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March 27 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:52am BBT - Suzette has some sort of nightmare and is talking in her sleep. She wakes up Gary who calms her and they go back to sleep. Someone else is breathing deep in their sleep. A minute later, Gary asks if Talla is up. She is. Gary says let's go out. Suzette had a really bad nightmare. Talla wakes up AJ so they can get up.

1:56pm BBT - Suzette dreamed she woke up and was looking at Gary but he wasn't saying anything and had no legs. Suzette and Talla are in the WA with AJ. She didn't realize she was talking in her sleep. Talla says sleeping immediately after a big meal contributes to talking in your sleep. AJ brushes his teeth. Suzette throught she was awake in her dream and there were dead people in her dream. She apologizes for waking them up. Talla says no apologize needed. AJ said he is not surprised he woke so easily since they went to bed so early. AJ wonders how many hours it's been (less than 2).

2:00am BBT - Talla asked what time it is. How would I know, AJ asks? It's time to stop asking me what time it is. They decide to go into the LR to find out if it's dark or dawn and it's dark. AJ looks outside and says the sun is up. The go into the BY thinking it is morning but realize it's dark when they go out to the HT. Talla guesses it's 3 or 4am. She's off by a couple hours. As long as they are outside, they might as well have a smoke. They decide to have a snack first and head back to the KT. AJ says he'll never get back to bed.

2:05am BBT - Talla asks if anyone else is up (meaning on the feeds, and the answer is yes). AJ says someone will answer in DR. Suzette said she will remember her nightmare. She dreamt she went to a movie theater with the guys and the went to a concession and the guy said her cousin Johnny was there and Peter looked tired, her cousin looked like a ghost and then lunged at her and she was freaking out, and her other cousin Alec was there and it was so creepy. Just a dream, Talla says.

2:07am BBT - Then I thought I woke up and saw Gary doing his hair and he had no legs. Talla asked if when she screamed out and Talla spoke to her (it was Talla, not Gary) did you still think you were in a dream? No, says Suzette. AJ said you also moaned too. Talla said you asked Gary if he was feeling better. That's because I thought he was right there, Suzette says. AJ is eating cereal. AJ says he mumbles in his sleep. Talla still wishes she knew how much sleep they've had. AJ said Talla went to sleep 45m before him and he went an hour before lights out.

2:10am -- AJ thinks it's 4 or 5am and Talla had a full nights sleep. Suzette said when the lights dimmed, they were the only 4 in bed (with Peter). It was the champagne they think. They were in character the whole fake date. Peter was good too, lived up to his role. Talla says they didn't eat that much either. She loves crab but has never eaten lobster like that. Talla said someone told her not to eat a lobster brain because it has venom in it and she has never eaten full lobster since. Even the waiters, matre' d, the entertainment were good. They discuss where the best lobster and crab meat is.

2:15am - Suzette laughs, that lobster had fight right to the end of their life. The lobsters were named Larry and Lorenzo. Suzette said they really changed bright red. AJ said all the did was boil them. Talla said they made a screaming sound. AJ said they were dying! Talla talks about being a Vegas Showgirl for New Years at a casino and she talks about a lobster crab cake that wasn't deep fried but so good. OMG, she says, I was thinking of green onion cakes, not crab cakes! They move from deep fried food to deep fried food.

2:17am BBT - AJ took a girlfriend to Outback Steak House and had a Bloomin' Onion and the girl was a heath food nut and dumped him shortly after. We get SotH.

2:21BBT - Feeds return and the threesome are on the couch next to the KT. They talk about the steak and salad from the dinner tonight. It was medallion steak. AJ puts his bowl on the counter. Suzette yawns and wants to think happy thoughts and fall back asleep. Think about Pineapple, says Talla. AJ told a story about spending 2 weeks in Vegas with a woman in Vegas he hasn't seen since Vegas. Not sure if she was the health food nut spoken of earlier. Talla goes for a smoke. Suzette loves the lighting at night. AJ says he woke up when Suzette screamed. No one else woke up.

2:25am BBT - Waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep messes her up and she sleeps through her morning alarm (Suzette's nightmare is going to cause me to do the same). AJ says not turning the phone to silent overnight is a pet peeve. Talla, AJ and Suzette are now outside in the smoking hall. Well, I see AJ and hear Talla. Maybe Suzette stayed inside. Only AJ, Talla and Liza have blackberries. They discuss what time it might be again and they are looping the conversation.

2:30am BBT - Apparently the HG thought there would be a party for all the HG after the dinner that was prepared for the two daters and there wasn't, so some HG were sore and drank the champagne. They discussed Gary's power to replace a PoV player, but it's not a Diamond Power of Veto, which would have been huge. Gary can play for Veto if not picked. AJ and Talla return to to house where Suzette is waiting. Talla teases, are you sleep walking? They head back to the BR. AJ says this dream will be better than your last one. Talla wonders if this is a shared dream.

2:35am BBT - AJ and Suzette head back to the BR, they whisper goodnight and crawl back under their respective sheets. Talla stopped by the WC first, then heads to the BR and climbs back in. Seems like tonight's, or this morning's, drama is over and the HG are all once again down for the count.

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12:03AM BBT: Topaz said Jillian is fake and she wanted to get Gary out when Emmett was HoH. Emmett is now in the shower. Topaz said that Talla wants to make a big move also she wants to put up Emmett and Jillian. ( Topaz is really thinking tonight)

12:21AM BBT: Topaz wants to go to bed early tonight. Emmett,Jillian whispering about gold fish. Alec/Topaz is now kissing and making out.

12:31AM BBT: Jillian/Emmett talking about friends back home. We only have 2 camera working tonight and they both show Topaz/Alec and Emmett/Jillian.

2:59AM BBT: All HGs are asleep now.

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9am Dark & quiet in the BB house. Every1 still asleep. 'Sunrise' creeps in.

9:10am Cameras keep zooming in on sleeping HG. No alarm yet.

9:11am Alarm rings on & off. Almost evry1 is up right away. Get of close up of Jillian putting her contacts in (lovely).

9:17am Cam 1 is black. 2 cams on Topaz & Alec in HOH sitting in bed & 1 zoomed in on Talla in WA. Can't see any1 else.

9:22am Peter, Alec, Topaz, AJ & Andrew in the KT. Talking about last nights dreams. Garry, Emmet & Suzette in WA.

9:25am. Topaz dreamt they were all sent home 4 two weeks then came back. AJ says, evry1 dreamt of evry1 in the house.

9:30 Alec & AJ do a commercial for harvest crunch cereal. Peter cleans the mirrors in WA.

9:35am in the KT Andrew explains money laundering to AJ, Jillian & Alec. Uses 'breaking bad' as an example.

9:40am KT talk now between AJ & Andrew about the apprentice & that it's on now & who's o it. Peter, Emmett, Jillian & Topaz listen in. Talk turns to Vegas & shows there. Peter explains live shows there. Topaz saw the Lion King

9:40 BB asks, Garry, Andrew, AJ & Talla to please go to the DR.

9:43am Peter & Alec speculate why they were called.

9:45 AJ, Talla, Andrew & Garry reappear. BB gave them nicorette patches for when they're locked out.

9:55am Andrew, AJ & Alec talk hockey in the KT. Suzette & Garry still doing ADL's.

9:56am [sorry, that's ball hockey]. Emmett is talking too.

10am. Boys in the KT talking about board games. Trivial pursuit, Cranium & Pictionary.

10:05am Suzette eplains her dream to Jillian in the BD. They were at the movies with Peter & Alec.

10:08am Emmet & Andrew try to play air hockey but can't seem to turn it on.

10:10am BB asks Topaz & Alec to turn on their mics.

10:13am. Emmet & Jillian cuddling in front of mirror in BR. Singing the name song.

10:15 Alec & Andrew playing air hockey in BY. Quiet in the house.

10:19am AJ & Topaz on KT couch discussing who's left & who they get along with. AJ misses Aneal because he left suddenly. They miss Tom although it was his & Liza's time.

10:21am Alec & Peter playing air hockey. Andrew & Emmett watch. Talla does laundry.

10:25am Big celebration as Andrew beats Emmett air hockey. AJ shouts that 'he beat the streak' & that Andrew injured himself winning. They play again.

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10:30AM BBT: Alec gets called to the DR and comes out with the camera. The theme of the pics are workout tips. Andrew beats Emmett again in air hockey.

10:35AM BBT: AJ and Andrew outside wile AJ smokes. AJ says he's going to make an obstacle course for the pics. They are taking about Suzette's nightmare and there goodbye messages for Suzette and the other that have left. BB tells them to stop talking about the DR. They talk about Suzette's lines she always says: Hey Boys and Hell yea. They joke that its a double eviction because they are evicting her sayings.

10:40AM BBT: Gary and Suzette go outside everyone talks about the weather and how sunny and nice it is. [Not for long it's cloudy where I am so it should get cloudy there within the hour]. AJ and Andrew go to the BY. Gary is all wrapped up in a blanket. He's still not felling well which mean we still have whiny Gary.

10:40AM BBT: In the KT AJ and Talla joke that someone needs to be on Topaz duty all the time to make sure she's all awake. Jillian and Emmett come in the KT and Talla telling Emmett to leave the dishes. The stove is dirty and Emmett says it was from Gary last night. Outside Suzette says its like Mob mentality in the house. When someone keeps on the block they are the black sheep and it like that with Tom and Liza too. She says she doesn't care if they portray Emmett to be the hunky guy he is really mean.

10:50PM BBT: In the KT its the daily no one does their dishes. Talla says she feels guilty for not cleaning but she has to stop doing other peoples dishes. Her and jillian feel its disrespectful when people don't clean up after themselves. Alec is starting to take the workout pics now. Talla is up first.

11:02AM BBT: First pic is of AJ jumping over the ball. Next was Andrew, Emmett and Peter doing pushups together. Then Talla with weights in her hands. Gary and Suzette doing there makeup in the BR.

11:09AM BBT: Peter takes a pic of Alec bronzing his chest. Then they take a pic of the difference in color between Andrew and Alec. Topaz tells Gary and Suzette she's not taking any pics.

11:14AM BBT: Alec now taking pics of Jillian doing yoga poses. Suzette now on the elliptical she's next for pics after Jillian.

11:20AM BBT: Jillian doing some pretty impressive yoga poses for the camera. All other HG's go silent as she does a few at the end. Topaz sitting alone on the BY sofas and watching everyone over at the work out area.

11:24PM BBT: Time is almost up so Alec quickly takes a pic of Topaz fake sleeping with a weight in her hand. Now a pic of AJ outside lifting a weight while having a smoke. To capture the story that after a workout he always goes for a smoke right away. They take a few more random pics of the guys.

11:35AM BBT: Suzette and AJ cleaning the KT. Talla and Topaz doing yoga by the pool. Talla is her instructor.

11:39AM BBT: The KT cam changes to Gary in the BR putting on some of the skinniest pants I've ever seen. He catches Alec as he's about to take the camera back so they go the BR to take Garys pics. Gary is in front of the mirror lifting his makeup brush instead of weights.

11:49AM BBT: I'm not sure Topaz is enjoying this yoga class. She's yawning and looking around. Talla gets impatient and tells her to pay attention. AJ goes and gets a can of mountain dew and stands across from Topaz and gives her some inspiration and tells her to reach for the dew.

11:55AM BBT: Emmett tells Talla she doesn't need to yell. [i agree. I thought yoga was supposed to be peaceful]

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12:05PM BBT: Guys still working out. Topaz and Talla still doing yoga. Gary comes out and talks to Topaz and Talla yells at her that there is no talking in her class. Suzette and Gary go to play some air hockey.

12:15PM BBT: Gary and Suzette go outside so Gary can have a smoke. Yoga class is still in session. Jillian, Alec and AJ working out.

12:20PM BBT: Gary telling Suzette he's happy that he can finally be himself and be comfortable. He feels BB is just s stepping stone and there's still so much he can do. Suzette says she hasn't been guilt tripping anyone. She has mouths to feed and she determined and they don't get that. "I know so many peoples lives stories but as soon as I share mine its not OK. Yoga class has come to and end.

12:26PM BBT: Suzette says the thing that hurt the most was when they were waiting to do the glass house (HoH comp) she was pumping himm up then when she beat him he was mad. Gary says he was embarrassed.

12:30PM BBT: Andrew and Peter in the KT talking about real life stories. Gary goes in to make a salad. Suzette heads to the WA or BR. Talla is laying on a lounger by the pool. Jillian, Alec and AJ still working out.

12:41PM BBT: Emmett having fun teasing Gary in the KT. HG's being called into the DR for goodbye messages. Emmett came out and told Peter they wanted him, he said I'm just gonna put on a shirt. Emmett tells him no they want you shirtless they told me. When Peter came out he says "They didn't want me shirtless Emmett!"

12:47PM BBT: Suzette in the pool talking to Topaz. She's talking about what she's gonna do when she leaves the house. She can't wait to activate her Facebook, watch all the shows and see what all the fans are saying.

12:53PM BBT: Emmett and Gary now having the discussion about washing your own dishes and cleaning up messes. Emmett tells him he didn't clean up the stove from last night, Talla asks if she can use Gary's cutting board and he says no. Talla asks why and Emmett says because Gary likes to dirty as many things as he can. Gary says he feels like everyone is ganging up on him and he's sick and doesn't want to b***h fight.

12:56PM BBT: Emmett and Peter go to the BY. Gary and Talla going over the never ending discussion about the dishes and cleaning.

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2:00 BBT good afternoon Heres whats happening in the house topaz and jillan are playing air hockey while over by the pool we have gary emitt talla andy and peter talking about the surf and turf dinner and talla is scared of the lobster.

2:05 BBT suzette is in a blue bathing suit and it looks like the rest of the hg by the pool are just talking about tb and chicken pots

2:10 BBT not much is going on suzette is now dressed and the hg are just chillin out by the pool and the hockey game continues

2:12 BBT the hockey game between topaz and jillan is done topaz won now it emitt and topaz

2:11 BBt topaz losses to emitt now it suzette and emitt

2:13 BBT and emitt is winning the hockey game agaist suzette and emitt just made the winning gold now its peter and talla at the table

2:15 BBT peter made one goal so has talla and talla just made a second goal peter has won now its topaz and peter at the table

2:18 BBT peter as just won agaist topaz now its andy and peter who is 0-2 wins

2:19 BBT peter has just won again 0-3 now hes playing suzette again

2:22 BBT peter has just won agaist suzette making him 0-4 now its suzette and topaz

2:25 and its topaz for the win now andy and talla

2:29 meanwhile we can catch aj and gary talking and andy has won now its topaz and talla

2:32 BBT talla has won now its suzette and talla

2:34 BBT talla wins now its andy and topaz

2:37 BBT and its andy for the win now it emitt and andy

2:40 emitt wins now it peter and emitt

2:42BBT emitt wins making peter 1-4 now its suzette and andy

2:44 BBT gary walks into the by looks like they gave gary breasts and andy won the game now its gary and peter

2:49 BBT actually its gary and jillan gary who looks like they stuffed something in his shirt making him have breasts jillan won now its topaz and jillan

2:52 BBT then again it could just be the shirt that gary is wearing that look like he has something stuffed in it I dont know looks funny anyway

2:53 BBT jillan won now its emitt and jillan

2:56BBt emitt won now gary and talla

3:00 BBT gary wins now he plays suzette

3:01BBT gary wins and the hockey game ends for now

3:02 BBt now in the hottub is aj emitt and jillan gary and talla are just standing around talla is also in the tub they are talking about survivor

3:06 BBT it appears that the hg had been on a out door ld they are all in the hot tub area waiting to go back into the house

3:12 jillan who is eating a organ is over by the pool talking to gary everyone else is either in the hot tub or getting out or just sitting around talking

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5:33PM BBT: BY lockdown just ended. Talla heads straight to the washroom. Everyone is heading in. Gary & Topaz still outside complaining about someone. Gary is yelling for Emmett

5:37PM BBT: Gary doesn't have the energy but wants to cook something special for Suzette for her last day. He says they should have a family dinner tonight. . HG's inside are saying BB installed another camera in the house right above the TV.

5:39PM BBT: Andrew in BR with Suzette talking about how long they have been in the house. How weird it will be outside. Talking about dinner last night now. Kitchen crew, Talla, Emmett, Gary, AJ. Jillian working on dinner.....chicken.

5:41PM BBT Emmett is giving Jillian tips on what milk to buy when she gets out of the house. Not much going on in the house other than making dinner....

5:47PM BBT Topaz is still sitting in the same spot on the couch outside since LD ended. She is alone. All cams on HG's making dinner. Talla is making meat balls. They are in need of milk in the house & amazed at how much milk they all drink.

5:56PM BBT Andrew & Jillian in storage room. he does not want Alec to win this. He's very annoyed with Gary right now. They head back to kitchen. All cams still on kitchen. Topaz has finally joined the kitchen crew. Peter is assisting her with her mic.

6:00PM Gary is making bread crumbs from the dried up bread. Talla still making meat balls. Jillian doesn't eat hamburger but she said she'd try one of Talla's meat balls anyway. Talla tells Gary & Peter she has great manners & is told that often, then apologizes for interrupting the convo they were having...

6:14PM Peter & Emmett are now playing a game at the DR table. Alec is watching. Andrew, AJ, Talla, Jillian, Gary, Suzette all in the kitchen. Alec jokes that that entire challenge last night that was supposed to be a reward for them if they did it resulted in a disadvantage for everyone but Gary.

6:24PM Alec & Andrew on the couch ....Andrew saying Alec was a slop star....he was great while on it. Andrew is curious about how his mood would be. Alec feels odd eating so much now. They say all they do is eat in here. Grab stuff to munch on. They would never do that in real life.

6:29PM Andrew & Alec continue to talk about eating in the house vs at home. Andrew has left Alec alone on the couch & still have all HG's making dinners....

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7:06 PM BBT

Dinner time in the BB House. Emmett, Andrew, Peter and Alec enjoying some spaghetti and meatballs. Talla and Gary making dinner, Topaz chopping something, AJ and Jillian kind of wandering around the kitchen.

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7:29 PM BBT

Andrew, Alec, AJ on one side of the table as Talla and Peter are on the other. Discussion topics so far have included drinking while eating and horoscopes. Peter states, "One of our drawbacks as humanity is our compulsion to want to believe in something more." They are now discussing the belief in "God" (in carious forms).

7:32 PM BBT

In the WCA Emmett and Jillian are discussing the hickey she gave him. He's the first person she ever gave a hickey to.

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7:43 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett playing table hockey in their swimsuits. Gary and Topaz still making something to eat in the KT. Talla and AJ out back having a cigarette. AJ telling Talla she talks a lot. It's raining outside now. They watch Jillian bend and stretch in her bathing suit and prepare to dip into the Hot Tub.

It's just been everyone chatting about nothing so far this hour. No game talk.

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7:50 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett are Jedi training while cuddled together in the hot tub. That's right, stuck like glue, side by side in a HOT tub. They are covering all of the challenges and POVs and recapping who played what and who won what.

Alec talking to Andrew and Peter in the sitting DR area. Talla is making coffee. She is eating again. Peter asks where she puts it all she weighs like 80 lbs. She corrects him and says she is 100.2 lbs. Alec says that the HGs are three hours away from eating - he's referring to the slop people.

7:59 PM BBT

"It will be weird to be outside and to have people stop us on the street because they recognize us from here." Alec says

"i get that all the time from my YouTube Channel." Peter explains, "Especially at Metrotown. There's a lot of young Asian males there."

"IS that your demographic?" asks Alec

"Not really but it's the YouTube demographic so it means that I will get some of that." Peter responds "You have to have a really think skin to be on the internet. You can't take any dislike or negative comments personally, some people will like it, lots won't. Just ignore it."

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8:13 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett still in the HT talking about nothing much. Suzette and Gary eating dinner at one end of the table as Peter sits staring at nothing at the other end. They discussed how much money the Survivor winners actually get after taxes and then that fades into nothing. Suzette and Gary are now joking that they have one last night to have their showmance. Lots of laughs as they decide they are full.

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8:21 PM BBT

Suzette, Gary and Peter are discussing the deactivation of their Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and what if they have no new followers or no one out here even cares about them and what they are doing. Talk turns to Janelle and how she updated once she was out before jury. Suzette thinks she will do this too.

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8:33 PM BBT

Talla looking at Alec's eyebrows and is telling him what he needs to pluck. She asks Gary if he minds if she plucks Alec's brows. Gary does mind and she is not to touch them.

"Talk with Talla" is now being played out as everyone enjoys coffee. "Good Evening everyone, tonight's topic is eyebrows and guys" she says as she talks into a lint remover. "Andrew, we just want to know, how are you bowels?"

"Well Talla, they are on hold" Andrew answers "I had a steak the size of AJs head and it is now working it's way through my intestine and will be seen sometime next month."

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8:42 PM BBT

In the HT Jillian crawls off of Emmett's lap. She turns up the jets but not fast enough to cover up the tent that she leaves behind. [she's still dressed but there's no way I'd get in that tub till it was cleaned. Thoroughly. ZuZu]

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8:47 PM BBT

"Emmett and Jillian. Please change the batteries in your micorphone packs at this moment." Big Sister tells us. They get out of HT and cover it up.

Back in the house everyone else is participating in "Talk with Talla" she is ending the segment with encouraging comments to her.

Gary is so happy that she's had him on the show twice and he's really helped her ratings. Everyone applauds and cheers. Andrew gets in a good bye and then says they are bumping AJ.

8:50 PM BBT

Next up on talking with Talla is AJ Burman. A "Somewhat Special" guest. She asks him about his recent divorce. He announces that he is divorcing the woman from Vegas he mentioned last time and returning to look for love with lower standards.

In the WCA Jillian is now cutting Peter's hair. "Do what you like McLaughlin" he tells her.

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10:06PM BBT: Alec and Topaz are in the HoH room. Topaz says she definitely thinks Aneal slept more than she did. Topaz says she really wanted Alec to get the slop pass, she was so close. Alec says he never talked to Emmett about not using the POV, he just knew that he wouldn't use it.

10:13PM BBT: Peter, Suzette and Andrew are in the pool. Andrew prepares a pool noodle to fire water at Suzette, and she splashes him. Someone is playing air hockey in the background.

10:17PM BBT: Feeds in the BY show Andrew and Peter in the pool, but we hear Gary, Talla, Suzette and AJ are in the hot tub area screaming about the moon.

10:19PM BBT: AJ thinks the moon look as though it has a face because of the clouds.

10:25PM BBT: Alec and Topaz are still in the HoH room. Topaz says that Gary feels comfortable in the game right now. Alec says the worst thing someone can do is hang out with someone who's on their way out.

10:32PM BBT: Peter and Andrew are still in the pool. Andrew asks Peter is he's seen the movie "The Master". Peter hasn't but he really wants to. They start to talk about Scientology and religion in general. Peter says he doesn't discriminate against any one religion, but all of them equally. Peter says that blind faith doesn't make sense, it's illogical. He's open to discussion, but when the only proof is magic?

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10:35PM BBT: Peter says that organized religion is absolutely ridiculous, but there's a narrative to life. You can pretty much do whatever you want if you want to. Andrew believes that If you can put your mind to it, you can make it happen, and Peter agrees..

10:40PM BBT: Peter says that some people use religion as a crutch, for example: "if I believe it will happen, it will happen". Audio switches to Emmett and Jillian playing air hockey before switching back to Andrew and Peter.

10:43PM BBT: Peter and Andrew talking about BB14. They both loved Frank. Andrew didn't really like Ian. Peter liked the edited version of Ian, but not the live feeds version. They both think that Dan should've won.

10:47PM BBT: Suzette and Gary are in the bedroom. Suzette hopes they give her her hockey jersey, the bee costume for her daughter for hallowe'en. Gary thinks Mike Boogie is sexy. They think that he'd be fun to live with. Peter and Andrew enter the bedroom, might be planning on going to bed.

10:55PM BBT: Jillian and Talla are on the sofas in the kitchen. Talla doesn't know if Topaz can win tomorrow, she could fall asleep during the competition. Jillian says it wouldn't surprise her if she did. Jillian says it'd be nice if Andrew won. Talla says she trusts Andrew. Jillian says that she doesn't think that Topaz doesn't want to win.

11:02PM BBT: Talla and Jillian move out to the BY. Talla says that Gary is scary in terms of what he'd do. Jillian says you help me, I help you. Talla agrees. Emmett comes out and joins them. Emmett is waiting for his sleeping pills before going to bed.

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11:06PM BBT: Gary comes out to the BY. They all bicker about not having enough milk and how Emmett chugs it down.

11:18PM BBT: Talla is in the bedroom starting a goodnight story. Everyone yells "NO TALLA". Talla says she needs to quit. As of tomorrow she's quitting. Peter pipes up that he's heard that 5 times now.

11:21PM BBT: Gary sings "Shine bright like a diamond" and BB is right on the button and tells him to stop singing 5 seconds later. Gary comments "Damn, they're right on you"

11:26PM BBT: Video stays on the bedroom, but we hear Talla and Gary as they head outside to the hot tub area. Gary says he's going to date hard core this summer. Gary says that after 4 dates, then you ask "what are we?". Gary says that a lot of guys he dates don't want to put a label on them. They discuss their outfits for tomorrow.

11:28PM BBT: Gary asks Talla what is going on between her and Peter. She says it's strictly platonic. Gary still can't believe Talla is Persian. He thought she was either Portuguese, Greek, or Macedonian.

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