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April 17 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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10:39PM BBT: Talla and Jillian are cheering. Andrew chatting to Jillian and Talla in the kitchen. Andrew says he considers himself smart, but not booksmart. Talla thinks that Peter is talking to Emmett and campaigning (they're out in the BY by the exercise machines).

10:47PM BBT: Talla looks at one of the mirrors and says she looks like crap. Andrew jokes and says "look at me" and laughs. Andrew asks how this (gestures around the room) is entertaining. Jillian thought that BB would let them have one fun night this week. Peter and Emmett are talking about past seasons on BBUSA outside by the weight machines. In the kitchen they chat about the wrap party, and if there will be one. Talla starts talking about BBUK, and Andrew says that the format is completely different. Andrew pauses and jokes "do you know how infuriating it is trying to have a conversation with someone who is looking in the mirror and dancing?"

10:55PM BBT: Andrew, Talla and Jillian chat about napping in the house. Andrew says it's not allowed, but people do it anyways. Peter and Emmett are grunting and working out in the BY. Emmett asks Peter if it's getting any easier, and Peter says no.

11:14PM BBT: Andrew thinks that if AJ stayed in the house, then he could have won the Eviction speech HoH. Andrew is talking about what he's going to buy with his shopping spree. Emmett and Peter still working out.

11:22PM BBT: Emmett and Peter are done working out, and has joined the others in the kitchen. They chat about how Topaz claimed she knew there wouldn't be a POV during her HoH. They all complain that they haven't had protein for 3 weeks now. Emmett says the milk doesn't last past Tuesday. Andrew doesn't understand that seeing as only 3 people are drinking it. Andrew gets called to the DR.

11:24PM BBT: Emmett talks to Talla alone in the kitchen. He says that Peter told him that he's staying this week. Emmett leaves to take a shower, and relays the information to Jillian, who was up in her HoH room.

11:31PM BBT: Talla and Jillian come out to the HT area. They make up scenarios. Jillian: If Emmett wins HoH, he'd put up 2 people, it doesn't matter who goes up on the block. Say he put Talla and Andrew on the block, and I win veto, I'm going to save myself and I decide who goes home because I'm the sole vote. Andrew comes out to the HT area. They chat about what will happen next week, and whomever wins HoH on Thursday is automatically in the final 3.

11:40PM BBT: Emmett comes out and joins them in the HT area. Jillian says she's going to bed, and Talla leaves to get ready for bed. Andrew and Emmett put their feet in the hot tub. Andrew thinks the next HoH will be mental. We briefly get SotH.

11:50PM BBT: Emmett and Andrew talk scenarios for next week. Andrew emphasizes that Emmett or himself HAVE to win HoH next week. Peter and Talla are playing puckball on the dining room table.

11:58PM BBT: Andrew comes in and says the time, which is only 4 minutes ahead of the correct time. Emmett and Jillian head up to the HoH room to go to bed. Emmett sees Jillian going up the stairs about to come in, and hides behind the door and scares her. Emmett says they need clap lights. Emmett can't wait to get back home where he can turn his own lights on and off, control the heat, take pills when he wants to, and where his milk isn't rationed.

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12:02AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in bed going over past competitions. Talla,Peter, and Andrew in KT talking.

12:12AM BBT: Peter said he would ask Talla if she want to make out but he know the answer is no. Peter called Talla and ask her to tell him a bed time story.

12:19AM BBT: Talla bedtime story was Batman mobile and some castle. Andrew and Talla is now in WA getting ready for bed.

12:25AM BBT: Andrew said if he had poutine and beaver tails he would have a good slop week.

12:33AM BBT: Talla is complaining that it is hot in HN. BB asks Andrew to put on his microphone, Andrew said good night.

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Another Yikes! Moment

None of our regular updaters are available to post today! We have no coverage today from 1:00PM to Midnight! One of our fantastic new updaters gave me simple advice, "Don't panic." So please sign-in and post, because my availability is also limited today.

Our readers are depending on you.


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9:27AM BBT: Andrew and Peter sitting in the KT. Emmett was changing his and Jillian's battery in the SR. The luxury item seems to be something with hockey as it starts a hockey conversation in the kitchen. Talla is about to get in the shower.

9:32AM BBT: Andrew wonders if the Maple Leafs are going to make the playoffs this year since they haven't made the playoffs in 9 years. [Looks like they will make it! As a leafs fan I'm very excited.] Peter says if they make it in this year its because of the lockout. OK so the luxury item is a piece of paper with the current standings of the NHL. Emmett and Peter going over the scenarios of what teams might play who.

9:36AM BBT: Andrew and Jillian in the HoH. Andrew thinks it's weird that Peter hasn't campaigned to him yet. They talk a little about what is best for the next few weeks. Andrew wants to take out Emmett. Andrew goes back down to the KT.

9:45AM BBT: Andrew is teaching Peter and Emmett and a fantasy football league he is in. lat time we saw Jillian on the feeds she was putting on makeup in the HoH. Talla I assume is still in the shower or WA.

9:51AM BBT: Talla comes out and asks the guys what they are doing. Emmett tell he's waiting for breakfast. She goes upstairs to ask Jillian something and Andrew tells Emmett to make her work. Talla asking everyone how she looks in jeans. Andrew goes to the WC where we can hear him pee for a moment. Talla back in the WA plucking her eyebrows. Andrew goes and sits at the KT island. Andrew talks to Peter about the crappy cheer last night and how he was crushed when he realized it wasn't a task. Emmett goes up to the HoH and tells Jillian he just wants to hang around and relax right now and probably wants a panini for lunch. He goes and lays in the HoH bed.

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10:00AM BBT: Andrew and Peter talking about how the show is put out there. Andrew says Tom is probably the villain. They talk about Gary for a little. Andrew said Gary got on his nerves and he wanted to rip him a new one everyday. Upstairs Jill tells Emmett she is out of everything, face wash and stuff.

10:10AM BBT: Andrew stops to talk to Jillian while the thers went outside first. Andrew tells her that Peter just made his little campaign. He seems to be a little upset that Peter said he was a background guy. He says "My twin brother came in here, I've won 4 comps and $10,000 I ain't no background guy. They head outside now. Emmett asking Peter about his youtube job and if he gets paid and how it works.

10:14AM BBT: When Jillian arrives at the HT she says "Heeeey Booooys" (In a Suzette voice). Andrew and Emmett say don't say that, we haven't heard that in a long time. They discuss all the sayings Suzette had and how annoying she had. They talk about who they think will get Canada's Favourite Player Prize . [We don;t even know if they will be one] Andrew picks himself. Jillian says lets make a bet and pick who we think will get it. Jillian says Talla, Peter says Gary and Emmett thinks Peter. Andrew tells them the cheers from the audience mean nothing because you don't know if they are asking them to cheer if they hate that person. Also they have no idea how the show is portraying them. Emmett finally says "Do we even know if there will a Canada's Favourite?" Andrew says "Of course we don't. We only know Prize 1 and Prize 2."

10:27AM BBT: Jillian tells Andrew she can't believe he looks like Jimmy Neutron and that's the celebrity she has been trying to think of this whole time. Jillian leans over to grab Emmett and Andrew talks about having to watch the video of them for 5 days now. He brings up the part of Emmett wanting some nibs out of Jillian's mouth. Feeds cut to SotH.

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11:17AM BBT: Feeds return. Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Andrew in the KT. Jillian complaining about they (DR) wouldn't take her thoughts into consideration. Something about photos. Peter just got into the shower.

11:19AM BBT: Jillian leaning the KT and says "OK guys the 4 of us are going to keep this house clean." Talla says "I can't wait to get back in the KT to cook and clean. I'm on slop Jill." Everyone silent and she says "Just kidding."

11:23AM BBT: Emmett cooking chicken and Andrew asks him "Why isn't she (Talla) cooking for you?" Emmett answers "Because I don't like the way she cooks chicken. One time it was pink and another time it was like leather." Talla isn't holding back the slop farts today and everyone is grossed out. Jillian looks for a cute bottle to pour olive oil in to. Peter goes to the SR and grabs a couple yogurts and heads tot the KT.

11:31AM BBT: Andrew talking about Tiger Woods. He's a fan. He hates the personal things he's done but loves his game plan except that if he misses a shot he will throw his club and asks like a baby. Andrew says he has served Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins player) twice. Talla jumps in and loudly announces she has served Sam Gagne (Edmonton Oilers player). Jillian is called to the DR.

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11:37AM BBT: Jillian comes out of DR. Emmett is laying on the floor beside the HoH stairs. Andrew teaching Talla all about golf. Jillian now sweeping. Peter is sitting at the KT island eating his yogurts.

11:45AM BBT: Jillian gives everyone their vitamins. Talla ask Emmett if he wants her to finish making his lunch. He tells her no cause her sandwiches are crap. Jillian slices off a piece of block cheese and eats it. Talla ask "What does that taste like?" She says she only eats cheese cooked. Jillian says she doesn't eat pizza in real life. Andrew says his brother makes the best deep dish pizza from scratch. "Life is to short to care about that stuff." Jillian says "Anyone can make food taste good if you put enough bad food in it. The hard thing is make a really healthy meal taste good."

12:00PM BBT: HG's all the KT talking about what time they get up usually and if they are a morning person or not. Feeds go to SotH.

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12:38 BBT: Jillian tells Emmett she used to think he was too innocent for her now she thinks she's too innocent for him. He tells here they both have things they Re surprised about each other...she asks him what surprises him about her and he says nothing too crazy. Peter and Talla are playing puckball.

12:53pm BBT: Peter and Talla still playing puckball. Jillian and Emmett are lying on the KT couch. [Not much talking going on and no sign of Andrew]

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12:38PM BBT: Jillian tells Emmett she used to think he was too sweet for her but doesn't think that anymore. She goes and lays with him on the KT sofa.

12:41PM BBT: Andrew comes to the KT says he just took a shower and heads up to the HoH to listen to music. Jillian and Emmett decide to nap on the KT sofa. Talla and Peter still playing puck ball at the dining room table. Looks like we are going to have a quiet afternoon.

12:55PM BBT: Absolutely nothing has changed. Jillian and Emmett don't appear to be asleep though as their eyes open every once in a while. I don't think many people could sleep with the sound of puck ball right there. Peter beat Talla in a best of 7 series with a 4-3 score.

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1:04pm BBT: Talla is out by the hot tub sitting in the sun. She's talking to herself saying her hair "smells rotten...oh well"

1:10pm BBT: Emmett is on kitchen couch while Jillian is in storage room looking for something to eat. Now she is up in the HoH room doing fixing herself up. Andrew was in the HoH room listening to music and now both him and Jillian are leaving and going down stairs.

1:13 pm BBT: Andrew is now out by the hot tub with Talla. Talla tells him how she lost the series of puckball to Peter. Andrew asks if she is tired and she says yes that is why she is sitting outside. She says she thinks it is 15 degrees and Andrew responds " ya I wish they gave us a little thermometer out here"

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1:25 pm BBT: Andrew is making fun of Talla for being hungry, tired and wanting a smoke. They discussed any more twists in the game and Andrew says "there are still a few weeks left...the show must go on" now they are discussing Tallas drinking and how it only takes her " 2 beers to get drunk"

Emmett just entered the DR and Peter is in the kitchen standing on a stool looking for something on too of the cupboards...looks like he found it..it was a sheet of paper and he says "Nathan if you're watching me you owe me a 100 dollars" as he shows the sheet around. He is eating a pizza pop and Emmett comes out of the DR "that was quick"

They are talking about how tired Emmett is and Peter says "the way to get out of the diary room by Emmett bloise" then he corrects himself and says that that is Topazs way [assuming he was falling asleep in the DR?] Emmett now going outside to try and wake up

[very little game talk, let alone any talk today]

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2:12PM BBT Jillian cleaning/oiling a muffin tin. Peter reading BB instruction sheet at the table. Andrew also cleaning up the kitchen and scooping ice into the bucket in the freezer.

2:14PM BBT Andrew says he is making ice muffins and you know what is good on them. . . slop. Andrew and Jillian still tidying up and Andrew says this place is so clean he would like to have a kitchen like it. He thinks the counter is at the perfect level. Jillian says the garbage is in the worst possible spot. Andrew remarks that maybe he and Jillian are meant to be and he will tell Emmett in six months in a letter. Dear Emmett I have run away with Jillian and you will never see her again. P.S. I don't love you I love her.

2:17PM BBT Peter talking about Kraft services on TV or movie sets. He says the first thing you ask is where is Krafty and then you go and you eat. Andrew complimenting Jillian on Banana muffins she made before for Emmett. Andrew says she will make some man very happy in the future. Andrew does not want to see the sheet of slop instructions that Peter has been reading. He remarks that it is remarkable that every sheet of paper that BB gives them is laminated. He thinks it must be so they cannot use it as a weapon. Now they are talking about movies and how many come out every week. Peter says he has to update the new releases and trailers on his web site every week.

2:21PM BBT Andrew says he has watched a million movies in his life and goes online regularly to download them. Peter says sometimes movies deserve a second chance when Andrew asks if he watches movies more than once. Jillian says it could be different based on your mood. Peter likes Brad Pitt but did not enjoy Benjamin Button at all. He also did not like the movie The Fountain at all. Andrew reallly liked The Game by David Fincher (director). Andrew will be interested to see the results of The Oscars. Peter says with The Internet they could catch up with the last three months of info in about a day.

2:26PM BBT Andrew calling Talla hypocritical because she complains about others, then leaves her stuff lying around. Jillian asks is she does that and the boys tell her definitely not. They start talking about LuLu pants and BB tells them to stop talking about brand names. Jillian off the the bathroom. Cam 2 shows Talla's head sleeping in the Have Not room.

2:29PM BBT Boys now talking about what BB will have to buy in the way of food for the remaining days. Jillian returns to kitchen and settles on the couch. Andrew and Peter sitting at the table. Peter says it is never too late for a twist but this is the last week it can happen. Andrew says the instant eviction was interesting, but the Canada Votes was the only real twist of the season. They compare the Canada votes to Jeff winning the Coup d'etat. Now talking about Jeff and Jordan's season numbers being 11 & 13. Peter says Adam won that season and it was the pairs. Then they recall Jeff's season was the Popular/Nerds/Jocks season. Peter says Jordan won 13. Peter now listing season winners in order.

2:35PM BBT Jillian says she was told by someone to watch season 12 because that was a good one. Peter can't remember season 8 [Take that Evel Dick- DRG]

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1:00 BBT not much is going on in the house peter and talla are playing putball andrew is listening to music and emmet and jillan are in the HOH making out (no surprise there)

1:05 putball game is over talla is now in the WR peter is just walking around and its the same old same old lol

1:05 putball game is over talla is now in the WR peter is just walking around and its the same old same old lol talla is now soaking her feet in the hot tub after putting cloths in the wash

1:10 BBT nothing is going on in the house and I mean NOTHING

1:15 BBT talla and andrew are soaking their feet in the hot tub chit chatting about nothing,em is sleeping on the LR sofa jillan is in the KT and thats all folks

1:20 BBT talla is talking about how she would like a smoke right now and how her cheer was awful jillan is eating in the KT EM sleeping still no clue where peter is

1:30 BBT andrew gets up from the hot tub talla asked him to get her two more pillows jillan is in the hoh listening to musci she farts loudly and other then jillans fart nothing else to report

1:35 BBT Em and peter are now in the Hot tub area with andrew and talla they are all just talking peter is eating something cant tell what

1:40 BBT HG are just laying around the HT area talking no game talk everyone but jillan who is in her HOH

1:50 BBt HG are just chilling out talking about sports or sleeping andrew is called into the DR

2:00 BBT peter em and jillan are now in the KT talking about sports andrew is now out of the DR

2:10 BBT jillan is making something for andrew for tomorrow when he wins whatever peter is reading something from a BB page talla is in the DR

2:20 BBT andrew is talking about all the movies and music they have been missing since being in the house now two months

2:25 BBT nothing really to report about the same thing

2:30BBt andrew peter and jillan are now in the KT talking about the BB twists and BB in the us

2:35 BBT they are now talking about BB in the us and who won what season

2:40 its been a boring doy int the house today, just alot of talking about nothing

2:45 BBT I believe the HG need some glitter brought back into the house to liven things up in other words they nee gitter man gary back peter is pitching staying this week to jillan

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2:36PM BBT Andrew now off to take a nap in the Have-Not room. Jillian and Peter continue talking about past seasons and HGs. Peter finally asks her so for tomorrow where is your thinking? He says Andrew wants someone at the end who he can beat and that would only be Talla. Peter says he does not want Jillian to have to be a tie breaker during the vote. Peter knows Andrew will not vote to keep him. He says Talla is only loyal to Andrew since he is the only one who will take her to the end. He says he has maintained for weeks that he has been with Emmett from the beginning. He held no grudge about Alec and he did not use the veto last week. He says he has been making moves for the team all along. Peter wants he, Jillian and Emmett as final three. Jillian says she knows that if Alec stays he will take Emmett but she does not know that he will take her. He emphatically whispers that Andrew is the person he has been trying to get out of the house for weeks. Emmett now walks in on the conversation. Peter says if Talla wins HOH it will be Andrew who makes the call. Now Talls up and joins the kitchen group. she does not know what happened she passed out and now she is dizzy and hungry.

2:45PM BBT Peter still making the case to Jillian that Andrew beats all of us in the finals. We all have a chance against each other but he beats any of us if he is there. Jillian asks what does she say to Talla. He tells her to say Peter is a competitor and we need the best competitors to go to the end. He thinks she will understand that. Peter understands her not wanting to lose Talla's vote, and Jillian interjects Yeah, cause I have no others. Peter selling her on how to break the tie and tell Talla she is not a strong competitor and says that Talla will understand and respect that. Emmett joins Andrew in the Have-Not room. Peter continues selling that he wants to be final three with the couple and it is Alec's own fault he is not here any longer. He is telling her that Andrew and Talla are straight up coming for her next week.

2:49PM BBT Jillian excuses herself to go to HOH bathroom because you are stressing me out in a bad way. He had said that if Talla won HOH this Thursday then she would put up Emmett and her and if the POV was endurance Talla could win that especially if Andrew told her that she had to do it.

2:51PM BBT Emmett and Andrew now talking about if Peter has talked game with him. Andrew says he is voting to keep Talla even though she drives him nuts. Andrew says in the end their will be 22 comps and not 20. He starts running off comp winners to date. Jillian returns to kitchen. Andrew says to Emmett that he knows he likes Pete. Emmett says he does not like playing teams that come in with a shitty record cause you can let down and they end up winning. He rather play against winners cause then you are on your A game all the time. Peter resumes the hard sell with Jillian for taking him to the final 3. Andrew comparing Peter to Talla and says that Peter at least has brains. If Talla is playing the dumb card then she wins the academy award.

2:56PM BBT Andrew and Emmett now trying to figure Talla's possible jury votes should she miraculously make it to the end. Peter selling Jillian the idea that it is better for her to be the last girl remaining than to believe in some "girl power" alliance with Talla and we get FOTH.

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3:28PM BBT Feeds come back to Talla spinning a tale in the kitchen. Emmett lying in the HOH bed. She was telling a story about going to a sporting event. Peter pipes in that he hates if when fans get up to leave when there is time still in the game no matter what the score is. He now starts telling a story about a rowdy fan at a hockey game throwing a beer that landed on his buddies head. Jillian with Peter and Talla in the kitchen.

3:33PM BBT Talla pontificating about hockey fan behavior. Jillian keeps laughing and heads off to the Have Not room to join Andrew. They are talking about what Peter and Emmet have been doing and they seem to agree that they are not going against Talla. Peter and Talls start another game of Puck ball.

3:36PM BBT Andrew relates his conversation with Emmett to Jillian. Andrew swears that she is the one he wants to go to the final 2 with. He is voting to keep Talla and you will be the deciding vote. They know that if Talla is in the end she will not take Emmett. They are not sure who Emmett would take to the end should he win the final HOH comp. Andrew says he wants the three of us from NS. Andrew says that Emmett thinks he can win out, but Jillian says he is not talking cocky, but quite the opposite like he is already defeated. Jillian reviewing that she told Emmett that Peter might slightly benefit his game and Talla might benefit her game, but she is HOH this week and has the final say.

3:40PM BBT Puck ball continues as does game talk in the Have-Not. Andrew again tells Jillian she is the one he trusts and likes the most and he thinks that Emmett wants Peter over Talla. They say that if Talla does not win HOH next it will be the three of them in the finals. [Gary glitter grenade likely to blow up this line of thinking come Thursday night.]

3:43PM BBT Puck ball still slinding along. Jillian getting ready to leave the conversation with Andrew. Then she comes back in and tells Andrew how she says in the DR that she trusts these two people from NS. They both agree that Emmett gets twitchy. Talla now talking game telling Peter that she has to win something.

3:45Pm BBT Jillian enters the kitchen and says she hopes puck ball is the next HOH, Talla asks why, cause I will win and Jillian replies no because you will be guaranteed to lose. Now Jillian and Andrew in the WA. Andrew says he is going to go lay down again and if Lala comes to talk came he will slam her into the wall. Back in his bed he goes to talk out scenarios to himself. Puck ball ongoing.

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3:49PM BBT Peter asking Talla if she realistically thinks she has a chance to win the game. He points to the wall and asks can you get seven of those people to give you a hundred thousand dollars. she is about to answer when Jillan passes through again. Now Jillian and Emmett are on the HOH bed. Puck ball has resumed with no game talk.

3:55PM BBT Puck ball now over, Andrew quiet in his bed, Emmett pulling Jillian closer in the HOH bed. She says to him that Andrew said he is going to vote to keep Talla and he says that is news to me. Peter and Talla now outside and he is asking her again does she think standing in front of seven jurors does she think she can convince four of them to vote for her to win. She starts to say that is a really good question and we get foth.

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4:00pm BBT - Peter and Talla at the HT, Peter asks her where she will get enough jury votes to win the game. Talla responds she can win the game but doesn't know where she will get the votes. SotH for about 30m. Andrew has joined Peter & Talla in HT. Talla repeats her discovery from yesterday that a HN can vomit slop they have eaten and then re-eat it. Andrew says he will freeze his slop vomit and make a slopvomitcicle. Yes, folks, this is why we update.

5:00pm BBT - Peter makes his argument to Andrew, says they need competitors in the end. Andrew patronizes Peter, saying he understand why he has to campaign but doesn't want to break certain "promises".

6:00pm BBT - Virtually nothing has happened in the last hour. But you still have one hour left to vote in the 3rd Morty's TV Big Brother Canada Poll! http://mortystv.com/fb

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7:00pm BBT - Peter makes his pitch to Jillian - he would take Emmett & Jillian to the F3 like he promised, but Andrew and Talla would both split them up because they're afraid Jillian would win the F3 endurance comp. He says Andrew & Talla have a F2 pact.

7:30pm BBT - Emmett suggests deciding who to send home (Emmett & Jillian can force and break a tie) over a game of puck ball. Jillian is waffling over who to send home after her convo with Peter who said Talla was targeting her. Talla says she wants to quit. Smoking, that is. The others try to talk her out of smoking again. Here's an idea, throw out the cigs. Jillian wants to tell Andrew that she's going to keep Peter over Talla.

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8:00pm BBT - Andrew tells Jillian that Talla would never talk like that about her, and would never talk strategy with Peter at all. He's trying to perform damage control and paint Peter a desperate liar (which he was). Jill is upset that Talla has cake walked through this competition while she has been stressed (as HoH) the whole game. Emmett wants her to talk to him first rather than talking to Talla.

9:00pm BBT - Highlights from the 9pm hour - Jillian tells Talla what Peter said and they agree Peter is trying to pit them against each other. Jillian says she wants Talla in the F3 with her. They decide now they have to get rid of Peter because he was lying. Talla doesn't think days get longer in the summer on the west coast. She also thinks there are 52 states in America. And Alaska isn't one of them - it's part of Canada she thinks.

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10:13PM BBT Peter eating alone at table, Talla in the DR Emmett and Jillian upstairs talking about what will happen if they get split up. Emmett pledging to campaign for her in the jury house if he is there. She says he won't because they will be the final two. And the magnets in their teeth compel them together again.

10:15PM BBT Andrew cleaning up in kitchen then heads down the hall. Emmett and Jillian now talking about his parents and what folks have told them. Jillian says he does not give her too much confidence because the things he sometimes says are mean. He says he does not know her that well yet and they are on cameras and he does not want to talk about his private life on camera. Andrew back into the kitchen and remarks about it being 10:20.

10:17PM BBT Andrew continues to tidy up and is now folding towels. Peter says he will watch Wrestlemania and Elimination chamber on pay per view when he gets out. Jillian and Emmett Jedi training now in the HOH bed. Andrew asking Peter about his favorite wrestler and Peter describes him physically. The teeth magnets have overpowered the power couple once again.

10:20PM BBT talla comes out of DR and bursts in to HOH. She says Peter is trying to come between them in their alliance. [What do you expect him to do, self-evict? - DRG]

10:22PM BBT Talla continues to rant about Peter and Jillian says just let him go because it is not affecting us now. Guess her light bulb finally turned on that this is a competition and Peter wants her gone so he can stay. She says she could be making up shit too, but she is not. Emmett tells her to chill. Jillian says she came to Talla earlier because what Peter was saying made her anxious. Talla says she could not be fake like him by playing puck ball and then scheming behind your back. Jillian says she is not stressed out anymore now that she and Talla have talked. Talla continues to rant. [Obviously she has not reached her 1000 word minimum per conversation yet.- DRG]

10:27PM BBT Talla saying she is staying this week and she wants to be with these people this week, not with mister glass with his feet up on the table staring at us. She just wants to put his nuggets in the hot tub and throw his soda out the door when he leaves. She will talk smack behind his back because she cannot do it to his face. Jillian says when she was mad she was not mad at Talla just mad at the circumstances. Jillian says it is good they are communicating and all realize the lies he is telling everyone against the others. They review the things he made people say so he could tell others what was said.

10:30PM BBT Poor Emmett is sandwiched between these two women on the bed with no chance of escape. Andrew now heading upstairs. He says Peter is taking a nervous dump and this girl (Talla) is making me a nervous wreck. Talla and Jillian continue to review how Peter has tried to turn them against one another through out the day. BB rescues Emmett by calling him to the DR. Talla and Andrew leave to be spared the goodbye kisses of Jillian and Emmett. Jillian continues to carry on about the sneaky snake shit that Peter has been doing. Andrew and Talla out to hot tub. Emmett off to DR.

10:34PM BBT Jillian now heading downstairs and calls out "snaky" as she rounds the landing. Talla telling Andrew that she feels better now. Jillian picking at food in the kitchen and grabs a handful of napkins to take up to the HOH room. Andrew says that Peter must be awkward now because it is not working. Talla asks if he knows and Andrew replies he would be an idiot not to know. Peter now returns to kitchen and sits at the DR table where he has a plate of nuggets and two cans of soda in front of him. Jillian wonders if they will call her to the DR after Emmett. Andrew continuing to tell Talla not to worry.

10:38PM BBT Jillian eyeing a pineapple and tells Peter she thinks it is ready to be cut. She is asking him what it is about vegetables that he does not like, the flavor or the consistency? He does not mind carrots and corn does not count. Peter says he used to buy onion rings and then take the onions out and by used to I mean I do it all the time. He likes the batter the less oniony the better.

10:41PM BBT She asks if he likes cooked onions in anything and he says no. He likes hash browns ok. She describes hash brown casserole to him but when she gets to the onions she realizes he would not like it. she says she has a friend Richard who is just like him regarding food until just recently when he has started to change. Andrew and Talla still talking in circles. Emmett out of DR and Jillian called in. Emmett says he also eats just what he wants and Jillian agrees like the time she tried to get him to try putting sauce on something and he would not. She is off to the DR. Andrew and Talla planning to just hang out outside tomorrow. [They will be on LD most of the day.]

10:45PM BBT Emmett asks Peter what would he do different if he came back. He says make an alliance as early as possible so you have a block of votes of people you trust. He would try to make sure people were playing with their heads and not their emotions. He would help them see the big picture and not just react week to week. He says if the Quatro had stayed together they would have plowed through everyone. Emmett will be pissed if Liza turns out the be the main reason that Tom left the game. Peter says that every move in the game was because of us in one way or another and we did it under their noses and under the radar. We were pulling the strings, and if I stay we still are. What is she thinking? Emmett says she and Talla just had a little blow up so I don't know. Peter asks if he and Jillian had a tiff or what. Emmett relates that Jillian said she was having a hard time because she had to put folks up on the block.

10:50PM BBT Peter asks about the fight with Talla. He says she is pissed at you because you are campaigning. Emmett says he told her what do you expect him to do and maybe you should be doing it too. This is Big Brother. Emmett curious about where Talla and Andrew are and checks upstairs then down the hallway to the bedroom and back to the SR. He rejoins Peter in the dining room. Peter says he loves the game and is just trying to stay. Peter again fishes for info about what Talla is doing. He clarifies that he is not saying evict Talla, he is saying keep Peter. He tells Emmett that maybe you were right earlier that I should talk to Jillian in front of Talla. Peter says he has too much respect for the game to sit quietly and let things happen. Emmett calls Talla a little fire ball. Peter is sickened that Andrew and Talla might have an easy path to the end and they don't deserve it. he feels Talla is playing for second place. Peter says that his fate lies in Jillians hands and he is trying to get her to see the truth. [The truth according to Peter that is. - DRG]

10:56PM BBT Talla rattling on about what she will do when she gets back home. Peter saying how Andrew did not have a clue what was going on the first six weeks and he and Alec basically carried him. Emmett asks if if is harder to be the carrier or the one who is being carried. He thinks its harder to be the carrier when Jillian returns and asks what they are talking about. Andrew and Talla now closing up the hot tub to return to the house. Peter tells Jillian Talla was carried because she was not a threat and Andrew was carried because he was entertaining. Emmett saying they told him they might give them some milk tonight. Talla and Andrew come in and Talla blurts out, What you want to drink? Then she realizes he was talking about milk.

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