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February 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark & Eviction Show

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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On behalf of TransCutie:

00:11BBT Gary, Danielle at the KT playing the guessing game five questions from Gary and Danielle does not get one answer. lots of talking around them. so they change topic.

00:22BBT Kat and Aneal is talking game Kat has a cousin that played on the Canadian Olympic team they both pretending they know each other before the game.

00.30BBT Topaz, Thomas brushing teeth and talking about Liza snoring allot Danielle walk in talk stop. I guess they are not comfortable with the bed situation they also name the beds to Toronto and Edmonton bed.

00:36BBT Thomas and Topaz are getting really close lots of joke between them. Talla is very loud Gary wants to go to Japan and get a new puppy .

00:44BBT Emmett and Jillian folding clothes in the BY Jillian thinks no one like her , they think there is too much camera in the place they are talking very low.

00:53BBT Tom said he goes to Sylvain Lake Kat is very upset over what suzette said in her speech Kat, Gary and Talla is having a smoke heated conversation.

01:08BBT Alec and Topaz is talking showmance in the house for them both lots of kissing and game playing.

01:23BBT Guest in the BY on Hammock Kat is looking at the stains from the laundry.

01:36BBT Kat and Aneal at it again trying to make big moves, Kat is asking Aneal to approach Tom to get suzette out next week.

01:39BBT Kat is asking Aneal to make final 2 with Liza Kat wants to go out with a bang somehow she thinks she is going home. Tom and Jillian are working together .

01:52BBT Emett is very upset over the laundry he is trying to find out who did it no one is owning up to it. it is very dark in the house.

02:00BBT Kat, Aneal in the LR chit chatting about what we live feeds are doing at the moment.

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2:10 AM BBT: Alec, Andrew and Topaz are sitting at the formal dining room table. Alec said that a few of the HG's in the house have called him Alex instead of Alec.

2:19 AM BBT: Out in the BY, Kat, Emmett and Peter are playing football, and AJ is standing to the side participating in the conversation. AJ kept drifting towards Kat during the discussion and is in the way of her catching/throwing the football, and she puts a pool noodle for AJ to stand behind. They are discussing that AJ found an open condom on his bedstand.

2:23 AM BBT: AJ announces that he's going to bed. Once the doors close, Kat asks "Did that just happen?". Off camera, a HG comes outside, and Kat gives them a lowdown of what just happened: AJ went to bed, pulled the sheet off, and found an open condom. Liza gave him a long lingering look.

2:26 AM BBT: Kat and Aneal head out to the outside hot tub area. They prop open the door with a shovel. Aneal is just inside the door wrapped in a blanket, and Kat lights up a smoke outside.

2:32 AM BBT: Kat says Alec mentally knows people. Kat says Aneal needs to be oscar-winning, and cant panic with information he'll be passing along (misinformation) and when he's confronted about it.

2:40 AM BBT: Kat is sitting at the breakfast bar, and Alec is massaging her shoulders. Meanwhile, I spy 6 lumps on beds in the bedroom.

2:45 AM BBT: Alec tells Kat: Help your friends, and fuck your enemies. Alec says that it sounds like Kat has a bunch of secrets she could unleash. Alec says he didn't know until an hour ago that Kat was going up.

2:47 AM BBT: Alec says that the first person evicted always gets a ton of publicity, that everyone remembers Jodi for getting "Jodi-ed". Kat says she could be the first person evicted from the BBCA house.

2:54 AM BBT: Kat, Topaz, Emmett, Andrew and Alec are all in the washroom. Looks like they're getting ready to go to bed.

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3:02 AM BBT: Gary, Peter, Topaz, Alec and AJ are in the kitchen. Gary is cooking. They chat about the origins of the term "showmance". They think it might come from Will and Boogie from BB2.

3:04AM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to tomorrow. They say tomorrow will be a restart with HoH.

3:10AM BBT: "Houseguests, please do not talk about production". They yell out that they weren't, that they were talking about rules.

3:16AM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to the Vcancouver/Chicago rivalry, and the riots that happened in Vancouver in 1994 and in 2011.

3:28AM BBT: Gary still cooking in the kitchen. Alec, Peter and Topaz are sitting on the couch in the kitchen. Thomas is walking around in his underwear and a sweater. BB: Thomas, Please put on your microphone. Everyone cracks up, thinking BB was going to tell him to put a pair of pants on.

3:31AM BBT: Chat in the kitchen changes to food and weight loss/gain. Gary said he ate so well in the hotel, as did Topaz. Alec or Peter said they ordered off the kids menu.

3:34AM BBT: Topaz says they sleep the morning away. Gary says that it'd be cool if they gave the weather. Simulated rain, or audio of rain or stormy days, and the lights would coordinate. Topaz says it's crazy that they're going to miss winter.

3:41AM BBT: Gary is done making his food, which looks like some sort of burger, which he says isn't fully cooked..

3:45AM BBT: Topaz says goodnight to everyone, and Alec says he'll be there in a second. Gary and AJ are left in the kitchen.

3:46AM BBT: Gary goes into the SR, grabs what looks like a cookie, and says "It'll be our little secret".

3:53AM BBT: Gary heads outside and sits on one of the chairs by himself. He says "What the F*** am I gonna do with Peter?". "Get rid of the floaters. I gotta get Tom out if I win HoH. Or get Peter out. I can use Peter to my advantage. Who are my biggest threats? Haha, no one. Suz is not a threat. Liza is not a threat. AJ is not a threat. Andrew is not a threat. I need to get back on Andrew's good side." [i LOVE IT when they voice their thoughts! - Emily Caitlin]

3:57AM BBT: Gary, outside by himself in the BY says: "Tom's gotta go. " He gets up and grabs a pink sweater. He thinks it's Jillian's. He hides the sweater in the hallway leading to the outside HT area, and walks halfway across the lawn before he says "No, that's mean." and puts it back where he got it. He makes his way back into the kitchen and says "Liza. I don't think I can trust that b****."

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4:00AM BBT: Gary is wandering around the house, counting objects. Vases, Lamps, Pillows, ect.

4:04AM BBT: Gary is looking at the memory wall. He looks at the pictures and makes comments on how they look in their pictures. He loves his photo, thinks he looks cute.

4:10AM BBT: Gary makes his way to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, moisturizes his face, puts some kind of sticker on his forehead and heads to bed.

4:11AM BBT: With all of our hamsters in bed now, that's where I'm headed. Have a good night, everyone!

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9:00 AM BBT: Most of the HG's are up and making breakfast idle chit chat / hugs etc

9:15 AM BBT: Gary trying to sleep on the couch and BB keeps blasting the Rooster Alarm

9:17 AM BBT: BB continues blaring the Rooster Alarm and Gary gets mad and throws a pillow and leaves the room

9:28 AM BBT: Talla is upset because some of the HGs are saying she's not lactose intolerant if she can eat dairy products but cannot drink milk (I have no idea)

9:30 AM BBT: Arneal & Kat in the BY - Kat says she'd like to tell some secrets but doesn't wanna hurt Aneal's game

9:35 AM BBT: Talla is still bitter about the milk discussion while other HGs are discussing her melt down

9:45 AM BBT: Tom says something about playing Pocket Pool during an endurance comp to amuse himself

10:00 AM BBT: General Discussion

10:12 AM BBT: Tom says he wants Jillian or Emmett to win the next HoH and he'll win the PoV (Sounds easy enough)

11:00 AM BBT: General Discussion

11:30 AM BBT: More of not much general chatter

11:55 AM BBT: More of the same ... Milk is the highlight of the morning

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12:35 PM BBT: Liza & Talla both agree they want Jillian out

12:52 PM BBT: Gary & Danielle in the BY think Suzette should have put up Jillian (Jillian making friends I see)

1:02 PM BBT: BB tells the HG's they have 5 hours before the live eviction and Emmett & Kat have 3 hours to pack their bags and leave them in the SR

1:27 PM BBT: Liza told Peter she caught Suzette in a lie (Not sure what the lie was) and she really wants to win HoH

1:30 PM BBT: Gary told Talla they need to get Emmett out now

2:00 PM BBT: General Discussions about what they are going to wear during the live show ... ADLs standard eviction day stuff going on right now

2:30 PM BBT: Alec & Topaz flirting in bed - Alec says he's not wearing any underwear and Gary tries to pull Alec's pants down

2:33 PM BBT: Gary was getting dressed behind a door and AJ hit him with the door. Gary got upset about it and AJ said he probably shouldn't be getting dressed in front of the door.

2:40 PM BBT: AJ feels he'll be nominated unless one of the guys win HoH

2:55 PM BBT: Kat says she doesn't wanna discuss the next competition because she won't be there

3:15 PM BBT: Tom showing off his sweater .. . (Brought as a joke)

3:17 PM BBT: Andrew & Liza discussing possible twists

3:20 PM BBT: Peter talking about making either a Chess board or a Checkers board

3:25 PM BBT: Peter starts working on his Chess board

3:30 PM BBT: Andrew & Liza in bed discussing HoH & general chatter

3:35 PM BBT: Andrew thinks Tom would be upset they are in bed together (Topaz was just rubbing cream on Tom's legs)

3:37 PM BBT: Liza thinks Jillian has a thing for Emmett

3:40 PM BBT: Alec helping Peter make the Chess board and pieces ... Emmett and AJ are watching ... AJ admits to not being very good at crafts

3:46 PM BBT: BB announces there will be a House Meeting in 15 minutes

3:48 PM BBT: Danielle says if she wins HoH than Suzette, Aneal, and Andrew will be safe

3:50 PM BBT: Danielle admits she might have to put up Suzette with AJ and than BD Jillian

3:52 PM BBT: HGs are cleaning and discuss the purpose of the House Meeting

3:55 PM BBT: In the SR Liza $ Andrew say they need to win HoH or Emmett and put Suzette on the block

4:09 PM BBT: House Meeting time ... Hush Hush Msg

4:30 PM BBT: Hush Hush

5:00 PM BBT: Hush Hush ....

5:30 PM BBT: Hush Hush ....

6:00 PM BBT: Hush Hush .....

Live Feeds may not be back on until after the Live show tonight - At 1PM BBT they announces the live eviction was in 5 hours which is right about now

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8:30PM BBT - Feeds have slipped on with all HG's hanging onto trees. HOH comp?

8:32PM BBT - The HG's are hanging off trees with pegs, general chit chat. HG's still on are: Gary, Jillian, Tom, Topaz, Liza, Peter, Danielle. We'll keep watching to see who else is hanging, but for now, it looks like Kat was evicted. HG's are asking BB what they can take off while hanging (i.e. Boots)

8:36PM BBT - Alec & AJ have been spotted hanging, as has Aneal.

8:41PM BBT - Liza drops off. The HG's ask her to stay by them and motivate them. Jillian and AJ seem the least affected by this comp.

8:45PM BBT - AJ is now down and joins Suzette and Liza on the bench.

8:47PM BBT - Suzette encourages HG's by reminding them of family pictures and luxury items. Andrew has now been spotted hanging.

8:50PM BBT - The dropped HG's asking BB if they can go inside and get some water. No response from BB, now or from earlier. Suzette offers to go inside and start making dinner. And with that, the feeds are FoTH again, peeps. At least we got a peek!

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8:59PM BBT - The feeds are back! Frank from production comes out and tells them they must move up to the next step and they can only use their left foot on that step. He asks if they understand and once confirmed, asks them all to move to the next step.

9:01PM BBT - Danielle is down on the bench with Suzette, Liza and AJ. HG's are struggling more now, and are reminded again by production they can only use their left foot on this new peg.

9:03PM BBT - After getting the third reminder about their feet, BB tells them they will be disqualified if not standing correctly. Aneal has dropped, Andrew just dropped.

9:06PM BBT - Topaz drops. Gary drops. This leaves Jillian, Tom, Emmit, Peter and Talla hanging. Before we can confirm this, the feeds go down again. Rest assured, we will stay right here and get whatever updates we can as the feeds are up!

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10:12PM BBT - The feeds are back! Suzette, Topaz, Gary and Tom are in the BR, interspersed conversations about the challenge and about being hungry and needing to eat. They discuss how well Talla did, how much pain the guys were in and Topaz says her final straw was the top peg on the tree where they could only use their left foot.

10:15PM BBT - All the HG's convene in the LR, KT. Some are cooking, the rest are discussing their craving for Pizza Hut.

Jillian called to the DR.

10:19PM BBT - Only one camera is on right now, with 9 HG's in the LR. Just general chit chat. NEWS! The middle bed in the BR has been removed.

10:25PM BBT - Camera switches to Danielle and one of the guys in the BR. Can't see who it is as only his back is showing. Danielle is thinking of suggesting putting Gary and Danielle up (she'd be a pawn). Or Suzette and Danielle up. Our gentleman HG leaves and Danielle lays on the bed, pensively thinking her next move.

10:30PM BBT - Aneal and Tom in the KT. Aneal tries to get Tom to confirm he has no other F2 deals. Tom is vague and quickly exits the KT. Tom goes to tell someone (can't see who he is talking to, can only hear audio. Whomever it is in the shower; can confirm it is male though) and mentions Aneal asking him about F2 in the KT.

10:31PM BBT - Camera is on the empty bed Danielle was laying on. Audio seems to be on HG's in the LR. General chit chat there. And, the feeds go back down.

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22:15 BBT: When Jillian was called to the DR the other HGs confirmed she was the winner of the HoH

23:24 BBT:Lots of HG's in the kitchen cooking idle chatter

23:26 BBT: Jillian in the shower - Aneal and Gary in the bathroom with her Gary "congrats"

23:30 BBT: Talla & Liza discuss spending less time together until after the noms are done and "Keep it cool"

23:35 BBT: Gary tells Emmett he's going to try and find out who the vote was to evict him

23:36 BBT: Gary tells Talla he wants to call out the vote for Emmett to protect himself from noms

23:37 BBT: Gary & Liza agree they both want AJ out next

23:40 BBT: All cameras are in the kitchen HG's eating/cooking

23:43 BBT: Tom & Liza talking about the car and Brick prizes the HGs were not aware of / Tom to the DR

23:55 BBT: General Discussion / Sleeping arrangements

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