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Danielle Alexander HG Discussion Thread


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Name: Danielle Alexander

Age: 20

Hometown: Calgary, AB (originally from Fort McMurray, AB)

Occupation: Student and Aspiring actress

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, opinionated, and outgoing

Why did you want to be in Big Brother Canada?

This is a good opportunity to further my acting career. This is fun! I need more excitement in my life. Fort McMurray is a small town. Everyone knows me and my family – we’re loud social butterflies about town. It’s time to get ME out in the world.

Do you have a strategy going into the house?

I’m planning to form an alliance with people I naturally click with, but then I won’t hang out with them. I don’t want to put our connection on display for everyone to judge and feel threatened by. I also won’t hate anyone openly (just in the Diary Room), but I’m sure that people will get on my nerves. I’m not afraid to lie or confront anyone. I’m not a bi*@h, but I can be one if I need to.

Will you hide anything about yourself from the other houseguests?

I’ll hide that I’m not poor. I don’t want people not to like me because I grew up getting everything I wanted – trips, hobbies, clothes, etc. I’ll just lie and tell people that I had a little less than average – but I don’t want them to think that I’m poor either. That’s just not me – I don’t know how to act poor.

Do you think the physical or mental challenges will be more difficult for you?

Mental will be hard for me. I’m a very competitive person. I competed in gymnastics for 10 years so I’m confident that I’ll do really well in the physical challenges.

Describe your perfect day?

I’d eat breakfast – I love breakfast!. Then I’d spend my day lying on the beach, I’d go shopping – incorporate my dream job into the day somehow – and be with my friends.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I hate dirty people. I’m super clean – like, seriously clean. I have to clean every day. The Big Brother Canadahouse will be immaculate as long as I’m in it. I’ll freak out if there’s a dirty houseguest. I’ll probably yell at them, and then clean their mess.

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I thought Tom and her would be the big hook up this season. They were talking a lot on the first show. They haven't shown much of her on the feeds that I've seen lately but so far she seems ditzy. Not sure why Jillian considers her a physical threat but I guess we haven't seen too much of the competitions yet either.

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