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I did appreciate the more racially diverse cast on Big Brother Canada


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Guest 6Borders

I agree with you on the diversity.

I am a tad disappointed that they are (so far) so closely following the BBUSA format. I was really hoping they would do something different than the have/have not's!

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I'm starting to come around to liking this cast now that I am getting to know them. There are a couple that are going to drive me mad but that happens every USA season too. I think they've got a nice mix of urban vs. rural and a good representation of the true Multiculturalism of Canada.

The cast is a little more "Americanized" in that those they chose aren't 'true' stereotypes of their respective home towns but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I probably would have slammed casting if they had cast that way. No one needs to see the jolly east coaster or the brooding Quebecois or the hippy west coaster aggrandized on the screen any more than we already do in most Canadian television. I am disappointed that casting went for some of the usual BB stereotypes such as the flamboyant gay male. You would think that well spoken, educated and not a hot mess gay males don't exist in BB land. I expected better of you Canadian Casting! Although I do enjoy Gary Glitter I'd like to see them cast someone who is not at a disadvantage of having to play that 'character' night and day. You could see last USA season where Wil got tired of being 'on'. I imagine it's the same for all of the stereotypes they cast though. When does the airhead just get sick of having to say vapid things or the jock of having to talk sports all the time?

I find it interesting to see how the cast meshed together now that they've had a bit of time to feel their places out. Casting got their showmance, the annoying cocky guys, the annoying fluff bunny girls and a couple of really interesting characters that stand out on their own. It will be interesting to see if the Canadian cast can shake the roles they were cast in and develop some new game play we haven't seen yet but it seems to be following the American rules so far. Get a big alliance, pick off the smaller one, turn on each other. etc.

I'd probably still have preferred to see a more representative of all our provinces cast just because it's the first season and we all should have a chance to shine but the US version doesn't have people from all of it's states either.

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