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Wednesday, June 26 Live Feed and TV Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures

We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572

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The feeds aren't even on yet and I'm in trouble. Because of some technical issues too boring to detail, I won't have the feeds tonight. So not only do I need to ask that everyone pitch in and see that everything is covered until about 2PM BBT tomorrow, but I could use some screen caps too. You'll note that there is a thread in this forum for posting pictures, please post them there. Thanks!

-Morty :help:

PS: Wish me luck, bad storm here, lights flickering, hoping to keep power through the night.

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Guest 6Borders

9pm BB Time:

The boys are chilling and it's hard to hear conversation...mostly just general bs!

The girls are in the bathroom doing hair and make-up. GinaMarie seems to be giving Helen a make-over.

Judd says he can't understand "none of y'all". They are talking about who they would cast if they were the casting directors.

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Guest 6Borders

9:08 BB Time:

The girls are asking Andy if they can do him (make up) next!

(still not sure who some of the girls are...they look different from their bio pics)

McCrae must have his HOH room. One of the girls is listening to a CD. They are talking about Silent Night being a favorite CB and they would like to have different versions of Silent Night.

Half the girls and Howard are in the bathroom (seems like this will be the hangout spot of the Summer).

They are discussing when their BB fashion show will start (guess that is what they are primping for). Apparently whateever it is will start "in about an hour".

Kaitlin is called to the DR.

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Guest 6Borders

9:15pm BBTime:

David is called to exchange his mic with one in the storage room!

One of the boys is talking about going to bed (not sure who)

Amanda says she thinks the house is awesome when everyone is in bed and you can just run around. They are watching the

dining room/kitchen on the spy cam and laugh when David is called (again) to exchange his mic.

Talk is of HOH nominating 2 people and explaining their reasons for doing so (nothing specific).

Amanda is doing impressions of Judd talking to Julie.

The group seems to consist of Andy, Judd, Nick, Howard, Jessie and Amanda in (?) the HOH room!

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Guest 6Borders

9:20-9:32 pm BB Time:

Kitchen: David says he can't wait to see what the Veto is going to be!

Airline Room: Amanda is playing BB Trivia Stewardess!

(the airline seats actually have seatbelts like a real plane)!

Someone got a question wrong and gets nothing because they are "on slop" (so apparently we have "have nots").

Bedroom: Nick and Howard are starting to discuss stragedy! They say Aaryn is smart and just using "him" (not sure who that is).

Nick says he's getting reverberations back from people. He says he's trusted every single one of (his alliance ?) hard core!

Nick says he's telling people he is only playing day-by-day. Nick says statistically this week is the hardest week. They are discussing what happens if two of them (their alliance) go up on the block and the MVP chooses a 3rd person. Nick says the toughest is not talking to "any of you guys during the day". One of the girls comes in and Nick and Howard switch the conv to music. Howard gestures to not say anything.

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Guest 6Borders

9:33-9:45pm BB Time

Howard and Nick are discussing "slop balls" and Howard says they tasted like cornbread!

Nick says he read the ingredients of slop and one serving is about 50% fiber! Nick says he drinks so much coffee the two (coffee and slop) go right thru him (I guess Nick and Howard are Have-Nots). Elissa is out of the bathroom. Nick is telling her she needs to drink a lot more water especially if she's out in the sun.

Elissa is talking about the Have-Have Not Comp. She says she was cold on both comps (HOH and Have-Not) but at least at the Have Not they got to move! Nick was on the Blue Team! Howard talks about the shaking and fatigue from holding the rope so tight.

Elissa is leaving to go to the fashion show! Nick and Howard are making sure she has left before starting up the conversation about stragedy. They say the hardest part will be staying away from either other (I guess keeping their alliance secret). Nick says they (his alliance) are the only guys he wants to hang out with and it's tough not being able to hang out with them.

Nick says no one will ever suspect their combination of people (alliance). Nick says most ppl talk "too much shit too fast" and their alliance is slow like molassas! Nick says "we are taking 90 days and it's been like 7". Nick says Andy is a wild card and they can probably sway his vote. Howard says they have to remain loyal to the 5! Howard says the concern is votes. McCrae enters, then Spencer comes in. They are discussing Phase II of their plan. Nick says David, Kaitlin and Jeremy are "in this thing". He's dividing who is going to gravitate toward whom.

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Guest 6Borders

9:46 - 10pm BBT:

HOH room: they are giving shot-out's!

Discussion about when/where they (the girls?) are going to do the fashion show.

Judd, Helen, Howard, Elissa and ? are have nots!

Candace comes in to talk about the fashion show. She wants to do McCrae's hair for it. She asks Judd if he wants to participate and he says he will be in the audience!

Downstairs Elissa is consoling (not sure who) about being nominated! Candace is now working on McCrae's hair!

The girls are all getting ready for the fashion show. David is wearing a pink mini-dress & necklace (I actually had to do a double take...thought it was one of the girls at first). He says it feels weird and he wants to get out of it!

The fashion show is about to begin.

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9:27pm most hg are in a plane room playing trivia nick and and howard are in hoh talking about jeremy
9:28pm nick and howard saying if elissa makes it past 2 weeks she might be a problem howard agrees it might be.
9:30pm amanda is in plane room playing trivia with jeremy ,spencer, andy and mccrea
9:32pm back in hoh nick tells howard it is tough not talking to the guys during the day, howard says he is going to talk to spencer later .
9:34pm howars says that bb told them that the live feeds would start in 45 minutes, nick says so we are on now howard says we are on
9:37pm nick asking elissa how shwe is holding up? she says you mean like my stomach nick says yeah. she says i wish i had something and nick says you need to drink more water and elissa agrees. bb gets on to elissa for her mic not being on
9:38pm elissa says that the have have not comp was not as tough as the hoh comp at least you werent as cold as in hoh comp.
9:40pm elissa says ok i am going to go to the fashion show. jeremy says there is a fashion show she says yeah but i dont think the girls are ready as elissa leaves nick tells howard that the best and hardest thing is is to trust each other and not hang out together or else this alliance wont work.
9:44pm candice and helen are in the bathroom getting ready for the fashion show and talking about there is a huge oppertunity but it is just who will take the oppertunity then jeremy walks in and tells them about the plane room and how you can prop your feet up and make the seat in there like a pallet
9:48pm david is carrying gina marie through the lr and into a bedroom and sits her down on a bed she tells him thankyou.
9:50pm mccrea and andy are in the hoh rm mccrea asking where the fashion show will be at andy says i dont know i walked out.
9:52pm andy and mccrea talking mcrea asking who are have nots he says me judd,howars,helen and elissa are
9:55pm the girls are in the lamp bdrm dressing david in a dress and heels saying how tall he is.

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Guest 6Borders

10pm - 10:33pm BB Time

The Big Brother Fashion Show begins (they are waiting for Jeremy and David is showing off some exaggerated poses).

Andy and McCrae are in the bedroom discussing who they can trust who will be totally solid when they are interrupted by Candace.

Stragedy stops as Candace makes them come down for the fashion show!

We get WBRB briefly as Amanda is mouthing off about something!

Amanda is dictating "dear diary" and Aaryn is pretending to type it all out as the secretary! Amanda says "this is improv..this is just how it comes out".

They are waiting for Jeremy to start the fashion show! He finally comes in and GinaMarie proceeds to direct the fashion show.

GinaMarie (very loudly) welcomes everyone to the fashion show (I'm sure everyone on the next studio lot can hear her!!)

Andy, Spencer, Howard, Judd and Jeremy are spectators/judges! Candace is the hose and her mic is a slop ladle!

There is a pause as Candace discusses the prize (didn't hear what it might be).

There are 8 contestents. Candace is the MC and GinaMarie is prompting from the sidelines.

Amanda is the former BB Miss America. She will give a farewell speech (can't wait to see how many F-words are in that speech) and then the new Miss BB will be crowneD!! Candace reveals that she "did pageants"! Andy is complaining his is hungry as they are waiting for this to begin!

Elissa says she doesn't need to say anything, she is just there to look pretty. Candace tells her she does need to say her name, while also scratching her back with her slop ladle mic (probably something you don't see in many pageants...just my personal opinion)!

Finally...the fashion show begins (sort of). There are lots of interuptions as Candace reminds the judges they don't talk!

Candace welcomes everyone...has to count how many judges (she comes up with 6). She is blanking on ppl's names (not sure how many glasses of wine that took).

GinaMarie is contestent #1. She has the ladel mic upside down. Among her hobbies (most are actually on her bio) is "living in the BB house with sexy ass people"

Helen is contestent #2: her talents including growing hair in less than a day and being back up for Miss Julie Chen-Bot

Elissa is contestent #3, escorted by Judd. Her daytime hobbies include whipping people into shape in her yoga classes....

McCrae is contestent #4 playing Steve Urkel

David and Aaryn are "contestent #5 & 6 (Candace skipped someone). They are playing Skipper and Ken (Barbie, in case you are too young to know).

Contestant "#8" is Jessie (I think)

Everyone takes a final walk in front of the judges! McCrae was chosen,

he is about to be crowned when the judges decide to ask questions of the two boys.

David is asked how much his dignity is worth. The boys have to hold hands before the winner is announced and Helen is crowned the winner of Miss BB America 2014! (I was there for the whole thing and I can't tell you exactly where this all got lost).

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Guest 6Borders

10:35pm BB Time

The fashion show is over.

Elissa is explaining there are 4 camera and how they switch.

General chit-chat

Amanda is trying to figure what 'adjust recline and otomon" (words on the wall) means.

Elissa told Nick (?) he could borrow her bible

Jeremy starts a clapping/rhyming/rap and we get WBRB

Amanda is told to exchange her mic by BB. Elissa says in her best BB voice "Amanda...shut up"

The girls have all changed. Helen says she felt like a totally diff person with the long hair extensions!

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Guest 6Borders

10:43pm BB Time

Candace is discussing how she can speak in front of big groups but in front of small groups she has "peer fear".

Elissa is cuddling with Amanda. Says she can't wait for The Amanda Show tonite (sounds like we might be getting her version of Dick at Night???).

Elissa wants a shower!

General discussion about food. Nick says raisins make every kind of cereal awesome.

Discussion on googling:

GinaMarie says you will find 10 pages on her...pageants and shit..."

Nick has facebook and my space

Discussion about if my space still exists. Nick is trying to recall which company bought My Space!

Discussion about what was shown on tonite's show. They decide we have seen intro's and HOH.

Andy says the viewers know who HOH is and next time it will be Have-Have Not.

Everyone looks tired...I am too so I am out for a while!

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10:50pm HoH Room

Jessie is giving Katlyn the cold shoulder because Jeremy likes her more, and Nick is not into Jessie. Gina Marie trying to give Katlyn advice. She feels stressed.

11:06pm HoH Room

Mcrave and Gina Marie dancing. (pretty funny).

Andy asks Nick to cook for him and that he'll learn how to do it himself.


Jessie is going to bed. Nick trying to get her to just mellow out. Andy also chips in how she's doing ok and not ruffling feathers. She feels uncomfortable when people ask how she's doing referring to being nominated.

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10:43pm jessie . kaitlin and aaryn are in the wc talking and changing clothes.they head to the lvr with everyone else is sitting and talking about fears.
10:48pm : kaitlin and aarynin bdrm changing clothes everyone else in lvrm just general chatting . amanda called to dr.
10:50pm candice and gina on couches talking about googling each other candice asked gina if she googled her would she find anything gina says yeah like 20 pages with pageants and stuff.
10:53pm : aaryn says she thinks something bit her and conversation in kt turns to bugs.
10:56pm kaitlin is in hoh talking to gina about someone being mad at her she says nick is coming up. they are talking about someone being jelouse of kaitlin
10:59pm nick now joins kaitlin and gina after he goes to the wc and says he needs to start washing his hands more.
11:03pm : andy asking gina how her foot is she says its hurts like hell and they start laughing (her foot was hurt in the have/havenot comp) down in the kthelen is teaching jeremy and howard how to season food
11:04pm helen says she is making slop balls . they have been on slop for 5 days now howard says.
11:08pm gina and McCrea are dancing in the hoh rm and gina says she needs to do a strip tease for andy and they laugh
11:11pm elissa is in the bdr putting lotion on her leggs and talking to amandashe tells her i just want to say look rachel i love you and brenchel army you better be watching me.
11:13pm :elissa joind gina and kaitlin in the hoh and we get foth
11:19pm :jessie has gone to bed and is in the dark talking to judd and nick about being a nominee she says she is fine with it and she knows like in the back of her mind she can never trust anyone and that she has her wits about her and is just chillin.

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Jessie feels that Jeremy is making a fool of her on national tv. How she can't say anything since she's nominated and it'll look bad.

Aaryn tells her how Kaitlyn doesn't like him. in jessies eyes that doesn't matter since he follows her everywhere.

(Several of them decided who they'd be paired with and the plan seems to be in trouble)


Jermey now talking to Jessie. He's surprised about it all. Jessie feels based on dr session it is going to be on tv. He's spinning things. She just felt close to him, that he feels close to her too. Basically she has an issue when it comes to Kaitlyn and not anyone else and it doesn't affect her in his mind. Jeremy makes a point of stating that he's not in there to hook up with anyone. around and around they go.

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11:26pm jessie telling arryn about jeremy and kaitlin and how they are snuggling now after herself and jeremy was untill she was nominated now she feels jeremy is making a fool out of her on national tv and we get foth.
11:36pm jeremy talking to jessie about her getting upset over kaitlin snuggling with him and he says he told jessie to come sleep in his bed that first night but she didnt come sleep with him and he didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings and he has no intentions of hooking up with kaitlin.
11:39pm jeremy says jessie is not processing any of this she gets upset when he with kaitlin only not when he is with others.
11:41pm : jeremy tells jessie all these girls are coming on to him he isnt trying to hook up with any of these girls in here but i wont push them away he says but if we wasnt in this house you are my type.
11:43pm jeremy says you girls are mind bangers and this is a game and i dont want to get screwed. jessie says i know where you are coming from and you are playing this game for yourself.
11:44pm jeremy says to jessie i want you to know i have eyes for you but i am playing the game and i wont push anyone off and if i do it shows we are together and we met in this situation not anywhere else and i i am sorry i dont mean to hurt your feelings.

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