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Nature and History Programming Just Keeps Getting Better


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Nature program on television has come a long way since Marty Stouffer was filming for Wild America, the technology on both sides of the screen has improved vastly allowing for better and more entertaining shows to be generated over the years. The crews that are out in the wilderness filming have superior camera equipment to create their shows with and in turn we, as viewers, have much better TV's than the days when bunny eyes ruled the television set top. These shows can normally be picked up through your cable or DirecTV service. Some are even available through streaming services such as Netflix. If you are looking to find the right service to watch your favorite nature shows,SaveOnTVDirect.com can help you save a couple dollars. Other services such as Netflix offer the first 30 days free.

Producers are taking us closer to the reaction and capturing incredible footage of animals in their natural habitats behaving the way they need to for the survival of their species. They hunt, breed, play and exhibit all their individualized instinctual activities live for the camera. This has allowed unique specials and a variety of themed series to surface on television. The Discovery Channel has become known for its awesome shows and creative series offerings. The most recent of which is North America the crew responsible for putting it together traveled the continent to capture footage for three years!

No territory is unexplored here, the film crew ventured from Belize to Canada and every terrain in between to put North America together. 250 expeditions were embarked upon to assemble 850 hours of breathe taking footage. The producers even managed to get Tom Selleck to narrate the affair. Bon Jovi lent their song "Army of One" for the theme. Look for this seven episode series to begin airing on May 19th.

Of course, everyone knows aboutShark Week some people mark it on their calendar. Since 1987 this block of programming has been thrilling audiences with the most engaging footage of sharks you can see without getting in the tank yourself. Shark Week is broadcast in 72 countries around the globe in the summer months, typically July or August. Over the last decade they have begun to feature celebrities to host the week on Discovery.

Isn't it an excellent era to nature watch? Even if you cannot get to the amazing sites around the world, film makers are making the effort to bring the world's amazing flora and fauna directly to our living rooms through captivating footage. Their results are incredible when combined with technological innovations that lead to improved TV experiences. The images are so crisp your pets will think they are in the wild!

The Story of Us
The Story of Us is new series on the History Channel that illustrates the gritty history of America's development, warts and all the successes and pitfalls are shown here in a candid look at how the country got where it is today. From the first European religious pilgrims to the present day the issue if slavery and "manifest destiny's" effect on the Native American culture the already existed, you can watch the full Story of Us. An amazing list of celebrities and public figures chime in to offer their perspectives.

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Nature programming has always been my favorite thing to watch on TV. Since the early days of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler, I have truly enjoyed these shows. I thought "Planet Earth" was spectacular and I've also been watching "North America". Very good indeed!

One of my favorite all time shows has been one from back in the 70's. It was called Animals are Beautiful People". It had one segment that was one of the funniest things I've seen on nature shows. All these animals get drunk on the marula fruit. I'm sure it's got to be on YouTube somewhere. Just put in the search "monkeys get drunk on marula fruit" and I'm sure you'll find it. I haven't seen it in a while myself but if you enjoy nature programming, this is a must see! So funny. :laugh4:

These people who are so dedicated to the cause spend month after month just waiting to catch something on film. I don't know how they do it but I'm so glad they do! We've been able to witness things that are beyond fabulous on our HD televisions. The detail in HD blows my mind! :)

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