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Access Hollywood

Monaco and O'Hurley Prepare For 'Dance-Off'


Alec Mazo and Kelly Monaco versus Charlotte Jorgensen and John O'Hurley

In the spirit of good-natured competition, "Dancing With The Stars" champion Kelly Monaco and her professional dance partner, Alec Mazo, will meet runner-up John O'Hurley and his professional partner Charlotte Jorgensen, once again on the dance floor. "Dancing with the Stars: Dance-off" will air Tuesday, September 20 on ABC.

Audiences were dazzled by John and Charlotte's elegant waltzes and raved at Kelly and Alec's spicy Latin dances, resulting in a thrilling and hotly debated finale. For this special event, both champ and runner-up have agreed to reunite for one more electrifying showdown! The dance-off will feature each couple performing several styles of dance -- Latin, ballroom and freestyle.

The "Dancing With The Stars" judges will return to give their critiques, but only viewers' votes will count. Trying to avoid another voting controversy, viewers are invited to weigh in with their votes via phones and the internet immediately following the broadcast on the 20th. And unlike the series, they won't have to wait a week to learn the results of their votes. This time, results will be announced during a separate telecast which will air on Thursday, September 22.

In addition to more fabulous costumes and the live band, also included in the special will be dance demonstrations by the professional dancers from the series: Ashly Delgrosso, Jonathan Roberts, Edyta Sliwinska and Louis van Amstel. The six-week run of the first American version of "Dancing With The Stars" emerged as the biggest summertime hit of 2005. It was the most-watched summer series on any network in the last five years, averaging over 16 million viewers.

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E! Online

'Dance-Off' Rematch for Monaco and O'Hurley!

by Joal Ryan


Kelly Monaco tells John O'Hurley to 'bring it on' for 'Dance-Off.'

Not only can controversy be good for business, sometimes it can inspire a two-part special. Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley will return to the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom for a so-called "dance-off" on September 20, ABC announced recently at a press conference.

The results, based solely on viewer voting, will be announced in a separate September 22 telecast. Monaco, the daytime soap star, took the first round against O'Hurley, the former "Seinfeld" player, back on July 6 when she and professional dance partner, Alec Mazo were named champs of the six-week made-for-TV contest.

Coming in the wake of early shaky efforts, Monaco's win was greeted with suspicion by O'Hurley die-hards who thought the show's elder statesman had samba-d circles around the competition with the help of partner Charlotte Jorgensen. One conspiracy theory had ABC plotting to put Monaco on top in the name of corporate synergy--the actress' day job is on the network's "General Hospital."


Kelly Monaco addresses the critics at their

recent annual TCA conference.

At the Television Critics Association press tour last month, ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson told reporters the network was considering a Monaco-O'Hurley rematch. To the executive, a show returning the two rivals to the dance floor was a "great idea," not an admission that funny business had marred the initial results.

"The voting was not fixed whatsoever," McPherson said. The newly sure-footed Monaco, meanwhile, refused to be tripped up by talk that she didn't earn her victory, and welcomed a rematch. "Bring it on," the actress said at the ABC press conference last month. "You want a dance-off, come on up here. I'll give you a dance-off."

And so the dance-off: The Monaco and O'Hurley teams will compete in Latin, ballroom and freestyle. The 90-minute special will be filled out with "dance demonstrations" by: Ashly Delgrosso, Joey McIntyre's former partner; Jonathan Roberts, Rachel Hunter's ringer; Edyta Sliwinska, survivor of Evander Holyfield's moves; and Louis van Amstel, Trista Sutter's harsh taskmaster.


John O'Hurley faces Kelly Monaco in dance rematch.

The results show, airing two nights later, will be kept to a relatively spare 30 minutes. No decision has been made as to whether a separate results show will be part of "Dancing with the Stars" second season. And, no, no decision has been made as to when "Dancing with the Stars" second season will launch.

In its inaugural run, summer's biggest TV hit aired once a week, for six consecutive weeks, starting June 1. One dance team was eliminated at the end of each episode, except the first episode, on account of no team got eliminated until a lousy performance was at least one week old. (The logistics and math made a bit, but not a lot, more sense as the series played out.)

While 'Dancing's' trio of judges will be on hand for next month's dance-off, they'll only serve as sideline observers, a la the Simon-Paula-Randy troika on "American Idol." The Monaco-O'Hurley winner will be determined by audience-generated online and phone voting. Results will be final. Presumably until the next dance-off.

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'Dancing' Finding Legs

by Michael Schneider


Charlotte Jorgensen and John O'Hurley will 'dance-off' against

Kelly Monaco and Alex Mazo

ABC has turned controversy into opportunity, bringing back "Dancing With the Stars" finalists Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley for a premiere week rematch. The live 90-minute special "Dancing With the Stars: Dance-off" will air at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20, followed by a half-hour results show at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 22.

ABC will utilize the special to go up against some heavy-duty competition: Tuesday edition will air opposite the series premiere of NBC's heavily promoted new comedy "My Name Is Earl," as well as CBS' "Big Brother 6" finale. Thursday recap, meanwhile, goes up against the season premiere of NBC's "The Apprentice" and the CBS's "CSI."

For 'Dance-off,' Monaco and O'Hurley will be reunited with their professional dance partners, Alec Mazo and Charlotte Jorgensen. The Monaco/O'Hurley dance-off comes following heavy criticism for how the summer hit's finale played out. ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson's summer TV Critics Association session was dominated by questions about whether Monaco's win was legitimate.


Controvery swirled around the perfect scores given by the three

judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

Several critics cried foul because audience votes from the previous week were used in the finale to determine the winner. They also questioned Monaco's perfect scores in the finale from the show's three judges. McPherson actually hinted at the press tour that a rematch might be in the works.

This time around, the competition will be determined only by viewer votes, which will be tallied and revealed on the Thursday edition. ABC had previously announced that the next edition of 'Stars,' which may air as soon as January, will include same-week voting and both a performance and results show.

ABC had originally scheduled an hour long "According To Jim" premiere on September 20. Instead, the network will air a different half-hour episode, as well as an original episode of "Wife Swap" following 'Dance-off.' Also, ABC plans to cut down the 90-minute special into an hour and rebroadcast it at 8 p.m. that Thursday, leading into the results show.

"Dancing With the Stars" emerged as the biggest summer hit in several years at the networks, averaging more than 16 million viewers. BBC Worldwide produces.

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Great posts as usual H8. BTW have had lots of trouble getting on to Morty's of late.

For those of you that want to see the dancing again, General Hospital Happenings two has the clips.


I applaud Kelly for this as its a no win situation. If she wins again, it stirs up the it was fixed and the soap freaks did this complaints. If she loses it validates these complaints.

Kelly has said what she really would like is the opportunity to dance with John. I would have much rather seen the two of them doing the 3 dances and one final dance together with no voting.

As for Kelly, if you thought the soap fans came out before watch them now. From what I have seen on the soap boards people are very hyped up because they feel that not only has she been slammed but that they as soap viewers have been as well.

thanks again for the latest info. H8. Cant wait til the 20th. Then five days to LOST - YUMMY

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

IT'S ON!: All you John O'Hurley fans can quit your whining: The Seinfeld alum will get a chance to avenge his controversial loss to Kelly Monaco in Dancing with the Stars: Dance-Off, airing Sept. 20 on ABC. The special will find the novice hoofers and their respective partners, Charlotte Jorgensen and Alec Mazo, performing Latin, ballroom and freestyle numbers. And while the original judges will be on hand to to offer critiques, only viewers will decide the winner via phone and the Internet. Results will be announced during a separate Sept. 22 telecast titled "Dancing with the Stars: We're Milking This Controversy for All It's Worth."

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  • 3 weeks later...

'Dancing With The Stars' Marathon on ABC Family


'Dancing' finalists Kelly Monaco, Alec Mazo, Charlotte Jorgensen

and John O'Hurley.

If you missed "Dancing With The Stars" the first time around or just want to see all the dance action again, you are in luck! ABC Family Channel will run the entire Season One in back to back episodes on Sunday, September 18 starting at 1 p.m. (ET/PT).

The 'Dancing' Marathon will give viewers the chance to reacquaint themselves with every step, every routine leading up to the controversial finale between 'Dancing' Champions Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo and runner-up dancers John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen.

This is the perfect opportunity to see all the exciting 'Dancing' fun for the first time, catch those missed episodes or see it all over again! See every hip movement, every graceful pose before actor John O'Hurley and soap star Kelly Monaco go toe-to-toe once again in a 90-minute live ballroom competition dance-off! "Dancing With The Stars: Dance-Off" will strike a pose on Tuesday, September 20, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

In the spirit of good-natured competition, champion Kelly Monaco and her professional dance partner, Alec Mazo, will meet runner-up John O'Hurley and his professional partner Charlotte Jorgensen, for an electrifying showdown on the dance floor. America will decide who the winner is, with results to be announced during a September 22nd telecast!

So all you armchair ballroom dancers, set your VCR or grab your remote for the "Dancing With The Stars" Marathon. You don't want to be the only one at the water cooler without anything to talk about!

'Dancing With The Stars' Marathon

Sunday, September 18

1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Celebrities Trista Sutter, Rachel Hunter, Evander Holyfield, Joey McIntyre, John O'Hurley and Kelly Monaco are paired with professional dance partners to compete before a panel of expert judges.

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Joey McIntyre, John O'Hurley, Evander Holyfield and their partners perform quick-step routines, while Rachel Hunter, Trista Sutter, Kelly Monaco and their partners dance rumbas.

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

John O'Hurley, Rachel Hunter and partners dance the tango; Evander Holyfield, Joey McIntyre and Kelly Monaco perform a jive with their partners; one couple is eliminated from the competition.

4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Each couple dances the samba, then the Viennese waltz.

5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

John O'Hurley, Joey McIntyre and Kelly Monaco tackle the paso doble and the foxtrot with their partners.

6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen perform their quickstep routine, while Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo perform a samba; all previously eliminated stars return to perform one last time before the winner is crowned.

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Ballroom Blitz: 'Stars' Finalists Set for 'Dance-Off'


'Dancing With The Stars: Dance-Off' finalists Kelly Monaco

and her partner, Alec Mazo will put the dance moves on John

O'Hurley and his partner, Charlotte Jorgensen.

LOS ANGELES, California - When he was asked about the controversy over Kelly Monaco's "Dancing with the Stars" victory in July, ABC chief Stephen McPherson replied with a query of his own: "Should there be a rematch between the two, would that satisfy people?"

It seemed like a rhetorical question at the time, but no more. Monaco and 'Dancing' runner-up John O'Hurley will return for one more night of ballroom brawling in the special "Dancing with the Stars: Dance-Off." The 90-minute special is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20, with the results revealed in a half-hour show on Thursday, September 22.

The 'Dance-Off' springs from the swirl of controversy around the finale of the surprise summer hit and the generally confusing voting procedures that combined judges' scores with audience picks. In the finale, Monaco -- a "General Hospital" star and ex-Playboy model -- received a perfect score from the three judges to seal the victory with her partner, pro dancer Alec Mazo.


'Dancing With The Stars: Dance-Off' will pit the sultry latin style of Kelly Monaco and her

professional partner, Alec Mazo against the elegant smooth dance style of John O'Hurley

and his dance partner, Charlotte Jorgensen.

The win came as a surprise to fans of O'Hurley, the former "Seinfeld" co-star who had scored consistently high marks in preceding weeks and won fans for his affable personality as well as his dancing. ABC insists the results were all above-board.

The winner of the 'Dance-Off' will be determined entirely by viewer voting, either by phone or online. Monaco and O'Hurley will each perform several dances during the Tuesday special, with judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman offering their critiques -- but not scoring the routines.

The special could serve as something of a trial run for season two of "Dancing with the Stars," which is scheduled for midseason and will incorporate a weekly results show in addition to the performance episodes. And, airing as it does during the first week of the 2005-06 season, 'Dance-Off' will give ABC a nice promotional push for its fall lineup, nearly all of which debuts after September 20.

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Okay - I need to make a confession......its a tough one to admit.... I think I am the only person in America who thinks this way but -- I THINK JOHN O'HURLEY IS AN INSUFFERABLE POMPOUS BLOWHARD!!

There -- I said it -- and the world didnt open up and swallow me whole. Cars are not amassing in front of my house filled with angry people carrying bricks and bats looking to change my mind.

I may be the only person that feels that way but I dont care. Let the rest of Amercia ride on the John O'Hurley bandwagon but keep me out of it.

He has been a poor sport ever since Kelly won the first time, and I think the fix is in this time to get him to finally shut the f**k up. I called about 40 times (which I never do, not for Big Brother, not for American Idol, Not, Never, No) and I got about 10 times. One time to vote and 5 times being told that the call would not go through and 5 times or so being told the circuits were down.

As for their dances, for me the first round was about a draw/slight advantage Kelly. For the first time I saw some heat from JO/CJ and I thought Kelly and Alec were great.

Round two -- I dont think it was the big JO triple 10 that the judges thought it was. I thought it was slightly better than KM/AM's performance but I expected that. This was John's style of dance and I expected him to carry that round. Medium advantage John/Charlotte.

But then we get to Round 3. I love Kelly but I am honest by nature. The freestyle dance she did tonight was no comparison to the amazing performance she gave in the last finale. The first competition she earned 3 tens and she deserved them but I thought the 26 she got tonight was right. The dance was very good but not the level of difficulty that was there in the last competition wasnt there tonight.

BUT and here is where I think the comp goes to Kelly -- JO's last dance IMHO was a complete mess. So chutzpah points for JO for trying the lifts, but why try something you cant do. He dropped her at one point, the footwork was all off coming into and out of the "stunts" was a mess, and their timing was not in synch at all. How the judges could give them the same score as they gave KM/AM for that last dace just because "he tried' is beyond me.

Maybe I am jaded but I think TPTB was JO to win this time to prove that there wasnt a fix and possible to set up a third and "final" finale (funny me but I thought a finale was by definition final)

if you watch tonight and agree that Kelly 1. deserved the title the first time 2. didnt deserve to be set up to have to prove she deserved it the first time around and 3. won again tonight, I encourage you if your time zone is still open to vote, vote, vote as well as vote at www.dancingwiththestars.abc.com.

Oh and PS. what kind of stupid competition is this that they open the phone lines before the first dance and close them 15 minutes after the show ends. What a dumbass way of doing things. CBS, Fox and NBC have reality shows which are competitions and none of them work this way. When ABC first set up the rules (and yes I know this shows what a geek I am but I read them the night of the first show) I KNEW that the outcome would be controversial because the rules made no sense. So now they redo the comp to fix the problem with the rules only to give us another stupid ass set up. Message to ABC -- if you dont know how to do reality show competitions, dont do them!!!

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: The Water Cooler

Dancing with the Stars: Dance-off

I loved Dancing with the Stars, watched every episode, voted and had a great time. I was kind of against this rematch to begin with because it seemed like just a ratings ploy. An announcement that they'd be giving some money to charity made me a little more hopeful. But then show went and annoyed me from the get-go as it threw my TiVo for a loop by starting at 8:30 and running until 10:01. (Hello, Biggest Loser. I'm sorry; I'll try to catch you later.) And by the time I got to watch it at 10:01, after watching the Big Brother finale, I'd pretty much already missed any voting opportunity, as they allowed you only 15 minutes after the show. So I was a bit disgruntled, but John O' Hurley and Kelly Monaco did a great job dancing. Kelly will probably win because of her big fan base and her little red outfit and all her flips and dips. John and Charlotte looked amazing and graceful, but if they didn't win doing that last time around, I doubt it will help this time. Oh, and I was unexpectedly delighted by the pros dancing, and the adorable little kids. But it was strange to me that they could get Brian McKnight to sing, but they couldn't get a better band? If they had just waited another day I'm sure they could have gotten the cool house band from Rock Star: INXS. Whatever. But no matter who wins on Thursday, can we just call it over? I can't watch "Dance-off Part Deux."

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Okay - I need to make a confession...its a tough one to admit...I think I am the only person in America who thinks this way but -- I THINK JOHN O'HURLEY IS AN INSUFFERABLE POMPOUS BLOWHARD!!

There -- I said it -- and the world didn't open up and swallow me whole. Cars are not amassing in front of my house filled with angry people carrying bricks and bats looking to change my mind.


Well, Lauren, my friend, thought I'd oblige. Miss you sweetie but I must disagree with you on a few points but ONLY a few points. The first being that Kelly Monaco was the one who asked for the rematch . . . NOT John O'Hurley. And Kelly and John are playing this up for the camera. Behind the scenes, they secretly adore each other. So, if anything, I would only accuse John of overacting (which I admit he is SO guilty). I love the fact they added the charity factor which was both their ideas. They actually do talk outside of the competition.

I was sorry to see John play up the sour grapes dialogue. My take on it? It was done to justify the contest in the first place. Producers wanted these two to vie again to stir interest in the second season of "Dancing With the Stars." John and Kelly agreed to do it for charity.

For my taste, I would have preferred seeing Kelly and John dance as a couple this time against perhaps Ashly Delgrosso and Joey McIntyre. I think it would be interesting to see a strong Ballroom dancer (John) dance with a crisp Latin dancer (Kelly). When I was dancing, I was the crisp dancer with specialties in Samba and West Coast Swing (not a competition dance). I wanted to work on my smooth so my dance instructor recommended a pairing with a ballroom dancer.

Here's the interesting phenomena about my partnering with a ballroom dancer. It really smoothed out my technique and brought my ballroom up to a new level. However, he only slightly improved his crispness as a Latin technician. My dance instructor said that is usually what happens. It is easier to smooth out a Latin dancer than to add punch to a ballroom hoofer. It would have been interesting to me to see if the same was true with John and Kelly. I think John could have done wonders to smooth out Kelly but I think Kelly would have had an uphill battle to get John's hips to move.

With all that said, here's my take on the competition:

First Dance - Latin

Kelly and Alec - Nicely done. Some big missteps in the beginning and timing was off but all in all, it was fine for an amateur.

Score = 25

John and Charlotte - Again, nicely done. Some mistakes toward the end and Latin just isn't John's forte so it was also fine for an amateur.

Score = 25

Win = Tie

Second Dance - Ballroom

Kelly and Alec - I think she's improved in this area actually from the previous competition but unfortunately she's up against a juggernaut in ballroom with the pairing of Charlotte and John. Charlotte was a grand champion in ballroom while Alec was predominantly well known for his Latin technique. I think it would have been a fairer competition if Alec only danced with Kelly for the Latin and Freestyle and they brought in a true ballroom master for her to partner for this portion. THAT would have been fairer to Kelly. I would also say John should have had a strong Latin professional in the first dance and only partner Charlotte in the Ballroom and Freestyle.

Score = 25

John and Charlotte - Here's where we truly disagree. This was ballroom perfection. This was just grace and movement in tandem. I cannot stress enough how difficult it is for men to learn ballroom style dancing. I've been in their dance shoes and I can tell you a good strong male partner could get me to do things on the dance floor that I had no idea I could do. For an amateur male dancer especially one with so little training time to lead the professional female in her own specialty is a feat in itself. They truly deserved the 10s because they danced the entire time. My complaint with this competition is too many 'tricks' and not enough dancing. This was pure dance at its amateur best.

Score = 30

Win = John and Charlotte

Third Dance - Freestyle

Kelly and Alec - Before I get to their dance, I want to say this is 'Freestyle' which means anything goes. Tonight's competition really demonstrated this because one pair chose to 'perform' (Kelly and Alec) and the other to do a 'performance' (John and Charlotte). The two styles are rarely judged together in a competition. Kelly and Alec did what is called Cabaret style and is was pretty good for the amount of training time required to really pull off what they intended.

Cabaret style should never be judged against Performance style because Cabaret will win every time. Cabaret is all about the bells and whistles (tricks, acrobatics and jaw dropping lifts). I'm not sure what Bruno's complaint was here in chastising them on their tricks. Here's EXACTLY where they should be incorporated and judged on their merits. It wasn't a great performance but it was nicely done (and no one died). We used to put that last part in after seeing many death-defying Cabaret acts during competitions.

If anyone follows figure skating, this competition would be like pitting a pair skater against an ice dancer. Each has their own difficulty and appeal but the pair skater would win every time. Of course, the exception to that was England's ice dancing king and queen Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean (who just won an Emmy this past week!). They were highly criticized by judges for trying to cross the line from ice dancer to pair skater but it was that testing the boundaries that made them great and got the attention of the skating world.

Score = 27

John and Charlotte - Okay, onto to my favorite pair. I was really hoping they would step up their game when I saw an opportunity for them to dance ahead of Kelly and Alec. Sadly, it didn't happen for me. I do applaud and give John extra credit for doing the lifts. He deserves it. Alec works out daily and trains with his partner on lifts for competitions. He is already equipped to handle an itty bitty thing like Kelly compared to his tall real-life partner. In the opposite corner, you have John O'Hurley . . . an older, unconditioned amateur dancer trying to learn steps, rhythm, leads and lifts. It's really not a fair fight. You add in Charlotte's stature and it's not even a ballgame.

Here's my take though. It was THEIR choice to do this and that's where I think they went wrong. They are better at storytelling and humor. I've experienced this first hand . . . humor trumps acrobatics. It is well known in amateur competitions. I've won several first place trophies over much younger and more dynamic dancers by playing to my strengths. John and Charlotte didn't.

Score = 21

Win = Kelly and Alec

Final Scores

Kelly and Alec = 77

John and Charlotte = 76

As much as it pains me, I'd have to give it to Kelly to her keep her disco ball trophy. However, I feel the first time around, it should have gone to John and Charlotte. Basically, I feel we're comparing apples and oranges. Unless it's truly set up fairly and a bit more evenly matched, a clear cut winner will never be decided.

There is one definite winner . . . the viewers who love dance. Because of the popularity of this summer replacement show, PBS and Bravo are incorporating ballroom dance and dance in general in their upcoming programming schedules. They are even bringing back "Championship Ballroom Dancing" which has the top professionals in a true dance-off in all ten dances (5 Ballroom, 5 Latin). For all that "Dancing With the Stars" did to facilitate bringing back dance to my television screen . . . Score = 30.

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Friday, September 23

"Dancing with the Stars" Rematch: Meet the Winners
The dance-off everybody's talking about. The dance-off watched by millions. Who will win? See the "Dancing with the Stars" champs on Oprah's stage just hours after their big win! Then, he's young and fast. Meet NASCAR's rising star! And, four-time Oscar
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'Seinfeld' Star Wins 'Dance-Off' Rematch


Charlotte Jorgensen and John O'Hurley waltz

away with the 'Dance-Off' Championship.

NEW YORK, New York - The votes are in - and John O'Hurley has bested Kelly Monaco to win the "Dancing with the Stars" title many thought he deserved in the first place. "I'm very rarely beyond words and I am right now," O'Hurley said after the results were announced Thursday, September 22 on the ABC show.

In a rematch, O'Hurley and his professional dancing partner, Charlotte Jorgensen, bested Monaco and hers, Alec Mazo. Monaco beat O'Hurley in the July 6 season finale of the show but the win over the popular O'Hurley prompted skepticism over the voting process. The victor of the rematch was chosen purely by viewers - and co-host Tom Bergeron said the winner and loser were separated by just one per cent of the votes.

On the live "dance-off" held on Tuesday, September 20, Bergeron introduced the pairs with high drama and tongue at least partly in cheek. "In the tradition of the great rematches - Ali vs. Frazier, McEnroe vs. Borg, the Rolling Stones and father time - neither could resist the challenge of proving once and for all they are the best," Bergeron said.


Charlotte Jorgensen, John O'Hurley, Kelly Monaco and

Alec Mazo stand ready for dance battle.

The competitors did some big talking of their own before the contest began. "I won this challenge fair and square," Monaco said. "That is our win, that is our trophy and that's the way it's going to stay." O'Hurley commented, "Nobody, nobody wants to win as much as I do." O'Hurley later added, "I think we should have won."

The rematch followed audience complaints the show's voting process, which relied on both viewers and judges, was confusing. Questions also were raised about possible network favouritism for Monaco, who stars in the ABC soap opera, "General Hospital." O'Hurley is best known for playing catalogue king J. Peterman on NBC's "Seinfeld."

Quizzed by reporters in July, judge Len Goodman said the results weren't influenced by the network. "I never knew she was on ABC," he said of Monaco. Although viewers alone determined the winner this time, judges Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli returned with evaluations and scores. O'Hurley and Jorgensen earned a total of 77 points, edging Monaco and Mazo's 74 points.


Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo show off their

athletic prowess on the dance floor.

Monaco and Mazo performed the cha-cha and the quick step. The dances for O'Hurley and Jorgensen were the rhumba and the waltz. Each pair ended with a freestyle performance. The judges were kind in their comments, with a few exceptions, and even more so in their scoring - no performance earned less than a seven.

"A really first-class opening routine," Goodman said of Monaco and Mazo's cha-cha, although choreographer Inaba said Monaco stumbled at the start and lacked focus. Toniolo was impressed with the pair's next two dances but Goodman and Inaba begged to differ. "I didn't like it at all," Goodman said of the quick-step number. "It was like a balloon that you blew up and let go (and) it flew around the room."

After the freestyle, Inaba suggested Monaco's hold on the championship could be in doubt. "It seems to me that you lost a bit of your technique over the weeks that have passed . . . I don't think you did it tonight," Inaba said. At least Monaco's outfits were consistent - extremely tight, revealing and dripping with glitter and jewels.


Charlotte Jorgensen and John O'Hurley heat up on the

dance floor with a sexy rumba.

O'Hurley was criticized by Tonioli for stumbling on his rumba footwork but Goodman pronounced the performance "beautiful." O'Hurley and Jorgensen excelled on the waltz, winning a perfect 10 from each of the three judges. Their freestyle, a comic routine in which they acted out partners fighting for the spotlight, earned praise for O'Hurley's ambitious lifts of his partner, which Tonioli noted were "so difficult for a non-professional."

However, the judge's scores didn't mean anything this time around and the outcome was to be decided purely by viewer voting. After the 'Dance-Off,' controversy looks to be brewing again as Reality TV Magazine started receiving e-mails form fans of both couples complaining about difficulties in casting their votes.

Tom rushes over to John and asks "How does it feel? Do you feel vindicated?" John replies, "Tom, you've known me for a long time, and I'm very rarely beyond words, and I am right now. It's one of those quiet moments. It's as public as it is, but it's private as can be."


Hosts Tom Bergeron and Lisa Canning

Lisa then asked Kelly and Alec, "How do you fell about having taken part in this dance-off?" While maintaining her classy composure, Kelly focused on the positive and replies, "I think it's amazing. We raised a lot of money for charity and that was the main focus of the evening. We did our goal. We all came out winners in the end. Didn't we?"

The total amount raised for charity by the 'Dance-Off' was $250,000. Kelly's charity, the Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund received $124,000 for those who fell victim to the horrific Hurricane Katrina. John's charity, Golfers Against Cancer took home $126,000 for research in the fight against cancer.

"Dancing with the Stars" proved the surprise hit of the summer schedule and was part of a small burst of dance popularity on TV that included the Fox series, "So You Think You Can Dance," which ends October 5.

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Before I finish adding all the pictures to the story above, I thought I'd add my two cents. Although I was a huge John O'Hurley fan, my heart sank at Kelly's disappointment. I'm beginning to adore this beautiful and talented woman. I did love the ending where John picked up Kelly in a lift and twirled her around in the air. I feel both dancers showed amazing grace in the conclusion.

Even fighting off tears, Kelly had a beautiful and touching sentiment regarding the true meaning of the 'Dance-Off' . . . charity. No one should hang their head in shame with the amount raised toward both their charities. With only 1% between them, this was truly as close to a tie as you can get. Kelly raised $124,000 for the Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund while John's charity of Golfers Against Cancer received $126,000.

I'm not sure if anyone caught Host Tom Bergeron's comment at the conclusion of tonight's competition. Kelly does NOT lose her title as "Dancing With the Stars" Champion for the series. She and Alec remain the Reigning Champions . . . disco ball trophy and all. The only thing John walked away with tonight was the title of the 'Dance-Off' Champion. I didn't see a trophy so in the end, I feel they both walk away as winners.

If it was up to me, they would do what the professional championships do in competition and you saw that personified tonight in the professional solo dances. The Professional Dance Championships never combine Latin and Ballroom in competition. You can win either the Ballroom Title or the Latin Title. If you win both, you then are named Ten Dance Champions which is the highest achievement in Ballroom Dance.

So my final vote would be to award the Ballroom Championship to John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen and the Latin Championship would go hands down to Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo. I said it before and I'll say it again . . . the real winners are those of us viewers who adore watching Ballroom Dancing or Dancing of any kind on our television screens. Here's to looking forward to January and the new crop of dancers.

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

DANCING KING: At long last... vindication for John O'Hurley. Last night, the Seinfeld grad was crowned the winner of ABC's Dancing with the Stars dance-off, beating reigning champ Kelly Monaco. But boy, was it close. When all the viewer votes were counted, O'Hurley's margin of victory over Monaco was a mere 1 percent. Hmmm... I think this calls for a November sweeps rematch!

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: The Water Cooler

Dancing with the Stars: Dance-Off

OK. I just couldn't make the time commitment to watch this results show, between my "DiVo" and TiVo working overtime trying to record The O.C., Survivor, Apprentice, Celeb Poker, CSI and all the other good stuff on, my cup runneth over. But I did read that the charming John O'Hurley edged out a win over the spunky Kelly Monaco, but just barely. So they've both won once. Can we call a truce now? Please? They are can both cut a rug, good. Now let's get some new blood in here who hasn't learned the steps to see just what other people can do.

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