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April 20 [Saturday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


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11:09PM BBT: Everyone is sitting at the dining room table. They argue about attractiveness vs. personality. Emmett gets called to the DR. He puts on a hat before going into the DR. Jillian yells at him to wear his hair straight.

11:15PM BBT: Talla and Gary serve up dinner. Talla does a prayer and asks the Big Brother gods for more alcohol. BB tells Talla there is a third pitcher of alcohol in the storage room.

11:22PM BBT: Gary says that since he's in the fashion industry, he has to judge someone by their appearance, down the the most miniscule thing. They chat about how a person could be ugly, and how a person's personality could make them more attractive. Lots of opinions clashings. Talla wants nothing to do with the conversation.

11:29PM BBT: Andrew considers himself moderately attractive, because his Mum told him so, and he has to look at his hunky twin brother everyday. They once again debate personality vs attractiveness.

11:35PM BBT: Jillian says she generally dates quiet boys. Her friends will get upset because she's so bubbly and he's quiet. Jillian starts painting her nails. Gary says he wants to get married before he's 30, and never wants to get divorced.

11:51PM BBT: Andrew says he's going to bed soon. Andrew heads up to the HoH room with Jillian. Andrew says he's seriously pissed. Jillian says she trusts him as much as she trusts Emmett. Andrew says he's a man of his word. Andrew say's he doesn't want there to be another twist next week where he would go home.

11:58PM BBT: Jillian wanders the HoH room alone. Talla, Andrew and Gary are downstairs chatting about relationships. Emmett comes out from the DR and tries the kebab that they left for him.

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12:05AM BBT: Gary,Andrew and Talla in KT drinking, Gary is calling out to Jillian and Emmett to have their drink. Talla is begging Emmett for his drink.

12:10AM BBT: Jillian is trying to do the HG freeze game with everyone. Jillian is now talking about Andrew brother that came into the house, they are telling Gary all about everyone who came into the house. GAry is doing his dance routines.

12:24AM BBT: The Hgs talking in KT, Gary and Talla still drinking. General chit chat.

12:35AM BBT: Jillian is telling the Hgs about facts of life. lots of different conversation going on.

12:48AM BBT: Talla showing Jillian some dance moves. Gary is showing the girls some flava moves. Emmett is tired and going to bed. Andrew is going to play chest.

12:54AM BBT: Talla is telling Andrew that she cannot talk about talking with Talla because it is not part of the show.

12:57AM BBT: Talla and Gary is getting ready to go in the HT. Andrew,Jillian and Emmett playing chest in HoH.

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1:05AM BBT: Gary and Talla in HT general chit chat about kissing. Jillian joins HT crew and they are now toasting a drink.

1:16AM BBT: Jillian said she may get a tattoo sometime. Emmett and Andrew still playing chess.

1:27AM BBT: Gary and Talla is now in the pool. Gary is singing his glitter song. Jillian is on the massage chair,

1:42AM BBT: Andrew and Emmett in HoH, Andrew said if they have a twist and Canada votes again Emmett said have faith my friend. Jillian looks very tipsy after drinking too much from the pitcher.Emmett said he is going to the Pov tomorrow and he does not care who wins.

1:50AM BBT: Andrew is now in bed. Gary and Talla still in pool Gary stop drinking because Emmett asked him to because of the PoV.

1:54AM BBT: Talla is now in the KT still drinking looks like she is forcing to finish her drink.

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8:50 AM BBT HG's are all up and getting ready. Gary and Emmett are in the BR, Gary is applying his makeup, and Emmett is getting dressed. Talla is in the bathroom drying her hair. Jillian and Andrew are in the KT.

9:00 AM BBT SotH

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10:00AM BBT: We still have SotH

10:12AM BBT: Dan Gheesling is not in the house yet as he just tweeted: Good morning. ;) No, I'm not in the @BigBrotherCA house yet, but I will be soon. Anything special you want me to do in there? :) #BBCAN

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11:36AM BBT: Feeds are back. Talla telling Andrew she feels like he is mad that he is on the block and not her.

11:38AM BBT: Jillian and Gary are in the KT generally talking and the topic is food. Talla and Andrew in the WA. Andrew is getting annoyed that Talla is cutting him off. He is upset that he is on the block 2 weeks in a row. Talla says she was on the block 2 weeks in a row. Talla says "You're being more shady this week, to me that tells me you will be turn on me." Andrew says "Give me a break." She thinks it's better he is on the block as he has a better chance at winning veto.

11:41AM BBT: They're little argument backs up and Andrew says "I don't want you to think I'm being shady." She says "That's not the word I wanted to use." They go to the KT. Andrew is called to the DR. Emmett is getting dressed in the BR.

11:45AM BBT: Talla asks Jillian and Emmett if she should eat a cupcake or workout. Gary is doing something weird with the tiles in the hallway to the BR. He is pushing on them and looking in between them. Talla is telling her conversation with Andrew to Jillian in the KT. Jillian, Emmett and Talla head upstairs to the HoH.

11:48AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett are playing a game of chess while Talla is laying in their bed and says she is taking a nap and to walk her up in one or two hours. The game is paused as Emmett is called to the DR. Gary is walking around the house counting cameras now.

11:54AM BBT: Gary gets to the BR and writes down how many cameras he counted. The camera zooms in to him. Andrew is laying in bed in the BR.

11:57AM BBT: Gary says he going to nap as well. He starts to take off his shoes and necklaces and says he is going to get in his nap attire.

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12:06PM BBT: Emmett out of DR and Jillian gets called in. Emmett sits on his couch listening to music. We can faintly hear the music until i assume they turn his mic down. Talla is still trying to fall asleep. Gary and Andrew seem to be asleep or trying to.

12:15PM BBT: BB announces this is there 15 minute warning that all HGs must be inside. Jillian now out of the DR and back at the chess game.

12:20PM BBT: Dan has just tweeted a pic of a BB envelope that is addressed 'HOUSE GUESTS' and says: Any guesses as to what's in this letter the @BigBrotherCA Houseguests are about to receive? #BBCAN

12:26PM BBT: The letter has been delivered!! The roaster alarm goes off!

12:28PM BBT: Andrew gets out of bed and goes to the KT sofa. They are now on Indoor Lock Down. The letter is sitting on the floor just inside the front door. No one is going to notice it up there so I'm assuming there are going to have to tell someone.

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12:40PM BBT: "BB is sending a special guest into the house for a sleep over this guest has endeared what you are so use them as you see fit.". Jillian and Emmett think it will be Boogie or Will. Andrew seems very mad about this letter. "I just want to do veto." Emmett, Jillian and Andrew head up to the HoH.

12:43PM BBT: Andrew is truly upset about this. "I just want to play this game and get these assholes out of here." Andrew is ranting like crazy. He is also upset that Talla grabbed the letter and read it. He is now telling them about the conversation he had with Talla. Talla and Gary are getting ready in the BR. Talla is freaking out with excitement.

12:46PM BBT: Andrew says "Get ready not to say a thing cause those two will talk there ear off." Andrew just said "Imagine it's Dan." and laughs. He says "I hope its someone they hate." Jillian wants it to be Hayden cause he is her number 1, she forgot he could be a possibility.

12:49PM BBT: Talla asks Gary if he wants to help her clean up. He says "If everyone is in on that." But Talla is called to the DR. Jillian says "I love it how Gary takes his time to come when they are calling him. That's why I was saying read it without him." Andrew says "I would love to really go off on one of those 2." Jillian says "Well do it, I want to see it and feel it." Andrew says "Yea so I get in to final 2 and they don't vote for me."

12:53PM BBT: Andrew says "This is nothing but a segment for the tv show. What possible strategies could they help us." Talla is sitting in the KT and says she is just going to stare at the door. Andrew now called to the DR.

1:00PM BBT: Talla is freaking out all alone in the KT. She keeps saying "this is crazy, OMG, I'm scared."

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1:03PM BBT: Emmett now called to the DR. Seems like everyone is being called to the DR before Dan come in. Jillian tells Andrew she will be excited no matter who it is. Andrew says "I will only be excited if they say it's time to play the veto."

1:05PM BBT: Jillian tells Andrew "If it is Hayden I will kiss him." Talla keeps telling herself to calm down.

1:07PM BBT: Jillian says "People are going to get tired of these twists. It's becoming their game. Why don't we just sit here and what for them to tell us who gets evicted." Emmett out and now Jillian heading in the DR. Talla heads upstairs and Andrew says "Great here comes Lala." Andrew asks Talla who she would like it to be. She answers "Evel Dick, Dan, Chilltown." Andrew thinks it will be someone who promotes the shows. They all seem to think it will be Boogie or Will or Harden. Emmett doesn't think it will be Will cause he is done with BB.

1:12PM BBT: Andrew says "It will be funny if its a big US person and Alec and Peter aren't here. Maybe you should of played a better game boys." Jillian goes into the SR and gets a bottle of pills and looks like she is going to cry saying "Thank you, this means so much to me, I love you you're the best big brother ever." They are a digestive aid.

1:18PM BBT: Talla goes tot the SR, talking to herself saying she is so annoyed that he is raining on her parade, they are so rude and arrogant and bitter. Emmett and alone with Jillian saying "This isn't good for us, what if they start telling Talla to play for herself." Jillian trying to tell Emmett that he needs to look at this as a good thing maybe he can help them to who get out. Emmett says "I don't need them to help."

1:25PM BBT: Gary out of the DR (The last person since the letter) and we get SotH.

1:29PM BBT: Feeds are back! No Dan yet.

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2:16 PM BBT - Dan is in the house!

The HG's and Dan are sitting on the couch, chatting in the LR. Dan says that he is spending the night

Talls is introducing herself, her life. She says she works in the mental health field, Dan asks if that's why she is in the house. They all laugh about it. Andrew tells Dan they call her Lala.

Emmitt introduces himself, short and sweet. Now Gary introduces himself. Jillian says Gary was evicted but now he is back. Dan asks - So what are you doing here? Dan says if he was final four and someone came back in, his mind would be blown.

2:20 PM BBT - The HG's list off the cast already gone. The HG's say he had the best funeral ever. Dan introduces himself and goes over his BB history.

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2:20 PM BBT - Dan says he has a special announcement for them. BB says to stand by. Gary tells Dan he will be swallowing glitter tonight. BB says - go ahead.

Dan -I''m dressed in all black for a reason. Not for my funeral, but for one of their funerals tonight. He has the power to evict one person tonight, based on who loves the game. The each get to tell him about their love for the game.

Gary goes first, about watching since he was a kid. He's a target since day one since he has been himself. Dan appreciates hius honest answer.

Jillian says she grew to love the game by being there. She loves to compete and goes over what she has won. She loves being there and competeing and does not want to go home.

Talla says she said if BB came to Canada, she would make herself be on the show, now she is. She says she hasn't won anything yet, but has come close. She is nervous and shy.

Andrew says his brother and him love it, but Pete couldn't go because of his family. He says what he won and how he got blood on his hand, like getting Gary out. He wants to win for his family. He had a complex coming in because of his age, but was told to stop talking about it.

Emmitt says he loves the show. He is there for the thrills, and the twists. Says he brouyght himself in as a physical threat.

Dan says he is excited to be there with who is left. Anytime in the game someone wants to talk to you alone, you've been misted. They all laugh at his signature line. Jillian says that stresses her out so much. Emmitt tells Dan he is HOH and hasn't put anyone up yet.

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1:30PM BBT: Andrew in bed in the BR. Gary fixing his makeup in the BR and Emmett also in the BR. Talla and Jillian are in the WA brushing teeth and fixing makeup an feeds cut to SotH again.

1:51PM BBT: Feeds return and they are now unlocked from the bedroom wing. Talla goes to investigate and there is the word "Who?" written in ketchup on the KT counter.

1:52PM BBT: They think it will Peter cause he loved ketchup. Emmett complains that it stinks and goes up tot the HoH. Jillian and Andrew in the WA. Andrew still complaining that he just wants to play veto and doesn't care about this. Jillian walks out and notices that there is another chair at the dining room table.

1:55PM BBT: Talla walking around mumbling to herself that they are so lame, she is disappointed in their behaviour, and it's rude. Jillian is cleaning the HoH room. Andrew is back in bed.

2:05PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian back at their chess game. Gary and Andrew in the BR. Gary telling Andrew he wants to design glitter.

2:08PM BBT: All HG's being very quiet right now. Little to no talk going on. Dan is about to enter BB just tweeted: Houseguests! Here comes @DanGheesling! With a pic of Dan at the Door.

2:15PM BBT: Doorbell rings!! Houseguests run and in walks Dan!!

2:18PM BBT: Dan tells them he has only seen the first episode so they sit in the livingroom sofa and one by one they introduce themselves to him.

2:20PM BBT: Jillian seems to be cutting everyone off while they are introducing themselves. [They thought Talla would be that person]

2:21PM BBT: Dan says I'm dressed in all black for a reason not cause its my funeral its one of yours. Bb has granted me the option to evict one of you tonight. I don't know anything about you but I'm going to give you all an opportunity to tell me why you should be here right now.

2:24PM BBT: It's about why you love the game. Jillian says she loves to be here and she loves competing.

2:25PM BBT: Talla says she has been on the block 2 weeks in a row. She can't finsih as she is getting shy. Andrew says His bother is the bigger fan but because she has children Andrew came to play to help his family. He has he's not afraid to get blood on his hands. He got Gary out. Emmett says he is here for the thrills. He prides himself on the strategic player.

2:27PM BBT Dan tells them they have been MISTED. No one is getting voted out!!

2:30PM BBT:They are now giving Dan a house tour. Dan asking if their hearts are calmed down now. Dan asks how many sleep in the BR. They say 4 but Dan says "Wait shouldn't it be more." They explain the showmance to him. Dan says he did not do the ketchup "Who?" on the counter.

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2:30 PM BBT - They show Dan the Have not room. Andrew hates the clowns. They show him the WA, he remarks that its clean. He asks if they get alcohol, they tell him only once a week. Next they show the BR, Talla says it was clean. They say how nervous they were, wondering who would be coming in. Dan asks if this is where he is sleeping, Emmitt says, unless you want to sleep in the HOHR with me!

Talla says the Have nots have to watch a video of Em and Jill "you know". Andrew says how they have to serve them, all cooking and cleaning, waking up an hour earlier to watch a video of them kissing. It was horrible. Talla offers him a cocktail.

They ask Dan random questions about ketchup and playing puckball. Dan says he was lucky that in season 10 there was no twists. They tell Dan the twists they've had so far and what happened because of it. They spend extra time about Topaz telling all her thoughts for them to hear.

2:25 PM - Dan asks what the outside is like, and they head to HOHR. Dan thinks it is nice, they talk about getting music and what kind of music they get. The girls say how much their speeches sucked because they were so nervous. Dan tells them they have to control that. Jillian says she worries about being seen naked on camera, explaing the screen in the HOHR WA.

Dan tells them he watched one episode so he doesn't know everything thats gone on. He says it seems, so far, that everything is very similar.

Jillian tells them how they found out someone was coming in and Andrew says what the letter said. Emmitt says they thought it was someone who helped out advertising the show. Jillian says they've talked alot about Dan. Talla says that Alec tried to copy Dans' game. That they heard through the grapevine the Shield would aks - what would Dan do? Dan asks if they fell for it. No!

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2:37PM BBT: They are all sitting in the HoH. They asked Dan waht he can talk about. He asks if they freaked out when they saw the ketchup. They tell him about the letter. Jillian says "You've been talked a lot about in this house." Dan says "By who? The guys you guys bounced?" They tell how they tried to play like Dan.

2:40PM BBT: Dan asks Gary "What's the jury house like?" Gary says "I can't talk much about it but it's far away and its beautiful." Dan asks if there has been any major fights. Talla explains her meltdown during comps. Emmett asks if they can watch the show in the states. Dan says there is methods but its not on the tv.

2:42PM BBT: Dan tells them the Canadian fan base is huge and they should be proud of themselves. Dan says We are just gonna hang out and I do have other stuff planned for you guys, I'm not going to mess with you. Andrew says "Do you know if we are still doing the veto today." Dan doesn't know.

2:44PM BBT: They ask Dan about alcohol every night in the US. Dan says they would NEVER get liquor. Jillian tells him every time someone wins HoH they get their favorite liquor. Dan says "BB Canada is doing it right." Dan asks what the backyard is like. They explain how its inside and how they haven't seen a lot of sunlight.

2:47PM BBT: Dan tells Emmett he reminds him of his buddy Memphis. Gary says he is still in shock from his speech thing about evicting someone. Dan has he knew he was coming in the house so he didn't watch the show because he wanted to get them in the house. Gary asks if Janelle was on his season. Dan says yes and that she is a bad a** and how he wanted to play with her but his player (Danielle) wanted to get her out.

2:51PM BBT: Dan explaining to them that they are going to help when they get out because their mind will be blown. They are telling him about comps. that they have had.

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2:54PM BBT: Dan says "For the most part you guys look like you all get along." Andrew tells Dan about Tom and Liza being evicted. Talla asks Dan if he is thirsty so they go down to the KT. They are asking him what he wants for dinner. Talla telling Dan how she quit smoking in there. Jillian again talking over Talla trying to tell the story. Andrew asks Dan what kind of coaching he does. He explains its Life coaching and since he isn't coaching football anymore he still has the need to coach.

3:02PM BBT: Jillian and Dan go to the SR. Andrew says he is glad that its Dan cause he is well spoken. They are all showing him the memory wall and explaining who went and by who. Jillian tells Dan Tom was an emotional player.

3:04PM BBT: Gary says the jury members were brought to the BB house and they were told that Arisa wanted to talk to them about the jury house and then told them there was a twist an someone was going back in. Andrew is explaining all the outside people that they have seen come into the house. He is trying to tell about his brother coming in but Jillian cuts him off trying to tell the story. Dan asks if anyone was evicted and had a meltdown on the block. Andrew says Danielle and starts to tell the story but again Jillian hijacks the explanation.

3:09PM BBT: Dan asks Emmett if he always is just taking it. They says Emmett is always quiet. Andrew telling Dan about the comp where he just won the $10,000 shopping spree. Jillian jumps in and says "I made it round 1 and 2 of that comp." [Jillian is really loud right now if you haven't noticed. I think it's funny that they all thought it would Talla acting this way.]

3:14PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian alone in the SR for a second. Jillian tells him she hates this game and was afraid that it was going to be one of them going to the jury house alone right there. Emmett says he wasn't worried at all. Dan asks if anyone has not been on the block yet. They tell him Jillian. Jillian explaining Emmett being disqualified in the comps.

3:18PM BBT: Andrew is telling Dan about the Topaz freak out. Jillian says Topaz told Liza that Jillian wanted her to die. Talla asks Dan where in Canada has he been too. Dan asks them what they do outside for fun. Jillian asks if they got in trouble in BBUS. She says she hates when BB says Jillian stop that.

3:24PM BBT: Dan asks them if at this point in the game at they willing to mix stuff up or are they tunnel vision that this is it. Andrew says "I'd rather not say." Jillian copies that. Andrew bring s up the bible and how Dan swore on the bible. Dan now explaining how it happened.

3:27PM BBT: Jillian asks him if when he got down do the final 5 did he have to win comps then? Andrew says he didn't have to win. Dan explains what happened in his last season.

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3:50pm BBT - Dan has a private chat with Talla about game, they walk through the different strategies. Dan is surprised they have allowed the showmance to stay in the game. Talla points out that she could use veto to save either Gary or Andrew and force Emmett to nom Jillian but the problem is that Gary would vote to evict Andrew and Andrew would vote to evict Gary, and Jillian wouldn't go so she can't get rid of Jillian. Dans' suitcase arrives and it's a big one, leading the others to joke about his staying more than 24hrs.

4:00pm BBT - Dan now having a one-on-one with Gary who says he's keeping his Jury knowledge to himself, says no one is even asking. He says he has no connection to anyone in the house but has the most trust with Emmett. From the jury, Emmett has the best chance to win, he says, Talla the least. Gary says he would love to get to the end with Talla and needs to try manipulate Emmett to throw his showmance. Gary explains how he's responsible for big moves in the game even though the other HG don't want to admit it. Gary thinks he could beat Jillian too.

4:05pm BBT - Gary says he has to win Veto. Either way he has to talk his way through the game. But he feels comfortable that Emmett would keep him this week if it was tied. But Talla would vote to keep Andrew and so would Jillian. Gary says he has to win Veto and HoH. Dan asks if there's any scenario in which Jillian could be evicted and Gary puts forth the Talla plan. Gary sees what he's saying and says he should talk with Talla. Or should he mention it to Emmett? No, he laughs. They join the others in the main section of the house. Dan jokes, he's having flashbacks: Are they talking about me? Are they plotting against me? And I don't have to worry about that, he laughs!

4:10pm BBT - Dan asks if Jillian does all the cleaning (she's cleaning the KT table) and Talla chips in, I do cleaning too. Andrew says we mostly just do our own thing. Dan wants a formal sit-down tonight. he threatens that his unwashed BB USA shorts may come out tonight. They talk about how warm the house is. Andrew thinks they try too hard to create a summer atmosphere in the house so people will take their shirts off. Dan trying to do the metric conversions on the thermometer. Dan asks where the WC is. He heads up to HoH to use the WC there. Andrew says there's an internet site where you can pay to watch people pee. You're joking, Talla says. Of course I'm joking, Andrew says.

5:00pm BBT - Dan and Emmett spent a lot of time talking quietly in the LR, Emmett walking Dan through the comps and his indiscretions. Dan says it's hard being the strong male because you immediately have a target on your back. They talk about who Emmett thinks has been throwing comps. Emmett isn't really giving away any of his strategy. Andrew & Jillain in HoH playing chess in HoH, Andrew complaining again about Dan being in the house.

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4: 22 PM BBT - Dan asks if the HG's miss anyone. Talla says she misses Tom and, of course, Andrew misses AJ.

Dan throws out a what-if scenario, that if "John" wins the game and comes back in another season, he is a marked man.

Andrew asks Dan about playing in an All-Stars season, to which Dan replies that he feels he has proven all he can, He has never been voted out. Says that it is such a huge committment to play the game. He says that he loves just hanging out with the HG's, there is no pressure on him. He is just a coach. He says he wants the HG's to enjoy their time in the BB house.

Emmitt tells Dan that he knows there is another Double Eviction coming. He thought that when you got to the final four, BB would never bring someone back in.

Andrew remarks that people will say that its not fair, but he feels that there is not such thing as fair. It's part of the game.

Dan tells them that you can always compete. You're never dead in this game. There is always something you can do and you never know what can happen. Dan tells them that after the season was over, he would sometimes dream about being in the house.

4:34 PM BBT - Dan and Emmitt are talking about Real Estate. Dan says to Em he will talk to him more about it after, not on live feeds. Talla pipes in that her twin sister is a Mortgage Broker.

Dan asks the HG's where they are now. Just waiting for the BY to open?

Emmitt says he doesn't know what to expect. Dan tells him the good thing is that, being HOH, he is safe. Dan asks Emmitt if he gets to play in the next HOH. Emmitt doesn't think so. He tells Dan about his thoughts and experiences so far, starting from being nominated in the first hour to being HOH at the final four (five). Dan asks Emmitt about his first week and being on the block, wondering what the final vote was. After finding out it was 11-1, he ask Emmitt if he thinks it was something he did, did Kat have a melt down? He tells Emmitt you have to be cold-blooded in this game.

Emmitt tells Dan about Tom and how in-your-face and emotional he was as a player. Dan didn't watch after the beginning because he wanted to get a genuine impression of the HG's so he doesn't know what has happened. Emmitt admits to Dan that he doesn't want to tell Dan much. He doesn't know if the information can come back. Dan assures Emmitt that he only knows what they tell him, he is not going to say "so and so said this...". He is there for whatever the HG's want, like the letter said.

They are in LR looking at memory wall, Emmitt saying that he was shocked when Gary came back. Dan asks if the wall was set up that was or if they put the pictures like that. Emiitt tells Dan how he met the others, how he would talk with Tom about sports and the game. He tells Dan about Liza, that she told Emmitt personal things about Andrew, like he was a drunk, things she shouldn't have said, really throwing Andrew under the bus.

4:44PM BBT - Talla, Jillian and Andrew in KT. Talla still can't believe Dan is in the house. Emmitt and Dan still at the wall.

Dan tells Emmitt that he is surprised that Em and Jill have an open showmance and are still in the game.

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5:35PM BBT: Dan and Gary are alone in the bedroom. Gary says that he would win the game if he brought Talla to the final two. Gary says that Emmett is telling him that he's gunning for Andrew this week. Gary says that if he takes Emmett to the final 2, then it's 50/50, but if he brings Talla it's 100%.

5:45PM BBT: Gary says he has a pretty good chance winning against everyone if he makes it to final 2, but he just has to make it through this week. Gary says he trusts Emmett because he keeps his mouth shut.

5:50PM BBT: Gary tells Dan that he's basically on the show to make a career in the public eye. Dan says the best way to do that is to win it. Dan says that Gary has such a huge advantage because he kind of knows how the jury will vote. Dan asks Gary what the totem pole is. Gary is at the bottom, then above him is Talla, then Andrew, then Jillian and then Emmett at the top. Dan tells Gary that he has to have a second plan in case he doesn't win the Veto.

5:58PM BBT: Gary says he wants Talla to get to the final 3, because he could crush her. Gary says that Talla will be your best friend if you win HoH. He says it's worked this far. gary says everyone in Jury were talking about how they let Talla slip this far? Gary says he'd let her slip to final 2 with him.

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4:45 PM BBT - Dan asks Emmitt questions about his showmance. Dan asks who won more comps, Emmitt says that he did. Dan wonders which one of them do people like more. Worst case scenario, if they were both on the block - which one is more safe? Emmitt tells Dan he doesn't know. Dan asks Emmitt if Jillian would ever put him up on the block, Emmitt says no. Dan lets Emmitt know how supre impressive it is that Em was targeted week 1 and is still in the house. Dan tells Emmitt he would team with someone like him because of his attributes.

Emmitt says that he is the only one in the house that isn't mad that Gary came back. Dan asks Em if he can control Garys' fate? Dan says the vibe he gets is that Emmitt is just chilled, people trust him. Tells Emmitt that when the knife comes out, be surgical about it - ESPECIALLY at this point in the game.

5:05 PM BBT - Emmitt, Jillian and Andrew are up in HOHR talking over " if Gary wins..." scenarios, they think Gary has more friends in Jury. Dan is now downstairs in KT with Gary and Talla. Emmitt goes downstairs and sits on the couch. They are talking about the game, Dan wants to know about first three HOH. He also wonders if there was any girl fights.

They tell him about the how Topaz and Jillian didn't like each other, which Talla tells Dan about Topaz calling her a slut and the little scrap that ensued, she doesn't know how she can be a slut in the BB house. There is only a few people in the house.

Dan tells them that when he played, in the fist few weeks he was only asked a couple questions. Everyone was talking about how great they are, he sat back and let them talk.

5:15 PM BBT - Dan continues to ask questions. Did anyone get busted scheming, anyone over hear anyone else? Emmitt says not really. People are good at changing the subject in this house. How its different when there is only 5 compared to 15 people in the house.

They ask Dan about his experience with Slop. Dan asks them if they get an item to eat with slop, they tell Dan what they've had to go with slop. Of course, Dan has to ask what Beavertails are because he has no idea! Dan tells them he ate just the item they got with their slop.

5:19 PM - We get SotH.

(*It's an exciting day in the BB house! There is so much chatter going on all at once, it is hard to catch everything that is happening!)

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