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March 21 [Thursday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Due to a lack of people updating, I am very afraid that I may have to pull the plug on the update page that so many people have come to depend on.

Since 1985 I have been paralyzed from the chest down, and I'm getting old. I miss physical therapy and doctors appointments to keep the page updated. I am devoting all the time I can to keep the Big Brother portion of Morty's TV running.

The people you see posting in this forum also post to our Twitter and FaceBook feeds. They too have jobs, family and other obligations they must meet.


Most of you readers are not members of our forum. It costs nothing to sign-up, and I'm not asking for any commitments (although the team of updaters would love you to sign-up to update for an hour or two a day). Just watch the feeds, (they're free so what's the problem) and whenever you feel like it, post a short blurb about what you've seen. That's it, that's all it could take to keep the famous Morty's TV update page on line.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Sorry to sound so grim, but obviously I'm a big fan of Big Brother, and it would disappoint me greatly to see the end of our Big Brother coverage.



PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572

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9:45PM BBT: AJ and Talla tease Topaz about where her relationship with Alec will go after B. Emmett & Alec playing their made-up game with Peter watching. Emmett names the game Puckball.

10:30pm BBT - AJ, Alec, Peter, Suzette talk about Street Fighter video game. Then they move on to Rick Flair, with Peter and Andrew fake wrestling.

00:00am BBT - Liza tells tom Talla is a floater and she was wrong to trust her. She doesn't like Andrew at all, says he b*tches too much.

12:16AM BBT: Tom and Liza on the hammock, Tom mention to Liza that his mom has breast cancer. He is crying a bit no reaction.

12:17AM BBT: Tom is very emotional about his mom. Now he is all tears while Liza is fully crying. Tom said he and his mom had life very hard.

12:28AM BBT:Tom wants to buy his mom a new car because she cannot afford a car, and when she did get one it was old and she always had car problems.

12:35AM BBT: Liza said she was never the hot girl in high school, But now she is hot. Tom just made a promise to Liza. He said I Tom Plant promised that I will come back to Toronto and get a veto tattoo with Liza's name.

12:38AM BBT: Gary and Emmett in SR. Emmett said he does not care what happen tomorrow. Emmett said after Yopaz scream at Liza people start feeling sorry for her. Emmett told Gary do not tell Topaz much because she is sinking him. Emmett also said he have not won f**k all because he cheated. Emmett said if Peter win HoH get him to put up Liza and Andrew. Looks like Emmett is trying to sway for Tom to stay.

12:45AM BBT: Emmett is really trying hard he told Gary that by keeping Tom the target would come off their back. Gary said people don't like Tom. Emmett said if Tom is gone the whole house would come after him. Gary said Topaz got over confident with all the information she gets.

12:51AM BBT: Gary and Emmett game talk stop because Topaz came in. Gary is now telling Topaz what he and Emmett talked about. ( He just told Emmett he will stop telling Topaz anything) Gary told Topaz she blew up something that was really small.

12:59AM BBT: Akec is now in the SR. Gary said he want to tell everyone to vote out Tom, but They think Talla would tell Liza.

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01:10AM BBT: Jillian,Topaz,Gary and Alec talking in LR. They are whispering. They are saying that Liza love s** and that's the reason she is all over Tom.

01:26AM BBT: Alec and Topaz in LR Topaz is having her nightly tea and Alec is talking game. Alec said he would not be surprised if Suzette votes to keep Tom because she hates him. He also said that they have to watch who vote against them. Topaz ask if Peter is happy with the alliance. Alec and Topaz kissing as usual. Topaz said Talla told her how they (Alec and Topaz) make out at night.

01:31AM BBT: Tom and Liza on hammock not much game talk going on.

01:35AM BBT: Gary and Topaz in KT Topaz said Tom and Liza going to stay up all night because this is their last night together. Topaz said she think Tom and Liza had s** before. Gary said Alec will not throw the HoH tomorrow.

01:41AM BBT: Tom and Liza is in the WA Liza washing her face and Tom brushing his teeth.

01:58AM BBT: Tom and Liza is now in bed. (Tom said he was going to separate himself from Liza) Gary and Topaz in HoH Gary said he thinks Emmett wants to save Tom and Talla will vote out Tom to be friends with Liza again.

02:03AM BBT: Very early night. All the HG are asleep.

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9am All HG still in bed. Simulated sunrise.

9:10 Rooster alarm wakes the HG. Garry & Topaz don't budge.

9:14am Alarm stops & starts. Talla complains that 'they're up' but Garry & Topaz R still out of it in the HOH

9:18am BB announces that 'the alarm with keep ringing until all HG are out of bed.' Garry & Topaz finally get up & alarm stops.

9:24am Andrew speculates about people who watch the feeds non stop. BB asks if a HG 'would be kind enough to get the batteries'. Alec jumps up to get them.

9:27am Garry lying in bed all wrapped up & reading his letter from home. Andrew checks the weather & says it's nice out.

9:29am Andrews can't believe it's been 29 days in BB. Starting to feel like home.

9:30 Andrew chatting to Emmet & Topaz in the BY. Garry in bed in the HOH. Alec delivering batteries. Can't see others.

9:33am Andrew is asked to go to DR. Tom making breakfast talking to Liza as Garry huddles in the KT. Liza asks how he's doing. He waves & puts his head down.

9:37am Emmet, Peter, Topaz, AJ & Andrew talk about being locked out in BY. They don't mind it but there's no toilet

9:40am alarm sounds again. Can't see for who.

9:53am Talla washes slop bucket. Liza & Tom on KT couch. She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. Same HG still in BY. Still can't see other rooms or HG.

9:55am Tom & Liza talking about 90's bands touring now & we get SotH

9:57am Feeds return & Jillian & Talla R in the KT making breakfast & cleaning.

10am AJ, Talla, Emmet & Andrew in BY talking about card playing & gambling. Peter, Alec & Topaz listening in.

10:13am Emmet, Tom & Liza talking while Jillian makes slop breakfast

10:21am Talla asks Andrew to tickle her feet with the end of the pool noodle. She 'loves' it. Topaz is very amused by this.

10:23 Talla in BY talking about real housewives of Vancouver. She likes Mary & wants to be on the show. Andrew (I think) spots a bird or bat in the BY. Talla calling HG from KT to come see.

10:25am Talla screaming from BY couch at 'bird' across the yard. Talla chasing it with pool noodle thinking it will follow her out. She gives up saying she's afraid.

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10:30AM BBT: AJ and Talla go outside for a smoke talking about the HoH is a big win tonight and speculate what kind of comp it will tonight. AJ saying saying there's a slight influence of BBUK for BB Canada because Canada is so involved. They both agree that [believe] its Liza going tonight.

10:34AM BBT: In the KT Jillian saying she's gonna make lasagna when she can eat. She puts her mic to her mouth and asks BB for some ricotta cheese. Many of the HG's hanging out in the KT. Topaz alone in the BY almost asleep.

10:38PM BBT: Tom now in the BR packing. Jillian now talking about her weight. She now is 134 and her ideal weight is 135 so she's ok.

10:43AM BBT: Jillian is very hyper this morning, almost a completely different person. BB comes on and says "HGs this is your 15 minute warning. All HG's must make their way inside."

10:50PM BBT: Emmett and Andrew in the hot tub. Tom is out there with them. Tom says Gary was complaining last night that he lost a day of HoH. Andrew says "I also think the task he had wasn't really a task." [it wasn't, Gary lied] Tom jokes about having an STD. Then says "I've never had anything a little pill can't take care of." Feeds go off for a second. It comes back to Tom saying he thought about making Topaz go off on him and punch him in the face so she gets kicked out.

10:56AM BBT: Tom defiantly believes he's staying tonight, talking about HoH tonight and getting Suzette out (or trying again) will be an easy week. Liza now in the BR packing her stuff. Tom leaves the hot tub area to go finish packing.

11:00AM BBT: We have SotH

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9:25 BBT - Feeds are back before the "live" show airs. Confirmed in the house so far are Jillian, Emmitt, Alec, Peter, Gary, Topaz, Suzette and AJ.

Talla is still in the house

9:27 BBT - Topaz called to the DR. Just cooking in going on and Peter and Emmitt playing table hockey on the dining room table

Confirmed Andrew is still in the house. The means Tom and Liza were both evicted during the double eviction. (yay doing my happy dance)

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9:16 PM BBT I see Jillian, Peter, AJ, Topaz, Gary, Emmett and had a confirmation that two went home tonight. Alec and AJ talking in BR.

9:21 PM "Suzette gets a shout out because Liza is full of lies." AJ says to Alec. "Talla is freaking out right now because she's afraid."

9:25 PM BBT "With two people gone it just feels relaxing." says Alec as he sings his way out of the room. Andrew meets him in the hallway. It's official, Tom and Liza are gone.

9:25 PM BBT Andrew says BB says he gets the room tonight because he won HOH during the double eviction. But he's not supposed to talk about it.

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9:30 PM BBT Emmett and Peter talking in BR. Emmett has heard that "She" is after him and Alec next. "She" has to go for sure.

Andrew says that Jillian and Emmett were like speaking another language during the challenge. He was so confused.

Suzette, Gary, AJ and Talla in the KT. "Julie Chen is my home girl." says Suzette. She tries to figure out who will be called into the DR next "Peter, Emmett, AJ, Liza played POV..." "Liza is not going to get called in that's for sure." says Alec. Topaz is currently in the DR.


Andrew telling us what Liza looked like, standing on the end... SoTH.

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#mortystv 11:00 BBT ok heres a show recap tom was evicted out Andrew

was handed the hoh by emitt who won the pov did not use it

suzette and liza was nominated and by a vote of 8-0

liza was evicted and right now we still have the soth

11:16 BBT (on that note being a LFU is a fun and enjoyable experiance you will greatly enjoy doing it and it doesnt take a whole lot to do this anyone with a pc can be a LFU and Morty does need help right now plz keep this going) we still have the SOTH

11:25 BBT the soth is still up

11:40 BBT we still have the soth

11:41 BBT looks like a long soth Im off to bed nite nite

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That's it for Thursday. Last night I made a plea for everyone to try to spread the word about our site and see if we could get some new members to post updates of the live feeds. I am sorry to say we didn't get a single new registration. Without addition updaters, I can not continue to provide the update page on Morty's TV. If you or a someone know, loves Big Brother and would enjoy spending a little time with other fans, tell them about this site, and ask them to sign up as a free member. Give them the invitation code: 8298572 to register with.

In the mean time, this thread is closed, please continue posting here:




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