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May 4, 2005

Reality Check

Since being a contestant on The Apprentice, Omarosa has been called "the most hated woman in America." Now Dr. Phil and Donald Trump take her on! What really went on behind the scenes, and what's Omarosa's biggest gripe? Then, Dawn is so obsessed with reality TV that she's more "tuned in" to her favorite shows than to her own family. And, Katrina lied to American Idol judges so she'd be noticed. Her outlandish stories of cannibalism backfired, and now she can't live them down! Dr. Phil looks at the good, the bad and the ugly sides of reality TV.

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eeeek! Omarosa keeps calling herself and her behavior "naughty"!! Not bitchy, not manipulative, but "naughty"! :shock: And she's soooo fake, especially while she was talking to Donald Trump. She was also quite evasive when Dr Phil asked her to own what she said - it made for some very tense and cringe-worthy moments, peppered with Omarosa's fake laugh. :roll: Oh, and she dissed Donald Trump a couple of times but he was, surprisingly, pretty good natured about it.
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'Dr. Phil House' Shut Down By Angry Residents


Dr. Phil in front of the 'Dr. Phil House'

"Dr. Phil" has had to shut down production at a location for a popular segment of the show, after angry neighbors waged a revolt. It seems the cocaine addicts and others who were holed up in the house didn't go over too well with residents on the block.

Every Monday, "Dr. Phil" features guests who live together for a week in the "Dr. Phil House," a home located in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Peteski Productions, Dr. Phil's production company, purchased the residence last June.

The inside was gutted and remodeled with the help of Phil's wife, Robin. We're told 45 cameras were installed in the home, and a brain center was built in the pool house, dubbed "video village." Miles of wires were run throughout the inside and outside of the house, much to the dismay of complaining neighbors.

But neighbors say the unsightly wires were nothing compared to the nonstop noise and ear-shattering arguing coming from addicts, racists, misfits and others who populated the house. Tom Griep, who lives next door, told TMZ he was none too happy when "two crack cocaine addicts were yelling at each other for all to hear."

Griep adds "Dr. Phil" violated the city's ground rules by taping past midnight many nights and starting up again before 7 a.m. Griep says some of the production staff were rude and uncooperative. He also claims the staff cut his hedge down.

Griep and other neighbors allege the show constantly violated parking restrictions on the street and created an extreme eyesore with cables and all. Neighbors also claim the low-life clientele in the house caused several disturbances.

Neighborhood residents contacted the LAPD and other agencies on a regular basis, complaining that the show was turning their lives upside down. As Steven and Susan Jamerson put it, "Our once-peaceful neighborhood has now turned into a studio backlot." Griep says a production executive told him the taping would continue for several years.

Seventy-six residents signed a petition protesting the production and after a meeting last month with city officials, production was shut down. FilmL.A., the agency that processes permits for shooting TV shows and movies, has been instructed by city officials not to issue future permits for the house in question.

City officials tell TMZ the show had requested eight additional shoots, each lasting between five and nine days, but the request was rejected. An official for FilmL.A. tells TMZ that "Dr. Phil" was trying to turn the house into a studio, and that violates the city's zoning laws.

In a statement to TMZ, a rep from "Dr. Phil" said, "Our primary objective has always been to be extremely respectful of the neighbors and we have accommodated their requests whenever they have arisen." The spokesman says the show has received a lot of neighborhood support.

The spokesman adds that production vehicles did not park on the street and taping was limited to inside the house. The entire "Dr. Phil" statement follows below:


From a "Dr. Phil Show" spokesperson:

The "Dr. Phil Show" believes in keeping TV production in Los Angeles and since the beginning of this project, the "Dr. Phil Show" has been granted all the permits required by the L.A. Film Commission, up to and including the last week in September.

Our primary objective has always been to be extremely respectful of the neighbors and we have accommodated their requests whenever any have arisen. We also received the support of many of the neighbors who commended us for our consideration.

There has not been any exterior taping in front of the house and production vehicles did not park on the street. In addition, the show made many improvements and upgrades to the home and provided 24-hour security to the area surrounding the house.

We taped episodes which fulfilled the directive of the "Dr. Phil Show" - to provide guests with a compass to solve issues and conflicts in their lives. The "Dr. Phil Show" has completed filming at this location, which was never intended to be the only site of the "Dr. Phil House."

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