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April 19 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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12:30 AM BBT - Emmett, Gary and Jill in HOH room. Discussions around Gary going up. Then about latest POV.

12:33AM BBT - BB - Emmett, please go to the DR. Gary - so I am going on the block. Jill - you're going home? No, on the block, hopefully, not home. Jill to Emmett - is that the smartest move? Emmett - you wanna go? Gary - this is our game now. Gary suggests to Jill they could be F2.

12:35AM BBT - Gary - we have the numbers. I don't have regrets but I see how some of my actions may have made Emmett feel this way. Jill - when it happened Emmett said this is a good thing for us. Gary - I have always trusted emmett even when I didn't know his last name.

12:37 AM BBT - Jill and Gary discuss alliances and his lack of them. Jill blowing her nose and walking in and out. Gary - I felt like the vibe in the jury house was "team Andrew".

12:38 AM BBT- Jill - can we hear about this jury and me?

12:38 AM BBT - Jill - I have all sorts of blood on my hands. Gary - people will not vote based on you putting them on the block. She tells Gary about a fight between her and Peter. Gary - Peter fights?

12:40 AM BBT - Jill - I was fighting and had no makeup on. Gary - oh, my gawd!

12:41AM BBT - Gary discusses his eviction and the votes. Gary - I have to make it up to Emmett.

12:41AM BBT - Gary - Emmett needs to see my heart. I hate Talla. Andrew put me on block and lied to my face. I wish he had the balls to tell me the truth. Those two, I don't respect at all and they need to leave the game.

12:43 AM BBT - Jill - we need to get rid of Andrew as he is good. Gary - I am weak at puzzles. Jill doesn't know how she beat Peter at the puzzle.

12:44 AM BBT- Gary - how long did Peter think he could fly under the radar?

12:45AM BBT- Gary - I am going to win the POV. Jill - I am going to win the POV also. Gary - only one of us can win.

12:46AM BBT - Gary and Jill talking about scenarios around Emmett and them. Gary - I just have to trust Emmett. Jill - you can.

12:47 AM BBT - Jill tells Gary about her DR session where she had to talk about biggest regrets. [Damn, they are talking faster than I can type!]

12:48 AM BBT - Gary talks about how he gained trust for Jill (and Emmett). Jill- there are 5 people left. We have to trust someone. Gary - we have three and it is solid. Canada put me here and it is final three. Gary - I came here for fame. As much as I want to win, camera time is important. I want exposure. Either way I am winning. Here comes Emmett back from Dr.

12:50 AM BBT - Jill - what was that about. Emmett - you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions. Emmett and Gary resume chess. Gary realizes it is a double eviction next week as there are only 2 weeks left. Chess resumes.

12;52 AM BBT - meanwhile - HNR - is dark and there is at least one person on the round bed.

12:53AM BBT- Jill to BR and then to WA and then to LR and then to HOH Room.

12:55AM BBT - Jill - I keep forgetting things and the reverse trek starts and is completed.

12:56AM BBT - chess continues in the HOH room.

12:56AM BBT- earlier Emmett to Gary - you can have as much camera time as you want.

12:58AM BBT - Gary to Jill - and Andrew and Talla are have nots? Jill- yes, she was pissed. Gary is losing at chess and is clarifying the rules. Jill - oh, they had to be our slaves for 72 hours. Gary - I would be like, fetch me a water.

1:00AM BBT - I am out for the night.

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12:45AM BBT: Jillian and Gary are in the HoH room. Gary says he f***ing hates Talla, and that she only blew up at him because he was on slop and she wanted to break him. Jillian says that one of them have to win HoH next week and they'll be good.

12:50AM BBT: Gary and Jillian both commit to a final 3 with the two of them and Emmett. Gary says that as much as he wants to win, he's already winning with camera time. He says he came in here for fame.

12:56AM BBT: Emmett comes up from the DR and resumes his chess game with Gary. Gary says he doesn't want next week to be a double evic, but Jillian says it has to, since there's only 13 days left. Jillian heads downstairs. Gary says that he doesn't need the $100K, he'd be fine with the $20K. He asks Emmett if he thinks his parents will fly down for the finale. He thinks they will. Emmett asks Gary a favour, to not say anyhing about the two of them to Jillian.

1:06AM BBT: Emmett trying to teach Gary chess. Emmett tells him that the little guy is a pawn. Gary says he should f***ing know that by now, he's been a pawn enough in this game! Emmett and Gary shake hands. Gary says that they're good, and Emmett says that as long as Gary keeps up his end of the bargain.

1:09AM BBT: Gary says he's changed his life. No pop, no candy, no carbs. Jillian says she needs to lose weight, and Gary says me too. They plan on making dinner tomorrow night together. Gary heads downstairs to go to bed. Jillian and Emmett start the process of getting ready to go to bed.

1:18AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett cuddling in bed. Jillian says she'd take him to the final 2. She'd choose him out of everyone in the whole world. Emmett asks what if Andrew wins veto? Jillian says that if her, Emmett or Gary don't win the veto, then they don't deserve to be alive anymore.

1:25AM BBT: Gary is alone in the bathroom. He's talking to himself saying he can't believe he's actually there. He slaps himself in the face a few times. He says that this is crazy. Lights are out in the HoH room. Gary is looking around the bedroom, and naming everyone's beds. He starts jumping on the bed yelling "YES YES YES YES".

1:40AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian making out in the HoH bedroom. Gary has been silent for a while in the bedroom downstairs, but is awake and looking around the room.

1:50AM BBT: Gary got up from bed and looked in the fridge and went back to bed. Emmett and Jillian are still making out and chatting.

2:00AM BBT: The chatter and smooching in the HoH room seems to have quieted down, and it looks as though they're in snuggling positions to fall asleep. With all the housemates in bed, it's time for me to head there as well. Have a good night!

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9am All HG still asleep

9:10am Alarm sounds & keeps going as Gary shouts that he's up. Talla is taking her time standing & the alarm stops.

9:15am SotH for the past 5 min.

9:20am Feeds return to the WA & Andrew asking Gary how he enjoyed the alarm. Talla delivering batteries asks how late Gary went to bed. Jillian in HOH ADL's. Talla walks around saying it's gold. Jillian & Andrew in the KT. He asks how she slept. Talla & Jillian head OS & see a massage chair in the middle of the BY. Gary & Jillian say it's for the haves this week. Andrew comes to check it out. Jillian shouting to BB that the batteries she & Emmett received R dead.

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9:25am Andrew telling Jillian in SR that he is over slop. Gary telling BB that he needs his clothes.

9:30am Andrew makes a slop shake. Emmett & Jillian kissing in the SR. Gary taking a shower. Emmett & Jillian join Andrew in the KT. They're asking about milk. Sounds like they only have choc milk. Andrew asks if they've tried the chair yet. Jililan says no but she might have choc milk in her serial. Then Emmett sits in the chair. He & Jillian trying to figure it out.

9:40am Andrew tells Emmett & Jillian different types of massages they can choose. Jillian asks if he's feeling it. He say yes. Andrew says it feels really warm out there & Talla had said it was too cold. Jillian goes to check. Andrew asks Emmett if Gary was up late & if he was talking game. Emmett said he gave them the down low & they talked about what happened before he left. Emmett starts vibrating visibly in the chair & Andrew suggests Jillian get in there. More playing with the settings

9:40am Emmett has the chair remote in 1 hand & a carton of choc milk in the other. Evry1 leaves him alone to play with the chair. Gary & Talla in the shower. Jillian & Andrew talking about getting together when the shows over.

9:45am Andrew telling Emmett about massages he's had when he's had bad back pain. Gary still in the shower. Talla asks if he's enjoying it. She asks him what he's thinking about. He says, I'm thinking OMG I just took a shower 'in here' .

9:50am Emmett still sitting in massage chair. Looks like he's asleep. Still in the WA but out of the shower, Gary ask Talla if she's been on the block. She tells him about it. He asks if she felt safe being on the block. She says she doesn't know how she felt. He says he's trying to think about what they have in common now. She says lots of things. He says being on the block is about it. She says being dance sisters. Talla says she didn't get asked a question yesterday which was fine because they got down to business. Gary says he's resurrected. Canada resurrected me. He says he feels on top of the world. Andrew sitting alone in the KT. Can't see Jillian.

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9:55am Gary said he's had conversations with evry1. Talla says with who, in the house. H says yes. Gary says he's better then the others because we was voted back in & was honest & Talla arguing that you don't know what's honest until later when you see it all that you see things differently . Gary says that once AJ left he thought & said to himself that he's been honest. Andrew walks in & asks if she's been dissing him the whole time. Gary says he doesn't think he's better then you guys. Andrew says well they only voted on who was in the jury. Gary says it's a fresh start guys. Talla goes to tell Jillian what they just talked about. Emmett still in the chair.

10am Andrew walks in & says Garys full of sh!t that he told him he wasn't aligned with Topaz. Gary enters & Jillian asks where's getting his clothes from. He says he only has what he's wearing & yesterdays but tells BB he really needs clothes. Jillian tells him that they've been keeping the KT clean. talla leaves to tell Emmett a quick version of the story & Gary telling them that he feels blessed to be here not better then them. Jillian shouts to Emmett asking if he's going to share the chair.

10:05am Jillian telling Gary some luxury things they won like the dress & shoes she got & how the guys got to see the hockey standings. She saks Gary if he would have like. No, he wouldn't. The deck of cards was one of the best they got. Talla talking to Andrew who's in the pool. Emmett still in the chair. Jillian asking BB if she can have a turn in the chair. Gary follows her out.

10:10am Emmetts finally out of the chair & heads OS to see what it's like. Jillian says that's the one thing she has patience for which is lying down for an hr long massage. She's telling Talla about looking for specific teaching jobs across Canada. Emmett comes back & tells them it's warm out. He asks if Jillian ate breakfast she says no. Talla talking again about her conversation with Gary this morn.

10:15am Jillian whispering to Talla & Andrew. Emmett going from room to room looking for water bottles. Talla says that Gary didn't campaign against Topaz because he thought that Topaz was leaving. Andrew thought that he did campaign.

10:20am Evry1 but Gary by the pool . Emmett comes out & tells them all to taste this protein drink he made. Talla tells them what Gary said about her feeling safe when she was on the block. Gary said he wants to start fresh

10:25am Gary told Talla something that someone said (I think on twitter) about giving Talla a beer because it's live entertainment when she has one. She thinks it's hilarious. They're just joking around now & relaxing.

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10:30AM BBT: Talla tells Andrew that it's not fair that they have to do this again to get to final 4 again. She doesn't want to go up on the block and be stressed out again. She has she it's cranky she just feels blah. Emmett and Jillian are now in the HoH. Feeds cut for a moment and they return to Emmett saying "He is funny but that's not why we should keep him." Jillian said "What do I look like Talla." Emmett is teaching Jillian how to play chess.

10:34AM BBT: Back out at the pool Talla continuing to say how much this sucks (Gary returning) and how mentally draining it is. She think maybe they should tell Gary that they are all in an alliance and there is nothing he can do about it. Talla says "I want to see what Gary is going to try to pull." It is extremely hard to hear Andrew talk as he is almost whispering while in the pool. He is getting out now to "pee or poo or something."

10:42AM BBT: All HGs very quiet at the moment. We have Gary doing his makeup in the BR. Andrew in the shower, Talla jut came in to the KT and Emmett and Jillian playing chess in the HoH only speaking a few words of chess.

10:48AM BBT: Talla moved out to the hammock. Andrew goes up to the HoH and throwing Talla under a little bus. Jillian says "She just wants to be carried through the whole game." They laugh that Gary calls chess chest. Andrew says "I love playing with certain peoples chests."

10:53AM BBT: Andrew lives the HoH. Jillian and Emmett discuss what to say to Andrew about him going on the block. Andrew goes outside and Talla follows.

11:01AM BBT: Talla and Andrew discuss what Peter won. They both say that they have given every comp their all. Talla does some what ifs for after veto. Andrew says At this time I just want time to go by."

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11:10AM BBT: Andrew tells Talla that Peter probably felt he had to give a big personality in the DR because he wasn’t winning or doing anything else in the game. Talla tells a story about camping. Andrew tells her bears can open car doors and she believes him until he tells her its not true. She is being extra annoyingly talkative this morning. Andrew not saying a lot.

11:18AM BBT: Andrew goes up to the HoH and tells them Talla is driving him crazy. Talla walks in and says "Camping" Emmett says No we are in the Big Brother house." She asks about his iPod he tells her it is charging. Then she asks if she can read his letter and he says No that's just weird."

11:32AM BBT: Talla listening to Emmett's music now, doing a little dancing and lots of looking at herself in the mirror. Andrew watches the chess game.

11:43AM BBT: The chess game ends in a draw. Emmett reads his letter and Andrew says "You didn't read half of that to us did ya?" Emmett says "Nah." Jillian lays on the bed. Andrew and Emmett going to play a game of chess now.

11:48PM BBT: Feeds switches to Jillian now in the BY with Gary. Gary says Talla and Andrew obviously thought they had a good chance getting you two out but now that I'm here." Gary says he is happy because Talla doesn't deserve to be here this far in the game." Jillian asks "Was that eating away at you in the jury?" She didn't know he hated her that much." Gary says "I don't want it to look like I hate anybody." They talk about what moves the 2 of them have made in the game.

11:55AM BBT: Gary feels Jillian didn't really want to get to him and felt like he wasn't her cup of tea. They are both glad that Emmett brought them together. Jillian tells Gary how Alec was pleading to her for a chance and that he said "Breathe into me." and Gary laughed so hard. Gary tells Jillian that Peter had fun of all them in the DR. Jillian says who know who their roll model was "I don't know who he is but Dan apparently he was a lair and a snake." Gary wonders if Dan ever won.

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12:00 BBT gary is talking to jillan about her charactor and how much Gary hates talla and Gary is saying that talla doesnt deserve to be here this long and how much he trust her and emmett

12:05 BBT sounds like Gary has now alined himself with the jillan and emmettt team Gary is telling how peter and alec have been nothing but an A** Gary is saying people like that dont win the game not in Cananda, jillan is saying alec hates her they are now talking about the jury house and who will vote how. Gary is now telling jillan lets just move on I get it now but lets just move on

12:10 BBT Jillian is now updating Gary about the Have not comp where peter fell, I think Gary was just called to the DR

12:15 BBt not too much going on andrew and em are playing chess Gary is inthe DR talla is in the kitchen jillan is doing laundry andrew and emmettt are talking about how silly gary being in the game is andrew is telling how silly talla is being now hes saying it all just bull shit

12:30 BBT talla is now talking to jillan about Gary and how unfair it is that he came back into the house jillan is telling talla she isnt going on the block jillan tells talla if she wins pov to keep the nominations the same (like she can win anything) talla is saying how she can see the big picture now now she is saying the peter told her that if anyone has a chance to win this its andrew jillan is saying that gary told her that people is the jury house are saying that too talla is telling jullan that gary cant win the pov

12:25 BBT talla and jillan are now guessing about weather or not there will be a have not comp and when it will be because talla wants to eat talla is talking to herself now jillan is getting eggs from the SR talla is trying to find something to do shes going out to the BY to "Think about life"

12:35 BBT talla is in the Hot tub area sounds like shes going to get into the tub shes messing around with the pillow she puts her feet in AW Hot Hot Hot now shes whispering to herself, about weather or not she will be put up (flashback to jillan just a monent ago telling her she wasnt going up DUH)

12:40 BBT not much is going on jillan and talla are in the kitchen just talking the boys are still playing chess and Gary is still in the DR

12:50 not much to report talla and jillan, are just talking about really nothing emmitt and andrew are now coming out of the hoh and gary must still be in the DR

1:00BBT BB has given gary underwear he is talking about which ones keep his dick in??? He is now looking for something to eat

1:05 emmett and jillan are in the hoh emmett wants to put up gary and andrew with gary going home but he also says how talla does deserve to be here, now he saying how they have to keep talla on their side and away from gary. If gary wins pov he still could send one of them home now they are going back and forth has to what jill should do if she wins hoh next week

1:17 BBT Gary is in the kitchen cooking em and jillan are in the hoh guess what they are doing and talla was just called into the DR hoping to be a have again so she can eat

1;30 BBT nothing new to report for nothing is going on and I do mean NOTHING

1:32 BBT NEWSFLASH talla is now out of the DR

1;40 bbt out in the hot tub talla is now talking to herself again feeds are either on talla talking to herself or emett and jillan up in the hoh bed oh goodie

6:40 BBT feeds are back to normal with soound andrew is eating a sandwitch drinking a talla tinies em and jil are by the pool not doing anything they are talking about the hoh comp and how long it was

6:45 Gary is talking to andrew about how much he loves bitching

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2:10pm BBT - Emmett listing to iPod in HoH. Jillian in the KT, Talla sitting at KT counter, Gary eating at the KT table. Talla says after a week on slop, she doesn't fill up her bra. Andrew comes into the KT. After saying last night he had turned over a new leaf for eating healthy, Gary is NOT eating a salad for lunch. Andrew heads to the HT and puts his feet in. Looks wet out there. Jillian and Talla talking on the BY patio. Gary now alone in KT. Talla is expressing her worries to Jillian about Andrew stressing out over going on the block.

2:30pm BBT - Jillian now eating a salad at KT table w/Gary. Talla joins Andrew by HT. Jillian and Gary still going over past history, she's blaming Alec for Topaz being evicted. Gary now cleaning his dishes. Jillian now up in HoH dishing on her convos w/Talla and Gary to Emmett.

12:36pm BBT - Feeds back. Jillian heads to KT Andrew and Talla still talking at HT. Emmett grabs his letter and reads it again. Talla heads back inside. Gary steps away and Talla tattles about how upset Andrew is about Gary returning. The object of Andrew's fuming heads to the HT. Jillian escapes to HoH, leaving Talla sitting on KT counter talking to herself that Andrew is implying that Gary might align with Emmett/Jillian. Andrew telling Gary about having to spend week in HN with Talla. Gary still doesn't have his clothes. Talla to DR.

12:41pm BBT Marsha the Moose talking to Talla. Time to show off the star you are, here's a secret mission. She jumps up and down repeatedly saying I love you then says I'm scared. She has to host a 1hr talk show called Talking with Talla in the LR. She must start the show with a 2m monologue. What's a monologue? Marsha explains. Then she must interview the HG one at a time, one interesting thing she didn't already know after which she has to say, "I did not know that." The show must last at least 1hr long and make it interesting. If she succeeds, she wins a prize for the house and if she fails, she must explain that to the HG.

2:43pm BBT - It's a secret, Marsha says. It's a what? You can't tell anyone, she says. Oh. Talla goes to get the full task rules from the DR and we get SotH.

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5:55pm BBT

Feeds are back.

Jillian and Emmett work out in the backyard while the other 3 are in the kitchen.

Emmett says that it doesn't matter if they don't win the next HoH, they just have to win the veto.

Jillian is now saying that she is not so sure they should take Talla to final 3 because she could win endurance.

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5:28 BBT feeds are back with em and jil working out talla is in the hot tub area doing whatever

5:38 BBT talla has now finished her mission and the HG are now given talla tinies and a party meaning they now get food and alocohol

5:43 BBT talla and gary are now in the SR looking over all the food they got eveyone else is in the BY

5:50 BBT talla is going nutz over being able to eat shes fixing herself a taco Gary is in the kitchen with her and everyone else in the the BY

6:00 BBT talla is telling gary now about doing his dishes right away so others can do their dishes cam three is showing us inside a wall with a window at jillan no sound on it its really weird, I think its some kind on walkway inside of the wall in the BY we can see jillan but cant hear her its like they are looking at her through a window

6:01 BBT same thing inside of the house now with the window in the wall, Its on all the feeds now (why are they showing us this I wonder)

6:04 BBT still the window in the wall thing and no sound what so ever on any of the feeds

6:07 BBT still no sound so I cant tell you whats being said

6:11 BBT we are still in the wall with the feeds gary is sitting on the sofa with andrew in the kitchen and em and jil are outside working out

6:20 BBT the feeds are still in the wall and there is still no sound but nothing has changed

6:22 BBT talla is staring the party earily by pouring everyone a talla tinie Gary pours his back into the pitcher

they are measuring out the talla tinies to make sure everyone gets the same amount

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7:00PM BBT: Jillian is taking a shower HoH. Emmett appears to be having a bath. Gary is sitting at dining table painting his nails. Andrew and Talla in the KT.

7:03PM BBT: I was mistaken Jillian hasn't made it to the shower yet she stops in the KT and eats some blackberries. Talla is cooking. She is wearing one of Jillian's shirts for the party tonight. On the back it says "Missin' My Boo's"

7:10PM BBT: Jillian is the tub with Emmett. Gary wonders when he will get his clothes.

7:15PM BBT: Talla tells Gary he and Andrew were funny on her talk show. Gary told everyone to shush he was talking. Emmett is talking about friends at home and how he told them he was heading out west.

7:21PM BBT: Andrew and Gary go outside to the HT area. Andrew is telling Gary about the Have not comp and about being servants. Gary says he never really talked to AJ in the jury house because you can't get a word in. They would watch true blood together though. Jillian gets out of the tub and gets in the shower.

7:32PM BBT: Andrew is telling Gary all about the task of everyone answering the phone. He tells a little more about Peter and salad he asked if he could blend it. Gary believes its all in his head. Really not much else happening right now.

7:45PM BBT: Andrew says to Gary "You know I got you out and its weird I got you out and you have to understand that but I am glad you are back because I enjoy our conversations. They go inside to the KT.

7:48PM BBT: Gary's clothes have arrived making him extremly happy. Andrew goes to help him with his bags. There's so much clothes Andrew says "Maybe AJ is in one."

7:52PM BBT: Emmett is rubbing Jillian with self tanning cream in the shower. Talla is cooking broccoli covered in shredded cheese on a pan in the oven but not completely sure what she is doing. Jillian is telling Emmett Gary offered to do her makeup but she hates when he does it.

7:56PM BBT: Talla goes up to the HoH and says Andrew is in a good mood now. Jillian says "He ate, not eating makes you cranky. Talla tells her about what she is making, "I know its a fail but it's still in the oven." Talla tells them to hurry up but no rush and leaves the HoH.

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8:05PM BBT: Talla is in the kitchen cooking kitchen and asks Jillian (who is in the HoH room) if she want's any. Talla says out loud the broccoli might not taste good. Talla isn't confident in her cooking.

8:09PM BBT Gary joins Talla in the kitchen and tastes Tallas cooking, he tells her it's over cooked. The expression on Gary's face shows that her food wasn't good but he gives her advice on how to improve it. Andrew joins Gary and Talla in the kitchen. Not much going on.

8:09PM BBT Emmett and Jillian are in the HoH room sleeping. Andrew is cutting cucumbers in the kitchen while bickering with Talla. Then Gary joins Andrew and Talla in the kitchen. Talla starts freaking out because Gary has a cig. Gary and Talla head to the BY to smoke the last cig they have.

8:21PM BBT Talla finds out that Gary got the cig from AJ and they thank AJ for the cig to the cameras. Talla said she would quit, guess that she isn’t trying now, tells Gary she hasn’t smoked for 11 days. It seems there is not hope for Talla to quit. They finish the cigarette and Talla thanks Gary and AJ for it as they head back to the kitchen to join Andrew.

8:25PM BBT Gary heads to the BR and trys to find something to wear. It seems like it’s a big decision. Talla tells Andrew that she can hold her breath longer after she stopped smoking, that she was stronger in competitions. Guess now she won’t be.

8:32PM BBT BB tells Talla to change her batteries. Talla and Andrew head to the pantry to change her batteries. Andrew tells Talla her breath stinks. (because she was smoking)

8:38PM BBT Andrew is eating in the kitchen. Talla joins Andrew. Talla puts her leftovers in a container and plans to eat it tomorrow (which no one will eat but her). Talla and Andrew talk about how Alec is a grouch about going home and faking his tears.

8:44PM BBT Andrew tells Talla one thing he doesn’t like when Emmett /Jillian win HoH, they are always in the HoH room.

8:45PM BBT Alarms goes off in the HoH room, guess BB is tired of Emmett & Jillian sleeping. Jillian and Emmett head downstairs to the pantry. Andrew joins Emmett and Jillian and tells them how he hates how there are always up there, that he has been in hell with Talla.

8:47PM BBT Talla join Emmett, Jillian, Andrew in the pantry and asks why they are eating in the corner. It seems like Emmett and Jillian are annoyed of Talla since they hardly say a word to her, while Talla asks them, “Do you love it? Do you? Do you love it?”

@mortystv 8:57PM BBT Talla and Emmett are in the BR talking about a plan and Talla is asking if she is safe. Emmett tells her yes, she is safe. BB tells Talla to head to the pantry. BB gives Talla a cocktail. Emmett and Gary are in the BR. Feeds are choppy; Garry asks Emmett if he told Andrew that he will be up on the block and if he has smooth things over with him.

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9:05PM BBT Gary and Em still in the Bedroom. Gary is gossiping about AJ, Alec and things that were said. Gary says he thought Peter was working for Em and Jill, but it was shaky. Talla and Andrew having a cocktail at the counter. Talla is listing off drinks, Andrew "Breaking news Everyone, Vodka... you can drink it" Talla is saying you can get watermelon drunk then says "You know watermelon vodka."

9:10PM BBT Talla has had only a sip or two and is already loopy and acting drunk. Andrew is entertaining her as usual.

9:15PM BBT Em and Gary still in the BR talking. Andrew and Talla in the KT drinking (sipping) and no sign of Jill right now. Talla says she likes the word "Osmosis" it sounds neat. Andrew is yelling for Help. He keeps saying loudly "Why am I the only one out here??!?!!!"

9:18PM BBT Talla "Where is everyone?" Andrew "Making deals!" Talla wants to know if she is allowed to sit in the massage chair. BB does not respond to her.

9:20PM BBT Talla is headed up to the HoH to find Jill. Jill is getting pretty. Talla has the headphones on and is starting to dance "WOOOOOOOO PARTY!" she yells as she shakes her money maker.

9:25PM BBT Gary says "The next HoH I am f*ckin' winnin'" Em is pleading his case to always keep Jill in the house. Em thinks Talla is putting on an act, he thinks if Talla goes final 2 she will articulate and out talk everyone else and win by skating by.

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9:35PM BBT The Em and Gary heart to heart talk in the BR continues. Gary says he just "Has to be me, or there is no point." Em is now sitting up, moved closer to gary. Talla's dancing continues in the HoH.

9:40PM BBT Jill says that Talla is upstairs dancing, giving shout outs to Joe (Em's friend). Andrew and Em are talking about Talla in the KT. Andrew says Talla has a sniff of her drink and she turns ridiculous. Em is planning to make some chicken, Andrew says to check with the ladies as they were talking about kabobs.

9:45PM BBT Andrew is talking sh*t about Gary in the KT. Says he can't cook, "remember when he was giving that speech?" Gary just touched up his makeup and is now also in the KT. Talla is still upstairs, the rest of the house is talking food. Em has shaved, Gary didn't notice. Jill "I got mascara on my eye shadow, that is like the worst thing ever." Andrew "You know, I don't think it is." Jill says "It's not a third world problem."

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9:55PM BBT All HG are in the KT and the party is on. Jill's drink is gone and she is talking up a storm (stories from home). Em is cooking, Talla is remarkably quiet just listening. Jill and Gary give a shout out to Jill's friend and Andrew says "You're not supposed to say names!" Talla smiles at Andrew, Jill says more names and we get SotH.

10:00PM BBT Andrew got called to the DR. Gary is spinning in the stool at the counter. Talla is sipping slowly, Em is on the KT couch. Talla started talking as soon as Andrew left. BB warned Talla to take it easy with her drinks. She has added juice to them.

10:05PM BBT Gary is being Gerald "Talla, when am I gonna get in that a$$ girl? You a have now, you in the main bedroom... I can't help myself." It is quite funny. Talla is hysterically laughing. "I don't care about these cameras girl... Talla it's me and you, whatcha gonna do?" He is rapping to her now.

10:12PM BBT Jill is straightening Emmett's hair with a flat iron. He says "There is smoke coming off of that, it can not be good for your hair." She giggles and keeps going. He says she is a dirtbag, "Just look at your arm pits." She lifts her arms to check them. She burnt Em's ear. He is whining now.

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10:25PM BBT Everyone in the kitchen now. Talla trying desperate to understand what it means to sear a piece of meat. Gary has told her it means hotter than hot and Jillian says it means to lock the juices in by cooking the outside really quickly. Talla then wants to know how the inside gets cooked. She says she used to eat hers well done but now has moved up to medium well. Gary says that medium rare is a common order, but he usually tells the waitress to "Cook my shit bitch." He can get away with that talk because he is gay is what he believes. Jillian says she is a good tipper, but when on a date she will check to see if the guy is a good tipper.

10:30PM BBT Talla is off to the DR and Jillian goes running along with her. Andrew says he does not like the old straightened hair. Gary asks Andrew if he put some pop in his drink and Andrew says he did. Gary puts the can back in the fridge saying he it trying to quit pop but the drink is just so strong. He is happy, not tipsy but happy. The boys are now talking about what they eat and Gary thinks that drinking water will cancel out all the carbs he eats. Emmett corrects him and says your body will use the sugar for energy, but will store all the fat you eat. Talla returns from the DR declaring to Emmett that his mate is hilarious.

10:34PM BBT Gary now calling out a grocery list for BB and then gets Talla to take some of Andrews drink and pour it into Gary's glass. Talla asks for a minute to talk to herself in her head. [Glad we don't have to hear that conversation as what comes out her mouth is more than enough.]

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10:20PM BBT Jill and Em are discussing Peter and Alec. Jill is still working on his hair. Talla and Gary are in the KT, Em's chicken is done cooking. Gary and Talla finished cooking it. Talla is listing off how many drinks everyone has had.

10:25PM BBT Talla wanted to know what it means to seer a steak. Jill explains it but smacks her hands together every few words to get her point across. They are now discussing tipping and who is a supposed "horrible" tipper. Andrew "You're not allowed to have a bad day in the service industry."

10:30PM BBT Jill "You know what I was thinking today in the shower Lala? You could say LALALALOVE IT!" Talla giggles and says "LALALALOVE IT!" BB says "Jill please go to the diary room" The boys are left in the KT. Gary says he is quitting drinking pop. Well, trying to.

10:33PM BBT Gary now says slop was amazing for him it worked out. Andrew says "You're welcome HAHAHA."

10:35PM BBT Em is in the HT Area, just sitting on the edge of the HT (it's not on) the feeds are all on the KT. Talla gives Gary a little extra drink, they both say "Shhhhh" and giggle as he sips it. Andrew comes back in, Gary says he can't talk about jury or he will get in trouble "Like go back home trouble" Talla again asks BB if she can lay down on the massage chair, they don't respond.

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10:36PM BBT Emmett now sitting alone in the hot tub. Talla wants to know how long it will take for dinner and Andrew says OH I'm cooking I forgot. He goes on that the chicken got fucked by getting really cooked on the outside while still being raw on the inside so he does not know. He will start over counting time now so maybe dinner will be about 11:30 or so. He says to Andrew and Talla that he has been told not to talk about 'Jury stuff" or he could be sent home, like really home. Andrew asks about Talla's drink consumption and she says she added a little more but not too much to her first drink. she does not want to get really drunk.

10:39PM BBT Andrew says there are 12 days left. Gary burbs which starts conversation about belching in the house. Gary is now asking Talla about what items in her wardrobe she has worn. Emmett comes dashing in from outside to check on his panninis that are on the range. Emmett is saying he has heard of Topaz before they came into the house as his boss had worked with her before. He is talking about how the retail job he got was a joke, you don't really do anything. He was a sales manager and worked 45 to 50 hours a week but still when he got home he helped his dad with the farm work. Gary said all you do there is talk about what you are going to do that night and when you get off you go out.

10:44PM BBT Gary says he was too fat to be a "model" sales associate until he lost weight and once he did he could hardly stand up. He says he has worked every single store as he has always worked retail and he was the one who gave all his friends discounts. BB somewhat randomly tells the HGs to stop talking about brand names. (They had mentioned a mall by name,) Once again someone asks about dinner and Gary again says it won't be ready till 11:30. Talla now talking about bars in Edmonton and one where they play the best music. Once she and her girlfriend wanted to go to the gay bar. So they go . . . Andrew and Emmett talking over her so she starts shouting to be heard. The grand point of her story is that it was the best music ever.

10:48PM BBT Andrew and Emmett now talking about another bar and the various renditions it has had over the years. Andrew wants to know what we are doing and then says he has tried to nap several times, but he gets to sleep in his own bed tonight so he is happy. He asks about more alcohol and it is determined that Andrew has had two drinks, Gary is on number 2 Talla takes some from the pitcher to be her second drink and this is the second pitcher they have had. Emmett tells Talla she can take some of his drink as he does not need any more of it. Talla gives it to Andrew and then tells him he needs to give some of it to Gary which he does. Talla tells him they are having Tallatinis as they are the result of her completing the task. BB asks for the pitcher to be brought to the SR and Talla obliges. Gary is sure BB will give them more booze. Jillian still in the DR.

10:53PM BBT Gary is saying the the jury members were not happy for him when Arisa announced that he would be the one returning to the game. Even Topaz who gave him a hug was not really happy for him. He says he feels great. Emmet not cutting his sandwiches. Andrew says if you make it to final two you win money and Gary counters that they will not vote for him all the jury members hate him and Alec will campaign. Andrew bashing the folks that said they wanted to win the game but never won any comps. He thinks folks lied about throwing comps when they really lost. Gary says the chicken is really fucked up so it is not in my hands don't blame me if it is bad. Andrew asks what he means aren't you cooking? He says the chicken is in there.

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10:45PM BBT Andrew is getting frustrated with the use of all the names. Em and Gary have also mentioned names of people outside the house. Gary is talking about modeling.. BB "HG Stop talking about brand names." Andrew looks annoyed. He has warned them a few times.

10:50PM BBT Talla is still calculating drinks. Gary is lying on the KT couch and says "It was number 2" when Talla asks what drink he was on. Gary looks straight at the camera (he does it alot, it is creepy). Talla is pouring more drinks. Talla "It's a TP... Talla's Party."

10:54PM BBT Em "Where they pissed when you got voted back in? Like was Alec pissed?" Gary "Ummmm ya you could tell they were pissed. Even Topaz was like... oh ya congratulations." Gary is now imitating the Jury house members.

10:57PM BBT The HG are talking about condoms and brands. BB "HG please stop talking about production" (not what you would expect them to say!) Gary and Andrew are on the KT couch chatting. Gary almost seems like he is flirting with him.

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10:58PM BBT Gary and Andrew on the couch now, Emmett carting his plate to the table. Talla sitting at the counter babbling at Emmett. Andrew says you need to have the patience of a saint sometimes in this game. Gary now tells Emmett that he better eat the other shit and he gets up to check on the chicken. Talla joins him and says they should cut it open to see how it is doing. Jillian returns from the DR and Gary says You were in there for such a loooooong time. She picks up her drink and starts talking about how one of the crew in there has a crush on Talla. She is laughing a lot and says that some things don't matter. Gary now demanding to know how much personality matters compared to looks. Talla talking to Jillian while Emmett starts to answer Gary. [This is only gonna get crazier as they get more lubricated.] Jillian thinks it is 70 personality 30 looks. someone says girls always say that. they are all talking over each other. Talla thinks it is 90 percent personality and 10 looks. Gary says she is lying becasue when he confronted her she said it was 50-50.

11:06 PM BBT Emmett gets up to clear his plate and Andrew calls out to him not to desert me you prick. Talla now doing the dating algebra saying that personality and looks should equal out. Now she says it is 70-20 [guess she cut off the other 10 percent of the guy.]

11:09PM BBT Talla wants to know if they can do this over dinner. [Please put something in their mouths.] Gary goes to the oven and pulls out the pan saying "oh, they are burned." Gary now saying he keeps fucking up shit. [bet Andrew would sure agree with that assessment.] Gary now saying which piece of chicken he does not want. Jillian wants to get dipping sauce like salad dressing for the chicken, Andrew is now there to toss the salad he made earlier and then dress it. Emmett remains off camera.

11:13PM BBT Talking settles down as they start focusing on the food. Talla announces that she is about to say grace and Andrew asks if she asked for more booze. Talla says grace to the BB gods and at the end throws in a request for more alcohol. BB responds that your prayers have been answered and there is something for them in the SR. Talla shrieks and goes to retrieve the replenished pitcher. She tries to figure out who has had their third drink. There is some debate as to whether Emmett will even drink his second one that is on the table. Andrew remarks to Gary that this is not his best work and he says it if not his work but just something he heated up.

11:17PM BBT Jillian says that she is very unobservant and it works to her advantage as it comes across as being non-judgemental. Andrew asserts that there are truly ugly people and if they are physically ugly they are ugly. Jillian says you would find them more attractive if you found out they had a good personality. Gary says everyone is attractive in their own way and it is a touch subject. Talla now wants to change the topic and did not seem to respond well to Andrews bombastic pronouncement that if someone has an ugly face then THEY ARE UGLY!!

11:21PM BBT Surprisingly Andrew has not gone out with too many people that he did not think were attractive. He has had some friends at work or friends of friends who were not attractive enough to go out with. That may make him shallow. Jillian clarifies that he would never date someone just for looks or just for personality and he confirms that is his position.

11:24PM BBT Gary says all his past boyfriends have been ugly to his friends but they were attractive to him. [You know glitter boy has to be the most attractive one in the couple.]

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11:28PM BBT The conversation continues with voices getting louder as the glasses get emptier. It is too ridiculous to continue to try and transcribe IMHO especially as they insist on talking at least three at a time. Jillian now saying she looks to date someone who makes her a better person. Andrew off to the SR to bring back some more sodas. Jillian says that her girlfriends need to be more accepting of the people she dates the way she is always accepting of their husbands or partners.

11:33PM BBT Gary talking about what if your boyfriend plays soccer but all your friends hate soccer. What are you going to do if he goes to play soccer on Saturdays. You choose your boyfriend but when the relationship ends you have to blame your friends to a certain degree. [bB can't you take me wherever Emmett is?? Never thought I would say that. - DRG]

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