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September 9th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

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Maggie is crying outside. Ivette is telling her no more tears, they only have 12 days left. Maggie says she will never cry about this game again--she will cry because she wants to go home. Ivette says why now, when there are only 12 days left? Maggie says she can get through that. Ivette says even if she (Ivette) leaves next, she will be seeing Beau. Maggie pauses and looks at her in a funny way and then says she thought Ivette meant that Maggie would see Beau.

Maggie asks why Ivette said "Ivette and Janelle" instead of Maggie and Ivette when Julie asked how it felt to be there up to the last four? Maggie says that she should have said "Ivette and Maggie!" Ivette says she looked at Janelle and it was her and Janelle who had been on the block the most. Maggie claims that Janelle was always a PAWN and was never on the block as the person who was going to leave, though! Ivette says that Eric wanted Janelle out, for sure. Ivette continues to say over and over that she is standing tall at week 12, and she has had people like Janelle who wanted her out from the first! April starts to say that she was in danger, too, but Ivette cuts her off and makes it clear that she was the one who was in danger week after week, not April. April says that each of them has won something, and flying under the radar is when you don't win, so they all deserve to be there. Maggie says really Howie flew under the radar, because yes, he won comps, but he didn't take credit for taking anyone out. Maggie points out that they were smart to get rid of Sarah, because she noticed things and she would have won comps, too. Ivette says that they all dressed up tonight and wore black pants, and the last time they did that, they "lost Jen." So she knew when she saw that they were wearing black pants that they would lose.

Janelle comes outside to tell them about her HOH room and to invite them up!

They all go to see the room.

Janelle got a picture of her best friend from high school. The back of the picture says "I believe in you, sweetheart!" I think she said the name was Nathan. She says she just loves him! She got more Mary Kay and some sour patch kids.

The picture Janelle got of her friend was when he visited her in Venice Beach in 2000. Someone says "your stomach looks so good there!"

Janelle's mom gave Janelle clothes that Janelle gave to her mom when Janelle became skinnier! So she gave Janelle some fat clothes!

There is a picture of "Cupcake" and April says that will put a smile on your f--ing face every morning! April is screeching about the picture.

Janelle has a picture of her brother and Maggie immediately questions the fact that her brother is drinking, and Janelle says they all were. It was in 2000, and Janelle says they were all of age! Maggie says he doesn't look old enough to be drinking! Janelle says one of her friends named Sebastian must have sent the picture of her dog. Ivette says that Janelle looks Latin in a picture of her in Mexico.

Ivette says that Janelle got an "awesome HOH!"

Janelle talks about Nate, and says she doesn't know how he knew she was thinking about him a lot and that he came in to audition to be on the show with her. She says he is really sweet, and he lives in Minneapolis. Maggie says that is the sweetest thing to write on the photo, and "It's the inspiration in this house that matters" and Maggie says that people will never know what it is like in the house.

Janelle says her Mom sent her mint scrub pedicure stuff for her feet, and they can all share it and do pedicures. This is meant with silence, except for April saying "yeah."

Maggie says (through gritted teeth): Congratulations, Janelle.

Janelle thanks her.

Maggie says that Janelle's Mom looks Greek, and asks if she is Greek.

Maggie: Whoah! Look at those boobies.

Janelle: Yeah, she has really nice ones.

Janelle says Nate has been her best friend since Junior High.

They congratulate her again and she thanks them again. Janelle asks them if they all want to sleep in the HOH with her?

Ivette says yeah, they could do that! Ivette says they could all sleep on the floor!

(I have no idea of whether this is sincere, but Janelle sounded sincere)

The three of them leave and go to the kitchen

Maggie: I think the best thing in that entire room was her friend writing that on her card.

Ivette: We've got to be very careful. I'll bet Howie told her that she has to make it with the girls. Asking us to sleep in there and stuff?

April: Yeah, too little too late. I've been treating people like I'd like to be treated by them. There's no need for any hostility. Fuck, if she makes it down to the final two---


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Janelle bashing outside.

Ivette pats herself on the back and says that she has seen her group grow so much as people. April says she has seen them grow when they weren't playing game, but when the game was on she and Ivette were at each other's throats!

Janelle bashing again.

Ivette says it is amazing that someone would come into the house, be hated by everyone, and still be there!

April says that Janelle is liked by everyone on her team, and names them. Maggie says "MAYBE Rachel." April says that Rachel would vote for Janelle over any of them, though. They agree.

They are saying over and over that Janelle is going to try to win. She will go for it. They feel that Howie told Janelle what to do, gave her a plan. Ivette says that Janelle isn't a good judge of character, so Howie probably told her who to take out. (Janelle is upstairs listening to music right now. She has only one of a two-CD set of one of her favorite CD's).

April claims that Janelle is going to want all kinds of "accolades."

Maggie says that if Janelle is in the final two, she will be mean to people on national T.V.

Maggie says that they have to focus on the fun things they have been able to do on the show. Maggie says that people would like to be able to compete like they do. Maggie says that her dad will laugh and say that she had his memory today.

Maggie didn't think Janelle would be able to think this way, with before and after, because she isn't good with personal stuff. But then she admits that Janelle has a great memory.

Ivette says she doesn't have to remember what people said--just when something happened, so Janelle was good at it.

Maggie: Her Mom, I'm like, OMG! Does she have fake boobs?!

Ivette: Did you ask that?

Maggie: I was upstairs and I said, 'Are those fake?" and she said, 'Of course!'

Maggie: I don't think I want to sleep up there.

April: Maybe after all of the competitions, but....

Maggie: Yeah, maybe we'll have some slumber parties, but....

Maggie says they laughed a lot last night and they thought they woke Janelle up.

They were quizzing each other, trying to win HOH today.

Ivette says that Janelle slips every now and then and lets them know that she knows the answers (ahead of time, cheating supposedly).

Maggie says she isn't slipping--Janelle wants to let them know that she knows the questions ahead of time and is cheating.

(God, they are the worst losers in the world!)

April: She's in the final three--that was her goal. At this point, if she is in the final three, you can't be pissed.

Maggie: (to Ivette) You said, "Bitch, you knew you won!"

Ivette asks if she did good saying that, and they think she was great.

Ivette says if it is meant for her to win, she will.

April thinks it is funny that it is down to four girls competing.

April: We have to fight. We have to fight for it.

Maggie: I hope the veto is active. It would be fun.

April: I hope it is fun, at least.

Ivette: Funny shit, guys. Funny shit.

April: Nothing you can do. You can't do shit.

April goes inside to get something to drink.

Maggie is singing Lionel Richie music.

Ivette: Maggie, what are we gonna do?

Maggie: Not a damn thing. Not a damn thing. Not a damn thing.

Ivette: We'll at least protect each other if we get it, you know what I mean?

Maggie: I hate this.

Ivette: I'm not disappointed at all in the way I played, though. You're gonna be happy because you kept your promises and I'm gonna be happy because I'm not bendable. I wasn't sneaky. You know what I mean?

Ivette says that April played the game more than they did.

Maggie: I'm okay. I think I played a lot of the ways Eric would have wanted me to play.

Ivette says that if she wins with the way she is playing, then Ivette will have PROVED that it is possible to win with HONESTY.

(I'm gagging, here)

Ivette: I think we'll be fighting for each other.

Maggie: I think we'll both be going up on the chopping block.

Ivette says that she wouldn't want to go up next to anyone but her or Beau.

Ivette says she is okay with sitting next to someone like Maggie.

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A note from earlier since I see no mention of it ...

At around midnite BB time Janelle was having a long (fluff-stuff) chat with the girls in the subway room. Lights were out, April & Maggie with beds pushed together, Ivette in a bed alone, Janelle on another bed. Maggie didn't have much to say, but the other three were quite animated.

Kudos to Janie for going out of her way to spend time with them when they made it so obvious that they wouldn't be returning to her HOH room.

p.s. All still sleeping

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Still sleeping -- but who's where?

Ivette in subway room, where she said (last night) she wanted to sleep.

Janie in HOH.

Looks like Maggie and April went to the GR after all. They were trying to get Ivette to go there last night. They stayed in subway room until at least 12:30 a.m. but changed rooms eventually.

<Does this indicate a subtle divide among the threesome?>

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All HG talking about strippers and strip clubs....

(They look like 4 best friends.)

Maggie used to bartend and says only 10% of the bachelor parties she's bartended were "innocent."

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Jan and A are talking about veto in HOH and how they both need to win it. They are in the HOH room. Jan says she does not want I to win it.

A: They know you and I get along.

J: You think so?

A: Possibly.

J: You think M would want to get rid of you?

A: If we get along, and we go to the final 3, they'd think you pick me.

J: I probably would, but you can't plan that far ahead, because who knows.

A: It's totally a toss up.

J: I would vote you out and you would vote I out. That's obvious. I can't imagine M picking you over I.

A: I know M would keep Iv because of Eric.

J: If I wasn't in the final 3, who would Maggie pick?

A: I don't know! It's 50-50. She has never said she'd take me. She has never told me. Has she told Iv? I don't know because I've never asked her.

A asks Jan what the POV comp will be and Jan says she doesn't know.

Jan asks if A would even consider voting out M and A says No Way and she is positive that I would keep M too.

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A:They'll throw in that 3rd safe to see who would go for it.

Jan: We're all strong and we can all win.

A says again about the safe

J: I want it if it's $.

A: Please go for the veto. You have a chance for the final 2 because you're a strong player. Please go for the veto.

J: I'd rather M or Iv leave this week. I think Iv is a strong player.

A: Iv knows a lot, but she buckles under the pressure.

A goes on to say if Maggie has the vote, it is 50/50 chance of who'll she'll vote out.

A is saying that if the POV ends with A/Jan to give it to A, if not then to fight for her.

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