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March 20 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:30am BBT - Emmett and Tom take a break playing catch. Emmett sits on a lounge to talk with Gary in the water.

12:31AM BBT: Tom and Andrew is now in the BR. They are talking about racist and Newfies ( Newfoundland) Oil patch and how much they hate Toronto.

12:42AM BBT: Emmett,Suzette,Gary And Alec is out by the pool. Emmett is still upset about the protein. They are talking about BBUS and the past Hg. The BR crew is talking about NCAA and what is happening now. (AJ knows allot about basketball)

12:47AM BBT:AJ and Tom just love sports, They are talking about Calgary flames and how expensive the tickets are.12:47AM BBT:AJ and Tom just love sports, They are talking about Calgary flames and how expensive the tickets are.

12:58AM BBT: No game talk in the BR just TV shows they like watching.


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12:05am BBT - In the BR, Gary, Suzette, Alec and Peter discuss how a double eviction works. In HN, AJ and Talla discuss how Gary messed up (with the fake task). Jillian is brushing teeth in the WA. The lights in the BR are dimmed as BB gently pushes the HG to bed.

12:15am BBT - BR talking about BB USA HG. New camera angle in HN shows Jillian lying on the cot. BR talk turns to how to execute a task, you have to come up with a good story that ensures everyone does what they need to do.. AJ says the best way to be successful in life is to learn from others who are successful. AJ leaves HN, says goodnight. SotH.

12:20am BBT - In BR, talk turns to the 4 who have not yet been on slop. AJ says he would volunteer. Alec in KT. Talla complaining to Jillian about slop - says I can't eat my words, I can't eat anything. They list all the things that have gone wrong this past week, forgetting to list why they are HN. But at least they aren't nom. Talk turns to the Air Canada sports bar. Suzette says maybe she'll get a job at a real radio station, she does contract work for CBC. Jillian says GN and leaves HN. Emmett & Top tossing football in BY. Gary in pool playing with his balls and noodles. The pool toys.

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01:09AM BBT:AJ and Alec is out by the pool talking about sports. Gary is in the pool.

01:20AM BBT: AJ is in the WC talking all by himself again. Gary is out of the pool.

01:23M BBT: AJ is having a smoke and talking to himself. He is repeating Basketball,football and american sports. AJ said when he win the show he will give the car to his dad. Then he said the car is to big for his dad he will donate the car to charity. AJ said he would take some time off and buy some new suits.

01:29AM BBT: Topaz is in HoH dancing to Beyonce. Gary is in the shower. Gary said he lost all his makeup today.

01:33AM BBT: Topaz and Gary in HoH Topaz listening to music very loud she said she forget how much she love and miss music. Gary said we are going to bed early.

01:48AM: Everyone are asleep except Topaz and Gary. Topaz said she is trusting Alec once again. Gary said that he knows that Alec lies to him and he don't trust him. Gary said he is in a alliance with Alec so he have to pretend to be nice.

01:54AM BBT: Topaz and Gary blowing their nose very loud. Gary is using the dresser draw for garbage ( Very gross) Topaz said she need to laser. She hate shaving and waxing.

1:59AM BBT: Gary said he cannot connect with AJ. Gary said the 4g alliance will last. Topaz said the wedding alliance will be best. Gary said they both will win a car.

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10:00AM BBT On the BY couches AJ, Gary, Andrew, Alec, Emmett are talking about what it was like to grow up in Toronto. Andrew to Gary, "Can you explain what partying is because to me it means different things?" Gary is claiming to get into clubs in Gr 9. "Insane houseparties in Scarborough." Jill has joined them. Andrew says "At 16 we were drinking beers in the woods." talking about Newfoundland. Jill "We used to get drunk before school dances"

10:10AM BBT Liza is in the DR. Talla is cleaning the KT, Peter is eating. Topaz is now in the BY as well. Talla is now mixing a slop shake. Talla asks Peter, "Is it getting to that time?" Peter says "No, week 6 is when jury starts, assuming we have 7 in jury." Talla is asking the difference between BBUSA and BBUK. (UK doesn't have a jury) She thanks hin for explaining it.

10:15AM BBT Talla asks Peter if he has talked to Liza about the "blowup" Peter says "Well she was upset obviously" Talla tells him about her convo with Liza. Peter "Her and I have an understanding so, that's all I can say about it." They are now discussing "puffball" (I think that is what they said) Liza is out of DR. Have not seen Tom yet. Peter says Tom seems aloof. Talla is trying to get info out of Peter, it's not working so well.

10:20AM BBT Talla says she would like to see Liza go home. They believe that the house is going to vote Liza out. (they have no idea it is a double eviction) As Talla and Peter are at the DR table talking, Liza is wandering about, clearing garbage, getting items together, cleaning off the kitchen couches. Talla asks Peter "See out of those two, do you think you can trust her?" Peter says he doesn't know. Peter "What ever happens tomorrow will be best for the house. Well, that is what I have been told."

10:25AM BBT BY Crew: Gary, Andrew, Em, Jill, Topaz, Alec, AJ. 3 or 4 convos about the real world. Hard to keep track as they are all talking. You can hear AJ and Topaz over everyone else. Gary says, "I think I would like to teach...." Andrew is headed to the DR.

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10:30AM BBT Tom is in the KT, moody. Talla is talking to him at the counter. Tom is cooking salmon that Talla says is going to go bad because it has been in the fridge "For like 3 days". She says it smells too fishy, Tom says it is fine. Talla is now making the marinade. Peter is talking to Liza, Tom is paying attention, looking over, looks very annoyed.

10:35AM BBT Talla is still talking. We can hear her in the KT but she is in the BY. Liza and Peter are still talking at the table. Tom is prepping the fish. Suzette walks through. Liza is now making fish faces in the mirror Peter says "And now you've lost it." Liza says her eyes are sore. In the BY Em says "I don't like sleeping because them I feel I wasted the day." Talla "Do you hear that?" Em yells "GET OUT OF OUR HOME!" You can hear some racket that is happening on the outside of the house.

10:42AM BBT Em and Alec are telling stories about pipes freezing and water problems where they live. (Alec in Vancouver and Em is in Nova Scotia) Tom asks Liza if she is "Good for some salmon." Liza says yes, Tom asks Peter. Peter "Oh No thank you." Tom says "That's right no fish!" Tom is now talking about Coolio, sings a line from Gangster's Paradise and says "Good song." The plans for Jill are to make banana bread and to make smoothies.

10:45AM BBT Emmett is talking about the "bro code" at the counter. Makes a few comments about how to wear a hat "The hat is supposed to be at the 6 or 12 position, the other positions are reserved for black people or the mentally challenged." He laughs, Tom laughs, everyone else is kinda quiet. (I am not impressed with his "joke")

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10:50AM BBT Gary and Suz in the BR talking game. Gary wants Tom out, the majority wants Liza out. Gary let the cat out of the bag to the house about telling Suz everything. They are trying to figure out who they can hook up with for votes next week. Suz says Talla would throw her under the bus. "Uh, I hate her, she is annoying." Suz thinks if AJ is HoH he would put up her and Gary. Gary agrees. (Gary has a good grasp of the relationships in the house)

10:54AM BBT BB "Gary please go to the DR" Gary "Oh maybe I can get my orajel!"

10:57AM BBT Gary is out of the DR, has his tooth pain cream. BB "Suzette please go tot the DR." And Suzette is out of the DR. Tom is still cooking the salmon.

11:00AM BBT AJ and Andrew are in the BY playing what looks like a BB modified version of baseball. Talla is watching. Gary and Topaz are on the couch. Topaz just put the gel/cream on gary's tooth for him. "Just let the gel sit there and kick in before you start moving your mouth with all that talking." Gary sits for a few minutes then says he is going swimming. Suzette is not in the BY with them watching the "game"

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11:05AM BBT Topaz is lying on the couch in the BY. She can't see the game. Everytime someone hits the ball or says "OHHHHH!!!!" she says "Who was that?" or "What happened?" Talla just gives her play by play, Suz looks at them baffled. Game is paused for a sec, AJ is talking baseball. Andrew pitches, Alec missed.

11:13AM BBT Andrew and AJ are making bets and the game continues. They are talking about "Classified" (A Canadian rapper from Nova Scotia) and his songs. Andrew likes the "Maritime song". He is whistling it. Talla, Andrew and Suz are trying to figure out how many days they have been in the house. Suz says they went in Feb 21. Andrew and Suz tell Talla it is 28 days. Talla is confused. It is turning into a bickering match. (Talla is looking for someone to spar with I think)

11:20AM BBT Tom is still working on the salmon. Liza is doing her hair in the WA. Jill is at the counter. The debate of when they entered the house continues and is now pouring into the house because AJ is asking what everyone thinks. (For the record they went in the house on a Thursday, Feb 21.) Now the debate is about if Kat was evicted day 8 or day 9, now Peter is reasoning with AJ. AJ has his dates all mixed up.

11:26AM BBT All 4 cameras are on the debate about when they entered the house.

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11:27AM BBT Topaz "Talent show today!" AJ "Ohhhh we didn't do Bollywood with Aneal.... can't say I am disappointed." Talla wants to choreograph. AJ says he is going to work out. Jill is now baking, can't remember if it is baking powder or baking soda you put in bread. Topaz and Talla are both lying on the couch in the BY.

11:34AM BBT Tom is finally eating the salmon. Liza is talking about her day, she wonders if she can do a good bye message to herself. She feels she is too intelligent for the game. She can't play a "dumb game". Tom says "That's why I have to stay quiet. Tell me what you want me to say." Liza "Say whatever you want.I make no promises, just, don't say anything..... like don't say I love you." Tom "Whoa ho ho ho I don't love you!" Liza says "Say something dirty" Tom starts listing off dirty things he could say.

11:40AM BBT AJ "Ohhh banana bread! My Mommy makes banana bread and that's the first my mommy makes comment from me!" Jill is working on baking, Liza is sitting at the table, she looks tired and bored. Alec is at the weights in the BY, Suz has gone to join him. AJ was supposed to be working out but he went in the house.

11:44AM BBT Liza and Tom are discussing scenarios. Liza is hoping they will be sequestered and have a chance to return to the house. Tom doesn't think it would happen. Tom is confident he is staying. In the BY Alec, Suz and AJ are reviewing comps so far this season, what they were called and who won what. Tom is back to cooking more salmon.

11:50AM BBT Dishwasher is full, Tom is now putting the dishes away. Jill says she has never used the dishwasher, she has washed all her dishes by hand. Tom "You know we are gonna kill it right?" Jill "Kill what?" Tom "You know, this game." Jill "Oh ya."

11:55AM BBT Tom has gotten something in his eye. Jill is humming. Suz, Alec and AJ are working out in the BY. Alec and AJ start talking video games. Topaz and Talla are still napping.

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1:30pm to 2pm

1:30PM BBT: Tom and Liza in the LR. Tom is in his self pity mood. The other cam shows Gary sleeping and then the very loud alarm goes off.

1:35PM BBT: Topaz and Talla were also sleeping in the BY. Tom and Liza move to the BY. Tom whining that he doesn't want to lose his hearing. Tom says "Do you think BB is saying Topaz is the most boring person." Liza says "I also think she is disrespectful and breaking rules." Andrew, Alec, Emmett and Suzette are working out. Jillian and Peter are in the KT.

1:40PM BBT: Liza is telling Tom how she became the owner of the salon. She says her dad died of lung cancer after 3 months of her becoming owner. She is tearing up. Tom's step dad also died of lung cancer. Tom asked "So what happened after he died?" She says "There's 2 types of depressions, I didn't have the isolate yourself depression because I had this new business to run."

1:51PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian on the BY couch. Emmett was annoyed with Gary for laughing about Tom going home [last night I think] . They talk about who and how many votes Tom has but feeds are going in and out of SotH so hard to get their convo.

1:56PM BBT: Feeds return Emmett is now alone. Tom and Liza still somber and talking about a lot of deaths that have been in the families and friends.

1:58PM BBT: Andrew joins Emmett and they are talknig about Suzette said she was listed on Ashley Madison Dating website. They thinks its weird "cause its a site for married people who what to cheat." Andrew says AJ was really heated about it. And we get SotH again. [All this cutting in and out makes me feel like I'm watching BBUS feeds. I hope they don't start that bad habit]

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2:04PM BBT: Feeds return and Jillian is back with Emmett and Andrew. Andrew says Gary is probably the most entertaining on the show. The hair, height, he wears makeup and all his alter ego's. and SotH again.

2:09PM BBT: Tallla, Peter, Emmett and Jillian on the BY couches. Talla is doing her hair and toes while talk about what kind of HoH comp it will be tomorrow. Alec and Topaz join them. Jillian says "I don't know where you get your energy Alec." He says "Me neither."

2:12PM BBT: Tom and Liza still talking about deaths. Tom says he shuts himself off everyday of the year that his step dad passed away on. He says this year he was in the house and it sucks that he didn't get the quiet day so when he gets out he will go to the grave. Liza says her family is very alternative he dad was cremated.

2:15PM BBT: Liza says "We took his ashes to the cottage and health hazardously dumped them. We didn't know what to do with them I said flush them down the toilet I didn't care."

2:18PM BBT: BB says "HG's this is your 15 minute warning, The house will be off limits in 15 minutes." They all wonder what its for. Some HG's go inside to grab stuff before the lockout.

2:26PM BBT: Andrew and Jillian chat for a second in the SR. Andrew asks if she knows who is going this week." She says "I don't know 100%." Andrew says he believes its Tom and he's super ok with that. He just doesn't think Talla and AJ know that and won't until last minute. Jillian gets called to the DR.

2:32PM BBT: Alec in the hot tub, Talla and Andrew have there feet in it. Talla is smoking her last cigarette. Tom and Emmett in the BY. Tom is complaining that someone spilled something sticky by the pool and left it. He says when he evicts someone he's gonna say its because you are a slob.

2:37PM BBT: Gary and Topaz in the HoH. Gary doing last minute things before the lockdown. Talla leaves the hot tub and AJ comes out.

2:45PM BBT: The hot tub group talking about sushi. Emmett and Peter having a shoulder work out in the BY.

2:47PM BBT: Emmett says to Peter "I'm not looking for good bye messages. Well I am one but not the other. Angrily says "Especially cause that one isn't getting played." Peter says "I know". Cam switches to Tom and Liza hugging in the WA. She says "What do you want me to say in there?" (She's going into the DR to record goodbye message.)

Gary's Photos from the shoot yesterday have been released you can check them out here: http://bit.ly/YY5WZv

2:52PM BBT: The guys at the hot tub talking about how much Topaz sleeps. Alec says people are getting annoyed of it. Andrew says Talla naps like crazy too. And also Aneal did too.

2:55PM BBT: Still no lock down yet and its been 35 mins since they said the 15 min warning. We have SotH now.

2:57PM BBT: Feed comes back and the guys are closing up the hot tub and going to the BY.

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3:00 BBT The HG are getting ready for a lockdown most of them are in the BY now

3:06 the HG are now in th By talking about porn

3;10 BBT not much happening the HG are now on LD

3:15 BBT breaking news tom is talking about his scabs

3:20 BBT not much to report still LD

3:12 BBT topaz and alec are in the WR alec peeing topaz flossing her teeth I guess its not a LD throught it was

3;24 BBT alec is shaving talking to topaz talking about the talent show later

3:30 BBT alec and topaz are still talking about whose doing what in the talent show

3:35 BBT not too much to report looks like the HG are just chillin

3:40 suzette and topaz and liza and aj are talking about sleeping and dreaming alec is still shaving in the WR with andy now talk turns to winnie the poo in the bY and we get the SOTh

3:41 BBT feeds back with talla talking about her issues with shoes to topaz and liza who are all talking about shoes oh goodie

3:45 tallah and suzette and topaz are talking about their clothing and what all they wear to clues and such andy over by the pool talking about an HOH comp from the Us BB comes on and gives the HG a three minute warning for outdoor LD

3:50 talla and topaz now talking about where they want to travel and HG are getting snacks for the LD bb comes on and says HG this is your final warning the house is now locked down

3:55 BBT HG are now in the BY eating and just talking

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3:56PM BBT: Andrew and Emmett talking by the pool. They both agree Topaz is the ultimate floater and wonder how hard it would be to get her out. Emmett says "I want to win HoH cause I wanna be the the one to put her out." Andrew says Everybody wants to in the game obviously but his goal is first make it to jury. "If it came down to you and I on the block I would probably campaign for you to stay." Andrew asks Emmett is he trusts Jill 100% and Emmett says "yes 1005 she doesn't really have anyone else."

4:02PM BBT: Emmett tells Andrew that Liza told Gary that Jill hates gay people and that she would vote to evict him because of that. She did that to try to get Jill up on the block. then they start to discuss Talla. Emmett says a bunch of people told she was thinking about putting him up. Andrew then brings up that he can control AJ. Next is Peter. Andrew says he's friends with everyone so not sure if he can be trusted. Emmett says he's good for right now.

4:06PM BBT: Andrew and Emmett now gonna chuck the ball around. Tom and Liza on the hammock. Everyone else generally talking on the couches. Tom telling Liza he's gonna play this game way better then he has been.

4:11PM BBT: Tom telling Liza about a friend that had a big problem (and points to his nose) and how the guy lived like a millionaire and lost most of it and that his dad was tied up in it also. They look to see how many cameras are on them. Tom says he wants to go to Phoenix with her because she would be the perfect person to go with.

4:17PM BBT: Talla talking about the guys shes dated and she numbers them. AJ says "You call them by numbers?" She says "Well cause I'm not gonna say there names on tv and I've only dated this many" and holds up 5 fingers.

4:21PM BBT: Tom tells Liza a girl smoking is his number turn off and he tells them its the smokes or me. He says "I glad you told me that (about owning the salon) cause that one thing on my checklist, A career minded women who doesn't need me." He then says "Andrew has some plumbing problems. The other night I was listening to him pee and it was like start and stop stuff, that's like prostate or liver problems." Gary asks if he can have the hammock and they decide to give it to him and go outside.

4:30PM BBT: Jillian, Emmett, Topaz and Alec talking about slop. Gary and Suzette in the hammock Suzette talking about her son.

4:38PM BBT: Outdoor Lock down is over. Andrew runs inside to pee. Tom, Liza and Talla also go inside.

4:44PM BBT: Gary and Suzette still in the hammock. They are talking about how the people or slop only ever want to talk about slop and when they get on slop they are gonna make them look like p***ys. Gary says "Its because they are used to all the rich healthy food." Suzette says: "Slop is like a poor mans rich food." Tom comes a talks to them for a second when he leaves Gary says "My a** hurts from him sucking it so hard. What do you think Liza is gonna do when he's gone." Suzette says "Her and Peter will get it on. They are always talking."

4:54PM BBT: Gary and Suzette leave the hammock. Feed changes to the BR where Alec and Peter are trying to make up a game to play. Tom was in there getting something but has now left.

5:00PM BBT: They come up with a game called "Space Disc Ball". They are now gathering up materials for it. Looks like it has to be played upstairs (By the front door).

5:08PM BBT: Andrew making dinner everyone keeps saying it smells good, Alec and Peter building their space disc (frisbee) using Kat's duct tape and foil that surrounds circle pot holders. Tom walks in the kitchen with a black shirt and complains how his muscles stretched the arms out with is now loose so he rips the shirt to look like a muscle shirt.

5:15PM BBT: Suzette, Liza and Tom in the BR. Suzette says she loves to bargain bin shop and thrift stores. Liza hates that and only likes to look at a manikin and pick it out in her size. Alec and Peter saying that Suzette is too friggen noisy and that it needs to go. Next week Liza and Suzette on the block. If Liza takes herself off then put up like AJ and Suzette goes.

5:20PM BBT: Alec and Peter agree they need to keep Gary on their side for while because he can pull out a win. They are finished building their space disc and head downstairs.

5:25PM BBT: They are really enjoying Space Disc Ball in the BY. As people ask questions they are making up rules. AJ is in the WC mumbling to himself can't make out much of the words.

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5:30 PM BBT: Still have Suzette, Alec & Peter in BY playing their game....

5:33 PM BBT: And as I say that they stop playing & head in the house

5:35 PM BBT: Tom & AJ talking in BR. AJ says he thinks Peter is playing both sides. Tom says he is the male version of Liza.

5:38 PM BBT: AJ says if the house is switching to vote out Tom he has to help him get the votes to stay. They are going over options of who would go up depending on who wins Hoh & depending on who's left in the comp for Hoh if they would throw it or not. AJ says eventually Topaz's blow up the other day will come back to bit her

5:43 PM BBT: They say if Talla won Hoh they would be in her ear, putting up Gary & Suzette is her best bet. AJ thinks Suzette's true self will come out again if she is on the block. Tom doesn't think they vote will be 9-0. he thinks 5-4. AJ really wants to play this game with Tom.

5:49 PM BBT Other feed has Suzette, Alec playing a game on the DR table...Peter, Emmett & Liza in the Kitchen, Jillian on the couch in the kitchen. AJ & Tom still talking about Tom staying. Tom's telling AJ about Jillian telling him about Liza trying to get the girls alliance going. They think Liza is cool in real life & want to hang with her but she messed up big time in the game. Liza said she trusted AJ hour 1 of the game. Andrew comes in & breaks up the convo & AJ leaves to go take a shower

5:55 PM BBT: Emmett, Peter, Liza & Suzette in the kitchen, Alec & Jilian on the couch by the kitchen, Talla comes in. They are talking about the Hoh comp everyone cheated in & laughing at how badly they cheated when they knew the rules. It just happened without them realizing, it was so fast. In the moment they had no clue they were cheating. Emmett really thought they would just re-do Hoh. They really liked the comp but say there were way too many rules and really everyone cheated. They realize BB is watching though....Emmett says Canada probably complained that he won & Peter mentions BB Canada probably has a FB page for comments (if he only knew).

6:01 PM BBT: they wonder what Canada thinks of the slop. They don't think it's the same stuff as BBUS. Other feed has AJ in the shower on one side & Andrew the other. Nothing exciting being discussed.

6:06 PM BBT: no sound coming from cams on AJ or Andrew in the shower.

6:16 PM BBT: Had some sound issues, come back to nothing exciting. Andrew shaving. Jillian brushing her teeth. Alec asks if anyone would re-start this game with their best friend from outside the house would they. Alec wouldn't. AJ wouldn't. He thinks some of his friends maybe, but not others.

6:20 PM BBT: AJ asking Peter about meeting his family (i missed the beginning of the story though). His brother is 20 years older than him, you can tell they are related. It was a child his father gave up for adoption. They are a like in some ways. He's married w/kids. Peter has a sis that is younger than him. AJ is asking him a lot about his family.

6:25 PM BBT Feeds switch to Emmett & Jillian in have not room napping. Other cam in Andrew by himself in WA. Feed switches to Tom & Liza in by laying next to each other in bed. Talla is in BY working out, alone. Feed that was on Liza & Tom starring into each others eyes switches to kitchen with Peter at island, AJ getting water. General conversations.....

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6:34PM BBT: Peter, AJ, Alec and Suzette in the KT talking about seasons of Survivor. Tom in bed says he is on BB Canada and he's laying in bed. He has headache. He doesn't want to be around anyone and have to be fake.

6:41PM BBT: Talla now done working out and comes into the KT. Suzette starting to cook dinner. Andrew at the dining room table cutting his nails.

6:45PM BBT: Feed switches to Talla in the HoH with headphones around her neck and you can hear the music so feed switches back to the KT.

6:48PM BBT: Tom and Gary in the BR. Its silently awkward in there. Both yawning a lot. Peter comes in and says "Shower time." Gary says "Peter do something." Peter tells him they made the game but now its destroyed and leaves the room. Gary says "I'm so fricken bored." Tom tells what he would be doing tonight if he wasn't in the house. Gary says "Next week I want to work on something concrete." Tom says "like alliances." Gary says "I know it sounds weird but I wan to be the next Liza." Tom laughs and says "I love it. I'm gonna do whats good for Tom and if that means for you too then ok."

6:54PM BBT: Tom says he was good in this game and then got blindsided and got caught up in what was being said. Liza comes in and Tom leaves. Gary says he's going crazy in there. Liza says hunny I'm on the block this b***h is cray cray.

6:57PM BBT: Gary says he's still got a cold and needs more medicine. Liza says she has some so they go to the WA to get him some.

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7:02 PM BBT Liza talking with Gary and Talla. She is giving away her possessions. Talla asks her what she's going to do now. Liza says she's going to go to a movie.

7:05 PM BBT

In the KT Andrew is painting clear coat on his nails as AJ talks away at him about his friend that is in the entertainment business who he has seen in the studio audience. Suzette is there with them too.

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7:13 PM BBT

Andrew, AJ and Tom look at the pictures on the picture wall. AJ thinks Danielle looks better in her picture than she did in real life. Andrew tells AJ that his picture looks really good because he looks like shit right now. They laugh that BB hasn't given them a new picture wall yet, they've practically destroyed this thing.

"Imagine all of the girls you are going to get out of this. At least two." Andrew tells AJ "I hope I just get a girl eventually"

7:17 PM BBT

Liza and Tom in the WCA as Talla takes a shower. They are practicing accents. She does her English one again. Peter likes that one the best. They discuss Kiera Knightly, then the movie she is in with Steve Carell. Peter gives the last 30 seconds two thumbs up.

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7:28 PM BBT

Liza is still talking in awful accents as she tries to plank on a chair as Peter also tries to plank next to her. Meanwhile in the KTA Gary admits that he tells his friends he had a horrible time in Cleveland so none of them go there because it was awesome fun.

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7:44 PM BBT

AJ and Andrew compare Toronto to Halifax. AJ trying to prove that they aren't all that different. Both have Universities, club areas etc although Toronto is way bigger. They are now discussing what the difference between a bar and a club is. Club's have cover charges and huge dance floors, bars have bands or just a bar to drink at.

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7:48 PM BBT

Lisa and Peter talking in WCA. She is talking about...gasp... herself. She's self-confident and doesn't make it up. She's outspoken and doesn't try to hide who she is anymore because she's a grown woman. Peter says he is also self-confident etc but he comes across as arrogant or cocky and he knows this. He's smart and makes people feel dumb.

They head out to the KT area to join everyone else as Andrew goes into the WC.

"What is this nap hour? Is it nap o'clock?" asks Liza as she enters a room with everyone sleeping.

She goes back to talking about herself, her story, to Peter. She likes to push limits and boundaries and that makes people uncomfortable. She does stuff to make Tom uncomfortable, she finds it hilarious. AT some point in her life a major event happened to her, something that made her vulnerable, and she thinks that is why she's on the show, that tiny bit of vulnerability because before she would have been way too impenetrable. "Too high on yourself?" Peter asks with a straight face. "I could be on a Tim's Horton commercial if I wanted to."

Peter says he doesn't cry over real life, just over fiction, he cries a lot actually. Real life just doesn't affect him, he has to process it.

They both agree that the timing on this was perfect because at any other point in their lives this just wouldn't have worked.

Liza wants to write a book. One big score. The deals you can close completely. She has stories, as a writer she knows she can write it. She's a good writer. Peter asks how she writes. Like she talks. Peter too.

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7:57 PM BBT

Peter predicts that the opening of her book will be "Why have all of these things happened to me haven't happened to you?" He tells her she knows why, she's said it to him a million time.s. "Self-confidence?" she asks "It's so true. I will be writing this down and dirty tell all. I can tell you how to get backstage like that. Snaps. I totally positive thinking into everything. I zoned in once in a concert on someone and everything else went numb. 7 days later I was with him on a tour bus to Moncton. I zoned in a person on an American TV show and something they said spoke to me and I said I'd be with him and I was." She then goes on that there is nothing or no one she wants anymore she's had it all.

[sorry Liza but backstage/groupie stories are one in a million, it wasn't confidence that got you there..... - ZuZu]

8:02 PM BBT

Chapter in Liza's book. A major movie was filming in Toronto and she was on the set in a ball gown with a split down to her belly button. There was an actor she was crazy about and he played the Vice President in the movie. Movie sets are a fish in a barrel for Liza. "Fish in a barrel and I had a boyfriend that loves me at home and maybe I'm a bit of an asshole but I'm thinking, well if you aren't going to marry me (about her BF that's why they broke up) why aren't I shooting this guy's fish?"

The story is boy meets girl naked.... she has to stop herself being lured, she has to allow someone to love her fully for once. Maroon 5, Adam Levin, she gets it, that body she's been in the front row of hos concerts a bunch of times...

AJ arrives with a battery change and spares us for a moment.

8:07 PM

Alec and Gary making something to eat. Talla sitting at KT counter chatting at the guys. She is asking Gary if his "Dear Mom I love you shirt" is long. She wants to borrow it, put her hair to the side and wear her big boots.

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8:11 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett chatting in HNR. They are whispering and it's hard to hear "Keep his word...you know... he never does."

Jillian "You can;t look someone right in the eye and.... he could put us both up."

Tom: The way I see it...

Jillian: He's got a crush on you, are you ok with that? You've got to play the game...... he likes both of us so much....it would be hard for him.

T: He told me he told.....everything..... she's like my girl

8:17 PM BBT

Topaz and Gary talking in BR. They want to go on 'The Real World' after this. Or just a big reality show about them, just them after this. Topaz says something about liking Talla. "OMG you are feeling Talla now." laughs Gary "Tell her not to rub Liza's p&ssy anymore, ok?" Topaz says she tells her that every 8 hours or so.

Topaz wants them to do a chair routine in a minute. "I'm not doing a f*cking chair routine" snipes Gary who is tired, bored or wants alcohol.

They think it is probably 6 o'clock.

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8:46 PM BBT

Talla has just spoken for 6.5 minutes without a break and barely a breath. She is telling a story about a waitress who hated on her but she doesn't know why and you don't just walk by me and go like this (insert snarky face) and don't think I;m going to take it and like I am so not going to take that so what you knew me in grade 6 so now you aren't going to serve me or whatever.... you get the point.

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Due to a lack of people updating, I am very afraid that I may have to pull the plug on the update page that so many people have come to depend on.

Since 1985 I have been paralyzed from the chest down, and I'm getting old. I miss physical therapy and doctors appointments to keep the page updated. I am devoting all the time I can to keep the Big Brother portion of Morty's TV running.

The people you see posting in this forum also post to our Twitter and FaceBook feeds. They too have jobs, family and other obligations they must meet.


Most of you readers are not members of our forum. It costs nothing to sign-up, and I'm not asking for any commitments (although the team of updaters would love you to sign-up to update for an hour or two a day). Just watch the feeds, (they're free so what's the problem) and whenever you feel like it, post a short blurb about what you've seen. That's it, that's all it could take to keep the famous Morty's TV update page on line.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Sorry to sound so grim, but obviously I'm a big fan of Big Brother, and it would disappoint me greatly to see the end of our Big Brother coverage.

That's all for Wednesday, please continue posting here:




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