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February 27 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:27 PM BBT

Feeds Live! Gary practicing his cat walk in BR with Aneal as company. They head to KT for coffee.

10:30 PM BBT

Talla, Jillian, Peter and Tom in BR. Tom explains the mood in the rest of the house is depressed because there is no booze.

10:35 PM BBT

In the LR Emmett, Aneal, Danielle, Gary, Topaz and others are all discussing what their friends/family must think right now.

10:40 PM BBT

In BR AJ, Peter, Alec, Tom, Talla discuss music. iPod in HOH and it can't leave that room. Talla laughs "Waaay too much noise coming out of there" says Peter.

Discussion is all about drinking and getting booze. Will they get it yes or no? They are in their early 20s you know, they should be able to grab a beer etc tec.

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10:45 PM BBT

Tom first guy to change in front of cameras. "You are way hotter now." says Talla. "Someone get a hose to put that fire out." Tom says. Emmett comes into BR and jumps on bed. Talla screams. "Danielle is going to kill you for messing up her bed." Tom comments.

10:50 PM BBT

Andrew joins Emmett on Danielle's bed as she puts her shoes away and looks for a new outfit. and then....


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10:55 PM BBT

AJ and Gary having a spat in the KT. Gary doesn't like being told what to do. AJ apologizes. Gary accepts. BB fights Canada style.

Gary and Talla having a dance something in the KT. He's messing around.

10:58 PM BBT

Suzette in KT making a snack. Gary and Talla eating something sweet - cake? With maple syrup on it. At the ridiculously large dining room table.

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On behalf of Crawford:

23:00 Liza and Peter talking about her parents the BR , other talking in BR but we can't hear their conversation.

AJ & Talla in the kitchen joking around say they are the "dynamic duo" & high five. Now discussing rules & the live feeds.

Some of the girls (hard to hear who as so many HG's are talking at the same time) are changing for the hot tub & Emmitt is joining them.

Aneal & Andrew in BY talking about being light sleepers, wishing there were more BR's.

Danielle, Thomas, Suzette, Jillian, Topaz, Emmitt in the BR talking about being a fun group & the night the feeds air they are burnt out and boring.....talking about games they could play to keep us/them entertained.

23:28 BBT & we have had FofH for about 5 mins now....

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11:40 PM BBT: As of 11:33 PM BBT, the feeds are back online. Alec and Andrew get out of the pool, and dry themselves off. They make their way outside to the hot tub area and get into the hot tub in the snow.

11:46 PM BBT: Aneal and Kat are sitting in the hammock. Kat says that she could say that she babysat Aneal for 3 years, when he was 9 and she was 17. They make plans to tell some of the other house guests this fake story. Aneal says he has to consult BB. Kat says that he can say what he wants, but has to follow the rule book.

11:51 PM BBT: Kat asks what Aneal's parents do. Aneal's dad works at the airport, and his mum is a mortgage broker. Andrew sits on a soccer ball beside the hammock with some food. General chit chat about the house.

11:55 PM BBT: Kat, Aneal, Andrew and Liza are sitting in/beside the hammock talking about how fast some food is being eaten (cheese especially) and the bread isn't being eaten as much.

11:58 PM BBT: Aneal and Liza are now alone by the hammock. They chat about how the lights wont turn off until 3/4 of them are in the bedroom. Aneal talks about how he took a sleeping pill one night and passed out, but then other houseguests entered the bedroom while being obnoxious and woke him up.

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