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Thursday, June 27 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572

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11:52pm david walks in the room with jeremy and jessie to get his toothbrush jeremy says andy needs to follow you to brush your teeth david says yeah and they laugh david cant find everyone else jeremy says he will have a target now for laying in bed and talking to jessie she says no you wont and they hug and jeremy leaves the room.
11:56pm arryn is talking about she will go home this week and how the bbmvp is crap cuz no one will help her she is on her own
12:03am candice is telling david she needs to get her ass off the block so she needs to win veto david laughs and says yeah.
12:11am candice is mad she was put on the block and she is bad mouthing MCcrae.... she says i just dont get it. jeremy is saying he is going to go confront mccrae about him being with one of the girls and why he is.
12:20am :candice and jessie talking about them being put on the block and how they think elissa has mvp and putting someone up and jessie thinks MCcrae is wanting to work with the mvp
12:21am candice says the game of pawns is different now and now they have the mvp that makes it different now. jessie says if the mvp tells her they are then everyone will think america likes you
12:27am aaryn is telling david that upstairs they was talking about mvp and how if its elissa she will get put up and if she wins the pov and takes herself off then she is still safe because she is mvp david says he didnt think about that.
12:37am :talk in the hoh with most hg are talking about the mvp helen says in a normal season you might go up on the block 2 or 3 times and now you might go up 6 times helen says here is the problem with mvp is you might go home sooner
12:38am gina says ok i got a question if it was americas vote this week then what happens next week? and is it gonna be the same person every week if america votes cuz america likes one person?
12:44am : amanda says that MCcrae said if he wins pov he will take candice or jessie off the block and put up elissa.
12:50am most hg are getting ready for bed most lights are off already and most talk is about the mvp and the veto comp they think will be tomorrow
12:53am :amanda and gina is storage rm talking aboit kaitlin being upset with jeremy and amanda says i knew she was mad and jeremey came out odf the room and said are you made at me too and amanda said she told him now but she is upset with you huh and jeremy told her yes.
12:56pm aaryn says as she takes off makeup that she cant believe that gina made them look like playboy bunnies and she could never do her make up like that on her own.
1:00am most hg are saying goodnight and andy turns the lights out. in the have not room they are sleeping on airplane seats.

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1:19am MCcrae is in hoh playing with a plane that is on the dresser saying oh god. feeeds switch to have nots sleeping on the plane seats in have not room.
1:21am in the wc gina and arryn are taking off makeup. in hoh MCcrae and andy are talking about talking to judd .MCcrae says he needs to talk to judd and tell him to stick with him and he will go far.
1:28am andy in hoh telling MCcrae he has had so many one on ones today its crazy . they are saying someone doesnt talk game and its scary and they need to talk to him . andy leaves the room and we get foth.
1:31am gina, arryn and candice in wc gina is sticking tampons up her nose david comes in and arryn says stop grabbing your wienner then asked gina what she is doing she tells him putting tampons up her nose . arryn says are you happy now that you wasted 2 tampos and gina says yeah.

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1:38am a few of the hg are in the kt fixing themselves a snack before bedtime just general chat going on.

1:45am jeremy gina and kaitlin talking about how much money they gave bb to get their stuff jeremy says he told bb to take it off his tab at the end since he is gonna win and the girls are gonna give him the money.

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Guest 6Borders

7am BB Time (6/27/13)

Everyone is sleeping. One of the girls (GM or Aaryn maybe) has woken up and moved a few times but goes back to sleep.

It's very quiet in the BB House. They were mostly all up very late (I think the last went to bed about 4:30 as I was getting up for the day)!

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Guest 6Borders

7:25am BB Time:

Someone is up in the Have Not room (Helen ?...probably going to the bathroom)

Lights are on in the bathroom, which looks like a Thrift Store threw up (I can't imagine what the house is going to look like by the end of Summer if week one is any indication!)

Helen is up and washing. I thought she might be getting up for the day but she's back on her airline seat bed.

(didn't see her use soap to wash her hands...mom flunks BB Hygeine??? Flashing back, she did use the soap, so all is well!)

Mild snoring going on in the Have Not room

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Guest 6Borders

8:14am BB Time

The HG's are up for the day and doing ADL's (apparently BB is not slacking this year in letting them lie in bed half the day and give the viewers nothing).

Most of the look like they are only half awake!

Aaryn (I think) said to David they need to tell them (BB) that it's not fair they have to sleep "out there"!

David said something to the effect of telling them tonite!

Elissa made a comment to the effect "you never have to tell the HG's they have to get ready for (I think she said POV...hard to hear with the water running)..."

Girls are brushing teeth, guys are hanging out watching and stretching. Candace is showering!

Complaining about the house being cold (happens ever year).

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Guest 6Borders

8:21am BB Time

Andy is reminded by BB to clip his mic to his shirt.

Amanda is awake still in bed...says she needs to put makeup on. She is discussing the comp with McCrae.

McCrae shuffles off, half-asleep, to change his mic batteries.

Elissa and Helen are discussing the HG's. Elissa says BB went and put Rachel's sis in the house with a bunch of total ramdom people and that other HG's must be related to each other. Helen thinks Howard is related to Danielle (probably Dani season 3).

Helen said there seem to be a lot of only children in the house.

Helen says they need 5 votes. Helen says it's better to be nominated rather than be back-doored. Elissa is going to take a shower..she needs to be totally game on today!

Elissa says she's the only one in the house who has admitted anything. Helen asks Judd if he's an only child and brings him into the conversation. They think the only children are only children and the siblings are all related to former HG's.

Helen tells Elissa to shower because it's very possible she will play today. Helen wants to know who MVP is and when will they know. Judd says he does not think they (BB) knows yet.

Judd whispers to Howard the conv. he just had with Helen and Elissa about only children. (Judd is kind of mumbling so it's hard to tell exactly what he is saying). Judd tells Howard it's pretty obvious that Elissa is Rachel's sis (apparenlty not all the HG's have been told). Judd says if Elissa is Rach's sister it might have something to do with the MVP.

Howard says Elissa is always talking about all the reality conventions she goes to...! Howard says she redirects when he talks about game play.

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8:00 am BBT WBRB on the screen....let's hope its wake up call

8:15 am BBT HG are up doing ADLs. Some moving around faster then others. Fresh batteries, breakfast and doing hair are first on the agenda.

8:20am BBT BB told the HG to get ready for TV. Andy says he is going to just wear a tank

8:25 am BBT Mc staggers downstairs to change his batteries. Spencer combs his beard. Helen speculates with Elissa that she thinks there are more siblings of past HG in the house. There are a lot of only children in there.

8:30am BBT Judd comes in and confirms he is an only child. The girls leave and Judd tells Howard he thinks the girls are suspicious of something. Judd/Howard talk about Elissa being Rachels sister. Howard says when he asks Nic about game play he redirects. Judd says there are 2 showmances..doesnt want to say...the ppl that live next door. They be a target before Judd/Howard.

8:35 am BBT Judd says no way will he align with Elissa if she is Rachels sister. Howard says Elissa will get alot of Americas vote, Rachel will be campaigning for her.

Helen tells David that if Elissa isnt MVP she will be 3rd nom. If she (Elissa) is MVP then she will nom Aaryn.

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Guest 6Borders

8:34am BB Time

Judd and Howard discussing their might be targets before them if Elissa is Rach's sis.

Howard says Rach's sis will get a lot of votes (for MVP) and Judd says Rach will be tweeting to get them (he sure got that right)!

Judd says his face is breaking out because he doesn't have his electric razor.

Judd goes to the living room and is talking to Spencer. Spencer says it's hard to keep up with who is sleeping with who. He likes to be up early.

One of the guys said "I'm sure BB is going to be mad at me but I am the MVP" (not sure ewho, it was off camera, or if they are kidding or not).

Girls are still doing makeup in the bathroom and discussing one of the make up products smells like the beach.

Gusy are now getting some mirror time and Judd is shaving.

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Guest 6Borders

8:42am BB Time

David is chatting with Jessie (?) about the comp. David says they will give us time to change. He thinks the comp is athletic, and says he's nervous. He says the MVP thing is really throwing him for a twist!

Girls are STILL doing make up. Helen is discussing eyebrows and "Asian eyes" and how they are different.

Aaaryn is looking for dry shampoo and the girls are giving Judd a hard time about shaving against the grain!

Living room: David, Andy, Spencer, Kaitlin and Jeremy are sitting around. Discussion is not being able to pee during lockdowns. Jeremy says to put a sponge by your dick...says he doesn't know how he got this tired. Andy suggest maybe he should go to bed.

Helen joins and Kaitlin goes to get coffee. McCrae joins the group. Discussion is how and why girls need more shoes than guys!

Helen said her bag of shoes weighed 11# when she came to the BB house.

We find out that neither David or Andy drink coffee. Kaitlin says she's "#5" (out of the girls ???...I guess the guys rated them?)

General laughter and conversation about Wizard of Oz.

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Guest 6Borders

8:53am BB Time:

Discussion in the living room about movies, what characters they have played.

(Jessie, David, Andy, Helen, Spencer, McCrae, Kait and Jeremy).

Discussion about taking food for granted and you don't realize it until you are a have-not!

Andy goes to wake up Nick (says he promised he would).

Helen is admiring GM's jeans...says she wants GM to take her shopping because her husband would love the jeans GM is wearing.

Andy is back...Nick still sleeping. Andy says Nick need his 12 hours!

Andy says he's never ironed clothes and would have no idea how to do it.

Helen and Andy are talking about the new show Summer Camp! They wonder where it's being filmed.

Spencer says he's going back to his bed.

Girls (Elissa/Amanda) are still doing hair/make up in the bathroom...can't hear conv because of the hair dryer.

Living room: Andy asked GM if her foot is better. She says no...says it feels better in high heels.

GM says she buys cheap shoes and goes to Jersey to get them. GM says she is in Jersey every other day. She invites the other HG's to visit her and stay with her and she will show them around. McCrae wants to go to Red Bank...GM says that's a rich area.

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8:45 am BBT most HG are either in the LR or WA, they wonder whats going on. General chit chat.

8:52 am BBT Still general chit chat. Andy is in a secret 3 ways showmance, Helen being one of them. Coffee is ready, Andy is a morning person and doesnt need coffee.

8:55 am BBT Jeremy was in Wizard of Oz...he played a flying monkey. Helen says being a HN makes you look at food and it looks sooo good.

9:00 am BBT Andy goes to wake Nic up, Nic needs his 12 hrs of sleep. Howard walks thru the LR with the iron, Andy says he has no idea how to iron.

9:02 am BBT Gina says her ankle feels better in heels then w/o shoes.

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Guest 6Borders

9:04am BB Time

Jeremy is talking with Jessie and Spencer in the bedroom. One of the girls (Amanda ?) is still in bed looking grim.

Spencer is lying on the bed with his sunglasses on. He's asked if he had a good BB stragedy...he said yeah, he was going to be the cook. I think he just fell asleep.

Back in the living room discussion is how the guys dress for a date. McCrae says he dresses really swanky!

GM is talking about comps and filming. McCrae says he worn what he has on (looks like pajamas) to nominations and we get BB telling them they are not allowed to talk about production.

Helen is telling about a roommate who sleep-walked! Helen didn't know you were not supposed to walk up a sleep walker.

McCrae also tells of a friend who sleep walks. Helen thinks sleep walking is an interesting concept as to how the body does not preceive what it's doing.

Helen tells us Andy snores like a sailor. Andy says he has a deviated setpum and certain positions cause snorning. They say that the airline chairs in the have not room will do that. They all wish they had more blankets. They are glad the have not room does not have airlplane noises all night (only because production never thought of it in my opinion or they would have!!)

GM says she hears the recording during the night. They discuss taking naps and the hammock is the only place they could get away with it.

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9:05 am BBT Jessie says she feels good today, yesterday was hard being first day on the block. Jeremy stubs his toe on a wedge left in the middle of the floor.

9:12 am BBT Howard is in the HN room and pours cereal (?) from a bag into a bowl, he then rolls the bag down and puts it into a slop bucket and sets it on the floor.

Helen tells us today is Day 7. They are all tired (should have gone to bed before 5am) They are still getting ready or waiting.

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Guest 6Borders

9:24am BBT

Just general chit-chat in the living room. They are anxious for the POV to start. Helen said they could be there for like 4 hours.

One of the girls said the lady who woke them up is a bitch for getting them up that early to be on TV

Elissa is still doing make up in the bedroom.

Amanda and Aaryn are whispering in the bathroom. Aary said "she hates me" (I think she is talking about one of the girls on the block). Aaryn starts to leave and comes back and hugs Judd.

Judd and Amanda are discussing what the Veto comp will be. Judd does not think it will be physical because they have already done physical twice. Judd says he hopes he gets to play. Amanda says she does not want to play. They whisper something I can't hear and then Amanda says she thinks it is going to be ok this week, unless someone changes their mind.

Amanda and Elissa are taking about the beginning of the wake up song. Elissa thinks it sounded like the saboteur and Amanda said it scared her. They are not sure if they heard a voice with a message or if it was part of the song. Elissa goes in the shower to change. Says everything is starting to smell funky (give it another month hon!!!)

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Guest 6Borders

9:35 BB Time:

Kitchen/Dining room: Candace is eating and Howard is washing dishes (the kitchen looks in worse shape than the bathroom...these people are slobs!!!). Judd comes in to get breakfast and wants to know what soy milk is. Howard guesses it's a form of milk but doesn't sound sure.

Judd wants to know when they are going to do this (pov). McCrae asks what time it is and Judd says it's 9:37. Candace says every time she comes in the kitchen there are more dishes. Judd and McCrae say they try to use the same cups so Judd is at loss to know where all the dirty dishes come from. General discussion about milk. Candace is lactose intolerant.

Bedroom. Elissa asked Howard if he did a bible reading this morning and he says yes. Howard says he has to figure where everyone is at so he knows where to do it. Elissa says she usually does a written out bible study so it's hard that she can't do that in the house.

Living room: still hanging out in the living room waiting for the comp to begin. Helen is getting cold so going to put on jeans.

The HG's wonder how hot it is outside (apparently they are on indoor LD while the comp is being set up). General chit-chat about whether you would rather be hot or cold.

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Howard tells Candice she wont be the first person to go out. Howard washes the dishes he used. He has to move dirty dishes to get into the sink.

9:40am BBT Candice washes her dishes and Judd wonders where all the dirty dishes come from. Candice is lactose intolerant.

9:43 am BBT Jessie (?) has been straightening her hair forever..and now she's curling the ends.

9:45 am BBT Howard tells Elissa he usually reads his Bible in the Cockpit if no one is in there. Chat in LR turns to weither you would rather be cold or warm.

9:50am BBT They talk about movies they should see...Alive, It's Alive, It's Alive 2. Andy says he misses going to a video store, they dont have them now.

9:58am BBT Amanda is done with her hair and is making iced coffee. Elissa takes a quiet moment to read the Bible. General chit chat.

***It was Amanda that spent so much time on her hair*** sorry for the mistake

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Guest 6Borders

9:48 am BB Time

Jessie is reminded by production that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms and apologizes to BB as she gets up.

More discussion about movies.

Elissa has finally finished hair/make up and making breakfast...whoops, she's back to doing hair again!!

Back in the living room the discussion is about books. Candice says she only buys self-help books.

Nothing much going on . I'm out for a while!

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10:15 BBT

Elissa and Andy talking in the HN room. She asks him if he'd try to win POV and he says he doesn't know, it'll depend on who the MVP is and who the MVP nominates. Elissa tells him that there's talk of backdooring her b/c she 'looks' like Rachel. She says that shouldn't matter and that there must be other relationships in the house (other siblings or something). Andy trys to give her some encouraging words.

10:18 BBT

Andy is called to the DR and he tells Elissa that if she feels threatened, she needs to fight her ass off to win the POV (if she plays). He leaves and Elissa goes back to reading her Bible.

Howard and David are upstairs playing chess. Many other HGs are just chatting in the living room.

10:21 BBT

David asks Howard if he'd be down to play in the POV. He says yes.

Feeds switch to Amanda, Nick GinaMarie (GM) chatting in a bed in the colorful bedroom. Amanda is talking about feeling scared (in a dream?) and how the music waking them up was scary this morning. GM asks her if BB would give her her medicine and Amanda says no.

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10:28 BBT

Amanda asks if they're ok talking game now and they agree. They're talking about a girl (not sure who!!) and about how she complains about everything.

GM says about how she cornered her and Amanda says was it Rachel or Elissa, b/c there are two people in that one body. They think Elissa is MVP. They say if she's smart, Elissa would put up Jeremy b/c he's the strongest player. GM says Elissa should put up herself (Elissa).

GM says she's not a brain scientist or chemist and Nick and Amanda laugh. GM continues saying that Elissa trys too hard. Amanda goes outside the room to check if anyone's there and Nick whispers that you never want to be caught talking game. GM says everyone whispers.

Amanda comes back and says that Elissa approached her on the first day for an alliance. Gm says she thinks Elissa is trying to put a thought in her mind that Aaryn is trying to fight with Elissa.

Feeds keep going in and out with WBRB.

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10:40 BBT

Amanda says there's the 'Justin Bieber' crowd that keep asking stupid questions about the game, as if they've never seen the show before. Nick leaves the room and Elissa is called to DR.

Amanda and GM are counting votes, saying you'd need 5 votes to be safe.

They are hoping McCrae will put Elissa up on the block if given the chance.

10:44 BBT

Aaryn comes in and joins the girls. Amanda and Gm agree if Elissa is on the block, it'll be a unanimous vote to get her out. GM doesn't think this is a good time to get Candice out b/c if they keep her, Candice will be a bigger target b/c of her loud mouth.

Aaryn wants Elissa out b/c both Jessie and Candice like her.

10:50 BBT

Aaryn says that, in a certain room that she can't say (DR), that things become clear b/c of what they're asked.

(Ok, I have to get back to work!)

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10:03am : amanda is still making her iced coffee in the kt . most hg are in the lr talking about movie stars and who they like and dont like .elissa still in hnr reading a bible,
10:10am howard and david are now upstairs playing chess. helen in lr saying her husband was probably watching the feeds late lastnight and he is probably at work now.
10:15am aaryn and kim talking about arryns hair extentions. they are perminent and can stay as long as she wants them to stay she says they can be reused untill they turn bad.
10:20am elissa and andy are talking in the hnr elissa is worried she is going to go up and is worried about this pov comp andy tells her if she gets lucky enough to get in there to fight her ass off. andy gets called to dr. david and howard are still playing chess . spencer, MCcrae,Aaryn and helen in lr talking about aaryn not ever getting roses on her birthday.
10:24am gina, amanda. and nick in br talking about the music bb played this morning amanda says in the beginning it was scary
10:31am gina saying that she has had to rescue people from elissa and if certain people go on the block then we know that elissa is mvp but since she is rachels sister she might have mvp this week .
10:34am gina says elissa tries to hard . amanda says the first day when elissa talked to me she cried to me and she cries to everyone. gina says she is cool with howard and she kisses my ass. amanda says yeah now. gina laughs and says yeah now.
10:36am amanda telling gina elissa has several personalities and we keep getting foth.
10:41am nick asking if MCcrae puts people up does he get to vote too. amanda says no only if there is a tie. nick leaves the room and amanda and gina are talking about how many votes you will need to stay. she says we dont count MCcrae or candice or jessie and we dont count the mvp. ginna says if it is a tie like 4,4,4, then MCrae breaks the tie do you think he will vote her(elissa) out? amanda says no.
10:45am nick ,david, and helen in kt talking about nick throwing his boxers away after the first hoh comp because they was brown after the comp and he didnt want people to think she messed in them.
10:49am amanda telling gina and Aaryn that if elissa doesnt go on the block then she is the mvp. they both agree with her.
10:53am spencer walkes in the room where the girls are talking. gina says people are acting weird. amanda says the other day she started cooking cuz she felt weird. and its weird when people are getting called to the dr. gina says she is just chilling if anything happens it happens.
10:59am helen and david are in the kt talking about helens family.amanda,gina and Aaryn are still in the br talking about elissa. amanda said that elissa said if she won mvp she would put up nick.

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Guest 6Borders

11am BB Time

Amanda is holding court with GM and Aaryn, discussing Elissa and wanting her out.

They are also discussing who else might be related to whom. Someone (I missed who) apparently said they were Janelle's sis last night (Amanda thinks it might have been a slip or just teasing).

David has joined the discussion...well, he's listening anyway! Amanda seems to be going over every senario as to how to get Elissa evicted! They seem pretty convinced that Elissa will be MVP and she has a 1 in 7 chance to win the veto.

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