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March 9 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:17AM BBT: Peter and Alec wonder aloud Clue style on who moved the camera. Peter: Means, motive and opportunity, those are the things I'm looking for.

12:24AM BBT: A bell just rang in the BB house! Everyone is flocking to the LR.

12:27AM BBT: Alec is asked to put on his mic. Andrew asks him to put on some drawers as well. BB: Houseguests please always be wearing your mics when the alarms sound. Your first task: please head to garden and you must build a human pyramid. You must hold it for 15 seconds.

12:31AM BBT: Andrew, Suzette, Gary, Thomas, Emmett, and AJ are on the bottom. Peter, Topaz, Liza, and Jillan are in the middle. Aneal and Talla are on the top. They count out (longer than 15 seconds) and say cheese. BB: Houseguests, a proper pyramid has one person on the top.

12:33AM BBT: Jillian is telling everyone where to go. They try it again, but Talla can't get to the top.

12:36AM BBT: They attempt it again. Aneal helps Talla to the top before getting up himself. They count to 20 instead of 15 to make sure they complete the task, which they do.

12:39AM BBT: Thomas and Liza head up to the HoH room. They think it was the teacher, Jillian, took charge. They say her voice carried and was heard. Liza gets on top of Thomas's back, and starts giving him a massage.

12:51AM BBT: Alec and Emmett are on the HY loungers by the pool. Alec says that Topaz keeps him safe with Gary. Alec says: Personally, I think Tom wasted his HoH. I don't think Emmett has his mic on, so you can only hear Alec's side of the conversation.

12:55AM BBT: Andrew comes out the the BY. Alec thinks Aneal has the potential to be sneaky. Emmett heads inside. Andrew points to the kitchen and says "They're completely underestimating me". He says he was on the bottom of the pyramid, and there was 2 girls above him complaining, and he was fine. Andrew said that as much as he takes a shot at Alec, that he's incredibly intelligent.

12:59AM BBT: AJ has joined Alec and Andrew by the pool loungers. They chat about Gary's lack of manners. He was in the bathroom doing his makeup, and said "Move Jillian" and she did. They think it may be part of his personality. AJ says that the people in Gary's life say yes and give him what he wants, maybe to not hurt his feelings.

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1:20AM BBT - bell rings - all to LR

1:22AM BBT - BB - prepare to get really closed and really clean - go to the bathroom, everyone get into the two showers and close the doors and turn on the water -- for 5 minutes, take off your mics

1:23AM BBT - someone - should I pee now or in the shower. Many are in bathings suits. Lots of yelling.

1:27AM BBT - Jillian just had a shower and blew-dried (sic) her hair and doesn't want to get it wet again.

1:28AM BBT - everyone talking at once

1:31AM BBT - bell rings again and again and again and again

1:32AM BBT - everyone to LR

1:33AM BBT - BB - congrautlations, task #2 is complete

1:33AM BBT - someone, how many tasks are there. BB does not answer

1:36AM BBT - Andrew is mopping floor in WA

1:39AM BBT - no one is going to bed as they expect to be awakened with another ringing bell

1:40AM BBT - discussion about "poutine" and "beaver tails".

[ For reference for our US based friends -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeaverTails and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine ]

1:43AM BBT - HoH room - Tom discussing what time it is - figures 3:00AM. Discussion about setting time by sunrise and sunset. They likely forget DST starts in 24 hours.

1:44AM BBT - Tom and Liza discussing how similar Liza is to Tom's old girlfriend

1:45AM BBT - Talla comes in. Says it is romantic in HoH at night with the lights dimmed. Asked to say hello to Mr Jones [presumably the monkey]

1:46AM BBT - Peter and Alec now arrive. Liza - they don't even knock and we are in the middle of intercoursing.

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01:03AM BBT: Peter is in the kT looking around the walls. Alec,Topaz join the conversation, They are questioning Topaz where she was at 5.30pm. Tom came out and told Peter to call on the Banana phone. Tom is keeping his HOHR very quiet. Topaz,Peter, and Alec have joined Tom in the room.

01:10AM BBT: In HOHR Peter,Alec,Topaz, and Liza talking about movies thet they like.Tom said AJ comes to his room and does what he wants, Tom said he have to start locking his room. Tom is giving away earplugs for the buzzer because it is too loud. Tom said the more you protect your ears the longer you have them. Alec is talking about Tree of life movie with Sean Penn. Alec ask who is your bigsuspect of the house. They all replied Big Brother.

01:16AM BBT: The lights are dimming in the house. Tom taight that BB would of give him PS3 in his HOHR. Tom and Liza looks very warm. Peter just fixed the spy screen and said Emmett and Jillian is making out in the SR and wish they had a camera to look there. Movie talk continue.

01:21AM BBT: The buzzer goes off again, Topaz fell running to LR, everyone is together. HG prepare to get close with your HG. Please head to shower alltogether. They all in the shower lots of noise. BB please take out your mics. Jillian is on Emmett back, Suzette does not want anyone touching her. They all fit. They are all wet, Awaiting instructions from BB.

01:30AM BBT: HG are making lots of noise, Gary said he is black and his hair is wet. Jillian voice is power over everyone because she is on top of Emmett back.

They have been there for four minutes now. Aj is screaming at the top of his voice. There is eight people in one stall and five in the other. The buzzer went off but no one move yet. They are out of the shower now (Yay)

01:35AM BBT: The HG is back in the LR BB announce HG task number two has been completed.

01:36AM BBT: Alec and Peter in BR talking about Tom quote that he wants to be a millionare by 30 (They were speaking very low)

01:40AM BBT: Andrew is cleaning up WR while AJ,Topaz, Alec make fun of the Banana joke. Talla is eating again. Gary,Aneal,Jillian doing nails in the KT.

01:46AM BBT: Talla,Tom,Liza and Emmett is in the HOHR looking at the spy screen. Liza said to Peter if you did not know we were having intercourse. They are play fighting Tom got on top of Liza. Tom teddy bear is called Mr Jones.

01:51AM BBT: Tom is giving advice to HG, he asked for them to get Gary to come to HOHR to dance. AJ,Talla,Alec,Peter,Emmett, Tom and liza join the party. They are discussing beds looks like they want their own bed. AJ is the messenger to get Gary up to dance.

01:56AM BBT: AJ is trying to get Gary to go up tTopao the HOH as requested by Tom. Aj asked Gary are you a good dancer, we should have a dance off. AJ said he have the tooth brush dance. Talla came down to get Gary to dance. Topaz and AJ dancing BB said Topaz please put on your mic. Gary said he is doing his nails, Talla said I just want to do this F** dance. Gary caught on to them. No deal

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02:10AM BBT: AJ is coming alive. Talla and AJ having a smoke. AJ think that Suzette should go this week, but he want Gary gone. AJ said let us sit pretty, he also told Tom he can use him as a pawn.

02:16AM BBT: Jillian in KT about to make Slop chips, she announce slop chips coming up come and get your slop chips. But they went bad so she change her mind. Talla complaining that she ate too much food and it is going to be a long night.

02:21AM BBT: Tom and Liza are all wrapped up in HOH. Tom Hands is on Liza Bum. Jillian looks like she is making a new batch of slop chips.

02:30AM BBT: Alec,AJ,Gary,Talla and Topaz in WR. Gary said this is his last pop (Soda) Talla said she is a day farter, AJ said he cannot take Talla home to his parents. They are getting ready for bed. Gary is taking all his make up off. Alec and Topaz kiss and off to HN. Talla asked Gary if he will like to F*** her but she did not know AJ was in the shower stall.

02:38AM BBT: Feeds down (FOth)

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03:00AM BBT: Feeds are back. The HG is brushing each other's teeth. Topaz is brushing Alec, now Alec is brushing Topaz. All the HG is in the LR BB announce HG task is completed.

03:05AM BBT: In the HN Aneal,Jillian,Alec and Topaz settling down lights went dark. Talla is in the KT doing nails, lots of jokes in HN (The HN is for couples) Aneal left the room.

03:26AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian is snuggling up. All HG asleep until the buzzer go off again.

03:35AM BBT: Aneal is up walking around he went back to his bed.

03:40AM BBT: The buzzer is on again. BB announced it is time for the slam dunk, but there is no basketball. Tom please stand HG have to do fifteen jumping jacks around the pool. then they have to get into the pool at the same time, Gary is taking his time to get up off the couch.The HG gather around Tom is directing. If they don't come in one minute there will be a penalty for 30 mins. They did the jumping jacks then jump into the water together. They are very upset, they look like kids. BB Task is complete. This is the second change of underwear for the HG.

03: 51AM BBT: The towels in the BB house is running out, Gary is sneezing and looks upset. Alec is in the shower again. Topaz in the WR, the floors is wet from previous assignment. Topaz is doing her hair. Alec thinks that they might make a veto challengeof this. Topaz Think BB may asked who was the last person to get to the challenge.

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04:02AM BBT: Suzette is still up in the Wr doing her hair and makeup to go to bed.

04:06AM BBT: Topaz is in the KT eating looks like chips (Did she remember she was on slop).

04:10AM BBT: Topaz is off to bed with Alec all cuddle up. The HG is all asleep again.

4:39am BBT: Twice I thought I heard music then alarm sounded and the lights came on and the HG are all up and assembling in the LR so another task.

04:40AM BBT: BBT:Here we go Buzzer is ringing. All HG but Talla is up, They look tired and exhausted. HG BB annouce with a pause, I know you guys are tired, perfect time for a dance party. The music will start in one minute if everybody is not back there will be a penalty. I believe Talla said she does not have on bra. Peter started dancing without music.

04:46AM BBT: Let the dance grove start, they are all doing their move Aj is funny, Liza looks funny, Peter is doing the milk dance. Gary have some funky moves. I dont know what Andrew is doing, Topaz is doing the moon dance, Suzette is doing the mama dance. This is just a night for the HG. Who did the best move. Tom look like a drunk man. The music is going on and on. Peter have the best move (For me) The HG stop before the music stop. BB announce task complete. No water on this task. ( I hope the HG is taking note)

05:00AM BBT: BBT: All HG asleep.

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07:41AM BBT: The buzzer goes off again, Gary took very long to come off his bed. BB announce to the Hg to make a trail to the stairs with the grocery's. From smallest to the biggest, no two items (speaking very fast eyes sleepy) All Hg have to participant, one word HG hustle.Topaz,Gary still standing. they are very confused. Gary has the iron board. All items are all on the ground also the HG is on the ground. Aneal is building only one HG to stand at a time.

07:50AM BBT: The time is running out, Andrew is making fun of Aneal. There is too many HG standing at a time. The HG is worried that BB is not saying anything maybe it is wrong. They all say BB please tell us if it is right please. They are all calling for BB to talk.

07:59AM BBT: .HG waiting to see if the wax paper is ok, feeds cut for two minutes I miss a little there. Looks like they are rearranging the big items. Emmett is passing the Tupperware,plates etc. Suzette said we need bigger forks around here. There is a single banana in the mixed. The kitchen is in a total mess. Feeds iis in and out.

08:15AM BBT: 08:12AM Feeds are back, They are still doing the task. They are working together feeds was cut so I did not hear what BB said to them. There is underwear passing,kitchen towel. Lots of talking going on but Jillian voice is over everyone. They need to pull more big stuff down. feeds are block looks like they had to do it again. Tom is making sure and checking over all items. They are taking very long to do this task.

08:21AM BBT: The HG is talking and not working together. BB announce three minutes. Topaz shouted out we are done, BB said one rule have been broken in the assemble line they have to fix this before the time is up. Aneal said a fork is bigger BB. Jillian is screaming, Aneal is standing all items should be touching. BB Announce HG are you confident they all reply Yes. Task is complete once every item is replaced, One HG have to assembly all the items back.They are crawling like babies. BB this is the last warning all HG must participant. (They were speaking to Gary)


08:31AM BBT HG is really working together, only Gary was just laying around. Talla is really working hard she is the only one packing away the kitchen items. Talla puts her arms in the air hoping BB would say task complete. BB is still not saying anything. The HG is talking about Beyonce. BB announce HG the task is completed. they are so happy they give high five and go back to bed, AJ and Andrew are playing games about Gary they think he was late for school. AJ wants to kill Gary he said if Gary does this again he will ruin his ears. Andrew warn Aj to stop. Someone pooed in the washroom and did not flush. Andrew said to Alec we have to talk to Tom to get rid of Gary, apparently was very slow and complaining.

08:45AM BBT: Andrew is very upset about Gary lack of help for the previous task, and he letting everyone know to vote him out.

08:51AM BBT: We have Foth.

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8:45AM BBT: Once the line had been completed BB announced that the task is not complete until every item is put back in its original spot still with only 1 person standing at a time. Talla puts everything away and BB announces the task has been completed. Everyone gets up and heads back to bed. Now we have HotH.

8:54AM BBT: Feeds return, someone is in the WC but before I can find out who the feeds return to HotH

9:10AM BBT: Feeds still HotH

9:45AM BBT: Still HotH.

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11:16AM BBT - Alec and Andrew in the BY on the couches. Andrew is fired up, Alec tells him he needs to calm down. Peter also there listening. Andrew is not used to living with 25 years olds all the time.

11:18AM BBT - Tom, Emmett, Jillian in the KT. They are talking about being disciplined at their age.

11:21AM BBT - AJ has joined the BY crew. Talk has turned to a competition. Feeds go back down again.

11:25AM BBT - BB tells the HG to all go inside.

11:28AM BBT - Talla mentions how her stomach shrank after being on slop for a week. Tom agrees that he can't handle much food right now. Peter begins to explain to Jillian how a stomach can shrink while on slop. Tom pipes up that you're always hungry and never satisfied, no matter how many slop shakes or whatever that you eat.

11:29AM BBT -Emmett wonders if they're allowed to have a nap. He want to be well-rested before the POV competition this afternoon. Peter says the HN's can nap wherever in the house, but can only sleep in th HN room.

11:32AM BBT - Peter talks about Greg from Survivor, he was a mystery because he refused to do press. The HG's think he must watch BB US. Talk turns to the Have Not's, and where they slept last night and how hard it is to sleep on the floor.

11:38AM BBT - BB tells the HG's that the Have Not's are not allowed to sleep in the bedroom and they will follow up later. Peter tells BB he takes responsibility for that since he told them they could sleep there.

11:39AM BBT - Buzzer goes off loudly to wake Emmett and Jillian up. Alec tells the HG's they are not allowed to nap in the UK version.

11:41AM BBT - There have been no beaver tails or poutine delivered to the SR yet this morning. Jillian unwraps one she'd wrapped up earlier and points out all the grease on the napkin.

11:42AM BBT - Jillian must be a Have Not, because she is talking about what a great night of sleep she had in the room. Emmett is told to put his mic on, he calls back that he can't, it's broken and it's in the other room because the SR room is locked. Gary and Suzette are thought to be sleeping.

11:46AM BBT - Talk turns to how good Naan bread is, and Indian food. Butter chicken poutine! All think that is amazing. They then talk about Smoke's Poutinerie [Which is AMAZING -- BBLuver] and how you can't get poutine in the US. How can you make fat people fatter? Slap some cheese and gravy on fries!

11:49AM BBT - BB tells Emmett he has a fresh mic in the SR. The HG's discuss making tortilla chips out of bacon and dipping it in salsa. They remark that they heard a sound outside that sounds like an elephant.

11:52AM BBT - Tom & Liza in the HOH room. They are discussing all the tasks from this morning. Gary wasn't helping, both are annoyed at him. Tom wants Suzette gone this week, but it might end up being Gary because he is making everyone mad at him.

11:58AM BBT - Liza reassures Tom that Aneal and Talla are with them.

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1208BBT Good morning BB fans heres whats happening in the KT is alec AJ and liza and peter just talking in HOH is tom and jil aying in the bed talking

1211BBT now in the kT is emitt sitting on the couch putting on a shirt alec is talking about the have nots

1215BBT talk in the KT turns to working out and when the pov will be foth

1216 feed back with HG still in the Kt just talking now about the BB addictions

1220 BBT not much going on just chit chat from the HG

1225BBT talk now is on working out and tom is in his hoh room sleeping with headphones on

1226 bbt looks like most HG are sleeping sound is out on the KT so I cant hear the talking

1227BBT all I hear in the background is alot of banging sounds like they are builting something

1230 BBT still no sound just the banging but the HG is the KT are still talking but I dont know what about for all I hear is banging

1232 HG are up now somekind of ringing phone ringing loudly now no one is answering it

1233 BBT no not the phone it was the buzzer going off

1235BBT talla wants a quick shower asked BB if she has time for one still banging in the background buzzer again

1236BBT alec emitt and aj are in the KT Girls are in the WR and Gary is in the BR still banging can be heard

1238BBt now in the HOH is alec and em talking about who to take off the block with the pov they are saying keeping gary and taking out suzette now who will maybe take suzeette off the block they dont want anyone from their team to go up next week and now em is talking about the cons of keeping gary to suzette

1242 tom is scared the suzette will win the pov and if she does win pov and hoh next week she may put him up he wants gary out next week for sure 100% now talking why gary is so much of a threat to quadro

1246BBT now in the hoh is alec em and aneal talking aobut last nights tasks

1247BBT it appears that the buzzer was to wake up the HG tom is saying how Suzette has to leave this week for sure at all costs peter now walks into the hoh room with the guys they are now watching the spy cam and gary on the sofa

1250 BBT in the Kt is gary by the ref talking something out Aj is sitting at the table cams are either on the HOH or KT cam now on WR where talla and someone in the shower maybe jil

1255 BBT guys in the HOH are just chit chatting about CA in the KT now is topaz and liza and Andy and gary at the table chit chatting

100BBT in the hoh they guys are talking about is suzette will win pov and hoh next week Tom shes got to go now they are talking about hip hop in the kt jillian and aj and andy and gary and liza jil doing her nails they are chit chatting about nothing really kract mac and chesse dinners suzette is the BR talking to gary about how she cant trust anyone in the house now gary goes to take a

105 BBT cams are on the guys in the hoh or suzette in the BR now tom is talking about what the vote will be for suzette and how she will go out, and how he will react to her tom I think her true self is coming out shes lieing and making stuff up

110BBT back in the KT they HG there are still just talking alec is now in the kitchen and also emitt is now in the KT and we can still hear the banging from outside

111BBT alec is telling andy why tom put up gary to make sure suzette goes home this week the plan is to get suzette out this week and gary out next week alec is saying

112 BBT in hoh they are talking about donkey hong and that maybe what the pov will be a donkey hong type of thing talla is now in the hoh talking about slop now with aneal and em is back in the hoh talla and aneal now leaving the hoh talla talking about what food to make chicken it sounds like they leave the hoh

125BBT Hg are talking about the banging and how much longer it will be hours and how people were trying to get some sleep gary and talla are in the Br gary wearing a towl again talla tring to change with a cover over two beds she is on the floor saying she doesnt want to show too much to the cams suzette walks in guys in the hoh are just talking

131 BBT in the kt is jil and talla who is looking for somthing in the ref now talla is talking about bruzzle sprouts

134BBT tom and peter and AJ in the LV talking about sports

137 BBT Andy and emitt are also in the LV with the guys talking about sports no in the hoh sry alec suzette liza in the Br liza making funny faces at cam gary is also in the BR

138 BBT alec and topaz in the same bed talking about how topaz is hanging out just looking at the wall and how great that is alec gets out of bed topaz is in toe back in the KT with talla

141 BBT talla let the cleaning begin and she starts to clean up back up in the hoh the guys who are peter aj andy tom and emitt are just chillin out talking alec is now in the hoh talking about suzette talking about how BB is doing mind control and we get a short foth feeds come back to the hoh room

feeds come back to the hoh room talking about suzette and how its her own fault that she is on the block how she didnt listen to the house and that she isnt in a showmance with anyone and how her hoh was handed to her and on and on foth

149BT feed are back with talla in the hoh room with the guys they are just talking suzette in a corner with a cover over her head with gary in the BR rocking back and forth

152 BBT now suzette is laying on the bed talking to gary suzette Im going to make youtube video with Dani when I get out of the house peter walks in and sits on the bed talking about making videos with dani peter you still have the veto dont sell yourself short now they are talking about what the veto maybe

156 BBT suzette is talking about how shes not going to try to get votes for her to stay if she doesnt win the veto to gary because she wants gary to stay the guys in the hoh are still just chillin out ok someone has a blanket over them in the BR looking at the wall I dont know who it is they are rocking back and forth so thats whats going on in the BB house have a good day peace out

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9:27PMBBT Feeds are back. Jill and Suz are having a heart to heart in the BR. Suz feels alone "If I leave I leave but I wont slander or throw anyone under the bus. I take responsibility for what I have said" Jill says she will add her to fb.

9:31PMBBT Liza, AJ, Peter, Aneal, Andrew are at the table. The mood is chatty and laughing. Liza says "Are we FotH right now? I am still wearing the jersey." SO I am assuming it was a hockey challenge? They are now discussing what FotH means. Peter says it is fish. Liza says "It's Canada, give us a beaver." [No thanks, I can handle the Hush screen - Indigo]

9:36PMBBT Talla is also wearing a jersey. HG are chatting and eating mini tacos. Liza says the guys hair is getting long, they all need hair cuts. Aneal "You look really chum delish" to talla.

9:41PMBBT Liza is talking about what she is going to do after she leaves the house. Aneal "Peter what are you gonna do?" Peter "Probably jerk off a lot. I will probably go back to my job that I love but, I will really pump the youtube thing." He is now explaining the business of youtube.

9:43PMBBT So from what I can tell, Topaz, Liza and Talla (all wearing jerseys still) probably participated in the challenge. Topaz is in the HN room. Alec and Andrew are in the WA talking about Tom and the game. They are now trying to figure out who is going home and in what order. Alec is concerned about Liza, Tom, Em and Jill carrying Aneal to the end to sway the vote. Andrew wants to keep Gary in the game.

9:48PMBBT Andrew and Alec have mentioned there are vibrators in the house. Something in the challenge? And now the convo has turned into who has had sex in past BB houses. Alec says he could not imagine having sex in the house. Andrew would like a box of condoms to take home, he says he needs magnums. Alec is now in the shower as Andrew is still talking. Alec "I farted" Andrew "It's alright man I have smelled you before.... oh, pungent!"

9:55PMBBT Tom is eating at the KT. It is confirmed it was a hockey challenge. (Wondering how condoms and vibrators go with hockey? We must have missed a lot when it was HotH.) Suzette makes her way out of the BR. She walks into the kitchen and says "I just want to verbally apologize to Tom about what I said to him. I disrespected him." She is crying. "I am very sorry I have allowed my self to become this person." She confirms that Tom won the challenge.

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10:00PMBBT Suzette and Emmett are in the BY talking. She apologized to him as well. Says she never talked about him in the game. There is no negativity towards him or Jill. Em "You know people are watching. My grandparents are watching, my family, Jill is a teacher back home." Suzette says she just blew up. Em says there were no issues but, they all heard what she was saying. Em says he censors himself due to how things are portrayed to those outside of the house.

10:07PMBBT Emmett and Suzette are still having a talk in the BY. Em is on the hammock, Suz is on the "grass". She feels she has been bullied and belittled this past week. Em says "If we were in the real world they wouldn't get away with it" She now says she is going through hormonal changes and doesn't expect people to understand. Em "If I was you, I would be leaving here on a good note."

10:12PMBBT gary and Topaz in the HN room discussing who they can trust. Topaz "We can't trust Peter 100% because of Liza." Gary "I have to win HoH next week. I need this even more." Tom still wants to get Suzette out. Gary says "I know he doesn't trust me but he listened to me." They are discussing Liza and how they can't trust her because of the "girl" alliance. Gary "Oh please, she won't leave Tom's dick. Who does she think she is? Geri Spice?" They are now talking about Suzette and the blow up! Em wanted to "punch her out, there is no way he is gonna trust her and flip to vote me out." says Gary.

10:19PMBBT Topaz "Did you put the raisin bran in the sink? Swept it up and put it in the sink?" Gary "No I did 2 fries but..." She says "No, people are saying you put the cereal in the sink. It will be the little things that piss them off." Gary "I am just trying to do little things, little things you know... but now I am just gonna suck Tom. Ya, suck him good! I just gotta get him to trust me."

10:23PMBBT AJ and Andrew are outside having a smoke. Lots of Tom and Liza talk. AJ is "very confident" he is saying. Suzette's rant has done a number on the house. AJ "Now there isn't even going to be a sympathy vote! It's just the game." Andrew "Fuck it is cold out!" Gary and Talla are dancing around the kitchen. Em, Jill, Alec are working out in the BY. Aneal doesn't want to watch the show once he gets out. DR sessions are what they are afraid of seeing as things are said in the heat of the moment.

10:27PMBBT AJ is now in the BY. Andrew and Peter are talking at the table. Peter says "I want you to know that Alec and I have your back, even with AJ we think we can do some shit. Keep it super, super under the radar" (Sounds like Quattro 2 is formed.) AJ says "Does the pawn even have to pack their bag this week?" they are now discussing boogie and how he left the house without packing his bag. They are big Frank fans. They loved his lines... "I wish I had 2 of these."

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10:35PMBBT Peter, Andrew and AJ are talking about the Shannon/Hardy toothbrush incident on BB2. (She cleaned the toilet with his toothbrush when she got mad at him) Andrew "OMG it feels like we have been here forever" it is silent for a minute he says "Hey you just flashed me! No no the other one" He is talking to Liza.

10:41PMBBT Liza, Gary and AJ are feverishly discussing Hindu gods. Gary is sitting on Andrew's lap. Aneal has joined their conversation. Alec is still working out in the BY alone. Em went in the house to the HoH with Tom. They are discussing workout schedules. What they should do day to day. Tom "This is our week to bulk up so you can with that HoH" Tom is removing Gary from the block to build trust and putting AJ on the block (AJ knows this) Em is telling Tom about his convo with Suzette. Em is being very honest about his conversation. Tom says Suz accused him of calling her names and the people in the house were telling her. He said "Ok let's go downstairs and find out right now." Tom again "If she would have won, she would not have been apologizing." Tom is concerned that Suz will get a sympathy vote for the apology. Tom wants the vote 10-0 for Suz to leave.

10:48PMBBT Tom wants Suzette out this week. Then he wants Aneal, AJ and then the 4 "at the table" (don't know what that means). Peter is now in the HoHR with Em and Tom. Aneal is the topic now. Aneal asked Peter "Are we the new brigade?" They agree that the 4 at the table need to leave. They are AJ, Aneal, Gary, Andrew. The topic at the table is religion. Andrew is agnostic. AJ says "People outside of our religion are more interested than those raised in it. Wouldn't you agree AJ?" AJ says "You are not able to be converted to Hinduism. You are either born Hindu or you are ot. It is the only religion you can not convert to. You can follow the ideology but you can not convert." Aneal now has a tapestry wrapped around him with the Ganesh and another god on it.

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11:02PMBBT Tom says "Andrew has to go because of the simple fact, he is all over Liza." Peter says "I watch you leave and Andrew goes over to Liza, you come back and he leaves. It's like a rotisserie system going on" They are now talking about not watching DR sessions when they leave. Peter says "It's important to think ahead but there are so many variables." Tom "We got brains, we got brawn, we got street smarts and we got skin... Alec" Peter. Em and Tom all laugh. They are hoping for a physical challenge. They are worried that Andrew will win they think he has something to prove.

11:05PMBBT Suzette's freak out rehashing: Tom says "you guys all hate me none of you are my friends, and everyone's like oh no its not like that and she says and Tom you fucking redneck." Suz freaked out after taking herself out in the PoV competition. Peter, Em and Tom are discussing the PoV comp. Pictures in the a net, they had to break/knock the pics over in the net. Suz shot the puck and took herself out. Tom thinks it was Karma, says "That was purely poetic." Tom says he wants to go downstairs, Peter says he will go with him but they are still talking. Peter says "AJ even said if it is 9-1 vote well them there is the next target" they laugh and now are all heading downstairs. Em "Oh today was Hockey Night in Canada"

11:11PMBBT Topaz is cleaning up a bit and cooking in the KT. Other HG have headed outside. Liza is in the hammock, Tom has joined her. He is showing her his "hockey scar" and how he took a skate to the leg playing hockey. He didn't know until after the game. He got up and almost tipped her out of the hammock. Liza is now going to do her laundry. Aneal has a towel wrapped around him, taking his pants off to put his trunks on. Aneal "I have slept woth Jillian, I got a lap dance from Topaz, a finger went some where it shouldn't last night...." Liza so what you are saying is I am next?" Aneal "I am just saying brace yourself." Gary is on the bed in the BR Topaz is sitting with him Talla is on the other bed. they are talking clothes and make up.

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11:20PMBBT Jill "20 poutines came today so that is 5 each and 30 beavertails so that is 5 ummm no 7 each... plus 2 more" Alec says "I already ate 3" Em says "That is such a waste of food." Em, Alec and AJ are working out, Jill is standing over Em watching. Andrew and Tom are in the pool and Andrew is still talking about Hardy from BB2. They can't remember Nicole's (from BB2) name Tom is calling her the "hot brunette".

11:26PMBBT Talla: "We love Topaz!" as she walks outside. Aneal: "Sleeping beauty?" Talla: "ya!" She and Gary get outside and start dancing. They are headed for a smoke. BB: "Houseguests, Please return all jerseys to the rack in the bedroom!" Gary is still wearing his jersey, he wants to keep it. Liza has already hung up all the other comp jerseys. Gary is walking into the BR. Liza is in there counting up the clothes from the competition. Shorts, shoes and jerseys. Gary is now looking for clothes to change into.

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11:33PMBBT Liza and Peter rolled the rack of PoV comp clothes into the SR. They return to the bedroom. The BR door won't close. Peter gives an annoyed look to the camera. Liza lies down and says "It is hard for me to be mean about people." Gary and Talla walk in for a few minutes. They leave, Peter says quietly "I do not say mean things about people or nice things. I speak the truth or a variation of it and sometimes, it is funny." Liza is worried about her alliance with Tom "I feel when Tom leaves that is my warning shot." peter: "People are becoming wise as to how good you are in the game I can assure you that you are in no danger in the foreseeable future. Tom is wise to the Andrew thing. Emmett is wise to our thing. Like Aneal today on the couch, that is how it starts. Perception is the only truth." Liza: "Maybe I should just start fights?" Peter: "No, I would be disappointed if you did that" Liza: "I know someone who is going after Em and Jill hard." Peter sits next to her to find out. Liza: "I know Topaz is going after Em." Could not hear who was going after Jill. Peter and Liza are lying down now. Whispering.

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11:43PMBBT Peter: "Why did we evict Danielle? She cleaned everything!" Liza is frustrating in losing competitions. She is waiting to see a showmance fall. Tom has wandered into the BR and Liza jumps up. Tom wants his hat for the hot tub. Tom is standing at the mirror looking at the cock ring box. He has now pulled it out and is playing with it. Tom: "Do you think the audio picked that up?" (yes it did) Tom is now sitting on the bed across from Peter and Liza. Tom:"I will let you guys continue to talk, I am going to go up to my room, freshen up, go to the hot tub. Wanna work out tomorrow Peter?" Peter agrees. Tom leaves. (Tom was kinda creepy in there, low voice, kind of suspicious) Now Liza and Peter can't remember what they were talking about. They think Thursday will be physical and they think either Em or Andrew will win and they are questioning what Andrew will do if he wins.

11:52PMBBT Andrew, Topaz and Aneal in the hot tub. Topaz is listing off what she could really "go for" right now when it comes to drinks and food. Peter and Liza are in the BR still talking, They are whispering very quietly as Suz is in there now and Tom just came back in. Suz leaves to "Go get fresh air" Peter asked her "What do you want?" Liza: "I don't know what I want right now." Peter: "Do you strike?" Liza is thinking Alec and Topaz. Peter confirms Alec is paranoid about Liza coming after him because of the showmance thing. Peter says "I have Emmett" Liza says "Cutting off Emmett frees up Tom and frees up Jillian for me." Peter "But why is it all for you?" When Liza mentions the girl alliance.

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