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Big Brother: Secrets & Lies - new UK series begins June 13

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BBUK will begin on the 13th June with new presenter Emma Willis taking over from the awful Brian Dowling. The series is subtitled "Secrets & Lies" and it is believed it will take inspiration from the Secret Story format, with every HM having a secret they will try and keep from each other. Along with avoiding eviction, their task during the series will be to crack each others secrets - and any that Big Brother might be hiding too.

The new logo is much darker and more creative than recent efforts, with the eye made up of doors, lights and a stack of TVs as the pupil.



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l like the eye graphic. Why on earth can't BB here get some talent and come up with new stuff? It sucks both shows are going to be on at the same time. I've never watched an entire season outside the U.S. but have seen things on YouTube which were pretty hilarious.

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I've not seen any BB than the U.S. version. Australians and Brits can be pretty straight forward, imo; so I'll bet it's a hoot.

One thing.....I do love the announcer's voice for our BB. I love the way he says Big Brother and I always get chills - silly of me - the first time I hear it each beginning season. It is great entertainment. I remember the first time I saw it. Hooked.

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