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April 24 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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11:08PM BBT: Talla is in the pool, dancing, and Gary is rapping "make a wave pool make a, make a wave pool" to her booty dancing. Talla heads inside and changes out of bathing suit. Gary heads up to the HoH room and starts talking to Emmett. Gary says he's pissed off two people, Talla and Andrew. He says he regretted it immediately after. Andrew comes up and watches the chess game. Talla heads up to the HoH as well, and asks Emmett if she can listen to his iPod.

11:15PM BBT: Talla tries to figure out what a certain song is, and starts singing some of the lyrics, and BB tells her to stop singing. Gary sings a bit, and BB tells him to stop singing. They're quick on the button. We get SotH for a minute.

11:20PM BBT: Emmett and Gary still playing chess as Andrew watches. Talla is still dancing while listening to Emmett's iPod and periodically drinks her wine. Jillian is in the DR.

11:30PM BBT: Talla and Gary head downstairs to pour glasses of red wine. Gary tells Talla before he was evicted, he was gunning for 1st place, but since coming in, he doesn't think he would win 1st.

11:38PM BBT: Gary tells Talla that people respect Jillian's game because she's made big moves and got big players out. Gary says that the Jury house has said they respect Talla's game because she's still in the game and laid low. Gary says that the only way Talla would win the 100K would be to take him. He'd be happy with 20K, he'd clap for her. Gary says that if Talla wins HoH, then he'd have the sole vote if he wins POV. He says that the one with the penis is going home. He's not sending out a vagina. Jillian comes out of the DR and Gary and Talla tell her that if they sing one more song then they'll all be punished. All three of them head up to the HoH and Emmett heads to the DR.

11:43PM BBT: Jillian and Talla booty pop and dance. Gary lays down and cuddles next to Andrew. He apparently licked Andrew's arm and then started tickling him. Jillian whines that she wants to sing and Andrew asks her if it's worth a massive punishment for the house. Andrew asks what they've drank. Gary jokes that Andrew is being too uptight. Emmett is out of the DR.

11:50PM BBT: Jillian says that red wine makes her really drunk. Gary is listening to the iPod, and is dancing with Talla. Andrew and Emmett are playing chess. Jillian asks Talla what her mother would think. Gary laughs and says "Yeah, that's what everyone wants to hear while booty poppin on the ground" It's now Talla's turn with the iPod again. SotH.

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12:14PM BBT [i was gone for the night, but had to come back to pass along to Jillian that her lesson for this life may come when she watches this back and decides not to verbalize every half-baked idea that comes into her head. - DRG]

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12:01AM BBT:Emmett and Andrew playing chess. Jillian telling Gary about a story about her family and a cat.

12:10AM BBT: Jillian is still telling her story and her voice is getting very loud.

12:15AM BBT: Andrew and Emmett take a break from chess. Talla is listening to music and dancing on the bed. And we have Soth.

12:20AM BBT: We continue to have Soth.

12:26AM BBT: Feeds return Emmett brushing his teeth. Talla sounding tipsy talking to Jillian. Feeds cutting in and out.

12:32AM BBT: We still have Soth.

12:58AM BBT: We continue to have Soth.

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8:50AM BBT: The HGs are up early today. BB started hitting the buzzer at 8:15 because Talla was sleeping on the couch. Talla is very hung over and Emmett forces her to take a shower to wake up so they don't get in trouble for her sleeping. As Emmett leaves the bathroom, he yells back to Talla and says, "And turn the water on or I'll come in and do it for you." Emmett told Andrew about putting Talla in the shower, "Are you kidding me?" You can hear Talla screaming from the shower.

9:00AM BBT: Talla comes out of the shower and complaining that BB got them up so early. Talla's very wobbly on her feet and BB switches to the FotH screen. She comes out of the bathroom stall and announces she's going to puke and we get the FotH screen again.

9:10AM BBT: The feeds return and BB is asking Talla to put on her microphone. In the HoH room, Emmett and Andrew are playing chess. In the bedroom, Talla is asking Gary what she did last night, while Gary does his make-up.

9:12AM BBT: Once again, Talla says she thinks she's gonna puke and BB puts up the Hush, Hush screen.

9:16AM BBT: The feeds are back. Talla is sitting at the bathroom mirror saying, "Why the fuck would I get four hours sleep? I'm going to being fucking miserable all day."

9:20AM BBT: Talla is up in the HoH room complaining that she can't find her earring. She says Andrew was mean to her last night and Andrew corrects her and says, "I only said, 'Get off my bed you asshole'." Talla continues to whine about her earring.

9:38AM BBT: The big news is that Emmett just put Andrew in checkmate [i think Andrew's going to really feel checkmated on Thursday.] Jillian is tidying up the kitchen, while Talla applies her make-up and continues to complain about her missing earring; she's alone in the bathroom, but she continues to talk.

9:45AM BBT: Andrew's asking Emmett about life on the farm, and how everyone at home is probably working hard while Emmett's just hanging out playing chess. Emmett says at this time of year they will be harrowing the fields, which means to till them and ready them for planting hay.

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10:00AM BBT: Andrew doing a little campaigning to Gary in the BR as he does his makeup. Andrew tells him he doesn't have any deals with anyone beside the deal with them to get to final 4. Gary tells him "I don't know who put it in your head that I was after you." Andrew says "I think it was Peter and Alec manipulating everyone." Gary says with this game you have to go with your gut, conversations have to feel real. He knows that there was nothing real with him and Tom.

10:04AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian still sniggled up in the HoH. Emmett says "2 people are going to walk out the door tomorrow. Tomorrow night there is going to be 3 people in this house." Jillian jokingly says "If I am one of them I won't for you. What if you promised to take me to final 2 then drop me like that guy did." Emmett says "That guy, that guy was just in our house his name is Dan Gheesling."

10:12AM BBT: Andrew tells Gary that he knows that the next HoH is going to be standing in a booth with a or b questions. Andrew leaves the BR and says he is going to the HT. Talla joins Emmett and Jillian in the HoH. She refuses to admit she is hungover. Talla asks Jillian "Did Monaghan (Andrew) say anything?" before Jillian says anything Andrew walks in to see if Emmett is ready for the HT.

10:20AM BBT: The guys leave. Talla says "Can someone please tell me what I said last night, Andrew says I was really mean." Jillian says she doesn't really remember last night. Talla says she was worried that she was going to tell him he was going home." Jillian says "You were just giving him little gabs. Sorry your just worried about coming out of this as a bigger person by apologizing." Jillian agrees that's what he tried to do. "You brought up the bees knees comp and how he had a smirk on his face when they told us we were all dq'ed." Jillian is called to the DR.

10:32AM BBT: Jillian and Gary whispering in the BR. Jillian thinking if it's possible she throw the HoH to Gary and he throw the veto to her. Gary sasy the vote is would get from the jury is Topaz. He giggles and says he is OK with winning $20,000. Jillian says "In the final 3 I'm going to do what's best for me to win." Gary says "Sometimes it's good to have blood on your hands." Jillian says "there are some people I don't want to win." Gary says "I do not want Talla to do and Andrew already has $10,000."

10:45AM BBT: Talla gets buzzed in the HoH to wake up. Jillian heads up there and says she is going to teach Talla how to play chess. Talla closes her eyes and Jillian goes back to the KT and asks Gary if he wants to play. Emmett and Andrew sharing life stories at the HT.

10:51AM BBT: Gary takes his bowl of slop and joins Jillian in the HoH for a game of chess. Talla still laying on the couch.

11:00AM BBT: Emmett and Andrew talking about cars, motorcycles and 4 wheelers. The other 3 in the HoH are very very quiet.

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11:10AM BBT: Emmett and Andrew discuss how Talla is hungover but will near admit it. Emmett says "She is a piece of work." Andrew says "and they are both probably up in your room. That's what I liked about my room, no one ever was up there." Emmett says "What was Gary's task?" They don't really know. Something about Gary screaming help me. Andrew says "It's about time to have some lunch." They head in.

11:17AM BBT: Andrew jumped in the pool, Emmett went to the WC. Talla seems to be sleeping on the HoH sofa while Gary and Jillian silently play chess. [sorry that's still all I got for ya.]

11:22AM BBT: Emmett lays on the HoH bed. Jillian hates when he watches her, it makes her feel stupid. Emmett starts to tell them moves. Gary tells him basically to be be quiet and he can't do that. "Emmett thinks he is the chess champ. When you can beat someone in 3 moves come talk to me." Emmett is told to put on his mic and he heads downstairs to get it. Andrew is now in the shower.

11:40AM BBT: Jillian is called to the DR. We hear her says "Hello and then Thank you." She gets the the HoH stairs and is called back in. Andrew says "Weren't you just there?" She says "Yea but they just gave me a pill so I thought they didn't need me." Andrew continues to make his sandwich in the KT. Emmett explaining what Jillian should do as her move in he chess game.

11:46AM BBT: Emmett says "How are they letting Talla sleep. She is gonna be more rested for tomorrow." Gary tells her to wake up. Emmett tells her "BB says we are allowed to annoy you because they are tried of buzzing you." She says she wasn't sleeping. [Of course she was]

11:51AM BBT: Gary leaves the HoH. Talla asks Emmett if Andrew has said anything, Does he think he's staying? Emmett nods yes. She asks "how did that convo go?" He says "It didn't that's why he thinks he's staying. Just like you do." Talla says "Milkman." Emmett continuing to tell her to sit up and stop sleeping. He says "It's not fair you get to sleep and we don't" She yells "Milkman."

11:57AM BBT: Talla rambles on and on about something and it makes no sense. At the end of it she says "Wait what was I saying?" Emmett says "I don't know." Andrew brings his sandwich upstairs. Gary is sitting alone in the hallway that leads outside.

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2:00 PM BBT - All HG's are in the HOH room, the ladies are playing a game of chess and the guys are sitting around talking about computers. Pretty dull conversation so far, but at least they are talking, eh?! Talla is cheering, she is so happy that she took out one of Jillians pieces.

2:10 PM - Gary didn't get into school, Andrew says maybe he will get accepted now that he is Glitter Gary. Gary says he took the degree because he just wanted to take one course, a collage course. Gary wants the ketchup because BB will allow him to eat it, Jillian passes the bottle to Gary and he squirts it directly into his mouth. BB calls Emmitt to the DR.

2:15 - SotH

2:20 PM BBT - Emmitt is back from DR, Gary thinks he is going to pioneer a new generation of voguing. Andrew says he is lost on what Gary is trying to explain, "like Madonna?" he asks. Gary says Madonna isn't so respected by the gay crowd because some outfit she wore once. Gary says he's never seen anyone vogue on BB before. Andrew says no one on BB has ever been like Gary. Andrew doesn't understand why it makes such a big difference if Glitter comes before or after Gary, Gary says he will explain it outside of the house.

2:25 PM - Gary is upset he told his Grandma he was going to school but then he wasn't accepted. All his family has degrees, and says he will someday. He wants to own a museum one day, but he wants to know what he is talking about first. Andrew says his family also has degrees and he doesn't - it's fine. The chess game is over, Talla doesn't want to give it up. She wants to play again. Jillian goes all Bad Teacher voice on Talla, telling her she is so selfish. The guys are talking about tattoos, Andrew doesn't like hipsters who get tattoos that mean nothing.

2:30 PM - The guys are trying to explain what a Hipster is to Talla. There is general chit chat about tattoos they have seen people get. They're talking about science class and what dissecting they got to do, Gary says he really struggled in Math. Jillia says she is tired, she wants a three hour nap. Gary claims to be fading away, losing a pound a day due to slop. Emmitt says he lost 2.5 pds a day while on slop.

2:45 PM - Jillian and Andrew playing chess, chit chat has died down considerably. Jillian tells Emmitt has hit the ultimate low by giving out strategies against her. Talla is being Talla, asking random stupid questions and asking where they learned the answers. Andrew says it's a thing called school. Gary tells Talla he respects every teacher she has ever had. They had patience with her. They chat about school and Talla recounts being put in a locker, but wouldn't rat out who did it to the principal.

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2:55 PM - The game is over, Talla spends about 5 minutes trying to get someone to play with her (no one wants to, I wonder why?). Finally, Emmitt agrees to play Talla and she is very appreciative. Gary, JIllian and Andrew are in the KT. Jillian and Gary go to the BR, they talk about people not being themselves in the house. They say Talla is not as stupid as she plays she is. For example, where she works and how she plays chess. Jillian says shes not common sense smart, but she is not that stupid. Jillian mentions a few of the comps that Jillian didn't do well in that Talla did. Jill says as long as one of them wins HOH, they'll be ok.

3:10 PM - Gary does Jillians face in the BR, they talk about possible HOH comps. Gary worries that Talla will win it. He wants Talla out next week and Em, Jill and himself as the final three. Emmitt and Andrew are in the Hot Tub, they talk about what would be happening if Gary didn't come back in. Well, Andrew is talking about it...again, and Emmitt tells him it's only 7 days left. Andrew thinks there is 8 days, Em says 7 days not counting today. Gary still talking about Talla knowing how to play chess. Jillian says she still thinks they can beat Talla easier than they can Andrew and Gary agrees.

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3:20 PM - Jillian tells Gary she worries Gary and Em are not going to take her to finals. She wonders who Talla would bring if she wins Veto, Gary says he thinks Talla would bring Jillian. Jillian tells him she thinks her best chance is against Talla or Gary, but she wants Em to make final three. Gary continues to pump Jillians tires with Jury house lies, how they all respect her in the jury house. The guys are in the hot tub talking about Talla being a floater, there to keep their numbers up and have her vote with them. Andrew says he didn't know Lala was friends with Tom, Em says he couldn't stand her since the beginning of the game. (It's hard to hear Andrew because of the jets). Talla has joined Jillian and Gary in the bedroom, Jillian is loving the pampering. Gary leaves to get something, the ladies quickly whisper about Gary (so quietly that I can't hear them).

3:30 PM BBT - Andrew is telling Em he like talking with Em, but when it's the five of them...not so much. Emmitt says all the other ones talk about is engagement rings. Em doesn't like the way Talla talks about growing up without milk on the table, that bugs him because he thinks she should appreciate the little things, not worry about an engagement ring and how much it has to cost. Andrew says every once in a while, Talla can have a decent conversation with Talla, but if anyone else is around or a camera - forget about it! The guys then talk about why people would lie about their jobs, like Danielle about being a nurse and about BB season 14.

3:40 PM BBT - Jillian asks how many stitches Topaz had to get from the You've Got Mail comp, Gary tells her she had to get two of them. Gary is taking his sweet time doing Jillians makeup ( I don't think beauty pageant contestants even spend that much time on Makeup). Emmitt and Andrew still in the hot tub, talking about which of the remaining HG's could use the $100,000 and how they would spend it. Andrew doesn't think Gary or Talla want anything but the fame, really.

3:53 PM BBT - The bedroom is quiet as Gary works on Jills eye makeup, it's almost an hour later and he is still "highlighting" her lids. The hot tub conversation is about motorcycles costing less than a car. Andrew says he works for an Insurance company but knows nothing about insurance in Canada, he works for UK company. He says he was lucky to get the job, - not lucky per say, but at the right time and right place to get the job. Emmitt recounts a story about his family saving up to buy a business (i think, hard to hear in the HT area at times) but the owner passed away during the negotiations.

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4:01 PM - Andrew bugs Emmitt that he is going to get a call from Playboy, saying they heard he is the thong master - would he like to do a spread for the magazine? Emmitt laughs, and they talk about nudity and having family see. Would they do it for 50,000? (Andrew, maybe you'll get the offer for a fetish magazine. Vampires or something like that?) They talk about potential HG's who would do it, Andrew says they have had some good looking girls this season. Conversation is now back to the BBUSA season 14.

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5:00pm BBT - There has been nothing of significance to report. Gary finally finished Jillian's face. Emmett and Andrew are working out in the BY, Jillian, Talla and Gary in the KT.

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6:00pm BBT - The HG are increasingly convinced tomorrow will be a double eviction (BB has not publicly said, but they can count like we can). Emmett and Andrew are still working out in the BY. Jillian and Talla are having girl time in the passage way between the BY and the HT. OK, it's mostly Talla talking. No sign of Gary at the moment. But ladies, I recommend Feed 3. Just sayin'.

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7:34 PM BBT

Gary still having trouble with his ball and chain. "Billy don't play that game. He looks good but he can stand to lose a few links." Emmett trying to help him fix it.

Andrew is eating a chocolate covered ice cream treat.

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8:02 PM BBT

Gary is vacuuming up the glass as Talla talks at him. He is concerned that someone will cut themselves if it doesn't get cleaned up.

Jillian and Emmett laugh and play in the pool. Then start making out.

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8:41 PM BBT

Feeds are back. Jillian getting ready to join Emmett in the hot tub. Talla and Andrew are chatting with him. Still no sign of Gary. Brief talk about medical care gets us a BB warning about talking about production and a SOTH.

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8:54 PM BBT

Talla just finished talking for 10 minutes straight. [i still have no idea what she was talking about - ZuZu]. She's not a morning person, nor will she ever be. Emmett and Jillian are up in HOH in the shower/bath.

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8:00 PM BBT Emmett and Jillian are in the HoH room taking a shower together. Talla is in the KT preparing a meal. No sign of Gary, and Andrew is getting dress.

8:04 PM BBT talla is making something with beef and needs marinara sauce thinking she needs to make chilli. Talla goes to the HoH and asks Jillian and Emmett who are taking a shower a together and asks what she would used instead of marinara sauce. Jilliana tells her she doesn’t need marinara sauce and she will come out in a bit to help her cook. Talla heads back down to the KT to start cooking.

8:08 PM BBT Emmett heads down to the KT. Andrew and Talla are now both in the KT. Emmett and Andrew head out the BY. Talla talks to herself says, “If he doesn’t go home…” mumbles to herself.

8:12 PM BBT Emmett sets up chess, as Andrew tells Emmett that he had to clean up the broken glass because Talla didn’t want to. Emmett mentions to Andrew that Talla is watching them from the KT. Andrew says “Unbelievable, unbelievable…” seems like they are annoyed of Talla. Emmett and Andrew move their game of chess in the hallway between the BY and hot tub, to get away from Talla.

8:15 PM BBT Emmett goes back the KT to get a glass of milk. Talla askes Emmett they should spend time together. Emmett doesn’t respond. Talla asks if he changed his mind (to keep her). Emmett walks away like he didn’t hear her. Talla tells Emmett “good talk.”

8:17 PM BBT Emmett goes back to Andrew. Andrew tells Emmett he is frustrated with Jillian. Emmett doesn’t say anything, as they begin their game of chess.

8:25 PM BBT SotH

8:26 PM BBT Live feeds are back. Andrew and Emmett heads back to the KT. Talla asks Emmett and Andrew what happened (to their game of chess). Emmett tells her Andrew won in 4 moves.

8:29 PM BBT Emmett heads to the pantry then to the HoH room. Talla and Andrew are in the KT talking about cooking. Talla finds out from Andrew that canned beans are already cooked.

8:30 PM BBT Jillian asks Emmett if Gary came back yet. Feeds get cut and come back.

8:32 PM BBT Talla and Andrew are in the KT talking about beer in Europe and how much it costs. Talla is surprised that beer is expensive in Europe. Andrew tells Talla if he buys a beer here that costs $6.00 here and goes to Europe the same beer can cost $10.00 for a bottle but he would still pay for it.

8:35 PM BBT Talla complains to Andrew that the KT is a mess now. Andrew reminds her that there was cooking going on. Talla then complains that when someone uses the dishes they just leave it there and doesn’t clean it up. Andrew tells her that Canada doesn’t know the behind the scenes where the hardest thing you have to deal with are peoples habits, like not leaving the toilet seat down for the women in the house, or taking out the trash.

8:38 PM BBT Jillian heads to the KT and asks Talla if shes figured everything out. Talla tells her she found beans. Jillian heads the bathroom.

8:40 PM BBT Andrew heads to the bathroom to get away from Talla, asks Jillian what she uses the lubricant for, Jillian tells Andrew is for something that she has and doesn’t want to go into details. They both head back to the KT.

8:45 PM BBT Jillian heads to the HoH room and asks if Emmett has eaten dinner and then talks about how they are getting better in voting ratios for evections. Then they talk about how unanimous the votes from week 5. BB tells Jillian to fix her mic, Jillian asks Emmett if she would like to repeat herself but clearer for Emmett, Jillian changes the subject and tells Emmett that she is going to eat dinner and then cereal for breakfast tomorrow. Jillian and Emmett head downstairs. Jillian goes to the KT and Emmett heads to the living room and looks upon the HG’s photos, it looks like he is thinking of a plan.

8:52 PM BBT Talla is in the KT trying to figuring out how to drain a can of beans, asks Jillian and Andrew tells Jillian not to help her as a joke (or he really doesn’t want anyone helping Talla ). Talla looks like she having a hard time cooking. Jillian tastes her cooking and suggests Talla use chilli powder, Talla didn’t know that chilli powder helps chilli takes like chilli.

8:57 PM BBT Talla says “I’m so proud of myself, I made chilli for the first time, poor Gary will be on slop forever.”

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10:01PM BBT Talla cooking and complimenting her concoction as really good. Andrew announces he is going to eat an ice cream bar. He does not think he should but he will anyway. He says there better be an orange one and then asks if anyone else wants one while Uncle Fatty if getting one. He carries his creamsicle to the living room couch and joins the whispering couple. Jillian calls out, "Daddy I miss you." to which Andrew instantly replies He is not watching. She says her dad loves her and she is his baby. Andrew again challenges her saying she is not the youngest. Jillian says she thinks she is her dad's favorite. Andrew wonders how late it is now. He thinks it is almost 11. He wants to go to bed soon but Jillian says they can't because they are getting buzzed all over the place.

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