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Wow that was powerful! I was really starting to like the Amber/Wilson romance and found it interesting. I was sad that she died. Wondering if it was good to wake her up only to tell her she was dying. Would it be better to just lie to her and have her last hours happy. It kind of creeped me out.

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I finally was able to watch it and...wow. The actor who played Wilson deserves an Emmy for his performance because it was gut-wrenching and very believable. I agree with you Marty, regarding the waking up thing. I looked at my husband and said, "if that ever happens to me, please, please, just let me be ignorant!"

The dynamics between Wilson and House will be interesting to watch next season...I actually felt a teeny tiny bit sorry for House.

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Guest Moxie

This is one of my favorite shows (I don't usually watch programs on Fox but got hooked on the reruns they were showing on USA).

It was sad to see Amber die. I thought Wilson did an amazing acting job during that show.

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We missed it too b/c we were showing our house and got caught up cleaning it. SOOOOOOOOOO upset!!! I'll have to see if it's online as the finale was what I wanted to see most!!

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by Charlie Gagliardi

Episode Recap: "Not Cancer"

I couldn't help but equate the second episode of this season's House to the actual character Hugh Laurie plays and where it seems to be headed for the rest of the year.

From the very title of the episode "Not Cancer" to the tumultuous beginning of people dropping like flies that were not even swatted, this episode had me probably reading too much into things.

By this, I mean that Gregory House is falling apart without his friend Wilson around. And while watching, I felt like an old Beatles fan who searched for hidden meanings in their songs to find out if Paul really was dead or if John said cranberry sauce.

Does he care or does he not care that Wilson left?

Will he try something sneaky, like misdiagnose a patient to have an excuse to talk to Wilson?

Is House the Walrus?

While hiring a private investigator to spy on his estranged friend may seem like normalcy to House, there is desperation all over the fragile doctor's persona now. Naturally, no one else in the show sees it. We do. And you can't help but feel a certain sense of sorrow and sadness for what I feel is the "good" doctor.

Wilson is his only friend. At least in House's eyes. Though the love is clearly no longer reciprocated after Wilson slammed a door in House's face this week, House would take in no one else whose wife left him for another man but Wilson, that's how powerful the friendship is.

When five seperate people collapse from ailments that are attributed to what they all had in common - seperate transplants from the same (bad)organ donor - it felt like the same walls that are crumbling right in front of House now that his "enabler" is gone.

When the doctors on House's team then discover that the donor's cornea was also donated, they quickly secure the unfortunate woman to tell her that everyone else who received a transplant from the donor were on the verge of death. But, she says she is fine and healthy and no longer blind.

House does not take that chance and has the woman admitted to the hospital to figure out what is going on. She is lucky, in a way, that an old man in the same room as her is also there because of the bad donor. Perhaps there is a parallel between the two cases.

The usual ideas then get floated around by the team - autoimmune, bad blood, MS, etc. - before Foreman decides it has to be cancer. And House customarily disagrees.

It's not cancer. Just like House is not the cancer he is made out to be in Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.

As the team sits around to further their decision, a mysterious janitor is seen trying to fix the coffee machine.

When he gets involved in the discussion a little too closely for the rest of the team, it is discovered that House has hired him as a private investigator.

It's not clear at first that it is to spy on Wilson. But, you can tell. And just like the formerly blind woman who is now predictably taking a turn for the worse by hallucinating, House is seeing very ugly things in front of him right now in his personal life.

He has to be sure, however. When the investigator gives him an update on Wilson from an ice cream truck, House seems devastated to find out that Wilson has not even mentioned his name since he left. Wilson has seen Cameron, Foreman, and Cuddy.

House then asks the team to get consent from the old man's wife to cut his head open so they can try to see if his brain is causing the problems. This could save the woman teacher's life but practically ensures his death from the procedure. As the man's wife vehemently denies consent, the man goes into cardiac arrest and dies before House can use him.

This works to his(and the team's) advantage though. Since the man is dead, House no longer needs consent to examine him and see if anything is wrong with the brain. Since there was still a half-hour left, you kind of knew it would not be the brain.

At least not his brain. House then asks

the team if there is a way to check the donor's DNA to see if maybe he had an ailment that they would not know about. Their only luck is a colonoscopy, and their only hope is the man's four-year-old daughter.

When the colonoscopy comes up clean for the four-year-old, Cutner comes up with a plan to do the same colonoscopy on the old man. And since he is dead, they can put more pressure on the, um, area, and possibly get deeper to find out some kind of solution. (House must feel like Wilson is doing this to him, too, now, by the way. Have I told you I read too much into this episode yet??)

Foreman is convinced that it is still cancer and since House has no answer either, he tells the team to start the woman on chemotherapy to see if she will respond to it. When she does, it baffles House even more, as he is CONVINCED it can't be cancer.

After speaking to the woman, House learns that the woman is more miserable than ever since her brain transplant. Now that she has sight after being blind, she tells House that the world is an ugly place and that everything people told her about being able to see never came true. This becomes a key element later on.

The answer comes to House after a last gasp trek over to Wilson's house. When Wilson barely acknowledges House at first and begins to shut the door on him, House explains that he has a patient that he has no answers for and that he needs Wilson's advice. Wilson does not want to hear it and tells House that he is trying to move on.

But House calls his bluff, explaining that he hired a PI to spy on Wilson and that he knows that he has talked to Cuddy and Cameron. For a brief moment, Wilson looks down in almost admiration that his ex-friend would go to such great lenghts, but quickly comes to his senses and shuts the door on House for good.

As he leaves, the PI is sitting on a bench waiting for House. He apologizes to House for not succeeding in his mission to win back Wilson's friendship. And, he tells House what he needs to hear to solve this week's case: That some things are real and some are not. Friendships are real but friends are fake.

It is then that House figures out that the organs the donor gave to everyone were not real organs. He does a brain scan on his patient and finds out that the brain is not an actual brain. He goes to Cuddy for permission to cut the patient's brain open to find and get rid of cancer stem cells that infected the donated cornea. Claiming that the donor had these cells, House explains that each organ the man donated were infected with these cells, making them virtually useless and unreal.

Cuddy denies House at first, and tries to stop House from ensuring the woman taking a turn for the worst to prove his theory. So, House gets his PI to masquerade as a nurse to get the "crash" to happen.

When the brain is then opened up and

the stem cells are removed. The woman is healed. After discussing how the world is "not as ugly as it seems" House quickly decides that he needs to keep his private investigator friend around because it seemed to instill positive thoughts inside of his mind, just like Wilson did when he was his friend. The show ends with him asking for a retainer.

House will continue to get by. Whether or not it is With a Little Help From His Friend(s), remains to be seen.


House took pills this week. He is NOT off of Vicodin.

The colonoscopy of the four-year-old was a very unnecessary and uncomfortable scene. The girl looked more like 14 than four.

When the colonoscopy of the dead old guy went too far and he burst, I couldn't decide whether that or the man in Season Two whose testicles exploded on Chase's face was the most disgusting moment in House history.

The music of the ice cream truck sounded

like a backwards version of the Mister Softee tune.

House did not seem as cold and heartless as he usually does. Perhaps he has learned that with Wilson gone, he better shape up.

Cameron was totally missing except for a brief mention of her visiting Wilson to cope with their similar losses of life in their lives.

House billed the PI fee to the hospital.

Posted by Charlie Gagliardi 09/23/08 10:23 PM

Episode Recap: "Dying Changes Everything"

Dying changes everything.

Except Dr. Gregory House.

The diagnostic master of Princeton/Plainsboro Hospital is once again at his dismissive and manipulative best as Season Five begins.

Just when you thought maybe the guilt over Amber's death at the end of last season would take over his conscience and cleanse his heart, House emerges eight weeks later in television time even more belligerent than before. It is clear right from the outset that his brief rendezvous with Amber in a fictional heaven during last year's cliffhanger did nothing to tame his pill-popping soul.

As he takes the case of a bigwig feminist assistant who saw and felt bugs all over her body during her boss' meeting, House is playing video games in a hospital room as a man lays in a coma next to him. But Cuddy finds him, eager to know whether House has talked to Wilson yet. He has not because he said "Wilson needed time so I gave it to him". Cuddy wants Dr. Segal(??) to take the case so House can concentrate on mending his relationship with Wilson. House declines, a typical move in that he does all he can to avoid reality.

The team's case this week seem to stand in the background of the bigger issue at hand - Wilson is resigning in light of his girlfriend's demise after taking two months off to bereave his lover. He wants to leave New Jersey to get away from his grief.

It is a typical Wilson move. Panicked. Hurried. Abrupt. And, of course, House cannot help but pour salt in the psychological wounds of his "best friend" by calling him an idiot numerous times when he first encounters him.

As word spreads around the hospital that Wilson is leaving, the consensus of House's team is that Wilson is making a mistake. Though they do not come right out and say anything, the team is clearly stunned when they try to find House to help with the case, only to be interrupted by House telling the team that Wilson is leaving.

As they try to dissect the case, House and the team discuss many different theories as to why the woman saw bugs and eventually, bled from her backside. House not-so-nonchalantly tells the team the Thirteen has tested positive for Huntington's Disease, something which the female doctor clearly wanted to keep private. Thirteen thinks that the feminists' job is "killing her" because she is so good at what she does and House draws a parallel between the patient and his employee.

House quickly searches for an ally in his former teammate Cameron. He asks Cameron what she did when her husband died. She did what Wilson seems intent on doing - she left her previous home and got a new job. That job, of course, was as House's employee which naturally gives House even more firepower to bemoan Wilson's decision. He claims that since Cameron has turned out pretty miserable after her years working with House, Wilson will become miserable when he changes his life as well.

The team moves quickly in trying to diagnose their patient. At first, they feel it is a B-12 deficiency, but Taub runs more tests, finding that the woman is pregnant and the fetus is pressing against one of her intestines, which caused the bleeding. However, Taub and Thirteen conduct an ultrasound which shows no baby, and the team is once again baffled.

Until House does the ultrasound himself. He finds the baby tucked under the fallopian tubes and orders Thirteen to terminate the pregnancy, as the fetus will eventually suck the blood out of its mothers' heart and kill her.

It is here that you start to abstractedly see what the whole situation has become for House. For years, he has sucked the life out of everyone who has crossed his path and everyone eventually either leaves him or is beaten by him in some way.

Wilson is hell bent, however, on not letting that happen this time. Nothing House can do or say can keep his friend from changing his mind about leaving. House even leaves his work phone with Wilson as it is buzzing, threatening to go home indefinitely until Wilson changes his mind. The phone keeps on buzzing, as House's patient has taken yet another turn for the worst and goes into cardiac arrest moments after the pregnancy termination.

House does indeed go home, and Cuddy knocks on his door to ask him to talk to Wilson like a human being to get him to stay. House tells Cuddy that he told Wilson he was sorry but Wilson did not believe him. Nor should he. House wouldn't apologize for anything and mean it.

During this, the team now has to diagnose the patient themselves and are determined to do so without House. Thirteen suggests Lymphoma, saying that all of the symptoms after the pregnancy termination signal the deadly disease. When chemotherapy treatment initially works on the patient, Thirteen feels that her work finally means something and that she made a difference the world. It is all she wants out of life now that she knows she will die from her disease.

Cuddy then takes matters into her own hands and has House and Wilson in her room for a "counseling" session. Neither House nor Wilson take the bait. The session ends with Wilson walking out after House cannot hide his pseudo-emotions and after Cuddy basically tells Wilson the truth that leaving is a HUGE mistake. She also punishes House for his leaving, taking away his soap opera and television privileges.

Only Foreman becomes Wilson's ally through this, supporting his decision to make a change and move on with his life.

After speaking with Cameron about her former situation, Wilson appears to have the look of a man who is seriously reconsidering his decision. Cameron explains to Wilson that no matter what he does or where he goes, he is still going to have memories of Amber, be it painful or pleasant. Wilson senses that House got to Cameron to get her to say that, and even though Cameron admits she talked to House, she tells Wilson that she told him to go to hell. This puts an exclamation point on the righteousness of Cameron's words to Wilson.

Toward the end, House reappears at the hospital and realizes that his patient looked younger when she walked in than she does now. Without any provocation or hidden nugget that usually causes House to finally figure out what is wrong with his patient, this time it just hits him as Cuddy tries to ask House why he thinks Wilson is leaving. He stares blankly, figuring out the answer to his patients problem.

He asks his team if they saw any bruises, which they attested to her pounding her legs from seeing the bugs. In reality, the bruises were caused by leprosy, which the woman got while traveling overseas with her feminist boss.

Despite the misdiagnosis, House then goes to Thirteen and praises her for taking a chance, one of the reasons he hired her in the first place. He listens as Thirteen explains that the patient has reneged on her earlier statement to change her life after everything. But it is House who says it best. "Almost dying changes nothing, but dying changes everything."

This leads House back to Wilson, who has packed up his things and is ready to leave. In a rare moment of selflessness, House apologizes to Wilson for Amber's death. Wilson claims that he never blamed House for Amber's death, but he is now blaming House for wanting to leave. He sees no change forthcoming in House and even wonders aloud if they ever were friends since House is always getting the better of Wilson or causing him some kind of problem. Wilson begins to walk away, and you wonder if he will ever get any real sympathy from anyone over his loss.

Dying does indeed change everything. But, sometimes living in pain changes everything around you all of the time.

Posted by Charlie Gagliardi 09/16/08 10:10 PM

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TV Guide has posted a new video from Jennifer Morrison on their website. She looks fabulous BTW :drool:

VIDEO: House to Rekindle Cameron-Chase Romance

A lot of House fans were a bit bitter over the casting overhaul last season when a new batch of docs became the focus while the staples took a backseat. But you old schoolers can rejoice, because Jennifer Morrison revealed to us that the good-hearted Cameron will be incorporated much more this season, and she even previews the first Cameron-Chase scene we've seen in quite a while. (Wait, they were in a relationship? Oh yeah, almost forgot!)

Morrison even talks about whether revisiting the romance was sticky, given her real-life break-up with scene partner Jesse Spencer.

Click Here to See The Video

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Hey! Who you callin' sick?!? lol..hi Art!

Thanks for the info Son. I'm glad they're going to go back to basics. I was one of those that didn't like all those new docs.

There's a major scheduling conflict for me and this show. It's on at the same time as Lincoln Heights, and Lincoln Heights wins. Seeing I don't have dvr..tivo..any of those modern things. AND I'm way to lazy to set the vcr, I have a feeling I'm going to miss a lot of this show this season. I'll have to catch it in reruns.

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OH NO. I just found this spoiler posted by Kristin Dos Santos at EOnline. It's a biggie so I'm putting it in spoiler box. DON'T LOOK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

A main character will die this season.

This is the news I'm now hearing from reliable sources on House, that one of the castmembers will be written out before the current season ends.

And trust me, it will shock the pants off of you. (Assuming you wear pants.)

So who will it be?

Obviously, we can't come right out and report who will die because that would spoil a major plot point that will serve as the climax of the season. And honestly, it is far too good to spoil!

However, I can tell you:

It's not the most likely candidate

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I actually thought it might be but just based on deduction and because they had said it wouldn't be an obvious choice (such as Thirteen or Taub). I had it down to Kutner, Foreman or Cameron as the most likely. That being said, I'm really, really sad that it was Kutner. It did make for a one powerful episode on the subject of suicide though. Oftentimes its the person who you would never believe would do such a thing- the person that never seems to be down or, at least, puts on a very good act like everything is ok.

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Kal Penn leaves House for Obama... no, seriously

By Korbi Ghosh

April 07, 12:15 AM

"House" fans are still in shock over last night's unexplainable turn of events. At this late hour however, we are getting some answers as to why what happened actually went down.

If you haven't yet seen this week's episode, stop reading now...

The suicide of Kal Penn's "House" character Lawrence Kutner came as a major surprise to not only viewers of the show on Monday night, but to Kutner's on screen colleagues too. Why would such an intelligent, talented kid want to end his life so abruptly? What was going through the head of this young man, sweet and caring enough to babysit Cuddy's daughter?

Well, turns out that's the tale executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs intend to tell throughout the rest of this "House" season.

Speaking to EW.com's Michael Ausiello, Jacobs explained that House cannot wrap his head around why Kutner would do this and therefore it really throws him: "He is the man who can't rest until the puzzle is solved. So the idea that he worked in such close proximity to Kutner and didn

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A hallucination. Now that sucks....

Big time. Absolutely hated it.

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I need to watch that last one again.

I don't think I was paying enough attention along the way somewhere, because they totally lost me.

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Did anybody else catch the premiere of House tonight? I thought it was a great segment. I was hoping we would learn more about the reason he's so miserable with his life. He may actually change a little bit this year. I've always like his character and have tried to figure out the basis for all the anger and misery.

This may turn out to be a very good year! I'm looking forward to upcoming shows! :)

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