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Homeland: Carrie to get legal counsel


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The Showtine hit series "Homeland," will start production this month in North Carolina. According to TVLine, actress Amy Morton has been booked for the recurring role of Carrie's attorney, Erin Kimball.

Carrie could need plenty of help if it is ever figured out just what she did in order to help Nicholas Brody escape the country after the terror attack. Let’s look at her record: She got him fake IDs and passport documentation, drove him to the border, and then watched him flee without contacting anyone about it. While she may believe that this man is not the double agent he once was, good luck convincing that to someone else. (Plus, there’s that not-so-tiny problem of him killing the Vice-President, regardless of whether or not he was being threatened by Abu Nazir to do it.)

Meanwhile, Tracy Letts of “Prison Break” has a recurring role of his own playing Committee Chairman / Senator Andrew Lockhart. It’s not much of a surprise to see Big Government get involved in the process here, given that Brody was a potential Vice-Presidential candidate that is now suspected of murdering countless people on American soil. Sadly, we don’t really know anything else about this character right now, including what he may or may not bring to the show.


Last season on "Homeland" actress Claire Dannes was pregnant, and her condition was hidden by clever camera angles. This year, US Weekly confirms that Morena Baccarin (Brody's wife Jessica), is expecting her first child with husband Austin Chick, and that the child is due later this year. It will be interesting to see what the show does here. Jess has finally opened herself up to a relationship with Mike at the end of last season, but is that still on the table now?


Diego Klattenhoff (he plays Mike) was demoted from his series regular position over the hiatus, and the only other option for a pregnancy storyline is if Jess meets someone new, which does seem likely given that she now bears the scarlet letter of being married to a man suspected as a terrorist. (There are, however, rumors that someone will have a one-night stand with somebody…)

“Homeland” season 3 premieres on Showtime September 29, so you still have a little while to brace yourself for what will probably be a TV thrill ride like no other.

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