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March 18 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05AM BBT: Gary and Jillian on hammock talking about Tom discussions in HoH Gary said that Tom cried while speaking to him. (I did not see him crying) Jillian said Tom cried because of Liza. Gary said Talla wanted to listen in on the conversation between Tom and Gary. Emmett asked Talla in the WA why is she hanging out with Liza who talk about trying to get rid of her.

12:19AM BBT: Gary and Alec in HoH. Gary said to Alec are you going to use the PoV Alec said I am not going to use it and Alec replied you want me to use it Gary said no bit** Alec said he told Tom he is not going to use it to remove anyone and he is not afraid of Tom. ( I guess Gary was playing Tom) Gary said he does give a f**k about Tom and how he feels. Alec said this week Tom is going home and next week Liza is going home. Gary said Tall is clueless in this game. Alec said that Talla came up to him and asked if he trust Topaz and he found it very weird.

12:24AM BBT: Emmett is now in HoH with Alec and Gary. Alec said to Emmett you look crazy right now. Emmett is complaining about the protein that BB promise him and we got SotH.

12:30AM BBT: Apparently Emmet talking out about protein he was promise during the show production was not please and feeds was cut.

12:36AM BBT: Feeds are back. Gary thinks that Jillian and Emmett would come after him once Tom is gone. Alec is confirming Gary safety. Liza,AJ,Andrew, and Suzette chit chatting in the KT.

12:39AM BBT: Gary and Alec thinks that Emmett is weak if Tom is not there and Jillian is gone.

12:42AM BBT: Gary and Alec agreed that they enjoy talking game together. They both want to keep AJ for a while. Alec said Gary will have to fight with Topaz to take Peter and Him out (Final 4) Alec said the final 5 is Gary,Alec,Emmett Topaz and Peter but Emmett will go first.

12:49AM BBT: Alec said he love the game and he is not there to win the money (Really Alec) Gary said that Peter and Topaz is not smart enough to understand this conversation. Alec thinks Tom should go this week, Liza next week. Alec said final game plan is Gary would take Peter and Alec would take Topaz and they would fight it out.m out (Final 4) Alec said the final 5 is Gary,Alec,Emmett Topaz and Peter but Emmett will go first.

12:58AM BBT: Gary said that Topaz is a sleeper and she just started to play the game. Andrew is in the KT using duct tape to hold his bandages together.

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01:01AM BBT: Suzette interrupt Alec and Gary conversation she said this is my showmance it is time to leave Alec. Gary starts to tell Suzette everything that he discuss with Tom. Talla came up to say good night and left. Tom promise Gary three weeks of safety. Tom is talking to AJ in BY Talla appeared and told Tom that Suzette is with Gary talking. They are bashing Topaz and how she sleeps too much. AJ thinks that Topaz is ruling Gary HoH.

01:11AM BBT: Talla,AJ and Tom is bad mouthing Emmett game. Tom said when a man have something to say he should say it. Tom said he don't know why Emmett freaking out over Liza. But if Emmett was in the same position with Jillian he would react. They are upset to be playing with people like Topaz,Gary,Emmett,Jillian and Alec. Tom is lifting weights and making some loud noise.

01:18AM BBT: They all think that Emmett should take what BB give him for protein. Tom say he wish that he can leave and Liza given another chance. Suzette said Tom said he and Emmett is not friends anymore. Tom said he hopes Alec can take him off he said he will win HoH and put up Topaz and Gary and no one is coming up to my room.

01:25AM BBT: Talla said she is not going to talk to Emmett again. AJ told Talla he trusts Tom and he have his back ( If only you knew Tom ask for you to go home) Talla is really badmouthing Liza, Tom left and Talla and AJ is smoking Aj said he wants Suzette gone.

01:31AM BBT: Topaz and Gary in HoH Topaz said that Jillian is beginning to trust her. Topaz said the only alliance she is in is with Gary "The secret Marriage Alliance. BB asked Topaz,Gary and Tom to change their batteries. Again Topaz said mines is green.

01:40AM BBT: Gary/Topaz in HoH Gary is explaining all the conversation he had with Tom to save Liza. Peter, AJ, Alec talking on the stairs Talla think she will be put up next week, lots of talking going on. Talla and AJ leaves. Peter and Alec starts to explain what he told Gary. Alec said Emmett wants Tom to stay. Alec said they would tell AJ and Talla Liza is going but it is Tom they are after.

01:46AM BBT: Peter told Alec he had a long conversation with Jillian and she do not trust Gary but she is good with voting out Tom but she really want Liza gone. Peter said if Liza win HoH she does not have much friends in the house so he can sway her power and he will make her think he is the reason that she stayed.

01:58AM BBT: Gary and Topaz said that Tom and Liza Suck. Looks like Peter and Alec is playing Gary to get out Tom. Alec said if Tom freaks out after the ceremony they will turn on him publicly.

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02:10AM BBT: Gary,Emmett,Peter and Topaz is in HoH talking game. Alec said Aj is the female Talla. They are going to tell them that Liza is going but Tom is really going home. Suzette came up and Peter and Alec was hiding in the BR. Gary took Suzette to the KT. Suzette said that Tom and Liza is making weird noise like they are having sex.

02:16AM BBT: Gary is trying to keep Suzette from HoH he suddenly say he have to poo quickly. Gary said to Tom and Liza are you guys having sex Tom replied I'm commencing operation don't f*** with me. Gary said he is going to make Pizza after the washroom.

02:23AM BBT: Liza told Tom you can use someone tootbrush to clean the toilet Tom said you can put shaving cream in someone shoes. Liza is trying to remember what Evil dick in his season. Tom said he is going to f*** with people once Liza leave he said if he leaves you Liza have to f*** with them. Tom said he would put shaving cream in Emmett and Alec's pillow.

02:32AM BBT: HN room are asleep. Peter and Topaz still in HoH Topaz is taking out nail polish from Peter toes. Peter told Topaz he can sway Liza vote if she wins HoH next week. Topaz was like ok.

02:40AM BBT: AJ is discussing GAry bathroom habits and Tom and Liza sexual behavior. Alec confirm that Liza is going home and he is 100% it is not Tom. AJ said he owes Tom for saving him last week. Alec told AJ to let Talla know Liza is going home. AJ told Alec that Jillian said Tom is going home. Alec want to let Gary know about this.

02:46AM BBT: Peter told Topaz that he is going to love it when Tom get evicted. He also said that Tom does not have a clue and Tom asked Alec to use the veto on him. Peter said Tom believe he is going to win the whole game, Peter saidi t will be the best moment in BBCA history.

02:58AM BBT: Peter said he told Liza to keep her mouth shut until Thursday. Peter said Liza always want to get Topaz out. Topaz thinks Liza came after her because the showmance with Alec she said Liza is jealous of them. Peter said to Topaz that Liza said to him when I saw you, you felt like home to me.

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9:05AM BBT - Liza is making coffee in the KT. Tom wandered through. Jillian and Emmett appear to be asleep but the HN lights are on.

9:07AM BBT Tom is supposed to clean the windows in the BR and then polish them with a leather chamois but cannot find one.

9:08AM BBT - Liza is going full tilt making coffee and running water to clean the sink.

9:10AM BBT - Tom to Liza - should I wait for the alarm to go off. Liza - yes

9:11AM BBT - Jilliian and Emmett still asleep

9:12AM BBT - rooster crows

9:13AM BBT - Jillian and Emmett are up

9:14AM BBT - Talla has been hidden under covers and is now also up, bitching about the rooster. she covers up and the rooster starts again.

9:15AM BBT - Talla says "fuck" and throws back the covers and the rooster stops.

9:16AM BBT - lots of activity in the WA

9:17AM BBT - Tom visits Gary in the HoH and Gary says he is soooo tired. Tom says, me too and then, geeze, this room is a mess. [and it is] Topaz appears and Gary says, I need pants.

9:20AM BBT - Gary puts on pants and gets back under the covers. Topaz says she is going downstairs where it is warm. Gary says "you are the only one awake". Gary - the more we talk the worse it gets. Topaz - opens door and says to Gary, it is hot here.

9:22AM BBT - Gary appears to be contemplating life (or sleeping). He sneezes and blows his nose.

9:24AM BBT - Gary has gone back to sleep, sitting up

9;26AM BBT - Feed three is Gary sleeping with Topaz and Alec's audio feed.

9:27AM BBT - the rooster has started again and Gary comes a little bit alert.

9:28AM BBT - Andrew - the person they get to look at my knees is not a doctor but an EMS or something. We also have Tom who is a fireman. Andrew previously poured calamine lotion into the open sores and that wasn't good.

9:30AM BBT - Tom and Liza on the hammock strategizing. [and I am out of here]

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9am Lights are up & HG are beginning to move around. Peters in the shower & Liza's in the bt.

9: 10 Tom in SR getting new batteries. Pauses by the phone as he's leaving the room like he wishes it would ring.

9:13am . Rooster crows gets Emmet & Jillian up. It keeps going to get Talla out from under the covers.

9:19am Evry1's up doing ADL's. The HOH room is a pig sty. Food & clothes all over the floor.

9:35am Andrew, AJ, Peter, Emmet Alec & Topaz in the BY chatting. Tom & LIza on the hammock. Can't see the others.

9:43am Garry makes his way down from the HOH leaving a trail of chips behind him. He joins the others chatting in the BY

9:45am Tom seems to be isolating himself from the others. Just left hammock for indoors. Almost evry1 is in BY.

9:50am Rooster crows again & Garry jumps up & throws mini fit then makes his way to BD & crawls into bed. Tom joins the others in the BY putting on latex gloves & pulling out band aids. Looks like he's fixing Andrews knees. They looks nasty.

9:58am Andrew mugging for cam while cleaning dishes. Suzette & Talla applying make up in BT & almost evry1 else still lazing about in the BY. Topaz resting on Alec. Garry must still be in bed but no cams on him.

10:02am Most of the HG sitting together in BY. Tom's off to side alone w/ coffee. Evry1's pretty quiet.

10:18am AJ finally joins Tom on the other side of the BY. Suzette is still doing her make up. Can't seen any1 else on cams.

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10:30AM BBT: Jillian in the KT separating the slop to freeze it. Tom, Talla and AJ in the BY. Tom says he wants to spend a lot of time outside today. SotH

10:34AM BBT: We have feed 1 on Alec and Jillian in the KT. But The other feeds are still on SotH

10:37AM BBT: Tom goes over to Peter, Emmett and Andrew on the other couches in the BY grabs his cup looks around and Andrew says "clean up time?" Tom says "Just taking a look around, I got plans for later." and then walks inside.

10:46AM BBT: Tom outside by himself, Jillian trying to make slop pancakes. Topaz, Peter and Suzette in the BY. The rooster keeps going off as Topaz keeps going back to sleep. Now she is up going to make some tea.

10:52AM BBT: AJ and Andrew join Tom outside. Tom doing some working out while out there. Talking about how he has asthma. Suzette now out there with them. AJ says when they were driving up to the BB House he knows where they are because his sisters office is right around there.

10:59AM BBT: Tom now working out on the bike in the BY. Jillian says her slop pancake batter is delicious. Topaz says "are you just telling yourself that?" Topaz tastes it and says "it is good." Jillian says "I might have to make slop an everything thing once I'm out of here." Emmett seems to be having a bad day. He isn't talking much and is sluggishly moving around.

11:12Am BBT: Andrew telling Suzette, Topaz, Talla and AJ a story in the BY. Talla gets up and runs to the bathroom says "its the slop!!" Jillian still making slop pancakes and Emmett is relaxing/napping on the KT sofa.

11:23AM BT: Liza and Peter now in the BR. Liza says "last night was a horrible sleep. No one came to bed right away so everyone was prancing in and out. Suzette thought Tom and I were making out so he left to give us privacy. If we were making out stay and listen, watch if you can. Tom won't even kiss me on tv." Peter says "Yet he will run around naked."

11:26AM BBT: Liza says "I'm tired of looking pretty everyday, it takes so much work. I've looked pretty for 2 days now cause I thought the pov ceremony was yesterday." She looking at herself in the mirror saying "Liza is so cute." Peter says she can pose for playboy when she gets out.

11:33AM BBT: Liza says "I found us far more interesting them anyone else in the house. Also much more smarter." Peter agrees with her. Liza says "this is not the real me, I would of spit in many more faces in the real world." Peter says "I would of stabbed more people." Liza says "I haven't talked game with anyone. Tom talks game with me thats it." Peter says "That's expected." Emmett now eating slop pancakes.

11:41AM BBT: Liza goes to the WA to do her hair. Emmett not really eating more so playing with his pancakes. He says he's not feeling good. His stomach feels sick and he just wants to lay down. Jillian says "You gotta eat, you haven't eaten in 3 days." She goes to look for his protein.

11:45AM BBT: AJ is teaching Talla about sports in the BY. Topaz is curled up in a chair sleeping. Emmett now gone to lay down. Gary sleeping in the HoH bed.

11:50AM BBT: Suzette and Liza in the BR now. They are saying they want Alec to use the POV and put up a pawn that they can send home. Liza says "If but some miracle both me and Tom are here next week you are f*cking covered." Liza leaves to go the WC to change. Tom is in the shower. Liza comes out in a bra and pants and they talk about her boobs for a minute before she leaves.

11:56AM BBT: Liza now putting make up on her boobs in the BR and telling Suzette she wants to meet her family and how much she loves kids.

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12:06 BBt liza and tom are in the wr liza is poping zits on toms back talla and aj and andy are in the by talking about magic johnson

12:12 not much going on in the house lizas fixing eggs in the KT and the BY crew is still talking about sports

12:15 BBT peter is laying on the sofa Tom is now in the KT with liza suzette walks in tom is fixing chicken they are trying to figure out if the chicken is still good

12:20 BBT now out in the BY is talla and andy talking looks like its lunch time in the BB house and for lunch they are having chicken and eggs

12:21 BBT feeds are now showing us the eggs and chicken cooking in the pans looks good yummie

12:25 BBT not much to report just lunch

12:25 BBT AJ walks in on the lunch group and tom and AJ talk about working out later on in the BY talla and andy are still just talking

12:30 BBT the HG are now eating their lunch and jillan walks into the KT now in the BY tom and talla talk about the Have not room topaz is now in the BY along with AJ

12:33 ok jillan and andy are over by the pool talking talla aj topaz are in another part of the BY talking talla and AJ are now going out to smoke

12:36 BBT really not a whole lot is going on

12:38 BBT liza is now in the BY talking about horror movies talla and AJ are talking in the smoke area Aj is talking about wheather or not emitt is going to Backdoor him next week he says emitt and topaz and alec maybe working together andy is not coming after them tom is the bigger target liza is going home

12:42 BBT now AJ is talking about suzette and that she maybe the swing vote this week but shes a really weak player and the talk end they walk back into the house

12:44 BBT SOth for a sec feeds back with suzette in the KT with AJ

12:46 BBT not much going on just chit chat peter still sleeping on the soft tom says he wants to take a nap buzzer goes off peter is now awake buzzer goes off again quite a few times now gary is up in his GOH room it appears BB has now woken up the rest of the house

12:49 BBT topaz is in the GOH with gary they are now talking

12:50 BBT it appears topaz has overheard talla talking to AJ I didnt catch what she heard but shes reporting it to gary BB comes on gary plz put on your mic topaz is telling gary what talla said about suzette gary we are losing votes once that veto happens sue will go to hell emitts not going to trust us now Im not doing anything until after the veto they are annoying me AJs freaken stupid too and gary just goes on and on

12:55 BBT gary says that alec will now use the veto and he has to now play his game talla is now trying to be the head bitch of the house

12:58 BBT meanwhile tom and peter are in the SR talking tom and peter are now in the KT fixing lunch feeds are now on either jillan in the BY are gary and topaz in the goh sounds like gary maybe going after tom now gary has lied to suzette who thinks tom is staying sounds like gary is going to try to get suzette to vote for tom to go now on to talla shes not suppose to know until like maybe wenesday gary and on and on loud buzzer goes off

1:04 BBT gary now goes on about getting suzettes vote now saying that he will threaten suzette if she doesnt vote for tom to go now topaz is talking about the veto and not letting people know that they want alec to use the veto to take off liza now talking about how talla is going around talking to everyone and now

1:10 BBT now tom and aj are over by the wash area talking aj is telling tom that he has to be cool this week they are whispering so I cant hear them jillan walks over and now talking about the protain and when BB will bring it in

1:12 BBT now tom is talking about how much of a baby emitt is being on slop emitt is now doing a hunger strike

1:18 BBT tom is now talking to jillan in the SR about how he really doesnt want to go home this week and maybe there will be a twist this week yea can you say double eviction

1:21 BBT it appears to the HG that its a quit day in the BB house today

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06:04PM BBT Feeds are back!

06:06PM BBT We have Gary & Tom in the kitchen making food. Liza is sitting alone at the dining room table. Topaz at the island. No talking. Andrew in BY on couches talking with Peter. no game talk but can hardly hear Andrew

06:10PM BBT Tom now sitting w/Liza eating dinner. Suzetta asks Gary if she can use his washroom. He says "fine"...off camera so can't tell if he was joking. Tom & Liza discuss what they ate today. Tom likes breakfast. Liza loves breakfast. She likes some of everything at breakfast. Gary comes to sit & they say he is always welcome to join them. He surprisingly says "really" and joins them

06:15PM BBT Andrew & Peter on feed 2/4 still, no game talk, but can barely hear. Suzette has now joined Tom, Gary & Liza at DR table...eating dinner. Casual conversation

06:20PM BBT Andrew is called to DR, leaving Peter sitting alone. Cams sow Jillian & Emmett at hammock. Tom got really excited....Andrew coming out of DR with ointment for his knees. Andrew suggested he would do it himself & Tom got a bit offended "I'm your medic". Tom says on Thursday one of them will be leaving to Liza so PofV wasn't used.

06:30PM BBT feeds 2/4 on Emmett swinging on hammock alone. In background Alec & Jillian working out. AJ just hanging out, slowing putting on socks & shoes. Peter now on a mat & he is stretching (in a very odd way). Liza & Tom now cleaning up from dinner. Suzette still eating & Gary is walking around.....headed to BR with Tom now. Andrew is in BR looking at his knees, heading to take a shower so he can apply ointment. Tom & Liza talking now in BR alone. Tom says Gary wants to work with him. He says he not working with him when he just kicked Liza out of here. He's telling Liza about getting Gary out when she's gone.

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7:03 PM BBT Andrew and Jillian chatting in the KT about making people laugh so hard stuff comes out of their nose. Emmett is cracking up listening.

7:05 PM BBT

Peter and Topaz whispering in the WCA. Topaz saying that Liza is totally ignoring her. "Those fuckers. They are lucky this is not the real world and that I came to play." Peter had explained that everyone could hear her and Gary laughing up in the HOH.

7:09 PM BBT

Jillian (sounding high) "Turtle neck and chains" she keeps saying. "What is that?" Peter asks. "A soooong... A soong I know. I like your hair Peter." Peter looks in the mirror "Ugh! It looks awful!" He's just out of the shower. "I like you Peter. I like youoooo". "Ummmm I like you too Jillbot." laughs Peter.

7:12 PM BBT

Tom chatting with Liza. They say that Gary is being such a jerk about it. (Being HOH and nominating them). "I mean locking his door and everything, way to be a dick." Tom calls the kettle black.

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7:22 PM BBT

Talla and Topaz hiding under the hammock. Suzette and Gary sitting beside it. They are planning on creating a fort to have their sock puppet show from. They are talking in Italian, and other accents as they make their puppets talk.

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7:35 PM BBT

Tom and Liza outside with the smokers testing each other what they know about each other. It is snowing on them. Tom knows she's traveled to Paris, her favourite colour is purple and Liza's middle name is Ashley.

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7:47 PM BBT Liza and Tom in BR. She is changing her shirt, he grabs her with his ice cold hands and she screams. Andrew, Alec and AJ in the KT talking about how eating in the BB house will mess up their regular eating habits. There has been nothing but general chat during this hour. No game talk.

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9:55PM BBT - We currently have SOTH. Just before this Alec was in the KT talking with Topaz when Andrew came and asked if Alec was ok. Alec got up to walk away and started crying. Andrew gave Alec a hug and they went into the BR to talk with Peter. A brief shot of Topaz going into the backyard to yell at Tom.

Earlier Alec was taking a shower and Tom opened Alec's shower stall for the cameras to see. Tom subsequently went around the house bragging about it.

This has been the ongoing topic of conversation among the hamsters for the past 45 minutes. Meanwhile Jillian and Emmett were in the have not room sleeping.

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8:58PM BBT: Suzette in the pool with Talla and Topaz laying at the side of the pool taking about the couples making out. Alec in the shower. Tom and Andrew are in the WA. Liza comes in and says the screen says BB After Dark does that mean they are watching us right now? Tom says "Lets see" and jumps up and opens the shower door to expose a naked Alec. Alec looked extremely angry. And we get SotH.

9:00PM BBT: Feeds comes back to Tom and Liza laughing about it saying Alec was stunned. Tom says "He deserved it". and they continue to laugh. Tom says "I'm just trying to be a shit disturber." He is now playing a camera trying to get it follow him.

9:05PM BBT: The girls at the pool talking about their measurements. Tom and Liza now in the KT snacking. The girls come inside Tom and Liza roll their eyes behind their backs.

9:10PM BBT: Tom and Liza now in the BY they are acting very childish. They said they should stay up all night then nap all day and keep getting the alarms to annoy everyone. They are mocking other HGs. AJ joins them. Tom says "He buddy come socialize. We come out here and everyone leaves."

9:14PM BBT: Alec comes out and asks Tom to talk.. Then walk away and Tom says "You mad that I flashed your d*ck?" Alec says "Yea a little bit, I didn't want that out there." Tom says "Sorry man I respect that." Alec walks inside goes to HNR. Tom goes back to AJ and Liza. Liza says "Did he just yell at you?" Tom says "Yes, coming from the guy that walks around with no shirt on all day." Tom says "whats the f*cking problem I will whip my d*ck out right now." Tom says "I thought he was gonna apologize about the not using the veto."

9:21PM BBT: Talla in the KT telling Topaz Alec is really upset. Alec didn't tell them why. But they know because. Tom was bragging about doing it. Andrew telling them all about it because he was there. Talla says "Why the fuck would he do that." They all agree that so wrong. [Alec is very upset about it in the HNR] Topaz says if that's why he's upset I will cuss him out.

9:25PM BBT: Topaz goes to find Alec but goes to wake up Peter and tell him the story instead. Peter says he knows and that Tom is a douche bag and its so rude and Alec has a career to worry about. Alec is now in the WC after just being in there. They speculate that he might be crying. Topaz wants to go cuss out Tom but wants to talk to Alec first.

9:30PM BBT: Tom now complaining to Liza and AJ about being called a Red Neck. AJ says it was probably bleeped out. [That made me laugh]. Topaz goes back to the KT. Alec is now in the DR.

9:37PM BBT: Topaz goes to talk with Gary in the HoH. She is now telling Gary about what Tom did to Alec.

9:41PM BBT: Alec comes out of the DR and goes back to the WC. Emmett seems to be waiting for him to come out.

9:45PM BBT Alec now in the KT. Everyone saying whats up to him but in almost a sad tone, like we know what happened and we are hear for you type of a way.

9:48PM BBT: Liza joins Tom in the BY. She's telling him she loves how her whole attitude has changed. She doesn't have to hold back anymore and play nice because she has stopping caring. She despises all of the other HG's. AJ comes back out to join them.

9:50PM BBT: Topaz and Alec alone in the LR. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. [His eyes are completely red] Topaz says Peter told her that Liza says she would rather punch Topaz out and get removed then be evicted out.

9:54PM BBT: Alec has to get up and walk away he is now crying. He puts his night mask over his eyes. Andrew meets him in the hall and hugs him and walks him to BR. Alec says "I'm just trying to get it out of my head. and we get SotH. [NO! Horrible timing BB]

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10:17PM BBT: We still have SotH

10:37PM BBT: Sadly we are missing whats happening as we still have SotH

10:45PM BBT: Feeds are back!

10:46PM BBT: Topaz and Tom in the BY. Tom saying that he feels bad. He felt that it wouldn't affect Alec because he's always walking around without a shirt out. He thought he was a comfortable man. Topaz now talking about Liza saying she's a b*tch and it was the whole house that wanted her up. Tom says "That's done to me my heart is heavy for Alec. If I go home Thursday I don't want it to be because what I did to my friend."

10:50PM BBT: Topaz tells Tom that he needs to tell Liza not to keep saying horrible things about it people. [Topaz changing the subject off of Alec because she said unless Alec wants to talk about it they shouldn't]. Liza in the BR telling Suzette that he was standing in the door of the bathroom and say nothing. She said shes not trying to make excuses what Tom did was wrong but she keeps trying to down playing it. She says what Alec said in the POV ceremony was disrespectful. And He's always walking around without a shirt.

10:56PM BBT: Jillian brings new batteries out to Tom and Topaz and joins them saying that Liza was just playing to hard to fast and she made final deals with everybody. Tom says "everyone does that in the house." Topaz says "The way she went about it was different." Jillian says "that she (Liza) is telling Andrew that she (Liza) wants Emmett out. She was going hard for to get me and Emmett out." Tom says "I'm just upset about what I did tonight." They all go inside.

11:00PM BBT: Topaz, Gary, Talla and AJ in the KT they all agree that they are just worried about Alec. They really hope that it wasn't caught on feeds. Tom joins Emmett and Andrew in the LR. Andrew asks Tom if he's alright. Tom says "Its just heavy."

11:04PM BBT: Jillian goes to the HN to give Alec a battery. Alec says "He just doesn't know why he (Tom) told everybody." Jillian says "Did he, I didn't know I was sleeping." She asks if he wants to be left alone and said "I don't know." She said "ok me and Emmett are coming into bed." She goes to tell Emmett she talked to him and Emmett says "Ok I'm going go talk to him."

11:07PM BBT: Emmett stops to talk to Tom says “That I thought cause he's always shirtless it would be funny.” He says “it wasn't voluntary but we all signed something that there might be nudity.” Emmett tells him the best thing is to not talk about it. Tom keeps giving excuses as to why he did it but after every excuse he says I shouldn't of done it.

11:15PM BBT: Alec goes to the WC and Andrew says “I just want you to know I'm here for ya man.” Alec asks Andrew to go to the SR for him and look to see if his sleeping pill is in there. Andrew goes to look and Alec says “I'll be in the HN.” Andrew comes back and says “there's nothing there.” Alec says “I'm more embarrassed.” Andrew says don't be, tears and being emotional is ok. Alec is crying again. Andrew trying to make him laugh.

11:20PM BBT: Andrew says “The guy (Tom) is shallower then a mouth of spit. Its just a game.” Alec says “I know its not the game stuff its the personal. I just don't want to get kicked out of my stuff. Its just a weird night and I want to put it behind me.” Andrew says “I won't talk to you about it again unless you ask me to.” Alec says “thanks man.” Andrew leaves.

11:24PM BBT: Jillian and Tom on the couch in LR talking about all they ways their alliance has broken. Mostly about Liza saying she would of put Emmett. Tom says “he would of been furious at her.” Tom says “If Liza goes home and I win HoH who would I put up? I cant put up anyone and I feel like I don't want to win HoH.” Jillian tells him that Liza is playing him hard and hes gonna see that when he watches.

11:28PM BBT: Talla and AJ go for a smoke. They are talking about Emmett being a backstabber because he wants Tom out. Talla says she doesn't like Emmett as a game player. AJ says “Whoever stays this week Liza or Tom and if they win HoH we are both really good. Liza has bigger fish to fry. We are good on both sides.”

11:32PM BBT: Emmett joins Tom and Jillian. Emmett says “he f**king hates [Liza] cause she took her best friend from the house.” Tom says "Your best friend isn't gone yet." Emmett telling him "I didn't want you up there but I had to show you, but if you won veto you would of took her off."

11:37PM BBT: Emmett tells Tom he doesn't know if he can save him now cause he's put such a big target on himself. "I told you to just lay low." Tom says "So because I tied myself to her on a personal level I get blamed, there was no game." Emmett says "But there was game."

11:42PM BBT: Emmett says "I don't know if I should just cut my losses. This stresses me out so much." Jillian says "Do you see what she did to our little clique, she ruined it." Tom says "If this blow up wouldn't of happened tonight I would of been confused up until Thursday but now I know that she is like this."

11:47PM BBT: Gary and Topaz are on the KT couch talking about how everyone is being so fake in there. Gary says "I don't want Tom to thinks this is why he's going home." Topaz says "He won't because he will watch the episodes."

11:50PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian still drilling in Tom how "poison" Liza is. Tom is realizing that she has been playing him. Emmett says "Tom you need to realize how much damage control you need to do in 2 days." Emmett says "Its bulls**t when people say they are voting for you to stay." Tom says "Why the f**k would they want to keep her?" Emmett starts to say something that Liza said and Tom cuts him off and says "I don't want to hear anything else she said, I get it."

11:55PM BBT: As Emmett is telling Tom to campaign to stay in the LR Topaz is telling Gary that Emmett wants Tom out.

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Another great job, but we would still like more people posting. I am especially asking for extra help tomorrow, as I will be out of town for most of the day. Please don't be shy, just dive in and write something. Pretend you're texting a friend about something you saw on TV.

So today's thread is closed and we're moved on to Tuesday's which is here:


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