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March 26 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here),

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:10PM BBT:Talla is bashing Gary with Jillian, Talla said she does not trust Gary and she heard that he wants to get her out next week. Jillian said she also does not trust Gary but Emmette does. Talla said she wants to win HoH and put up Gary and she already have her speech.

10:15PM BBT: Gary and Andrew talking, Andrew asks Gary about his relationship with Topaz and how close they are, Gary said they do not talk game because Alec would not let her. Gary said he like Janelle and Rachel. Alec join the conversation he said he like Ian. Andrew said he likes Jeff.

10:30PM BBT: Andrew told Gary he need to respect people in the house. Gary said he was upset that Andrew told him that he wears too much makeup.

10:48PM BBT: Gary and Suzette in BR, Suzette thinks that everyone is putting her down. Looks like Emmett said in the PoV ceremony that no one feels comfortable aroung her. Gary told her to forget them. Suzette said she is going to be in bed for the next few days. gary told Suzette that she is being mean to him.

11:09PM BBT: Suzette is feeling very down, Gary said get up and come hang out with everyone. Look like Talla screamed at Suzette for not putting back the cheese. But Suzette said she was going to put it back after she eats. Talla said the cheese is not going to put back itself. Gary think that Suzette should stand up for herself.

11:45PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian kissing and making out in the BR. Suzette is doing Laundry. AJ Alec,Talla in HoH Talla said Emmett and Jillian relationship is not the same. Topaz came up to HoH all talk end. Looks like they were talking about Topaz and she is being mean to others.

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12:05AM BBT: Alec wants to talk to Topaz about her not being herself. Gary told Alec to talk to Topaz while she is showering because she would not run away.

12:12AM BBT: Gary,Andrew,Talla and AJ in BY Gary said he wants to do some work on his nose. Gary said he fell when he was dancing. They are making fun of Gary.

12:19AM BBT: Topaz is out the shower she is now brushing her teeth. Suzette join the BY crew and they are discussing breast feeding and cosmetic surgery. No game talk.

12:22AM BBT: Alec and Topaz is talking in HoH. Topaz said she felt that Alec did not believe her about the iPod. Alec said all he wanted was an apology from her, Topaz said she did not like how Alec acted with her. Alec said he was upset that his iPod was taken away but if Topaz apologize he would of feel better. Topaz said she spoke to BB in DR and they said it is a game.

12:29AM BBT: Alec still going on about the iPod he feels that Topaz did not care about his feelings. Alec just told Topaz that Talla and AJ came up to tell him that she is not the same. Alec said he enjoy talking and hanging out with her. Alec told her to get over it.

12:35AM BBT: Alec said that Topaz was more concern about her anger towards BB than her compassion for him about the iPod. Alec said don't let it bother you Topaz.

12:38AM BBT: The BY crew is talking about love Suzette told Gary that he will do well in the future. Chit chat about life.

12:45AM BBT: Alec and Topaz is kissing after talking. Gary is now in HoH. Topaz said she would never have sex on TV because Alec lives in Vancouver. Gary leaves and the kissing continues.

12:59AM BBT: Gary,Jillian,Andrew in the KT, Gary is trying to make a shake. But cannot fix the food processor.

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01:06AM BBT: Talla is now in HoH talking very loud. Talla leaves and the kissing continues.

01:16AM BBT: Jillian and Gary in KT, Gary is still trying to make a shake. Not much game talk.

01:29AM BBT: Talla and AJ in WA they are discussing the football game today between the HG's. They both think Topaz is going through allot and maybe the alarm buzzer gets to her.

01:34AM BBT: Gary shake is finally done. Suzette said she cannot talk game with Emmett because he always shuts her down. Topaz is now in the KT. BB told Topaz to put on her mic. (100 times this season)

01:38AM BBT: Gary told Topaz he is upset that she is not spending too much time with Alec. Talla,AJ is now in bed.

01:43AM BBT: Suzette left the KT she is now getting ready for bed.

01:46AM BBT: Late night with Gary and Topaz. Gary said he asks Andrew what about getting out AJ and Andrew said that is his friend. Gary said that Alec and Emmett have their girls on lock. Gary also said he told the boys that he and Topaz do not talk game.

01:52AM BBT: Topaz is going over the iPod story again. Gary said that Andrew is gay and he is pretending. Gary said he can have Andrew if he wants. And we have Soth.

01:59AM BBT:We have Soth (Silence of the House)

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02:17AM BBT: Topaz is now in bed. Gary is getting ready for bed.

02:25AM BBT: AJ is up he gets a snack and he is in the BY walking and of course talking to himself. He is looking all around and repeating he is a good player. He is now going for a smoke. (He is just hilarious speaking to himself). He said he just want a girl to be comfortable with him. AJ said he likes to dance, He is now making fun of Topaz.

02:36AM BBT: AJ is now in the house. He is now going over scenarios moving his hands but not talking. He is now whispering to himself. AJ is now in bed.

02:49AM BBT: All HGs are asleep. Good night.

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9:45AM BBT: Emmett shows everyone in the KT how bruised and swollen his foot is. They tell him he should see the doctor. He says he's OK and he's got some pills to help the pain. Talla and AJ in the BY. AJ semi-apologizing for something he did, and if it makes her uncomfortable he will not do it anymore. AJ goes inside to have breakfast.

9:51AM BBT: Andrew joins Talla and AJ comes back out with his cereal. They are discussing things that happened yesterday. Jillian cooking, Alec, Topaz, Peter and Emmett also in the KT. They are talking about Frank from BBUS. Alec and Peter can do a perfect impression of him. Peter is a huge fan of him and really wants to meet him. Jillian says “How old is he? The name sounds old.”

10:00AM BBT: Gary comes in the KT and asks if he can have some bacon and Jillian says “It's spoken for.” He says “The whole package?!” Emmett says “I thought you were gonna eat healthy today Gary?” Gary seems very annoyed and leaves the KT. Talla, AJ and Andrew talking about Gary and he flirts with people. They agree Emmett has a soft spot for Gary. Talla doesn't like Gary's attitude for last few weeks.

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10:00AM BBT: Talla, Gary and AJ in the BY talking about love, relationships in the house. Talla asks Gary to shut the door to the house as she doesn't like the smell of bacon. Talla then asks Andrew and AJ if Emmett's toe is ok for Thursday. He can't even walk on it. BB: HG please stop talking about production.

10:05AM BBT: Andrew is frustrated by Gary flirting with the men but, he understands it is a part of Gary's social game. They think the hows are 50% Gary and the rest everyone else. When AJ interrupts Andrew is calling it "AJacking" from now on.

10:10AM BBT: Andrew is explaining the future of the game to Talla. Running scenarios of how you need to get people out. Gary and Suz are in the BR, Gary is getting dressed. Suz is the second person to say she doesn't like the smell of bacon this morning.

10:14AM BBT: Peter, Em, Jill and Gary in the KT. Jill said something, Peter: "You look beautiful Jillian." Gary: "What about me?" Peter: "You are always beautiful Gary" The KT is a quiet bunch this morning.

10:17AM BBT: Andrew, Talla and AJ (BY crew) discussing alliances. Andrew: "How many are under the surface that we are unaware of?" Andrew thinks Topaz has to go home, Talla jumps in "No Alec. Alec is the glue who holds Peter to Topaz. Liza taught me that!" Talla keeps covering her mic.

10:22AM BBT: BY crew is a lot of game talk and what ifs. Talla says Jill is more her friend rather than Topaz's friend. AJ says "Jill hasn't had pop in 15 yrs? Topaz has had more pop on this show than Jill her whole life!" They all want Topaz to go sooner rather than later. AJ goes inside, Talla is talking about the first Hoh comp and how she didn't want to let go she wanted to push harder.

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10:29AM BBT: Jill is cleaning up some of the KT mess. Peter and Em are on the couch watching. Em is hoping his foot is just a sprain. Alec is headed to the BY. Jill is putting topical cream on Em's toe. Topaz wanted to sleep BB said no. So she is headed to lay in the hammock. She puts her sunglasses on and says she is thinking about the game while laying there.

10:32AM BBT: Jill is talking about FB pages she likes. The KT has Em, Jill, Pete, AJ and Andrew, dishes being washed, small talk, coffee refills. In the BY Talla and Topaz are complaining about what former HG have taken from the house.

10:40AM BBT: Andrew is explaining the endorsements and the possible liability of saying you hate certain products and singing others songs on BBC. Andrew says he hears it a lot in the house but it has to stop. [it's kind of preachy] In good ol' Canadian fashion, Em, Pete and Andrew are now talking about the weather.

10:48AM BBT: Gary and Topaz are on the hammock. Gary "Why don't you just give up and start your f*c*ing day!" Topaz "noooo I need to start my day with a nap" Gary wants to do something fun for Suz before she leaves. Like a ladies night or something.

10:51AM BBT: Andrew calls AJ a "Mathlete" Jill yells "I am attracted to Mathletes!" Lots of The Simpsons episodes. Gary is planning on making fake money out of glitter, eyeliner and paper towel for his ladies night idea.

10:55AM BBT: Jill "Well I have to do yoga with Gary!" Andrew: "That sounds like a show that will have only one episode. I now have to go do yoga with the toilet." AJ is scooping up the last of the bacon, Pete heads out to do laundry. Em is alone in the KT now.

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11:04AM BBT: AJ is outside smoking. He is in a full out conversation. He is talking to Andrew but, Andrew is not there(he was in the WC). AJ continues talking to himself, getting quieter as he gets closer to the house BY [One of the strangest things I have seen]. Gary and Jill are doing yoga by the pool.

11:11AM BBT: AJ replaced the garbage bag in the KT. Took him a few minutes to open the bag (giggled at that one) and Peter is cleaning the WA and putting out the trash. AJ is planning to go work out but he is lying down. Talla lies down as well and the buzzers go off. Suz sits up in another bed.

11:15AM BBT: Gary and Jil are still in yoga mode. Andrew is in the pool, Alec is at the weights, Topaz is "thinking about the game" with sunglasses on in the hammock.

11:22AM BBT: Andrew is out of the pool. AJ has another coffee he is looking for his sunglasses. AJ is now out in the smoking/HT with Talla and Andrew. AJ "Eww scuzz" about the HT.

11:27AM BBT: Gary is struggling but trying to get the yoga moves Jill is showing him (it is harder than it looks). Jill has some serious yoga muscles! Gary "Jesus Jillian, I respect you." She just keeps going. AJ, Talla and Andrew are talking about former HG's and past things that happened in the house.

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11:32AM BBT: Jill is now working on the arms and back, Talla and Alec have both said "Good job, you can do it" in the background. Andrew "Ok here's the deal, we wanna get someone out like Suz and then Alec, he has gotta go he is a psychopath who eats nothing but garbonzo beans..." Someone walks out he stops talking.

11:39AM BBT: Buzzer in the BY, Topaz was sleeping. Jill is working her back, Talla is doing lunges, Gary has modified his yoga program.

11:41AM BBT: Em is now in the HT with Andrew, soaking his foot. Em says if they give him enough pills he doesn't give a sh*t, he is hoping the pain is just his toe and not his foot.

11:45AM BBT: Buzzer through the house. Topaz "I am not sleeping!" she is on the couch in the BY now.

11:48AM BBT: The HT talk (Andrew, Em and AJ) are talking about Topaz. Andrew feels she does not like authority and says "If and when she goes up on the block, she is gonna freak." Em: "It will be sooner rather than later."

11:51AM BBT: Yoga is finished. Gary thought he was awful. Jill is pumping him up by saying he can't compare to her because she has been doing it forever. She is really encouraging him. [i think he did pretty good]

11:55AM BBT: HT talk is now on baseball. Poolside talk is about Talla's workout, she wants to do yoga too. Gary rolled into the pool. Jill is now out at the HT. No sign of Suz, Peter or Alec.

11:57AM BBT: Andrew is explaining the Kerrigan/Harding scandal of the 92 Olympics. Peter is now hanging out by the HT as well.

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12:08PM BBT: Gary is in the pool. Talla is lifting weights. Alec is also working out. HT talking about about what past BB players have a wiki page and imdb. Peter says he already has a imdb for himself because of his videos.

12:15PM BBT: Talla goes inside to use the WC. Emmett and Jillian leave the HT and go inside. Alec asks Emmett how his foot is as he walks by. Emmett says its not good. Jillian says its bruised all the way up his foot. Cam switches to Topaz sleeping in the BR and the alarms sound. She sits up and says it's so annoying that you can't nap and there's nothing to do. Suzette says "I know that's why I decided to clean."

12:20PM BBT: Andrew and Peter talking about how Gary and Topaz's vacation is coming to an end. Andrew calls her the "ultimate sleeper" literally and figuratively. Peter says he thinks Alec is getting feed up with her too. They agree Topaz has the f**k you attitude and doesn't apoligiza if she getst he house int rouble for something. Topaz lays back down and this time the alarm sounds throughout the house. Topaz now complaining that everyone else can nap but not her. Her voice is getting very loud [Hate to say it but she's starting to remind me of Chima]

12:30PM BBT: Peter and Andrew (At the HT) going over what ifs for the weeks to come. Gary still in the pool. Talla, Alec and AJ working out. AJ trying to decide if he wants/needs a haircut.

12:32PM BBT: BB: Attention HGs in 30 Minutes the BY will be off limits, I repeat in 30 minutes the BY will be off limits. Talla, AJ, Alec and Gary all yelling "Why"

12:36PM BBT: Cam 1 changes to Topaz sleeping in the BR with pillow over her face. And of course off goes the alarm. She says "This is bulls**t." Andrew and Peter still at the HT talking about the other HGs.

12:42PM BBT: Emmett goes back outside to the HT. Andrew asks "Do you keep napping? Is that why we keep getting buzzed?" They all joke about Topaz sleeping the game away. Now they speculate why the BY is closing.

12:45PM BBT: Again the cam changes to Topaz sleeping this time she is completely covered. The alarm sounds all throughout the house. She tells Talla "I was trying to hide." The guys leave the HT.

12:50PM BBT: Alec, AJ and Andrew in the BY speculating why the BY is closing. Alec says "What if its Canada votes and we get like a pool table or something." [My guess would be that they are putting the pool or hockey table] Topaz gets out of bed and staggers to the couch in the WA lays down and closes her eyes. Gary is in the shower. Alec and AJ in the BY talking sports. BB: "HGs this is your final warning, the BY will be off limits in 5 minutes."

12:55PM BBT: Gary and Talla having a conversation that is getting a little heated about gay people in other countries and what will happen to them if they come out. Gary wants to start a charity or something where he can go into other countries and help save gay people and bring them back to Canada. Talla and Topaz tell him its not that easy.

12:59PM BBT: Emmett and Peter in the KT talking about Topaz and the alarm sounds for Topaz sleeping. [They are all getting annoyed of Topaz and I think BB knows that, that's why the have started to play the buzzer all throughout the house. Hoping to start an argument.]

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1:20PM BBT: Jillian and Talla making meatballs for dinner tonight. Topaz is confused as to why they need breadcrumbs for meatballs. We get SotH.

1:35PM BBT: Still SotH.

1:36PM BBT: Feeds return for a very brief second as Andrew is coming out of the DR and says "Everyone to the Living room" and we get SotH again.

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1:45PM BBT: Feeds are back.

1:46PM BBT: They are still on ILD. Topaz sitting alone on the LR couch not looking very happy. Talla says "Did they ever let anyone nap in any other one?" Alec says "No one wants to see anyone nap." Looks like the SotH was to enforce the no napping rule and that would be why Topaz is mad.

1:50PM BBT: Emmett and Peter sitting at opposite ends of the dining table sliding something back and forth. Jillian, Topaz, Alec and Andrew making food in the KT.

1:53PM BBT: Gary and Suzette are having the make up sess they agreed to have this morning.

1:59PM BBT: Suzette telling Gary how she is always talking good about everyone in the DR and she's so over that. She says "I think it is time for me to leave." She telling Gary that she's going to go the states to do some shopping. There's a radio station there that she will do so adds for and they always put her and her family up in their penthouse.

2:02PM BBT: It's lunch time in the KT. Jillian still complaining there is no ketchup. BB took their ketchup when they had the bbq party and haven't given it back. They are going to try to make their own ketchup soon if they don't get some.

2:05PM BBT: Topaz now in the KT saying she is going to start going to bed really early. "As soon as I see it dark I will go to bed 2 hours after that." Andrew says "They might buzz you because of after dark." She says "If I go to bed at 9pm? That's a normal time to go bed." Topaz goes to the HoH where Alec is showering and says she is going to take one after him.

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2:13PM BBT: Alec goes over to Topaz who is laying on the HoH bed kisses her and tells her he is proud of how she is handling the no napping. They discuss there date tonight and if they want to have a double date with Jillian and Emmett. Alec comes to the KT and gets called to the DR. In the KT Andrew was humping AJ and chasing him around. Jillian says "Can you 2 stop flirting for 5 secs so AJ can make coffee."

2:17PM BBT: Topaz goes in the BR and Gary asks her how she feels about the no nap rule and BB bringing out the rule book. She tells Gary and Suzette she's going to go to bed at 9pm and they better not buzz her then. Alec comes out of the DR and grabs a pot and looks for a spoon and tests them for sound on eachother. He then goes to BR and starts banging the pots yelling everybody go to the KT.

2:21PM BBT: Alec says "If you like prizes go to the KT. Hey HGs Canada has voted they have decided to stow upon us a pool table or hockey table. Lets go outside to see. It is a AIR HOCKEY TABLE."

2:22PM BBT: Everyone yelling with excitement and continuously thanking Canada. Talla and Alec against Peter and Andrew first. [The noise from the table is going to hurt my ears after a while, why did I vote for this lol]

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2:30PM BBT: Everyone back inside except Alec, Emmett and Suzette. Topaz asks Talla if she wants to go in the HT. Talla says "Maybe later I just got dressed." Suzette and Alec are playing air hockey. Talla seems to have cut her finger, Peter is looking at it. [its not that bad]

2:35PM BBT: Jillian puts grapes in her mouth under her upper lip and shows everyone. They all say she looks like a who. AJ says "Whats a Who?" Peter explains from Dr. Suess the whos that live in whoville. [she really did]

2:44PM BBT: HGs taking turns at the air hockey table. Talla got a little to competitive and threw something. She said she needs to calm down. AJ and Alec joke with her asking if the she broke anything or got blood on the table. She is putting away the dishes complaining about people not doing anything.

2:51PM BBT: In the KT Alec says he's a Blue Jackets fan. AJ makes fun of him and Alec says I'm not really a fan. They discuss sports a little more. Talla interrupts them and asks them to push in there chairs when they are done using them like at a restaurant.

2:54PM BBT: Talla asks everyone if they think her mayor knows who she is now. AJ says I hope not or Edmonton is in shambles now, he should have more important things to do. AJ goes to say the mayor of Edmonton but says mayor of Canada and everyone laughs. Andrew asks "have you ever heard of Stephen Harper the Prime Minister. Alec sends a shout out to Stephen Harper and says thanks for supporting us."

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3:05PM BBT: Talla and Alec playing air hockey. Jillian and Emmett at the dining table sliding something back and forth. The goal is to slide it right off. Emmett is sitting with his sore foot up.

3:10PM BBT: Andrew and Alec now playing air hockey. Emmett, Jillian and Talla sitting on the side watching and waiting for turns. Peter comes outs ans says "Hey sloppers, there's a slop thing in there (SR) full of mold and stuff." Suzette in the KT cutting and cooking some veggies.

3:24PM BBT: Air hockey games still being played. Suzette still cooking and cleaning. We saw Topaz getting dressed after her shower for a brief moment.

3:33PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian take a break from air hockey to have a little make out session by the HT. At air hockey its Alec and Talla against Andrew and AJ.

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5:15PM BBT: While, Tpoaz, Talla and Suzette are playing air hockey, Andrew and Jillian are in the kitchen talking game. Andrew tells her that if he wins HoH he wants to put up Gary and Topaz. Andrew says it's a move that would least upset the house. Jillian says good. [Jillian and the house are nervous about Andrew, because he's said on several occasiobs that he wants to "make a big move."]

Andrew asks her who she'd nominate if she won. Jillian is evasive and won't say any names. She says she wouldn't be opposed to the Gary / Topaz combo. Andrew says she can trust him. Andrew says he's going to nominate Gary and Topaz because they don't clean anything, and are always whining. Andrew says he's afraid to make big moves because he has good relationships with everyone in the house. He says it's only good to make a big move during a double eviction. Andrew wants to talk to Jillian further. Jillian says he already knows who she wants out (Gary). Sounds like most everyone is targeting Gary next week.

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5:32PM BBT: Not all that much going on inside the BB house. Gary just standing in the shower (not sure why but he doesn't look pleased). One feed following Jillian around, you can hear HG's playing air hockey.

5:33PM BBT: Gary standing in the shower cause he doesn't feel well. Andrew suggesting he should talk to BB. He says it'll be hard to even get to DR.

5:37PM BBT: Andrew & Jillian talking game. Not sure who they are talking about & hard to hear them they are talking so low. Interrupted by AJ. AJ gone, Jillian gives Andrew her word....she wants in the storage room for something.

5:40PM BBT: Andrew bringing up to Jillian Alec throwing the Hoh comp to him then winning the next one & $10,000. Gary walks thru the LR wrapped in a towel (like a girl would wear it), holding his stomach, in clear pain.

5:41PM BBT: Other feed has Topaz & Suzette playing air hockey with Talla watching. Topaz is holding her chest so she doesn't fall out of her dress while playing.

5:43PM BBT Gary has been given approval by BB to take a nap.

5:46PM BBT: Jillian yells to Suzette that BB is calling her to the DR. Someone mentions their phone. Andrew says he wouldn't know what to do with his phone right now. Jillian is worried about how her family will react to how she's been on the show & she thinks her friends will be disappointed in how boring she is because of her showmance. Now AJ called to DR & Andrew comments on how Suzette is in there?

5:51PM BBT: Gary now taking a shower in HoH (he asked Alec 1st if it was ok). Game talk with Jillian & Andrew is now over. Andrew & Alec are now in the pool.

5:55PM BBT: Jillian finally gets into storage room. There are flowers & food & Suzette tells them they have to all go to the LR. Suzette heads up stairs to get Gary. she says it's something important.

5:57PM BBT: Everyone in the LR except Gary & Peter....both in the shower. Everyone is waiting for them.

6:02PM BBT: BB gave AJ & Suzette a task. It's double date night with Suzette & AJ.....it's dress up night. Their two guests can NOT be a couple that is already in a showmance. They have to assign jobs to the remaining HG's. Dinner must be served & over within 2 hours to win the task. They pick Peter & Talla to eat. Waiter is Alec. Host is Emmett Andrew is sous chef. Jillian is chef. Entertainers are Gary & Topaz. they get Steak & Lobster

6:05PM BBT: The lobster are alive!! they don't want to kill it. Thankfully Jillian knows how to kill a lobster. Jillian's not overly impressed with having to do this though. She then asks what a sous chef is & we get SofH

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6:11PM BBT: Still SotH....not sure if we are going to get to see this dinner play out of if BB is just giving them the rules to pass this task as there were a lot of questions.

6:25PM BBT: Still SofH. The HG's only had 2 hours to complete this dinner task so it's possible we won' see any of it.

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9:06PM BBT - Andrew and Alec playing air hockey, Emmett and AJ watching, doing commentary. Alec loses, AJ's turn. Seems Andrew is losing to AJ. In the KT, Jillian cooking. Gary sitting at the bar, Suzette and Peter on the KT couch.

9:08PM BBT - Jillian jokes that she's been slaving over a hot stove all day. Gary moans that he's been aching over a toilet seat all day.

9:22PM BBT - Suzette and AJ playing air hockey now. Emmett, Alec, Jillian, Peter, Topaz, Andrew and Gary in the KT. General chit chat over stuff for dinner.

9:25PM BBT - The HG's discuss Smarties and M&M's and their slogans; BB tells them to stop talking about name brands.

9:30PM BBT - Suzette in the HT area muttering about the last time she saw someone get mad about a pinata and not getting their way was at her kid's 6 year old birthday party. She chuckles.

9:33PM BBT - Suzette heads back to the KT where everyone else is, remarking how hot it is when she does. The KT crew are talking about eye colours and Andrew is attracted to Emmett's colour eyes.

9:36PM BBT - Emmett and Andrew back to the air hockey table. Andrew thought that the air hockey table was going to be used in a veto comp this week. Emmett tells Andrew that he thinks Gary is coming after him (Andrew).

9:43PM BBT - Emmett, Andrew, Peter & Alec all in the HT. Andrew states no one has beat Emmett yet at air hockey. AJ comes out and joins the boys. Gary, Topaz & Suzette in the KT. Gary saying Emmett is threatening him that he has to use the veto on him if Gary wins it. Emmett told him "If you want to beat the best, you have to play the best".

9:47PM BBT - Discussion turns to a pinata, and Gary picked it up once it fell so he won it. Not totally sure what they're talking about, maybe part of why the feeds were off?

9:48PM BBT - Topaz explaining that After Dark doesn't necessarily mean they show that the HG's are doing at 2am. They tape a continuous timeslot, ex 9pm-12am and show it, with no editing. BB comes on and tells them to stop talking about production. Gary finishes cooking and says he's not even going to eat, he still has tummy cramps.

9:53PM BBT - Suzette says Andrew made a good steak and lobster. Jillian says they were a really good team in the KT. Suzette comments how spotless the KT was by the end of it.

9:54PM BBT - Gary decides he is going to have a little bit of the jerk chicken with potatoe, onion and brown rice. Jillian asks him to talk in a Jamaican accent; he does briefly. Gary decides against eating. Suzette asks how to make brown rice, she says she's too lazy because it takes too long.

9:57PM BBT - Topaz leaves to put a load of laundry in and take a shower. Gary says he's going to bed soon.

9:59PM BBT - AJ comes inside. Discussion turns to celebrity couples and whether or not they are together.

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10:02PM BBT: Emmett, Alec, Andrew and Peter in the HT discussing who they would and would not want to talk to after the show. Gary, Suzette, Jillian and AJ hanging out in the KT. Gary gets called to the DR. We hear Gary say "Hi Big Brother" in the DR.

10:06PM BBT: Alec says what he realized about the double eviction is that they (the HGs) really have the power. Especially during the double eviction cause BB doesn't have time to intervene. Emmett tells the guys that Gary told him Suzette was running around saying that they rigged a comp. They are discussing how Tom didn't really win all the comps. Peter says he helped him in one and the veto hockey won they don't count.

10:11PM BBT: Emmett asks Alec if he worried about Andrew hitting the wrong bottom in the HoH comp. Alec says "I didn't want to screw him over. I just didn't want to eat for a night and then be back on slop. Andrew says he's just pissed he didn't get a letter. Alec tells him he can have his HoH room. Andrew says "Its OK."

10:14PM BBT: Gary now sitting down eating. Jillian joins him. Topaz comes down from the HoH she is going back up to take a quick cold shower, she is hot. Suzette went to the BR where 2 others were already in bed.

10:18PM BBT: Jillian is talks about her acne and brings up what Ragan said to Rachel. "The only thing real about you Rachel is the pimples on your face. Topaz eats something and Gary asks her if she's putting the fork back in the bowl. He was raised where you don't do things like that and double dipping. She goes back to do it and Gary yells "Topaz you know it upsets me."

10:22PM BBT: The HT crew talking about if Gary put up AJ and Andrew that Andrew would defiantly have their votes to stay. Alec says he doesn't want to be in the jury house a long time. Andrew says "Coming in he just wanted to make it jury. He doesn't want to be there but he would be OK with it." He knows that only 2 make it to the end and he's OK with it not being him. Andrew gets called to the DR. He says "Great perfect time for me to go now these guys are gonna talk game about me."

10:27PM BBT: HT crew talk about who they think needs to go in what order. Alec says he thinks Topaz needs to go next. Alec tells them Topaz said today "IF I get the house in s**t they will have to suck it up." Peter telling them maybe that;s could to keep her around as it's putting more a target on her, even if it sucks for them. Alec says "I'm actually more worried about Talla. He doesn't know what she would do if she won HoH."

10:31PM BBT: Gary cleaning up his KT mess. Suzette leaves the KT to go to bed. Gary says hes coming soon.

10:35PM BBT: HT crew going over so many what ifs and speculations. Gary brushes his teeth and heads to bed. Jillian in the WA straightening her hair. Emmett gets called to the DR. Peter decides to head inside he says he's really tired. Andrew comes out and gets back in the HT with Alec.

10:41PM BBT: Gary is worried that they aren't allowed to sleep yet because the lights are still bright. Alec and Andrew are talking about Gary saying that Andrew is a strong player and Topaz told him the Gary says he would put up Andrew. They talk about if Peter and Andrew were on the block next week Alec and Topaz would vote to keep Peter, Talla and AJ would vote to keep Andrew leaving Jillian and Emmett's vote. Alec tells him he would fight to get Emmett and Jillian to vote to keep Peter, he's sorry but that's the truth and he doesn't want to lie to his face. Alec says "Lets just make sure that doesn't happen." Emmett and Jillian join them at the HT.

10:49PM BBT: Emmett gets called back to the DR. He says "Oh its my pills." Jillian says "Want me to get them?" and she goes to the DR.

10:53PM BBT: HT crew (Emmett, Alec, Andrew) now talking about weather. Peter goes to the BR and gets in bed. Gary is laying on the bench and Suzette in her bed not much talking between them they are waiting for the lights to dim still so they can sleep. Talla and AJ appear to be sleeping already.

10:58PM BBT: HT guys discussing how bad Liza's game play was. How she would go around saying everyone was going after everyone and how she was trying to make final deals with everyone. Jillian comes back out with Emmett's pills. Alec's turn for the DR.

11:02PM BBT: Andrew now telling Emmett and Jillian that Alec said he would push for them to vote for Peter if him and Andrew were on the block. They said that Andrew would have their vote. the continue to speculate and reiterate that they just need to win.

11:06PM BBT: Topaz joins the BR and they are talking about the air hockey table. Andrew, Emmett and Jillian talking about their team/couples from earlier tonight and we keep going in and out of SotH.

11:13PM BBT: Andrew seems to be really "grumpy" and irritated about Gary saying he wants him out, he still continues to talk about it with Jillian and Emmett. Gary in the WA he's about to take a shower [his 3rd I've seen today] He's telling Topaz about a convo he has with [i think] Emmett but he doesn't have his mic on so its hard to get the whole convo. Topaz says she's going to change her load of laundry and then go to sleep. She's going to try to not a have grumpy day tomorrow.

Earlier tonight Gary tells Suzette he won something where next week he can swap any one of the POV players with a player he wants.

11:22PM BBT: HT crew discussing previous showmances on other seasons of BB. Alec stops in the KT for a bite to eat. [He eats out of the dish that Gary made and exactly how Topaz was eating out of it that got Gary upsets. We get SotH.

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11:35PM BBT: Topaz/Alec in HoH, Alec said he does not think there would be a HoH Thursday ( Speculating) Topaz said she would like to put up Andrew and AJ because they don't win competition. ( Topaz never won anything) Alec is really questioning Topaz about what Gary would do if he wins HoH.

11:45PM BBT: Topaz said that Jillian was very upset that Gary won that special power. Alec said that Talla goes to whoever have HoH and suck him to them. Topaz said Andrew wants Emmett on the block. Topaz also said Andrew always saying he wants to make a big move in the game.

11:55PM BBT: Emmett/Jillian in KT, Emmett filling the ice trays. Suzette is lying down in the BR.

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