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March 31 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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10:06PM BBT: The feeds are back! Andrew is playing air hockey with Gary, as Topaz sits beside and watches. Alec and Talla are outside in the HT area. Alec is running around and they both agree that it's gorgeous out.

10:10PM BBT: Alec says he hears people in the walls, and Talla immediately says "Don't say that!". Alec thinks it could be a good place to hang out, if the fireplace was working, and Talla says "and wine too". Alec talks about how Topaz came into the main bedroom to "check on him" to see if he was in Talla's bed or not.

10:15PM BBT: Talla comes inside and lays beside Jillian on the floor by the HoH stairs. Jillian has a pounding headache. Jillian says that if there's a twist, then she's gonna cry. Andrew crouches down behind Jillian's head so she can't see him, and shouts. She jumps, laughs, and he apologizes when she tells him she has a headache. Jillian complains that it's super hot. Talla wants to pull a prank on Andrew, but she'd scare herself.

10:20PM BBT: Andrew comes down and kneels beside the girls, and the girls fill him in on their prank. When Alec and Emmett walk by the HoH room on the main floor, they'd pour water and flour on their heads. Andrew says to come up with something else. Andrew says not to mess with Emmett and Alec, to mess with the people on slop. Andrew says that the "veto is tomorrow, then he's going to tell them both that he's using the veto on both of them, then not use it". We believe Andrew may have won the Veto due to that statement.

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10:24PM BBT: Andrew invites Jillian and Talla into the HoH room, then see on the camera's that Alec is coming up. Talla tells Alec that "for April Fools Andrew is going to use the Veto. PSYCHE!". Andrew says he wouldn't do it during the ceremony.

10:31PM BBT: Andrew says he wants Gary to walk out the door, and that Topaz will probably stick around. Andrew says that Gary thinks he's staying in the house, and that he's said "I better not be on slop next week!" and Andrew just nodded. Alec says that if Gary finds out he's going home this week, he'd tear this place apart.

10:34PM BBT: Gary and Topaz are in the HT area. Topaz said she wanted to be humble, have her moment of being on the top, and make a big move. She got shafted.

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10:39PM BBT: Topaz says Alec is PLAYING the game, and the only reason he won HoH was because of the 10K prize. She thinks he wont win another HoH until the final 3. Topaz says she called out to BB to get Alec and herself together in the DR. When they both get into the DR, Alec was pissed. Topaz and Alec go into the HN room instead, and she puts on an "oscar winning performance". She recounts their conversation. She wanted to know why he was ignoring her, and he apparently said she was being fake.

10:51PM BBT: Talla comes out into the HT area. Gary says he's going into the HT later. Gary and Topaz makes plans to go into the DR together.

10:55PM BBT: Andrew, Emmett, Alec and Talla head out to the HT area. Emmett, Alec and Andrew hop in the HT, and Talla sticks her feet in. They all complain of the smell outside, and that it smells like a farm.

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11:02PM BBT: Talla freaks out when the cherry of her cigarette falls between the cracks, and see's a light through the cracks. She doesn't know if it would start a fire. They start telling stories about their first dates/kisses.

11:15PM BBT: Jillian sat on the stairs outside the DR. She comes out to the HT area and tells everyone that Gary and Topaz are in the DR screaming and yelling. BB immediately tells them to stop talking about production.

11:29PM BBT: BB tells Gary and Topaz to change their battery packs. They head to the washroom and Gary takes off some of his stickers on his forehead. They head to the bedroom. He says's he can win competitions, and slop doesn't phase him. He says that if they're smart, they'd get him out of the house. [That’s the plan!!!]

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11:33PM BBT: Gary and Topaz brush their teeth in preparation to go to bed. Talla and Jillian are in the kitchen talking. Talla says everything has been trivia and mental, there's only been one endurance. She thinks there will be more endurance coming up, that BB has to, they can't wait until the end.

11:36PM BBT: Talla whispers that if she wins this week, that Jillian and Andrew would be safe, that she'd put up Alec and Peter. Talla is paranoid, as she's constantly spinning on her chair looking around. Talla thinks if Peter won, then Peter would gun after Andrew and maybe one of the girls.

11:41PM BBT: Emmett, Alec and Andrew head inside. Talla tells Alec to put her bed back together, that she doesn't want to go in there alone. Talla says goodnight to Jillian.

11:46PM BBT: Emmett and Alec are in the shower. Topaz weighs herself, says she's lost 3 pounds. Emmett asks Gary if he's lost any, and Gary says he's lost 3 pounds. He's not trying to lose weight on slop, it's not the right way. Emmett asks how this is any different than the diets in the past that he's done when he starved. Gary said they were cleanses and he felt healthy, not just putting crap in his body.

11:57PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian are cuddling and kissing in bed. Gary and Topaz are in the living room. Gary says he needs his license. He doesn't even have his G1. Topaz says she has her G2, but needs to get her confidence up and then focus on getting her G.

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