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April 28 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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Don't go anywhere!

This may be the last day for the live feeds, but we expect to see post finale interviews and BigbrotherCanada.ca said there will be some specials on the live feeds, so don't go away!

Also, if you have just found our site, stick around. I started covering Big Brother 1 US 13 years ago and I expect to be doing BB15 in just 59 days. You can get all the Big Brother US news on the original update page.

And of course, I have to give major, huge thanks to BBCanadaFan, bbcanfan222, BBLuver, Crawford, Dade, DRG, EmilyCaitlin, EpicWifey, Flashboredom, gsmall99, IndigoAquarius, JCBigBrother, jennain2003, JEDI LynLyn, MissCrisECN, nslisa, Sayre, scarletkate, smartyparty, TranCutie, WesternU, ZuZuMamou, and Fuskie for posting all the updates.

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12:09AM BBT Talla now in SR talking crossly to BB asking what is up. Am I going to bed, where am I sleeping? I am trying to go to bed and Gary is up in there. Are the lights going out or not. I will sleep on the couches tomorrow and not get up. I am going to lose it I am so fucking mad right now, so pissed off. I am taking my stuff and going to the couches. She keeps asking them what is happening then says, Fuck, I'll just go sleep on the couch. (Their clock is set an hour later than it really is still.) Gary now out of bedroom and Talla says thanks and heads in there saying sorry BB. She climbs into bed muttering that she is so tired. The lights are beginning to dim in there. She says she feels horrible and is going to be now she is so tired. Now she asks BB if she got all the clothes and tells them to let her know if she missed anything. Jillian now taking up Emmett's pacing while listening to music.

12:14AM BBT Talla again saying she feels so bad now and you can keep the lights on all night, I will take that as my punishment. She pulls the comforter up to nearly cover her face. Jillian now turning down the HOH bed. Gary is in the WA working on his face.

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12:08AM BBT: Talla is asking BB where she is sleeping tonight, she is screaming at BB with a loud voice. She said she is going to loose it she said she is so f*ckingt tired of this and she is going to take her clothes and leave the BR. Talla is really upset and talking all kind of crazy things.

12:15AM BBT: Talla said to BB she is so sorry for saying those words and she feels really bad. Jillian is listening to music in HoH and sleeping.

12:21AM BBT: Talla is now asleep in main BR, Jillian asleep in HoH. Emmett in DR and Gary is doing makeup in WA.

12:37AM BBT: Gary is still doing makeup. Jillian in the KT getting a snack. Emmett in the DR and Talla asleep.

12:44AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in the KT getting snack. Gary getting dress ( I believe it is Zoe coming out tonight)

12 :56AM BBT: Jillian said she would like to have time to talk to Talla because she need Talla vote in the jury. Emmett called Jillian HoH beast Jillian then said she have one more to win.

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1:10AM BBT: Emmett said he cannot believe Talla is still in the game and he carried Talla all the way. Jillian said she would go crazy if Talla won the game, she would rather see Gary win than Talla. Emmett said at least Gary won competition Talla did not. Jillian and Emmett still talking at the HT.

1:15AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian still talking. Jillian said when Talla is drunk she say anything that comes to mind. Emmett said that Talla follow him into the DR while she was drunk. Emmett told Jillian that she was drunk last night Jillian replied I was not drunk I was asleep. They are now laughing at Gary comment about winning a Big Mac or something Emmett is imitating Gary.

1:21AM BBT: Emmett asks Jillian to tell him everything that Andrew said about him, Jillian replied I don't need to tell you everything in this game. Emmett told Jillian about his final 2 with Talla Jillian was very surprise and said why you never told me and Emmett said he did tell her. Jillian said she cannot believe Emmett was hiding things from her.

1:26AM BBT: Jillian asks Emmett if they are bad for what they did to everyone in the house. Emmett said it is better to take Gary than Talla. Jillian told Emmett his lies would get him Emmett replied which ones. Emmett told Jillian don't feel bad about Talla it is what it is.

1:32AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett is now in the house. Zoe (Gary) meet them at the door Jillian said Gary you looked good Gary reply I am not Gary I am Zoe. Looks like Gary got an award and had to dress like Zoe.

1:37AM BBT: Zoe took off all her clothes. Now Gary is in the pool. Jillian and Emmett is now kissing under the covers.

1:48AM BBT: Jillian said she have something to tell Emmett but she would wait. Jillian said she thought Liza was a cool person but she was not. Emmett and Jillian counting down the days left. Jillian asks Emmett if he want to be with her in real life. Emmett replied maybe.

1:51AM BBT: Gary is now in the WA getting ready for bed. Gary sleeping in HN.

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8:05AM BBT: There is movement in the honeymoon suite. Jillian got up to use the bathroom, Emmett got up too and BB called him to the storage room to change his batteries.

8:15AM BBT: It looks like BB woke the whole house up, Gary is in the main bathroom, Jillian tidied up the kitchen, Emmett's in the downstairs shower.

8:25AM BBT: No sign of Talla yet, Jillian's making coffee, maybe that'll wake Talla out of her coma.

8:45AM BBT: Big Brother raised the shutters to the backyard. Jillian is going through her clothes chest, and Gary is still in the bathroom at the mirror.

9:00AM BBT: FotH [ZuZu how do you do it?]

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9:08 AM BBT


[ It's almost like I'm in that control room Morty :) ]

9:10 AM BBT

Jillian and Emmett outside talking about the comp yesterday. Emmett says that everyone back home will on edge watching that episode. Jillian wants to see her face when he said something. He was stressed when BB made him go back and grab the bags. "Emmett, go get the bags!" It was a crazy game, crazy game.

9:13 AM BBT

Camera 2 has a great image of some eggs in a frying pan. Gary and Talla perhaps? One of them is cracked.

Talla is switching laundry from the washer to the dryer and Gary is in the WCA getting ready for the day.

9:17 AM

Correction: Gary is in the pool. Talla is commenting that his make up is still perfect, it's still looking fresh.

9:19 AM BBT

Talla heads outside to talk with Emmett and Jillian who ask what time she got up. An hour before they did. Emmett looks super serious and stares into the HT as Talla walks away. "Whathca doing?" Jillian asks "Stressing?" He's just thinking, will the POV ceremony be early or will it be late?Jillian heads inside to put her make up on.

"Gary what are you doing? I thought you just did your make up?" Jillian says when she sees him there.

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9:28 AM BBT

The HGs have had to put their outfits from all the comps etc into storage and are now doing their laundry to prep for packing. Emmett is planning to walk out of the house the same way he walked into the house. Unless BB can be swindled into giving him another dress shirt.

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9:37 AM BBT

Jillian and Emmett have piles of laundry all over the BY. It's almost like they haven't done any since getting into the BB house.

Talla and Gary talking in the HT. Talla isn't in, just her feet. Gary fell into the HT. Talla is warning him about slipping scares. Gary didn't realize there was a getting into the HT protocol.

9:40 AM BBT

Gary has one armpit shaved and one not from when he wore a strapless shirt. Gary has been in just a few minutes. He doesn't know how people stay in there for so long, he's burning. Talla got woken up at 5 am she got woken up with the sweetest sound ever. "Talla, Talla, Talla wake up." says Gary in a seductive voice. and we get FOTH.

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9:51 AM BBT

"Emmett!!!! Emmett!!!!" hollers Gary as he heads inside to make a slop shake. Em is upstairs with Jillian in the HOH room looking for stray belongings. "Do you feel more organized now?" she asks him.

Jillian is doing her make up.

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10:25 AM BBT

Cams back. Emmett is vacuuming. Jillian asks if he wants something to eat. He'll have something light as he is going to work out.

10:27 AM BBT

Feeds off again. Presumably to protect us from the sound of the vacuum.

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10:36 AM BBT

Feeds have been cutting in and out as Talla alternately vacuums and cleans and swears the whole time. "Fuck! Shit! Fucking Q-Tips in the toilet! I am NOT cleaning the bathroom. Gary can if he wants to. Fuck! Uagh!"

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11:00AM BBT: SotH for about 10 mins now. This is it, last hour of live feeds for BBCanada.

11:01AM BBT: Feeds are back. Jillian is alone in the KT eating. Emmett and Talla are sitting at the HT. Talla is talking about how she ate so much and burping is her biggest pet peeve. In her real life she doesn't fart or burp in front of anyone.

11:05AM BBT: She tells Emmett how much Andrew hated watching the video of Jillian and Emmett ever morning. Talla says "I would be like aww that's sweet and take lessons, just kidding." Emmett wonders how Andrew is right now. Talla says "You know how he is, he's with AJ." Emmett says he just knew Andrew wasn't going to take him to the final. "I've sent 2 of my best friends home over you. I sent Peter home and Andrew. I was really hard." Talla says "Aww give me a hug milkman." Emmett says "Give me a hug Lala." They hug.

11:10AM BBT: Emmett says "We're all her to the bitter end now even Gary." Emmett thinks Wednesday's show the 4th person will be voted out and then Thursdays will be the final HoH comp. Feeds cut to SotH possibly production talk or Jillian singing in the HoH.

11:14AM BBT: Feeds return and Talla and Emmett are on their way inside. Talla says she has had the skirt she is wearing since she was 16. Jillian is doing some yoga in her room. Talla goes up and scares her. Jillian attacks her. Emmett now up there there as well. Talla asks if they think if it is lunch time. Jillian says "I just ate a huge omelet." Talla leaves the HoH room.

11:18AM BBT: Jillian says "I know I've had a lot of safety through this game and I shouldn't feel cranky and not acting like myself. But I do have a heart and knowing I've sent people home and am responsible for it. And the lying imagine watching the show after and seeing all the lies I've told" she laughs. Jillian ask Emmett if he is going to come out with her and Andrew after the game to get pedicures. He says "No." Jillian says "If your going to continue to hang out with me you are." He says "Then you can give me one, I'm not letting a stranger touch my feet." Downstairs Talla is talking to herself saying there is no pepsi and she is going to through pepsi withdrawals.

11:24AM BBT: Jillian says Talla feels like the safest person thinking she has guaranteed second place. Emmett says "So does Gary. Does Gary think he has a finale 2 with you?" Jillian answers "We said we would talk about it when we got to final 3."

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11:27AM BBT: Emmett says “I just want to get this POV ceremony done so I can jump around and start scheming again and figure out what I'm going to say to Lala." Jillian says "I can say Emmett told me you made a final 2 deal with him." Feeds cut to SotH. Looks like they are really trying to keep us from knowing what Jillian and Emmett are going to do. Feeds return and Talla is talking to Henry the moose at the HT. Emmett says "Lets go get some fresh air." They head downstairs.

11:33AM BBT: Talla tells Henry that so far things are looking good. Jillian and Emmett in the KT now. Jillian wonders if after the POV ceremony will they vote out someone immediately. They are being locked inside in 30 minutes. We still haven't seen Gary for a while.

11:40AM BBT: Jillian is folding laundry int he BY. Emmett is at the HT with Talla now. Talking talking about her relationships with guys. She is wondering if she is going to talk to "Number 4" after. She says "Number 4 and 5 are different. One is more laid back and quiet."

11:42AM BBT: Talla says "I know after this you're going to be like OK finish that story you couldn't tell me. Emmett lays silently. "Talla asks him "So you're going to call your ex after this?" Emmett says "Yes." Jillian joins they saying "I can't believe you put that red sweater in the dryer Emmett." Talla says after this she thinks she needs to take classes to help her finish sentences.

11:45AM BBT: BB start to tell them this is there 15 Minute warning and we get SotH. Last 15 minutes for us :(

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11:50AM BBT: Feeds return. All 4 feeds on Emmett and Talla alone at the HT now. Talla talking about seeing someone on skype she hasn't seen in many many years. Sounds like her dad.

11:52AM BBT: She is happy that her sister and mom are embarrassed for anything she has done in the house. She was worried about the lap dances.

11:55AM BBT: Talla says "I can't wait to see everything when we get out. I'm probably gonna have a mental breakdown. Henry I miss you." Now she asks BB for a 6 pack of Pepsi. "I'm not ready to break up with Pepsi. I wish I would of brought my white jeans. Loving this water." [What better way to end the feeds with Talla talking all over the place. ]Emmett continues to lay silently.

11:57AM BBT: Feeds go to SotH for a second. Talla and Emmett going inside when they return.

11:59AM BBT: Talla wants to play puck ball. Emmett says he will play soon. Talla says she will sit and wait.

12:00PM BBT: Emmett goes to the BR alone and lays down on a bed. Talla decides to do some dance moves in the KT. Emmett gets up and heads to the KT. Jillian is now in the KT. Camera shows Gary sleeping in the HN room.

12:03PM BBT: Emmett wonders whats going on in the BY. He goes to Gary and tells him they are locked in again. Emmett trying to figure why they are lock in. He doesn't think it's POV because they are supposed to be in the yard and Emmett inside. Gary says "Maybe its a surprise live eviction today." Emmett says he asked BB what was happening because he needs to talk to Talla and all they could tell him was they were being put on lock down.

12:10PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian go up to the HoH. Jillian says "Don't worry I'm OK, You're OK." In the HN room the alarm forces Gary to get up, he goes to the WA.

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12:12PM BBT: Gary weighs himself and he is exactly 200lbs. He says "I'm almost out of the 200 club." Jillian wants to play chess, Emmett doesn't think they are going to give them the chess board. Emmett now in the KT on the sofa.

12:15PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH. But come back!

12:19PM BBT: Emmett goes up tot he HoH and tells Jillian they are building something in the BY. Jillian says "What the heck could it be." Emmett says "With my luck they DQ'ed me and it's another POV. I can't even win anymore without worrying they are going to take it away from me. I also have to worry about jury votes. I have to worry about Talla isn't going to rip my head off after I do what I'm going to do to her."

12:24PM BBT: BB asks Jillian and Emmett to both come down to the DR "I just need to..... and we get SotH.

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12:27PM BBT: Feeds return. Gary is now in the shower. Talla alone in the HoH. She says "What is happening today, If this is my last day I'm going to cry." Jillian comes out of the DR and now plays puck ball with Talla.

12:33pm BBT - Emmett comes into the KT while Jillian & Tallla play puckball and talk about chocolate. Gary gently stroking the shampoo out of his hair. Talla hears something and Jillian says they are building something out there. No they're not, Talla says confidently. All I know is I want to look gorgeous. I want to get dressed up. SotH.

12:35pm BBT - Feeds back. Emmett is looking for a baster. Talla doesn't know what that is. Talla: F*ck, I can be so annoying. Remember when I annoyed myself? Emmett says yes, that was funny in his monotone sort of way. She's just staring into space and thinking about her shoes, the $180 blue shoes (on sale) that were delivered after she entered the house. Emmett cutting up some steak. Gary done with his shower. Talla won't know if the shoes arrived until she gets home, they will look good with her white jeans and purple tube top.

12:36PM BBT: Emmett sits down to take Jillian's turns of puck ball while he waits for his food. Gary is out of the shower now.

12:44PM BBT: Talla and Emmett hear noises from the BY. Talla says "But they can't keep us locked out all day." They continue playing puck ball. Jillian seems to be in the DR. Gary now sitting down in the BR to start his makeup.

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12:46PM BBT: Talla beats Emmett at puck ball and does a huge celebration of screaming and jumping around. "So happy, so proud of myself. Haven't had lunch hungry."

12:50PM BBT: Talla now trying to cut an onion. She says "They say the trick when cutting an onion is to have a candle lit so you don't cry." Emmett asks if she eats onions with everything. She says "Well my mom put it in everything because it takes away the smell of the meat."Emmett asks if anyone eats pork in her family. She whispers "My sister."

12:55PM BBT: Cameras are taking there turns of going in and out of the "Off the Hook" screen. Talla looking in the SR for things for her spaghetti sauce. Emmett goes tot he BR and ask Gary if he wants him to do his makeup for him. And the best he ever looked was the day he did do it. Gary tells him to get over himself and laughs. Talla is burning her sauce so she sprays it with cooking spray. Emmett tells her she should of unthawed the meat first. He tells her to take the clump put and defrost it in the microwave, She says "Can I do that."

1:02PM BBT: Talla says "How do I know when its done?" Emmett says "You should be able to stick a fork right through it." Talla says "OK lesson learned I guess I was just impatient." Emmett now sitting at the dining room table and eating.

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1:06PM BBT: Emmett is sitting on the couch in the LR. Jillian is screaming from the DR and knocking that she is locked in. She gets out and goes to the HoH room. Camera 3 is still black.

1:08PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH

1:12PM BBT: Feeds come back. Talla cutting peppers. Jillian is snacking in the SR. Emmett walking around. Gary looking through clothes in the BR. Talla is making chili not spaghetti sauce.

1:17PM BBT: Emmett asks Jillian if she wants a bite of his steak. She says "Did you have a big one." They both smirk. She asks again "Did you have a big steak."

1:19PM BBT: Jillian asks"What is it called when a person only eats meat." Emmett answers "Carnivore." Feeds go to SotH for a moment. When they return Talla still in the KT. Gary still applying makeup. Jillian and Emmett aren't on the feeds.

1:26PM BBT: Talla goes tot he SR to get mushrooms and sees BB gave her a case of Pepsi. She's very happy and loves it.

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1:28PM BBT: Talla back in the KT still talking about getting Pepsi. [i wonder if she will get to drink one before she is evicted]\

1:30PM BBT: Talla hears voices [not just in her head, I heard them too] and lets a little scream out. Feed 1 switches from Gary to Jillian lying under a huge stack of pillows, listening to music in the HoH room.

1:35PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH again and back before I can send the update. Jillian asking BB to help her trick someone. She wants them to ask one of the HG's to go check on her so she can scare them. "My back is getting sore back here."

1:40PM BBT: Jillian carefully gets out of her pillow hide out and locks her door then heads to the WC. Her feeds change to Gary but we hear her toilet flush. Talla struggling to push garlic through a garlic press. Looks like she is making garlic butter but she completely melted the butter to liquid and doesn't know what she did to it.

1:51PM BBT: Talla finishes cleaning the dishes, puts some of her butter onto a couple pieces of bread and puts them into the oven. Gary still on the other feeds doing his makeup.

2:03PM BBT: Emmett comes out of the DR asks Talla where Jillian is. She tells him upstairs. He goes up and looks for her and as he is walking by the bed to leave she jumps out of the pillows and yells "Boo." She really did scare him. And now he is telling her he will get her back.

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2:09PM BBT: Jillian is now chili with Talla. Emmett talking with Gary and Gary is called to the DR. Emmett goes out to the KT.

2:14PM BBT: Emmett says he is going to lay in the have room ask Jillian if she wants to come. She says "Why not my room." Emmett says "A change of scenery, I'm getting sick of that room." Jillian says "I know." Emmett decides to make a smoothie instead. He shows Jillian a rash on his arm and she says "hives."

2:20PM BBT: Jillian goes up to the HoH to wait for Gary so she can scare him/ Talla is in the shower, she is so short you can't even see her head over the shower door.

2:26PM BBT: Jillian waits in the pillows (Gary still in the DR) Talla in the shower. Emmett went and scared her. Emmett goes up and tell Jillian "They are building something big out there. Maybe a luxury comp." Jillian names some carnival rides she would like it to be.

2:29PM BBT: They see Gary out of the DR on the HoH tv and with that the feed are off. "THE LIVE FEEDS ARE DOWN BUT THE FUN ISN'T OVER YET!" then it tells us to tune into the shows for finale week.

I think BB wanted to let us watch Gary do his makeup for 2 hours one last time. He started around noon and finished at 2:30pm when they feeds went off. Thanks BB but you could of at least let us see Jillian scare him.

On a personal note I just wanted to say Thank you to Morty and and everyone else who is involved in all the hard work you do to get these updates out. I've been a follower of Mortys for years but this is my first BB season helping out with updates. I enjoy it very much and can't wait for BB15 :)

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