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March 11 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:56AM BBT: AJ,Emm,Jillian,Tom,Aneal,Andrew in the HT lots of laughing, the noise at the background is loud. Emmett said to AJ he wanted to give him all his beer. Suzette join the HT, Tom came out.

12:02AM BBT: Talk continue in the HT Alec just join lots of conversation going on. Peter and Liza in KT having chips.

12: 07AM BBT: Peter, Liza in WA brushing teeth. Liza kiss Peter and left. Liza heads to HoH Talla is lying on the bed, BB told Liza to put on her mic however Liza said I have it on and show it to the camera. Tom is telling a story about his family and then he switch to washing his face.

12:16AM BBT: In the HoHR Tom,Talla, and Liza getting ready for bed. Then we have FoTH.

12:20AM BBT: Feeds are back. Tom,Liza and Talla in the bed (looks like a threesome tonight) Lots of complaining about the room is hot. Feeds on and off.

12:27AM BBT: Talla is all over Tom, Tom is in the middle and the girls at both end. Talla left behind the teddy (Mr Jones) on her side of the bed. The HT crew is now in the WA cleaning up for bed.

12:35AM BBT:Tom is not comfortable that all the HG have to use his washroom. Tom is playing with Mr jones in Liza's face. We are seeing the other side of tom, the playful side. Tom pulls Liza on top of him smelling her neck. There is no sound coming from HoH.

12:39AM BBT: Topaz,Alec brushing teeth. Gary, Jillian Emmett having a shower. Jill/Emm sharing a shower stall with clothes on. They are having a discussion about Talla getting kick out from the HoH room. AJ is making fun of Talla. Emmett asking Aj to apologise to Talla because his statement was not true.

12:48AM BBT: Gary said he wants to eat healthy and no more pop for him, Emmett said you need to stop Gary and work out. Gary said he is going to wake up and go for a work out.

12:51AM BBT: The back yard is alive Topaz said to tell tom that she need to take a sh** in the middle of the night so leave the door open. Peter,Alec,Andrew talking by the pool. Alec said everyone abandon him. Topaz is still doing laundry. Gary thinks that Emmett will put something in his mouth, Gary is afraid if he wake up with a hard on. Talla and Gary talking in the BR Gary said AJ told them that Talla got kicked out of HoH because Liza does not want a threesome. AJ loves Talla. Topaz said that it is not fair for Tom to say he is lock the door. Topaz is really upset she said she is not in a camp where Tom have to lock the door.

12:59AM BBT: Talla is doing a dance for Peter, Gary thinks Peter is so hot. The HG is afraid of getting things thrown at them while sleeping.

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01:03AM BBT: Talla and Gary out for a smoke. They both wearing each other shoes, Gary ask Tall if she want Tom d**k she said no. Tom told Talla to saty and she said it is okay. Gary said AJ likes you but he needs to upgrade. AJ just join them smoking, AJ apologies to Talla he taught he heard Tom say Talla go to bed. Looks like Talla and Gary both wearing AJ shoes. Aj said because you give a lap dance to a gay guy it is okay, however the HG is watching you and will think something bad of you. Gary said to AJ tell her tomorrow she is drunk.

01:12AM BBT: Lots of laughing in the BR. Everyone except Gary and Suzette. They are all screaming, Topaz said she will be have a threesome when is reach 60.

01:18AM BBT: Tom and Liza is asleep in the HoH.

01:22AM BBT: The Hg in the BR asked Peter if when he comes out of the house if he would get more attraction from ladies because he was on the show. His reply was "Maybe". Tom is restless he woke up and look at the spyscreen to see what the othe HG is doing. There is no sound coming from HoH. Tom and Liza is under the covers trying to hide, there is movement.

01:27AM BBT: Tom,Liza is making some funny noise like laughing. Pillow fight started.

01:33AM BBT: In the BR talk continues little chit chat here and there. Emmett asked Gary if he sh** in his clothes. Someone farted and walk away. Jillian is saying her prayers. Look like they are settling down for bedtime.

01:42AM BBT: Gary is scared of Emmett and what he will do to him while sleeping. HN is settling down.

01:51AM BBT: Emmett is sleeping in the BR while Jillian in the HN. Tom has his speakers on listening to music.

01:59AM BBT: Tom gave Liza the head set to listen and said he is going to bed.

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10:24 AM BBT

Liza, Gary and Talla talking about what they were like as kids. We learn that Gary's Dad had two older half-sisters but his whole life he called them his step-sisters because he liked to think of himself as Cinderella. He tells us that when he came out it was a difficult time for his family. They almost stopped speaking but everything is ok now.

Liza explains that her BFF took her into a closet at a party to tell her that he was gay. Gary laughs and explains that he never gad to say he was gay, he was just always as he is now, people just knew. Other than his family.

10:30 AM BBT

In the KT. Andrew sharing that he went to school to learn about hotel management. He works to live not works to live. AJ was just sharing with us that he wonders what his life would have been lke if he had really tried, really applied himself.

Big Sister's voice [Canada has equal opportunity laws and there is a male and female voice *wink* - ZuZu] tells them the sliding doors are open. Everyone wonders if the toilet is fixed it the WC now.

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10:41 AM BBT

Talla complaining to Gary about being the cleaning fairy. There are some people in the house who don't clean anything of their own. They eat and hang out but they don't do dishes or laundry or anything. "You think you would know better, you are the oldest one here" she says obviously upset with Andrew.

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10:46 AM BBT

Liza talking with Aneal about the differences in education and career in USA vs Canada. "The US is very State driven where we are more Canada" she waves her hands to indicate the whole country. They are in the LR.

Peter and Suzette now discuss graffiti.Suzette and her husband saw some tags in Vancouver and they looked them up online to see who id them and it turned out to be some gang tag. She has another friend "Dettos?" who does artwork and murals versus tags. Alec shares with them a story about a study done in Europe where some graffitti was put in an alley and people were given something with a wrapper to eat as they walked through. There was a garbage can at the end. If there was even one bit of graffiti then people were more likely to throw their trash on the ground. It makes people think the area they are in is worth, less. It devalues societies opinion of the area.

10:54 AM BBT

AJ and Topaz in the BR. They are talking about how Suzette has been in trouble since the first night. She not only put up two strong players but one of them wins POV pretty much guaranteeing the other one is safe. It's good that Kat went, though she was a dangerous player. Then Suzette's comments after the POV showed just how wrong her comments that others were bullying her.She made disrespectful comments about Gary and then threw out redneck comments. It's her own fault she's there, she lost it for no reason.

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11:00AM BBT: Talla and Gary go to the KT and Talla starts telling Liza how frustrated she is with Andrew not doing anything and how Gary doesn't like him touching his butt. Liza says "Theres only one thing to do about that, win HoH" Gary whispers to Talla "Don't tell anyone else about Andrew."

11:05AM BBT: Talla and Liza go to the BY Liza tells Talla she doesn't like that Gary doesn't trust her and she needs to tell him her word is good. Talla and Aneal are in the KT she thinks about going to nap and then BB plays an alarm clock over the speaker. She says I guess I'm not going to nap.

11:12AM BBT: Emmitt and Jillian in the HNR Emmitt is telling her what she should of been doing in the HN comp. Tom and Andrew laying by the pool talking about how hot it is and there's no fresh air so its hard to sleep well.

11:15AM BBT: Tom gets up to get ready to workout. Alec already working out in the BY. Andrew starts talking to Alec about being nervous about Talla. Andrew feels she is a different person Alec says that's all in your head. They speculate about who Talla would put up if she wanted to make a big move. Alec says ok I'm gonna go workout. Andrew goes inside to try to sleep standing up as BB isn't letting nap.

11:20AM BBT: Silence on all cams as Alec works out and Tom is HoH listening to music.

11:25AM BBT:Liza come in By Alec says "Liza I've never talked game with you, does that scare you?" Liza "No". Alec "Its scares me". Liza "wanna chat now?." Alec "sure." Liza walks over the workout area. Liza starts off by saying "I don't really like the 9, I feel like part of is just steam rolling the house. I would love to see Gary, Aneal and Talla to win just to see what would happen."

11:31AM BBT: Andrew telling AJ that hes at the point where if he wins HoH he will put up Talla and Gary. Complains that they are so self centered.

11:33A BBT: Liza and Alec agree that they both have Peter so they don't need to talk game that much together. Tom comes out to the work out area so game talk subsides.

11:36AM BBT: Aneal pops his head out to the hot tub area and they tell him is pouring rain and they almost slipped out there. [es its a very rainy day here]

11:40AM BBT: Liza and Jillian on the BY couches. Liza telling her that Alec was grilling her about her "showmance", asking if they have kissed. Jillian whispers "I don't tell Emmitt anything the girls tell me." They agree that the guys tell them everything.

11:43AM BBT: Liza tells Jillian she thinks Peter isn't a real player and that he is Canada's player.

11:50AM BBT: Peter and Emmitt in the outside hallway. They both agree that Gary should be going this week and Suzette is useless. They understand that Tom needs to honor the deal and they respect that but they don't like. Peter says "Gary being left in this game for too long is dangerous."

11:57AM BBT: Emmitt says Suzette screwed herself by saying everything she did and flipping out after the veto comp. If she would of kept her mouth shut she could of just floated a long way. Their chats ends and Emmitt goes to lay on the KT couch.

12:06PM BBT: Liza goes into the BR Gary is there and she says "I don't think that you don't trust me." Gary explains that he completely trusted her but he told Talla that in confidence and he walks into to KT and tells someone right away. Now they start to complain about how Andrew really doesn't clean towels. Suzette comes in and Liza goes out.

12:12PM BBT: Peter and Emmitt are in the KT watching AJ in the BY running and jumping over the workout balls. Apparently he fell because they can't stop laughing.

12:18PM BBT: Tom, AJ, Alec and Suzette in the BY they are talking about what day they think finale is. Tom says he wants to stay in Toronto for a week. He wants to go to a Blue Jays game and hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame.

12:24PM BBT: Aneal is ripping apart a bed in the BR looking for a earring. Gary is really putting on a full face of makeup today. Andrew pops his head in and asks Aneal if he's making a fort.

12:27PM BBT: Feed 3 has been down all morning and just changed to say "OFF THE HOOK!" "The camera for this Live Feed is temporarily offline. Please check back soon and we'll have it up and running"

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12:40PM BBT: In the BY Tom is telling Suzette about stories of being a firefighter. He says he wants to become a full time fire fighter, he doesn't care where just wants to do it.

12:49PM BBT: Suzette, Tom and Alec working out and talking about music. In the KT AJ, Andrew, Peter and Emmitt just random chit chat. Aneal comes in and asks someone to clean up the pizza.

12:57PM BBT: Feed 3 seems to be back up and running. Not a lot going on in the house this morning.

1:03PM BBT: In the KT Andrew tells AJ "you work the sweater vest with no shirt underneath better than anyone I know". Aj says he's going to go work out with a cigarette in his mouth while wearing the sweater vest.

1:10PM BBT: Tom is done working out goes to KT to make lunch. We get HotH

1:21PM BBT: HotH for 10 mins now. Possibly might be time for the POV ceremony

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6:02pm BBT Talla, Liza & Jillian outside having a smoke, Liza admits she can't win anything, double eviction coming up & gunning for a big move. Talla wants to back door someone but thinks they have to wait till week 6 or 7. She needs 4 options as nominees, asking Liza & Jillian who.....they say AJ.....and that's all they would say out loud.....Talla really wants to name this alliance she is in with them but they just won't name it with her

6:05pm BBT feeds switch & now it's AJ, Gary, Aneal, Emmett, in BR...I believe Suzette is on one of the bed but not involved in convo. They are discussing who's won what.

6:09pm BBT back to Jillian, Liza & Talla outside, they address Canada by saying Girls always drop out of their alliances & they are NOT doing it this time. When feeds switched sounds like they came up with a firm 3 others that are not to be put up but other than them they can just put up any two & there will be no hard feelings. The shake on it & realize they still don't have a name for the alliance. Outside time done & they go in the house

6:15pm BBT Topaz & Gary in the have not room discussing Alec's feelings for Topaz. Topaz says Andrew thinks Alec is infatuated with Topaz. They do not think Alec has a final two deal with anyone. They think it's bad for him if he's falling for her. She is worried that if while just talking about the fact Alec could be falling in love with her they (BB) will edit it to look like she actually said she loves him & she doesn't want to even say the words so BB doesn't have the chance. She keeps saying she likes him a lot but......and Gary wants to know why there is a but...

6:18pm BBT On the other feed is Emmett & Jillian in the background in the kitchen & Tom & Liza at the Dining Room table. General talk. Nothing worth reporting.

6:25pm BBT Topaz & Gary trying to figure out Alec in real life. He's either a womenizer or he's just too quick to the draw (to say I love you). Both make her want to run. Gary feels like there is something about him...."he never says no, he's just so nice. Do people like him really exist?" If they do see Alec mad they will know they really got to him. Gary wants to see him mad. They are just chatting & camera flips to show Aneal getting a bed ready on the floor in have not room.....

6:32pm BBT Tom & Liza at dining room table & they pour pepsi max on the table to see what it will do to it & then just watch. they are reading ingredients to see what they are really drinking . Tom would rather put aspartame in him, than sugar. He knows both are bad though. They are bored & want to do something but don't know what to do. Talla & Tom are now playing rock, paper, scissors.....which Talla says Paper, rock, scissors & no one has ever corrected her.

6:36pm BBT Tom leaves to put clothes away. AJ takes his seat. Now Talla & AJ are having a starring game with Liza judging. Talla blinked and lost. AJ says he never looses at this game. Even when he's tired. He's happy he finally won something in the house. topaz & Alec are now cuddling on the blue couch. AJ, Talla & Liza have moved to the kitchen couch area w/Peter, again complaining how hot it is.

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6:44pm BBT Alec, AJ, Peter & Liza at island/couch. Alec's back did not turn out well from spray tan, his front did. Alec announces to look outside at the "all American Couple in Canada" Sounds like it's Jillian & Emmett outside. They joke about their kids.

6:48pm BBT Talla and Gary discuss playing dress up, they want to work on their dance routine. Talla is now trying to make the bed. Gary is folding & hanging all his clothes, Talla wishes she brought more clothes.

6:51pm BBT Back to AJ, Liza, Peter & Alec & Llza "working" at a tanning salon. What do they call tanning salon people.....which leads to what did she say to BB on her app then as they still peg her to own her own Salon. She says she worked there for 10 years, doesn't have an official title but she can do whatever she wants......

6:54pm BBT Liza leaves & goes to Hoh to listen to music...Tom is there. She's wanting to relax & he makes it clear he wants to talk game with her.....wants to know her strategy.....her game. She very slowly says "to be likable enough to have everyone feed me info & then use that info to my advantage....the end".....along the way she'll have to win something. Tom says she sucks at comps. Everyone trusts her, she's not a threat. He wanted to do that too but he got put on the block right away & had to fight. Tom thinks the guy version of Liza in the game in Andrew. Liza thinks Peter.

6:56pm BBT Tom's gut is saying Andrew has to go next week. He's playing the game well. He's floating. He says next week everyone is talking Aneal & Gary. They think it's too easy. they want Aneal around. Tom likes Talla, but if she leaves he wouldn't be affected.

6:58pm BBT Tom thinks Gary or Aneal would put up Andrew but he can't see them winning Hoh. Liza can see it. She can't see the group of 9 and 6 winning again. The other group has to win one. They are going over who Andrew would put up if he won.

6:59pm BBT Liza would put up Andrew & AJ. Wouldn't back door anyone. Would put up someone likable to ensure Andrew goes.....

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7:05PM BBT - Tom says he'd have to be back doored in order to be evicted because if he plays in POV, he's going to win it. He thinks Andrew is the same way. They both feel he has an anger he wants to let out. All Andrew has is AJ.

7:08PM BBT - Tom feels AJ and Topaz are the weakest players in the game. Liza tells Tom lots of people talk around the house, but she's not one of them. Tom is cursing how hot the house is and how BB should at least give them climate control, considering it's Canada.

7:13PM BBT - Liza lets Tom know how much allegiance Gary feels not only to Tom, but to Tom and his alliance. She enlightens Tom that she told him not to, and only have Tom's back.

7:18PM BBT - Tom mentions that Peter & Alec have the brains and the brawn to protect each other. Liza says she knows how it feels to be protected by brawn. Tom says if Liza leaves the game, it's not by his hand, that's for sure. Tom doesn't want Andrew in jury house. Tom doesn't want to be in an alliance with Topaz and Alec. He does not want to be in a final with Gary and Talla.

7:22PM BBT - Tom recounts to Liza about Jillian's conversation from the day before and how afraid she is of Gary. Tom thinks maybe telling Gary that would be good so he will backdoor Jillian if he wins HOH. Then Emmett would get angry at Gary, and no blood was on their hands.

7:30PM BBT - Emmett, Jillian, Talla, Topaz and AJ in the KT talking about universities they've attended and sports there.

7:33PM BBT - Back to the HOH room, where one conversation is easier to follow. Liza is now sitting on Tom's back, massaging his back.

7:40PM BBT - Liza moans about how sweaty and hot she is. Liza finds the speech for the nomination ceremony on a BB card. Tom starts reciting it.

7:44PM BBT - Tom feels like this week was a very successful week for the house, for the two of them.

7:48PM BBT - Talla, Emmett, Gary and Alec in the BY. Gary is riding an exercise bike, Emmett is in the hammock. 2 separate conversations going on between Alec & Gary, Talla & Emmett. Alec is coaching Gary on the bike ride, not sure what Talla & Emmett's conversation is about.

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9:03PM BBT; Topaz,Talla,Gary,Suzette in the pool, Topaz is showing her private part and they are all having fun. The conversation go from plucking hair. Talla is screaming while the others talk quietly.

9:08PM BBT: The pool crew is repeating Topaz's name, Talla was called to the DR. Topaz,Gary and Suzette is now out the pool, they are trying to do cart wheel. Suzette actually did well,Gary is very good at it.

9:13PM BBT: Andrew,Jillian,AJ,Alec,Emmett,Tom in the KT talking about food and calories. Alec thinks that they should wake up Aneal from sleeping for dinner.

9:20PM BBT: The HG is teaching Gary how to cook and eat healthy. Gary said how do you guys keep up with this f**king shit.

9:29PM BBT: Suzette looks very comfortable talking with everyone. Gary is preparing his dinner. Instead of pop Gary is having water. Topaz said Talla was suppose to wax her , Talla just came out the DR and told Liza she forget to tell her to go to the DR. Suzette is trying to find dinner. Chit chat about the pool is too short for them.

9:32PM BBT: Talla,Topaz in the HT, Topaz asked Talla when she is going to stop smoking Talla reply soon. Andrew,AJ in the BR Andrew said he wish he can talk to Pete his twin brother. Andrew said Talla is his target and she is gone. Aj said that Talla takes forever to tell a story by the time she reach 60 she will still be telling the story.

9:48PM BBT: We have FotH.

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10:02PM BBT: Jillian is giving Tom a back massage, Jillian said that she is scared that Gary will put her on the block. Tom told Jillian that Liza will put her on the block. This is an intense massage. Tom ask Jillian if she think Peter is throwing competition, Jillian think that Peter is Canada player. Tom think Topaz is going to win this game Jillian said no she is not. Jillian said that Topaz wants Alec in the game to take her far.Tom said if Gary wins HoH he will put up Andrew and Aneal. Tom confirm the six, Tom,Jillian,Emmett,Peter,Alec and Liza. he wants Topaz and Gary out before the jury house. (What happen to the nine)

10:14PM BBT: AJ,Andrew,Alec in the BR discussing Tom they think Tom is controlling the game and they have to stop him before it gets worst.Talla came in and break up the game talk.

10:16PM BBT: Liza,Tom in the KT Liza is confused what to eat because she is on a diet. Tom went to the SR to change batteries. Topaz was told to change her batteries.

10:27PM BBT: Tom and Liza is complaining that Andrew do not like to do dishes and he is not a kid in the house. Tom said the pan is dry just put it away. Tom just broke a plate. Tom said the next time he is HoH he will nominate two people to do dishes and clean up.

10:38PM BBT:Tom still cleaning up, The HG is worried about Aneal he did not eat all day. The HG in LR chit chatting about school.

10:42PM BBT: Emmett,Andrew in the HT they are discussing AJ, they both think AJ thinks he is the king but he is not. Emmett said he knew this will be a long haul and he is trying to get along with everyone. Andrew think Talla is losing it. Emmett asks Andrew who will he nominate if he wins HoH he said Gary because he hate him and Talla. Andrew said Suzette is driving him nuts, he said after her speech looks like she was sucking up. Emmett said Aneal will put up Jillian and that will make be upset.

10:51PM BBT: Suzette,Gary talking in the BR Suzette said that Aboriginal people wish they can be accepted in the main stream. They both talking very low.

10:57PM BBT: Suzette,Gary still talking Suzette is advising Gary to stick with a group because AJ and Aneal will be gone. I guess they are using glitters as the HG. Suzette is really trying to help Gary go far, she ssaid she is rooting for her Vancouver boys. Gary reply you are such a good player. Suzette told Gary to be cool and get out the floaters. Suzette said the 3 boys Peter,Alec,Emmett is with Tom and Liza.

11:05PM BBT: Suzette know that she is going home so she is preparing Gary for the win. Liza came in so talk stop. Suzette said when she was HoH the entire house wanted Gary out, because they did not like the glitter all over the house.

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11:14 AM BBT

Tom, Emmett and Alec talking in BY. "Are you at all worried about this girls alliance?" Emmett asks.

"No. " laughs Tom "Behind each of them is one of us."

They are talking about back dooring Andrew.

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11:19 PM BBT

Tom, Peter and Alec talking about what could happen if Gary wins HOH. Alec shares that Topaz doesn't want to be a part of the girls alliance, she just has a feeling she has to be. Tom says that Liza hasn't reported Jillian being a part of this. They think the girls alliance is Gary and the girls. Peter is concerned about trusting Liza to control Andrew until the back door can occur. "Are you f-ing kidding me?" Tom says "Controlling him with someone he is in love with is awesome. Liza told him her ex had a beard and now he's growing a f-ing beard."

Tom explains that Andrew has to go within the next 2 weeks. If Andrew wins HOH then Gary or Aneal have to go. The guys seem pretty confident that the girls are no threat to him. Andrew is the only one that can really challenge them in endurance comps.

11:30 AM BBT

In other news Jillian and Emmett are making out like it's the back seat of his first car.

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11:37 AM BBT

Topaz, Gary, Talla, Suzette, Aneal and Jillian are talking in the WCA. Topaz just wants to take a shower but Gary used all the hot water. She wants to go to bed. They ask Aneal if he is sleeping or if he will be up all night. He has stopped taking his sleeping pills and is trying to sleep. They all discuss going to bed shortly.

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11:44 AM

Emmett and Tom are tossing a ball back and forth. Emmett is filled in on "Operation Andrew" he is cool with it but he just can't do anything more, there is enough heat on his back already. Emmett is saying that AJ always seems to know what is happening in the house. He's useful for that. Tom also says that AJ can't win any competitions so let's take out a stronger playeer.

Tom wants Liza to win HOH because she will put up Gray and Aneal. They will talk to Gary to let him know what is going on.

11:52 PM BBT

Peter and Alec teach Jillian how to play "Foiled Again". It is a game like baseball but the bat is the tube from the foil roll and the ball is made of foil. She just got 50 points for a contact catch. They are just making stuff up.

11:55 PM BBT

Alec and Peter talking. Alec doesn't think it makes sense to send Andrew home, he wants to do the whole Tom plan but put up Liza. He can't trust her. She's targetting them. Peter gets a lot of information from her and doesn't think this is a good idea.

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