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April 13 [Saturday] Live Feed Updates

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Yikes! This Saturday has a hole in it!

None of our regular updaters will be around today from 1:00PM to 10:00PM. That's not a hole, it's a huge gaping canyon.

Please help keep our coverage going by posting updates of what you've seen on the live feeds.

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12:02AM BBT - Emmett recounts a conversation he had with Talla, telling her she sucks at the game and that's why everyone wants to take her to the F3. He tells her to just shut up and stop worrying, because he is a threat and has something to worry about.

12:06AM BBT - Emmett wants to talk to Andrew tomorrow and tell him that although Andrew thinks they are tight, they are here to play a game. He wants to tell him that he's not sure he wants to be in the final 3 with him. Emmett is now coaching Jillian on what to say to Andrew. Tells her to mention she trusts Emmett, and trick him to see how much they can trust him. (REALLY hard to hear Jillian. They have a fan in the bathroom, I don't know that her mic is on, and her back is to the camera)

12:10AM BBT - Jillian says it's not worth $100,000 being this evil. She doesn't think she can do it anymore, and wants to crush the last 3 people's dreams in a nicer way. Emmett reminds her they've crushed the dreams of 10 other people before now. Emmett says they have to try this, or all 3 of them could end up losing the game with Peter and Talla in the final. Emmett reminds her that Andrew is a mental and physical threat.

12:12AM BBT - Emmett thinks they should take Talla to the final 3 with them because Peter and Andrew are too big of a threat. Emmett thinks Peter will take Talla with him to the finals if he gets that far.

12:16AM BBT - Emmett says Talla is happy as a pig in sh1t, knowing she is going to final 3 even though she sucks at the game. Emmett says she also knows she is going up as a pawn. Jillian bursts out laughing at the comment. Emmett tells her Talla gave him a hug, wrapped her legs around him and everything. Jillian says maybe she'll put Andrew on the block and then make a deal with Talla that if she wins HOH next week, she'll nominate the boys (Andrew & Emmett) and then Jillian can vote Andrew out. If Talla agrees, Jillian won't put her up this week.

12:19AM BBT - Emmett says if Andrew wins POV, then he & Jillian are on the block together. Either way, Jillian says. If anyone wins except Jillian or Emmett, they run that risk. Emmett says he just needs to win HOH next week. Then, if Talla wins POV, she'll take Andrew out. If Andrew wins, he should take Talla out to honour their F3 deal. But if Emmett doesn't win HOH, Andrew does, then he puts both girls. As long as Talla doesn't win POV, they're safe.

12:23AM BBT - Jillian tells Emmett he needs to throw HOH to Talla this week. It's an incredibly important HOH. Emmett cringes at the idea. As long as they win HOH and POV, they're ok. Jillian says she cringes at all these different scenarios. She tells Emmett she doesn't like this game, when she's HOH she feels like the worst person in the world. She has to backstab and lie, and she's not like that in real life. Emmett says you don't have to do that in real life, that's why she needs to remember this is a game.

12:30AM BBT - Emmett says he sometimes doesn't tell Jillian things so she doesn't have to lie. Bath time is now over; Emmett and Jillian get into the shower.

12:49AM BBT - After a long shower makeout session, Emmett and Jillian are cooled down (Emmett says the water in the shower was cold) and they get out.

12:50AM BBT - Emmett goes down to the BR to get something. Peter is awake and calls him over. He pitches a plan where Jillian puts up Andrew and Talla and tell him that he is up so he can win the POV and take himself off, implying Talla is the target. In the end, the real target will be Andrew. Emmett asks what if she puts Peter and Andrew up? Peter says that won't work, it has to be Andrew and Talla. If he asks why Peter wasn't nominated, they can tell Andrew that Peter sucks at challenges and this was the only way to ensure Talla goes. Jillian only has to lie for 2 days, Peter assures Emmett.

12:55AMBBT - Peter says otherwise, in a week they run the risk of being put on the block together him and Emmett, and Peter knows Emmett doesn't want that. Make sense? Emmett says makes sense, bids Peter goodnight and heads upstairs. In the HN room, Andrew and Talla are awake. Andrew strips the cot and is making his bed on the floor.

12:57AM BBT - Talla asks Andrew what he misses the most. He says his family, Talla agrees. Andrew teasing Talla, saying she's a vile individual and he hates her. Andrew tells her to go to sleep and he hopes they never wake up. Talla says that's mean and she wants him to explain to why they are still awake when they have to get up so early. Andrew accuses her of waking him up, Talla says he woke her up. Andrew says he has something painful on his arse.

12:58AM BBT - Up in HOH, Emmett tells Jillian about his brief conversation with Peter. They are back to discussing strategies while getting ready for bed. If Andrew and Talla are on the block, and Peter wins POV, he can't go up because he's safe. What if he takes one off? Emmett asks himself. He looks kind of panicky.

1:08AM BBT - Jillian tells Emmett she wants to hold true to their alliance. Emmett is told to change his battery pack. He wants to go to bed, but BB wants him to change it. Jillian agrees; she won't sleep until they talk more.

1:13AM BBT - Emmett soaks a blanket in cold water and puts it on top of the sheet on the bed. It's so hot in the HOH room, he complains. If you put Andrew and Peter up, they have to use POV on themselves and Emmett doesn't have to worry about going up, he says. The only bad thing is if Talla wins, she takes Andrew off and Emmett goes up. Otherwise, if Peter or Andrew win, they take themselves off and put Talla up. This is the only way Emmett stays 100% safe, Emmett says of what to tell Andrew. He says to tell Andrew they trust him 95%, which is about as much as you can trust anyone in this game.

1:15AM BBT - Jillian gets weepy, "I hate this game". Emmett will tell Peter, problem solved. He tells Jillian to make a deal with Talla. If she doesn't put her up and Talla wins veto, she can't use it. Emmett really likes this plan. "That's what we've gotta do." He says this way they can all play for themselves. The only one that can mess this up is Talla, and she won't win. Emmett will talk to the boys, Jillian will talk to Talla.

1:20AM BBT - In between snogging, Jillian makes sure Emmett understands she doesn't want to fight with him. Emmett says they've never fought. These next 3 weeks are going to be the most stressful of all of them. Jillian says let's not get upset with each other because we're on the same team.

1:30AM BBT - They continue to re-hash the same scenarios over and over.

1:35AM BBT - Emmett gets tired of re-hashing it repeatedly and tells Jillian they'll talk about it again in the morning. He reassures her one more time, then tells her good night. Jillian starts to have a meltdown, telling Emmett she's not alright.

1:39AM BBT - UGH. More snogging.

1:48AM BBT - We got lucky - SoTH. Or maybe it's Emmett that got lucky.

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1:54AM BBT - We are back - long enough for a brief discussion about the eye drops Jillian puts in and then.... you got it... more snogging....

1:58AM BBT - Emmett takes his mic off, gets stuck on his necklace. Finally gets it off and turns over to Jillian.... to talk. (After this long in the house, does he really not think BB will call him on that? -- BBLuver) Jillian is back, once again, to re-hashing the exact same scenarios as the past 2 hours.

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2:06AM BBT - Emmett gets frustrated with Jillian again, telling her to sleep on it. She whines that she can't, they go over it one more time. Again, she says she's fine, he kisses her goodnight. This time, it lasts 2 seconds. He tries again, kisses her good night again and.... the hamsters all appear to finally be going to sleep. Oh wait, Emmett is back for more snogging first.

2:09AM BBT - Emmett's total use of good judgement there got Jillian started once again, and this time no reminder from BB that they need to keep their mics on when they're talking. Emmett goes to cover up the light from the HOH room door with a blanket. He gets back into bed, they start talking again and this time BB does remind them. Same conversation again.

2:14AM BBT - Emmett tells Jillian everything will be fine, trust him. After more back and forth, Jillian goes to get a cold washcloth. She gets back into bed, and it looks like all the hamsters are (finally!) asleep.

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10:40 PM BBT - Jillian is wearing a onesie.

Jillian - BB go to Hell

BB - Jillian stop that

Andrew and Talla talking in the kitchen. (sounds like they competed in some type of comp. Jillian was wearing a onesie while doing a slide puzzle. No confirmation on what the comp was for)

10:45 PM BBT - Jillian is cranky because she just spent 4 hrs in a costume with a hat on and now she has to go to the diary room with bad hair.

10:49 pm BBT - just general chit chat about being hungry, slop .....everyone in the kitchen and Peter in the DR.

Emmett - that was a big veto a 3 part veto. (still don't know who won)

Alot of talk about how bad Peter did. Talla did badly (no surprise there) Sounds like Peter came in 4th place

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10:34PM BBT: The feeds are back! Andrew wheeled a rack of clothing into the storage room. Emmett is sleeping on the HoH bed, and Jillian is in the HoH bathroom.. Talla and Andrew are in the kitchen.

10:36PM BBT: Jillian is wearing what looks like a orange onesie with her name on the back with a sleep hat on. Talla asks Andrew if he's happy. Andrew says he's over the moon. Andrew says he's won 2 HoH's and 2 Vetos now.

10:42PM BBT: Jillian comes into the kitchen and starts ranting about how she's getting in trouble for still wearing her costume and she has hat head and BB wants her in the DR. BB tells her to stop talking about the DR, and she tells BB to shut up. BB tells her to Stop That!

10:48PM BBT: Jillian has changed and is now wearing a baseball cap. Everyone but Peter are in the kitchen. They think Peter is still in the DR. Andrew says he thought Peter would do better in the puzzle, but it was horrible.

10:52PM BBT: Talla has spilled her slop on the table, and is using a icing utensil to put it back into her cup as Jillian watches. They call out and ask for more slop for the morning. The POV tonight was an intricate one according to the housemates, involving a puzzle. Andrew says they have to make sure to ask all the rules. They all chat about Peter throwing something and breaking something.

10:57PM BBT: Talla says she already has her speech planned for Thursday. She jokes that she'll fart and burp. Talla says that Emmett freaked out today. Emmett says he just wanted to know the rules. Andrew asks BB to call Jillian in next, because she's a CAC. Talla asks what that is, and Andrew says it's a "Cranky Ass Chick". Jillian just wants to do her DR, have a bath and go to bed.

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11:13PM BBT Talla and Andrew in the kitchen. He is reassuring her that he is voting to keep her so it does not really matter what Emmett chooses to do. He holds the veto upside down and asks her what it looks like, She realizes it is an A. Peter has not been on the feeds except for a few moments when the feeds returned when he was moping in the bedroom. BB asks Andrew to take the veto into the storage room. Talla asks BB if she is allowed to go to bed and she is upset that BB will not answer her.

11:16PM BBT Andrew telling Talla that she needs to "shut up." Jillian and Emmett are in the HOH but all we see is Emmett eating the orange that Talla cut up for him. Talla asks if Adrew farted and he acknowledges he did, she remarks that she has been good today "Nothing is coming out of me." They are reviewing the events of the day. Andrew and Peter were nominees and now that Andrew has the POV Talla will be the replacement. Talla is not worried that Jillian would vote her out should the vote be tied.

11:20PM BBT Peter now out of the DR and Andrew is taking his dinner order when BB calls him to the DR. Talla now has to prepare Peter's dinner. He asks for her to cut up some cheese and give him a soda. He tells her he is not going to campaign against her. He does not dislike her, she says the same to him. I am a have not and you are a have and we will be sitting together, so lets just have a good week. Upstairs Emmett says he cannot let Andrew win HOH. Jillian emotional while working on her face in the HOH mirror. Peter in store room telling BB that he requires more Pepsi Cola. Costumes from POV comp hanging on mobile rack in the SR still.

11:24PM BBT Talla cutting cheese for Peter. Emmett and Jillian in solemn conversation going over worst case scenarios. He says he would throw the endurance so she could win and then he would have to beat Andrew in the physical portion of the three part HOH comp.

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11:04PM BBT: They all chat about the competition tonight. Sounds as though they had to wash paint off of something and involving a puzzle. Jillian's strategy was to saturate the paint first. Talla said she felt like she was putting on a show, and Andrew was laughing at her. Jillian and Emmett ask Talla to get them food. Jillian follows her into the SR to make sure she grabs the right almonds.

11:06PM BBT: Talla cuts up an orange for Emmett. Andrew says Peter is probably freaking out in the DR and that's why he's taking so long. They think he's realizing that he's gonna be up there on Thursday and has to make a speech. Andrew says that Peter better not pull an Alec. Andrew says that he's going to tell Peter that he's voting to keep Talla.

11:13PM BBT: Emmett properly instructs Talla on slicing an orange. Jillian heads up to her HoH room and brushes her teeth. Emmett takes his orange up to the HoH room.

11:15PM BBT: Andrew picks up the PoV and turns it upside down. He asks Talla what it looks like. It looks like A for Andrew. BB instructs Andrew to put his POV and another item in the storage room. I think he might've won another prize.

11:22PM BBT: Talla and Andrew sit on the kitchen couch. Talla asks Andrew if he farted, and he said yes. Talla said she's been good today, nothing is coming out of her. Andrew says that when Peter comes out of the DR, he's going to be pissed. Andrew said he had to do what he had to do. Peter is out of the DR. Andrew asks what Peter what he wants for dinner, and was planning to make him leftovers before BB calls him into the DR. Peter tells Talla that he's not going to campaign against her. Talla says it is what it is. They hug it out.

11:27PM BBT: Peter and Talla talk about Talla quitting smoking. Jillian and Emmett comes down from the HoH room. Jillian once again complains about the DR. She freaks when Talla tells her that Andrew was called in. Her eyes are burning and they're bloodshot. She says BB is being rude.

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11:26PM BBT Peter eating cheese. Jillian comes out of HOH and from the landing complains that she was told she would go to the DR next (Andrew is in there now). She wines that her eyes are hurting and have been bad for two days. She states that BB is being rude. She tells Talla that she really wants to go in the DR because she thinks that it helps. Talla replies that it does. Jillian says that it sucks that she has to eat food that is prepared for us. Peter says that they have not gotten their luxury item today or yesterday. He states he would like a replica championship belt from his favorite wrestler.

11:31PM BBT Peter and Talla in kitchen still talking about wrestlers they liked in the past. Jillian and Emmett in bedroom and she is again whining about her eyes hurting. They are on the bed and her leg is over his. She is saying she cannot do this anymore and $10K sounds like nothing to her.

11:34PM BBT Peter still telling elaborate story about the demise of a famous wrestler to Talla. Emmett trying to console Jillian and get her to have a more positive outlook. She asks who would Andrew take to finals. Emmett says Talla and you, he is not gonna take another guy so you just have to chill out. She asks should we get rid of Lala so he has to take me and you. Emmett says no then he would likely take Pete. She says she will take him and he says he will take her.

11:37PM BBT Peter and Talla still reminiscing about wrestling when they were younger. Emmett and Jillian still in the bed. She is talking about BB catching something and they wanted Pete to compete. She is admonished to stop talking about production by the deep bass BB voice. Emmett tells her to look forward to the luxury items they should get this week. Jillian says that she does not care about them anyway. She says she likes him and he says he likes her too. She can't wait to go home and be in the real world. "This is stupid crazy shit that is happening." He says he did awesome last year with very little money and he is looking forward to doing better this year. He knows what he is getting into this year and everything is all built already.

11:42PM BBT Peter droning on about how wrestling is more serious like a real sport like the NFL with wellness programs and drug testing and on and on and on. . . Jillian now more upbeat talking with Emmett about an event he will run again this year. They both think participation will be way up in part because it is his second year and in part due to his BB exposure.

11:46PM BBT Peter talking about how the audience can bet on the outcome of Wrestlemania even though it is prescripted. The producers know the outcome in advance but the general public does not. Jillian looking at Emmett with the goofy little girl smile she gives his much of the time. She said she had so much confidence because of winning HOHs but now not so much. Jillian said she felt relief when she beat Peter in the puzzle, but it was luck. She cannot believe that they have not called her to the DR yet. Emmett tells her to just take off her shirt, but she says they have no choice and they don't care about her eyes. The doctor told her to take out her contacts after comps but BB does not care about her eyes. BB deep voice again says, "HGs please stop talking about production."

11:52PM BBT Jillian kisses Emmett and says they are lucky to be here together this long. She says she is so upset tonight because Emmett got so upset and you are the one that keeps me. Andrew enters and calls Jillian to the DR. [if she is this much of a basket case with Andrew holding the POV imagine if Peter had won it or Talla won it and took down Andrew leaving Emmett as the only possible replacement. - DRG]

11:55PM BBT Talla and Peter talking about Alan Gregory a short-lived TV program when Andrew joins them. Emmett is resting with his eyes shut on the bed. The kitchen group moves to talking about New Girl and other shows they like that did not last long.

11:58PM BBT Talla asks who is Ted Turner? Peter says he was in communications and bought WWF. [sure that is what he is know for, not TNT network, colorizing movies of having been married to Jane Fonda.- DRG]

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11:39PM BBT: Peter and Talla talk about wrestlers. Emmett and Jillian are hanging out in the regular bedroom. Jillian says "if only I had won" and Emmett says "and I didn't get DQ'd". Not sure if they're talking about the competition tonight or a previous one. Jillian says you never see people getting DQ'd in the BBUS version. Sounds as though Emmett tried to help Jillian in the competition, and got DQ'd for it.

11:41PM BBT: Jillian says they probably wont be getting their luxury items this week, they probably weren't going to be giving them anything anyways. She doesn't care. Jillian says she can't wait to go home and be in the real world. Jillian whispers that this is crazy. Emmett talks about what he's looking forward to this summer.

11:51PM BBT: Jillian complains again about how she can't believe that they haven't called her in yet. Emmett asks her what the doctor said. The doctor told her to take out her contacts after competitions and put eye drops in. She says that BB doesn't care, doesn't care about her eyes, and doesn't care about her health. BB tells her to stop talking about production.

11:54PM BBT: Emmett says that Andrew isn't on his side. Jillian says they're lucky to be here together for this long. Andrew comes into the bedroom and tells her it's her turn in the DR next.

11:56PM BBT: Talla, Andrew and Peter are in the kitchen talking about an old show, 'Al and Gregory'.

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