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March 15 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:42PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in HoH, Emmett have very nice colors in his room. Jillian said she have told lies in the game and she feels very bad. Emmett is reading his letter from his family. Looks like Emmett mom like Gary because he clean up after himself. Emmett brother told him to go easy on the love making. The letter look very intense. Back to kissing and hugging.

11:45PM BBT: Emmett told Jillian he hope she can win and come off of slop so she can move up to HoH. Emmett is looking at his spy screen.

11:50PM BBT: It is dinner time, The HG's are all having dinner except the HN Topaz and Alec and Jillian. Tom said to Emmett he hope his mother like him because she did not call his name. (Looks like Tom is down to earth again). Suzette is all in the game now. Lots of conversation going on.

11:59PM BBT: Peter is in the shower. Jillian is making dinner and talking to Tom. Suzette explaining to Andrew that it is a game and don't worry about it. Tom and Emmett talking about game, Emmett wants to play in the HN competition Tom confirmed that he will be the host. Tom said that Andrew has the key to his heart.

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12:05AM BBT: Clean up in the KT everyone is participating in the washing of this dishes. Suzette is going over the chair dance. Talla is dancing while they clean up. Emmett and Tom is talking game Tom still talking Topaz name but Emmett said it will throw Alec off.

12:15AM BBT: Andrew,AJ having a smoke AJ said he hope that they don't BD Andrew, he said he will be f**king mad. The talk move to the pool tehy both think Aneal is a good kid he was very professional. Tom thinks that Canada hates him. Everyone is congratulating Gary on making dinner. Peter, Topaz,Tom and Alec is discussing Emmett letter from his mother, they now think they should stop swearing allot. Tom said to be very careful of Suzette because now Canada likes her and she has more confidence.

12:20AM BBT: Talla,Suzette, and Gary talking game, Suzette said Peter was so mad that she is still in the game. Suzette said thank you Canada I love you, Gary and Talla told Suzette to take it easy and don't say much. Peter asked AJ if he was shitting his pants on the block. The Hg's thinks that Canada rules the game. Gary is shock that Emmett's mom loves him.

12:29AM BBT: Tom, Talla,Liza in KT Tom told Emmett that white shows up on blue but you can wash it out ( I guess Tom is talking about having s**) Tom said he is going to bed early because it is a very important competition tomorrow. (The HN)

12:32AM BBT: Tom and Emmett in the WA talking about Suzette and they don't want her in the jury house. Emmett just confirmed that Tom is not going in the jury house. Talla and Liza in KT Liza said she would of get upset if Tom get a letter saying stop that showmance.

12:38AM BBT: Tom and Liza in BR Liza asked Tom if he is stress Tom replies yes I am Aneal was my friend. They both pretending they both have a date. The audio switch to Emmett and Jillian in Hoh Emmett is reading his letter again.

12:43AM BBT: Tom saidd from now on he is only loyal to 2 people. He did not say it but I think it is Liza and Emmett. Liza and Tom conversation is being cut on and off.

12:47AM BBT: Tom is very upset with Canada he said Canada do you hate me. Liza said that Suzette kept on saying that Canada loves her. Tom said if Canad votes for her again he will walk out the door because the game is fixed. Tom repeats all the names that Suzette called him redneck homophobes. Liza said that everyone will find out who Suzette is.

12:54AM BBT: Talla joins Liza and Tom, Talla brought him Topaz name to go up on the block, Talla want to go after the couples. Talla thinks that next week is endurance. Tom said this game is full of excitement. Tom wants Emmett to BD Suzette. Talla is suggesting that Peter and Alec go up on the block.

12:59AM BBT: Tom,Talla,and Liza in BR they think that the poll to save Suzette was over night. Tom told them to not talk game with Suzette. Tom said fu** the house they are puppets. Talla said she want the opportunity to do something. Tom said to Talla next time do not jump off for Hoh (He is talking about when she jump off for Jillian to win lumber jack)

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01:05AM: Suzette, Alec in WA Suzette said all she can do is her best. Suzette is all happy. Alec asked her if she said thank you to Canada, Suzette replied yes I said thank you Canada. ( You are welcome Suzette) Gary just told Jillian I am sorry but I am putting you on the block.

01:10AM BBT: Tom and Liza having a night hug, Tom asked Liza if she have fake or real hair. Tom does not like the idea that Suzette is in the same room with him Liza said to focus honey. Suzette said you guys are adorable, Tom said do not say that in front of the camera. Emmett lay down in the tub watching Jillian take a shower in HoH and accidently turn the water on and wet his pants.

01:20AM BBT: AJ,Andrew and Peter out in BY, AJ said that Tom is looking out for everyone. Andrew said they are like the 4 stooges. Alec said the only reason he would not hang out with Andrew because Andrew is older. Tom in BR with Gary talking about Canada and why they don't like him. (Tom is taking this too serious) Tom is upset over the twist and production calling out showmances during the show. Tom told Gary that he is happy that he could not put him back on the block. Tom said his two nominee was taken off the block and this was a big HoH failure.

01:26AM BBT: Suzette said she is back and thanks to Canada. Suzette and Tom is having a conversation in the BR. Suzette said she and Gary is Emmett biggest fan. Suzette said she is creepy sometimes. She told Tom she sees him as a strong competitor. AJ,Alec, and Andrew said that Emmett won the HoH so quickly.

01:32AM BBT: Liza,Talla and Andrew in WA brushing their teeth. Tom said that he was in the DR and he mention Aneal and he could not change his mind. ( That was not shown on live show tonight) Then we have Soth.

01:39AM BBT: Tom and Liza in BR talking game, he told Liza it might be Talla,Gary BD Suzette. Talla Andrew BD Suzette. Liza said she can beat Topaz and Talla in the mind game. Tom said to Liza that Emmett is his bro and Liza is his hoe.

01:46AM BBT: All the Hg's is saying goodnight, Talla is very loud and interrupting conversations. Tom advise Liza that she need to talk to Emmett and to make it look like casual talking.

01:53AM BBT: Gary and Suzette in the KT having a good laugh, They are both saying final 2 is in the house. Suzette is the happiest person in the house ( Suzette is back)

01:59AM BBT: Jillian,Topaz,Gary and Alec saying good night they all want to get lots of rest for HN tomorrow. AJ is having a smoke and talking to himself again he repeats they should not try to BD Suzette. And he said that Canada hates him. He said he is not playing this game for Canada he is playing for him.

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02:04AM BBT: AJ,Alec and Topaz in WA, Alec asked who was using the vibrator. Topaz said she did not put that vibrator there and she was not using it. Topaz is now washing her face she also said she wants her tea before going to bed. Alec is ready for bed he awaits Topaz. Jillian is already on the round bed.

02:09AM BBT: AJ is now brushing his teeth in WA. Topaz is in the KT walking around, she then went ouside look around and came back in.

02:16AM BBT: Topaz is getting a drink from the fridge, looks like water in her bottle. Topaz is in bed on the cot with Alec, The camera is not on Topaz and Alec but you can hear them talking.

02:27AM BBT: Emmett is the only one up listening to music. Jillian is not with him tonight because she is HN. Everyone in BR are asleep. Alec and Topaz are also asleep.

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4:15PM BBT: This Just In: From the BB Canada FaceBook Page: There’s so much happening inside the Big Brother Canada house today that the live feeds will be down for the remainder of the day and Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight at 2am ET but will return to its regular timeslot at 2am ET / 11pm PT on March 17. Tune in to this Sunday night’s episode at 9pm ET/PT on Slice to find out what went down.

Also, the tech people that host MortysTV.com are working to get the server back up.

4:30PM BBT: The feeds are still down, but MortysTV.com is back on line.

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10:26PMBBT WE HAVE FEEDS! Topaz and Jill are in the HN room.

10:30PM BBT: The feeds are back Gary is now HoH. Nominations are tomorrow.

@BigBrotherCA Tweeted: Thanks for your understanding over the past few hours. Find out how everything went down Sunday at 9 et/pt on @slice_tv!

The HoH competition was redone. Emmett could not take part as he was disqualified for cheating. They were shown the video of what happened in the first competition, and Gary won this time. Emmett has become a Have-Not, Jillian is also a Have-Not.

10:30PMBBT OK folks, everyone is whispering. It is difficult to hear. Alec and Peter are talking super quietly. Gary is HoH! Confirmed by Peter just now!

10:33PMBBT Gary is dancing in the HoH. He is having a party for one! Headphones on and it looks like cheese puffs everywhere! Sound is of the hot tub though, sounds like Em and Tom are complaining about the competition.

10:39PMBBT Tom and Em in the HT area, sounds like Em is on slop, Jill is on slop. Tom is really complaining about the house, the hot tub, the HG. Really down and depressing sounding.

10:40PMBBT Peter is working his magic on Gary in the SR with Alec. Peter has told Gary that "If there is someone you want out, to target, we could help you with that and in turn, help keep you safe if we get power in the next 2 weeks." Liza comes in and the conversation does not change. Peter is bandaging up his knees.

10:43PMBBT Gary: "I am worried about you and like, Liza." Peter: "Oh no we only talk about outside stuff, for real."

10:43PMBBT Tom walks in the SR, makes fun of Gary "Oh boo hooo hooo I am HoH and I got 2-26's" (26oz bottles of booze) Tom says "I am not gonna tell you want to do but I am gonna talk to you and tell you what I would do. I won't talk to you now but, I will come talk to you soon."

10:48PMBBT It is confirmed that NOMS are tomorrow. Alec is asking Tom about Liza and her loyalty.

10:51PMBBT Gary is back in the GoH (Glitter of the House) room munching on snacks and having a drink. (I don't know if that glass table will last the week the way he slams the bottle back on to it). He now heads down stairs. "Do people lock the door or is that extra?" Someone replies "It's up to you!" Gary "I am gonna lock it. It's like my house, like I have an apartment."

10:54PMBBT Tom is encouraging Gary to have a drink, "Come on buddy, you deserve it." Gary is now making a kind of martini. Tom keeps saying it is a "Pornstar Martini"

10:58PMBBT Andrew in the Sr to Aj and Alec complaining about Liza. AJ says Liza has gotten on his last nerve more than once. Andrew is pissed. Alec is observing well, but drops"She is really getting good at throwing competitions." AJ is now on a harsh whisper Liza rant. They have now all left the SR.

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11:02PMBBT Just an overview. HoH comp was redone, Gary won and is now the GoH! HN comp was run and as of now we know Jill, Em and possibly Talla are HN. No idea who the 4th one is. Nominations will be tomorrow.

11:14PMBBT Em and Jill in the HT area. Jill is whispering about who Topaz told her was going up. I missed what was being said but she just said "It's True! Come on!" pauses as Em steps back "So Tom is throwing me under the bus."

11:23PMBBT The Glitter Party is in the Dining room. Aj, Topaz, Gary, Liza, Suzette are having fun, sharing the drink. Talla is watching, sullen. Gary says "Sorry hun" she says "Don't be sorry."

11:28PMBBT Gary "I told everyone in the house to come up to me, no bull sh*t" He is talking to Alec. Sounds like Gary is putting his faith in Peter and Alec. The drink is starting to get to Gary. BB "AJ...." in a stern voice, pauses "To the diary room." The house giggles.

11:31PMBBT Suz is cleaning up the table, Topaz is eating. Liza is watching her. Gary is listening to Tom whisper in his ear. Gary has the buzz smile. Tom is listing off the ingredients for the drinks.

11:36PMBBT Tom is really doing a number on Gary. Telling him how to play (and fairly well) but, influencing the vote. Tom says Liza is the reason he opened his eyes. He is so glad she did. "If you need me to say two names I can say two names" Gary asks who. Tom says "AJ and Andrew."

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11:44PM BBT: Tom and Gary in the LR, Tom is telling Gary who to put up. Tom told Gary to put up AJ and Andrew and if one of them win Pov then put up Alec. Tom looks like he is controlling Gary this week. Liza is all over Gary she wants to go up to the Hoh to talk. Liza said to Gary do not do any favors for anyone and do not worry about Tom he is a team player. Liza told Gary that he should not trust Alec and that everyone think he and Topaz are in an alliance. (I think Liza is trying to get Topaz on the block)

11:46PM BBT: Liza is really telling lies to Gary, She is throwing Alec under the bus to be evicted this week. Liza said the only a** she is saving in the house is Tom. She said Andrew scare her allot and Andrew wants to make big moves in the house. Andrew said he hate Beyonce. Liza is all sucking up to Gary telling him that she had his back from long time. Liza is telling all tonight, she said that Jillian did not like Danielle and she wanted her gone.

11:46PM BBT: Liza is really telling lies to Gary, She is throwing Alec under the bus to be evicted this week. Liza said the only a** she is saving in the house is Tom. She said Andrew scare her allot and Andrew wants to make big moves in the house. Andrew said he hate Beyonce. Liza is all sucking up to Gary telling him that she had his back from long time. Liza is telling all tonight, she said that Jillian did not like Danielle and she wanted her gone.

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