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April 16 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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8:01PM BBT - Emmett & Jillian in the HT. Emmett asks Jillian what her summers are like. Jillian usually works in the summer, she doesn't know what she plans to do this summer or where she is going to be. Emmett asks Jillian if she was serious when she said she was open to another plan. She wasn't joking, she replies. Emmett jokes about rekindling things with her ex. Not a chance, she replies. I would never.

8:06PM BBT - Andrew comes out to the HT. They talk about the best place to go skiing in the East. Peter & Talla at the dining room table playing a game.

8:15PM BBT - Discussion turns to Moose, how many accidents, eating moose, and the like.

8:21PM BBT - A brief discussion of astrology. Emmett took it and hated it. Andrew took it in community college; didn't mind it. Andrew decides to head inside.

8:24PM BBT - Andrew joins Peter at the table for puckball. Talla comes out of the DR dressed like a cheerleader with pompoms, dancing to music played by BB. Andrew cheers her on. Talla stands on a chair and dances before almost falling off, causing Andrew to laugh. She leads the boys to the BY where Jillian and Emmett have come to see what's going on. She gives Jillian a lap dance.

8:26PM BBT - Andrew starts dancing with her. Emmett confirms this music is the same that was played when the other cheerleaders came in. Emmett tells her this could be her audition. The music ends and everyone cheers. The music is off for about 30 seconds and starts again, which gets Talla cheering and dancing again. Emmett comments about how she has this much energy while on slop.

8:29PM BBT - The music finally ends and everyone cheers. Talla teaches them her special cheer, with her name in it.

8:32PM BBT - Talla heads back to the DR, the rest chat about how generic the music playing was. Andrew says it's good that they put the air vents in and fixed the A/C because it's like they are in Haiti. Emmett chuckles, it's still hot. Emmett comments about the vents not being on, they can't tell if they are sucking air out or blowing air in.

8:35PM BBT - Jillian asks if they've ever played a game called "Suck and Blow". Andrew says one of her boyfriends must have taught her that. Jillian explains the game involving sucking a kleenex against your lips and blowing it on the lips of another (as if kissing) and Andrew tries to take off to avoid playing it.

8:37PM BBT - Talla is back with her pom poms. She tells them they are going to make a cheer together. Andrew doesn't want to, and Talla says he has no choice. She is trying to get everyone's attention and they rudely talk over her until Jillian tells them to listen to Talla. Emmett says he is not going to flop around; Talla says she is not going to make him flop around. Grudgingly, they all join Talla to learn the "Big Brother" cheer.

8:46PM BBT - Jillian, Andrew and Peter spell out "BIG" and Emmett gets the word "Brother", then Talla says "When I say final, you say" and each HG responds with "five!" Simple cheer, and all HG's are pretty good spirited. Talla heads back to the DR and Jillian heads to HOH.

8:50PM BBT - Talla back with the pom poms but now just dancing around to herself. Andrew is straightening the towels for the badminton court. Peter & Emmett start a game. Andrew asks Talla to spell badminton with a cheer. When she pauses, he asks if she knows how to spell it. Andrew sitting on a lounger by the pool.

9:11PM BBT - Peter & Talla playing puckball. Talla still talking about cheers she's making up. Andrew moving about the KT. Jillian in the HOH shower, Emmett in the HOH room.

9:16PM BBT - Emmett & Peter back to badminton. Andrew & Talla on the KT couches. Talla is so excited that she got to cheerlead.

9:22PM BBT - Badminton over. Emmett & Talla playing puckball. He warns her she may have won against Peter, but won't against him.

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9:55PM BBT Talla proclaiming she is the BB cheerleader then starts another unbearable cheer. Jillian and Emmett workinng on cleaning a frying pan. Peter eating chips and drinking soda at the table. Talla asks, what is that horrible smell? Peter replies that is what we say to you every day. Talla now dancing around with her pom poms and BB tells her to please fix her mic.

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9:29PM BBT - Talla loses to Emmett, convinces him to play another game. Peter goes to make a pizza pop. Asks Emmett to workout after he's done playing.

9:30PM BBT - Peter comes out of the SR and says that's the place to be. It is incredibly cool in there.

9:36PM BBT - Jillian comes looking for her hair goo and Emmett tries to coax her into a kiss, which she ignores. Emmett teasingly calls he'll remember that. Talla loses again and begs Emmett for a third game. She tries to get him to play if she agrees to give him a 17 minute back massage. He ups the ante and says if she loses the third game, she has to be his servant all day tomorrow. Andrew comes from the WA and asks why she's doing that. She has faith. Peter calls her an addict.

9:43PM BBT - Talla loses the game (predictably) and tries to renig on being his servant tomorrow because she didn't shake on it. Emmett says it was a verbal contract and he'll never play another game with her again if she doesn't uphold her end of the contract.

10:02PM BBT - Talla wants to play puckball again. Jillian offers to play. Emmett wants to do doubles, but Andrew is cooking and Peter is eating. Talla offers to go against Jillian and Emmett as a pair. Peter finishes eating and joins Talla as her pair.

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10:00PM BBT Peter helping Talla with her microphone. Jillian asks if they would like her to make peanut butter cups for them this week. Andrew says yes and she says all we need is muffin tins. Peter still eating chips and salsa. Jillian and Emmett sucking face again by the fridge. Talla trying to get into the DR and complains that she got code red. Andrew remarks that Jillian and Emmett are ginving them a preview of their morning movie. Talla wants to play puck ball and Jillian says she will play. Emmett wants to play doubles but no one else wants to play. Talla says she will take them both on and then she starts to argue with Emmett about what end of the table she is going to sit at. Peter comes along to join them in a doubles game. [Risky move sitting next to Talla right after eating if you ask me. - DRG]

10:04PM BBT Peter saying he has puck ball elbow. Talla starts a running commentary on every slide until the others say something to her about it. Score is now 2 to 2. Andrew headed to the bathroom.

10:06PM BBT Andrew washing hads after leaving the stall and heads back to the others. Game continuing and the sound of the rings sliding across the table is getting to be almost as annoying as the sound of Ian swinging in the hammock on the last season of BB US.

10:08PM BBT Andrew futzing around in the kitchen and the game goes on. [Are you sure it is not Thursday yet? - DRG]

10:10PM BBT Andrew is cutting a sheet of baked slop into squares to make chips and sits down with a bowl of salsa for a heartburn producing snack. The sliding continues on the DR table. Score now 10-10.

10:12PM BBT Peter and Talla save a game point and Talla shrieks as if they had just won the World Cup. Andrew up helping Jillian find something in the fridge. Jillian says they should have made nachos and cheese. They are working on a wax paper sheet of syrup that they had put in the fridge to harden into a candy like consistency.

10:17PM BBT Jillian says she is thinking of going to bed and Talla tells her it is way too early. She asks what time it is and Jillian tells her almost to the minute and Talla discounts that it could not possible be that late. Emmett and Peter now out at the machines to get in another work out. Talla quiet, but only because she is drinking and eating some of the hardened syrup. Andrew remarks that it seems like there is rubber in this stuff. Talla up now with her pom poms saying she is going to do a dance. At least she is dancing with her mouth shut this time.

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10:16PM BBT - Game over, Talla back to making up cheers. Andrew made something that he compares to an unflavored gummy worm. Peter goes to close the HT. Talla tells everyone she didn't go to a school where cheerleading was big.

10:20PM BBT - Peter & Emmett outside working out. Jillian making the syrup popsicles she made when she was on slop for Talla and Andrew. Andrew calls it an instant cavity, which Talla loves.

10:24PM BBT - Talla tells Jillian she is going to auditon for her and Andrew. Jillian runs to th WC first. Talla says the watered down syrup thing Andrew is eating is disgusting. Andrew really thought Talla's cheering would cheer him up but he's down from being on slop and feeling weak.

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10:21PM BBT Boys continue working out without shirts. Talla convinces Jillian to do a cheer and gives her the pom poms. She starts but then quits saying she cannot do this. Talla takes the pom poms back and starts a cheer for Jillian. Andrew tells her to stop. Peter calls out attention for season two, only bring shorts. Jillian now trying a cheer again, but says she is going to the WA first. Talla saying she is everything regarding the cheer team so Jillian will be trying to impress her, Andrew is just my assistant.

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10:26PM BBT - Andrew farts and Jillian says, "Eeewwww". Talla says Jillian can make a cheer about Andrew's fart. Andrew asks Jillian if she's ever heard a fart before. Jillian says she doesn't have a cheer, but she can dance. Talla tries to get Andrew to help her, he refuses and throws out the syrup concoction.

10:29PM BBT - Jillian completes her audition and both girls scream excitedly. Talla waves her pom poms in Emmett's face and tells him Jillian made the team.

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10:26PM BBT Jillian ready for her big tryout in front of Talla who asks her why she wants to audition for my team. Talla wants Andrew to help Jillian with her tryout, but he is having none of it. Jillian twirling the pom poms and dancing quietly. Emmett comes in and says Jillian is like those girls who try out for the cheer team and always fail miserably. Jillian shakes her booty and the pom poms and apparently has succeeded in making Talla's team.

10:29PM BBT Talla now flat on her back doing a cheer. Jillian is going to make some Chamomile tea and offers to make some for Andrew. Talla now doing her "funny dance." Guys talking outside between sets about who would be good to come back into the game with.

10:31PM BBT Talla announcing over and over again that she is sooooo busy right now. She and Jillian are now working on doing a cheer together. Emmett reviewing his history of being DQ'd three times but he wants to come back and could not play any other type of game. He swears he would be smarter next year as if they would bring folks back in season 2.

10:34PM BBT Talla telling Jillian she is so strong, she carried me and did two squats with me on top of her. Peter asking Emmett who he would bring back for all stars BB US. he mentions Ian, Hayden, all the brigade, Regan who was Americas player for a while. Kevin from season 11 was supposed to be pretty good. From 10 maybe give Memphis another shot. I don't remember 9 at all it was kind of a lost season. He also does not remember 8 but then recalls Adam. the one who went to jail. They think they only came up with about 8 names there and that is why they can't do another all stars yet.

10:37PM BBT They say that Brian from season 10 would be great. Girls would be really hard to come up with. Emmett says he can't do much in the summer as he is so busy so he can't really commit to watch the show. It would be fun since they now know how everything works. Peter says you can't really prepare for it before you walk through the door. Emmett remembers the last night and what it was like to walk out in front of all those people.

10:40PM BBT Andrew and Jillian on the couch in the kitchen she is doing her nails. Talla is finally sitting in a chair at the kitchen table facing them.. Andrew and Talla say they were so tired today they did not even take a nap. Guys outside continue talking about BB US players and comparing their cast members to former US HGs.

10:43PM BBT Andrew now talking about when the rap party will be. Talla wants to know where the jury will be, here in the kitchen or outside or at the jury house. Andrew tells her they will be in the audience area with Arisa. Workouts have resumed outside. Andrew talking about how the UK BB is totally different than this. He asks her if she knows the UK show and then says that obviously she does not. He says it is annoying talking to someone that is always looking at themselves or dancing. He explains the UK show is more like American Idol as the audience votes who is evicted after the two most nominated folks are put up on the block. Jillian says she is surprised they do not give us more booze here and the deep BB voice immediately says, Please stop talking about production.

10:48PM BBT Andrew again saying how tired he is and he needs a good sleep tonight. Talla saying that being up for 18 or 19 hours is really hard on us. Andrew says it was a weird day today because they were locked out for a good amount of time. [Apparently for less than successful work on the AC system throughout the house.- DRG]

10:50PM BBT Grunts and groans continue outside while Andrew's drone continues inside. He is talking about the jury house and what it must be like for people going in there. Now congratulating themselves for teaming up and still being in the house. Andrew wants credit for putting the team together. Talla wants to make a cheer for Thursday. Andrew telling her not to say anything until he is gone. Jillian now jumping up and down with the pom poms but quickly sits down saying she did something to her nails.

10:56PM BBT Kitchen crew now reviewing all the mistakes the evicted HGs made that sent them out. Andrew saying that Alec and Peter were shocked that after keeping him he put up Alec and Topaz instead of who they expected. Talla saying how Alec told her that Topaz was a vacant vessel. Andrew has to explain to her what that phrase means. Jillian says that Alec and Topaz never had anything real. Andrew says Alec and Peter were trying to emulate past seasons and that does not work since you have to be yourself in here. Andrew, "Hey this tea is bringing me back to life."

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11:01PM BBT Workouts still ongoing. One of the machines has broken. Jillian says she does not like guys with big traps (trapezius muscles) because they look like meatheads. Andrew talking about how Alec talked to him telling him how the house was going to vote this week.He and Topaz both did the same thing, they went around and said the same thing to everyone thinking that the others would never talk to compare notes. Jillian eating more of the chilled syrup candy.

11:06PM BBT Andrew finally gets back to the point that Alec regretted saving Andrew as soon as Andrew won the HOH the night he was not evicted. The instant eviction is what screwed him is what Andrew thinks. If he had not won the 10K and thrown the competition to me, he would not have voted to save me. Alec said he never really trusted Gary but Andrew thinks the four of them were together with a final four deal Alec, Peter, Topaz and Gary. They all thought they were smarter than anyone else in the house.

11:10PM BBT Jillian says when she won HOH it trashed their plans, If Topaz had won that HOH she would have put up Emmett and me or Jillian. Andrew is amazed that Peter won the POV that he did. Talla remarking about how Peter is now trying to work out just like Emmett. They all think it will be good for him and his confidence. Andrew now reviewing what he is going to buy with his shopping spree at The Brick and how much everything will cost. [Can't someone make it Thursday already?? Pretty please - DRG]

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11:17PM BBT Emmett saying Gary really wanted to get rid of Tom. Andrew says he does not like the "pawn" game and mentions how the third time was AJs undoing. They are talking about Topaz's HOH and whether or not she knew there would be no veto that time. Peter assures them she did not know that. Now they are talking about how their food runs out like milk never lasts past Tuesday. Andrew called to the DR. Emmett announces he is going to shower as he feels like death. Talla asks him if Peter has said anything. Emmett says he thinks he is staying because we have not told him he is not. Talla says that is fine. She again inquires if Peter has asked about the votes and he says that tomorrow is the day when the talking will start. Peter now in the shower downstairs and Jillian and Emmett in the HOH bathroom. Talla says to no one, "What if I go home this week?" Then she gets up and goes to the kitchen sink.

11:23PM BBT Jillian coming back downstairs. Talla says that Emmett told her that Peter thinks that he is staying. She goes on talking about whether he is going to campaign or not. Jillian says it does not really matter. Talla says damn it I have to be a slave tomorrow. Jillian says don't you notice how I am that every day to him and that is why you will not have to do it. Talla says she loved the cheer thing and it was sooooo much fun. Jillian said they thought they had no choice but to do the cheers. Talla says that she is thinking that Emmett, me or Andrew will play for HOH Thursday. If Andrew wins HOH two of us go up, someone wins POV and takes themself off. Jillian says lets make up scenarios.

11:27PM BBT BB tells the girls not to sit on the edge of the hot tub cover as it will collapse if they do. They go on if Emmett wins and puts up Andrew and Talla. Jillian wins POV she will be the only one to vote that week. She says she will save you know who. If Andrew wins he saves himself and Andrew will decide to keep Jillian or Talla. Andrew joins them in the hot tub area, he says he just had to redo a DR session and they are told to stop talking about production. Andrew tells them that if we want this to be the final three then it is not a good idea for Emmett to win the HOH as the HOH is automatically in the final three. [Obviously they are not figuring on anyone coming back into the house.- DRG]

11:32PM BBT Talla is slowy catching on to how the final three plays out with HOH being guaranteed final three and the POV winner having the only vote. Emmett joins them and the girls get up to go to bed asking if the lights are dim yet. peter is eating more chips and salsa in the kitchen when the gals join him. Andrew explains to Emmett how Talla did not understand the mechanics of the end game.

11:35PM BBT Talla going on about the cheers today. The guys start the hot tub jets so its nearly impossible to hear them talk, not that they are saying anything much. And we get brief FOTH for no apparent reason. Feeds come back to exactly what was going on when they went down. [Guess someone kicked the cord. -DRG]

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11:38PM BBT Kitchen crew of Peter, Talla and Jillian talking about how AJ has been in the jury house for 5 weeks and how bad that would be knowing you are not going to get anything out of it. Jillian heading to bed. Peter going to do dishes but Talla wants to play puck ball. She asks how long he will be and he asks if she wants to help. When she declines he says then I will be twice as long as I would have been if you helped. Talla announces she is going to sit down because she needs to figure out a cheer. She announces that she had a good day even though she was on slop. The highlight was the cheering. Peter asks what she is rambling on about and she repeats herself. She asks Peter how many reps he did and he says four or five. Something needs to soak before cleaning so he is now ready to play puck ball. This means your choices are to listen to the roar of the hot tub jets or she metalic sound of the napkin rings making there way from one end of the dining room table to the other.

11:44PM BBT Peter wonders if there is a live feeder out there who has kept track of the won loss records for puck ball. [Like it is not humiliating enough we sit here and type your every word and action as best we can?? - DRG]


11:47PM BBT Feeds back. Step over the cord next time, Skippy. Andrew is working scenarios with Emmett in the hot tub. They are talking about what would happen if somehow Jillian went out and my feeds start buffering. And now Andrew comes out with the classic BB stratagem "We gotta win HOH."

11:50PM BBT Boys are now closing up the hot tub and heading back inside. They are talking about the mechanics of the three part final HOH comp. Crossing the BY Andrew says that what BB installed today is definitely not a cooling thing since it is hot as hell in here. Talla announces that she just beat Peter in puck ball [Make a note whoever it is that is keeping track of this since Peter will be checking when he gets out of the house. - DRG]

11:53PM BBT Emmett and Jillian in the HOH bathroom Puck ball continuing downstairs. Andrew not on camera. Jillian has climbed into the HOH bed. Emmett says they are actually going to bed early tonight, at a decent time. Jillian remarks that they are getting older. Puck ball score now 11-9. Jillian up to the loo and Emmett first wants clapper lights in the HOH and then says it will be nice when he is home to be able to walk into a room and turn the lights on or off. Andrew in kitchen now bantering with Talla. She and Peter are now on the couch. Andrew asks what should be done with the slop and Talla says she is over it. Then she thinks she should put half a slop in her.

11:58PM BBT Jillian taking off top and Emmett claps hands telling BB come on now, He wants the light dimmed. Talla and Andrew now talking about Talla's bet with Emmett that means she will have to be his servant tomorrow. Andrew telling her how a pot in the kitchen is not clean and she tries to BS him that she was going to do it later. Emmett and Jillian talking strategy and how she reviews things during house quiet time. She is Jedi training him and clearly remembers more than he does although he is not bad.

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You've all done very well. We're still having trouble getting people to update during the day. I think the reason this isn't a problem with BBUS, is because the US unemployment rate is higher, so we have more people home during the day. But this only makes it more important that we update. It means there a lot of hard working Canadian coming home and not knowing what happened all day. So here's a tip: It you work in an office with internet, bring some headphones to work. You can pretend you're working, and listen to the live feeds at the same time. Learn to think American. Just say, "What would Homer Simpson do?"

And you can start tomorrow, here:




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