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GinaMarie Zimmerman (Pre-season)

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I was just asking if you were trying to a swipe at Italians in general with your stereotype remark that is all. I am fine that you have an opinion about her and all that and quite frankly I welcome people with differing opinions of the Houseguests but your comment of stereotypes made me wonder if it was supposed to be a swipe or not that is all.

Italians are louder than most people not sure why but they are. I am and my entire family is and I like that about her. I like her because she has the same name as my sister without the Marie part and she is italian which I am as well and normally root for the Italians. Enzo is Italian from BB12 and I rooted for him at the beginning but then he started acting as though he felt he was God's gift to mankind and I didn't like that.

I'm cool with Italian gestures and loudness, I grew up with it and it's an East Coast thing. New York is an intensifier...try living with six million people on an island you can walk across in an hour and the length of in a day...you gotta be loud and tough to know you exist. However, a person who tries to be smart already is not. This is not a person with much depth and that seems to be what BB thought we wanted along with everyone who is or thinks they are competitive.

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