shower was not too bad outside. Says he felt sorry for Howard and Elissa having to wash all the honey off (from the comp) in the cold shower.

They discuss how many cupcakes Howard ate.

Andy says you really don't know what emotions are like in the house until you are here...watching on TV you think the HG's are such pussies. Andy says he's excited to push an f'ing button (in the HOH comp)...says it will be really fun to see the clips of them on the tv (from the week) and it will be fun to see Julie again.

Andy says if they stay for the whole summer they are only 1/10th of the way thru

Howard says he hopes the time goes quicker once they get into a routine.

Andy says this was hard because they basically fit two weeks of BB into one

Andy says he's glad nothing happened like Jodi going home the first night last year...Howard says he thought that might happen

Andy says he really likes all new people {yea...me tooo! Thanks Andy!!} but he's not too sure he likes this MVP thing.

They are discussing the schedule and what they did from Day #1..says today will be actual Veto ceremony.

Andy says this (discussing what happened when) is good rehearsal for down the road.

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9:27am hg are walking around and sitting in by just general chat going on
9:32am MCcrae and amanda telling jessie she will stay on the block but she isnt going home and for her to trust them. jessie says ok i trust you.
9:35am andy telling people in the by that if you want mor dr time just be a have not they talked to him all night about being a have not. everyone is laughing
9:39am :andy, jessie,judd and spencer on by couch talling about the walking dead and first blood .MCcrae and amanda in hoh bed talking about eviction and MCcrae tells her to just relax.
9:47am andy and jessie in kt putting dishes away and talking about movies. spencer and helen in by talking about helen talking about talking to MCcrae. spencer says just be careful how you talk to them.
9:56am candice pops her head into hoh rm and asked if amanda and MCcrae wanted breakfast burittos they says yes please now candice is in st room getting bacon to cook. jessie is doing dishes.

9:58am : howard comes in and says you ladies be careful going outside barefooted he found broken glass between the weights and the hammock. candice said maybe thats what got gina marie lastnight.

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10:10am amanda is now up in the hoh rm looking for her shoes.candice, jessie in kt doing dishes cleaning and cooking. MCcrae is doing the trash and taking it to the str. amanda comes down stairs

10:14am elissa and helen in wa talking about going scuba diving.

10:18am amanda , andy, and spencer in lr talking about judd being puffy in the mornings. andy says bb probably wants us ready for the pov meeting and it wont be till 7pm and everyone laughs.

10:27am : candice has breakfast tacos ready now everyone is aming their tacos and just general chat going on .

10:38am cAndice, amanda, MCcrae, spencer, and david in lvr talking about tv shows and how they love mammas family.elissa is in the wa shaving her legs in the sink, howard is getting in his cold shower and judd has joined the lvr conversation now.

10:46am hg going to the by to smoke now helen tells judd just 2 more days on slop he is ready to eat. judd says if you eat to much slop it makes you sick.

10:58am jessie and candice are cleaning the kt helen is not feeling well today. imost hg in by smoking and talking about MCrae taking candice off the block and putting up elissa. jeremy says shit better go off as planned or i will be pissed.

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11:15am : jessie and judd in by talking about the house needs to stick together. jessie says thwey are trying to split the votes judd says who the house jessie says no big brother.
11:16am helen and MCcrae playing chess and howard watching in silence.
11:27am jeremy and david are in by working out and talking about people getting mad and storming off.judd and jessie still talking on by couch just general chat and helen and mccrae still playing chess and howard watching. judd now leaves to go get a shower.

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Mortystv 11:38BBT Helen and Howard are playing chess
Jessies on the couch in the BY with McCrae

Mortys# 1147 BBt not much is going on right now
HG are just chilling out in the BY

Mortys# 12:00 BBt Jessie and McCrae are in the HOH
talking about I think what Elissa would do if she
won HOH next week and what a loose cannon she is
footnote its Amanda in HoH not Jessie

Mortys# 12:11 The HG are guessing when the Veto
meeting will be later on today most of them are
now either in the BY or in the pool

Mortys# 12:13 BBT Helen and candice are in the Kt talking
about BB home cooking David Kaitlin jeremy are in the pool

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1:27PM BBT: The feeds are back. The PoV was used to remove Candice from the block and put up Elissa.

1:40PM BBT: Jeremy goes to the HoH room and talks to Amanda, McCrae is there, but quiet. Jeremy it's obvious that he's been kept in the dark about EVERYTHING. Jeremy thinks that Elissa is definitely the target, and he's stoked that they're booting her out. Jeremy's future targets are mostly people that McCrae has on his side. Jeremy wants out "the floaters" like Judd, "and I think I'd put up Candice again, Helen and Nick... and maybe Howard, but I think him and Spence may be together..' McCrae: "You think so?" Amanda tells Jeremy that some people wanted Jeremy to be the replacement nominee, but that her and McCrae wouldn't do that to him because she knows he wants to compete and they want to give him a chance to do that. [i can't believe Amanda would be so pretentious as to tell him that. Many in this cast are arrogant and crass, I have never heard so many "F" bombs dropped in 14 years of covering BB. -Morty]

1:55PM BBT: Spencer and Howard are playing chess again outside the the HoH room and Judd stops by to talk some game. Spencer tells Judd there are no outside deals and Nick is outside their "circle of trust." Judd agrees but says, "You have to make a fake deal here and there," and he tells them about the alliance that was made last night. Spencer tells Judd that Candice is not part of the alliance, and not to give her any information, they're just going to use her for a vote and then deny everything.

2:15PM BBT: Jeremy leaves the HoH room, and Amanda and McCrae start trashing him and joking about how many people Jeremy threw under the bus. McCrae cautions her about what she said about considering putting Jeremy on the block. Amanda tells McCrae she made the remark so that Jeremy would be thankful that after considering him, they decided not to put him, up.

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2:31PM BBT: Spencer in the HOH room, telling a story about Cesar and the Roman times. Captively listening are McCrae, Amanda, Candice and Nick.

2:32 PM BBT - Also in the HOH room are Andy & Jeremy; they were just out of sight. In the pool in the BY are Kaitlin, Aaryn & Gina Marie. David is laying on the side of the pool.

To catch up from earlier .....

Amanda tells Elissa she wants to use the MVP twist to vote out the younger people in the house; Elissa agrees. Amanda says they will prove they (Amanda's alliance) can be trusted by saving Elissa this week. Elissa is very animated and smiley, and after Elissa left the SR, Amanda says she hopes she can trust her. Amanda then joins Judd and Aaryn in the bathroom and discusses the fact that Jessie does not wear desperation well and that her flirting with Jeremy & McCrae is just desperation.

Aaryn saw Jessie rub sunscreen on David's back and got mad. Jessie apologizes, everyone in the BY makes fun of the situation. The POV ceremony happened, McCrae used the POV on Candice. She was talking with Aaryn & Jessie with the necklace on. Spencer jokingly calls Andy Kermitt the Frog. Jeremy went to visit McCrae & Amanda in the HOH room to rehash the plan of evicting Elissa. Jeremy says if he wins HOH, he'd put up Judd and Candice.

Spencer tells Judd that Nick is outside their circle of trust, and they can't make outside deals. Judd counters this stating they need to make fake deals from time to time. Judd mentions alliances that were made last night, and Spencer interjects that Candice is in "no man's land" and is not part of the alliance and that Judd should keep being as normal around Candice. Spencer is going to approach her for a vote only and deny anything else she tries to pinpoint on him. David tells Jeremy that Amanda thinks she runs the house and that she has been sleeping in the HOH room.

2:42PM BBT - General chit chat in the HOH room about bluegrass music, the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and "The Great Gadsby".

2:43PM BBT - Gina Marie & Aaryn agree they are going to do each other's makeup. David wants his done too; Aaryn & Gina Marie will do it together. Gina Marie is jealous of David's highlights, Aaryn says she doesn't believe they are real and asks if he got it done at the hair salon. David denies it, Gina Marie says they'll be able to tell once his roots start growing in.

2:54PM BBT - Talk has turned to comic books in the HOH room, and superheros. McCrae heads outside for a smoke. BB yells at Gina Marie for talking about her DR sessions with other HG's, so back to the BY we go. Gina Marie is pouting at being called out in front of all the HG's. She is telling David about someone sleeping in her bed, and she made a deal "Sleep with me once, if you don't like it, you never have to sleep with me again." She says she gets hot when she sleeps, so she put pillows between them.

2:56PM BBT - Aaryn comes outside, Gina Marie swears she was not talking about her DR session. Aaryn appears not to believe her and interjects into Gina Marie's conversation to state David sleeps with his hand in her pants.

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2:59PM BBT - Gina Marie thinks that there will be another competition on Sunday. David thinks maybe Monday. Talk turns to someone (missed who - a girl) who flirts with every guy. Discussion is hushed because more HG's are outside. Aaryn is asked to put on her mic by BB. Aaryn has found some bathing oil and mentions how oily her mic is going to get now that she has it on. Gina Marie heads to the hammock. Aaryn says today is a good day, Gina Marie agrees. David moves beside Aaryn and rubs her leg.

3:03PM BBT - David appears to be complimenting Aaryn. She says "Thank you. I was Miss Teen Colorado". Whatever David is saying, Aaryn is giggling. David cannot be heard. David can suddenly be heard! He wants to teach Aaryn how to surf, she wants to learn. Then he wants to teach her how to snowboard.

3:04PM BBT - Jeremy and Nick are discussing the votes - 6 versus 7. He is whispering so its hard to hear him, but he's discussing how they can win HOH every week. Jeremy says he is down for whatever, but he is nervous about Elissa - what if she wins something? Nick says she's deep with Howard and the other side. Jeremy says they have his vote. Nick says David goes home first, then Amanda, then Aaryn (from their side) or a floater, maybe Candice. Jeremy reiterates that he's in.

3:08PM BBT - McCrae and Kaitlin are on the lounge. Jeremy joins them and says "It's Toaster Strudel hot out here". Kaitlin tells him everyone wants Amanda or David out this week. Jeremy doesn't want to win HOH, it puts a target on his back. Like McCrae? asks Kaitlin. McCrae says make the target big enough so everyone can look past it. Jeremy says that's not his strategy.

3:10PM BBT - Nick and Gina Marie talking in the Have Not room. Gina Marie's towel is brushing against her mic, making their whispering extremely hard to hear. Gina Marie tells Nick that Jessie is trying to hook up with everyone. Gina Marie says David has to go this week, then Amanda, then Candice. Gina Marie starts mocking Amanda.

3:14PM BBT - Candice comes outside, says Amanda is sleeping, Howard is praying she thinks and Andy & Spencer are talking. Kaitlin comments about how she's moved into the HOH, and Jeremy says she thinks she can manipulate McCrae. Kaitlin says just let her.

3:16PM BBT - Man, these HG's move a lot. I flipped back to the other camera, and Jeremy has gotten up and joined Nick and Gina Marie. Jeremy, Nick, David, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Gina Marie are the one side of the votes. Jeremy leaves again, leaves the door open so talk turns to Nick having pulled a muscle. He is going to go into the HT to try and soothe it. Gina Marie decides to head back outside.

3:19PM BBT - Gina Marie thanks McCrae for letting her host the POV. Outside, David & Aaryn are still tanning by the pool. Aaryn is telling David that guys treat her like she needs to be protected, but she doesn't. She can hold her own, but the help is always good.

3:21PM BBT - Andy, McCrae and Amanda in the HOH room discuss who to evict. Amanda wants to keep Candice around for future. She says Jeremy shot himself in the foot by saying he'd put Kaitlin up and how he mentions the floaters. Andy asks who the floaters are? McCrae says he thinks Jeremy thinks a floater is anyone who doesn't brag about winning all the time.

3:24PM BBT - Amanda says if one of them win HOH, they need to evict Jeremy and Nick. Nick is a wild card, Amanda says. Andy says he scares him. Andy says Nick is a nice guy, but everyone else has a story and Nick has so much that he's leaving out. Amanda questions why Nick has been called to the DR 5x more than anyone else. Andy says he is articulate so it can't be that he messed something up. Amanda wonders if he got put in the game on purpose, for some reason. Andy wants to ask him who he'd put up if he won HOH.

3:28PM BBT - Andy feels McCrae is going to win MVP this week, if not Elissa again. Jeremy doesn't know how POV rules work, can't be him. Amanda says Elissa didn't either. McCrae wonders if that is people's game - to pretend to be that dumb. Especially Elissa, Rachel's sister. Andy is marvelling at the thought that their success comes down to Elissa. Amanda recounts her earlier discussion with Elissa and how Elissa needs them but they also need Elissa.

3:30PM BBT - Amanda says they need to relax Judd cause he is wound up about everything. Amanda feels they'll all stick together in their alliance. Andy says call him naive, but he feels the same way. Amanda thinks after Elissa sees David is evicted, they'll be able to pull her more on their side. She's expendable too, if she gets weird, Andy reminds. Amanda wants her to be honest about the Rachel thing to their alliance so they can trust her.

3:32PM BBT - McCrae discusses David's lack of speech for POV, and that he thinks he threw the POV competition. McCrae doesn't believe David is as dumb as he acts. Amanda interjects that they (McCrae & Amanda) really trust Spencer and Andy. Above everyone else. Andy says within 20 mins of meeting everyone, he really liked McCrae and Spencer. Amanda says she gets along with her gays so well, and she knew Andy would come to her. She doesn't go out of her way to befriend gay guys but Andy is funny, and she likes funny guys. BB comes on quite firmly and says "There is absolutely NO jumping into the pool." Quick glance outside and Spencer, Jeremy and Howard are in the pool - not sure who jumped.

3:34PM BBT - Andy is super excited that the game is being played, he doesn't want to go home. He wants to keep playing. Amanda and McCrae assure him he's not going home. Amanda giggles that Aaryn is going to go nuts when David is evicted. Discussion turns to Jessie - Andy doesn't get her. She knows the game, is intelligent but gets in here and she is into all the guys. Amanda thinks she's so dumb. Andy wonders why she is going to let her game falter of Jeremy. (Side note: I can see on Cam 3 Jeremy & Kaitlin making out in the pool) Amanda says Aaryn is done with Jessie.

3:38PM BBT - Amanda says Aaryn is a competitor, but she seems like a mean girl. She dresses up like Barbie when she knows the camera on her. Amanda says she is on Big Brother 15, not like an A list actor. Andy says he sees tinges of greatness in her, but she needs to get the idea of changing herself for fame out of her head. It's driving him crazy. Amanda thinks she'll be edited as a villianness. Andy says its funny to think about that - maybe Aaryn and David will be the sweethearts and the 3 of them will be the villians. Amanda says she's not a villian, she's a nerd.

3:41PM BBT - Andy says what if Nick votes for Jessie, he is such a wild card. Amanda says it will be funny if she does get a vote, because she'll be paranoid about who it was. Aaryn's going to go crazy when David is voted out, Amanda says. She says the teenybopper alliance (also referred to as the Justin Bieber alliance) doesn't see it coming. Amanda gave Elissa the heads up that she will still talk mean about her, but Elissa needs to trust that there is an overall plan.

3:42PM BBT - Elissa comes to HOH; she just ran some laps and did some yoga. She was stressed out but feels better. Amanda tells her to relax, she's fine. Elissa says "Really?" and Amanda assures her. Elissa thanks them, that makes her feel good. Amanda brings up the fight between Elissa and Jeremy and says she wanted to protect her but couldn't then so their alliance wasn't revealed. Now that they have solid numbers, it's better. Amanda tells her to act scared still, McCrae and Andy back that up. Elissa admits she is Rachel's sister, and she didn't feel it necessary to tell everyone that right away, it was too aggressive. She wanted to be judged on her game, not Rachel's. She felt it would be used against her, whether she said it or not. Elissa tells them that Aaryn is going around making fun of her family, and "the crazy train has arrived".

3:46PM BBT - Andy gets mad on Elissa's behalf and says that people were "concerned" that he & Helen were being so nice to Elissa. Elissa is a human being, Andy points out, and he refuses to be mean to her. Elissa admits she is MVP, and says she doesn't want to lie to everyone but she feels she is the only one giving any information out. Elissa appreciates them sticking up for her, says she doesn't understand why she needs to be treated as if she is vile - she is playing a game.

3:51PM BBT - Elissa tells Andy she is 2 years younger than Rachel. She's met Regan, she says when Andy asks. Andy loves Regan. He was supposed to be in Rachel's wedding, but he had school or something. Their mothers are friends. (Side note: Cam 4 has Kaitlin & Jeremy cuddling together on the hammock) Elissa says they shouldn't tell everyone else the truth, just for Elissa's satisfaction that she won't tell them. Andy suggests they just keep up appearances from the past few days until Wednesday. Amanda and McCrae coach her to act like she's going home.

4:03PM BBT - Elissa leaves, and McCrae whispers that Elissa still worries him. Amanda agrees. McCrae feels that she leans too heavily on the topic that she is Rachel's sister. Amanda agrees. McCrae asks Amanda about her fight with Jessie. Amanda says she didn't fight with her, and McCrae says that Kaitlin told him the fight was over him (McCrae). McCrae cautions Amanda to be careful. Amanda says they have too many alliances, and no one will put them up - they are too big of a threat. Kaitlin told McCrae next week's target next week is Amanda and someone else. He pleads her to chill out, please, and not go stir stuff downstairs.

4:10PM BBT - Amanda is now very riled, calling Kaitlin names and is very upset. McCrae is trying to reassure her, to no avail. David and Aaryn are running laps in the BY, Candice is sunning herself by the pool.

4:14PM BBT - Kaitlin and Elissa are in the showers, Gina Marie is doing her hair and Andy is lounging. Jeremy was in the bathroom, but left. Candice wanders in. Andy calls a shoutout to the live feeders. They are discussing movies. Howard and Jeremy are in the KT, whispering. Andy & Jeremy then head outside into the BY. Candice is told to put her mic on. She calls out "Sorry!" to BB. By the HT are Judd, Elissa, Andy, Nick, Helen & Jeremy. Judd & Andy discuss slop fatigue.

4:20PM BBT - Helen and Andy both asked what time they could go off slop was, and BB wouldn't tell them. Andy confirms it was Jeremy who jumped into the pool. Andy comments on how darkly tanned Helen is getting. Talk turns to how if one spouse is working hard to look good, the other spouse should too. Helen's husband encouraged her to do hot things in the house. Jeremy doesn't like girls covered in tattoo. One is ok, but not more than that. He wants a girl next store, completely opposite of him. Super good girls he likes.

4:24PM BBT - Helen says its rare to find a guy say its hard to find a girl. Jeremy is called to the DR. Elissa has wandered away. HT talk turns to women in the workforce and how hard it is with kids.

4:27PM BBT - Andy says he has his joking demeanor but it gets more testy when he's on slop. They talk about wishing they had a blender and could make smoothies, with bananas, says Nick. Andy reminds him none too gently he can't have bananas - he is on slop.

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4:30PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda are in the the HoH room. Amanda is upset that Kaitlin wants to put her on the block. The other HGs are in the backyard.

4:33PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda go under the covers and whisper. Hard to hear what they're saying.

4:40PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda are discussing potential nominations. Amanda wants Jeremy/Kaitlin on block together bc of their showmance

4:46PM BBT: Nick and Jeremy are talking in the kitchen about David going home. Jeremy likes him, "but it is what it is" he says "he's just going to win, win, win."

4:50PM BBT: Andy is up in the the HoH room, saying GinaMarie wants Candice and Jess to be nominated

4:55PM BBT: Andy and McCrae are talking in the the HoH room about David. They think he knows the show better than he is playing off. David made comments about the live feeds, but acts like he doesn't know how veto works.

4:57PM BBT: Kaitlin and Amanda in the bathroom area talking about Jessie, flirting with all of the guys. (I believe Aaryn is there too- but off the cameras)

**Note the last 4 updates were not posted to FB/Twitter, due to tech problems**
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Most seem to be outside eating Candice’s cooking. Idle talk. No game talk.

Inside audio with Howard praying.


David goes inside. Runs into Aaron. Tells her he feel like going to bed. She responds with “I’m going outside”.

Candice mentions that the guys are doing dishes. But that she only trusts Howard to do so.

Nick sitting on the side being kind of quiet.

Jeremy feels its fantastic not working and just hanging out.


Hair talk between Jeremey, Kaitlyn, and McCrane. Jeremy thinks he can go into dr and charm them into letting them change their hair. McCrane doesn’t want to ask anymore.


Spencer advising Helen about aligning herself with Ellissa. That she doesn’t want to be stuck in jury. Helen feels that they have to figure out the telephone game between her (Helen), Spencer, Andy and MC.

Helen cares about Elissa, but knows that she’ll hurt her name. Spencer mentions that the best they can do with those they care about is to get them to jury, except for Elissa who doesn’t want to be there.

Both agree that there will be a backlash when David is evicted. They are all going to play dumb. Helen feels that people will assume she wanted to keep Elissa.

Advisor Spencer telling Helen how to handle any issue after voting. Her plan is to backdoor Jeremy as soon as possible. He feels they should just take his alliance and it’ll all depend on veto.

Spencer doesn’t trust Gina Marie because she was all about Howard until he competed badly and now is being shady.


Helen and Spencer don’t trust Amanda. Judd walked in and convo switched. Now asking Judd if Amanda saw Helen/Spencer go into room. Heads on out.

Both want the ones who are fans of the show to get to jury and final two. Helen doesn’t want someone who didn’t even watch the show win. (Judd tried out 4 times)


Candice, Elissa and Anna Marie are on the outskirts according to Spencer. Seems Spencer is trying to make it seem that because Jeremy’s personality is so obvious it’ll be easy to deal with him later on.

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This update was written by our twitter/facebook update team:

7:30PM BBT: GinaMarie and Elissa practice their gymnastic moves in the backyard, while Spencer and McCrae have a riveting talk about how McCrae hates Gatorade, but Spencer loves it.

7:55PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae she's never read the Bible before. She looks through it. She says she's in a bad mood and sad and doesn't want to go downstairs. She starts crying to Elissa about how Kaitlin told McCrae she wanted Amanda gone and that the whole house wants it too.

Aaryn does her impersonation of going to a nail salon and uses a staged Asian accent, Elissa is there and wasn't amused.

8:14PM BBT: Amanda and Elissa are in the in HoH room. Amanda's upset because Kaitlin told McCrae the whole house wants her gone.

Elissa asks if eviction is tomorrow and Amanda tells her eviction's on Wednesday, just a regular on Sunday, so they have a while.

Elisa is telling Amada that she just wants this week over. She wasn't prepared for all the bullying, she said she feels like she's back in Middle school.

Elissa: "When I was in casting, they said don't put on a show, this is reality, don't act like anything that you aren't. This is just crazy. I can't believe I got myself into this."

Elissa then proceeds to tell Amanda about Aaryn's racist impersonation of Asians. Amanda: "I can't wait for Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin to go. They're nasty."

Amanda asks if Rachel warned her about this and Elissa says, "She encouraged me, she said, 'It'll be a good experience for you. Just don't get into the drama.' I can't believe Rachel could deal with this. This game is..." FotH.

Meanwhile... Kaitlin is saying that GinaMarie has Nick in her back pocket. Aaryn disagrees and says she thinks he does but he doesn't. "He has a bromance with David. He loves David." Kaitlin implies rather crudely that he is gay and that is the reason. David and Jeremy gasp out loud and Kaitlin insists she is only joking. Talk turns to them winning HoH every other week so that they can share the HoH room with their "boyfriends."

Elissa and Helen are hanging out in the backyard and talk about different stuff. Helen tells Howard she's going to do some slop stir fry with soy sauce. Elissa thinks that will be awesome.

Up in the HoH room, Amanda is discreetly blaming McCrae for the kiss. She thinks he's making her look like an idiot. She needs to distance herself and do her. She thinks she shouldn't sleep in the HoH room anymore, but she likes hanging out with him. McCrae says she can stay as long as she wants when he's HoH. Amanda is still sketchy on Elissa. She's mad that she confided in McCrae and not her. (Why would she confide in her? McCrae was the HoH!) Judd joins the couples alliance and they quickly stop talking game.

Judd brings Kaitlin and Aaryn coffee. Jeremy asks if he goes to Tennessee if Jeremy can hang out. Judd says sure and he'll introduce them to his boys. They discuss hanging out in Vegas for the reunion. They talk about the wrap party in L.A. Jeremy offers to take Judd sailing.

Aaryn keeps talking about the wrap party. Kaitlin says she loves Whiskey and she gets really happy when she drinks. Aaryn and Kaitlin says that Jeremy will rip all his clothes off. Jeremy says he hopes their party is at Caesar's palace. "Did Caesar really live here?" They quote Hangover, the movie. Judd says he thought Dolly Parton lived in Dollywood, an amusement park in Tennessee.

Kaitlin and Aaryn can't believe Jessie, because she and Nick are having a romantic pow-wow in the hot-tub. GinaMarie is pissed. Kaitlin says she's over Jessie being so pathetic and desperate. Aaryn agrees. Andy agrees and they hang out.

8:55PM BBT: Jessie and Nick talk about the worst thing that could happen to him. He doesn't seem that interested in the conversation and shoots down all her ideas.

Kaitlin and Aaryn talking about how they dressed to go to the club. Aaryn says that she used to wear booty shorts to the club. Now she thinks it was dumb. Aaryn says she went on a year long weirdness streak.

9:05PM BBT: In the HoH room - Amanda is expressing her dislike of Jeremy. She would like to step on his face in soccer cleats. She and Andy discuss if CBS was upset when they figured out that Elissa was Rachel's sister. They feel she is a benefit to them for the moment.

9:10PM BBT: GinaMarie complaining that the house curling irons don't curl her hair enough. There is discussion that they are not allowed to do anything drastic to their looks.

9:17PM BBT: Howard, Elissa and Helen are enjoying some slop in the kitchen. Howard is confirming he can have salsa. Helen has made some fried slop as in fried rice.

9:19PM BBT: Candice and Helen are discussing if Helen's kids are allowed to watch the live feeds. Helen says she doesn't think her husband would allow that but isn't sure. Helen is now hoping that tomorrow is the last day for them to have to eat slop.

9:25PM BBT: In the HoH room McCrae, Amanda and Judd are discussing past seasons of BB, trying to figure out what seasons were doubled up. Judd is pacing the room. Judd leaves the HoH so he can go mingle. He asks a question and Amanda tells him she can't understand him. Says she wants to shank him.

9:30PM BBT: David changing into his bathing suit - not being shy around the cameras. Aaryn and Kaitlin whispering in the bathroom area. they decide to go up and change. Sounds like the group is heading towards the hot-tub.

The alcohol has arrived. The HG erupt in screams and cheers. Kaitlin grabs a Coors and says that McCrae likes the brand. Aaryn thanks BB for the alcohol.

Aaryn getting ready to go in the hot-tub. Says she just put on self tanner so this will defeat the purpose. In the backyard the HG are collecting around the hot-tub for some general chit chat.

9:50PM BBT: Aaryn and Kaitlin are in the bathroom area putting on make up to join in the hot-tub. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that her bathing suit is the same suit that David bought his Ex.

Helen and Elissa are cleaning up the kitchen. The rest of the HGs are relaxing and chatting around the hot-tub. Discussing how hot it is and enjoying their alcohol.

Judd and Elissa are in the kitchen. Briefly talking about the game. Judd invites her outside to chew. The hot-tub crew just general chatting.

The hot-tub discussion about Taylor Swift and John Meyer. If they had sex or not. Discussion now moves on to Britney Spears. General talk about songs and artists.

10:12PM BBT: The HGs around the hot-tub are talking about weird places they and urinated, then the talk turn to meat clubs and coffee clubs.

Inside the house Elissa and Andy are talking about Elissa coming into the house and having a target on her back and about Rachel. She says Rachel told her to just have fun with it in the house and play the game.

Elissa says she told people before she came in the house that she wasn't going to come in saying, "Hi I am Elissa, I am Rachel's sister I just wasn't coming in like that."

Andy gets up to go out of the bathroom area and Elissa says, "Thank you so much for talking to me, I just have no one to talk to."

10:25PM BBT: around the hot-tub they are talking about having a buzz and that there is one more beer left in the kitchen but they don't know that Spencer hit it in a bowl covered with foil in the fridge for Judd after he gets off slop.

McCrae and Nick are in the kitchen BB tells McCrae to put his mic on Nick goes to the bedroom to get a shirt and swim trunks.

10:30PM BBT: Spencer and Howard are playing a game of pool and McCrae and Nick are in the HoH talking McCrae says now all we have to do is get the numbers so everything will go smooth. Nick says yeah and goes in the shower as Andy comes upstairs.

Andy and McCrae go to the lounge room and Andy says they was talking about Vegas out at the hot-tub and McCrae says, "Dude what is with that everyone seems to know famous people but I don't, what's with that?"

10:38PM BBT: Elissa tells everyone goodnight she says she feels like she didn't get any sleep last night and she heads to bed.

10:40PM BBT: Nick and GinaMarie have both gone to the bedroom. GinaMarie asked him to help make the bed he says alright then GinaMarie lays on the floor listening under the door. Now they are both on the bed whispering low.

[i think GwenyLou wrote most of this. If I stepped on some toes by posting something some was working on, sorry, it just looked as naked in today's thread, as naked as David at 2:21PM today.]

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10:04pm most hg at the ht talking about things people have done like biting a curb

10:11pm hg around the hottub are talking about weird places they and urinated. then talk turn to meat clubs and coffee clubs.

10:14pm in the house elissa and andy are talking about elissa coming into the house and having a target on her back and about rachel. she says rachel told her to just have fun with it in the house and play the game.

10:18pm elissa says she told people before she came in the house that she wasnt going to come in saying hi i am elissa i am rachels sister i just wasnt coming in like that.

10:19pm andy gets up to go out of the wa and elissa says thank you so much for talking to me i just have no one to talk to.

10:23pm around the ht they are talking about having a buzz and that there is one more beer left in the kt but they dont know that spencer hit it in a bowl covered with foil in the fridge for judd after he gets off slop.

10:27pm :MCcrae and nick are in the kt bb tells MCcrae to put his mic on nick goes to bdr to get a shirt and swim trunks.

10:30pm spencer and howard are playing a game of pool and MCcrae and nick are in the hoh talking MCcrae says now all we have to do is get the numbers so everything will go smooth. nick says yeah and goes in the shower as andy comes upstairs.

10:32pm andy and MCCrae go to lounge room and andy says they was talking about vegas out at the ht and MCcrae says dude what is with that everyone seems to know famous people but i dont whats with that he says

10:38pm : elissa tells everyone goodnight she says she feels like she didnt get any sleep lastnight and she heads to bed.

10:42pm nick and gina marie have both gone to the bdr gina marie asked him to help make the bed he says alright then gina marie lays on the floor listening under the door. now they are both on the bed whispering low.

10:54pm andy and elissa are in the hnbr talking about what has been said in the house and elissa says she knows who is saying things about her and it hurts but she knows it wasnt andy.elissa says i wish i hadnt been here. i want to play the game but this isnt worth it.

10:59pm candice is putting food away in the fridge and howard is getting on to her for cursing as nick eats his cereal.

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11:06pm hg at the ht are talking about what ex's have dont after a breakup and nick says she left burnt poop on his door and he left it there for a month. aaryn says she knows that girl that she just found out that he dated her.

11:16pm howard and helen are now playing pool andy is in hoh listening to music crying loudly.

11:22pm judd is talking and gina, amanda,kaitlyn, jeremy are getting judd to repeat things they say now they want him to talk like gina marie then they all start laughing.

11:27pm howard is doing his laundry. spencer is in br taking antacid since he ate cookies earlier today.aaryn and david in the bd alone david tells her i have boxers on and she tells him to quit pulling out his junk and he laughs then she says he is a party poop this is the first time we had beer and wine and your in bed.

11:31pm arryn is getting mad since everyone she wants to talk to is going to bed .she now goes outside back to the ht. amanda and spencer and MCrae are playing chess.

11:37pm : kaitlyn , arryn and gina marie are talking about votes and that elissa is going home no matter what. gina marie tells kaitlyn not to worry she says you can talk to her just dont tell her anything.

11:42pm in the hoh rm amanda is talking to andy as she brushes her teeth.jeremy and MCcrae are in the str talking MCcrae doesnt rthink jeremy trust him. jeremy says i trust you i completly trust you cuz i am about to put up david so that should show you. MCcrae says i want to keep amanda but we all need our side alliance you know.

11:52pm amanda is talking about how messy MCcrae is. howard comes in and asking if andy is ok he says yeah i had a cry like a baby but the no food and slop and this house was getting to him but he is good now. howard says your good? andy says yeah i am good now.

11:54pm most hg are outside just general chat going on.

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