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Friday, June 28 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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11:02 PM BBT Jessie and Aaryn continue to bathe in the HoH tub. The conversation is difficult to follow with giggling, splashing of water and background conversations from the HoH. Amanda walks in and begins to rehash how she woke up last night startled and scared.

11:06 PM BBT Feeds switch to Howard speaking in very hushed tones to Spencer over the chest board. Lots of background noise from a group in the kitchen. Spencer asks who's move it is and their chess game resumes.

11:10 PM BBT Jeremy, is rubbing Kaitlin's back as she lies across his lap. Candice, and Helen are chatting in the lounge about being a have-not and the PoV competition today.

11:14 PM BBT Amanda, Aaryn, and Jessie and are in the HoH bathroom with the latter two still in the tub in their bathing suits. General chit chat. Aaryn says they are refilling the tub because the water was "sick". GinaMarie walks in and bursts into a stanza of "The Love Boat" and we get a brief FoTH.

11:20 PM BBT Andy hanging out with Candice and Helen in the lounge. Andy and Candice admit to paying for 1 admission to a movie theater and then sneaking in and seeing a second one when the first is over.

11:23 PM BBT The lounge room breaks up and moves upstairs joining Howard, Spencer and David at the chess board. Andy walks up and Kaitlin asks if he's giving her the stank eye because she's sitting in his man's lap (Spencer). Andy says "Yeah I am!" with an additional colorful word thrown in.

11:28 PM BBT Switched feeds and in the HoH bathroom McCrae, and Amanda are sitting in chairs outside the tub with Jessie, Jeremy and Aaryn sitting in the tub with their legs hanging out. Amanda is asking "What sound does a <subject> make" with the group in the tub trying to do their best impressions.

11:35 PM BBT Spencer, Howard, Candice, David and Helen are still sitting at the chess board with the latter two actively playing. Candice asks what Jessie (BB10) has been doing. Spencer thinks something wrestling related (He was on Impact Wrestling on May 2).

11:45 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH bathroom between Aaryn, Jeremy, Amanda, McCrae and Jessie still. Down in the lounge Andy and Kaitlin are chatting. Andy is missing friends and family. Kaitlin asks if he needs time alone. Andy says no and would love her company. Talk turns to missing people and Kaitlin. Kaitlin says she had a friend pass away from Lupus about 5 months ago and she misses her dearly. Brief FoTH. Feeds return and Andy says he can't wait for his have-not week to be over.

11:47 PM BBT Kaitlin and Andy still chatting in the lounge. They're glad they figured out Elissa was now and not 4 weeks down the road. Andy says the MVP twist stacks the deck against the rest of the house with her in it. Kaitlin wishes Elissa would act like she's having more fun, she doesn't laugh nearly as much as the rest of the house does.

11:52 PM BBT HoH crew still chatting it up. Judd has joined them. GinaMarie dances into the HoH with Amanda cheering her on with a beat. Amanda is trying to make a crown out of something but it's going to be hard for it to stay on her head. The "What sound does a <thing> make" resumes. "What sound does a caterpillar make?" Amanda explains that you have to use animals that don't actually make sounds.

12:01 AM BBT Andy and Kaitlin are down in the Lounge whispering. Kaitlin doesn't want someone to come between her and Jess and effect their game play. Kaitlin says if Jess gets HoH and ends up putting her up out of jealousy it'll be messed up. Andy doesn't know what to do. He says he tends to avoid situations like that so he doesn't end up there himself. Andy now has to poop. Kaitlin loves Andy and is so glad they're in the house together.

12:10 PM BBT Cameras flipping around a bit as production tries to keep things interesting...well...make that tries to keep up with GinaMarie as she bounces all around the HoH and just outside the HoH door. Candice is in HoH bed, GinaMarie settling down. Andy and Spencer also in HoH. Topics changing rapidly.

12:13 PM BBT Judd, Helen, and Elissa are in the HNR discussing being a have not. Judd and Helen think last season's HNR is worse than this season's.

12:25 AM BBT Assorted flipping of cameras. General chit chat and antics going on. Pictures will be going out shortly...but first plotting in the HoH!

12:27 AM BBT McCrae and Judd up in HoH discussing votes this week. McCrae doesn't want to jump the gun until after he uses the PoV. Judd and he agree that as long as they have the numbers they run the house this week. McCrae says Amanda is keeping tabs on him.

12:30 AM BBT Judd tells McCrae to avoid any large fights in the meanwhile. McCrae agrees. Judd wants to talk to Spencer, McCrae says give it a bit. Judd agrees. But he still wants to keep him close. McCrae needs to poop. Judd starts to walk out and Andy walks in asking if he can listen to a little Regina. McCrae says sure. Judd walks out.

12:33 AM BBT Feeds switch to Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin in the WA discussing assorted bodily topics (hair extensions, cellulite and in-grown hairs). Judd walks in and throws himself down on the couch and Kaitlin stands up and says "Judd stop looking at my butt!" Judd says he wasn't. As she's walking down the hall towards the Kitchen he admits to doing it.

12:37 AM BBT In the HNR Helen, Candice and GinaMarie (seriously this woman runs from room to room like a mad woman...and she's full of energy like no other). Candice says she didn't want to be like Kathy (from BB12) in the honey/muck today. GinaMarie does an impression by wallowing on the floor in slow motion.

12:40 AM BBT McCrae and Andy are up in the HoH. McCrae is staring up at the screen and Andy is talking about sticking close to someone in the house. McCrae looks back and says "I'm sorry I wasn't listening at that moment." Elissa and Amanda walk in. Elissa is sore and needs Advil because of today's competition.

12:46 AM BBT In the HoH McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, and Andy are rehashing today's competition. McCrae spelled the word "delivery" for the win. Amanda says BB is going to milk that with him being a pizza delivery boy. Elissa spelled the word "pot roasts" (which is two words and not able to be made pleural?) which caused McCrae to win. (It feels like to me that McCrae and Andy are being overly nice to Elissa by telling her that they thought it was a single word - NiteSlacker).

12:51 AM BBT Lights are off in the schematics room. Aaryn and David are cuddling in bed. Aaryn doesn't like Elissa. David says she's been sticking to herself recently. Aaryn says yes because she's going to go home and have pot roast alone.

12:57 AM BBT In the HoH Elissa, Amanda and McCrae are chatting. Amanda is telling Elissa she was one of the last the find out that she is Rachel's sister. Elissa said "What was I supposed to do, walk in and tell everyone that I'm related to a winner of BB." Amanda tells Elissa that she thinks she was set up to lose this season because of that. Elissa stays quiet on this note. Elissa is done with talking game. Elissa is now going to bed. After she walks out Amanda says Elissa wants to go home and that McCrae will have 10 happy people in the house after she is gone. McCrae says there is still a chance she will stick around. He doesn't care who stays or goes this week. It's not his decision.

01:00 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda are annoyed with Jeremy because he's walking around the house telling people they have to watch McCrae because he is winning so many comps and he's supposedly on their side. Even if he's kidding he needs to stop because it's painting a larger target on McCrae's back. McCrae says if he would have taken the "y" off "delivery" he wouldn't have won.

01:03 AM BBT Game chat comes to a sudden halt when Howard, Spencer, and Helen walks in. Idle chat begins. Howard collapses onto the bed with McCrae and Amanda. A few minutes later, Elissa wanders back in.

01:08 AM BBT Down in the lounge Andy, GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Jeremy are chatting. Andy can't wait for McCrae's HoH camera. Jeremy is going to be in the most photos. Aaryn calls him cocky. Andy tells the group that he told Howard earlier that he wanted a really good group photo and that they should have Helen take it. Apparently Howard found it hysterical. GinaMarie is laughing quite a bit about it. Someone says Andy is so mean to Helen.

01:13 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as the lounge group sing and discuss the production side of the PoV comp today.

01:20 AM BBT Spencer was talking about his girlfriend and we had another round of FoTH. Feeds back and the discussion in the HoH (Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, and feet belonging to someone (Howard?) is about eating out. The conversation swings back to Spencer and his girlfriend.

01:24 AM BBT In the darkened chair room, Candice and Helen are discussing what they think is going to be aired and in what order over the next couple of episodes. They think the HoH results are being held for Sunday on TV.

01:32 AM BBT Nick and Judd are going through the SR looking to make something. David and Aaryn are in bed whispering in the schematics room. Aaryn says there is no way David is going home as long as he keeps his cool. BB calls Aaryn out for not having her microphone on.

01:35 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy are cuddling in the lounge. Kaitlin is worried their showmance is going to get targeted next, especially with Jeremy walking around saying he's going to win every challenge.

01:38 AM BBT Judd, Spencer, Howard, Andy, McCrae and Amanda in the HoH laughing about something Helen did. Down in the lounge Kaitlin is still worried. Jeremy is trying to calm her nerves.

01:42 AM BBT Talk in the lounge turns to the nomination ceremony. Kaitlin says Elissa raised her hand at one point while they were all gathered and asked to go to the DR which just made her being the MVP that much more obvious. David being the MVP nom is also a give away, although she thinks she was being sneaky. There was something also about her not wanting to sit next to Nick during noms and Jeremy begins to speak softer saying that she (Elissa) didn't want prod..." FoTH.

01:44 AM BBT Idle chit chat about movies in the HoH. FoTH.

03:51 AM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to cuddle in the lounge. Extremely hushed whispers. Kaitlin is emotionally drained. Jeremy needs her to try and hang in there another 80 days or so. It's only the first week. Two alliances are on the block and she knows they are next. Jeremy realizes this but there's nothing to do right now (besides separating yourselves from each other....)

01:54 AM BBT HoH is still discussing movies. Kaitlin and Jeremy sitting in the lounge when Candice walks in. Kaitlin mutters and grumbles. Jeremy is about ready for bed.

01:59 AM BBT While everyone else has been winding down Jessie has been cleaning the kitchen and Nick is sitting at the counter. Andy walks in to see if Nick is going to take his vitamins and Nick says probably not because he was looking at the ingredients only to realize that it has close to 550 mg of caffeine. Andy says that's good to know and explains why he is still awake.

02:04 AM BBT Jessie continues to sweep the kitchen and dining room area while nick sits at the counter looking over the contents of Andy's vitamin box. In the schematic room Jeremy and Kaitlin are laying down to go to sleep.

02:10 AM BBT HoH room consists of Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Spencer, Howard and FoTH.

02:22 AM BBT Feeds back after an extended FoTH. Amanda, Jessie and Nick in the kitchen. Nick is cooking an avacado, Amanda is having a bowl of cereal. Up in the HoH Spencer, Amanda, Andy, Kaitlin, Judd, Howard, McCrae and possibly others are still hanging out. Current discussion is about how "That's what she said" is more fun when you say it when it doesn't make sense. Spencer can't wait for Zingbot to come in and Zing Judd.

02:24 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Nick eating in the kitchen all by his lonesome. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the HoH room.

02:32 AM BBT Howard is heading down to hang out with Nick. Nick in WA brushing his teeth. Howard joins him and Nick breathlessly whispers something about telling "him" that we need to talk to him but one at a time and we shouldn't always hang out together. Howard nods in agreement before wandering back off. Nick resumes brushing his teeth.

02:35 AM BBT Howard returns to the HoH. Candice says she's going to make pancakes in the morning. Someone asks Judd what he's going to have. Judd says a protein shake for breakfast, maybe an olive for lunch. It's decided that they are going to make bacon and eggs as well.

02:38 AM BBT Jessie heads off to bed. Everyone tells her goodnight. There's a couple different conversations happening, nothing game wise.

02:43 AM BBT Apparently I missed Kaitlin sneak out of the HoH behind Jessie. I turned to the feed just in time to hear Kaitlin telling Jessie to not take it personal. Jessie is upset that the nominated folks keep hanging out in the HoH and it's making her nervous. Kaitlin reassures her that everyone is just mingling and she is certainly not the target this week. Nick walks up and asks for some lotion. Kaitlin offers him some of hers. He's going to bed as is Jessie. Jessie returns fingernail clippers to SR before picking up someone's shoes out of the LR and tossing them off to the side in one of the darkened rooms. Kaitlin into WC.

02:45 AM BBT Candice and Jeremy leaving HoH room to head to bed. HoH room now consists of Spencer, Judd, Howard, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy. Howard mentions something about how long they were locked down and we get a brief FoTH.

02:50 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy cuddling in bed on feeds 1 and 2. No whispers. Feeds 3 and 4 are in the HoH room with assorted conversations.

02:54 AM BBT Amanda turns talk to production by asking if they think there is one guy watching all the screens and we get FoTH.

02:57 AM BBT Feeds back and talk is still about production. Judd says let's change the subject guys. Andy says "Good idea. So in my Diary room session this morning..." (playfully) and we get more FoTH. (Keep it up...I know who I won't be voting for for MVP!)

03:05 AM BBT Howard asks Amanda to "...do the voice from Mad TV" (Alex Borstein - Miss Swan). She does a very good impression. Down in one of the darkened rooms Candice, Jeremy and Kaitlin are chatting an assorted of topics. Andy passes through heading to bed in the HNR. The HoH party is breaking up. Andy now brushing his teeth. Lights out in HoH room. Amanda asks McCrae if he minds her sleeping in bed with him in the HoH. He says he doesn't really care. Amanda laughs saying it'd be nice if he'd say yes instead. McCrae laughs awkwardly. Amanda laughs even harder "The 23 year old pizza boy from Minnesota and the 28 year old..." McCrae tells Amanda that he likes talking game with her (pretty certain this is just a smoke screen because he's complained more than once to others that he has a shadow). Amanda asks who he's thinking of taking down. McCrae says Candice because he doesn't want her coming after him. Amanda reassures him that she won't be coming after him.

03:14 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy still cuddling in their bed in the darkened room. A make out session ensues. McCrae and Amanda are still chatting in the HoH. Amanda says she and McCrae are a good combo because he's quiet and reserved and she is loud. Intermittent FoTH caused by the convo in Kaitlin/Jeremy/Candice/Spencer's room.

03:20 AM BBT Spencer is throwing out one liners left and right. Make-out time is over. The room is laughing quite a bit.

03:25 AM BBT Cuddling continues in Jeremy and Kaitlin's bed. Kaitlin pulls the blanket up and over her face as she whispers softly to Jeremy. Up in the HoH Amanda and McCrae continue to bond. McCrae is acting suspiciously shy and timid with Amanda. Amanda keeps laying on the praise to him.

03:29 AM BBT Please note regarding the last update...McCrae appears to be deflecting Amanda's praise. Whether this is game or just because he's tired...or tired of her for that matter is unknown at this time. Amanda keeps rubbing the age difference in to him. Both agree that she doesn't feel that much older than him.

03:32 AM BBT Down in Kaitlin and Jeremy's bed, the make-out session has stopped. Kaitlin is laying with her back against his chest. Suspicious blanket movements. Kaitlin's breath sounds are certainly...interesting. The blanket is pulled over their heads briefly with more suspicous hand movements. The blanket is brought down away from their heads and Jeremy whispers "...you have to be good too". Kaitlin rolls onto her back. Both giggling and laughing ever so softly.

03:38 AM BBT Down in Jeremy/Kaitlin/Candice/Spencer's room Spencer says something and Jeremy and Kaitlin begin giggling again. Switching feeds back to the HoH and Amanda and McCrae are still discussing age. McCrae feels like he gets along better with the older crowd. He doesn't know any younger/newer music.

03:43 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to chat in the HoH bed. Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to giggle and whisper off and on in their bed downstairs.

03:49 AM BBT Talk turns to game in HoH. McCrae is talking about Elissa going home next week instead. Amanda says if talks like that in front of other people then he'll get himself a large target on his back. He agrees with her.

03:52 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to whisper, giggle and shift positions in their bed downstairs. Difficult to hear anything specific due to ambient background noise and the shifting of blankets.

03:56 AM BBT McCrae continues to run various scenarios with Amanda. Amanda is getting sleepy. Amanda says this week should be easy. Let's get the person that everyone wants-out out this week. Amanda asks if they can go to sleep now. McCrae agrees. On the opposite end of the spectrum Amanda playfully asks for loving and McCrae laughs and says he lies on the edge of the bed because he's afraid of being pounced by her in his sleep. Talk continues. Amanda asks him to roll over and face her because she feels like he really dislikes her.

04:00 AM BBT Amanda says she really likes him and they both agree they feel like they can trust each other. Amanda tells McCrae that if she gets out and finds she's just another part of his Master Plan to win the game she'll back him over with her Audi. McCrae says he hates Audi drivers because they drive like jerks. Amanda asks what kind of car would be his dream car. McCrae doesn't know anything about cars. He just wants something that is efficient with gas because of his job.

04:02 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy sleeping in their bed downstairs. Both sets of hands above the covers. A light snoring can be heard in the room from someone.

04:07 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HoH room. Amanda asks McCrae if he smokes a lot of weed, he blows off the question. Amanda said she never has. McCrae says he drinks a lot though because there's nothing to do in his home town. She asks if he'd love to move out to Cali and he says yes.

04:14 AM BBT Amanda wonders how she's being portrayed on TV. McCrae doesn't know. She hopes she's being portrayed like Janelle (BB 6, 7 and 14).

04:19 AM BBT Amanda says Jessie annoys her. Every time their voices start to get heavy and sleep filled...they laugh and they begin chatting again.

04:24 AM BBT Talk turns to where everyone is from. McCrae turns over away from her. Amanda wants to continue talking and tells him to roll back over to face her. He lets out an expletive and does so. They laugh...well...she laughs and he laughs along. Talk turns to DR and we hear a production voice "Hey Amanda". She calls out yes a few times before we get FoTH. Feeds come back and Amanda is concerned what people are saying about her behind her back.

04:34 AM BBT Conversation continues in the HoH room. Subjects are all over the place. McCrae tells Amanda about the jack shack of Season 6 and Season 7.

04:40 AM BBT Talk turns to McCrae and his High School principal not getting along. McCrae says when he delivers his pizza to him he always feels looked down upon because he never got a job outside his little town. He told his friend to get a hold of the principal and tell him that he's finally out of the house. Amanda asks McCrae what he wants to do after he gets out of the BB house. McCrae says he wants to continue writing. He writes scripts. He did a BB podcast with his buddy. Amanda says he's 100% dork. He agrees. Amanda didn't realize there was such a huge BB following like there is. She wonders what the fascination is. McCrae says watching the fights unfold on the feeds are awesome.

04:44 AM BBT Talk turns to showmances in the house. McCrae says if Kaitlin and Jeremy go on the block he'll dump her so fast. Talk turns to trust or something or other and Amanda rolls over in a playful huff and says fine you don't trust me. I get it. McCrae rolls over to go to sleep as well. Talk turns back to McCrae's upcoming chat with Julie on Wed (HoH usually gets to talk to Julie on live eviction day from the comfort of the HoH). The two of them keep rolling back and forth talking to each other.

04:48 AM BBT Silence in the HoH bed for 60 seconds. This may be it for the night for the house.

04: 51 AM BBT Feed 1 is a top down view of Jeremy and Kaitlin sleeping. Feed 2 is of their room with Candice and Spencer also sleeping. Feed 3 is the HoH bed with a still silent Amanda and McCrae and Feed 4 appears to be David and Aaryn sleeping.

****Twitter reply**** RT @Miss_Andi: @mortystv as the rest of the world, us normal people, are getting up for the day. LOL. --- They'll be sleepy later!

****Twitter reply**** RT @Jennifoo: @mortystv I would love to see top 3 MVPs in your opinion each week. It's hard to determine from edited episodes sun-tues, no feed, no BBAD -- That's a very subjective thing for us to try and post. Feed fans and TV fans are two very different groups and tend to vote different ways for different reasons especially when it comes to "Who played the best game?". However, you can always check out our poll on the left side of our main update page to see what our fans think!

05:04 AM BBT We've had a mostly silent house for the past 10 minutes...except for Spencer's snoring and the occasional bangs/crashes from production/equipment. On that note we'll call it a night!

****Twitter Reply**** @Jennifoo Thank you for your tweet! We hope you're enjoying our updates this season!

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Guest 6Borders

3:35am BB Time:

The house is sleeping except for Jeremy and Kaitlin who seem pretty hot 'n heavy under the sheets.

It's hard to hear because they are whispering and giggling. They stare up at the cameras (after) and Kait says (I think) she promised herself she would not (have sex in the house ??)

3:45am BB Time:

They seem ready for sleep and then start talking again. It's impossible to hear (or even read lips)

Jeremy says "what are we going to do" and she says "what do you mean what are we going to do?"

Jeremy says she seems worried...can hear her response. A little giggling and whispering and they go back to kissing!

3:52-4:49am BB Time

Another couple is awake. I think it's McCrae and GM.

Hard to hear but I think McCrae said he wouldn't do that because she had a boyfriend. McCrae says "get over yourself" (he has his back turned to her).

GM asks "do you trust me now"

McCrae says "I feel like..." and she says will you turn around and stop hanging off the end of the bed!

He says you can trust me because I don't have anything to f'ing lie about.

She says "play'R" and then says every 15 seconds....

She says if I watch this show after (something ?) she will get a whale hook and drag him behind her Audi

He says Audi drivers all drive like aholes

He says his stipend will probably go to a new car...he wants a Geo but he does not "know shit about cars"

They discuss luxury cars and he says he does not care how he's preceived, doesn't care about status symbols that he's about saving gas and stuff because he has no money.

GM says he WISHES he could touch her...wishes she were his pizza that he could flip up in the air, cover with marinara sauce, etc.

GM says it will make good sound bites. He says everyone is sleeping!

GM says she's going to be in here for another 83 days. GM is telling him everything she knows about him...his sister, parents names'...he says he's bad news.

McCrae says he's writing a book . She says "your book on how to get on BB"

He says something about crazy girls or calling all the girls crazy.

They are discussing ex's. They both agree it's (relationships) all about trust!

GM asks him to describe his GF or ex GF (not sure)...she's short, super skinny, wears glassess...GM says other than blond that is pretty much completely her opposite. McCrae and his GF were together 2 years but never lived together. He says she didn't want to because he is messy.

GM asks if he smokes a lot of weed...he says "no" (interesting...we found a pic on the internet of him doing just that).

GM says her ex smoked weed all the time...it was a turn off.

Conv is now turned to someone..."she" told GM one thing and then went downstairs and told McCrae the same thing. He says "she could have just told us both (at the same time).

GM asks about a conv with Howard. McC says "he's quick". Says Howard came up and talked to him, that he wants to stick together (the alliance I guess?)

GM says McC is afraid of her when they are in bed! He says he is getting a boner.

They are mumbling into the pillows. GM tells him to come closer so she can hear him (which now means I can't...lol!)

Lots of back and forth and names (I can't connect them to any particular incident).

McC says "women like her are praying mantis women...and you".. GM says I can't believe you put me and Jessie in the same sentence. GM says "great tv tho".

GM says "she's soooo annoying" McC says "she's cool"

McC says something about cool showmance names. GM says rhymes with "bro" and then says "homance"

McC examples a friends last name and links it to ..mance. GM says "BlowMance".

GM says everyone here is from the south or Minnesota. GM says she thinks McCrae and Kait are related and don't know it.

They agree they have the same eyes and (something I missed).

They discuss that there are 4 Texans in the house.

McC says he wonders what GM is telling them in the DR. He says "Diary's are huge". She says she is bitchy in the DR but sometimes she is cool and controls herself. I am seriously expecting the BB voice to tell them not to talk about DR's when a

female voice (which sounds suspiciously like Grodner) says "GinaMarie" sharply. GM says yes" twice and gets no reply and then all cameras go to WBRB Fish. (I always wondered what would happen when discussing DR's in the dead of night...now I know).

Back and they are discussing dealing with public speaking things. McC says he will probably stumble and bumble a lot.

McC is trying to recall what Hayden said "about her" (Kristen maybe).

GM says she is so confused...he asks about what? She mumbles something about "the whole experience".

McC says next week is going to be f'ing big for him. GM says he better not tell her to shut up. She says sometimes her loud mouth is a good move. McC says everyone sees that GM's trying to help out Helen and take down Elissa.

GM said she's been planting little seeds...trying to build trust with ppl.

McC says you also don't want to play that too hard and she agrees!

They are discussing past HG masterbating...Howie and Boogie in the Jack Shack, Lane in the shower, etc.

GM says there should just be one room with a mic and no camera.

They are discussing HS...McC says he and the principal didn't get along and he was always screwing with him (I think he delivered pizza to him) and we get WBRB briefly. McC says he still delivers pizza to him and the guy looks at him like "I knew you would never get out of this town".

GM asks what he wants to do when he gets out. He says write scripts and stuff. She says "you write..you never told me that"

She asks if he draws and he says no but he has a guy who does that.

Now they are discussing the fan base for BB and GM wants to know what the addiction is. They discuss the mics and he says there is one above us right now and we are not really whispering right now.

Sounds like GM and McC are finally planning to get some sleep but then she starts talking again. She says she hopes Julie grills him. He says he does not need to worry about that right now, He says it's going to be weird to be a fan and be sitting there w.Julie.

He says once you get too comfortable in the house that is when you go home.

GM tells him his prob is that whenever something good happens to him he does something to sabatoge it.

GM says it's a good thing...he says what good...you mean us? I guess that is a good thing.

GM says do you think I am going to turn on you. He says I don't know...probably not!

They say they are "just friends"...she says "and I have a BF". He says "exactly"

Looks like they might actually be getting back to sleep now!

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Guest 6Borders

5:00am BB Time

The house is all asleep and quiet except for the AC, a few camera noises and some snoring!

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8:15am bbt Still waiting for BB to wake the HGs. Andy was up for a few minutes, but is back laying down with all the other HGs again...

8:45am bbt HGs are still all asleep... no wake up call yet...

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Guest 6Borders

9;55am BB Time

Good morning viewers...we are up and running in the house...well Andy and Judd are up in the backyard (not exactly running but they are among the living and moving) even tho their feed has sound but the pic is fish!

Andy asks Judd if he was disappointed he didn't play POV. Judd says yes and no!

Andy and Judd are discussing Ellissa (the hot topic of the house starts out again...sigh!) and lying about her famous sister.

It's another rehash of the Jeremy/Elissa confrontation of yesterday.

Judd says he gets along with both of them. Andy says he does not want to piss off Jeremy in case he wins something.

Judd says he's going to say something and don't repeat it...Andy says he trusts Judd.

Judd says (didn't get the name) said they would be in Final 2 and Judd said I was like "what"...then we went to WBRB Fish

10:03 BB Time: BB might be waking up the rest of the house now...good time to grab a cup of coffee and a snack!!

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Guest 6Borders

10:06am BB Time:

Feeds are back. Howard and Spencer are up whispering in the bathroom. Judd comes in and says "what's up Brother" to Howard.

Helen and Andy are in the backyard. Helen is doing laundry and Andy is pretending to help and they are discussing stragedy (at least I heard the word). BB just told Helen to put on her mic (good, I was just going to suggest it because I could not hear her).

They complain "only one song today...c'mon BB". Helen said it was quality tho!

Andy is in the kitchen. Says should they make breakfast for the whole house. Andy says if he is a have-not again he will break down and cry and become "one of those people". Andy tells Helen when you are a viewer you think the HG's Have-Nots are totally irrational but then when you live it it's different. Andy said he was on the verge of tears for no reason.

Helen says she can't be a have-not again...the spaghetti last night was driving her crazy.

Elissa is up (sort of) in the airplane room. She says she doesn't think she will ever be able to fly again (after being a have not and sleeping in the airplane seats). She's talking with Howard...asks if he's been reading his bible. Howard is discussing a couple of verses and how to apply them.

Helen and Andy are taking about having a beer after being a have not. Helen tells Andy she is with him (or understands) and she is downplaying right now.

Andy tells her he thinks she is in a good position right now...that she (Elissa probably) is acting sweet and nice. Helen says she just does not want to be thrown under the bus.

Helen says their might be a blow up coming.

Andy says since he cried after nom's people will think he's a jerk and not that big of a threat.

Helen says they can bring Aaryn over (I guess if David gets evicted) because she will be lost and afraid (they better get to her before McCrae does).

Helen says they need to "let her do it" (not sure exactly who "she" is or what they are going to let her do)

They are whispering about Kait/Jeremy/David (Andy is speed-whispering)

10:18am BB Time:

Howard and Elissa are reading the bible and Howard is explaining something (I think to make her feel better about her situation) about being strong and you always have to remember that and "we are strong because of Him, not because you are in a position of power". He says when you are at your weakest you are at your strongest and that is how he is applying this to his life.

Elissa is very emotional..says God wants her to be who He wants her to be not who she wants to be. She said this is not what she expected (the BB house/game) and God is letting her do this (BB) for a reason and something positive will come out of it.

Elisa tells Howard she feels like he is "the pastor". He says "no way". He reads another verse. Howard finishes, tells her "good girl" and she says she wants to go back to sleep. Howard leaves and Elissa settles down on the airline seat to nap.

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Guest 6Borders

10:23am BB Time:

Spencer, Andy and Jeremy are in the BY. They are talking about some girl Jeremy's knows who would scrape her tongue with an emory board until it was smooth and then eat the emory board (remind me not to go to dinner with Jeremy friends!!).

Spencer and Jeremy are discussing votes (I think). Jeremy says his loyalty is to their alliance and he has no prob. getting "the bitch out". Spencer says the best we can promise these people is Jury and nick says he is ready to start moving these people out (of the game).

Howard joins. Jeremy tells them he has 4 more people on board... says who do y'all want to take out first.

Spence says he would like to get David out this week but it's better to go with the house because he thinks they can control David but says none of us can control Elissa.

Spencer says Nick wants David out this week. He said David is a sitting duck. Spencer says David is a good competitor so it would be good to knock him out early. Spencer says with McCrae you can't get Amanda away from him long enough to talk to him. Spencer says Elissa is definitely Rach's sister and they agree she is definitely the MVP.

They are debating trying to get to Elissa because she feels alone. Spencer thinks they can control David. Judd says next week David is going for Candace and Amanda. Spencer says good thing Howard didn't get the POV because this puts it all on McCrae to make the decision.

They all want Amanda out. Howard says Amanda is trying to spark an alliance. Spencer says if she works an alliance with Mc it might work to their advantage. Jeremy says they all need to set a time they can get together each day and talk.

Spencer says he's working for the best interest of their alliance and they agree they all are.

Spencer says David knows he's cool with him but if the other guys get a chance to talk to David and put in a good word for Spence (definitely planning ahead for next week)

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10:07BBT - Helen and Andy are revealing some truths to each other. Andy asks Helen what she does at Blue Cross. She says she told everyone she (inaudible) but it's not true. She said it's not a lie, just a stretch of the truth. [lol that this is okay yet Elissa is being crucified for lying about who her sister is initially] She tells Andy about her profession as a political consultant. He tells her how he is very quick at thinking on his feet but doesn't want people to know. They high five to symbolize keeping each other's secrets.

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Guest 6Borders

10:40am BBT:

Backyard: Nick, Spencer and Judd...general chit chat about noises in the night.

Spencer says they need to keep David...he'd like to get him out but..says he likes David, would like him to be gone but if he was HOH he would not go after him until they all agree to go after him.

Jeremy said he wants to win HOH this week. They agree they would like Amanda gone.

Spencer says Nick is a schemer and he's smart. Jeremy said a lot of ppl have Nick's name in their mouth.

Jeremy said Aaryn wants to get an alliance with them. Says he told her it was too soon for him to do anything like that. Says Aaryn does not want to get left behind. Jeremy and Spencer agree Jessie needs to go home soon.

David joins the group and the talk turns to how late they slept and pancakes!

They tell David they can't believe he got 3rd nomination...that they totally didn't see that coming.

David said "somebody is working against me". Spencer says he hasn't heard one soul talk about wanting him out.

Jeremy said when they were in the HOH room the "entire house' wanted to get Elissa out and he's never seen that before!

Andy joins and they tease they want Andy out next.

They discuss McCrae maybe not wanting to backdoor Elissa. Jeremy says yeah but he thinks McCrae is scared to do anything else and have the house against him. Jeremy says he thinks Elissa will be gone and David agrees.

Talk turns to the have-not room. Andy said the have-not comp is geared toward tiny women (I guess they fit better on the airline seats).

Andy and Spencer are bantering...just general teasing talk pretending they don't know how the game works and poking fun at past HG's and the rules! Spencer comments that Helen has a ton of workout clothes...says she has a ton of energy and if he had that much energy he's be annoying.

Jeremy comes back out to report on the cooking progress. Just general banter!

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10:02am Judd and andy talking about trusting each other and we get foth
10:08am bb woke all the hg andy and helen by doing laundry . howard brushing teeth judd sitting in wc says he just wants to chill outside all day .
10:10am : judd and andy in kt talking about making food just to smell it since they are on slop. judd says i am so hungry.
10:12am helen says she had to leave the kt lastnight when they made spaghetti cuz that was her favorite. judd says i know i went to hoh to get away from it and they came up there .
10:17am howard is in the plane rm reading the bible to elissa while andy and helen are in wca whispering who they want to leave this week.
10:19am helen is telling andy if they keep elissa they can have an ally nexst week she will be weak and work with us.
10:23am kaitlyn is now up in wc excited to be able to go outside today she starts brushing her teeth and showing everyone her bruises she has from the pov comp lastnight.
10:25am andy says he is going outside today so he can get heated up and then take a cold shower later he hasnt had a shower in 2 days he says.
10:32am : jeremey and spencer on the by couch talking about elissa . spencer is saying he likes elissa but maybe we need to get him out early he is a good competitor . spencer says but you cant talk to MCcrae cuz you cant get amandas ass away from him long enough to talk to him. and elissa feels alone and helen can talk to her.
10:39am most hg in kt general chit chat about food and laying out. spencer , jeremy and judd in by talking about elvis.
10:48am david joins jeremy and spencer in the by . jeremy says i cant believe you got 3rd nomination. david says i cant either i didnt know anyone was against me.
10:56am howard at kt table eating cereal kaitlyn in kt cooking pancakes ,most hg in by sitting around chit chstting and helen walking in by.

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Guest 6Borders

11am BB Time:

Backyard: Spencer says Elissa was saying "my sister has the greatest fans in the world.."

Jeremy says "she is soo ignorant"...then says "f-it...I'm over it!"

Jeremy is telling about the Native American things he has..peace pipe, etc.

Some more rauncy guy talk.

Andy says he hopes they call them into the DR...yesterday they didn't get any DR time.

Talk about the POV comp. Spencer says it's hard to spell when you are going (fast)

Spencer says they (production) were checking the dictionary during the comp...Spencer says productin was definitely trying to figure a way for her to stay (in the comp). Jeremy says "production loves her and her family"..BB sternly tells them, by name that they are not allowed to talk about production! The boys all laugh and Andy said that's the first multiple call out.

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Guest 6Borders

11:11am BB Time

Bathroom: Aaryn, Jessie and Elissa. Aaryn is doing her make up and Elissa is asking Aaryn about her family.

David wanders in and out a few times. Elissa says again that she will never fly again after being in the have-not room and Andy agrees..

Kitchen: Candace is fixing food. BB tells Amanda "stop that" (didn't catch what she did).

Andy is wearing Candace's sweat (or pajama) pants.

General chit-chat about how they slept and showmances, light twitters from the cameras!

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Guest 6Borders

11:25am BB Time

Bathroom: Aaryn and Elissa are discussing travel and wine. Aaryn said she's only been legal for 2 years but she loves wine.

11:27am BB Time WBRB and Fish

11:28am BBT: Feeds return. Candace/Jessie in the kitchen conferring over the food preps Z

Backyard: Jeremy and David are talking. Jeremy is relating the conv early with Spencer telling David Spencer says he didn't want to see David go home. David says he doesn't want to get played. Spencer says he just needs to use it (McCrae/POV) and get Elissa out. They have some general paranoia about anyone talking to Elissa. Jeremy says he has eyes in the back of his head now and he's watching his back.

Jeremy said he will go stir up a lot of shit (I guess if David gets voted off). Jeremy is pacing with a very determined look on his face (camera keep all switching to the bathroom)

Bathroom: Aaryn and Elissa discussing workouts and yoga. Aaryn says she might workout today...feels like she finally might be able to relax. Helen says there is nothing happening today. They say they don't think there will be drama today. Elissa says she had enough (drama) to last her a lifetime.

Helen is told to put on her mic. Helen is complimenting Aaryn that she is mature for her age! General discussion about no need to rush to the alter, Helen said she was born when her mom was in her 40's. General talk on marriage etc.

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11:07am by couch talk with spencer,andy,david and jeremy are talking about how long it too production to figure out elissa didnt have her word spelled correctly in the pov comp lastnight. jeremy says production loves her family dudes. bb calls them all out and tells the to stop talking about production. andy says if she colapses in the back yard do we help her (elissa) jeremy says she is a have no she gets no help.
11:17am aaryn in wca doing makeup, elissa in wc . most of the gg are in the kitchen and outside getting ready to eat breakfast and lay out by the pool all day.
11:22am :andy in kt doing trivia with the ladies about pancake mix.
11:30am : candice is still cooking breakfast for everyone she has made pancakes, eggs, bacon and french toast.
11:32am david and jeremy in by talking about mccrae needs to use the pov and get elissa out that he knows everyone wants her out. david says aaryn is in there talking to elissa now, jeremy says yeah that makes me nervous.
11:38am helen in wca with aaryn talking about being married and how happy she is.
11:47am helen is waiting for candice to finish cooking so she can make slp pancakes, all the men are in the kt waiting for the eggs to finish cooking so they can eat breakfast.
11:50am amanda and jessie in by smoking jeremy gets up and says he has to leave before they blacken his lungs .
11:55am andy tells aaryn that since elissa is rachels sister she should have layed low this week instead of coming off strong cuz she screwed herself. aaryn says yeah i know .

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(sorry I'm not going to get detailed too much but this is a must-flashback moment)

11:13BBT Camera 2 - Elissa & Aaryn talking things out, making up. Aaryn initiates by apologizing and Elissa gives her a hug. As they are talking, several people in & out of the bathroom including Amanda, Andy & David.

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Guest 6Borders

Noon BB Time:

Aaryn talking to David telling not not to trust anything (he said...not sure who).

Candace is cleaning the kitchen.

Spencer and GM are talking in the bedroom about meat, cleaning and the fridge is greasy.

They are speculating as to when the Veto Ceremony will be. Spencer says first part of tomorrow.

Spencer says the vote is live. They need to give the noms time to scramble for votes if the noms change.

Spencer says you can't get a feel for what McCrae is thinking because Amanda is constantly around him.

Spencer says "my concern is...." and we get WBRB Fish.

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Guest 6Borders

12:19pm BB Time

Feeds are back...

Spencer and GM are still discussing what the "big picture" is, GM says nobody is fighting with her.

Spencer is he was in a position of power he would let her stay because she's a target (I don't even need to tell you who they are talking about). Candace comes in and asks what they are talking about and they say Elissa.

Spencer says she does yoga and he sees her about 2 min a day. GM says she's just chilling in her own world.

HOH Room: McCrae and David. McC says if he puts Elissa up and she stays, next week Elissa will be MVP again and go over McCrae. David says maybe you guys are working together. McCrae says she is def. going on the block. McCrae says "do you want me to take off Jessie".

David says "why wouldn't you take me off"

McCrae says if I do that she's the MVP and she gets to choose someone else (news to me but the MVP rules and regs remain a mystery).

McCrae says he knows Elissa is going to come up there today and it will make him look for an F'ing idiot.

David said and it will make it look like you are working together (I think David's lightbulb's been going on)

McCrae says he's screwed either way, if he puts her up and she stays she will be MVP again and put him up.

David still wants to know who is MVP and put him up...McCrae says had to be here...if she's Rachels sister all her fans would be voting for Elissa.

McCrae tells David to keep his head down, that he's good at that...tells David to keep securing votes.

McCrae says she IS going up (the more he says that the more I think she isn't)

David says if you know I'm going out just tell me about it and I will be chill.

McCrae says Elissa will just get MVP every week...he does not see how she can't.

David said Elissa admitted to being Rachel's sister but denied being MVP...David says he does not think she is MVP.

McCrae says Rachel has like 90,000 twitter fans and Rachel would be "like...vote for my sister" and he can't see how she would not win MVP.

McCrae says no way she is not going up...again! McCrae still does not know whether it would be better to take Jessie or Candace off..he thinks Candance. Says Candace went off on him when he nominated her.

McCrae says he and Amanda are kinda close but she scares him.

David says he didn't want to (pressure McCrae) for an answer. McCrae says no, the more we talk them more I know I can trust you.

McCrae says 100%, he will put his life on it, that Elissa will be on the block. Says he will tell everyone she has to go, that she's a plague in the house and she has to go.

David says he still can't believe McCrae is a pizza boy. McCrae says that's flattering, plays down his smarts (says he was on the B-Team for HS Jeopardy). Says he guesses he has some smarts but whatever. David says he's smart and McCrae says he knows BB cos he's a super fan but he really doesn't have a stragedy (yeah right, and I have a bridge for sale).

They talk about the POV challenge...McCrae says it was hard and he could not find anything.

McCrae tells David to keep coming up and talking to him. McCrae says once Elissa goes up it's game on and then he can make a big campaign. They shake hands and David leaves.

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Guest 6Borders

12:42pm BB Time

Backyard: Spencer is on the chaise, Kait and Judd in the pool and Jeremy lying in the sun.

They seem to be discussing the comp. Kait said she was super nervous. Kait is talking about where "she" was holding the rope...says she's going to get all fired up about it again.

Kait asked if they change the have not room. Judd (or Jeremy) says they might...says this IS supposed to be the biggest season even. Kait yells to McCrae to come get in the pool.

Kitchen talk (GM, Andy, Nick) was Ninja Turtles and now talking about the hurricane. Nick says he was the last plane out of Denver before it hit. GM says she could not watch TV because they had no power.

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Guest 6Borders

12:49pm BB Time

Elissa is leading Aaryn in a yoga session (she is really really good)!!!

General chit-chat at the pool with Jeremy, Kait, Spencer and Judd...nothing special or significant!

Kitchen: Andy, Helen and Amanda are fixing something (slop I guess). Say they wish they could use butter and Andy says if they could use butter they could make cookies.

Andy says he will tell Judd the slop is on. Says Judd is taking the slop is worse and Helen (I think) says, yes, he's not eating. (Looks like they are making slop patties).

(No game talk going on right now so I'm going to get a few chores done...back in a bit)

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#BB15 12:00pm BBT: Candice still making breakfast. Amanda and Helen outside talking about high school

#BB15 12:05pm BBT: Most HGs eating breakfast in the KT. Others general chit-chat outside

#BB15 12:11pm BBT: Aaryn recalling her convo with Elissa to David. Says she'll still never trust her again, but no reason for hgs to be uncomfortable

#BB15 12:16pm BBT: GM and Spencer alone in bedroom wondering when the POV ceremony will be and whether McCrae will definitely use the Veto. Not sure whether to trust him, cut to FOTH

#BB15 12:20pm BBT: Feeds return GM and Spencer still talking. Saying Elissa keeps to herself doesn't bother anyone. Candice comes in, GM flipped her off when she left. More talking, feeds cut to HOHR w/ McCrae and David

#BB15 12:24pm BBT: Andy joins GM/Spencer. Complaining about Amanda running McCrae, can't talk to him w/out her. McCrae reassuring David in HOHR saying he's not the target

#BB15 12:33pm BBT: McCrae/David finish convo. Mc keeps telling him that Elissa is going up as replacement. Other HGs in KT, general chit-chat/joking

#BB15 12:41pm BBT: Jeremy tells Judd he doesn't care who the other bandana guy was, he's the new one (sorry Dan fans!)

#BB15 12:46pm BBT: GM, Nick, Andy, Helen in KT talking about Hurricane Sandy. Nick got last plane out of NY before.

#BB15 12:56pm BBT: Kait/Jeremy in Hammock talking about how they're both artists. Aaryin/Elissa doing yoga. Others in KT talking/cooking

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1:25pm lots of nothing going on in the BY, idle chatter and swimming

1:30pm David checks in with Spencer who is laying down in bedroom, David says things are going to go down(after POV ceremony?)

1:35pm Elissa/Jeremy in bathroom discuss the yoga session. Elissa says she started yoga after being runner and feeling her muscles were condensed.

1:40pm Jeremy is digging at a splinter in his foot. Kaitlin thinks she's losing weight, gathers clothes to wash.

1:45pm Elissa/Spencer on patio discussing the experience, traveling without family, neither went to camp as a kid. Elissa is almost in tears, emotional about missing her family, she didn't realize she would be like this. Spencer starts talking about his nephew(Sam)/niece(Emory)

1:50pm all cams on pool, at least 7 or 8 HGs there, back to idle chat

2:05pm back from 5-10 min of FISH, most HGs are inside taking pictures in a photo booth

2:10pm meanwhile, in the BY, David, Jeremey, Jessie realize McCrae is telling (at least) 2 different stories to people about his HOH plans for this week

2:20pm we find McCrae/Elissa on patio. Elissa plans to relax, do yoga, not worry about the game. McCrae asks where she is from(NorthCarolina), says you have to make the best of it, just have fun.

2:25pm Jeremy/David in SR going over votes, Jeremy says he heard Elissa come out of HOH room saying she couldn't believe McCrae did that to her. When Jeremy went in and asked McCrae what that was about, McCrae said he told Elissa she was going to be the replacement nom. Jeremy tells David either McCrae/Elissa are great actors, or McCrae is on their side to get Elissa out.

2:30pm back on the Patio, Elissa tells McCrae she doesn't plan to campaign. If she goes, they can stay and fight against each other, life is too short. She then says McCrae should not put her up. McCrae says everyone will be upset with him if he doesn't put her up. Elissa wishes she had won the first HOH, then they question if Rachel won the first HOH of her season.

2:50pm Aaryn/Jessie meet up in the photo booth, do some professional quality whispering

3:00pm Lots of pairs having quick, soft conversations, questioning if the way they think things are going to go down is reality. (I haven't figured out who is who well enough, along with there being SO many options of how this can play out, to really know who is telling the truth or what is happening).

Then we find Jeremy talking to McCrae on the patio, along with Howard. Jeremy says they haven't had a 'group meeting' in a while, and need to do that again. Jeremey playfully asks McCrae, "are you ready to play your heart out in the next HOH... oh wait you don't get to play".

3:20pm Spencer and McCrae are alone on the patio, Spencer promoting the idea of getting David out and seeing Aaryn scramble, but it doesn't matter to him, he's ok with Jessie going also. McCrae says Amanda is always around him, so they need to talk and figure it out, he(McCrae) is going to (pretend) promote keeping David to everyone.

3:25pm Howard joins Spencer/McCrae, asks if the plan is still to use POV/nominate Elissa? McCrae says yes, and they all agree Elissa will likely go home. McCrae again says regardless of their plan on who to vote out, he will need to campaign to keep David so as to not look shady to the rest of the house.

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3:33 PM BBT (Current) Aaryn, Jeremy and David are in the colorful room chatting. Jeremy is worried that there are people that know each other in the house and that he and David may have chosen the wrong alliance. David says this house really starts to get to you. Aaryn says Elissa is going to be here until next Wed and it's only Fri.

3:38 PM BBT Aaryn is worried that if Candice stays on the block and Jessie comes down there is a chance the house may flip to get rid of her instead of Elissa.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @KGarfein: @mortystv Is it me or is Howard simply absent? No feed action at all with him.... #bb15 He has his moments. He's no GM though!

3:44 PM BBT Apparently Jeremy saw Aaryn and Jessie whispering in the photo booth and was questioning David about it. Aaryn wonders why he didn't say anything to her when they were just together. David doesn't know. Now Aaryn is questioning David's loyalty to her over Jeremy. David reassures her that she can trust him. David says everyone is reading too much into everything. Aaryn says everyone has bailed on Jessie as a friend and there's no reason. Jessie is a trustworthy person "...more than she is".

3:45 PM BBT Aaryn doesn't trust Jeremy because of his big mouth. Aaryn says David doesn't make her feel secure any more. She says David and Jeremy are in too deep with each other and she's not ok with that. Aaryn says Jessie is her friend and of course she's going to talk to her.

3:52 PM BBT Aaryn continues to grill David about what Jeremy wants. David says Jeremy warned him to be cautious of the girls. Aaryn waits a moment, looking lost in thought before telling David that she can't emphasize enough that she is an honest person. She had every intention of helping the guys out if she won comps but now because of Jeremy's extreme paranoia she's not sure what she's going to do. She needs to think. Meanwhile...Andy walks through...he's going to shower for the first time in 2 days.

3:54 PM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house there are assorted conversations going on. Nothing ground breaking. It's noted that Andy is on the lounger out in the BY now...so the shower thing must be on hold for the time being.

3:59 PM BBT Meanwhile back in the chair room Aaryn and David continue to talk. Aaryn is sick of having to constantly reel David back in. David says she doesn't have to reel him back in. Aaryn pushes for what Jeremy was saying again. David says Jeremy brought up that Jessie and Aaryn may be sisters. Aaryn wonders if they are looking for a reason to send either of them out. David says no. Aaryn questions why he thinks this. David says because he overheard his and Jeremy's name brought up. Aaryn doesn't think they ever mentioned their names but can't for certain. She's stunned. She says Jeremy just told her in the colorful room (before Aaryn and David started chatting in the chair room) that if he has a question about something he overhears about her he'll talk to her. Clearly he didn't bring it up then so she can't trust him.

04:04 PM BBT Aaryn and David head out. Cams follow Nick as he heads to the SR. Spencer follows in asking about fish. Spencer and Nick start to talk quickly. Nick says the plan is to divide the house and break their alliance between the 2 sides of the house. Nick says everyone has to watch Amanda and Helen because they are watching everyone closely.

4:10 PM BBT Spencer heads out of the SR so it's not obvious they were in there together. All four feeds now on the BY. Jessie, Andy, Spencer and Helen are sitting on the loungers, Jessie is telling Helen about how her mom helps underprivileged kids. Aaryn has her feet in the pool telling someone (Kaitlin) about what Jeremy said. Kaitlin is mad. (She's mad about something else but the feeds/mics switched over after she revealed whatever it is she revealed).

4:20 PM BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn near/in the pool whispering. (Judging by the reactions my guess is that Kaitlin is now realizing that Jeremy is only going to use her to further himself in the game). There's background water splashes and echoes making it difficult to hear the conversation. It sounds like Kaitlin is going to give it a day or so before talking to him. Production switches the feeds to David and Jeremy whispering while working out. David says "it's happening right now, Andy is by the pool." Work out stops briefly with Jeremy saying "...and we hooked up last night." David congrats him. David says Aaryn wanted him to turn on "us". David fears he may go home this week now.

4:25 PM BBT Over in the hammock McCrae and Amanda are laying down running scenarios. McCrae says "Can you believe we're in the Big Brother house talking game in the hammock?" McCrae doesn't feel like he runs in the same circles as Candice. Amanda says no one runs in the same circles as Candice. Amanda says if anyone asks about her just to make them think she's trying to manipulate him. McCrae says he's already been doing that. Amanda is mad (playfully). Meanwhile McCrae says that Amanda should tell everyone that she's running his game because he's just a kid and she has boobies.

4:29 PM BBT McCrae called to DR. Jeremy and David continue to work out with the weights. Helen takes Elissa upstairs to teach her how to play chess.

4:36 PM BBT Spencer joins Amanda in the hammock and they begin chatting. Nothing that hasn't been said before already. Amanda says she feels like the house is very much an "older vs younger" crowd. Spencer agrees. She feels like Helen trusts her because she told her that it sounded like the house was all going to vote against Elissa and not tell Helen so then she would become a target for not going with the house.

4:40 PM BBT David and Nick are laying out in the sun in the BY. Back in the hammock Spencer thinks someone is very trust worthy and he's close to Helen. Amanda finishes the thought and points out that he'd fit in great with the older crowd. Spencer says he doesn't connect with the younger crowd at all. Amanda warns him that he may become one of their targets if that's the case.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @KGarfein: @mortystv GM is one of a kind! #bb15 -- Yes she is!

4:45 PM BBT Jeremy says Nick is an odd character because he sits and does his own thing. Amanda wonders if this is a game move similar to Dan by avoiding the drama.

4:50 PM BBT Jeremy and Aaryn are chatting in the WA. Jeremy says he didn't want to jump to conclusions. Aaryn says she doesn't know what she can do to prove that she's not. The convo is very hard to follow due to Aaryn being mic-less in the shower. Jeremy says he approached it the wrong way. He says David is the one person he feels like he can talk to in the house. Jeremy says he and Kaitlin are real good in the house right now. He wants to keep Aaryn and Kaitlin on he and David's side.

4:54 PM BBT In the SR Kaitlin, GM and David are talking. Kaitlin is very upset. She heard Jeremy talking to Andy in the shower and while he didn't say anything bad about her but she feels like she trusts him a little less. Yes she has a crush on him after 7 days but she's going to need his help to survive and by sleeping in his bed she's putting her eggs in his basket. David leaves. GM and Kaitlin continues to talk. Kaitlin says Jeremy doesn't trust her because he thinks they have ulterior motives.

5:00 PM BBT Kaitlin goes out and has a seat on the hammock with Spencer. GM goes and tracks down Jeremy and David and pulls them into the lounge. She's telling the guys to be careful about what they say to the girls because they are an emotional bunch. FoTH.

05:10 PM BBT Andy tells Jeremy and David that the girls were only talking about how paranoid Jeremy was being and that there was a bit of mistrust. HGs are transitioning around. David, Jeremy and Howard are sitting at the edge of the HT. Idle chit chat.

05:15 PM BBT All four feeds on David, Howard, and Jeremy by HT. Idle chit chat about life an assortment of topics. Andy and GM's voices and laughter can be heard in the background.

05:23 PM BBT Outdoor lockdown is called. GM scrambling to run in and grab things she or others may need. Andy running in to go to the bathroom. Feeds switch to Spencer and Jessie in the hammock, chatting.

05:25 PM BBT Amanda and Kaitlin hanging out getting a bit of sun, chatting in the BY. Jeremy, Howard, and David continue to sit by the edge of the HT. No groundbreaking conversations here folks. Just a little bit of everything here and there.

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7:35 PM BBT Candice, Helen and Andy in HOH discussing all the reasons they dislike Elissa. Helen and Andy leave Candice alone to chill. Stimulating conversation in Kitchen: hair extensions, Andy's likes in a mate, favorite yogurt flavors.

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7 p.m. – 8 p.m. BBT Elissa tries to campaign to Aaryn about sticking together and how they have a connection. Aaryn said based on what she's heard, she's scared of her. Elissa says I'm in it to win and I want to win, but I want to get the guys out. They are super strong players. Aaryn says she doesn't know, McCrae hasn't said anything to her about his plan, so she doesn't know what she's going to do.

Aaryn said pull a Dan to stay. Elissa says, "I know I'm going home and I don't even know what I did." Aaryn just shrugs and explains Dan's funeral move to Elissa. She says, you gotta remember people always come back in the game.

Aaryn tells Elissa that people don't know what Elissa is thinking because she never talks to anyone and everyone thinks it's unfair that Elissa won the mvp and that she will win i t every week and it's not fair to the other players. Aaryn also says she heard that she was going to be the mvp nominee all week until David was chosen. Elissa says people vote for nice girls who are relatable and they both are and it's stupid that they can't get along.

Elissa tells her that she didn't want MVP and she hates her son seeing her get into fights with other women because she doesn't that. Aaryn says talk to Helen about it.

Aaryn tells Elissa the only way she'll vote to keep her is if the house does. She refuses to go against them.

Apparently, Elissa wasn't aware of the rules of the game and made Jessie mad when she told her she wouldn't use pov on her even if she won, because she thought she'd go up. Aaryn tells her no, POV winner is immune to the block. Elissa just shrugs and rolls her eyes. Elissa says that Jessie's mind isn't in the game. She only wants to stay, she doesn't have any plans or goals in mind or even an alliance. Aaryn says I don't think Jessie would say that, because we are really close. Elissa says that if you want to get off the block you offer a deal and she didn't. Aaryn tells her to talk to everyone individually to see where they are at and if they'll keep her. Elissa says that McCrae told her she was going up no matter what when the pov was used.

Aaryn tells her she's sorry but she's voting with the house (to vote her out) because that's what McCrae wants and because she was told by literally everyone that she would be the mvp nominee by Elissa when it was used and she didn't like being so scared. Elissa looks about ready to snap at her.

Amanda comes over and tells her it's fine to campaign but she's being annoying about it considering she's not even up yet. Aaryn tries to mediate but Amanda walks away and says they are fine. Lockdown is over and there is cheering.

Gina Marie takes advantage of the kitchen and makes herself a salad. Elissa says when she gets out of the house she's going to get fat when she gets out of the house, because she's going to enjoy food so much more. Meanwhile, Aaryn is complaining to David in the backyard about being made to cry earlier.

Aaryn tells David to trust her and she won't screw him over. She tells him to stop listening to other people who say crap about her, because it isn't true. She doesn't trust Jeremy, because he's smart and has said crap about her to David to get him to quit trusting her.

David says what about your other alliances? Aaryn says we need numbers so that's why I sided with those girls, just like you have your guys. We need them to protect each other.

Aaryn tells David to get in good with everyone. Be nice and genuine and form relationships not alliances. People will have your back if they like you. She says don't be fake, just get in good with people so that they'll vote your way when you need it.

David says you keep acting like I'm some sort of jerk, and she says no you're a nice guy I just get sort of crazy. David says, "I know, I've noticed that". She smacks him. She tells him at least whens he was mean to him she had valid points. David just rolls his eyes. Aaryn tells him that she hates being on camera all the time. She doesn't want to be making out or having sex. She wouldn't even cry on television. She went and hid in the photobooth.

They both admit they have valid points. David needs to remember they are playing a game now and not just hanging out and Aaryn needs to chill out and not be so emotional all the time.

Aaryn tells David that he has a problem. He's addicted to women. He laughs at that and asked who he flirts with. She said you flirted with the pov host and anyone to win the pov.

Inside bedroom, Jeremy and who I believe is Kaitlin are napping after the lockdown.

Andy, Amanda, and Candice are hanging out in the hoh bedroom. Andy says he only wants to win hoh for the music. Amanda asked why they had a lockdown. Candice thought it might be to fix stuff, but the cabinets are still broken. Amanda says if things are missing and they wonder if BB stole anything. McCrae comes up to get Amanda he says he's playing pool with Howard and Andy tells him to beat him.

Candice tells "CraeCrae" that she's making his bed smell good for him. He smiles and says thank you. Andy laughs and says he should be glad he took a shower so he didn't stink his bed up.

Helen, Andy, and Candice talk about Amanda sabotaging the food, she cooks because Candice has heartburn after eating her pasta last night, Helen doesn't feel good after eating her souffle today.

Amanda and Spencer are in the hammock talking about Elissa and whether it's a good idea to keep/send her home this week. They keep going back and forth about it.

Judd join their conversation. Amanda asks how many people they'd need to get David out. Judd says they'd have the numbers. Amanda says if they could get the numbers she'd vote with them.

Judd says he likes everyone in the house, but he's not there to make friends, he's there to win and David is too strong.

Spencer tells them he and Howard are close and he can get Howard to do what he wants. Amanda says if you can 150% get the votes, I will gladly do it. Judd says, okay.

Amanda says they'll have Candice for sure if McCrae takes her down from pov. Spencer says keeping Candice is smart, because she can keep the target off McCrae, because she's crazy and will explode soon.

Spencer tries to sell his idea to McCrae about keeping Elissa over David, but to not make any deals with her except for her vote/being safe the next week. Amanda says to let Elissa know that people weren't against her, Spencer is giving a play by play of the new Superman movie to Jessie, Amanda, Howard, McCrae, and Judd.hey were just going with the house, so that she won't target them.

Judd corners Elissa in the storage room and says that she's going up, but they are not voting her out and to lay low. She says yeah, Amanda that little trouble maker told me that. She said it would be so embarrassing to my sister if I left the first week.

Amanda checks on her and makes sure they are still okay. The hug and Amanda leaves the sr.

Judd and Amanda both reassure Elissa she is staying. Elissa says well we can pick off the other sides numbers if this happens. Elissa says Rachel’s fans will be glad that she’ll still be in the game.

Judd says lay low this week, pretend you’re still going home for the other side but know you’re safe.

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