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March 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03AM BBT: Aneal is doing some funny dance in the Kt, Gary just join him. Topaz tried but almost fell. Gary said there is a club for the gay community that teach them to dance, it was originated from New York.

12:14AM BBT: Aneal,Gary,Suzette,Jillian,Talla and Topaz in the KT doing some dance, they are holding onto a chair while Aneal teach them to do a move.

12:22AM BBT: Peter,Alec and Emmett in HN talking game Alec is worried that Liza will put up Topaz. Peter said that Liza do not like the showmance in the house. AJ came in and the talk switch.

12:28AM BBT: The KT is turned into a rehearsal and drama class. Topaz is showing Jillian,Suzette,Gary to dance around the chairs. Alec,Peter and Emmett back at it again they think that if they keep some things from Topaz it will be good because she does not like Liza.

12:40AM BBT: Alec and Peter is going to react the Boston Rob fainting from the survivor episode from fainting. If Alec loses HOH competition. Alec will play Rob role since he is weak from the slop.

12:52 BBT: Jillian left the HN she is now back with the dance team. Alec said that Liza is trying to make the game exciting, Liza wants to get rid of Topaz because she sleeps allot.

12:57AM BBT: Tom and Liza going over all the items in the house. Peter,Alec and Emmett still in the HN Peter wish one of the BBUS can come and host a competition, because of the connection. He said that Will and Boogie promote the BBCA

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01:02AM BBT: Topaz went to the BR and announced that there will be a show tomorrow. Emmett is concerned that if Aneal,Gary and Liza win Hoh they will put one of them up.

01:14AM BBT: Andrew do not like Jillian because she sings too much. Talla is saying good night to everyone, they are saying this pop pop pop thing. Meanwhile in HoH Tom and Liza cuddling and talking game.

01:19AM BBT: Alec and Topaz having their chit chat about the game. Liza and Tom talking in HoH Liza said that Topaz can kiss her a** she also ssaid she is afraid of Topaz and Gary.

01:27AM BBT: Tom Said he is good with Emmett but Emmett has to win instead of wishing he did. Tom said he needs a strong secure woman in his life. Talla is not his type.

01:36AM BBT: Topaz,Alec is in WA, Gary is in the shower. Game talk continue. Tom said he is playing the game like BBUS Jeff. (Really Tom) Liza said Talla is like Janelle in BB6.

01:44AM BBT: Tom Thinks that he should win fan favorite like Jeff, he said he will be upset if he does not win. Gary and Topaz talking about Suzette they think she is campaigning too hard. Topaz left to get water and went to bed. Gary is still in the shower.

01:51AM BBT: Alec and Topaz is kissing and getting comfortable before bed. Gary is blow drying his hair and getting ready for bed.

02:00AM BBT: We have SoTH ( Silence of the House)

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Posted on behalf of BBJenna_in2003

9:05AM BBT: There are signs of life in the BB house, as the HGs are slowly waking up.

9:15AM BBT: The alarm goes off as the HGs are taking too long to get up.

9:27AM BBT: Jillian is making slop smoothies. Liza is cleaning the kitchen, everyone else is just lying around.

9:32AM BBT: Alec is making the rounds with the new batteries. Suzette is doing laundry. everyone else in the kitchen or the backyard. The alarm sounds again for Garry sleeping on backyard couch.

9:35AM BBT: The HGs are complaining that BB cranked up the AC and now it's freezing.

9:39AM BBT: The alarm sounds for Gary again and BB tells him to put his mic on.

9:47AM BBT: Andrew is giving Alec shaving instructions while Suzette watches.

9:50AM BBT: Liza, Talla and Aneal are in the backyard discussing how the live eviction show works.

9:54AM BBT: Topaz joins the backyard group. Talk turns to what they're missing that's going on in the world. Natural disasters, who won The Bachelor and who's winning Idol...

10:25AM BBT: Lots of random chit chat going on. Nothing game related.

10:27AM BBT: The alarm goes off again and Talla requests BeaverTails. [Make your own BeaverTails, it's easy.]

10:38AM BBT: Still general chit chat in the kitchen and backyard.

10:40AM BBT: The alarm sounds again and no one appears to be asleep. Tom says, "They are ruthless this morning."

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10:38AM BBT: Still general chit chat in the KT and BY.

10:40AM BBT: The alarm sounds again and no one appears to be asleep. Tom says they are ruthless this morning.

10:52AM BBT: Jillian, Aneal, Emmitt, Peter, Topaz, Gary, Tom and Suzette in the KT. Emmitt telling everyone that goldfish freeze and come back to life when thawed. Topaz wants to try it to see if its actually works.

10:58AM BBT: AJ is in the WA shaving and mumbling to himself. Cam changes to Talla sleeping in the BY and the alarm sounds her eyes open and close again. BB sounds a different alarm and she says f*uck and gets up.

11:06AM BBT: Emmitt and Tom in KT talking about a pond hockey tournament in New Brunswick. Emmitt says there's like a 6 years waiting list to play in it. Tom says we should use our celeb to get it. Everyone except AJ is now in the KT.

11:11AM BBT: Big Sister tells Tom he has 1 hour to get his stuff out of the HoH. He says No the new HoH sleeps downstairs!

11:16AM BBT: Gary seems to have made up his own way to sing with a strange humming kind of language. You can't hear words but you can tell what song it is. BB hasn't said stop singing yet so he may be allowed.

11:20AM BBT: Andrew in the hammock talking to himself. "My brother is probably saying what are you doing by yourself. If I'm not by myself I'm probably gonna say something stupid."

11:25AM BBT: Alec and Andrew in the BY tossing the football back and forth. Emmitt comes out and joins them.

11:32AM BBT: Gary and Jillian in the WA. Gary saying that he doesn't hold a grudge about being on the block as long as he doesn't go home. Aneal comes in and Jillian leaves. Suzette shouts from the WC "I want to do a hot tub sess." Gary says he'll do that.

11:36AM BBT: Gary is now dancing all over the house. Alec and AJ talking about the Blue Jays by the pool.

11:44AM BBT: Emmitt, Jillian and Aneal in the LR looking at the Memory Wall. Aneal is telling them which pictures used to be where (they have changed).

11:49AM BBT: Aneal gets up to leave and Jillian say thanks for that. Then jokes saying Aneal is probably lying about all of it. He laughs. The BY baseball convo is heating up. AJ and Andrew getting snippy with each other over the topic. Andrew tells him don't be the guy where you always have to be right. SotH.

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12:01 BBT feeds are back with talla and alec in the SR talking peter laying out by the pool with andy aj talking about what the hoh comp maybe and Dani from us BB

12:05 BBT not much going on in the bb house right now only one feed on

12:07 BBT now feed changes to KT and alec and aj and talla talking about showmanes and talking about BB in the UK

12:08 BBT BB comes on houseguests this is BB and we get a really short foth now back in the KT with tall emitt andy laying on the sofa emitt pushing on his chest jillan emitt give jillan a hug looks like its lunch time in the BB house suzette walks in

12:10 BBT talla hugs jillan in the KT and AJ is now in the Kt they are eating something liza is saying that something is gone is bb going to give them others now talla is in the KT emit walks

12:15 BBT emitt gives jillan a hug they are now looking at something liza says she needs some real food not slop shes really hungry and tired of eating slop

12:17 BBT jillan is giving emitt a back rug down in the KT at the long table

12:18 BBT andy walks in from the by tom is also in the KT they are just talking talla is there and also alec

12:20 BBT peter is out by the pool all feeds are on peter cant see who he is talking to oh emitt

12:25 BBT not much to report for nothing is happening

12:26 BBT aj and tom talking in the By but there is no sound so I dont know what they are talking about peter is called to the DR now we have sound

12:30 BBT now can turns to BR no one is in the BR but its messy now cam is on WR someones taking a shower

12:31 BBT suzette walk into the WR and talla screams peter is also there walks out talla gets dressed in the shower suzette asked whats the word on the street cant really hear talla shes in the shower

12:32 BBT in the KT is liza and tom on the sofa alec is sitting in a chair they are just talking

12:35 BBT BB comes on with some kind of five minute warrnng andy is called to the DR I think they need to be in the BR in five minutes

12:40 BBT out in the By gary is walking around in a bath robe emitt and jillan are in the kt with AJ emitt graps jillan and carries her now they are just walking around checking the doors gary walks in wearing the rope jillan takes something out of the oven emitt gets a plate down for her

12:45 jillan and emitt walk into the BR jillan eating her frys alec checking the Back door which is locked I think or stuck talla walks in now in the have not room is someone laying on the bed their back is to the cam cant tell who it is

12:46 BBT now in the BR is AJ laying on the bed suzette is also in a bed now in the have not room is topaz eating a slop cake

12:50 BBT now in the BR is talla jillan emitt and liza topaz walks in shes the one in the rope not gary and suzette is by the mirrors they are just talking it appears everyone is now in the BR and

12:55 BBT still the foth

12:56 feeds are back with the HG in the BR they are just talking talla again with the made up movie oh goodie

1:00 BBT the HG are all cuddled up in their beds now topaz and alec with AJ sitting on the bed topaz and alec are cuddleing

1:05 nothing to report HG are just talking in the BR it appears to be a lock down

1:12 foth

1:20 foth

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11:00PM BBT - HG's talking about Emmett's HOH room; he hasn't received the key to it yet.

11:02PM BBT - Talla & Liza on the hammock in the BY, Suzette sitting on the ground beside them. General chit chat. Peter, Emmett, Jillian, Gary and others (can't tell who yet) in the KT cooking and eating.

11:05PM BBT - AJ and Andrew also in the KT. Tom comes strolling out of the DR.

11:06PM BBT - Tom feels like Canada really hates him. He thinks Alberta loves him, but Canada overall hates him. Emmett points out that Suzette has radio fans from the company she works for. Tom says Canada would have only been able to vote as of yesterday once it was revealed AJ was the replacement nom. Tom says his family better wake up and get on the computer at home now.

11:08PM BBT - Topaz and Alec join the KT crew, and conversations become far too many to follow.

11:09PM BBT - Emmett says "They're being so obvious out there" about the people in the BY. Then he talks too quietly to make out.

11:12PM BBT - Tom & Emmett go into the BY to toss the football. Tom is relieved that anyone but Suzette won it. Alec reassures Tom that this move made Andrew 'in line' with them.

11:14PM BBT - Tom says Peter has to pick his socks up. Says Liza doesn't know anything and she thinks she is close with Peter, they should send Peter in to get info from Liza. Emmett agrees.

11:15PM BBT - Emmett wants to focus on Liza and Talla because he feels they want to break Tom & Emmett up. Tom tries to defend Liza, but Emmett says she's a wildcard. Tom says she voted to save Aneal because they are friends and he respects that. SoTH.

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Thanks everyone. This thread is closed. Please continue posting here:


Think you can't watch the free live feeds because you don't live in Canada? Wrong! Get the free BB Canada Viewer, which means everyone can view the feeds. Then, you could help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


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