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Hi, I'm from California, I so want to watch Big Brother Canada, is there any way besides Slice?


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During the last couple of seasons of BBUSA, I posted links on the update page to live feed streams so that people in other time zones could watch live, like we do on the east coast. These streams were not "official" so the sources are not jumping forward to identify themselves (if you catch my drift). I do know that a couple of the streams were from Canadian fans, and I hope, the same people that provided the BBUSA streams will find a way to send us BB Canada.

The live feeds will be geoblocked, meaning that if you live outside of Canada you will not be able to view the feeds, however I'm looking into a way around that.

It's really a shame we just can't buy it "On Demand." Try to keep up through the updates in case we don't have everything figured out by Wednesday.

Most importantly we need updaters posting! Although my update page is content written by posters, I've always watched the feeds to provide continuity and quick updates on competition results. This is going to be very strange for me to paste this together.


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Let me add that we are calling on all Canadians to join the Morty's TV BB CA TFU Team so we can do just that, provide updates for all our American friends and followers as well as those in the northern North America who can't watch live.


Who is especially looking for west coast Canadians...

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