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March 17 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03AM BBT: Feeds are back.

12:05AM BBT: Emmett,Talla,Alec,Gary and Andrew in BY talking about slop and normal conversation. Tom and Liza in BR talking game. Tom said he will be a father at 30 unlike Andrew.

12:09AM BBT: Tom said to Liza ooh my muffin don't cry while he hug her, Lots of whispering Suzette is also in the BR. Hg's saying good night.

12:12AM BBT: Tom,Jillian and Liza making fun of Gary, Tom said this is his Hoh room glitter free. Jillian said she don't know what is going on this game anymore. Jillian said she don't think she can handle being in this situation. AJ is listening from his bed.

12:18AM BBT: Suzette is in the pool. Tom,Liza and Jillian in BR, Tom tells Jillian in 5 days she won't have to put him and Liza up. Liza said she know she is going home 100%. Liza think they will take her to jury house and she will be the deciding vote. Jillian left the BR.

12:29AM BBT: Topaz,Alec on the hammock, Topaz said she does not trust people in the house. Topaz is whispering looks like she is talking about Peter and she does not trust him. Topaz said she trust Gary 120% Alec said he trust Gary 98%.

2:38AM BBT: Emmett,Jillian in HN, they both on the cot. Emmett ask Jillian what was Liza saying to her. The light got dimmed and Jillian did not say what she told Tom and Liza in the room. Jillian said either way they will try to get her out the game.

12:42AM BBT: Let the love making begin. Emmett is kissing Jillian they both pull the covers over and cuddle together. They are both laughing I believe Emmett asking what if he was 22.

12:49AM BBT: Gary,Suzette talking in Hoh, Suzette said she wonder if Peter is going to stick to Liza now that she is nominated. Suzette said she wanted to open Pandora box. Suzette said she feels sorry for Liza but she set herself up for this. Gary said she is going home this week. Suzette said Liza plays like she is throwing challenges but in the dim apples she was throwing it down. Suzette told Gary that Tom talks about Topaz all the time that she sleeps too much. Gary said if Alec use the Pov to take off Tom he is going to hurt him and put up Peter and Alec should respect him as HoH.

12:49AM BBT: Gary said that he feels bad for Emmett because he is a bad game player (I guess it is for cheating) Topaz join the conversation, They are going over what they can do on Sunday.

12:59AM BBT: Topaz is dancing for the spy screen while Suzette and Gary watch and laugh. Alec is brushing his teeth in Wa. Gary said he is very tired from all the drama today. Suzette is dancing and making all kind of signs in front the spy screen. She is going down and winning ( It was funny to look at)

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01:12AM BBT: AJ is in the WC Alec,Topaz is kissing. Topaz is flossing in the WA. Emmett,Jillian,Talla and Alec in HN Talla is complaining that it is very hot in there. Suzette is now in the WA taking off her makeup. Gary is now in the KT drinking and doing his moves all by himself with his head set on.

01:19AM BBT: Jillian said in HN that she won social butterfly every year in school, Talla said she won fu** all. Gary is listening to music in GoH. Gary is having a party all by himself jumping from bedroom to bathroom. ( I swear Gary have all the glitter in the world)

01:31AM BBT: Suzette and AJ in BY Suzette is blow drying her hair while AJ talks game. Liza is the topic. AJ said with all that Suzette and Tom had for the past week I think you will vote for Tom to stay this week.There was no reply from Suzette. AJ told Suzette to stay away from getting into any fights with the Hg"s. . "Suzette said she like AJ she said she don't know that she is a huge threat.

01:38AM BBT: Gary is decorating with ribbons. AJ,Suzette in KT Talking about eating patterns and diabetes. Suzette mother is diabetic and she"s afraid sometimes that her mother goes into a coma while she"s babysitting her children.

01:44AM BBT. Suzette and AJ discussing that as the competition goes on the HoH room get more in their basket, Suzette said that she did not get much as she was the first. Jillian got a little but Gary got the most in his basket. Suzette toast look really dark.

01:55AM BBT: Suzette said she wants to inspire her kids, She wants to be there for them. She said her son is just like Peter very smart. Not much game talk going on.

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02:10AM BBT: Topaz is out of the shower, she is now with Gary in HoH. Gary told Topaz that Suzette like her and she is not coming after her. Gary is sneezing from the glitters (I think) Gary said that Tom told Suzette that Emmett wants to put her and Topaz up. Gary said Emmett does not lie, Topaz said ok Gary don't start with that. Gary said that Emmett is his weakness. They confirm the name of their alliance SH (Sexual hurricane) 4G (Orgy)

02:20AM BBT: They both discuss that they don't have Aj on their side. Topaz just confirm that Peter was in an alliance with Liza. Gary said he want to trust Peter but he have to come clean. Peter said the only person he has in this house is Alec.

02:33AM BBT: Talk continue with Topaz, Gary. They both want Tom gone this week let's not waste this opportunity. Gary said they have to follow Liza all day.

02:35AM BBT: Gary said he is going to tell Liza that he can trust her from day one just to trick her. He will say the target is some one else for next week and vote her out.

02:45AM BBT: Talla,Alec is on the round bed in HN, Jillian/Emmett on the cot all asleep. Everyone in main BR are asleep. Gary/Topaz still chit chatting in HoH.

02:51AM BBT: Topaz told Gary that she has Talla and she has been working on Talla for a very long time. We have SotH.

02:58AM BBT: Gary/Topaz is planning to put a huge target on Emmett. They are going to blame him for everything that happen this week. They said he is a huge threat in the game.

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03:06AM BBT: Topaz said to Gary do not mention Liza to Andrew because Liza can team up with Andrew. Topaz/Gary is preparing salmon and salad to eat. ( 3:06AM)

03:16AM BBT: Topaz/Gary cooking not much game talk.

03:28AM BBT: Topaz told Gary do not tell anyone that you are in an alliance with them. They both think Suzette is Canada's player.

03:38AM BBT: The late night dinner is done, They are now sitting at the table eating.

03:47AM BBT: Topaz said she does not have Jillian, because she went to the HN and talk to Emmett to see where his head is at, he was having a conversation with Peter about Gary. Topaz also said that Peter and Alec go and talk on the stairs and talk everything so she is afraid of Alec and she is going back and forth with him. Gary thinks that Peter,Alec and Emmett is in a tight alliance and they are using him to get Tom out.

03:54AM BBT: Gary said if they ( Emmett,Alec,Peter) f*** with him he will f*** them back and walk out the next week. Topaz want to know what have Alec done to make her trust him. ( There is the bashing of Alec)

03:59AM Gary and Topaz think that Alec is playing them. Topaz said that the competition Tom won A and B Tom and Alec planned once Suzette and Gary was out they can run the competition. Topaz said she did not want to tell Gary before.

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04:09AM BBT: Gary is advising Topaz to play Alec on the date tomorrow, like tell him you are going to move to Vancouver. Topaz thing that Alec is playing strategic game with her mind. Gary said that Alec is completely playing everyone in the house. Gary said that Alec gives the ladies what they want by taking shirt off and he have a good relationship with the guys. Topaz said she is going to start digging for more personal information.

04:22AM BBT: Topaz said she caught Alec in many lies he said he was in three relationship before the game. Gary said that Alec is playing a fake game. Gary said that Alec came without clothes what if he is a crazy man. Gary said all Alec shows is his abs and his d*** hanging from his track pants.

04:41AM BBT: Gary and Topaz late night dinner date is over. They are both in the HoH Gary said he is really tired and hope he does not fall asleep on her.

04:52AM BBT: Gary told Topaz now that you know Alec is playing you work that f**ker now is the time to work his a**.

04:59AM BBT: Gary told Topaz it looks like Alec have something called Parkinson disease. Gary said there is something wrong with Alec. Topaz said she is going to crack Alec. Topaz is controlling Gary Hoh he wants to sleep but Topaz just keep on talking about Alec.

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05:11AM BBT: Topaz said she is going to stop giving Alec any information. She is going on the date tomorrow and she will tell him she really care about him, just to get things rolling. (Looks like they both just realized that they have the blood on their hands).

05:22AM BBT: Topaz said she is unto Alec, They both say it is bed time (5:18AM) Topaz said can I say one more thing. She said she regret the showmance thing. ( She said this about 100 times) They both said good night.

05:30AM BBT: All HG's are asleep now. Good night.

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9:00AM BBT: No movement yet this morning. All HG still asleep. Looks like BB is starting to turn on the lights.

9:03AM BBT: Liza gets up goes brushes her teeth then gets called to the DR. She's only in for a brief minute then goes to the WC. I here Jillian and Emmett but see Liza on the cam. Emmett tells Talla she should get up so the alarm doesn't come on. She screams.

9:10AM BBT: Looks like BB told Liza to clean window/mirrors and do batteries. She tries to get into the storage room and says " You gotta let me in if you want me to clean windows and do batteries." [she doesn't sound impressed] In the WA Talla doing ADL's and for a brief second we hear Alec pee.

9:13AM BBT: The alarm sounds. Everyone gets out of bed except Gary and Topaz who are in the HoH bed. We get another pee sound leak this time its Andrew.

9:17AM BBT: The alarm sounds again but only in the HoH. Gary and Topaz have a dazed look but don't get up and the alarm isn't stopping.

9:21AM BBT: Alec, Emmett and Andrew in the BY. Andrew saying his knees are infected. He said "the guy" bandaged it twice and the told him he didn't need antibiotics and gave him cream. Now they are talking about how loud Gary and Topaz were being last night.

9:25AM BBT: Liza goes to the HoH to give them fresh batteries. Gary says thank you she says nothing and walks out. Gary says "Get over it b*tch". Topaz says "that sucks that BB chose her to do batteries, awkward."

9:30AM BBT: Gary starts to fall back to sleep and BB sounds the alarm again. He says "I'm just trying to stay warm." He waves after sitting up but the alarm doesn't stop until he gets out of the bed. When it stops he gets right back into bed.

9:38AM BBT: Topaz leaves the HoH, Gary says he's going to take a hot shower to wake up. BB is slowing showing all around the HoH which is a huge mess.

9:42AM BBT: Andrew comes into the KT where Liza whispers to him something about Tom. She says "I'm going home this week and there's a lot going on in this game, they're coming." Emmett and Jillian walk in so Andrew goes back to the BY.

9:48AM BBT: Liza catches Talla in the BR for a second and whispers "You need to stick with Tom and get Emmett out. The longer he's in the harder it will be to get him up." Tom and Tall now in the KT. Tom asks "Did Liza talk to you this morning yet?" He tells her that Liza went up to HoH to give batteries and the door was locked all Topaz did was unlock it and and got back in bed while Liza changed their batteries. [This isn't true I watched and they changed their own batteries while Liza stood there].

9:55AM BBT: Liza has to clean windows in the HoH Gary not answering the door and Tom says "This f*cking guy is so rude."

10:00AM BBT: Liza and Jilllian talking in the HNR. Liza saying "you need to get Emmett out I know he's your man but you will not win against him. You've let him play you, that's how you look to Canada." Jillian says "I feel like I can trust him." Liza says "well you need to restrategize." Jillian says "I don't think Emmett is conniving." Liza says "Omg Jillian, I need to leave you with one thing in the game you need to get him out."

10:07M BBT: Jillian tells Liza "I don't think you are going this week." Liza says "You think?" Jillian says "I think you were the original target but now that Alec won POV there's a different move." Liza starts to count the votes.

10:11AM BBT: Liza is very mad that Topaz went to Tom and threw her under the bus. "For someone to go to my man."

10:13AM BBT: Liza keeps calling Topaz a c*unt and saying she can suck my d*ck. Liza also saying she's stopping playing her own game now and is just feeding certain people all her info. She tells Jillian "Tom tells me everything, that's a showmance not some dairy farmer playing you."

10:18AM BBT: Liza says Gary had no right to tell Alec if he uses the power he will do this. "This is not a dictatorship, it's not Glitter Nazi Germany." Emmitt walks in so the talk breaks and Liza goes to the HoH to clean the windows. She says "hug me" and then Gary gives her a bracelet.

10:23AM BBT: Talla telling AJ and Andrew that she sleeps in a bra here because she's worried she'll have a nip slip. They tell her to borrow a t-shirt from one of the guys.

10:28AM BBT: The morning alarm clock sounds again because Topaz was sleeping on the chair in the BY.

10:33AM BBT: Gary in the HoH doing his makeup. Liza twirling on a KT chair while talking to Peter and Alec. She sings "I'm going to sing" and we get SotH.

10:47AM BBT: Feeds come back for a brief second and Liza and Peter singing "I'm gonna starve" before feeds cut to SotH again.

10:55AM BBT: Still SotH

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11:18 AM BBT

Emmett talking with Jillian in one of the BR's. She says that Liza keeps coming to her saying that she knows every single thing Tom thinks and people should talk to her, her relationship with Tom was all just based on sex.

In the SR Alec walks in on Andrew and AJ talking. They tell him to get out of the SR so they can protect him. The conversation has moved to the BR. AJ tells Alec that he has made a decision and now all he has to do now is ride it out. "Wait a minute, are you actually taking advice from AJ?" laughs Peter. They laugh and compare their strategies to Wrestling Actors. They are all headed out back to work out.

11:25 AM BBT

BB has treated the guests to green slop in honour of St. Patrick's day today.

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11:48 AM BBT

Feed briefly pop on allowing us to see Tom in the BY, "It's not that I'm in love with her or committed to her or whatever. I don't know her outside of the house, I guess she's my.... " Sounds like campaigning in progress. The guys (Alec, AJ and Andrew) were out there working out awhile ago.

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11:53 AM BBT

Emmett sitting on the couch looking entirely devoid of energy beside a sleeping Peter. There is a flyer of some sort between them. Jillian is complaining about being in the house for 25 days and not being allowed to eat food for 11 of them. Emmett says her bum cheeks are hanging out of the bottom of her shorts. He reaches his arms and hands out to grab at her butt. She comes over and sits beside him .She's crying because of how hard it is to be on slop. Not sobbing, just teary. People at home have no idea how hard it is.

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11:58 AM BBT

Talla and Andrew talking outside on the patio. She is whispering to Andrew about game play. She is warning Andrew that he has to get in with Tom because Emmett will try to go back to Tom once this is all done. Emmett didn't man up and told Tom that he was going to be nominated but he didn't. Talla is asking Andrew who his target it. He tells her Emmett. She says Emmett before Tom, Emmett before Tom. Talla says well we have to talk about this once Liza goes because she just wants to go. Andrew says that she isn't hearing that from Liza. Liza is telling Andrew that she wants to get in with Emmett and stay. Andrew asks Talla to tell Emmett that he wants to talk to him about keeping each other safe.

Andrew calls Tom over to look at his legs. Tom and Andrew are going to go outside to fix them up when Tom is done his workout.

When he leaves Andrew and Tall resume their plan to work together to figure out who is better to keep Tom or Liza. Tom is more likely to win HOH next but he will be going after Suzette and Gary not them whereas Liza is an unknown.


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12:00 BBT good morning BB fans heres whats happening in the house tom and alec are in the by working out emitt and liza ar on the sofa talking talla walks over with a spoon with slop on it gives it to emitt who is licking it off now they are talking about slop out in the by workout is tom alec and AJ tom and AJ are sitting by the pool talking tom is telling AJ that he owes him a favor and tom says people are just talking and talking no one is listening aj just lay low

12:05 BBT the workout in the BY continues meanwhile we can catch andy whispering to someone by the pool about sounds like AJ andy has a weird beard now it looks weird anyway he talking to one of the girls but the cam is just on andy tom walks over now they are talking about something that is itching the hell out of andy dont know what

12:07 BBT soth

12:08 BBT feeds back with talla who was talking to andy over by the pool

12:10 BBT jill and emitt sitting on the sofa tom and alec and AJ still working out

12:11 BBT soth for a brift moment then SOTH again

12:13 BBT feeds are back with the guys working out

12:15 BBT the guys in the BY are working out and talking about Blackjack the game liza sitting on the sofa all alone now pouting

12:16 BBT talla and em are in the KT feeds flash to the SOTh then back to the KT where em and tal are fixing slop gary walks in

12:20 BBT meanwhile back in the by the guys are now on to internet poker

12:21 BBT peter is now in the BY with em and the guys they also begin a workout by the pool is liza talking to andy they are not talking game

12:25 BBT not much is going on in the house right now just the guys working out in the BY tom has banged in knee

12:30 BBT em says he feels like hes in prison AJ cant fit three people in that round be no way man liza now in the WR she walks out now in the BR with suzette liza you have to think about who will keep us people have now shakin up the house suzette is like yea yea yea liza the house is evenually going to be slip who now is a bigger target then myself you need to save yourself jill walks over and whispers something to suzette couldnt hear what something about AJ

12:31 BBT liza is telling suzette that people are playing head games with her suzette is like yea yea yea sounds like liza is trying to get suzettes vote she is really doing a number on suzette who is now talking about a final five

12:35 BBT Liza you have now went from the top to the very bottom with gary. I have to take a gamble here all the guys are talking they have the power now the girls need to stay together and she just goes on and on

12:40 BBT while all that is going on back in the BY they guys are continuing with their workout now doing pullups

12:41 BBT back in the BR jill and tom has joined suz and liz tom walks out they are now talking about smoking when tom came in now whispering now liz is trying to get jils vote saying once she has jils vote shell have ems vote

12:43 em is talking to tom about who has the votes now they are whispering now back to work out

12:46 BBT andy now in the hammock talking about his rash peter heavy lizas wears the crown

12:47 BBT now liza in the KT with jill still trying to get her vote making a slop shake

12:50 BBT suzette and tom are now in the BR tom is telling suzette that he is just going to chill out to much talk going on

12:52 BBT in the by now is em peter and alec and now liza just talking also AJ is there and andy is still in the hammack

12:53 BBT tom is in the SR taking protain drinks from ref walks out of the SR now in the Kt Garys hoh room is a mess SOTh

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1:30 pm bbt: Feeds are on Liza and Tom just hanging out, not discussing anything of substance.

1:32 pm bbt: AJ and gary in kitchen...AJ cleaning dishes/pans, Gary starting to cook something...Tom and Liza near by laying around

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01:03PM BBT Nothing overly excited to report. Tom & Liza in the kitchen making snacks. Gary all dressed up walking around the BY, Jillian & Talla on the lounge chairs & Jillian gets up, takes her shirt off (sports bra still on), and starts doing yoga. Talla is heading to the hot tub area & asks Gary to come with her.

01:07PM BBT Gary tells Talla not to let Liza get to her head. She's talking quickly & smoking. Telling Gary she told Liza she doesn't know if she can or should trust her. Gary says Talla can't trust either Tom or Liza. Gary says to be cool with both of them. The power has shifted & asks her to just let him enjoy the power. If she votes how he wants as HoH, he'll vote how she wants when she has HoH.

01:10PM BBT Gary & Talla quickly stop talking game & talk about clothes. Other cam on Jillian doing yoga. Gary tells Talla she should just be happy there are two targets in the house & she is now one of them. Just relax & play the game when she has to. Right now Gary says he wants Liza out. Talla says to "just give her the word on Thursday". She's really worried about the person that stays & what they will think.

01:13PM BBT Gary & Talla head into the house & have a moment in the hall way. Gary wishes people would just remember it's a F***ing game. They hug it out & head in. Camera men are not all that quick at moving. We have empty hall way but Gary & Tom talking. Camera finally shows them on the couch in the kitchen. Tom telling Gary he is hurt. Looks like he gave both Tom & Liza a bracelet.

01:18PM BBT Emmett talking with Suzette about munching on food during the week. He proposing she does none of that this week. Just eats her meals. the 1st week will be hard. But after a week it's easier. It's not like quitting smoking where you just can't do it. You can still eat. You just have to eat good foods instead of bad ones. he says if you pay attention to what's in what you are eating you can make a better decision of whether you should it it.

01:19PM BBT GarY & Topaz on couch in BY. Switched to hear him say "his actions speak louder than words" but not sure who he was talking about. They kiss & Gary leaves Topaz to sleep on the couch

01:22PM BBT Tom & Liza on the couch in Kitchen. Talking about going downtown when they get out. Liza would punch out anyone that tried to take him from her. other cam Gary still giving out bracelets. Liza says this will be a long week. What will she do for the next 6 weeks w/out Tom. He says to get that out of her head. She'll have guys asking her out. He says he'll get time with her

01:25PM BBT Liza telling Tom about the guy she's been hanging with since she was 18. Gary looking thru the fridge. AJ making food at the island. Gary suggests maybe he'll just drink. Heads to the storage room. when he gets out of the house.

01:30PM BBT Tom talking about a buddy that works in Hawaii. Both Tom & Liza would love it there. Tom would need a Visa. Then they sit in silence. Gary found a Popsicle to eat, he wants avocado. Suzette is in the storage room with Gary. AJ is eating at the island. Gary at dining room table. He is going to make a pizza.

01:35PM BBT Tom & Liza now napping on the couch in the Kitchen. Gary making food. AJ cleaning up.

01:40PM BBT Tom & Liza have now moved to the WA for lipgloss, then head to BR . They are now making their bed. Other cam on Gary at the DR Table cutting up ingredients for his pizza. Liza saying her mom didn't teach her anything. Says she gave her confidence. Let her figure out the rest herself. that's why she is so independent.

01:45PM BBT Tom & Liza in the WA area. He says you are not supposed to use Qtips in your ears. they are supposed to clean themselves (as he uses one to clean his ears). they leave WA again. Tom heads out to check his laundry. Alec still working out. AJ walking around in the house. Liza at the island. Peter walks thru the kitchen. Not much going on in the BB house right now.

01:52PM BBT Tom & Liza now on the hammock's. talking about Venice & how romantic. Built on water. Tom whispering now about taking people off their game. Hiding stuff. "that's allowed right"?

01:54PM BBT Tom says if he wins he's getting a Harley. If not he can't afford his truck payment & a bike. Plus in Alberta you can only use it for 2 months of the year.

01:58 PM BBT Tom & Liza talking about after the game. Tom wants to go home for 2 weeks. They mention the party at the end. SotH for a moment. They are talking about Chicago now. Liza's fav city in the US ( I love it too - crawford). Liza says she is always so happy to come home & see her city & Chicago is the only city she's ever that way way about driving into. She loves the "Married with Children" fountain in Chicago. It sucks in the winter, so cold & so gross. Tom thinks people on the east are wimps when it comes to the weather. No one gets what they get.

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4:31 PM BBT

Talla and AJ are talking about what everyone should be doing right now. They guess that Alec and Emmett have some sort of working together plan. Pairs are Tom and Liza, Emmett and Jillian, Topaz and Alec and AJ and Talla and Gary and Suzette. Andrew and Peter.

They are talking about a whole bunch of what if's who should etc. Talla thinks she is ok with no matter what happens. "No you're good, whatever happens we need to work a little on Alec for what will happen in the next few weeks or so"

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4:36 PM BBT

Emmett and Jillian are talking with Gary. Gary telling Emmett to make sure that going forward "You follow all of the f8cking rules, even if it takes you two more moments."

Emmett says that Liza told him that Andrew was an alcholic that they should just put put of his misery and send home. Gary says she told him the same thing and that she said AJ was totally useless.

Gary is guessing that Canada was sending a message to Tom that we think he is a homophobic bully. Gary is going to be close with Liza next week because he wants to keep his enemy close. Gary says that Jillian might not get a chance to talk to Liza next week because she hates Emmett.

Emmett won't vote against Tom. Gary wants a zero vote against Tom. Jillian is saying not to make Emmett do this. Emmett says that this is personal. Gary says that yes, of course it is, but also he wants the house to know that they are behind Gary and want what he wants. Send a message to Liza that she is next.

Emmett doesn't want to burn any bridges.

"Have you told Tom anything we've said?" Gary asks

"No.' says Emmett

"Then that bridge is already burned. It's a f-ing game. Bridges are going to be burned. You all can't make me feel like an evil bitch. This is a game. None of you told me anything when it was me or when it was Danielle. You all gave me nothing, blue's fucking clues over here."

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4:51 PM BBT

"I give you so much in this game. You know this. I give you 10 and you give me 2. I still trust you. In order for me to trust you more you have to do this for me and give me something when I've won it, I've won HOH. You have to start telling me things, telling me more." Gary says to Jillian and Emmett.

"I tell you stuff, you should teust me." says Jillian

"Actions speak louder than words." Gary says "My actions and votes have shown me to be loyal to you now it's your turn to prove yourself." Gary says "Do you realize that Tom must have been shown as someone so awful that Canada voted to save Suzette when she was the one that called Tom horrible names, a redneck!"

"Are you kidding me right now?" asks Jillian "Her community came together and voted for her to stay."

"She works for a radio station or something.." Emmett trails in

"Exactly, they came up witha campaign to save her or something. She got more votes than AJ not been voted as the best person in the house." says Jillian.

4:56 PM BBT

Tom and Liza snuggle under the sheets in the BR as Suzette in the bed next to them snores in a manner that sounds like Darth Vader.

4:58 PM BBT

Andrew eating a snack as AJ and Tall sit on the small couch in the KT area. Talla is napping and AJ is braiding/running his fingers through her hair.

Andrew wants to rip off his own skin. It is so sore and itchy. AJ asks if it helps him to say that.

"It doesn't not make it better." says Andrew "It would make me feel better to rip off your skin, to make it into a hat."

"Oh come on, it wouldn't although it would make an awesome cape." snarks AJ.

They discuss being in a peak and valley in the game. The peak is when you have the HOH, you are completely vulnerable up there because the minute to POV ceremony is over you are useless. As useless as tits on a boar. So says AJ. "On a bull.." corrects Andrew

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5:04 PM BBT

Topaz and Gary are talking about the times she's been in the DR. She says during her longer visits there they have covered some shiiiiiit. They talk about what Alec is really talking about in there now. She asks him to think about what Alec is really talking about in there. "They are talking about the game, playing the game."

Topaz is sharing something that happened between Andrew and Alec. "Besides writing papers and watching Survivor, Big Brother and other reality shows, what else do you do with your life?"

Andrew and Topaz has agreed that they don't know anything about Alec, they know nothing about him. "What's good about the showmance between Alec and I is that is takes the heat off of you and I. We aren't going to get put up on the block together because we're not a couple."

Topaz is really going to try and get to know Andrew.

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5:18 PM BBT

Topaz and Gary are rolling around on the bed. They are just hugging. Gary notices that he has left make up all over her shirt. "I tried Canada, I tried to make a move." Gary laughs "We tried Canada." Topaz laughs. They are joking how they need to wash after their "Session". Topaz is now crusty. She has to change her clothes. Gary tries to wipe off her shirt with some spit on a napkin. "Ewww!! Stop! I'm crustier now." squeals Topaz. "You're friggen bejewelled!" laughs Gary.

They now discuss how Jillian and Emmett won't vote with him. Topaz is going to make Talla go off by telling her stuff to upset her. Topaz telling Gary to stop working them so hard, leave them alone. Don't be mean there is a game after this week.

5:22 PM BBT

Gary apologizing to Topaz still. He's so sorry Canada. He can't hug everyone without leaving a puddle of make up. He's going to only blow kisses from now on. "We have to start looking at Alec in a better light again, for my sanity." says Gary "I caught myself staring at him with the worst look on my face."

"I Know, I'm trying to not just be monotone with him but some things you just can't fake." Topaz says.

They are back to joking about how Gary's make up is going to give them away. His bejewels and make up all over her all the time. She's found it on her jersey, her ps everywhere. They laugh. Gary keeps asking for his tv to go on.

5:26 PM BBT

Andrew and Alec are playing a version of shuffle board on the dining room table. "That would be a really cool segment for an episode." says Alec. "It really would be because I would be in it."

Andrew now has all of the shuffle rings on his thumbs and is shaking them doing a belly dance. Alec keeps telling him to stop it, he's a small phallused dancer, he's annoying. The live feeders hate this kind of stuff. Stop it. Finally Talla hollers "Stop it! That's fucking annoying!"

They resume playing. They are counting up their scores. Alex says 190 is his score. Andrew jokes that he is a cheater. "Video evidence proves it!" he jokes and then the both break out laughing at what he said. I can't see how they are creating a score on the table but they've marked it somehow.

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5:38 PM BBT

Gary thinks that Emmett is rich. He had a lot of extra cash laying around all of the time. He can't find the words for disposable income. When you are done paying all of your bills and you have extra money left over. He finds the term. This is all because he thinks that Emmett earning $200 a week as a kid was a lot.

They are watching BB TV. Topaz remarks that you can tell that in his normal life it is 'bros before hos' .

Alec spinning a ball on his fingers in Harlem Globe Trotter style. Jillian is looking for something to eat. Andrew trying to wonder what is about to happen.

Peter comes out of the DR (where he was) and whispers into Jillian's ear "They want you in the DR. Head over there."

"The DR. ok?" says Jillian loudly.

"Shh they don't want anyone to know." Peter whispers.

"HGs this is your three minute warning, the backyard will be off limits" says the male BB voice.

5:45 PM BBT

Andrew says to the remaining people in the KT "Peter just came over and whispered something in Jillian's ear and then she went somewhere. There is obviously a task going on but let's not talk about it."

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5:54 PM BBT

Topaz and Gary talking about one of her GFs back home that she doesn't see very often. The GF is now married and has a baby. Topaz is still young and single. Just general chat.

In the KT Alec bounces the ball around as Andrew makes stupid sounds. Everyone is really just hanging out and making noise until something more exciting happens.

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6:06PM BBT - Alec chugging a protein shake in the KT. Andrew making fun of him, joking about him getting fatter and faster as he drinks.

6:14PM BBT - AJ primping in the WA.

6:15PM BBT - AJ goes into the BR, Liza sees him and asks him if it's time for POV. AJ says no, he just wanted to wear the shirt. He can't wear it again because it doesn't work with the cameras. He says he doesn't have any other clean shirts. AJ goes back to the WA to change into another shirt.

6:18PM BBT - AJ changes into another shirt. Production tells him that one won't work either. AJ tells them he's worn the shirt already once before, they tell him flat coloured ones work best (it's a solid grey this one. The last one was blue striped). SoTH.

6:31PM BBT - Feeds come back to Gary on the phone, talking to BB. He gets a task.

6:33PM BBT - As quickly as that happened, the feeds went down briefly and came back to Topaz by herself in GoH.

6:34PM BBT - Alec and Suzette in the WA, chatting about what's going to happen today. Alec tells Suzette the BY is closed.

6:35PM BBT - Talla in WA with Suzette. Nothing really going on, only Suzette watching Talla primp. AJ, Topaz, Peter and Jillian in the KT. AJ making Topaz laugh by talking with an accent.

6:42PM BBT - Alec prepares another protein shake and tells us feeders to grab a beer and get ready to chug. He counts down from 3 and chugs. (This is in honour of St. Patrick's Day)

6:43PM BBT - Alec says Canada surprised them this time by not giving the Have Not's everything. He laments about how horrible slop life is.

6:45PM BBT - Jillian makes herself a protein shake while Talla sweeps the floor from an earlier mess she made. Emmett and Suzette have also joined the crowd in the KT.

6:47PM BBT - Topaz primping in the WA mirror. Emmett comments on how horrible slop is and that they should sell it on ebay. He is now making himself a smoothie.

6:48PM BBT - Correction: Alec is making the smoothie. Emmett gets out some frozen maple syrup on a stick. He says it's pure sugar and he feels like it's going to give him cavities. Talla has the loudest sneeze ever.

6:50PM BBT - Alec wants to perfect the chugging of slop smoothies. Emmett tells BB they need more polysporin. They can't find it and Jillian will have a scar on her forehead if they don't get more soon to treat it. Jillian tells Emmett she's starving and craving sweets. Emmett smirks at her and Jillian laughs/cries that this isn't funny anymore.

6:52PM BBT - SoTH

6:57PM BBT - Feeds are back with everyone just hanging out in the KT. Topaz is trying to play "soccer" of some sorts in the KT.

7:03PM BBT - AJ muses about why women obsess about their eyebrows. "We men, all we care about is that there are 2 of them."

7:10PM BBT - Jillian telling Topaz being a Have Not is so much harder without anything extra like the beaver tails and poutine they got last week.

7:14PM BBT - Everyone gathers in the LR. Gary asks if everyone is wearing their bracelets. Alec says maybe if they are, then they win the task. Gary says he's wrong, not everything he says is right. Gary reads that as everyone knows Talla, Jillian, Emmett and Alec are HN. HG's Canada has voted to give all Have's a very special priviledge. They are all being treated to pedicures! The Have-Nots will get their own pedicure station and will perform the pedicures on the Have's.

7:18PM BBT - Gary tells the Have's to gather on one side of the room, Have Not's on the other. Gary pairs each HN up with a Talla will do Peter and AJ, Alec will do Suzette and Tom, Emmett will do Gary and Topaz, Jillian will do Andrew and Liza. Jillian says she's too weak to do this from being on slop, someone (missed who) volunteered to do it for her. Jillian goes to lay down while BB told Gary that's good and they'll tell them when.

7:19PM BBT - Emmett follows Jillian into the HN room and tells her to give them a crappy pedicure; it's what he's going to do. He tells her they wanted to torture them, they're getting their way (think he means production). Jillian says they never give them just slop, she wants something. She is starving.

7:21PM BBT - Talla comes in to reassure her too. She says she understands, they were supposed to get 2 more food items 3 days ago. Emmett says he doesn't think they're getting anyone else. Gary tells Jillian he was just reading a script, Jillian replies that she hasn't eaten in 10 days and is having a hard time being told to be a good sport. Gary retorts that someone had to be a HN.

7:27PM BBT - The conversation about Have's and Have Not's continues and Jillian pipes in that it would be better if they had the 2 food items. Talla distracts her by asking her how to do a pedicure.

7:29PM BBT - The BY lockdown is over and all HG's called outside where the pedicure stations are set up.

7:31PM BBT - Gary runs upstairs to GoH to complain about Jillian's being upset about the pedicures. Topaz and Talla follow, and Topaz lectures him about not forcing someone to be happy when they are not. Gary says she's ruining everyone's pedicure and everyone feels that way. It was her initial reaction, Topaz says. Just let her have it. Talla backs Topaz up.

7:33PM BBT - BB comes on and reminds the HG's that they are watching and expect to see the full and proper pedicure.

7:34PM BBT - Gary has instructions that he reads to the HG's about how to do a pedicure for each person.

7:36PM BBT - Topaz, Peter, Suzette and Andrew are sitting down and ready for their pedicure. According to BB, each spa treatment should be 60 minutes total per person.

7:39PM BBT - Andrew tells Jillian he can appreciate that she's fired up. She asks him what colours he wants on his toes, he says red and blue.

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8:12PM BBT - Not too much to report. All the HG's are helping each other to ensure the instructions are being followed by the letter. They think BB might reward the HN's if it is done perfectly.

8:41PM BBT - AJ and Gary start singing and doing "Ring Around the Rosey" and then "The More We Get Together". Gary complains of how bored he is.

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