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March 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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12:09AM BBT: Talk in the bathroom is still centered on the sleeping arrangements. Gary says that he used to cover himself when he changed, but now he doesn't.

12:18AM BBT: AJ and Andrew are sitting at the breakfast bar. We hear a human voice that tells AJ to fix his microphone, it's backwards. AJ says thank you for being specific.

12:22AM BBT: Andrew tells AJ that if Gary or Suzette get put up, he'll be ok with that. Gary walks into the kitchen and sits on Andrew's lap. Andrew says that Gary will get a lot of air time, and that a camera finally moved to where they're sitting. Andrew says that he's crushing his genitals.

12:24AM BBT: AJ says that Gary told him that he cant sleep with him because AJ's nipples remind him of his ex-boyfriend. Sleeping arrangements get mentioned again. Andrew says that no one is probably watching them, and AJ says someone probably is. He's right!

12:29AM BBT: Andrew jokes that he's going to call AJ 'Nips' until 50 days. Andrew was going to tell the story again, but AJ pipes up that he's sick of it, and to tell the story when he's not around.

12:33AM BBT: Once again, bed arrangements get discussed again in the kitchen. Andrew says that if he goes to the DR tonight, he's going to talk about how Talla went off on him about the lactose milk issue that happened this morning.

12:40AM BBT: The lights are dimmed in the bedroom, and some goodnights are called out.

12:48AM BBT: Peter, Topaz, Alec and Gary are sitting at the formal dining table. They chat about Vancouver, and the restaurant and club scene there.

12:59AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett are in the SR together. Jillian says it might be too early to make deals. Emmett says to keep Gary on her good side. Jillian says she hates Aneal and Gary. Emmett says they'll figure it out tomorrow.

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01:00BBT: Talla and Jillian in BR talking about keith urban and how well he sings , while Emmett brush his teeth.

01:10BBT: A few HG in bed lights dimmed only voices I swear they do not have their mics on.

01:19BBT: Gary in the WA he was reminded to put on his mike by BB andrew is letting Gary know he is 21 not 38 and he is trying to keep his sanity.

01:26 BBT: Gary told Andrew thet Danielle likes him Gary is still trying to find out who was the lone vote for Kat, looks like Gary and Andrew is paired up.

01:30 BBT: Emmett and Jillian in BR secretly talking cannot hear much because they turned away from the camera. lots of laughing BB announce Jillian please put on you microphone.

01:36 BBT: While in the Br Gary is walking around Naked HG is begging him to put some pants on Jillian and Emmett is very cozy that joke is really sweet, Gary is laughing and saying Tom is going to be in a wet bed.

01:40 BBT: Looks like Gary eyes is hurting so bad he is asking Jillian what he should use sounds like he is in lots of pain Jillian give him something and it is still hurts sounds like a baby.

01:46 BBT: Topaz and Alec in the KT very cozy in the open while Peter and aneal look on they both said they wanted their romance to be a secret.

01:50 BBT: Topaz was called to DR Alec asked her to tell the world his story that he is in a bromance with Andrew they have jokes tonight.

01:54 BBT: Alec and Peter is talking about moving in together when they get out hoping to make it to final 2 conversation turn to Kat about what she said before she leave about not trusting Gary.

01:58 BBT: Suzette in the KT not talking much making something to eat no sound on and off.

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2:06AM BBT: Suzette is eating nachos at the table by herself. If the HG's in the bedroom are talking, we can't hear them. Technical issues with that feed.

2:09AM BBT: Alec, Topaz, Gary and Peter are in the bathroom. Peter and Topaz are showering. Topaz thinks that during the 3 months, that only 5 condoms will be used. Alec says it will probably be for balloon animals.

2:11AM BBT: Gary says his arms hurt. Alec says he shouldn't have lifted weights today. Gary says he is just going to stick to cardio. Topaz says her arms are stinging from the cuts, soap, and water. Gary says goodnight.

2:13AM BBT: Talk in the bathroom changes to whether or not their friends are watching the feeds right now. Alec doesn't think so, with it being zombie hour right now.

2:24AM BBT: Alec gets called to the DR, says he doesn't want to deal with that. When he comes back, he says they just told him to not cover his mic.

2:28AM BBT: Suzette comes into the bathroom, and Topaz tells her they were going to come out to say goodnight, and Suzette says that's fine, she's going to bed now. She brushes her teeth and gets ready for bed.

2:31AM BBT: Alec and Topaz are in the kitchen filling up the Brita jug, and filling their water bottle. Alec says he likes this toque, and that BB didn't clear any of his toques to bring into the house.

2:35AM BBT: Alec and Topaz make their way into bed bedroom, take off their mics, and get settled down on their bed.

2:39AM BBT: Topaz and Alec snuggle under the blanket, and they kiss goodnight. Alec grins, and Topaz leans back, cups her hand to his ear and whispers something to him. She rolls over so that they're facing, and they kiss again. She brings the covers over their faces to hide them. [The cuddlemance is no more! More like a showmance now...]

2:43AM BBT: The cameramen are getting creative. They're slowly panning across the room, and zooming in on items. Topaz and Alec have once again ducked under the covers.

2:50AM BBT: We get a nice closeup of the wood floor. The camera zoomed in on a piece of paper in the kitchen, and it barely comes into focus before the feeds are switched to close-ups in the SR before panning out. Topaz and Alec have emerged for air from under the covers.

2:57AM BBT: All the housemates are in bed now, and are asleep or are in the process of falling asleep.

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11:10AM BBT: The feeds return and we can tell there was a Have, Have-Not food competition. The competition involved crawling through slop, and everyone is covered in the mess. With everyone complaining about the slop, it's hard to tell who lost and are the one that'll have to be eating it. There were three teams, Red, Blue & Yellow teams and Yellow lost.

The Have-Nots are: Alec, Gary, Peter, and Tom.

The concoction they got on them was a a glue made from flour and water. Topaz can't get the stuff out of her hair, and it was so stuck in Tom and Alec's leg hair that they used Nair to take it off.

We welcome updaters!

If you get Big Brother, or Big Brother After Dark, the people that don't. would really like to know what's going on. I'm not looking for Shakespeare, or any kind of commitment, I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on. Many of our updaters are putting in more time than they want because no one's helping. The point is, that if everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot.

Don't forget, there's still a live feed you can watch for free in the USA HERE.


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2:41PM BBT: Earlier today, the housemates played in a Have-Not conpetition. There were 3 teams: Red, Blue and Yellow. It was a messy competition with a concoction of flour and water. The yellow team lost, which means that Alec, Gary, Peter and Tom are on slop this week.

2:44PM BBT: Earlier today, Alec and Peter made slop pancakes. Alec commented that it tasted like cabbage wrapped in a dish towel. Yuck.

2:48PM BBT: Earlier today in the kitchen, Topaz was icing her knee. Perhaps she injured it in the Have-Not competition that took place.

2:49PM BBT: Tom and Peter weighed themselves to see what their starting weight is so they can see how much weight they lose while eating slop this week.

2:52PM BBT: Earlier today, some of the male housemates had to use nair/electric razors to get the glue-like concoction from off their leg hairs.

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3:20PM BBT: The feeds are back! Looks like the case of the FoTH was Jillian getting her HoH room!

3:25PM BBT: Gary asks Jillian if it really is OK if he uses her HoH tub, and she says yes, that's the last thing she'll care about. Gary tells her to go take a bath, so he wont pop the tub cherry. Jillian tells him to take one, and that she wont be using it.

3:26PM BBT: Once again, we have FotH.

3:44PM BBT: Feeds are back! Danielle, Topaz, Suzette, and Liza are in the bedroom. Danielle says that the purple fuzzy blankets are making the white floor dirty. Liza said it was nice that they all bonded on the first night. They all love that there is only one bedroom.

3:50PM BBT: Suzette and Topaz are in the bedroom talking about washing the sheets. Suzette is afraid to wash them because of all the little rhinestones. Topaz's pillow got stolen, so she steals it back.

3:54PM BBT: Topaz, Alec, Peter, Andrew and Anuj are sitting at the dining table. Peter and Alec are doing arts and crafts. Looks like they're on an indoor lockdown.

3:56PM BBT: Talk at the dining table changes to how someone is always watching, and how their hair feels disgusting from the competition earlier today.

3:58PM BBT: Gary and Jillian are in the HoH bathroom. They're talking about the last competition. Gary says he doesn't feel as though the veto was won fairly.

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4:15PM BBT - Jillian is packing for her move to the HOH room..

[Earlier today one feed showed production staff getting ready to clean up/dismantle after the Have/Havenot competition. Two staff members were wandering more or less aimlessly and one (dressed in shiny new clothes and clock white sneakers) stood at the edge of the pit, and slipped down into the slop, and became covered in the goop. He sort of skated to the other end and dragged himself to a relatively dry surface. Once there the other staff member came and "examined" (for lack of a better word) him and them tried to scrape the stuff off his legs.]

[The feeds often seem to "bleed through" when FOTH is signalled and so I suspect they haven't yet quite figured them out.]

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4:05PM BBT: Gary says that whoever tries to backdoor someone never wins, and that it's a nasty move. Gary says that Sue and him are not close at all. He trusted Sue, but he's not getting the trust back. He says she's paranoid. He knows it's a game, but she has to open up a bit. Gary says that Sue thinks everyone is an alliance.

4:10PM BBT: Jillian says that she thinks Emmett is the most honest person in the house to her. Gary agrees, that Emmett was raised to be honest, and that it's all in the way you're raised.

4:13PM BBT: Suzette is in the bathroom cleaning. Danielle is in the bedroom cleaning. Jillian is gathering her things to take to the HoH room.

4:15PM BBT: Danielle thinks that the nomination ceremony will be tomorrow. Danielle doesn't really watch the show a lot, so she doesn't know how it'll work. Jillian agrees, and says she doesn't watch it a lot either.

4:20PM BBT: Liza and Thomas are together. Thomas wants to travel, and says he doesn't know what he's going to do in life. He holds up his leg, "This is what you made me to Big Brother, you and your competitions. I Have no hair on my legs". He starts talking about his family, and losing his grandpa.

4:24PM BBT: Thomas says that his mother and stepfather got married, and a month later, his stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away a few short months later at the house. The insurance was messed up, so they lost the house and had to downgrade. His dad was never around, and had to figure out everything on his own; shaving, tying a tie...

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4:38PM BBT: Talla is trying to eat salsa. Talla: "I can't do this. Actually yes I can." She reaches over and jokes around about eating regular food. She complains that she can't eat guacalomi.

4:40PM BBT: Talla: "It's only day 1. When is it going to get easier??". Thomas chats about the cots in the HN room.

4:44PM BBT: Talla: "I'm going to have a panic attack. Actually no, I'm not." She says she needs to go outside, do laundry, and get away from food. She says she cant even be a happy loser about this. She is going to go upstairs with Topaz and keep her company while she soaks in the HoH tub.

4:50PM BBT: Talla: I don't know how I'm supposed to do this for a f***ing week. This is so hard.

4:55PM BBT: Talla goes into the bathroom, yells "Why are the stools pushed away to the side?!" Alec asks if she's ok, and she says yes, why do you think I'm not? He says: "Because you're yelling at the stools..."

4:59PM BBT: The Slop Crew are drinking their "Green Berry Juice" aka slop shake in the bathroom together. They head back to the kitchen and debate what to make. Talla: "Coming into the kitchen and watching everyone eat such delicious food makes it harder." Talla says to remind her that her breakfast is slop. Alec says that they have to keep an eye out for each other to make sure they don't accidentally grab some food.

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5:01PM BBT: AJ and Topaz are in the HoH room watching the spycam. AJ comments that the cameras are all following Talla (they basically are). Talla comes up into the HoH room, and AJ leaves.

5:07PM BBT: Topaz tells Talla that she's been told that people are talking about her going up on the block because shes's not stable. Talla freaks and says she's stable. Topaz tells Talla that she can't trust anyone in the house. Talla asks for where she got her information, and Topaz is refusing to give her names, because she doesn't want to get in trouble.

5:13PM BBT: Thomas refers to the competition gunk as 'waffle batter' and says it wouldn't have been as bad if they had access to the showers right after.

5:16PM BBT: BB: "Housemates, there are new sheets in the storage room. Please put all dirty sheets in the storage room. You have 30 minutes until the storage room is locked again." Danielle had just made all the beds, and now the beds will have to be made again.

5:26PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to what they can make with slop. Slop perogies and slop lasagna have all been mentioned.

5:30PM BBT: Talla moves into the bedroom, and Liza sits down to talk to her. Liza says she could be grumpy because she hasnt had a smoke. Liza jokes, "Can't you just be fabulous, what happened?".

5:35PM BBT: Talla asks Topaz how her knee is, and Topaz says that it's getting better. Liza starts teling a story about how she was wore contacts and was going to see a cute boy she liked, and "BOOM, that camera just turned over here! It's not about sex." She starts putting her contacts in, and her krazy glue and eye drops were the same size. She had krazy glue on her eyelashes, and used nail polish remover on them, and it hurt.

5:40PM BBT: Danielle tells a story to the girls in the bedroom. She was drunk and had sex with a guy and she injured her eye and her BF laughed at her.

5:42PM BBT: Topaz and Alec are in the SR with their arms around each other. Topaz asks who Jillian was thinking about putting up. Alec says she was originally thinking about Suzette, then Gary, but now he doesn't know and feels out of the loop.

5:45PM BBT: Topaz and Alec leave the SR, and Topaz comments that she thinks it's 3PM. She's wrong. It's actually 5:45PM in the BB house.

5:46PM BBT: Alec leaves to go to the kitchen to check on his slop cakes. He says "they're probably crispy. As in burnt."

5:52PM BBT: Jillian and Aneal are up in the HoH room chatting about past bed arrangements and how the girls must have worked out for months prior to coming into the house, because the cameras would be on them 24/7.

5:55PM BBT: Jillian says she doesn't know what to think at this point. Aneal tells her that it's her nominations, not the house's. Aneal says he likes almost everyone. He doesn't really like AJ. Jillian says she's going to call Emmett up to her HoH. Aneal leaves with Jillian, and Liza heads into the HoH bathroom.

5:58PM BBT: Danielle is talking to Thomas, as she continues making the beds. Talla is sitting on a bed listening. Thomas asks her if she thinks Emmett and Jillian knows each other, and Danielle said yes. Thomas says he asked Emmett if he knew Jillian outside the house, and said that he never answered the question. They ponder the timeline of events for this week.

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On behalf of Sayre and myself:

18:00 BBT - On feed one are peter alec and cant really see who else. The HG are playing chess in the LR. Jillian and Tom are in HoH talkiong about who to put up. There is a lot of whispering, making it hard to hear. Tom says people show their true colors when they are scared. He doesn't want to be backdoored.

18:13 BBT - Julian in hoh pasing back and forth. Peter and Alec and Emitt playing chess in LR. Suzette in the have not room. Can't see who shes with talking game with. Whispering hard, the game is to win and get to the jury house. Now talking about the HOH tree contest, talking about emmitt. Sorry not suzette, its Talla in have not room.

18:20 BBT - The HG are having electrical problems in the house. The washing machine isn't working. Tom told Talla not to trust Aneal, says she is safe because of her deal with Jillian. He thinks he talked his way out of going up, and would use Veto on her if Talla did get nom. He suggests he knows who voted for Emmett. Talla says she would have nominated Aneal and Suzzette if she had won HoH.

18:40 BBT - Tom in HoH helping Jillian get the spy screen working again. He is going through the controls to identify the channels that have picture. I think that is Talla outside smoking. Gary and Aneal are talking in the WA, Gary talking about an old BF from his home town. Gary gets along with Aneal's personality because their personalities are so different. Tom told AJ and Andrew he thinks Aneal voted Emmett out. He is really going all out to paint Aneal as a threat. Suzette joins the boys in the WA.

18:50 BBT - Gary painting himself up in the WA. Tom working through scenarios and justifications with Jillian. He is laying it on thick how huge her noms can be. They are talking who to put up against Suzette, maybe AJ or Aneal. Tom, Liza, Emmet, Topaz, Alec and Peter are the votes they need. There are 11 voting, it would be a 6-5 split. AJ would have her back, Jillian says. AJ and Danielle are the two safest pawns, Tom says.

18:52 BBT - Jillian is worried Danielle will win HoH and come after her. Not if he wins it, Tom boasts. Tom says you can go Gary. A lot of people underestimate him, he's lost all that weight, he's a physical threat. Don't pre-plan on back dooring, he tells her, you have to have the numbers first, make sure you have the people you can count on in PoV. They split up, Jillian checking on whomever is in the HoH tub, Tom heading out to where the chess game is going on.

18:59 BBT - Convo continues in WA, Suzette saying her voice is so raspy. The chess game continues in the LR. Aneal comes in to check on the boys. Jillian walks through, has her sleeping mask on. Someone says they are coming up to see her in a few minutes and she says she won't be asleep. All quiet in the HoH room. Aneal wandering around in the BR, says it is really cold in there. He returns to the WA, says they need more air flow in there. Gary agrees. He's frustrated they can't come up with a sleeping system everyone agrees to. He wants his own bed too.

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7:11PM BBT - Gary doesn't bother Tom; he's a good guy in Tom's opinion.

7:17PM BBT - Jillian doesn't know what to believe when it comes to Aneal; he's constantly lying. She's telling this to Emmett in the HOH room.

7:31PM BBT - Emmett & Jillian going over possible noms, counting votes. Jillian is leaning towards Gary and Danielle.

7:34PM BBT - Gary complaining that someone tried something in the KT without using a spoon and he is grossed out.

7:39PM BBT - Gary tells Peter he is going to get at least a 1 minute segment on the next show for the games he's making. Gary has made 8 pieces of the game for Peter so far.

7:41PM BBT - Talla promised Jillian she won't nominate her if she wins next HOH, Emmett says Tom is the same with him. Emmett says they have to make sure their side wins the comps so they won't have to choose between each other.

7:45PM BBT - Andrew, Liza, Tom, and AJ in the BY talking about showmances. Tom says "You have protein, slop and the butt whisperer all in the same room" and they all burst out laughing. Talla will get the bed, Tom the cot the first night.

7:57PM BBT - Andrew examining his nair'd legs, everyone else re-hashing the earlier HN comp.

8:10PM BBT - Danielle, Gary, Emmett in WA doing ADL's. Tom comes in and joins the general chit chat.

8:23PM BBT - Topaz and Jillian in the HOH bathroom; Topaz is taking a bath.

8:32PM BBT - Aneal joins Jillian and Topaz in the HOH bathroom. Jillian is picking through Topaz's hair, removing more slop from it. Jillian jokes about picking for lice.

8:34PM BBT - Liza comes to chat with Jillian in the HOH bedroom. Liza tells Topaz she's looking good; Topaz has been in the bath for 3 hours. She asks Aneal to pick through it again after she gives it one more wash and then dries it.

8:38PM BBT - Jillian lets Peter and Tom know of her nom ideas. They are all in the BY; Jillian plans to work out. She has been stress eating. The guys tell her not to talk to everyone else in their "group"; it will look weird. Jillian goes to workout and notices all the old equiment isn't there. Peter tells her the "dressing" and "undressing" of the comp's may have made production forget them since they were a lot of work. Apparently the washer and dryer aren't working either?

8:40PM BBT - Tom, Jillian and Peter start whispering, with the odd word being clear. Jillian is worried that whomever she puts up against Danielle will target her. Tom suggest being a pawn [thereby showing that he's never seen BB US, where pawns are always the one evicted - BBLuver]. They begin to toss around a ball so they don't look suspicious.

Jillian is worried that if Danielle wins POV, she'll come after her. Tom encourages Jillian to start locking the HOH door. He says if he wins, he'll be locking it and no more open door policy. He reminds her it's locked often in the US version.

8:45PM BBT - AJ comes outside; conversation ends and Tom & Jillian begin doing push ups.

8:54PM BBT - AJ, Gary and Danielle in the WA discuss when they were interviewed and their bios were written. Gary can't remember when his was done, or what he said. Danielle is still doing her makeup, btw.

8:58PM BBT - Alec comes into the WA to get Danielle and Gary to change their batteries. Danielle says she is going to brush her teeth and go to bed. Alec was in the HT and says it was nice. Danielle tells Alec she looks like an alien and doesn't want anyone outside to see her. [Maybe we shouldn't remind her about all the camera's then. Or the millions of viewers watching. -- BBLuver] Gary tells her to flush her face with hot water before going outside to close her pores.

9:02PM BBT - Liza on the bathroom floor in the HOH room, general chit chat with Topaz. Aneal on the HOH couch with headphones on, listening to music.

9:04PM BBT - Andrew and Suzette in pool. Peter on the side with his feet in. Alec still changing everyone's batteries. AJ working out now with Jillian. Emmett moving around, chatting with everyone. Just general chit chat.

9:11PM BBT - Alec comes into the HOH bathroom to finish his battery changing, and Topaz laments about how long she's been in the water to get all the slop out. He tells her he was in the HT with Andrew and Suzette.

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9:14PM BBT - Alec tells Topaz he is going to go to bed soon if everyone else does. Tom and Talla are sleeping, he tells her. She asks him to bring her the foot scrub, he asks her if he can take a shower first. They rock scissor it out and Topaz wins, so he has to bring Topaz the scrub before taking a shower.

9:15PM BBT - Aneal and Liza on the couch in the HOH room. He's mentioning he wouldn't want a full letter, more paragraphs like Suzette's. Something from his mom, his BF. They discuss when they think noms will be; they decide all comps and ceremonies will likely be in the afternoon, so tomorrow afternoon. Aneal said they removed a chair, Liza is shocked and didn't notice.

Liza and Aneal are both tired but wanting to stay awake so they can get a good night's rest. They mention they both connected to each other the best, but know each other the least. Liza says the heat is probably off them more that way.

9:18PM BBT - Aneal mentions Talla by her nickname "Lala". He & Liza are watching the spy screen, mentioning she's been sleeping for the past 4 hours. Topaz pipes up and mentions all the slop at the bottom of the tub; Liza tells her to shower after.

In the BY, Emmett recounts his earlier conversation with Tom about locking the HOH door. Jillian asks Emmett if his sneakers smell cause she smells stinky feet. They decide to go in the pool or HT and head in to change into their bathing suits.

9:26PM BBT - Liza and Aneal - general chit chat in the HOH room. Alec and Andrew in the showers. Tom in the WC.

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9:37PM BBT - Andrew and Emmett go to the HOH room. Andrew tries to use the spy cam, Liza tells him only the HOH should have access to view the house (as decided by Aneal) and Emmett pipes up about locking the door like they do in the US version. "We're in Canada," Andrew retorts.

9:45PM BBT - Aneal and Jillian discuss how they would vote for anyone against AJ in the final 2. Aneal thinks he has money, he doesn't know how to do anything for himself. Jillian says he bugs everyone for food. Emmett interrupts and they decide to go to the HT.

9:47PM BBT - Emmett says it's been dark out for like 5 hours, it's at least 11 or so at night. (He's wrong, it's only 9:46pm) Emmett mentions Peter fell asleep on the lounger by the pool. Danielle and Tom are in bed, a couple down in the KT.

9:48PM BBT - In the BY, turns out Peter is awake and chatting with Alec. Alec is worried that he & Peter will be targets because they are a strong duo. Peter is trying to move the heat off him and onto the showmances that are starting.

9:50PM BBT - Alec tells Peter he likes Emmett but doesn't really like Tom. Peter says Liza is pretty smart. Alec feels they should bring her in so she is their 7th, and then they could cut Jillian before Topaz. Peter says Tom is super paranoid with Jillian/Emmett's showmance.

9:51PM BBT - Alec says Topaz is cutthroat but not yet making any strategic moves. She does like Gary and Talla though. Alec thinks Gary was the lone vote to keep Kat. Alec thinks he wanted to be unique and prove he won't be pushed around in the game. Alec says Tom is a good socializer and has lots of people wrapped around his finger, but some people don't realize how conceited he is.

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10:10PM BBT: Peter, Aneal and Alec are in the BY talking about Survivor. They wonder if anyone in America is blogging about them. Peter says that Rob from Survivor follows Big Brother. [No Morty's mention :-( ]

10:25PM BBT: Tomorrow is Alec's birthday and they were talking about what extra ingredients they can add to the slop to make a cake.

10:30PM BBT: In the BY, Peter, Aneal and Alec are talking about BB14. Aneal said Dan's game was good because he couldn't be the nice guy he was before. , Alec said he was too sleazy "You can't lie on your grandmother's cross.." Alec says "Ian was dope!" Peter says Frank had a hard time, "On the block, off the block, on the block...."

10:50PM BBT: For those HGs that can eat, it's dinner time with Andrew playing chef.

10:55PM BBT: There have been several meetings in the HoH room with Jillian getting everyone's opinion on who should go. Emmett thinks Aneal was the one that voted against him Thursday, so he'd like Aneal gone next week. [bTW: It was Liza that voted to evict Emmett] Earlier, Talla suggested to Jillian to put up Aneal.

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