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March 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00AMBBT Peter: "but Jill is your final 2." Liza takes a breath... "No, you are my final 2" Peter: "Say it again." Liza: "You are my final 2." Peter: "Ok then. Good."

12:10AMBBT Gary, AJ. Jill and Em in the WA. Em is in the shower. Gary is giving him a hard time. Gary is now in the other shower. Lots of razzing and jokes. Gary is flicking water at Jill as she is handing a towel to Em. Em is now spraying and throwing things at Gary over the partition. Em is throwing more at Gary. Gary screams. Jill ran away with Em's towel.

12:13AMBBT Liza, Tom, Talla in the HoHR. They like the lights in there at night with the blue glow. They are now rehashing the PoV Comp again. Liza didn't even get to shoot one puck. She was worried about taking Tom out anyways. Talla is agreeing. Tom says "Afer Suzette knocked herself out, it did not matter who won." Liza to Talla: "How are you in bed?" Talla "I don't wanna say but I have been told I am a machine! I get in the zone." Tom is listing off what sex stuff they got in the house. "Condoms, vibrators, lube, cock rings.... they obviously know things are going on in the house. Even if you are under the covers, people have a pretty good idea."

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12:25AMBBT Suz and Gary are in the BR and Suz is reading the instructions for the vibrator. Gary is walking around wrapped in a towel. Suz turns on the vibrator and says "Whoa that is intense". She starts talking to Gary about what happened. "I just feel better Gary, let's just get back to the game" Peter walks in, Gary says "Oh you seen my butt!" Peter says "Bottom? YES!" as he walks by. Peter is hitting the pool, Suz says she might join him. Suz to Gary "He says he is going to take you off the block and put up a pawn." Gary: "WAIT WHAT?"

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12:19AMBBT JIll in the shower now, Gary is still in the shower. The throwing match of conditioner and shampoo between Gary and Em continues. Gary tells Em, "You better go get some underwear on buddy, I am gonna get you good!" Em is in a towel. Shaving cream went flying too. Everyone seems in high spirits now, even Suzette.

12:23AMBBT Em to Gary "Just remember boy, I am coming after you hard! You are gonna wake up with a shaving cream can in your mouth!" You can hear cheering/yelling from elsewhere in the house. No one knows what is happening.

12:23AMBBT You can hear yelling, laughing, cheering in the distance. None of the feeds are showing what is happening. Peter says "It would be cool if there was another house next door and at 5 they say NO you now are at 10! It will never happen but that would be cool!"

12:25AMBBT Suz and Gary are in the BR and Suz is reading the instructions for the vibrator. Gary is walking around wrapped in a towel. Suz turns on the vibrator and says "Whoa that is intense". She starts talking to Gary about what happened. "I just feel better Gary, let's just get back to the game" Peter walks in, Gary says "Oh you seen my butt!" Peter says "Bottom? YES!" as he walks by. Peter is hitting the pool, Suz says she might join him. Suz to Gary "He says he is going to take you off the block and put up a pawn." Gary: "WAIT WHAT?"

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12:35AM BBT: AJ,Andrew,Peter is in the pool playing water sports. Tom and Talla in Hoh talking about game Tom need Emm,Talla,Liza win Hoh competition next week.

12:46AM BBT: Talla is saying good night to all Hg, The pool crew is out the pool. Tall is in the BR now talking about her Farts. Gary is in the KT eating chips.

12:53AM BBT: Gary join Topaz by the pool, he is trying to tell a secret but they are whispering. BB ask Topaz to put on her mic. Gary said Alec is going to switch up on her now as the game is changing. Gary is giving relationship advise. Alec came out so talk was stop. Gary kiss Topaz on cheeks and he told her this conversation have to finish at a later time. Topaz is alone in the pool.

12:59AM BBT: Alec is encouraging Gary to work out with them to stay fit. Gary,suz,Talla in WA brushing teeth, Suz is making some weird noise while she wash her face. Topaz is now in from the pool. Andrew,AJ in HT talking about Tom using him as a pawn. Andrew tell AJ to ask Tom if there is another person he can use as a pawn. Andrew is now playing the game he said they need to stick together, Andrew said he is not worried about Liza they want Tom and Emmett gone in couple weeks.

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01:05AM BBT: AJ said Peter is the best player so far, Tom said to Andrew i don't want to put you up because Andrew is competitive. Andrew said there is plenty of option we have to keep our eyes open. There is lots of alliance's going on in this house.

01:10AM BBT: In HoHR Tom and Liza discussing game, Tom said no one is volunteering to go up as a pawn so he have to pick someone. Tom said if they make it to jury house it is a plan, Liza said she is nervous Tom said Alec throw the previous competition. Tom is thinking of trying to get out Topaz and Andrew next.

01:27AM BBT: Peter,Andrew,Aj,Alec in the KT they are discussing Suzette, They all think Suz said they are bullying her but she dig her own grave. They are talking about Liza now and that she is playing Tom, Peter said Kat said that he has cockeyed let's get him out of here. they all wondering if Tom can see them on the spy screen. Tom in HoH he wants to talk everyone social game into account. Tom is practicing what he would ssay for replacing AJ. Tom said this is the only camera time AJ will get besides his tooth brush thing last week. Liza said if Andrew think he is going to take my romance he have another thing coming they both laugh..

01:30AM BBT: Liza said she does not know much about Topaz, Tom reply reall we don't know anything but she is a Dentist. Tom and Liza told the spy screen to go to the KT they were trying to hear what the guys was saying. Tom said Suz said you get what you want Tom you F*** redneck.

01:34AM BBT: Peter,Alec,Andrew,AJ in KT talking about past BBUS competition and the contestant cannot say Coup d'etat, Andrew talk about Jeff famous word technotronics. Eric name was thrown in there also for being a nerd. They discuss Jessica was a hot number but her voice was very annoying.

01:42AM BBT: AJ said he was sleeping with Alec, then Kat and Emmett slept in the corner. Peter said he was with Danielle, Peter said Danielle slept on top of the blankets. the HG is afraid of the buzzer tonight. Liza is bad talking Topaz and she is using Alec and she does not like him. Tom said that he have seen Tall before because she is from the south side of Edmonton. Liza and Tom are discussing the province and where she is from. Tom want to know why there is no Montreal or Quebec people to represent. Liza said she is particular who she sleep with, but Topaz looks like she will sleep with everyone. Tom think that Topaz is playing a lazy game and at night she hangs out with Gary at night.

01:54AM BBT: Topaz,AJ,Peter in KT they are talking about saving money when both husband and wife is working. Topaz thinks that on a date not just the man should pay for everything when they go on a date.

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03:03AM BBT: Tom just told Liza that he wants to win the game. Tom said everyone wants a final 2 deal with him, Topaz want Alec and Tom. Aneal want Liza and Tom, There is so much deals going on in the house. Tom just called Liza a devil. Tom ask Liza if she likes a weirdo she says no he said he is funny and charming. Tom really like Jeff.

03:21AM BBT: AJ and Topaz in KT still talking about dating. Aj said back when he was in his mid 20's he use to date allot. AJ said he goes to club with lot of friends, AJ said he want to get married but no time frame he is 32 now. AJ said guys have more pressure from parents to get married, he said in his last relationship he will of marry that person. AJ hope the girl is not watching so he is not calling the name but the girl is from Cuba. Topaz ask if he gets some (Sex) he reply 'yeah' Topaz asked if he is signed up to any dating site he said just one. Topaz said she never sign up to online dating. Alec came out and the talk stop.

03:32AM BBT: Alec is in the shower changing clothes, Topaz is having her late night tea. AJ comes out of the WC and did not wash his hands. AJ having a smoke break and talking to himself about Tom using him as a pawn. (No one can say AJ say) he is talking very low. He said danielle did not get BD she could of save herself in POV. AJ said he is a team player. Looks like he was prepping himself for the replacement nominee.

03:37AM BBT: Alec and Topaz is in HN kissing and settling down. Emmett,Jillian is fast asleep.

03:45AM BBT: All HG asleep.

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9:03 AM BBT

Liza gets out of the HOH bed, looking for her bra. Finds it and heads to WC.

The lights come on and we see Anea in the WCA brushing his teeth and some unhappy sleepers moving around in the HNR.

There isn't a sound to be heard.

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9:26 AM BBT

Andrew, Alec, AJ Peter, Tom are all hanging out in the LT having a Bro-tastic morning. "Ahh breakfast of Champions" says Andrew as he pours a coffee. They discuss movies and dates of things that have happened in movies and how weird it is that we are past those dates now. "Marty McFly went 25 years in the future and here we are, still no flying cars or voices that welcome us home." they joke. They are trying to figure out what it was that happened in 2012 that was a movie date. [The entire movie 2012 but it sounds like they are thinking of SkyNet (Terminator) going 'live" - ZuZu]

9:32 AM BBT

Andrew is speculating that Canada voted on something last night and they will discover that there is a pool table or a hockey table or that they've replaced the grass with razor blades he doesn't know he's just speculating.

Jillian wonders if they will get self-tanner today. "Yeah look at you all pale and sh^t, you're disgusting" Andrew jokes.

Throughout all of this the alarm has been going off. Topaz finally enters the KT. "Look at you all up this early." Jillian laughs. "I know, I'm up" Topaz says looking desperately for coffee,

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9:39 AM BBT

Tom and Alec having a chat in the HOH room. Tom discussing what Liza might do if she won HOH. They are discussing that she will put up Andrew and AJ.Talla will go to whomever has the power. Alec trusts Gary for now. He won't put Tom up, he's said so many times. Emmett has joined them.

"So we just don't care which of our girls goes home first?" Alec asks.

"I guess so man, if you guys want to send Liza home first that's okay with me. I've told her I will work with her as much as I can but I never promised her final 4 so if she goes home 5, 6 or 7 it doesn't matter. In fact, it makes it easier on camera for me." Tom laughs.

They discuss how Aneal has agreed to come back up again if necessary, there are 6 of them that can win HOH and time will show who is loyal to who.

Alec tells them that he told Topaz that he just hangs out with the guys but hasn't make any F3 or F4 promises.

"It's going to get gamey but it doesn't have to get ugly" says Tom

"Alright b&tches, see you later I'm going to make a slop shake." says Alec as he leaves.

9:53 AM BBT

Meanwhile downstairs, Liza talks to Peter in the LR. "I see a guy who has no loyalty to anyone other than aligning himself to four other guys." she says to Peter [i missed who she was talking about] . "So what do you want me to do? Is me being out here ruining things for you?" Peter asks, "Do you want me to go in there to get info for you?"

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10:03 AM BBT

Peter, Jillian and Liza discuss who sleeps where in the house. Girls never sleep near the outside, Jillian observes.

"Yes, they've done studies on that. You think we would sleep naturally the way our bodies face at home but that's not turning out to be so. This seems like some Jo-Bob breeding to me." says Peter.

"We don't have to look pretty today do we?" Liza asks

Peter gives them an observation about the editing for the show, "They probably make it look like Emmett and I have never had a conversation because we don't sit together too often when in reality we talk to each other all day.That's what they do for the show."

Peter's stomach is still sore when he tries to eat.

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10:08 AM BBT

Andrew, Alec and AJ chatting in the KT. "I've been type cast as the stereotypical old, white guy on the show." Andrew says.

"You look fantastic today, you only look 108 today versus your actual age of 196." AJ jokes. "Besides, you are the reanimated corpse of Johnny Knoxville."

They all laugh and then check themselves. "Oh man, what if something happened to Johnny and we're in here making sick jokes." Alec wonders.

Andrew telling them about a movie he was watching on an American cable station. [The USA has different censoring rules than Canada - ZuZu] The movie had Michael J Fox and James Wood. It was a very dramatic moment and then the sound cuts out and the voice dub gave a completely ridiculous saying to cover the 'bad words'. "Thanks for saving me from that." laughs Andrew. They go on to discuss how they cover up music lyrics and stuff too. and how amusing it is for us to watch.

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10:17 AM BBT

AJ and Andrew have know moved on to discuss the discovery of Newfoundland. "It's like the explorers showed up and couldn't think of anything else. Look at this new land we found!" AJ says "Wouldn't there have been other people there already?"

"There were, the Aboriginees." Peter says

"Are you sure that's a word?' Aj asks

"Yes, they use it in Australian. That's a continent founded on criminals" Andrew answers and the conversation drifts to Australia's Commonwealth development and how the three of them are going to travel there when they are done in this house. {It's not a word - ZuZu}

10:25 AM BBT

Gary not glittering as he sleeps in the hammock. AJ outside for a smoke. Camera 3 is out.

Talla is up and eating a bowl of cereal on the patio with the Aneal and Alec. The alarm goes off over by the patio. The HGs discuss how the alarm goes off near you if you are sleeping. It's general chit chat as all the HGs patio hang.

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10:35 AM BBT

Jillian about to clean out the slop container in the KT. Emmett is with her and helping. She is worried that they didn't get new slop because they haven't cleaned out the old slop buckets. She cleaned them out the other day as well. "You can't put this down the sink, there's too much in it. I wish I could use a spatula." Emmett is clearing out the sink for her. Alec comes into the KT and suggests that she just rinse it and throw it in the sink. "You can't do that. You have to do it like this." Jillian says "Well that's the new plan because it worked fine last time." Alec says. "I like spatula-ing stuff. I think I'll make something today. Slop banana bread or something."

They open a new bucket of fresh slop. "Ummmm, fresh slop."

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10:47 AM BT

The patio crew; Talla, AJ, Peter, Andrew and Aneal are joined by Jillian and Emmett. Jillian can't get the slop out from under her nails and the others can smell the slop on her. Everyone talking in small groups in a large group setting. Nothing anyone is saying is worth reporting at this time - Vegas trips, trivia about nothing etc. Just a good vibe Sunday morning.

Alec in the KT with Topaz who is saying she is going to try to nap. He pours himself a coffee. This is the third pot of coffee I have observed this morning.

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11:00AM BBT: Jillian laying on the BY ground while Peter tries to throw pillows between her legs like a field goal. He runs of of pillows and out walks Emmitt with more pillows from inside. They are going to use the pillows for a game of dodgeball.

11:07AM BBT:Alec, Andrew and Talla in the WA discussing about napping and who BB lets to nap while saying others can't. Gary has been napping in the hammock since he got up. Andrew leaves, Alec says he wants to hang out with the girls but they are just doing pedicure stuff so he will hang out with them later.

11:20AM BBT: In the WA Liza whispering to Talla about someone telling Tom she is a flirt she says "I'm a sexual person but I'm not promiscuous person, that's Topaz.She's all over everyone." Alec walks in so chat stops. When he leaves Liza says "This whole 9 thing is great but maybe its time to veer. We need to push the girl thing with Jillian."

11:28AM BBT: Peter is taking a shower. Talla goes to get Jillian and they go talk in the HNR . Talla telling her the girls need to stick to together , don't let your guard down. Jillian says "I know the boys have something". Talla says you gotta know what just incase of double evictions. Jillian says "No big moves until jury"

11:38AM BBT: Talla and Jillian talking about who they would want in there final 6. They seem to can't decide but want the girls for sure. Jillian keeps pushing that she wants Aneal to stay with them for a long time.

11:41AM BBT: Liza and Aneal in the HoH. Liza seems to be telling him that the guys think they have

the power. She says " I have very specific ppl I want to keep safe" He says "who". Liza says "you, Talla. I think Gary and Talla are prepared to make some very big moves in this game and you need to get on board".

11:46AM BBT: Liza "I'm gonna to tell you something but if its comes back to me I will know you told. If Talla wins HoH she will put up Alec and Andrew with plan to backdoor Emmitt that way it gives him no fighting chance."

11:49AM BBT: They talking about the HoH comp coming. Aneal says if Andrew wins what would he does. LIza says " Gary and Tom probably" Aneal says "Tom?" Liza: "This week AJ and Andrew screwed themselves by trying to swing the votes to get for Suzette to stay so she can get Tom out. Suzette is the one who came up here and threw AJ and Andrew under the bus."

11:53AM BBT: Liza tells Aneal he is her number 1 and no one suspects it. Someone (sorry didn't catch who they went right to the WC) knocks on the HoH door and they change the talk to comps.

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12:02PM BBT - Liza and Aneal in HOH. She's encouraging him not to be a sitting duck and to fight to get as far as possible.

12:04PM BBT - Aneal says Emmett's a great player and talked Jillian into putting him up. Liza says he's playing a crappy game, and she can't believe they say they're in love and trying to figure out how to make it in the real world. She's annoyed because he's more concerned with not being on slop than playing the game.

12:09PM BBT - Talla and AJ in the KT, general chit chat. Alec working out in the BY. Liza now listening to music in the HOH room, eating grapes. Aneal has left the room.

12:13PM BBT - Aneal is back in the HOH room with Liza, they are now discussing who Aneal would nominate if he was HOH; he would nominate Emmett and Jillian. They're discussing what he would say in his nom speech.

12:18PM BBT - Liza in the HOH bathroom, Aneal listening to music. Topaz asleep on the hammock in the BY, Tom asleep on one of the pool loungers. The buzzer sounds, and Talla screams, causing AJ to tell her not to scream again. Tom and Topaz wake up, Tom sits up.

12:21PM BBT - Andrew had apparently been sleeping on the other lounger and sits up as well. He tells Tom they likely won't catch up on their sleep until they are out of the house. Tom says he's hungry though, and since he can eat, he will. He heads to the KT.

12:23PM BBT - Peter, Emmett and Jillian join AJ and Talla in the KT with Tom. General chit chat. Liza also comes to the KT.

12:25PM BBT - Suzette and Gary in the BR. Suzette is doing her make up and straightening her hair. Gary is laying in bed, complaining of a headache. He'll sleep it off.

12:29PM BBT - Suzette smiles and wonders aloud what her tag line will be for Wednesday's episode: "Drama erupted when Suzette couldn't even stand her own self and started smashing things in the POV competition!" She asks Gary if he thinks that's funny, he says no. She thinks its funny, she tells him.

12:30PM BBT - Suzette has asked Gary if he is going to play dodgeball today, if he wants her to throw some darks in with her laundry and other questions and he ignores her. Finally, the buzzer sounds repeatedly until he gets up. Suzette re-asks her laundry question.

12:32PM BBT - Emmett and Andrew on the BY couches. Andrew asks Emmett if he thinks any of his brothers watches him 24 hours a day. Andrew says his brother normally would've watched it, but now that he has twin girls, he doesn't have time. He thinks his mom likely only watches the show. Emmett says his mom is his biggest fan and probably watches quite a bit.

12:38PM BBT - Gary comes outside, Andrew asks him if he had been asleep in the BR. Gary says no [He totally was - BBLuver] and Andrew pauses and says ok. Gary says he can't sleep, he's too congested.

12:39PM BBT - Liza comes out and tells Alec that she has a late birthday gift for him; BB gave them self tanner.

12:41PM BBT - Liza is thrilled because they also got a scale, and a kettle for the KT.

12:44PM BBT - Topaz and Talla in the SR; Topaz is eating a beaver tail. Hard to hear what they are saying but something about AJ and Andrew being close, it sounds like. And then we get HoTH.

12:47PM BBT - Topaz wants to make sure she & Talla make jury week before anything happens to either of them. Topaz is now throwing stuff into a garbage bag and Talla has her head in the fridge, so it makes it harder to hear either of them. Talla leaves the room.

12:50PM BBT - Jillian, Talla, Topaz, Liza, Peter, Tom all moving in and out of the KT. Too many conversations to keep them straight, but all general chit chat.

12:57PM BBT - Feeds are intermittently HoTH. Emmett and Tom are eating out by the HT, enjoying the fresh air. Liza and Talla are in the KT, discussing that the Have's should be able to eat the poutine so it doesn't go to waste.

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1:07PM BBT - Emmett and Tom discuss things Suzette is saying about Tom. Emmett warns that if they don't win HOH this week and Gary is still in the house, it's the perfect opportunity for someone to come after them. Talla will put up AJ and Andrew, Gary will put up AJ and Aneal.

1:10PM BBT - Emmett says it's going to be crazy watching the DR's after the show. Tom swears he's never said anything back about Emmett and won't. He wants people to think he played a good game, whether or not he wins.

1:11PM BBT - Tom and Emmett vow to avenge each other if either gets taken out. Tom says this week's evictee is for Kat. He's going to say that in his goodbye message for Kat. Emmett points out that they won't come after them directly, they'll backdoor them.

1:15PM BBT - Suzette doing laundry, Alec and Andrew still working out in the BY. Liza, Tom, Emmett, AJ, Peter, Jillian and Aneal in the KT.

1:21PM BBT - Liza and Tom in the HOH bathroom. He gets into the shower and strips down to underwear, clarifying that she is spraying tanner on him.

1:27PM BBT - Emmett and Jillian on the couch in the WA, whispering very quietly. They are talking about Gary, and I can hear Danielle's name mentioned but can't make out exactly what they're saying.

1:29PM BBT - Emmett needs a solid reason to go to Tom with to evict Gary this week. Jillian says they're the exact same type of person, but Gary is stronger than Suzette.

1:31PM BBT - Jillian says Tom just wants to say he personally evicted Suzette after she nominated him, but that's not playing with his head, that's playing with his heart.

1:34PM BBT - Gary and Aneal in the BR; Gary tells Aneal he is not gunning for him. He asks Aneal if he is gunning for Gary, Aneal says no. Aneal is still trying to figure out why he was nominated last week, as it appears he was the pawn all along.

1:36PM BBT - Tom told Gary he was going to remove Gary from the block; Gary says "We'll see if he keeps his word". Aneal figures he'll be put back up again.

1:38PM BBT - Jillian goes to visit Tom in the HOH room. Jillian says she hasn't really been talking game to anyone but she trusts Tom 100%, and that he won't go to Gary with anything she says. She knows he wants Suzette out big time, but Jillian is scared of Gary and that he'll be an incredible athlete and win HOH and POV and take everyone out. She's not afraid of Suzette.

1:43PM BBT - Jillian tells Tom he should put his HOH cam on and see who's coming. Tom tries, but it appears BB has the cams off because no picture comes on the TV. Tom is 100% convinced that next week Gary will be leaving. Tom says after everything Suzette has done, she cannot stay in this house. She needs to leave as a 10-0 vote. Tom doesn't want Gary in the jury house, so he needs to leave next. And then after that, a toss up between AJ, Aneal and Talla.

1:56PM BBT - Tom and Jillian complete their conversation, Tom decides to go work out. Jillian is going to go eat some poutine, but changes her mind and decides to have slop instead. Liza is emptying the dishwasher. Peter is eating at the table in the KT.

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2:30PM BBT - HG's in the KT discussed Jersey Shores, Hip Hop music.

2:46PM BBT - BB tell's the HG's that there will be a punishment for an HG that was sleeping in a bed outside the HN room yesterday. The punishmnet is that all the bedding from the main bedroom and the HN bedroom must be put in the storage room. The HG's will not have the bedding returned until BB feels the punishment was served. Maybe because Jillian fell asleep in the BR yesterday?

2:48PM BBT - Jillian is unhappy as she collects the sheets, stating she was not sleeping.

5:11PM BBT - Andrew answers the BB phone but we can't tell what his mission is.

5:20PM BBT - Cameras are following Andrew around while he mutters to himself, asking how he is going to complete his mission.

5:25PM BBT - Andrew, Peter, Alec, Emmett, Jillian and AJ in the KT. They are teasing Andrew about his age and other general chit chat.

5:27PM BBT - Andrew looking through the pantry and muttering that "it has to taste bad".

5:34PM BBT - Andrew goes into the BR and claims it is his dad's birthday. He is going to make a carbonara pasta as a special dinner before games night.

5:43PM BBT - Andrew setting the table for dinner, Alec & Peter in the KT talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

5:47PM BBT - Suzette comes into the KT to ask if they are having family dinner tonight. Andrew tells her it is his dad's 70th birthday and he is making dinner.

5:52PM BBT - Gary is doing laundry, which he mentioned doing around 1pm.

5:56PM BBT - Andrew, AJ & Suzette in KT/LR. Suzette tells them most of the HG's are in the HN room.

6:01PM BBT - Gary wants to own a fashion boutique. He asks what everyone misses most, they say family.

6:13PM BBT - Gary in the WA, telling Talla & Topaz he is going to be famous and become a star. There are people telling him he doesn't have any experience, and he doesn't know what it will be like. Gary wants the chance to experience it.

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6:17PM BBT - Andrew, AJ on the BY couches. They are bashing the showmances.

6:19PM BBT - Alec comes out and tells AJ he was called to the DR. As he gets up, AJ spills water on his shirt and goes to change first. Alec and Liza come to join Andrew on the BY couches. Alec jokes with her that she's insatiable when it comes to napping.

6:21PM BBT - Alec asks her what's going on between her & Tom. She starts laughing and says she didn't walk in here and fall in love on the same day. Alec asks if they've made out, she says no. He asks if they've kissed, she says no. Alec asks why they are a showmance then. Liza says that's TV. She says likely because she has shared a bed with Tom since day 2.

6:23PM BBT - She reminds them that this is national TV and that Tom left someone behind (Shannon). Alec asks if Emmett and Jillian have ever made out, Andrew snorts and ask "Are you ever awake?" Alec is surprised he hasn't seen them making out. Liza confirms that they have.

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6:25PM BBT - Talks turns to how angry Suzette made them. Even her apology didn't turn everything around. She also follows them everywhere they go, which annoys them.

6:26PM BBT - Alec is very pleased with the self tanner. It has a very nice colour and a very nice smell. Most spray tanners smell, Liza tells them. They are all impressed with it.

6:27PM BBT - Andrew tells Liza today was his dad's 70th birthday if he was alive. He's making dinner tonight. Alec asks her if she's joining games night, she didn't know about it but she'll join. Liza goes back to the HOH room.

6:29PM BBT - Liza and Tom in the HOH room; Liza recounting her conversation about their relationship with Alec.

6:31PM BBT - The bottom of Tom's feet and palms (as well as Alec's) are orange from the spray tan. Liza starts laughing and says maybe she won't do it.

6:33PM BBT - AJ & Alec on the BY couches, talking about how they feel they are intruding when hanging out with the couples from time to time, especially Jillian and Emmett. Liza re-joins the couch and tells Alec about Tom's palms being orange too.

6:36PM BBT - It is very hot in the BB house. All the HG's are complaining about it, and how it is worse this week than last week. AJ says because BB won't let them prop the doors open anymore and Alec tells her it's gorgeous out. Tom, Gary, Talla and Topaz are now moving in and out of the BY.

6:40PM BBT - Andrew called to DR. Topaz tells the group when Emmett gets up he wants to play dodgeball. Alec and Tom discussing when to shower after their spray tan.

6:42PM BBT - Tom called to the DR. Topaz tells them that the HN is just as hot. Andrew and Jillian go to see if it's getting dark yet.

6:43PM BBT - Gary and Talla smoking outside. Gary tells Talla he's a gemini and his mood goes up and down and he's down right now. Gary thinks Aneal is too up and down and not sure if he can be trusted. Talla agrees. Gary is happy Tom is taking him off the block; that has earned Tom Gary's trust till the end of the game and he has his back. Gary says "Whatever he needs, I got him". Talla says she's good with Tom too.

6:44PM BBT - Gary feels Aneal is mooching off his identity, borrowing Gary's clothes and always where Gary is and with the people Gary is with. Gary says in real life, that's understandable but that in this game you need to be unique. Gary says if he wins HOH, he'll put up whomever Tom wants but one of them needs to be Aneal because he really wants him gone. Or AJ, Gary adds. Talla agrees with everything he is saying.

6:47PM BBT - Liza joins the conversation and tells Gary that he owes Tom nothing. All Gary owes Tom is not going after Tom next week. She tells Gary not to become another puppet on another string in this house. If Aneal goes out, Liza tells Gary that he is shortly after. There is a pecking order in the house, and people on the "lower end" of the totem pole need to stand up and knock a level off the top or the bottom will leave.

6:49PM BBT - Gary suggests going after Emmett and Jillian, Liza says not necessarily right to them. He suggest Alec and Topaz, Liza still looks hesitant. Gary says he owes Tom for saving him, and Liza tells him that Tom might change his mind during the week. It's a numbers game, and Gary needs to not go overboard with his thanks.

6:51PM BBT - Liza says she gets how horrible it is to be up on the block and how indebted you feel when you're taken down. But an allegiance should be only for one week, and also shouldn't extend to Tom's posse. The allegiance should only be to Tom and only for one week. Liza also reminds him not to assume things are going for a certain way.

6:53PM BBT - Gary really wants to win to get pictures and a letter from home. It will be very uplifting. Liza says Aneal told her that if it was down to Aneal, Gary and Talla in an HOH competition, Aneal would throw it to one of them. Alec and Peter are closer than Alec and Topaz, Liza spills. She says Tom has told her he'll take Emmett to the F2.

6:54PM BBT - Alec joins the outside group, saying it's like a sauna inside. Alec says again how they can't prop doors open. Liza said she heard the SR, but not the outside door. Talla agrees and suggests they ask BB to be sure. Alec wants to be a rebel and prop it open, but Gary and Liza discourage it and tell him to ask. Liza leaves to go find out.

6:56PM BBT - Alec laments that he cannot go into the HT. Talla finds out what Andrew is making for dinner and decides she should go tell him she can't eat bacon. She doesn't really care, she'll make her own dinner if she has to. Everyone heads inside because now they're cold. Alec decides to hang out in the hallway between the house and the HT, Gary and AJ join him.

6:59PM BBT - Plans change and everyone heads back to the BY.

7:01PM BBT - Gary tells Alec and Topaz the entire conversation with Liza. Gary thinks Liza is throwing comps.

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9:59 PM BBT

Liza and Andrew talking in the SR. "No worries, it's all good. You task master!" She's saying to him. He apologies for something and says that it is his Dad's birthday.

There are pizza boxes on the KT table and the HGs have beer. Peter, Alec and Liza are cleaning up.

10:02 PM BBT

Liza and Talla are in the SR now. She is taking the recycling to the SR and looking at putting away the items in there. There are 6 litre beers on the counter in the SR and the HGs appear a little 'happier' than earlier today.

10:05 PM BBT

There are beers and everyone is 'cheersing' at the dining room table. Talla goes to do a dance and Alec tells her to back up 6 feet from the table. Gary wandered past the camera with a champagne glass filled with beer and made a chesire cat like smile.

Talla and Gary went outside for a cigarette.

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10:10 PM BBT

They are having trouble lighting their cigarettes. Talla and Gary try to link arms to drink as a cheers. AJ bursts out laughing at how odd it looks. Talla is far too short to make that work with Gary, they manage to get it done though.

Talla is 'thinking about him' and Gary is like, "I am thinking about them"

"He's going to be thinking I am gone off doing something else." Talla responds cryptically.

AJ is trying to decode what they are saying. "So you have a Boyfriend?"

"I don't have a boyfriend. I have myself." Talla responds

"SO you have a boyfriend. You have someone." AJ persists. "I didn't say that." Talla says.

"I'll tell you something, there is someone for AJ too." AJ shares. Only it's just somebody he just met in Cuba right before this.

"Are you going to have intercourse with her?" asks Talla.

10:17 PM BBT

Peter cleaning the KT. "Big Brother you should give them booze more often. They get loose and they get stupid and I can work with stupid all day."

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