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April 25 [Thursday] Live Feed Updates

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12:05AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in bed going over past competitions. Andrew and Talla already in bed. Still no sight of Gary.

12:22AM BBT: Jillian is asking Emmett questions about the past hgs in the order that they were evicted.

12:32AAM BBT: Talks continue in HoH with Emmett and Jillian. Jillian told Emmett she was never on the block.

12:44AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. Still no sight of Gary.

12:47AM BBT: Jillian told Emmett kissing Emmett told her they would be sleeping in HoH tomorrow night because they are going to win again. Now Jillian want to go over what Andrew won so far.

2:51AM BBT: Looks like Jillian is sleeping downstairs tonight as a plan by Emmett to throw off Talla and Andrew.

12:58AM BBT: Jillian went to the WA and come back and told Emmett that Gary is not back yet BB warn them not to talk about production.

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1:01AM BBT: Emmett is alone in the HoH he said it is a pain in the a** he is tired. Emmett is now downstairs in Jillian bed whispering that he was only joking. ( They both set this up)

1:07AM BBT: Jillian,Talla and Andrew is now in the main BR. Emmett is in HoH sleeping.

1:11AM BBT: Just to confirm, that last update reports the entirety of what's going on in the BB House right now as all HG seem to be asleep, except Gary who we believe to be still at the hospital.

1:21AM BBT: We have Soth

1:42AM BBT: We continue to have Soth.

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9:08AM BBT: It's still dark in the bedrooms, all HGs still asleep.

9:11AM BBT: The rooster sounds and all HGs get up.

9:15AM BBT: We have SotH. For those of you that are wondering Gary is back in the house and appears to be fine.

9:20AM BBT: Feeds return. Emmett is in the shower, Jillian is in the HoH. Talla and Gary in the WA. Talla says "I think he thinks you're voting or him to stay. Hs he talked to you?" Gary says "Yea he talked to me, he is all over the place." Gary is annoyed that Talla asked him an annoying question and he is worried about Talla going back on her word. She says she won't. Talla heads outside and checks the weather saying hi to Henry on the way.

9:27AM BBT: Talla returns to the WA and tells Gary it makes her mad that Andrew is so angry about the twist. Gary is saying "suck it up." Talla (who is extra cheery and oddly awake this morning) is now in the KT with Jillian and Andrew.

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9:31AM BBT: Talla says she is so proud of her chili. Jillian says "My stomach is killing me." Talla says "It's not from my chili." Talla telling a little story about a coffee store she frequents and always asks for no foam and they gave her foam.

9:36AM BBT: Emmett joins the KT crew and sits with Jillian on the sofa. Talla points out that they are matching colors on their clothes.

9:44AM BBT: Jillian wants to tell Andrew that he is going home tonight. Emmett says "I tried to hint it to him and he freaked out so if you have to say something do it with like 5 minutes left." Jillian asking Emmett if he got a warning that the lights were coming on this morning. Jillian gets "HGs you are not allowed to talk about production" 3 times. The last one she says "I'm not even talking, what are you doing?"

9:51AM BBT: Andrew comes into the KT and tells Jillian about a vivid dream he had last night about his dad and the BB house. Jillian says "What do you mean by vivid?" Andrew says "Like real." Jillian says "So you barely remember it?" He says "No, I remember everything about it and it seems real." Jillian says "It's nice, it probably lets you know he is watching over you." Andrew says he doesn't really believe in that. He believes that when you die the lights go out and that's it.

10:02AM BBT: Jillian and Gary agree that they should stick tot he final 3 with Emmett. Gary saying that he feels the only person he could win against is Andrew. Jillian says "Then take him to the final 3." He says "No." They are convinced it is a double eviction tonight and are trying to prepare for it.

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10:09AM BBT: Talla joins them in the WA. Jillian asks them if she should wax the hair off the back of her neck. They say laugh at her saying no, you just get bored. Emmett is at the HT area alone. Jillian is going to tint her eyebrows with Gary. Talla says she is going to sit outside.

10:20AM BBT: Andrew and Gary in the WA talk about who of the other HGs they have been close with and had good conversations with. They now talk about slop and on the other feeds is Talla and Emmett at the HT talking about slop.

10:25AM BBT: Andrew talks with Jillian saying he wants to know but he also trusts Emmett. "If I knew I was going then I could talk to Gary and try to flip it." Jillian answered something while brushing her teeth and I couldn't make out the words but it didn't upset Andrew so I don't believe she told him he is going. Andrew heads outside to join Talla and Emmett at the HT.

10:37AM BBT: Emmett is called to the DR. Andrew asks Talla "So what do you think is going to happen tonight?" Talla says I just want to enjoy every minute, kind of a denial thing just kidding." Andrew says "I wonder what the Gar Bear is going to do I haven't really talked to him." Talla changes the subject to what she is going to eat for lunch. They discuss her chili. Jillian and Gary stop and whisper in the hallway heading outside about if Andrew thinks he is going tonight."

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10:42AM BBT: They all talk about how they sleep. Andrew normally sleeps naked. Jillian normally wears underwear and a sports bra. She can't be without a bra, she thinks it will make her saggy. Gary says he doesn't sleep naked.

10:47AM BBT: Jillian and Gary are back in the WA. Gary says "We could do whatever we want today because we are the vote. But we should stick to what we have. The fact that we are talking and building a relationship is great. And why are we stressing it's not us." Gary says he isn't going to try hard for veto cause he wants HoH. If veto is search for stuff be close to me cause I will toss you stuff. They talk a bout Dan. Gary says "Jill let's just not stress and make the easy choice."

10:54AM BBT: Jillian is now dying her eyebrows, Gary is relaxing on the WA sofa. Talla and Andrew having general chats at the HT.

11:03AM BBT: Emmett out of the Dr, Andrew in. Talla comes in to change into her bathing suit for the HT. She says "The smell of my bathing suit is going to both me." Talla stops in the KT and asks Emmett what she should be saying to Andrew. Jillian comes running out yelling "Hey guys can you look at my eyebrows and tell me if they look good."

11:06AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett in the HoH. She says "we have some serious talking to do. Gary may or may be feeling me out but the s**T he is saying is not normal." Before anything else Andrew interrupts them and says Jillian has to go to the DR.

11:09AM BBT: Seems like BB has ordered the HGs (through Jillian) to go to the LR. And the feeds cut to SotH.

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11:38AM BBT: Feeds return. Emmett alone in the HoH reading his letter. Andrew seems to be doing a little butt kissing in the BR. Gary says he is sorry. Andrew says that it's OK.

11:42AM BBT: Gary is alone in the BR now. He seems to be talking out loud about what has happened in what order. They are on indoor lock down now. Andrew tells Jillian that he just talked to Gary and Gary said he doesn't know yet. Andrew says "I'm gonna have to throw out a deal." They talk about the order of comps and now we have SotH.

11:48AM BBT: Feeds return. Andrew speculating what the HoH comp will be. They talk about an order of picture they saw. Andrew tells Jillian that Emmett and Gary are "right there." They are standing in the hall by the BR talking about the picture as well. Andrew goes to the SR to see if he can see them. He grabs his bag and heads to the BR. But while he was in there Gary and Emmett went to the KT.

11:54AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian alone in the HoH. Jillian says "You didn't give any infor to Gary." Emmett says "No." Jillian says she was talking to Gary about the "breakup" Emmett snaps "Don't bring it up let him pry." She says "I didn't." [but she did] She is telling him that Gary said he won't win against anyone except Andrew. Emmett says "That's bulls**t he will do good." Jillian is making Gary sound like he was trying to convince her to keep Andrew but that is not how it happened.

12:00PM BBT: Emmett seems to be getting upset with what Jill is saying to Andrew. Then Talla comes up and Emmett gets short with her. She says "I saw you talking to Gary and I want to know about what." He says "About the pictures." She says "What would Gary know about the pictures?" Emmett snaps "We all just sat there and watched the pictures."

12:05PM BBT: We get SotH.

Gotta run, If anyone is watching and wants to post some updates if the feeds return, feel free to do so as we don't have someone covering at the moment.

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11:15pm BBT - Feeds are back, no confirmation yet as to who is HOH but Talla was talking to herself saying she didn't want to go back up on the block and wondered what "she" will do

Talla to Jillian - you are so funny your 4th HOH

Confirmed Jillian won HOH (personally so happy)

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11:17PM BBT Talla just confirmed Jillian won her fourth HOH.

11:18PM BBT Gary cooking, Jillian and Talla on loungers by the pool talking about possible scenarios for the end of the game. Jillian explaining to Talla how the POV winner has all the power this week. Talls thinks that these last comps will have to happen before Thursday, and probably purely by accident she is correct.

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11:20PM BBT Talla wonders if Emmett would take Gary over her and Jillian says he won't. They call into Gary that they are not talking about bad things out here. He is finally out of the jailbird suit and is wearing a plum shirt and shorts. Talla saying Andrew being insecure about his age was a turnoff. Talla says several times that she is willing to move for a new guy. They get up to check out the hot tub and Talla says she wants to see Henry. Jillian trips going through the door and they discover it is cold, dark and wet outside tonight. They head back to the BY. Talla now popping her booty and saying they need to do wave pool. She asks doesn't my butt look cute and Gary says it does. They notice that the water in the pool got higher. [i'll be sure to alert the media, oh wait, I just did. -DRG]

11:26PM BBT Talla says she is the queen because she broke the curse for being on the block three times without being evicted. Jillian says she still feels bad about the week she was HOH and Danielle went home. She said Gary was a pawn that week, but he won the POV anyway. She says she was not shocked but it was not her desire for her to go. She learned that once the noms were done she had no power as the HOH.

11:30PM BBT Emmett has not been on camera since the feeds came back so he is likely in the DR. Jillian saying she got sick to her stomach every week she was HOH cause she HATED IT. Gary also thought it was hard to be HOH. He plans on going shoe shopping when he gets out. He says he is not going to throw things out any more, but will box it up and put in the attic. Jillian says oh no you won't that is called being a hoarder and once the attic is full you will never want to go through all that stuff.

11:35PM BBT Gary goes into the kitchen to check on his concoction that seemed to be mostly mustard. Talla says to Jillian that she thinks we are in a good position. She is now thinking about her infatuation, Gary calls out for help asking if he should broil them now, sounds like slop chips. Jillian goes in to flip them for him. Talla remains on display by the pool in short shorts (pink) and a tight fitting white tank top.

11:37PM BBT Jillian goes to store room to get Applebutter BBQ sauce and says it is sweet like molasses. Gary is going to put three different sauces on his slop chips. Gary putting his chips back in the oven to broil and Jillian advises three minutes and not ten.

11:39PM BBT Jillian asks Talla if she is busy and after a delay she says she is not that busy. Gary now back outside by the tool with her. Jillian into the WA. Talla remarks correctly that she has too much makeup on her face. Now she is reviewing her answer to the question on the broadcast and says that when she is under pressure she messes up. BB calls Gary to the DR and he asks if he can eat. BB tells him to hurry up then says that he can bring some in the DR with him. Emmett into the kitchen and starting to peel an orange with a knife. Talla running in asking if she can go get her bandana and she retrieves it successfully. Jillian putting on make-up in WA likely in preparation for her upcoming DR session.

11:44PM BBT Emmett eating the orange, Talla in the WA too washing out her swimsuit in the shower. She tells Jillian that she does not know what to do now, she is not even unpacked. She thinks it is late but asks if the lights are dim. She checks the BR and finds the lights are still bright. She asks Emmett why all his stuff is no the bed in the BR then asks to try on his hat. She walks out of the room with a running commentary that she is going to go tan by herself and go think about her life. She gets distraced by the kitchen and calls out to Emmett OVEN. She discovered Gary;s chips and says if she did not find them they would be smoke by now. Gary returns and says it needs to come out right now. Jillian and Emmett whispering in WA and he says we gotta wait for POV. Talla now lying down on the couch in the kitchen. Gary says he is going to glaze the other side of his chips even though they are getting burned.

11:48PM BBT Gary says he thinks he needs to bake the chips, he likes baking. Talla agrees then says that this is almost over. Gary tells her six more days, girl. She is now talking about how she thought she could hide this morning but the bird cockled away. Gary pouring more sauce on the chips and Emmett asking if it burned. He is going to bake it for five minutes. Talla and Emmett now in the backyard to toss the football. She does not catch very well but says she will work on it.

11:52PM BBT Talla doing a running commentary on their playing catch. Gary still in kitchen. Jillian off camera.

11:54PM BBT Talla asks how she is supposed to catch the ball and Emmett advises her, "with your hands like all the other ones." He says that she only catches every fourth one. She thinks she is good but he says that she sucks. He tells her to grab it at the back of the ball. She throws one that goes past him into the pool. She says it was a good throw and he says it was crap like all her other throws. [is he working to get her vote or not?? - DRG]

11:57PM BBT Emmett says she wants to catch it run to it like you want it. He says she is tensing up and getting scared at the last minute. She says she is afraid it will hurt her and he says it will not. She is waiting till too late and he tells her to be more aggressive. He catches her closing her eyes and tells her not to do that. She is really pretty bad, but is trying and is being a pretty good sport about his criticism. He is not attacking her the way Andrew did, but is being brutally honest in his remarks and guidance.

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11:12 PM BBT live feeds are back. Emmett, Jillian, Gary are in the KT. Talla is in the BY. Gary is out the the prisoners outfit.

11:16 PM BBT Jillian steps out to the BY Talla tells Jillian she’s funny. Talla tells Jillian this is her 4th HoH.

11:17 PM BBT Jillian and Talla discuss who goes on the block and the outcomes of each person and who wins POV. Talla asks Jillian if she would consider putting Gary and Emmett up, Jillian tells her she won’t be mad. Talla yells out “Thank you! Thank you! You saved me a speech.” Jillian tells Gary who is in the kitchen that heard Talla yell that they weren’t talking about him.

11:24 PM BBT Jillian asks Gary to join her and Talla to the hot tub. They head to the hot tub but said it was cold so they head back to the pool in the BY. Talla asks if the cold or warm and tells them the water is higher in the pool. Talla says “can you believe it? We are the final four”. Jillian and Talla discuss that Talla has broken the curse about being the pawn 3 times without being sent out. Jillian then talks about the previous pawns that were sent home. Gary is eating barbeque sauce like its pudding.

11:30 PM BBT Jillian says she feels like everyone did a lot of talking. Gary says he feels that there was not enough group time for everyone to get to know each other. Talla says no one really chilled back.

11:32 PM BBT Gary says he feels that the only way to get farther in the game when he was HoH, was to get Tom out.

11:34 PM BBT Gary says he doesn’t want to throw stuff out anymore, rather to pack it and put it in the attic. Jillian tells him not to, it is called hoarding. Gary leaves the BY and goes to the KT, Talla then tells Jillian they are in a good place. Gary yells out to Jillian “Do I broil these?” Jillian heads back to the KT to help Gary. Emmett is no where to be seen, Jillian mentioned earlier he was in the DR.

11:40 PM BBT Gary says he doesn’t know where to sit when he is going to eat. Jillian says out loud “I really, really, really, really, really, really, want self-tanner.” Emmett is out the DR room and heads to the KT. BB tells Gary to go to the DR. Gary asks if he can eat first. BB tells him it will be quick. Gary tells Emmett to take out the food out of the stove at 12:20 AM so the food doesn't get burnt.

11:45 PM BBT Talla brings Emmett to the BR. Talla asks if she can try on Emmett cowboy hat. Emmett heads to the bathroom where Jillian is putting on makeup. Emmett and Jillian discuss they have to wait for Veto to see what happens and try and work out what’s best for them. Gary heads back to the KT where Talla is. Talla thinks she hears music and asks Gary if he hears it too, Gary says he doesn’t.

11:51 PM BBT Talla and Emmet are in the BY playing catch with a football. Gary is in the KT preparing a meal. Gary yells out to Emmett “Emmett I’m working out tomorrow”. Jillian is in the DR.

11:53 PM BBT Talla is doing okay with catching the football though she looks scared, throwing the ball needs improvement. Emmett tells Talla she’s doing horrible, tells her not to be scared and telling her she needs to want the ball, be aggressive, and not to close her eyes.

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Wow! I can't believe how fast this is moving, and that Sunday will be our last day covering the feeds together. Don't be shy, you can still join the elite ranks of Big Brother Live Feed Updaters. Watch the feeds and post an update. This thread is closed, and we've started on Friday's crap, I mean stuff-- updates.

Please continue updating here:


Thanks Everyone!



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