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TAR 22 - Discussion thread


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I don't usually watch the whole season for AR.... but I like to check in on the show from time to time

( or sometimes watch the last 15 mins. lol )

The teams haven't been posted yet... so I'm hoping I've found the right info for the show that starts tonite Sunday 2/17. It's just the names, photos and a quick description of the teams.


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Guest 6Borders

All I can get on the net is some "idiot" (my opinion of idiot) named Bob Beckel who allegedly "used to work for CBS" (operative phrase if there ever was one) had a problem with an episode being filmed in VietNam.

JMHO opinion I think Beckel has more of a problem with CBS than Vietnam and I don't think CBS should apologize to him for anything!

I lost lots of friends in Vietnam. I am NOT happy about what happened there but I still think every culture has a right to their history and to present it, same as we do here, and it's one of the things I most like about Amazing Race is to learn about how our friends across the globe embrace their traditions and embrace their right to carry on with them.

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