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April 11 [Thursday] Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT Talla asks Topaz if she is sleeping with Alec tonight and she says she will cause it is their last night no matter which one goes home tomorrow. Topaz tells Talla that she will be screwed if she goes home and Talla says she is not going and that she has her vote.

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12:08PM BBT Talla and Topaz continue their rambling conversation in the hot tub. Everyone else on camera appears to be asleep, but there is no view of the HOH. Talla climbs out of the tub wearing panties and a t shirt. She is quite taken with her wedgie and makes sure Topaz sees it. Heaven help us the bottle was not totally empty yet and they have replenished their glasses once again.

12:13PM BBT Topaz telling Talla they would not be aligned now except for Alec because they are two different people. Topaz saying she is only saying some things about Alec because she has heard about what he has been doing. Otherwise I would just say let the house choose. Topaz is now giving the last of her drink to Talla because now she feels tipsy. Talla cheers.

12:16PM BBT They are now bashing the guys performance in comps and quickly switch to topic to what they will wear tomorrow. Talla reassures Topaz again that she is staying. Talla does not want it to be a double eviction tomorrow. Topaz says Alec told her he wants a double tomorrow because then we can go into the jury house together. He further told her he did not want Peter in the jury house with him. Talla cannot believe Topaz is taking that from Alec, she would be gone and in another bed. Topaz says this relationship will definitely not carry on outside the house and not even in jury. Talla wants to know what Peter has done in this game [Perhaps confirming Peter's thinking?? - DRG]

12:20PM BBT Alec up and pacing the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom. Peter is also in the bathroom washing his hands now and heads back to bedroom. Alec now to the john. The girls congratulating themselves for making it on the show and saying they will be friends forever.

[Goodnight folks, these two may be turning their bodies into stew meat, but they are turning my brain into mush.]

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12:03AM BBT - Feeds 1 & 3 on Peter in bed, wide away and laying there. His mind must be whirling. Feeds 2 & 4 on Topaz and Talla in the HT. They are chatting about friends who come back into your life in some way, shape or form. Talla says she & Topaz were meant to become friends. Topaz says she would've been happy on Survivor, but she hasn't watched that in 10 years and is glad she's on BB. They both think they'll be back for All Stars.

12:06AM BBT - Talla says she is scared for tomorrow. Topaz tells her that SHE'S scared, and she's on the block. Talla reminds her that she is working to save her. Topaz tells Talla that she'd (Talla) have AJ & Andrew's vote for sure if she was F2 with Peter. Not Alec's. Talla says Topaz has her vote in F2 if she's beside Peter. Talla says they are going to make sure (Topaz and Talla) that Peter does not win the game.

12:10AM BBT - Talla thinks Peter lies, he would choose Alec over them in a heartbeat. Topaz had Talla's back when she was on slop. Talla says she can't believe they cut off [the alcohol]. Topaz tells her that if Talla's ever on the block, she'll feel nervous no matter what.

12:14AM BBT - Topaz doesn't think Peter sees her as a friend. He only tolerates her because he was forced into the 3 way alliance and he's Alec's friend. They wouldn't be aligned if it weren't for Alec; they're 2 different people. Talla drunkenly pushes Topaz "Do you see what he does? Do you hear what he thinks?" She shuts up when Topaz gives her the drink she's drinking, saying she's too tipsy.

12:16AM BBT - Topaz says they don't have to workout every day to be able to compete and the guys suck at endurance, hard core endurance. They also suck at trivia. Alec is hoping for a double eviction so he & Topaz can be in the jury together. Talla thinks that's rude and hopes Topaz told him to shut up. Topaz says she did. On Feeds 1 & 3, it looks like Alec, Andrew and Peter are in bed, fast asleep. Talla calls Alec shady.

12:20AM BBT - Talla says she can't believe Topaz is taking that. Topaz says she's not, and Talla interrupts and says she is and she can't believe Topaz of all people is taking it. Topaz says she is not, she's just letting him say what he needs to say. Talla asks what Peter has done in this game. "Took himself off the block" Topaz responds. Talla is sure her stats are better than his.

12:22AM BBT - Topaz is glad she won HOH, but not happy that she didn't get to enjoy her reign at all and got exposed to the house instead. She's sad she didn't get any pictures of her family.

12:25AM BBT - Topaz asks Talla what she thought of her eviction speech when she was nominated with Gary. Talla says it was cute, but she was waiting for Topaz to get to the point. She gives her pointers on her speech for tomorrow, saying Topaz has done less talking but the other HG's know where she stands.

12:29AM BBT - Topaz tells Talla she needs to wax her tomorrow. Talla says she needs to be waxed tomorrow too. Topaz says when she leaves, she wants to know that people respected her game. Talla says the game is a lot harder than it looks. Topaz agrees: "This game is HARD, Canada. This game is HARD." Talla doesn't know what body part she wants waxed tomorrow. Topaz says she is going to wear a sexy dress. She says she should dress that way everyday because she IS on TV, but she's too lazy.

12:31AM BBT - The girls decide it's time for bed and clean up the HT. They bring everything inside. Topaz says if Talla has a "Talking with Talla" show, she wants to be on it. She says Talla is weird and different, she'll get her show. Talla has a wedgie. Talla comments about all the lights that are off. Topaz reminds her that it's late. Topaz says she is going for a shower, then snack. Talla asks her why she's eating, Talla is going to bed. Topaz corrects; she's going to bed.

12:37AM BBT - Talla cleaning her face, Topaz in the shower.

12:41AM BBT - Done with her nightly getting ready for bed routine, Talla heads to bed. Topaz is out of the shower and getting ready for bed as well.

12:57AM BBT - All the hamsters are in bed.

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1:01AM BBT - Up in HOH, Jillian and Emmett are awake and chatting, but they don't have mics on and can't be heard very clearly.

1:05AM BBT - Jillian is told to put her mic on (Thank you, BB!). Emmett puts his on too.

1:07AM BBT - Jillian complaining about being hot and sticky She heads to the WC.

1:18AM BBT - BB "Houseguests, please stop talking in code"

1:21AM BBT - SoTH.

1:22AM BBT - Back. Feed 4 seems to be "off" - audio is on HOH but cam is on WA hallway. Emmett notices the problem with the camera and is telling Jillian camera won't go down all the way. Cam 2 is ok on them though.

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1:48AM BBT - Cuddle time and general chit chat over. Emmett cuddles Jillian and tells her he'll let her sleep. Except... he doesn't stop talking, making odd comments to spark conversation. Jillian is half asleep and quietly responding. And then... there was silence.

1:57AM BBT - All the HG's are asleep. Good night!

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9:11AM BBT: BB is being especially brutal with the rooster alarm today.

9:45am BBT - Jillian and Talla worry about Topaz in HoH. If she wins, Jillian says, she'll nom her and Emmett. Talla (who certainly wouldn't mind someone else being the target) says let's just wait and see. Andrew talks about the cheap construction materials in the house - corrugated tin walls - and we get SotH.

10:00am BBT - HG get a 10 minute window to go outside (and smoke 'em if they have 'em). Andrew and Peter head out to the HT where they find it's snowing. Emmett joins them and they complain to each other about being locked up in the house all day. Peter leaves and Andrew and Emmett confirm Alec is going home. BB tells the HG to return inside and Andrew goes to the WA to harass Talla in the shower. Topaz & Alec on the KT couch. Jillian doing her face in HoH WA.

BB: "HG This is your 3 minute warning and the BY will be off limits. Please gather your things." Jill is in the HoH doing ADL's Andrew is talking with Em and Talla (she is in the shower) Andrew "Just open the door and give us a quick show."

10:05AMBBT Peter Topaz and Alec are in the KT talking , somber mood. Peter is eating. Andrew comes into make a coffee. They mention the snow and how cold it is today.

10:15AMBBT Alec & Peter are talking about moving. Peter loves his apartment but it is so far away from Vancouver. Alec "You might not have ensuite laundry." Peter "No I refuse, I won't move unless it has everything my place has now" It is kind of an awkward conversation.

10:20AMBBT It is fairly quiet right now. Jill just came out of the SR with a handful of food. Andrew on the LR couch lounging, Topaz on thee KT couch with Alec, Peter doing dishes.

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10:30AMBBT Looks like they didn't get milk today. (Jill couldn't find it) Alec trying to create small talk, baseball talk begins. Topaz is starting to wander around. All cameras are on the KT.

10:33AMBBT And Talla is now rehashing things Suzette said (weeks ago). Jill thinks when you lose it in the house you should just self evicted. Alec agrees "But then she went into the DR and they just blew smoke up her ass" And we get SotH

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10:41AMBBT Feeds are back! Talla is talking to Andrew on the LR couch. Em and Jill are in the HoH watching them on the HOHTV. Em said it was Topaz, Jill says "Well Topaz is black and Talla is white so it is Talla." Jill "I am scared Talla might sway."

10:44AMBBT Talla and Andrew were talking game. It sounds like there is talk of keeping Alec. (The reality setting in that Topaz is a bigger threat to Jill?) Em and Jill are trying to figure out which comp each of them needs to win (all of them) and Andrew now has Talla giggling. Talla "I am so disgusting." Andrew "Yes, yes you are." and back to game talk. Sounds like they are teamed up!

10:50AMBBT Andrew and Talla talking about AJ Andrew "AJ, AJ.... is probably sleeping in a bed with Gary!" Talla laughs. Andrew "Waking up with Gary wrapped around him." Andrew is listing off the week's competitions. (They have NO idea it is a DE week!)

10:55AMBBT Alec Jill and Peter in the KT talking about the influence of popular culture. Peter believes that you become human by what you see on TV. He says the name of a friend of his and says "who is in love with Talla..." and we get a brief SotH.

11:00AM BBT Talla and Andrew in the LR telling stories.Jill, Peter, Alec are now talking about movies and tv. Peter likes comedy that is better than it's audience. We get SotH.

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11:14AM BBT Peter and Alec are discussing money. Alec says "Well I am leaving with 10grand..." (there is still talk of keeping him over Topaz this morning but, he doesn't know this)

11:19AM BBT Talla and Andrew were talking about boobs. Talla says she has some legit. She pulls her shirt tight and Andrew says "But that is a padded bra... I am not touching your boobs, not interested." She says "I am a C38." Andrew says "What is that? My underwear is large, just in the butt... C38 You have sunk my battleship!" She laughs. Andrew asks ""Did anyone have fake boobs?" He now asks Jill what she is "I am a DD" Jill says, "A 32DD" They are both trying to get Andrew to check out their bras, he keeps saying "No no I am not touching!" He did touch Jill's just the edge to see there was no padding. (Poor guy is intimidated)

11:25AM BBT Peter has joined Talla and Andrew on the LR couch. He hasn't said anything yet. Andrew "You know what would be nice? To nap for 7 hrs!" Talla is complaining about time Andrew "You had an hour long shower. You had to shave your back, bottom of your feet..." Talla laughs.

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11:30AM BBT Andrew is in the HoH explaining his game convo to Talla and what they need her to do to get Alec out or Topaz out. Andrew feels Talla trusts him. Peter is not talking game with Talla even though he is lying on the couch, 3 feet from her.

11:32AM BBT HG run down... Em is lying in the HoH bed, Jill is cleaning the HoH bathroom. Andrew just left the HoH room. Peter is lying on the LR couch, Talla and Topaz are doing hair in the WA.

11:36AM BBT Andrew was lying quietly in the BR then Talla came in. They both agree they love their beds in the house. Andrew has a fleece blanket and he loves it. Talla doesn't have one. Andrew "Everytime the HN room was used, they would steal the blankets and take them in there."

11:47AM BBT Andrew and talla whispering about how clueless the others are to them hanging out all this time. Andrew thinks Alec regrets voting out AJ over him. It was expected that Andrew would have nominated Jill and Em.

11:49AM BBT Alec has begun packing his bag. Talla is wondering what they have missed outside the house. Andrew starts to razz Alec about the Marlins (Alec's fav baseball team) a little bit. Jill is now cooking and Peter is watching her from the KT couch.

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11:56AM BBT Alec just realized he left his down jacket outside in the HT area. (It rained hard all night so it will be soaked) Talla says she will put it in the SR. Alec is gathering stuff. Andrew "Oh your immunity necklace is over here!" They all do a groan laugh.

12:00PM BBT Emmett has left the HoH room. He is now in the BR with Talla and Andrew. Em apparently ate Talla's tomatoes that she stashed. Alec entered in a pair of jeans, still no shirt. Alec is just stuffing his bag, just jamming everything in, he is having a hard time finding everything and keeps asking Talla and Andrew if they want any of his stuff. When he left for a bit Andrew said it was sad and very awkward.

12:06PM BBT Emmett is back in the HoH bed. (He is having a hard time giving it up today) Jill is still cleaning and getting her stuff together.

12:16PM BBT A pillow fight broke out in the BR between Talla and Em. Lots of screaming. And we now have SotH!

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12:23PM BBT Feeds are back. Andrew is resting (sleeping) in the BR. Peter is sitting on the other bed, very quiet. Talla, Jill and Em are in the KT. Talla is having pizza with out tomatoes and she makes sure Em knows it is his fault.

12:27PM BBT SotH.

12:32PM BBT Feeds are back (for how long who knows?) Talla is primping in the WA, Topaz is in the shower. Boys & Jill are in the BR. Em asks Jill "Oh are you ok?" then Jill and Em start making out in the BR in front of Andrew, Peter and Alec. Talla comes back in and says she is going to nap for a bit. She is still talking though.

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12:42PM BBT HG are sleeping/resting (or making out) in the BR except Topaz she is getting beautified for tonight's show. Giggling breaks out in the BR. Andrew "Shut up. Shut up."

12:52PM BBT Not much really going on. Everyone was trying to rest but Talla got up. She is now in the WA with Topaz and the BR is quiet. Jill and Em have stopped kissing.

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12:54PM BBT Talla is waxing topaz in the WA. Jill is in there too. She asks them what they are wearing tonight. They complain some of the facecloths still smell like chum bath. Jill is "critiquing" the waxing (supervisor)

12:57PM BBT Jill thinks the wax is too thick, they continue anyways. Topaz did not scream at the first pull. They are waxing her bikini line.

1:00PM BBT We have SotH!

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11:19 PM BBT - Andrew and Emmitt in HT. Andrew says he couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. They talk about Peter going up this week. Andrew says he gets an inkling of paranoia. The thing now is Talla, she's worried about going up as a pawn. If Peter wins, Andrew goes up as pawn and Talla goes home. The East Coast alliance is still alive.

Emmitt says he knows when Talla is lying , she changes the subject and acts sketchy. Andrew thinks maybe she's freaked out about going on the block. Andrew is glad Topaz is gone, all she did was sleep all the time. They talk about Peter winning, but they were nothing more physical than opening a bag of chips.

11: 25 PM - Jillian is at the KT table filing her nails.

11; 27 PM - SotH

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Shortly after 11:00 PM BBT - in KT, Andrew, Talla, Jillian and Emmett. Emmett comes up behind Jill and cups her breasts with his hands. Andrew and Talla say something like, Oh, my god!" and Jilli says, "I don't even notice anymore". Andrew suggests Jill's father will meet Emmett and then punch him in the face. Talla to WA, Andrew, Jillian and Emmett to HT but Jill does not join them as it is snowing. Andrew remarks, "this is Canada".Andrew and Emmett are discussing Talla and Peter and possible outcomes. Jill is in KT playing with discs on table and we have SotH.

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11:50 PM - Peter goes to BR, gets sandals and heads to HT. Andrew asks how his nuggets are. Peter's waiting for them to get cold. They talk about McDonalds throwing nuggets away or if they give them to the homeless. Andrew tells them about the different countries where he's eaten McDonald's. They talk about if they can fly into N. Korea. Joking that it's the first thing they'll look up online. They talk about N. Korea for a while. All feeds are on the HT.

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Another great day done and covered. I thank you all for posting and especially IndigoAquarius, who maned the live feeds from 9:00AM until almost showtime.

You may continue your daily devotional to Big Brother here:




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