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March 12 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:01 PM BBT

Gary walking through LR he's wearing just a towel, like a girl would wear it. He announces, "Hmm maybe I should put some underwear on in case this towle goes voop!"

He just finished explaining to everyone that he is going to watch Topaz take a shower then wait for Emmett to fall asleep and then "Bitch is going to get a brownie!"

Tom and Liza up in HOH room. Tom telling Liza that Emmett is warning him against Liza. Em wants Aneal out of the game and he knows Liza is close to Aneal so he's trying to tell Tom that Liza will flip on him.

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12:07 PM BBT

Tom, before getting in bed for some pillow talk with Liza, was complaining that Big Brother doesn't offer him dry cleaning. "I mean, my clothes are expensive." he boasts.

Tom grabs Liza's had and puts it down by his junk. "Honka Honka" he says.

12:10 PM BBT

Alec, Emmett and Peter having an 'upstairs' chat. "That's why were just nodding about the Andrew thing, just hoping it would go away." Alec says. "I would be able to get close with Talla and Gary if Liza would just shut the f&ck up."

Alec is throwing out there that they BD Liza.

"By proxy, if Tom is making decisions for this group, which he is doing, then basically Liza is controlling our group. If Tom is making unilateral decisions, which he is, then Liza is in charge." Alec points out.

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12:20AM BBT: Alec,Peter still talking they do not trust Emmett so they will pull in Aneal. they are both trying to take out Tom but they going to use andrew,AJ to do it.

12:25AM BBT: Aneal.Topaz chit chatting in the KT. they are going over all previous challenge. Alec cannot find his mouth guard he lost it when Gary ask him for help.

12:35AM BBT" Tom,Liza in HoH Tom thinks that this is not a good week for Liza to win, Tom said that the Hg thinks she is throwing competition. Liza denies it. Alec is brushing his teeth and he is trying to talk to Topaz he said that he does not trust Liza. Topaz said Gary said to pick off Tom and Liza because they have the numbers. Topaz said her biggest problem is Liza because she put all this sh*t in Tom ears.

12:40AM BBT: Alec found his mouth guard in the WA. Talk continue with Alec,Topaz about Alec conversation with Peter. Topaz said Liza is playing this game and want to stick by Tom. Alec said he takes information from Topaz and pass it on to Peter.

12:43AM BBT: Tom said to Liza I don't like Topaz she doesn't deserve to be here, he also said that Topaz is riding Alec back, Liza said Topaz is sleeping on his coattails. Liza is so happy that she and Tom can be together this week.

12:49AM BBT: Tom and Liza going over competitions and how to win them. Liza said there is no way she can win endurance. Tom wants Jillian to put up Topaz and AJ and BD Andrew. Liza said that Jillian said that Aneal is her best friend. Liza said Alec is a smart player and he was her first target. Tom said he is not book smart but he can read people. Jillian and Emmett on cot, Topaz on round bed.

12:59AM BBT: Liza is lying on top of Tom while they talk game. Tom said he does not want to put Andrew up. Liza just blew a big kiss on Tom lip, Tom is complaining that BB needs to make changes to the food too much nuts. He said Andrew uses the knife for peanut butter then put it in the jam (Fussy Guy)

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01:10AM BBT: Tom went to KT to get a snack. HN room is making all kinds of jokes about the door being close. The couples is settling down. Aneal slept all day now he cannot sleep.

01:15AM BBT: Tom and Liza the only ones up, Tom still going over who he wants out. Tom put a pillow between them because of the light that comes in. Tom want Topaz the next girl gone. Tom think he can persuade Alec to get rid of Topaz. Topaz apologies to Tom today that she is not talking game with him and she will get better. they are both talking quiet. Tom want to go week to week and let everyone think that they are in the final 9.

01:29AM BBT: Tom ask Liza who she want out the game she replied Gary. Tom asks Liza when last she got chapped. (I did not here her answer) Tom said he is not with Liza because his C*ck like her. Tom is always talking about "Shannon" Tom said to Liza do you think people like us Liza replied as a couple Tom corrected her we are not a couple.

01:49AM BBT: Tom is bashing Suzette he said Suzette called him a f*cking red neck. Tom said suzette is going home because of all the stuff she did, the vote will be 10-0 and he wonders why Suzette started campaigning today. Tom also said that Topaz told him that Suzette called him a racist homophobe.

01:59AM BBT: Tom and Liza still talking under the covers. It is very hot in the HoHR. Tom said I'm sweaty Canada.

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9:14 AM BBT

Good Morning HGs. The alarms are sounding. Topaz and Alec get up and put on their microphones.

In the WCA Emmett is in the shower, Andrew is brushing his teeth, AJ just leaving and Jillian applying make up.

AJ can't get outside for a smoke and is pacing in the KT. Tom comes downstairs from the HOH room. "What up?" asks AJ.

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9:19 AM BBT

Lots of sore bodies today. Andrew feels 700 years old. Liza makes coffee.

AJ usually eats Red River oatmeal for a good breakfast. It's not yummy but it is nutritious. Tom announces that he needs to wash his sheets. They are very sweaty. He is getting a rash.

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9:31 AM BBT

Peter talking with Alec, AJ and Andrew about being in high school and being the 'other guy'. He met a girl who was in French Immersion (a school where the students work in french all day) who he fell for. Her BF was away for hockey and Peter and she got close. When he came back Peter got to know him and they became good friends, even while he was still seeing the girl. To this day he knows the guy still.

Guys talking about the sports teams always being the same 6 guys, the same people on all of the teams.

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9:47 AM BBT

AJ says to the guys, who are discussing all kinds of nothing on the patio; "Last night Talla said something...." and trailed off as he lost his thought. "Let me guess, it was stupid." jokes Andrew.

"Last night I dreamed about Justin Timberlake and that's not a euphemism for anything." Andrew says.

"God I want to play golf." says Peter as he stretches.

Meanwhile in the KT Aneal, Gary, Topaz, Emmett, Jillian chat about milk bars and buying milk fresh from farms. Emmett is sitting beside Jillian at the KT table and she cannot keep her hands off him. She runs her fingers along his arm and he tells a story about fresh milk farms.

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10:09 AM BBT

Talla, Topaz and Liza complaining in the KT about how no one cleans up or does laundry (again).

Outside the guys are talking about Christian Bale movies. Talla comes outside and tells the guys she is going to be cleaning up all of the pillows and putting everything in the BY where they belong so will the guys please not mess everything up once she has done that. Alec picks up a pillow, "Where does this one go? Just so I don't get confused." She tells him that it belongs on the couch. "Ok but does it go this way or that way?" he flips it around one side is patterned. "What about those pillows over there? How do I know where they go? I'm a visually learner." She tells him that she will do it while they work out and will see where all of the pillows go. She also explains that all of the towels were washed yesterday and there are none in the bathroom stacks today so have any of them seen any of the towels? "We shouldn't wash the towels every day. It's too much detergent and too much water. Take a towel and hang it up and re-use it for a couple of days." she says. [The only girl who actually addresses the guys directly btw - ZuZu]. "So we heard what you had to say and we've decided that it is irrelavant so let's move on to the next topic." jokes Alec as all of the guys wink and laugh. "No seriously guys, I don't want to see any towels on the floor." she stands firm. "Ok, we've heard you and we will comply with your request." Tom says.

As she leaves Tom says, "That whole conversation was pointless. I get the pillow thing, sort of, but was there something about towels? That whole conversation was pointless, no one cares so move on."

Andrew points out that Talla got a bit upset with them for a bit but then she calmed down.

Tom says they should get points for moving pillows all over the yard, putting them in the house, on her bed etc. "Then when she gets mad we'll just say we need the pillow detective, which is Peter, and she will calm down."

"So nothing is going to change because no one really cares, that was pointless but we got to mess with her for 15 minutes so it was sort of worth it." says Tom.

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10:32 AM BBT

Talla opens the fridge and pulls the water jug out. THe container of blueberries falls everywhere. "What the F8ck is wrong with people?" Tall yells. "This is our food, I clean the f&ck out of this fridge all the time. LOOK at how people put food away!"

"It's ok Talla," says Jillian "We now have BB art, courtesy of Talla, on the floor."

The girls and Peter clean the berries up. Talla feels bad because this is all of the berries they have. They swear Peter, who was at the counter, to secrecy. He can't tell anyone she spilled all the berries.

He suggests they make a fort, it will cover up why they are looking under stools and counter for berries. "You go ahead but clean it up!" says Talla who is clearly still upset with all of the mess in the house and her role as maid.

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10:47 AM BBT

Peter is hypnotizing Jillian to immerse her in foil ball. "Foil ball is the game of your life. It will complete you in ways you never thought possible. It will bring things that are missing from your life. It will complete you. Take three deep breaths. One. Two. Three. Now come back to us. Slowly. Slowly. Welcome back. You are now one of us."

"Now sing the theme song!" chants the rest of the group. Everyone is in the KT area chatting.

"Foil ball, foil ball, it is the game of your life." Jillian repeats after Peter.

"You are now inducted." Peter declares.

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10:52 AM BBT

Jillian is sitting on the KT counter. [Her butt is on a surface people eat from. She does this all the time. This annoys me. - ZuZu]

In the BR Suzette is talking with Gary. "He's playing his own game and that's that but where I come from you don't respect a rat. He's a rat. A rat is a rat." She is sharing her powdered eye shadow with Gary. She can't wait to go home and see her kids. When she gets on the outside she'll be telling everyone to text for Gary for stuff that benefits him.

They can see through the many mirrors to see AJ and Alec. BB closes a curtain to stop their view.

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11:01AM BBT: Suzette tells Gary (about Tom) "I can apologize but it's still not gonna change the kind of person he is. Liza in the BR with them brushing her hair. Gary says Liza "you're too rough when you brush your hair ." She says "Its not my hair."

11:08AM BBT: Someone must be sleeping somewhere as BB is sounding the alarm clock.

11:20AM BBT: Everyone is just lazying around this morning. Small chit chat in the KT and BR.

11:25AM BBT: Aneal and Tom whispering at the KT table. Tom telling him if he wins HoH he should put up AJ and Jillian and tell AJ that he's the floater but ultimately they would all vote out AJ.

11:30AM BBT: Tom and Aneal whispering now about all possible scenarios about if who wins HoH what they would do and what would happen at veto.

11:34AM BBT: Tom and Aneals talk breakups feed 2 gives us a very dark look at the crew hallway. Now we are in the BY where Liza and Andrew are in the hammock talking about Rome and vacations they've taken.

11:38AM BBT: Tom is now whispering with Emmitt on the LR sofa. Tom filling him in on his talk with Aneal. Tom says he's more worried about Andrew down the round. Emmitt says he's more worried about Aneal. Tom says Andrew told him Liza was trying to make a final 2 deal with him. Emmitt says Liza is controlling you. Tom says no she's not. He says he called her out saying ppl were saying shes losing comps on purpose and he told her she better start to win.

11:43AM BBT: Jillian joins them in the LR Tom asks her if she wins HoH would she put up AJ and Topaz? She says thats not want I would want to do. Tom asks her who she would put up and before she can answer AJ walks over and joins them. Now Tom is asking what Aj would do if he wins and who would be a replacement nom. AJ says I haven't thought far enough for replacement. [Tom seems to be making his rounds and grilling everyone this morning]

11:48AM BBT: Aneal and Alec in the HoH telling Alec he feels everyone (in the 9) has someone and feels somewhat alone. Alec tells him he's gonna try his hardest to HoH and he doesn't want to see Aneal go so of course he will be safe.

11:57AM BBT: Tom now with Talla and Topaz on the KT sofa. Tom tells Talla he had a dream he had a date with Talla and it ended in them having sex. Talla leaves and Tom tells Topaz hes using her (Topaz) right now. She has how? He says to make Liza jealous cause shes in the hammock with Andrew trying to make me jealous and I don't play like that.

12:01PM BBT: Liza and Andrew in the hammock. Andrew's arm is on her legs and thigh. Liza telling him she has been in love with a guy for a decade and its time to move on. Andrew says that or time to be together and she says he doesn't want to be with me. He can have who ever he wants so he doesn't want to settle down.

12:07AM BBT: Tom now follows AJ to have smoke. Talking about who would go after who. AJ says Aneal has a legit reason to put up Jillian because she put him up.

12:09PM BBT: Tom tells AJ hes not even a pawn hes a seat filler. Aj jokes "Tom, I'm really worried about thursday." Now they are talking about what to where on thursday.

12:11PM BBT: Tom and AJ agree Liza vibes with everyone in the house. Tom says Peter is the male version of Liza. They agree both of them have no targets on them.

12:15PM BBT: Liza tells Andrew its annoying that everyone thinks shes throwing the comps cause she really isn't.

12:20PM BBT: Tom tells AJ that if him and Andrew wants to make it farther they need to make a better alliance, like talk to him, Alec and Emmitt.

12:25PM BBT: Tom and AJ still by the hot tub now talking about Talla and how she is so indecisive. Tom says Talla is very close with everyone in the house and she is very safe.

12:28PM BBT: Tom and AJ end their chat and head to the BY.

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12:30 BBT Good morning BB fans heres whats going on in the house In the have not room is emitt and liza who is dressing in the hot tub area is talla and aneal talking in the ki now is emitt and suzette

12:35 BBT not much going on right now just chit chatin and hangin out

12;36 BBT now a weather report for CA its not raining according to AJ

12:37 in the hot tub area is suzette and jil , lize and aneal talking liza you are a threat to me aneal its going to be a @@@@ show girls yea a @@@@ show liza they think Im throwing comps Im not its annoying part of me doesnt want to win part of me is youre never safe in this game and they leave

12:42 BBT liza and jill in the SR talking now they are whispering Jil saying that she wants to win so she can put tom up now jil tells liza that gary is out to get her liza if I win who do I put up tom is good for now he will not throw us under the bus jil I dont want to tell you what do to I have bugers in my nose now CA is going to think Im a nose pick Im sorry Im picking my nose again buggers buggers buggers

12:45 BBT in the BR i s liza amd suzette and gary liza still is talking about how people in the house think that shes throwing comps and she says shes not now andy walks in gary is doing makeup and aneal is also in the BR

12:48 BBT peter and emitt in the SR talking about liza going off and how the play will go thursday I think they are still talking about liza emitt saying that he does trust liza peter will see what happens with hoh emitt Im going to put her up next week peter only con tom would lose his mind and that would shake things up now talking about what the hoh will be emitt we are now two weeks away from half way point in this game they are now talking about tom em I dont want this to end up being an I told you so like bitch

12:55BBT em if I win this HOH and stir up shit

I cant win next week peter maybe we should let like aj win this week talking about tom and how to talk to him now topazs name comes up ok they are talking about jil and tom thats who they are worried about is jil and saying how toms head isnt in the right place because of jil em walks out

1:00 BBT em pacing around now he is bored andy is in the pool em sits by the pool with a red ball alec is working out now talking about working out talla in the hoh with tom who is telling talla that she needs to win hoh gary is also there they are talking about who will go out next week aneal talla I will wipe is @@@ off gary if I go up a third time I will go nutz I will make the house a living nightmere next week now tom is talking about liza and he is talking about who will put who up if they win hoh next week. and who to trust

1:03 BBT tom is telling talla who to put up if she wins hoh sounds like the want andy out next week then its aneal aj topaz and so on we need andy out next week no matter what and dont talk to anyone about this

1:05 BBT tom is just going on and on about getting andy out next week he is floating by I want him gone next week we have to back door him talla now talk turns to aneal and the fact that he doesnt have anyone but liza now talking about winning hoh no matter what andy is in training mode em and alec and andy are the ones working out alot tom this week its game on put on your war paint gary Im scared now tom dont be scared I have not lied in this game and it just goes on and on bottom line get andy out next week

1:11 BBT Tom is telling them to back door andy only way to get him out so he wont play in the pov or if that dont work take out Aneal so put up like aneal and aj then use the pov and put up andy and take him out tom bring on the war guys bring on the war you guys get it

1:15 BBT talla I dont like em do I have to be nice to him for real Tom yea you need to be smarter and put up aneal and back door andy do you guys understand why you have to back door him its the only way to get him out he has something to prove

1:16BBT now gary and tom talking about tom sleeping with liza every night and how that looks to his girlfriend back home he gets the music ready for gary talla has left to get something to eat now tom leaves gary is in hoh listening to music

1:18 BBT now talla and tom are in the KT tom is making a nice healthy turkey salaida tom whispers to talla its a game rember that

1:21 BBT In the by working out is alec and andy and suzette who is talking to alec talking about the game and how she hangs out with Aj and how honest hes been and if it my time to go its my time to go and how shes going to go out thursday and shes not going to be mean about it

1:25BBT now feeds turn to em and andy who is in the pool they are talking about cars now the hoh em says he just wants this hoh to come fast andy thats true alec comes over and talks about suzette and how she told him that she wants to stay and he told her that this game may not be for you I mean your a nice person and all now back to working out

1:28BBT it seems like the HG are buzzing around tring to figure out what will happen with hoh this next week and they are just going on and on with this several groups are taking about different people and who will do what Its a big guessing game at this point but this has been going on all afternoon so far

1:34BBT now em and andy talking about wheater or not peter is gunning for andy sounds like andy may want to back door peter if he wins hoh now em is telling andy to look out for liza because of tom cant trust her as far as you can throw her says em

1:35 BBT now back in the HOH is talla and tom and gary tom eating talla laying on the bed gary still doing makeup Gary saying that he is scared these @@@@@ are coming after me talla saying that people are saying that they are coming after you to gary who says thats a bad lie talla people are freaking with peoples minds today like big time now they are talking about people lieing gary it just annoys me dont listen to any lies that people say

1:45 foth

1:41 BBt feeds are back in the hoh with talla and gary still talking about people lieing in the house {like lieing in the BB house isnt part of the game havent these people seen the BB in the use Duh}

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2:50PM BBT: Suzette and Liza talking on the sofa in the LR Suzette saying "like damn when are the twists gonna start." Cam changes to the BY where Alec and Andrew are and Alec is called to the DR.

2:54PM BBT: Cam changes back to the LV. Suzette saying "how can I build an alliance if I don't talk with anyone. I see people are gonna go after Tom." Liza says "Andrew is going after him for sure. If Canada is watching and I'm the stupid girl that gets dumped." She rolls her eyes. Liza says Emmitt has already approached Tom for a final 3 with Tom and Jillian.

3:00PM BBT: Suzette says Emmitt and Jillian are so close it bugs her. She says Tom told her that he will have to pick Emmitt off cause he won't win against me. Suzette says she had to talk to Tom yesterday about how hard on Gary he is about what Gary eats.

3:01PM BBT: Gary and Topaz in the BY talking about going to Canada's Wonderland after. Tom comes out and asks hes interrupting talks and they say no come sit. Tom joins on the wonderland talk and another theme parks.

3:03PM BBT: Liza is now in the BR with Peter. He is telling her to be careful and he is trying to do damage control for her all week. She needs to lay low, and be a non player for the next 2 weeks. Not spend all her time with Tom. He says actually if you win HoH that's ok cause that shows your not throwing the comps. Peter says "This week was so easy and everybody is trying to play for next week." Liza says "So that's my biggest problem?" He says "yes and don't trust Gary and Topaz". She says ok I was talking to Andrew earlier." He says "That's not helping either. Talk in groups when people see you alone they think its game talk."

3:09PM BBT: Peter tells her to also start to to do stuff that they are going to play foil ball later and she should play. I walks Andrew and Liza asks if he wants to play too. Andrew says "If Liza doesn't play" They all laugh. He leaves and Liza asks anything else? How do you fell about me sleeping with Tom? He doesn't say yes or no and she compared them to Emmitt and Jillian. Peter says "But people don't think Emmitt is controlling Jillian." Liza says "Tom is not controlling me." She asks what if I but up Alec and Topaz? Peter says "That could potentially hurt me."

3:15PM BBT: AJ and Andrew talking by the pool. Andrew asks "Did you talk to Talla she is being nicer to me?" AJ says "No, Talla is just up and down." Then AJ says Tom doesn't understand how close im and Aneal are and Anel wouldn't vote against him. He says Tom wanted to put up Aneal but he convinced Tom to put him up instead. [Feed 2 and 4 (the BY) are cutting in and out which makes it hard to understand them.]

3:22PM BBT: Tom, Topaz and Gary on the sofas in the BY talking about married people shouldn't go to bars alone and that it just causes problems. Topaz says she doesn't want to get married anytime soon cause she wants to have fun still.

3:24PM BBT: Foil Ball about to begin in the LR. Peter is telling AJ, Talla, Andrew and Liza the rules.

3:30PM BBT: 1 of the rules are if someone asks the score you can lie and that will be the new score. Someone asks Andrew the score and he says 110-0 for him. To win the game you need to score 111. AJ takes his turn and somehow the score resets to 0 for both. Alec asks the score and Andrew beats AJ to say 110-0 again.

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3:36PM BBT: Jillian and Aneal at the hot tub. Aneal is telling how AJ told him that Tom wanted to put him and and he took the bullet to save Aneal. Jillian laughs. Now they are laughing about Tom and how hes playing so personal and hes so stupid. Aneal says "I'm glad I can talk to you. "

3:43PM BBT: Emmitt comes out to the hot tub and a few mins later Jillian goes in. Emmitt asks Aneal what his game plan was coming in. Aneal say he wanted to align himself with 3 or 4 people but that didn't work out for him. Aneal feels alone and has no one in the game. He thought Suzette was gonna be his go to girl but the week he was on the block she didn't even console him, she voted to evict him. Emmitt says "so whats your game plan now?" Aneal says "To win."

3:48PM BBT: Aneal says He thought Gary was going this week and he was wrong about that. He's the last to find out everything. Aneal is just complaining a lot about being alone and not in the loop.

3:52PM BBT: Aneal asks Emmitt if he has plan if for this week. Emmitt says "To win for sure." Aneal asks to you have an idea of how you would put up? Emmitt says I'm thinking more about who we don't want to live with. Aneals says "So you're thinking more about the house and not strategy." Emmitt says "I think its to early to thing strategy."

3:55PM BBT: Their talk ends and they leave the hot tub area. Feed now on Alec, Tom and Gary talking about working out.

3:57PM BBT: Tom called to the DR. Gary is gonna go nap. Everyone else is either in the LR or KT, not much going on.

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6:27 PM BBT

Talla talking with Liza she's upset with Topaz. Apparently she's not been part of the girls alliance for real, she's only been hanging on by her toes. Talla is so disappointed in her. Talla knows that Liza and Jillian wouldn't do this to them. She asks Liza if it was just down to two of the girls and Tom she'd pick the girls right? Liza plays dumb and says she didn't understand the question.

They talk about who goes up. Andrew and Alec. "If Alec comes down you put up AJ and get Andrew out" Liza says. "If you do that, you'd be the hero of the house." She clarifies that Emmett can only be put up against Alec.

"Don't tell anyone!" says Talla

"I won;t tell Tom. You think I'm going to tell Tom?"

6:34 PM BBT

Tom is going upstairs to separate himself from everyone for awhile. Suzette was in the KT with him. She is making some salmon to eat. Liza is on the couch. "Peter and Alec are tight." Suzette says.

"Really?" asks Liza

"That's a tight alliance those guys." Suzette drops. They get interrupted with Talla coming in with Danielle's shoes. "People are too scared. I get it. I went into the hot tub area and Andrew and Alec were talking saying stuff, planning the next HOH saying they don't have to worry about this week, it's all about the next few weeks. Ya know?"

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6:42 PM BBT

Jillian, Emmett and Talla hanging out by the HT. Jillian goes inside for a shower.

"Ok, we haven't even talked game. Not since week 1." Talla says

"What do you want to know?" Emmett asks.

"I really want to win really bad this week but I need to know people would support me. I have my mind on someone but I need you not to tell anyone. Andrew. I think he thinks I would be easy to get out."

E: Why do you think that because you guys are hanging out, he plays with your hair.

T: We never talking, never talking. I think he thinks I would be easy to get out. I think it would be best to get him out. What do you think?

E: I don't know Talla, you have to think these things through. I'll help you if I can.

T: He's got something to prove.

E: We all have something to prove that's why we got put in here. It would be boring otherwise. Do you think he thinks you're a threat?

T:I don't know maybe?

E: Because you are friendly with everyone and talking all the time? Hanging out?

T: I'm just sharing with you and hoping you won't say anything because people take things you say and then make it something so much bigger.

E: I'm not going to tell you what to do Talla but you can trust me.

T: That's right at some time you have to trust people. ..... Who is the first girl?

E; That depends, probably someone who doesn't have anyone they are close to, or someone who isn't playing along.

T: Someone like Topaz?

E: I don' t know..... just because someone tells you something, don't get mad, take a second and think it through.

T: because not everything is going to be true. I don't want to be a hypocrite but I don't want this to come back to me....I just don't know what to think about Andrew....

E: Talk to people...[can't hear he's talking way too low] you can try to do it subconsciously.

T; I guess I'm just going to have to accept his unclean kitchen habits for awhile.

E; I don't know have you talked to him about it? ....maybe he is scared of you because you haven't talked to him....maybe you should talk to him....I didn't tell you anything, you didn't tell me anything...you talk to who you want to.

T: Ok thanks. That was fun. Good Talk. Good Talk.

6:52 PM BBT

Emmett runs into SR with Peter. He gives a complete run down of the entire conversation and how he told her to be careful of what she hears. "So now we have everyone believing me and I kept telling her to be careful about who is close to her and who she talks to."

"That's good dude. Good thinking. Nice!" says Peter obviously happy with how that went down.

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6:58 PM BBT

Suzette is flossing her teeth in WCA as Jillian takes a shower. It is VERY loud. She announces that she has fish breath.

Tom says to Emmett in the HOH "Suzette I can't f-ing believe her. She sits in this very spot and apologizes to me for everything that she did. I told her she was going home and that it was a 10-0 vote for her to go home. She was ok with it. Then something happens today and she is trying to save herself and campaigning. I told her that I told Aneal he was just holding a place. She promises me that if there is anyway I can save her, her and Gary will be loyal to me. Loyal? Gary hates that b*tch. It really pisses me off that she's trying."

7:03 PM BBT

Tom tells us that he is freaked out when he walked in on Liza shaving her arms. She is in the HOH bath hsaving her whole body. "Girls, we know you do it, we aren't stupid ok?" to Emmett he says, "Dude, just win HOH. If there is one thing that Emmett can do it is win HOH."

Talla comes into the HOH room and checks in with Liza who announces, again, that she is shaving her whole body.

7:05 PM BBT

"My biggest irk in this game is people that are only awake for an hour a day. Seriously that pisses me off." Tom says. He offers Talla a Mars bar.

"This is the third time in a week that she has said to me that there are people who are trying to keep Suzette in this game because if it's you and Gary then tell me who it is so I can put your ass up." Tom says of Topaz. He has been going on about Topaz for a bit. He doesn't trust her or like what she is doing hanging out with Gary and Aneal. Tom thinks that Topaz is making up stuff just to cause trouble. "All Topaz has in this game is Alec and Gary."

7:10 PM BBT

"If there is a plot by the girls to get one of us guys out I want you all to know that we won't let it happen." Tom says

"Who is the next guy to go?" Talla asks

"I want Andrew but if you talk to Jillian and Emmett they want Gary to go." Tom says.

Andrew, Aneal, Gary and AJ are the next to go in order according to Tom. He says this leaves Tom, Liza, Emmett, Jillian, Alec, Topaz and Talla to battle it out. He's thinking of replacing Topaz with AJ though.

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7:14 PM BBT

Suzette laying alone staring at nothing.

In the KT Tom and Peter talk with Topaz. Tom is saying how silly Talla is and how he warned her that a girl alliance won't work. They laugh about the stuff he's saying.

Peter will now grab a milk beverage. He says this as Tom goes back upstairs.

"So what do you think I should do about Talla?" Peter asks Topaz

"I don't know but make it work for you. She's thinking she's getting into everyone's heads just now and just play it to get more trust. She's alone and scrambling for anyone, anything." Topaz says

"Who will she put up?" asks Peter.

Talla comes in the room and announces she is going to bed. She leaves again. Topaz and Peter discuss how it is still light out.

"She is flipping out! I am trying to get into her head. Right now she wants to put up Andrew. I had to talk to her and talk to her and talk to her. I am trying to get the right information into her head. I feel if I don't talk to her for a few days it's like I have to screw her back in."

"Ok, I'll see what I can do." says Peter

7:22 PM BBT

"I just want to give you a heads up. She's a wildcard." Topaz whispers to Peter.

"Ok, I'll try to be a little more conversational." Peter says.

Topaz says that something is wrong if Alec is napping. Tuesday through Thursday are busy days for for all of them but the rest of the week is so slow.

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7:32 PM BBT

Liza talking to Tom up in HOH (mostly everyone else is sleeping).

"Think about this, we need votes to get rid of Emmett and Julian. I know you don't want to hear it but do we really want that final 4?" Liza asks

"As long as he puts up you girls it's ok." Tom says, he guesses some ways it could work.

"I don't want this scenario, I don't like it." Liza says "I want more players with me in mind."

"If I won HOH I'd put you and Jillian up. Then I'd take you down." Tom says

"Leaving me with the two strongest guys in the house which isn't a good scenario for me." Liza says "Especially since you already told me that Emmett is your final 2"

" I know, but I told you that to be honest." Tom says

"How about I just never talk that scenario with you again. I just won't mention it." says Liza

"How about that. I want to play an honest game here. " repeats Tom.

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7:42 PM BBT

Andrew just woke up. He is starving. Emmett suggests that Andrew put a couple of carrots in him to get his blood sugar up. They are in the KT where Emmett and Jillian are de-veining shrimp. Peter is making pasta. Topaz is watching everything go on. General chit chat about food.

In the WCA Tom and Liza are still obsessing.

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7:50 PM BBT

Emmett and Peter were discussing scenes from Forrest Gump. Emmett says that there was this situation... and Liza interrupts, "It's not a scenario it was a movie!"

"Yikes Jillbot." says Peter

"Wow," laughs Emmett. "I guess we are going to have to talk about Forrest when we are working out later. Next she'll be pulling me aside and telling me I can't talk to you."

Topaz says that they are going to give Jillian the worst edit ever, they are going to make her look so mean.

Everyone laughs.

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