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April 1 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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12:30 am BBT - Alec and Talla sleeping in the same bed. Gary and Topaz go into the BR and notice this. Topaz gets mad and wants to start a "scene" she tells Gary to go into the BR and look for a T-shirt and mistakenly notice Alec and Talla in bed together. Gary proceeds into the BR and looks for his shirt Topaz comes into to help and askes "where tala" Gary replies and says she is in her bed. Topaz looks over to confirm what Gary sees and she notices that Alec is in the same bed. [ Talla moved from her bed to the bed Alec was in because they saw a scrary movie (Canadas Vote) and she was scared. Topaz starts getting upset says and talking loud saying thing like " you guys couldnt wait for me to leave". This wakes up Talla and Alec. Talla and Topaz continue to fight . Topaz is really mad calling Talla a sl*t. Talla is trying to defend her self. Topaz walks away saying "whatever.. you guys continue to sleep together ". During this fight, Emit realizes this is going on and tells Jillian to come over and listen. They briefly listen but by the time they settle , the fight is over. Topaz starts to cry. Jillian is consoling her with gary. Talla is also upset talking to Alec pleading her case.

12:45 am BBT - Talla goes back to bed.

12:47 am BBT - Talla decides to go talk with Topaz

12:55 am BBT - Talla and Topaz still talking. They are now friends again

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12:05AM BBT: Gary and Topaz in LR Topaz said she had a good game before all this. Gary said he wish there would be a Canada vote to save them both. Topaz said they use the power so early in the game for Suzette.

12:13AM BBT: Gary said that if Tom was in the game it would of been better for his game. Topaz said this was too early in the game for the twist. Gary said he does not care about black or white but he is leaving the house with dignity. Emmett is listening in the KT. Gary said if they invite him to All star he would bring a tub of glitter.

12:17AM BBT: Emmett went to HoH and told Andrew to be careful of Talla. Emmett said Topaz or Gary would be in the game next week so they have to be careful of how they trust Talla next week.

12:24AM BBT: Jillian, Emmett and Andrew in HoH Jillian is telling the story that Talla told her she is going to take out Peter first if she win HoH. Andrew said if the twist happen he would throw Peter and Alec up.

12:29AM BBT: Emmett told Andrew he should pull Topaz before the eviction and let her know she is not the target. Jillian said Topaz would tell Gary because she is so honest.

12:32AM BBT: Topaz and Talla having a fight over Alec, Apparently Talla is in bed with Alec and Topaz said to Talla she is a bit** for taking her man away. Topaz told her she is very weak and cannot speak because she is tired.

12:35AM BBT: Alec said that Talla is scared from the movie so that is why Tall is in her bed. Talla said she is not doing anything with Alec in bed. Topaz said she does not care and you are disrespecting me. Talla apologize to Topaz. Look like Topaz called Talla a sl**

12:40AM BBT: Talla said she does not like that Topaz called her a sl** and she is not going to talk to Topaz tomorrow. Alec said that Tslla should go to her bed to avoid any more trouble. Emmett came in the BR and Talla told him what Topaz called her.

12:48AM BBT: Topaz, Jillian and Gary in KT talking Talla walk in and asked to speak to Topaz. Talla said she would never do that to Topaz, Talla said you can say that about Liza not her. Topaz said Talla you have to know when you are crossing the line. Topaz said she is in a predicament because of Talla and Alec. Topaz said they put blood on her hands.

12:53AM BBT: Topaz said to Talla Alec is a threat in the game more than her, And Andrew is not stupid to keep Topaz more than Alec.

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Alec is telling Gary that Topaz has a locket & that she kissed it, and the locket was from Topaz's boyfriend back home. Alec says that their whole showmance was a lie because Topaz's boyfriend.

Gary says it's ridiculous and the locket may be from her family member. Gary says that Topaz has real feelings for him. Gary says he wants Alec and Topaz to patch things up.

Gary says that Alec has just ditched her. Alec says Topaz ditched him by not speaking to him. Gary says that's because he turned his back on her first by voting out AJ instead of Andrew. Alec says he saw red when he heard about the locket. Gary says he's gonna get to the bottom of it.

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1:08AM BBT: Topaz said to Talla that Andrew have the PoV and Alec is afraid of what Andrew might do with PoV. Gary is in the BR talking to Alec, Alec said Topaz is seeing someone out side the house. Alec said someone told him the locket on Topaz neck make him feel that Topaz was never in love with him.

1:20AM BBT: Gary said Alec is treated Topaz like she has HIV. Gary said to Alec to try and patch things up. Alec said he have feeling for Topaz and he does not know what to do.

1:30AM BBT: Gary said that Alec should dumb Topaz he does not want his friend being treated that way. Alec said he have to find out about the locket which Talla told Alec that it is from Topaz boyfriend outside the house. Alec said he cares for Topaz and he still likes her. Alec said he misses Topaz and he does not want a showmance he wants a real romance.

1:36AM BBT: Alec said the locket made him feel that the relationship was over and that is why he let Talla sleep in his bed. Gary said that people are putting things in Alec head. Gary said that he is thinking about their feeling. Gary told Alec that he should go ask Topaz about the locket. Alec starts crying Gary give him a hug. ( Gary looks like a older person with this conversation)

1:53AM BBT: Topaz confirm that the locket is from her sister and she told Talla and Jillian it was from a boyfriend. GAry is crying and telling Topaz that Alec really loves her. Topaz said she think Canada hates her. Gary said they are using the locket to get Topaz out.

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2:08AM BBT: looks like Topaz is still telling lies about the locket. Topaz said she is the biggest bit** ever, she said Canada hates her now because of locket and her blowup.

2:15AM BBT: Topaz said Alec does not tell her he loves her. Gary said Alec is a good man. Gary said Hi live feeders Get your Glitter. Gary said Jillian and Emmett are running the house.

2:27AM BBT: Topaz is in the DR, Gary is in bed in HN.

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9am All quiet in the house as the 'sun' rises. Evry1 still asleep. Andrew stirs & starts to get dressed.

9:05am Andrew went back to sleep. Alec is the only one up so far & makes his way to the WA.

9:10am. Peter & Emmett R up & in the WA. Emmet takes a shower. Peter gets batteries from SR & Alec heads to backyard.

9:13am Alec telling Emmett his latest dream (he was on survivor) in the WA. Alarm sounds & continues until evry1 is sitting up. Garry is last one.

9:14am Alarm starts again & Talla lying down in WA exclaims she isn't f@ck!ng sleeping. She sits up. Emmet says it's for others in the house then starts to tell Jillian who just walked in his dream. Andrew makes his bed in HOH

9:18am Topaz & Garry in HN room. Garry has a headache & Topaz tells him to ask BB for meds. Garry grabs his mic & asks BB for an hr nap because his head is killing him. Then lies back down.

9:20am Topaz says she feels like a crazy person in the DR. Saying F-u Emmet, F-u Andrew. Says Peter probably knows & she tells DR 'I hate Peter'.

9:23am Andrew telling Peter in WA about movie. Sounds like some of them saw the new Evil Dead movie. Andrew likes horror movies that are more realistic like Silence of the Lambs. In HN room Garry again complaining about his head. Garry tells Topaz that she might have lost someone who really cared about her.

9:27am Alec & Andrew in By talking about Topaz. Alec says he heard a story about how she kissed her locked & said sorry to the camera. Andrew says she put him up & sent his best friend home.

9:31am Talla asleep in WA. Peter walks into BY & announces he had a survivor dream because of Alec & describes a fire building comp that was in it. Andrew asks who won. Peter says he doesn't know but he was evacuated because of an eye injury.

9:32am Alarm sounds again. Talla was talking to Jillian so it must be for Garry but can't see him. All cams on WA & KT

9:35am Andrew asks Alec for play by play on what happened last night but Alec's mic is very quiet. Says that Topaz had talked to Garry & Talla & can't hear more. Andrew wonders if it's going to be sunny or a rainy April morning. April 1st, wow.

9:40am Andrews walks into KT stubbing his toe on transition step. Screams & says, that didn't hurt. Emmett making a shake laughs at him.

9:43am Andrews & Emmett move to BY. Andrew talking about how different it is with only 6 left in the house. Andrew has a bad feeling that something is going to happen. Emmett says that after the 'blow up' happened, Talla ran off. Andrew doesn't know what he's saying. Alec walks in & conversation changes to what's in the smoothie.

9:45am All cams on Andrew, Alec & Emmett in BY or Alec washing mirrors in WA. Can't see anyone else. Alec telling Andrew where the infrared cams are. BB tells them to stop talking about production.

9:47am Alec says that he should have realized that having Talla in his bed would be a problem. Andrew say that he slept in a larger bed with AJ & Talla is just a little thing. It doesn't mean anything. Andrew talking about how tight Talla is & apologizes to his mom who he says knows he's a moron.

9:50am Alec says when he hears the cameras start to move in the morning he gets up because he doesn't want to hear the rooster.

9:52am Peter saying he 'crashed' last night before the others got back from the movie but that Emmett filled him in on what happened. Peter calls Alec an adulterer.

9:55am Jillian & Talla in WA whispering. Talla tells her that Topaz said that no one wanted her in jury.

10am Jillian in the KT shouts to guys in BY that Emmett has an evil laugh. Why don't they call him 'Evil Emmett'. Andrew & Alec join her & wish her a good morning. Peter wants to know they don't get AC at night.

10:02am Alec tells Peter & Andrew in BY that Garry told him that the locket was from a BF of Topaz's outside of the house. Alec tells Garry, that sh!t p!iss$es him off. Peter says, that was good. Jillian joins & talk turns to movie. Andrew says Jillian has a weird scream. Says this version of the movie has no comical element at all.

10:05am Talla & Topaz talking in WA. Topaz says she snuck into the room & couldn't quite see but left. Talla says Alec said he apologized & that it was ok. She isn't that type of girl. They're friends.

10:10am Talla says it's easier to turn the girls against each other & the guys R loving this. Topaz agrees. They hug. Sounds like they've calmed down & worked it out.

10:12am Talla joins the BY & says she would never have sex on TV. Talking about having spit or someone spit on their face. (I must have missed something)

10:17am Talla says there were pillows between them last night. If she was that kind of girl she could easily have gotten what she wanted. But she isn't that horny & wouldn't.

10:21am Talla saying she doesn't have the arm strength to flip herself around on a pole (stripper) but she saw a girl once who could.

10:27am Alec says there R probably people out there saying those challenges look like fun, wish I could do them. Andrew says, yeah they're called fans.

10:28am Alec & Talla talking about what the jury gets to see about comps & game

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10:35AM BBT: Talla and Gary laying in bed in the HNR. Everyone else in the BY having general chats. At the moment they are talking about if the like to talk on the phone or not. The alarm goes off in the HNR Gary sits ups for a second and it turns off.

10:40AM BBT: Talla asks Jillian if she has farted everyday that they have been there? Over in the HNR the alarm sounds again. Gary decides to go take a shower. Topaz "I'll come with you and maybe take one too."

10:48AM BBT: Andrew, Alec and Emmett are heading to the HT. Gary tells Topaz BB told him to stop being so careless with with mic and at the moment its swinging around.

10:52AM BBT: The guys in the HT talking about what they did while in sequester. Surprisingly BB hasn't told them to stop. Emmett talking about what books he read. Andrew says they told him to call when he wanted to eat. The phone only dialled one number.

11:00AM BBT: Talla taking hockey to Peter and Jillian in the BY that she is a Oiler and Redwings fan. They gets up and starts to run to the bathroom. "see you guys in 10." Jillian says "She's so funny." Jillian says to Peter "So you missed all the drama last night." Peter says that Alec filled him in this morning. Jillian says it was kinda her fault. Peter tells Jillian week 2 that Liza asked him who he thought was the biggest target an he said "As long as someone is in the house they are a threat." Liza told him she thought Jillian was the biggest threat.

11:05AM BBT: Peter tells Jillian he is going to watch the whole series in 2 15 hour sittings. Jillian said she will be sad when people say mean things about her but he will have to get over it. The HT guys (Emmett, Alec, Andrew) talking about real life stories. As huge piece of ice fell from the sky and scared them.

11:13AM BBT: The HT guys talking about BBUS and BBUK. Alec says he thinks Mike Boogie leaves right next to the BBUS house. Andrew thinks its crazy how people think Boogie is good looking. He says it shows that as long as you are a celebrity you can get laid. Jillian showing Talla dance moves in the KT. Topaz is also there.

11:20AM BBT: Emmett said the story he has to tell people for coming in the house was he was heading out west. Andrew says he told a girl that he applied for a job and she can't ask questions. He could be gone for 2 weeks or 3 months with the potential of making a lot of money. Alec's ex asked him if they could get back together and he said he can't cause he may not be here. She said to him your going on survivor aren't you. BB announces that this the 3 minute warning that the BY will be of limits.

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11:33AM BBT: HGs now on IDL. Alec is taking a shower. Everyone else in the KT talking celebrities and models. Gary said his friend works for the ACC and Katy Perry said she wants this, this and this. Jillian said I think Katy Perry is the least biggest diva because she watched her movie. Topaz and Talla say you can't base it on that.

11:48AM BBT: Gary goes to the WA where is chats with Alec. Emmett goes to the HoH to chat with Andrew. Emmett tells him be careful of what he tells Talla. They start to talk about what ifs for next week. Jillian walks up the stairs and Andrew was waiting for her to get to the door to scare her but she walks back down.

11:52AM BBT: Topaz and Alec having a conversation in the HNR. Alec says he doesn't know why she is mad about the flirting with Talla. She said she was mad that they were sleeping in the same bed. Alec says "I heard something yesterday about a locket you were wearing. Topaz says "I don't want to go home and see I was being played in a showmance." [trying to change the subject] Alec says "So who gave you the locket?" She says "My sister."

11:56AM BBT: Topaz tells him that she tells Gary everything about her personal life. Gary came out yelling at her because he heard that the locket was from a guy from Alec and that she had told him that it was from her sister. Alec says "So a guy didn't give you the locket, your sister did but you lied to Talla and Jillian saying a guy did?" She says yes it was a stupid lie. He asks "So you do have a guy at home?" She says "No, I went on a couple of dates with a guy before coming here."

12:02PM BBT: Topaz says she feels that Alec always says he won't have time for a girlfriend. She hears all these things and doesn't know if he is just saying stuff to the guys. Alec says "But this doesn't explain why you lied about the locket." Topaz says "I was just trying to cover for my feelings and maybe being playing." She says yesterday she felt like his kisses and hugs were fake. He sasy "Yes because I heard about all that locket stuff."

12:07PM BBT: Alec says "This is a very hard place to nurture a relationship. Its hard to build trust in here." Topaz says she said coming in she didn't want a showmance and she tried to stay away from Alec at first. They continue to go over the way they felt hurt.

12:14PM BBT: Alec says "I think the showmance needs to need end. The best ting for us is to wait to get into jury house or out of this to sort things out. Its hard in here to separate the game from real life. Do you feel that's the best?" Topaz says "Yes that's obviously best but its just hard."

12:18PM BBT: Alec tells her she is probably going this week and he will probably go next week. She tells him she is hearing that she isn't going but they don't want to confirm that cause Gary will flip out. Alec says he is going to probably give Topaz a vote either as a sympathy vote or if the house changes then he will be with the majority.

12:21PM BBT: Topaz says she wishes that Alec would come to her if he is mad at her for something. Alec says "I always come to you." Topaz says "well when we do talk your not telling me whats up." he says "I always do." While these 2 have talking the rest of the HGs (minus Gary) are in the HoH just generally chit chatting.

12:26PM BBT: Alec says showmances can't break up in the house. Topaz says "OK so why don't you just say that why you want me to leave the house." Alec says "I don't know why you keep saying that. Here's what we need to do 1. Break up the showmance. 2. I'm going to go back to being friends with everyone."

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12:33PM BBT: Alec tells Topaz he wants to explore his feelings for her but just not here. Topaz says "I still feel like you want me gone to make your game better." Alec says "I really don't want you gone. I don't know why you keep saying that." Alec says we will continues this when I come back from the DR. I wanna give you a hug and a kiss but I can't cause this isn't a showmance anymore." Topaz says well I will give you a hug cause I want one."

12:37PM BBT: The HGs in the HoH are speculating when the BY is closed. Gary is in the BR alone doing his makeup.

12:38PM BBT: We get SotH.

12:40PM BBT: Feeds return. HoH crew now talking about how Gary will reacts once he is told he is evicted.

12:47PM BBT: Its Gary bash time in time in the HoH, from how he acting when put on slop to how he says hes special and everything revolves around him. They feel he would blow the money if he won.

12:51PM BBT: The buzzer goes off in the HoH. Talla was sleeping. She says she wasn't (She has the music on) but we could hear her snore for a second. she gets up and dances outside the HoH door.

12:55PM BBT: Jillian goes to look to see if the BY is open and it is. Everyone leaves except Talla and Andrew. Talla talks to him about Topaz about flipping out on her yesterday. Emmett and Jillian start a make out session on the BY couch. Talla tells Andrew she will never turn her back on him. He says right now we need to know that there is the 4 Me, you, Jillian and Emmett.

1:02PM BBT: Talla tells Andrew Topaz told her last night that her and Alec showmance breakup is fake. But Talla feels that maybe Alec is just telling Topaz that. Andrew says we can't worry about that right now. Andrew says he can't put up Alec because he saved him.

1:07PM BBT: Andrew and Talla go downstairs. Andrew goes to the BY. Alec comes out of the DR and has to tell Emmett to go in. Alec tells Peter about talking to Topaz and what he told her. Peter says he thinks he is going to have a talk with her on Wednesday night maybe. Topaz comes in and Alec asks if she wants to continue their talk and she says yes. So they go back tot he HNR.

1:15PM BBT: Topaz and Alec don't really discuss any thing new, just rehashing from the convo before. She says I really want you to vote for me just in case. Alec giggles and says we'll see. She doesn't want to be evicted with a 0 vote. Alec leaves to go workout, they share "last kiss ever." Peter, Andrew, Talla and Jillian in the KT, everyone but Peter eating lunch. Topaz goes to the BR to tell Gary all about her convo with Alec.

1:27PM BBT: Talla pops her head in the BR and Talla says come to the HNR with me. They talk about posture and how they are supposed to sit. Topaz tells Talla her and Alec have decided to be friends. Talla says do you know how hard that is going to be.

1:32PM BBT: Alec is at the dining table with Andrew quietly talking about his convo with Topaz. [The way this is spreading they should of just sat everyone down and told them about it all at once.] Emmett sits down to eat and they talk about pranks they should do today.

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1:39PM BBT: Topaz tells Talla what she wants to know who is voting to get her. Talla says Andrew told her he knows what he wants to do and will tell everyone on Thursday. Peter is sleeping on the couch in the KT. Gary has come out to the KT.

1:46PM BBT: Topaz telling Topaz the best cause scenario would be to get Andrew to take someone off and put up Emmett. Emmett is a huge threat and after this week he will be able to compete in every pov and be able to take himself off. He is going to be impossible to get out.

1:55PM BBT: Gary, Jillian and Emmett in the KT. Talla and Topaz still in the HNR. they think they hear someone so Talla jumps down to hide beside the bed while Topaz checks. Gary drinks some of the water that Emmett put salt in. He spits it out in the sink.

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9:00 PM: HGs in the HT- taking shots. Talla is really wasted, and is led/carried back to the house by Peter. She can hardly talk or walk in a straight line, and he takes her to the bathroom and tells he he'll get her PJs and she goes to the bathroom. Topaz comes in and Talla dosn't answer Peter after a while and he opens the door to the bathroom stall, Talla looks passed out on the floor, and we get foth.

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4:03pm BBT - I know you are tired of seeing SotH, but I've got some exciting news for you. I have a source within BBCA Production who has turned me on to a secret link for live feeds that are provided to Slice TV executive management to keep them in the loop on their huge BB investment. The source doesn't agree with all the SotH and is allowing me to view it on the condition I keep the link secret. Otherwise, it could be traced back to her and shut down, and she could be fired. So even though we are on SotH, Morty's TV will exclusively provide you with live feed updates on what you aren't seeing.

4:10pm BBT - This is so cool. Watching the PoV Ceremony live. The noms are on the stools and Andre is standing in front of the memory wall. Topaz says she doesn't expect Emmett to use the Veto on her but promises safety next week if she wins HoH. Gary says he expects he will use the Veto on him if he knows what's good for him. It's half tongue-in-cheek, half threatening. Andrew says he hears what both are saying but has to do what is best for him at this point of the game and is NOT going to use the Veto. Wow.

4:19pm BBT - BB held the HG in the LR a little bit to make sure they caught reaction shots before letting them go. Gary is not happy and tries to talk to Andrew but Andrew walks away, says he has to use the WC. Andrew pulls Gary aside and says don't worry about it. I promised you, you're safe. The pawn just went home, Gary says, it can happen again!

4:25pm BBT - Andrew and Talla are in HoH talking about the Veto ceremony. Topaz is out in the BY with Gary. Alec and Emmett are tossing the football. Gary gets called into the DR. Andrew comes out and Peter tells him he did the right thing and Gary will get over it. He jokes he knows he would have gone up instead if the Veto had been used. At least Gary got to see the movie last night so the week won't be a total loss.

4:29pm BBT - Emmett says this would never have happened had Gary not used his PoV Player Power. He was going to win Veto and save Gary to force Andrew to nominate nominate Talla, but then Gary went and replace him with Tala and blew it all up. Peter says Gary has got to go next week. He can't be controlled. Emmett agrees, but if the HoH comes down to makeup or fashion again, they are screwed. Talk turns to the best clubs to find hot chicks.

4:34pm BBT - Gary is out of the DR and goes into the BR. Talla asks if he's all right and Gary says no, Andrew is a piece of Sh*t, can't be trusted. If she isn't voted out this week, she's going to win HoH and nominate Andrew and Alec. Talla asks if there's anything he needs and is told no, he just wants to be left alone. Talla leaves and Gary lays down with the pillow over her head, crying. Peter is called to the DR.

4:38pm BBT - All feeds in the BY, everyone but Andrew, Talla, Gary and Peter in the BY. Peter comes out and tells Talla she's wanted in the DR. She's upstairs so he shouts up to HoH. General chit-chat in the BY, no one talking game at the moment. Emmett and Alec talk about working out this afternoon. They were waiting until after the PoV ceremony.

4:40pm BBT - Andrew and Talla come downstairs and start playing air hockey - they think this Thursday the HoH comp will have to do with air hockey and Talla has to practice since Andrew can't play. Seems they have formed The Loner's Alliance.

4:43pm BBT - Gary heads leaves the BR, muttering under his breath. Can't hear what he's saying. He looks out through the KT window and sees who is out there. He turns around and goes up the stairs to the HoH. He knocks but there's no answer - Andrew is outside in the BY. Gary enters HoH - it's not locked. He's looking around for something and finds it under the covers. It looks like a stuffed animal, a dog.

4:46pm BBT - Gary stuffs the dog under his shirt. Everyone else is still downstairs in the BY. He comes downstairs and checks the BY again - Everyone's still there. He goes to the BR and looks for something in the storage bin at the edge of someone's bed. He finds it and heads back to the LR then to the KT and is rummaging through the cabinets in the KT.

4:49pm BBT - The HG are either working out playing air hockey or in the pool. Gary crosses the BY and heads to the HT on the other side. He's carrying something, a cooking pot. He stops at the bottom of the steps and looks back. No one notices. He climbs the steps to the HT deck, and pulls the dog out from under her shirt and puts it into the pot. BB stays Stop That.

4:50pm BBT - OMG, Gary has a cigarette lighter and she's setting the dog on fire! BB says harshly, I SAID STOP THAT! The other HG stop what they are doing at BB's tone. The dog is on fire and BB says Gary, put it out NOW. All feeds switch to the BY. Where's Gary, Topaz asks? He went for a smoke, Talla says. He doesn't smoke, says Jillian. Gary, go to the DR immediately, BB commands.

4:51pm BBT - Oh no! It looks like my source has cut off the feed or they've been caught. I'll keep an eye on the stream to see if they come back. Holy cow! Check out this screen shot I grabbed before I lost feeds!


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11:35PM BBT - Feed 1 and 3 - Emmett in BR, lights are low. Topaz is there also.

11:37PM BBT - Emmett to Feed 2 in KT, Jilli cleaning up. Emmett starts to help. Jill is tying ribbons around the girlie drink glasses. Emmett says we won't get booze anymore. Talla made sure of that. Everyone just gets sick.

11:40PM BBT - Jill wants to make sure kitchen is cleaned up before they go to bed. Emmett kisses her and says, "what have you been eating?" Jill - just the pizza.

11:43PM BBT - Topaz talking about "the 15" going to "a resort", perhaps Cuba when BBCan Season 1 is over. She is reorganizing her clothes in her trunk.

11:48PM BBT - Jill in WA flossing. Emmett in WC.

11;49PM BBT - Emmett - there is pee all over the toilet. Jill - I know - I scrubbed it really well a few days ago but it was disgusting right after. Emmett - 30 days to go. Jill - it was [unitelligible]. Emmett - yeah he is really messy. [suspect = Gary]

11:52PM BBT - discussion continues in BR about "a trip" to "somewhere warm", perhaps Vancouver. NS is also discussed as is Toronto and Regina. Topaz suggests Mexico but problem appears to be "no one will know who we are". Alec suggests people recognizing them will give them something to talk about.

11:54PM BBT - Alec and Jill agree they don't want to hang out with "everyone".

11:55PM BBT - Emmett would go to Mexico with his friends and would meet up with "the group" and if it got boring he would go back to his friends.

11:57PM BBT - all is quiet in the HNR

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11:15PM BBT: The feeds are still offline.

11:34PM BBT: The feeds are back online! Looks like Jillian is in the kitchen cleaning, and Topaz is doing laundry. Emmett and Alec are in the bathroom chatting.

11:39PM BBT: Peter and Gary are in the HN room sleeping. Emmett joins Jillian in the kitchen and she says she'd rather not wake up to the mess tomorrow. Topaz is now in the bedroom with Alec, and she's folding her clothes and putting them away. Alec asks Topaz if she's had fun tonight, and she says it was nice to get some alcohol.

11:45PM BBT: Topaz and Alec are talking about alcohol and hangovers. Alec says he hasn't had a hangover since being in the house, and he's going to try not drinking as much when he gets out. They chat about all the housemates taking a vacation when they get out of the house. She'd like to go to Cuba. Alec asks why not in Canada, and Topaz says it'd have to be in the summer when there's sun so they can tan. She says they missed out on that this year.

11:52PM BBT: Topaz says she liked Tom as a person, and he was funny. Alec says he didn't like Tom, but they admits that he was funny. Emmett is walking around in the bedroom, says he wishes he could sleep in there as it's so cool. Alec and Topaz asks Emmett if he'd go on a vacation to Cuba with all the housemates for a reunion. Emmett would rather it not be right away, and not in Cuba. He'd rather go to Mexico.

11:59PM BBT: Topaz, Alec, Emmett and Jillian are still talking about vacationing in Cancun, perhaps next spring break.

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