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March 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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10:32 PM BBT

Peter still cleaning. He gets called to the DR.

Talla is giving Aneal a lap dance. She's more riding him than dancing. Vigorously. The rowdy table asks Aneal if it did anything for him. He smiles, glances at Talla and shakes his head no.

Jillian laughingly tells Talla that her grandmother and her future children will see this.

10:39 PM BBT

Alec and Topaz doing a little smooching at the table. "Uh oh..." the table coos.

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10:48 PM BBT

"HOH!HOH!HOH!" Chant the HGs encouraging Tom to take off his top and lay on the dining room table. "Talla! Talla!" They holler and bang on the table as she crawls along it giving him a 'lap dance' which mostly involves more of her riding technique and trying not to fall over. Liza stands at the head of the table and encourages Talla on. It's a wild night in the BBCA house!

She ends her performance. "That was hot. A Hot mess but hot" says Liza.

"Do you think my Mom saw that?" gasps Talla.

"What do you think people are thinking?" one of the girls ask "It's a reality show, they have to know we're just having fun. They aren't watching if they don't like it." says Jillian.

Gary tries to convince Emmett to take his short off and get up on the table. "Emmett! Emmett!" chant the house guests. Emmett is not going for it and the others stop their chanting. Gary notices Emmett was very uncomfortable. "I'm sorry man, I was just having some fun." he says quietly. Emmett and he shake hands to show no hard feelings or weirdness.

[Winter seasons are much more risque than summer ones, bikinis or not! LOL - ZuZu]

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11:01 PM BBT

Tom comes into the SR where Talla is changing her batteries. He hugs her from behind. She walks away. He asks her where she's sleeping tonight. "Who has sheets?" he asks

"You do." she replies

"Who else is in my bed tonight?" Tom asks

"Liza." Talla replies. "I hope no one is mad."

"What? Earlier tonight you danced for a gay guy. You did a little dance for me and I kicked you off. I think everyone knows it was just all in fun. You are so in my bed tonight." Tom reminds her. "I'm going to go drink some caffeine so I totally feel my buzz.

Talla, Gary and Aneal are filling condoms in the WCA. "I'm going to throw one right at Emmett." says Gary.

Liza sitting on KT counter and Tom is between her legs hugging her. Gary and Talla come out of the WCA "Run Emmett Run!!" yells Tom.

There is a water condom fight going on in the patio area.

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11:13 PM BBT

Talla has broken the toilet. She has to go into the DR and tell them that it is leaking. She stood on it or something.

Tom is busy telling us that none of the condoms would fit him because they are all too small.

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11:19 PM BBT

Gary is telling Emmett that he can't f*ck with his make up but anything else ..he's so scared. He's talking about the revenge Emmett is going to take out. Alec and Topaz are making out on the hammock in the BY.

Tom is now in the pool. Liza in the KT preparing to head into the pool. As she walks by Gary says that the bathroom scale is accurate to .02 lbs.

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11:28 PM BBT

Andrew telling Liza and Gary how he had to make up a story to make everyone feel bad for him. It seems that he thought of something about his Dad (who is dead) and he had to make everyone feel bad for him then one he did, the party was to cheer him up.

Emmett turned off the toilet in the general WC. Everyone has to use the HoH room now. BB has to replace the toilet. Gary can't go upstairs so he is going to pee in the shower.

11:34 PM BBT

Gary is eating as much pizza as he can before he gets cut off from eating it at midnight.

11:37 PM BBT

Liza chases Tom out of the pool and starts smacking him with a pool noodle. They are now wrestling. He calls a truce. She stands on guard.

11:39 PM BBT

Inside the other Have nots figure out that it's almost midnight and go to eat. Topaz is not allowed to have any for some reason.

11:41 PM BBT

"OMG, Liza wants Talla sooo bad. Like so bad." Tom says. "Liza is bisexual and I'm just figuring that out."

"So you ok with that?" asks Emmett

"Nope." says Tom "I don't want a woman that wants to be with other women. What? I'm not enough for you? Liza has been with 10 women. For real, with 10 women, not just sex."

Emmett doesn't think it's cool. What, the guy isn't cutting it? Tom says that it's not that the guy doesn't cut it it's that the girl wants a vagina in her mouth.

Peter is sitting in the LR with Liza.

"SO you ok?" she asks

"yeah." he says

"And?" she asks "Are you just listening/observing?"

"Nothing I didn't already know." he says. "When the house is really empty, that's what I'm looking forward to."

He says that eventually he's going to mess with people, do little things to set them off in the right direction and then watch them burn, burn burn.

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Thanks everyone. This thread is closed. Please continue posting here:


Did you see some holes in our coverage? That's because we have a shortage of updaters. If you get the live feeds If you get the live feeds (and the link to the free feeds on JustinTV is still working, and there's the free BB Canada Viewer, which means everyone can view the feeds, and you don't need to live in Canada) you could help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


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